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Review Index – StrategyZero

Review Index


Champion Reviews:

Jax Portrait

Lux Portrait

Vi Portrait

Zac Portrait

Zed Portrait

Zoe Portrait

Special Reviews:

Lunar Revel:


Snowdown Showdown:




Chroma Packs:

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  189 Responses to “Review Index”

  1. when i click on garen it said Error 404 – Not Found Sorry, the page that you are looking for does not exist.

    • Sorry for the confusion, we inadvertently left a link to a review that isn’t written yet.
      Thanks for the notification.

    • Hello. I am writing in the name of a friend. For the past 4-5 days, he has been trying to comment on this site as he always has been doing, but every time he submits a comment, the page refreshes and his comment does not appear. He has been helping very much to improve this site by correcting mistakes and suggestion additions which are missing from reviews, and he would really love to continue to contribute his assistance to your site. So please, can you tell me why his comments do not appear anymore?

      • P.S. His name here is Katz

      • We had an issue with the spam plugin. For a reason we can’t discern his comments were all marked as spam. We have un-spammed, so to speak, all his comments and he should be able to comment again. He does, indeed, contribute useful feedback for the reviews and we hope to have him back; if everything works as it should.

        We are sorry for the inconvenience and we thank you for bringing this to our attention. As we don’t routinely check the spam folder we would’ve remained oblivious to the situation.

  2. Nice reviews.

    I just randomly stumbled onto this site but I definitely think it’s pretty interesting. Also helped narrow down my skin purchases 😛

    Consider making a post on reddit to get more viewers.

    • Glad that you found the reviews useful.

      Reddit was considered but according to Reddiquette only 10% of posts can be our own work. We currently don’t have enough time to engage in social networking as it would deserve. The state of our Twitter account is a good example.

      • What a lot of other sites do to not blogspam and still get their content out there is to make a weekly or monthly post that aggregates that week’s/month’s produced content so if/when you do eventually decide to move to reddit, that is a strategy that others have taken with decent success.

        • Sorry for the late answer.

          It’s an interesting idea but we’ll still have to devote time for other posts: 90% of non-promotional content. Regardless, we’ll keep it in mind for when we find more social networking time.

          Thanks for the advice.

  3. please create skin review for jax and alistar . thanks !

    • Will do, added to the list.

      • Thanks, also for Corki, Shen if possible ! Also someone ask RIOT for a new Soraka skin ! 😀

        • Sure, both added to the list but please note that it will take us some time to fulfil all requests.

          Finally, a new Soraka skin was actually planned for her re-work, both being developed simultaneously. However, it didn’t work well with her final base model so it was put on hold. We’ll have to wait for a new one, it seems.

  4. Great reviews! Any chance of doing reviews for Garen’s skins? Or do you know the current order in which you’re planning to release some reviews?

    • Glad that you like them; consider Garen added to the list of scheduled reviews.

      The review order usually takes requests and releases into account. Usually, highly requested and newly released champions get reviewed first. There are exceptions but we try to follow this rule.

      We are grateful for the multiple review requests received lately and we try to fulfil requests as soon as possible. However, we have a few reviews queued up so it may take some time to finish them all.

      • Would you entertain the idea of adding more reviewers to your staff?

        • Truth be told, we are currently only a handful of champions away of reviewing the whole roster so we have managed to get up to date with requests; mostly.

          Still, it could be interesting to have other points of view concerning the skins. In that case, leaving a comment is always welcome as we seriously take feedback into consideration and re-analyse skins if needed.

          For the moment we may be too small to consider having a large staff but when the time comes we’ll probably consider more reviewers.

  5. Wow! I just found this site and it helps me so much in deciding which skins are decent. It’s great to get a different view/analysis on the skins.

    Do you think Jax will be up for reviews soon? He has a good mix of skins and is a popular champion.

    • Thanks for the kind words, we’re glad that you find the website useful.

      Jax added to the list, we’ll review him as soon as possible. Considering that the grandmaster is popular and has a good share of skins it’s, indeed, unusual that he has escaped a review for so long.

  6. there is no link to kayle from this index but i remember that you’re already review her skin

  7. I love your guide reviews, they’ve really helped me in making many of my skin purchases. But I’ve recently gotten into playing nunu, and I was surprised to see he didn’t have a review, despite having 6 skins. Either way, keep up the good work, this website is great!

    • Thanks for the kind words, we’re glad that you find the reviews useful.

      We’ve added Nunu to the list and will review him as soon as possible.

