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Sale Overview: Snowdown Showdown 2017 – StrategyZero
Dec 132017
Snowdown Showdown 2017 Skins
Snowdown Showdown 2017


Period: 12th of December, 2017 to 8th of January, 2018
New Skins: Snow Fawn Poppy, Ambitious Elf Jinx and Santa Draven
Skin Bundles: Be Your Best Santa Set, Merry Marskmen, Top Lane Tidlings, Snowy Supports, Mischievous Midlaners and Jolly Junglers
Note: the bundles include the respective champions and reduce their prices depending on which content you already own. In case you don’t own a champion or skin in a bundle the price rises by the appropriate price.


A new Snowdown comes and we couldn’t expect anything else than new and old skins, missions, a curated shop, hextech materials, wards, icons, emotes and bundles of all kinds. There’s a lot to check so we have an overview to make things easier.

Legacy Skins Old and New

A trio of new skins all at 1350 RP and with the expected assortment of new particles, sounds and recalls. Check the reviews for more information or down below for a quick look at their bundle.

Old skins are back in the store with all their nostalgic Snowdown magic. There are quite a few standouts like Snow Day Ziggs, Dark Candy Fiddlesticks, Bad Santa Veigar, Snow Day Singed, Snow Day Malzahar and Snow Day Syndra and many more charming options if you are willing to delve into the reviews and discover the secrets of Christmas past.

Nice and Naughty Missions

There are two mutually exclusive mission paths that diverge in objectives and barely in rewards. The main difference in the side of rewards is that the Nice path gives the Reindeer Poro icon and the Braumbread Emote while the Naughty path gives the Baron Poro icon and the Dravenbread emote. Give them a look before making a choice because once you choose one path you can’t change.

Games Modes: Legend of the Poro King and All Random Ultra Rapid Fire

Legend of the Poro King is back but in two periods. The first is between the 12th and the 19th of December, 2017 and the second from the 2nd to 8th of January, 2018

Snow Battle ARURF, which is All Random URF, is available from the 19th of December, 2017 to the 2nd of January, 2018.

Snowdown Shop

The, by now, familiar shop with exclusive, tailor-made skin discounts is back; which means random discounts. Discounts range from the interesting 70% and 60% off to the regular but welcome 50% off and below. Discounts of 60% off and more are a great chance to get any skin you like. The 50% off discount is as good as any regular sale so in case you missed one, given how long skins take to rotate, is a nice opportunity to catch something you missed. For discounts below 50% we only recommend them for legacy skins; which seldom see any discounts. The shop will be open from the 12th of December, 2017 to the 8th of January, 2018.

Hextech Crafting, Wards, Icons and Emotes

As it couldn’t be any different there’re hextech materials, wards, icons and emotes for a handful of RP, each. Hextech crafting can easily end up as a random mess of unwanted items. The others aren’t random but, given their price, may not be as interesting as a new skin. Check well before spending any money to be sure you like what little they give. There are also bundles of wards, icons and emotes with varying discounts. If you are looking at buying in quantity then you can get a reduced price.

Skin Bundles

We have a set of bundles with a rather arbitrary arrangement. The first bundle collects the new skins with the new ward; business as usual. The other bundles include skins based on the respective champions’ role which means that we have quite a varying degree of quality and sizes in the bundles. The discount is bigger than usual at 30% off but that doesn’t compensate for a skin you don’t like. So, let’s take a close look.

Be Your Best Santa Set

Bundle Price: 4210 RP
Total Bundle Price: 5267 RP
Skins’ Price: 4050 RP
Ward: Dearest Deer (75% off)
Discount: 0%

The concepts behind the skins in this bundle are quite attractive. Unfortunately, the executions lack focus and the toy-based charm is diluted by snow that isn’t effectively connected. This results in uneven skins that struggle to show their appeal given the arbitrary leaning into the Snow Day line of skins. If their inconsistencies can be excused then there are things to like. Still, it’s clear that not all skins stand on equal ground. That said, Snow Fawn Poppy and Ambitious Elf Jinx are nice skins that can be worthy of consideration.

Merry Marskmen

Bundle Price: 3092 RP
Total Bundle Price: 4789 RP
Skins’ Price: 4420 RP
Discount: 30%

There’s no doubt that these are charming skins and the bundle has a sensible size. Regardless, some skins end up much simpler than the others. Snowstorm Sivir and Snow Day Ziggs easily stand above a re-model like Candy Cane Miss Fortune; despite her undeniable charm. If you can accept the uneven selection it’s an option.

Top Lane Tidlings

Bundle Price: 3774 RP
Total Bundle Price: 5648 RP
Skins’ Price: 5395 RP
Discount: 30%

This is also an uneven bundle with Snow Day Singed a clear highlight; Ragdoll Poppy isn’t bad either. The other skins aren’t bad but they are too many and several too simple. For most, it’s better to concentrate on the better options as there’re too many skins that aren’t up to today’s standards; their price doesn’t help either.

Snowy Supports

Bundle Price: 4508 RP
Total Bundle Price: 7004 RP
Skins’ Price: 6440 RP
Discount: 30%

Newer skins show an advantage over older ones. Silent Night Sona still has her charm but, frankly, doesn’t offer as much as Winter Wonder Lulu and Karma. Old Saint Zilean is quite simple even if inexpensive. If you don’t mind the varying quality of the skins then this could be a bundle to get but the highlights are clear.

Mischievous Midlaners

Bundle Price: 5037 RP
Total Bundle Price: 7834 RP
Skins’ Price: 7200 RP
Discount: 30%

At seven skins this is a big bundle but the skins manage to be quite appealing. Regardless, the most elaborate skins clearly stand out. A re-model like Mistletoe LeBlanc and, in practice, Snowmerdinger can only offer so much charm against the myriad of particles and sounds the other skins offer. If you can excuse their simplicity then this is a good bundle. Still, if there are too many skins you don’t like then they won’t compensate for the small discount.

Jolly Junglers

Bundle Price: 4765 RP
Total Bundle Price: 7382 RP
Skins’ Price: 6810 RP
Discount: 30%

Most probably the largest bundle we have seen at eight skins, except for large collections of skins, this is a bundle that, by sheer size, is unable to mask its irregularities. Granted, it could be better selected but such a big size means that the probability of finding a skin you don’t like goes up. There are charming skins but the most modern and elaborate ones are easily more interesting. While there are great options like Dark Candy Fiddlesticks this bundle may be too filled with deadweight to be a good option. Nutcracko, Re-Gifted Amumu, Santa Gragas, Snow Bunny Nidalee and Workshop Nunu surely haven’t aged well.

Source: League of Legends News: Snowdown 2017, LoL Client and Store

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