  8. can you review gankplank or gragas next

  9. May you do kennen? i love yordles and i wanna see your opinion on this one. I already owned panda teemo before i knew of this site i got super teemo (on sale ^_^) and i wanna get bunny teemo b/c of ur guide. i really would love to see kennen skins. also do you happen to know if muay thai lee sin is legendary like party fiddle sticks. so although they are 975 rp they will not go on sale?

    – Thank You!

    • muay thai is regular

    • Firstly, Crocodile is right; yet, it will take a while for Muay Thai Lee Sin to go on sale as it’s relatively recent.

      Secondly, we’ll review Kennen as soon as possible, he’s been added to the list.

      Finally, Cottontail Teemo is a rather satisfactory skin to play with; as it matches and adds to Teemo’s innate cuteness. Panda Teemo does follow its footsteps but isn’t on the same level. Also, Super Teemo is a good choice despite its compromises to adapt Teemo into a super-hero.

  10. Im surprised there is no Nocturne review? He’s quite a recent character..

    • Indeed, it’s another one that has slipped away. However, we intend to review him when Eternum Nocturne is released; as it’s a skin with good potential.

  11. please put at skin review on nocturne specially the eternum nocturne… im a big fan and i cant find a good review for nocturne skins… i have all the noc skins but still thinking if i wud get the eternum since i think it wud be very expensive. thx

    • We have a Nocturne review scheduled once Eternum Nocturne is released. So far the skin doesn’t look that great, considering it’s legendary, but it’s still in development; hopefully.

      Rest assured that we’ll add the review shortly after the release.

  12. can you review Nautilus/Olaf please i not sure what skin is better to buy yet just like the splash art for now

  13. Can u please make a Nidalee skin review? considering her visual upgrade is already out… Thx 😀

  14. are you going to do a Legacy Skin Sale review.
    like what you have been doing with the last sale

  15. You have reviewed LeBlanc, but she is unavailble here. There is no link attached.

  16. can you review gragas, sion or malzahar
    also are you going to update annie skin after the visual undate

    • Gragas bumped in the list, Sion and Malzahar added. We’ll review them as soon as possible.

      We’ll definitely update Annie’s review after the visual upgrade. Nidalee’s missing review shouldn’t be taken as an example as she still lacks new splash arts for her skins; especially French Maid. Still, we’ll review her soon as well.

      • you are the greatest thanks for the olaf review it took awhile but you got it out, kinda sad that olaf review are kinda low, now i not sure whice one to get 🙁 i just bet get the frozen one just cause i like the color blue

        • You are welcome and our apologies it took so long, we’d like to cover the entire cast but we have to choose an order.

          If you like Classic Olaf and blue then Glacial Olaf may be a good choice; though it shows its age. For instance, Pentakill Olaf is more elaborate, as it’s more recent, yet a hard rock drummer isn’t the same as a Viking.

  17. could you also make a review about the Chinese splash arts for these champions ?

  18. Hello, I am thinking about buying Piltover Customs Blitzcrank. Do you have any opinions/reviews about him?

    • Piltover Customs Blitzcrank is a nice legendary skin that unfortunately shows its age. The new model is quite distinct with new smoke and fire particles for the exhaust pipes. Additionally, there are new animations for standing idle, taunt and dance; plus the new model affects the look of Rocket Grab. On top of that, there’s new sound and particles for Overdrive.

      The problem is that in comparison with recent legendary skins it simply doesn’t offer that many changes and they aren’t as elaborate. If you are a dedicated Blitzcrank fan it’s not a bad choice but if you are not going to use it a lot then the price may be a bit too high for what you get. Currently, it’s closer to a regular skin than a legendary but it’s still a good skin.

      • Thanks, even though iBlitzcrank will be out soon, I’ll probably go with Piltover Customs Blitzcrank. I just love the concept 🙂

        • iBlitzcrank looks quite elaborate and polished so, as future visual upgrades keep even legendaries as they are, don’t expect many improvements for Piltover Customs Blitzcrank. Still, if you really like the skin then you don’t need anything else to convince you. If you are a real Blitzcrank fan then one legendary skin may just not be enough.

  19. When do you make a review of the new Lux and Garen’s skin?>
    Thanks 😉

  20. Hey, can you please do some skin reviews for Renekton. I’m so thankful that I found your site. I favourited it!

  21. Hello! Since I am on a legendary skin buying spree, so I could use your opinions on Nunu Bot.

    I noticed you haven’t reviewed Nunu, so I need to know
    what you think of Nunu Bot.

    Answear when possible. Thanks.

    • Nunu Bot has some interesting features but it seems like the concept has been forced on Nunu and Willump. The new model is good but seems a little smaller that his classic one. The new voice over is certainly distinct but doesn’t feel very artificial; it sounds like an inexpressive radio speaker. Besides, the steam golem look doesn’t even try to adapt Nunu’s abilities. They simply are there and aside from a few sparks on Absolute Zero nothing is different.

      On the whole, it’s a skin that tries to give an artificial feel to Nunu; the emotes are proof of that. However, where it matters the most the skin doesn’t work. It could’ve tried to make him an ice powered golem or modify the abilities. Instead the skin doesn’t develop the theme as well as it should. If you play Nunu a lot or you really like a layer of robot on Nunu and Willump it may be worth considering. Regardless, it doesn’t seem very convincing and it’s hardly a cheap choice.

      • Stop lying 🙁

        Piltover Customs is amazing, not a great let-down.

        But you should still review him because the new champions with only one skin is getting reviewed. Furthermore, Blitzcrank has two skins you should know of; Rusted Blitzcrank and Goalkeeper Blitzcrank (both limited).

        C’mon, he deservs it.

        • Bro, this reply was ment for the comment below, there seems to have become a glitch.

        • Piltover Customs Blitzcrank isn’t a great let-down. It’s a skin that shows its age, especially in comparison with current legendaries. However, it still is quite appealing and fans of Blitzcrank shouldn’t dismiss it.

          After iBlitzcrank is released, expect a review of the steam golem soon.

  22. This site is absolutely fantastic <3 Can you guys make a blitzcrank review pls? He has so many nice skins… n a new skin is on its way too, I already got the definitely not blitz skin, wad's ur opinion on tat skin? N whicy other blitz skin do I think is the best? Cuz I'm planning to get another skin for blitz n the new iBlitz skin

    Thx in advance 😀

    • Glad that you like it and don’t worry, Blitz is coming. Blitzy is just gathering his steam for his iBlitzcrank debut so after the skin is released we’ll do a full review.

      Definitely Not Blitzcrank is a rather nice skin with a good concept and simple but satisfying execution; considering its price. Let’s so how iBlitzcrank shapes up and afterwards you’ll have our final verdict on his best skin.

      Unfortunately, currently he only has Boom Boom and Piltover Customs Blitzcrank available so there isn’t much variety. Furthermore, both skins show their age as they both are a far cry from an elaborate skin like iBlitzcrank. Maybe Boom Boom is the best choice as it’s cheaper but the truth is that these Blitzcrank skins are a bit disappointing.

  23. can u review Renekton next

  24. Hey there, Thanks for all the hard work you put into this site! I always read what you have to say in addition to browsing on lolking for the in-game model viewer. Would it be possible to do some Anivia skins? I think hextech is her best one, but it’d be nice to get a more professional analysis on her 🙂 thank you~

    • Thanks for the kind words, we are glad you find the reviews useful. A model viewer is certainly useful to give a close look at a skin; so as to be sure about what they offer in terms of model changes.

      Hextech Anivia is a very nice re-model for the cryophoenix but her other skins also have their charms. Cryophoenix bumped in the order; the world shall see its end in ice.

  25. Good job spending time to make all this but i dont agree with most of reviews, especially Brolaf and Riot squad Singed. This is bullshit, they both are 5 stars.

    • Thanks but we don’t understand your point. Could you explain why you disagree. We are just giving advice on what we consider to be good purchases so feedback is welcome.

  26. The Nasus review isn’t linked on the index

  27. are you going to redo some of the skin review after their RP price change

    • We’ll definitely do as the value is dependant on the price. We were planning on prioritizing the ones that go to 1350 RP first and then the ones that are discounted. We welcome your ideas.

  28. Please review the new TPA skins ASAP, they look really cool and I want to buy atleast 1 or 2. Keep it up 😉

  29. Are you guys going to crank out the last three champ reviews that are left soon? (Sejuani remake, Karma remake, Trundle)

  30. This site is a permanent bookmark for me. Sorry if it was already asked, but have you considered making a list-form version of the skins, sorted by rating? That way a person could easily identify which skins you have ranked 4-5 stars.

    • Glad that you find it useful.

      A list is a good idea, in fact we’ve thought about a sortable table with all skins so that you can easily access reviews by champion, name or rating. Definitely something to have in mind.

  31. TPA Skin review incoming anytime soon? ;3

  32. Do you ever think of reviewing the classic skins? I think that would be great.

    • It could be interesting but we would need a base to compare them to. In case of purchasable skins we can compare them to the classic ones and see if it adds something valuable for the price. In case of classic skins, without a frame of reference, a review could get rather technical and theoretical about the virtues and letdowns of the models.

      Regardless, it’s an idea we find interesting but we haven’t yet defined how to conduct the analysis. The idea is to be able to say something valuable about the skin. Maybe a review of the actual champion could work. Instead of simply considering the aspect we could evaluate how attractive the concept is and how effective the implementation is in conveying its fantasy.

      • Ok, I see where you’re coming from. And the idea of reviewing the model is a good one. However, wouldn’t you be able to rate the splash art on how well it represents the actual model in game?

        • We certainly can and that’s another thing that could be useful as there are instances where a splash art makes promises that the model doesn’t fulfil. That would be the case with Classic Master Yi after his visual upgrade. He won’t be receiving a new splash art as he was given one early this year. However, it doesn’t faithfully represent his improved look.

          Still, we find that skins’ splash arts aren’t particularly relevant when playing so, aside from being a presentation card, they aren’t as important to rate. Although we do review them so that we can assess how good it represents the actual model; as you said.

          In the end, we haven’t said no to any idea. We are just considering options and trying to maximize the usefulness of reviews. We appreciate your feedback so don’t hesitate to drop us a line if more ideas cross your mind.

          • Ok, well thank you for your time and I will definately let you know if I have any ideas.

  33. You’ve spoken to me before, and I need help. I want to purchase either Demonblade Tryndamere or Blood Lord Vladimir. I love playing both champions and I’m also impressed with both skins. What is your opinion based on what is in game?

    • As far as looks go, both skins have a distinct identity but an implementation that doesn’t go an extra step as a legendary skin should. They aren’t bad but they don’t appear as the best choices either. In fact, Sultan Tryndamere could be considered a more rounded skin than Demonblade.

      Specifically speaking, Vladimir looks alright, albeit monochromatic, and the particles are good. Still, there’s an obvious reuse of classic particles that don’t mesh that well with his new misty blood. Besides, the new voice-over seems to try too hard to convey his power.

      In Tryndamere’s case, he surely looks like a man dominated by fury with a finely designed sword. Yet, the new animations don’t add much and the new particles are rather limited. The voice-over is good but doesn’t really stand out.

      Our recommendation would be to choose based on your preference because both skins are quite similar in terms of quality and value. It could be said that Tryndamere’s model stands out from Vladimir’s homogeneous look. Conversely, Vladimir’s spell particles are more eye-catching than Tryndamere’s subdued effects. Regardless, on the whole they feel similar.

      You should consider that Tryndamere has other skins that could be a valid alternative. Viking seems savage enough and Sultan manages a mix of aristocracy and violence while King goes directly for royal elegance. In Vladimir’s case, only Marquis offers some class as Vandal’s concept seems a bit forced. With this options on the table, Tryndamere has more choices than Vladimir but both offer alternatives that could provide you with what you seek for less of an expense.

  34. Hi Zero first off I just want to say you have an outstanding website I love how well formatted it is and how informative you are in your reviews. Second, I wanted to ask if you could compile the reviews for all the horrowing skins that are about to be released so we can start planning on our purchases. There are plenty of limited skins being released but it’s a bit of a pain to have to go to each champion to read them. Thanks again!

  35. I really like your reviews, the are very well done and very clear, they have helped me a lo to choose the few skins I have bought. I just wanted to ask if you had considered to review the normal skins as well, even though they are not up for sale it would be very helpful to see how a skin compares to the original one, like for example I don’t think any of the two skins for Zyra are better than the original one (just my opinion) so it would be good to see how you think buyable skins compare to the originals. Keep up the great work 🙂

    • Glad that you find the reviews useful. Reviewing classic skins and splash arts is something we have in mind as it has been requested a few times. We’ll see how we can address it and incorporate it into the site. Thanks for voicing your opinion.

  36. What are your thoughts about Infernal Nasus? Review it as soon as possible please 🙂

  37. Will you make the Vancouver Olympics in the special events: Events? I suppose World Cup too. I get the feeling Riot will bring them back.

    • Yes they will be back and we’ll provide a single review for each event so that you can promptly check the skins. The reviews are already at each champion’s page but it’s always convenient to have everything in one place.

  38. Is there anyway to view a list of skins that have a certain rating? I’d really like to see what skins have 5 stars, but clicking through each champion seems a bit tedious.

    • Yes, there is. Check the ‘Skin List’ page and order skins by their rating by clicking on the arrows near the ‘Rating’ label at the top of the table. That would produce a list of all skins ordered by rating.

  39. Hmm may I recommend that you have a new page which list all your 5 stars skin?

  40. Quinn should be placed after poppy, btw

  41. love your reviews man. they help me a ton when i go to buy skins

  42. zero what is your fav 520 skin and why

    mine personally is butcher urgot, i use to main the headsman pride and butcher urgot was just the most brutal way of finishing my lane enemy i could think of, the flying chainsaws and the leather face references just made it a must have for me.

    im also a huge fan of noxus hunter anivia. im not quite sure why the gold armour just makes me happy

    • It’s difficult to choose only one as there are so many good options; also due to how many skins and champions there are. We do like those with five stars at 520 RP but we also have a singular liking for Noxus Hunter Anivia.

      Noxus Hunter Anivia may be as simple as adding armour but it works really well. It’s suitable for a bird of war to be protected and it also makes her special. Not every bird deployed in battle wears armour so this one is something else.

      It might be because of how much significance adding protection has. It’s a simple gesture but it speaks volumes.

      Butcher Urgot also has its charm; its devilish, dark charm. It’s a little like stating the obvious; at least, it was when Urgot was unstoppable by all means.

  43. Great job on putting out these awesome reviews Zero. I always go to this site whenever skin sales happen for a second opinion. 🙂
    Question though, now that Riot is planning on giving Modal/Visual Model Updates on nearly all the old champs, will you re-make the reviews?

    • Thanks for the kind words, we are glad you find the site useful.

      We always modify reviews when a visual upgrade makes significant changes to skins. There are cases, like texture updates, when things remain largely the same, sometimes there are minor changes and sometimes everything is different.

      We try to update reviews not long after a visual update has been released though we sometimes have trouble finding images for the new looks. Currently, all reviews are up to date though in some cases we need new images to faithfully display the actual in-game appearance.

  44. Have you considered doing mini reviews for the various ward skins?

  45. I noticed that the World Cup 2014 skins are not listed on their own tab. Aside from that, I enjoy reading the reviews. Especially when one of my favorite skins gets a good review. 😉

    • We didn’t include them because they are regular, not legacy, skins. If more World Cup skins end up being released we would consider having a page for them; as there are for yearly event skins. It’s not a bad idea, we’ll keep it in mind.

  46. Don’t forget to put Rek’sai and Bard on the review-index page. I love the site and bookmarked it and will look forward to reading your future reviews.

    • You’re right, we are missing a visitor from the Void. We should correct this before they decide to take matters into their own claw and similar indescribable appendages.

  47. You should do review of the vanillas splash arts… not the ingame model (beacuse you have nothing to compare to), but the splash art 🙂

    • It’s not a bad idea, perhaps we could add a section after the introduction of each review. There we can make a quick assessment of the classic splash art. It’s something to consider when we have more time in our hands.

  48. Zero, Katz here. Why are none of my comments appearing? I tried commenting on Graves’ and Vladimir’s skin review pages but nothing appears. Have I reached my comment limit or something?

    • Not at all, you should be able to comment as much as you like. However, we removed a few redundant comments to make the whole conversation easier to follow.

      The problem was that, for some reason, the spam plugin caught your comments as spam; perhaps because they were too many but we always approve them. We checked and manually un-spammed, as it says, your comments so, hopefully, they should be accepted from now on.

      We are not really sure how this happened but the problem was definitely not on your side but ours. We aren’t sure if the spam filter also recognizes the IP besides the e-mail and name. In the future, if anything like this happens again, knock on wood, we’ll need the help from somebody else to tell us as you did.

      We don’t usually check the spam folder so we simply had no idea about what was going on. We are sorry for the trouble this caused you. We’ll try to learn more about the spam plugins operation so that we may have a better idea about what could’ve gone wrong.

      • Thank you so much for clarifying everything, I was getting worried. I figured the problem was something like what you mentioned, but was afraid you might not notice so I told a friend to comment asking what happened. I can’t seem to find his comment though, but either way, I cannot deny that I post a huge amount of comments when compared to other people on this site, but they are all for the purpose of improvement. I am happy I can now continue my contribution.

        • Not at all, this shouldn’t have happened in the first place if we are accepting your comments; regardless of quantity. Without the help of your friend we wouldn’t have realized; his comments are below the first one in this very page.

          You certainly help a lot in making the reviews better and we are definitely glad to welcome you back.

  49. While I appreciate the time and effort gone into this.
    I find myself disagreeing with many of your ratings. Taste is truly down to the individual.

    • Our opinion is just as good as anyone else’s. We merely give our view on the skins to serve as a guide and point of comparison. The idea is to have a frame of reference that provides as much information about the skin as possible. Drawing from that information we give our opinion with regards to the classic champion look, other skins from that champion and what’s expected at the respective price.

      The most important fact is whether you like the skin or not. We may consider a skin good or not but what really matters is whether you enjoy it. We don’t want to tell people what they should like but instead inform them what they are getting for what they are paying and if that price seems fair for what is offered.

  50. Im just curious what is your personal opinion. Which skin from the different price tears is the best made? Like which skin do you think is the best 975rp, which is the best 1350rp and 1820rp just based on quality?

    • Such skins will certainly fall under the five star rating. At the Skin List you can find all the skin along their stars and order them by the rating to check which skins are the best. You can then press ‘shift’ and click on the price to order them by price as a secondary criterium to have the exact result.

      We could mention a few but there are so many skins that it means that there are quite a few that are worth getting. Regardless, overall they are a minority; unfortunately.

  51. Hey Zero what do you think about the procet skins on full price with the special border? I am a collector and I find it kinda attractive but it adds a lot to the price in my opinion and the project skins in terms of quality doesnt seem like anything so special.

    • We agree, the PROJECT skins aren’t as impressive as they should be for their price; from what we’ve seen. Surely, the new models are good and the particles are attractive but, what else is there to justify 1350 RP? A new model, particles and sounds perfectly fits 975 RP so a processed voice-over seems like too little to increase the price.

      At least, PROJECT: Yasuo has a new auto-attack animation and glowing blade for Last Breath so as to indicate that it deserves to go up to 1350 RP. In the new skins we haven’t noticed any extras except for Leona’s new death particles. Even PROJECT: Master Yi doesn’t really feel legendary. The modifications are there but they don’t amount to much.

      Specifically, PROJECT: Master Yi has particles that are as good as a 975 RP skin and the sounds just support the theme. The model has little surprises except for the double blade during Highlander; which is a small addition. Besides, the animations, though different, don’t stand out with regards to the classic ones: they feel too similar.

      If Highlander offered new animations for the auto-attacks and high-speed run, on top of the new set of animations, then it would add something different to make PROJECT: Master Yi special. It’s just what Aether Wing Kayle should’ve done for Righteous Fury’s activation: a new auto-attack animation. What is offered doesn’t feel particuarly superior to a 975 RP skin; new voice-over aside. For a legendary skin, it does feel disappointing.

      As things are, we recommend getting the skins on sale if you particularly like the sci-fi style. A border on the loading screen for 375 RP is a preposterous proposition. The only skin that is worth getting as soon as possible, but only if you really like it, is the legandary one. Master Yi’s skin won’t change price so, why not get the border if you are going to buy it anyway?

  52. I completely agree with all that’s been said. Also, if getting any of the skins with the border thing, this skin should be the yi one. As for the others, I feel like only leona is worth getting with it since her splash art is very dull to me and the border is in contrast with the art and looks rather nice where with Zed, for example, the border kind of vanishes in the background in one of the lower corners since the background’s color is similar to the border’s. Ultimately, i still feel like Leona’s particles should have been in another shade of the yellow unlike her regular one with the orange glow to it. On top of that I am extremely annoyed by the fact that Although Zed’s skin was the best made out of the 5, but he recently got new death animation and a new animation to his ult indicating if the target will get killed. After all these are skins of the same price and they should be relatively close one to another in terms of quality and not be so unbalanced(i am comparing zeds skin to the others), especially if they are launched together.

    • Without a doubt all of the skins should have an equivalent amount of features if they are released at the same price. If the price is 1350 RP then a new model, particles, sounds and recall isn’t enough; it would have to be something incredible to justify the extra cost.

      As for PROJECT: Master Yi, a legendary skin has absolutely no excuse not to dazzle the player with an impressive array of particles, sounds, animations and whatever else it can add. It’s a legendary skin, with an accordingly legendary price, therefore if it asks for a lot so it has to deliver a lot.

      The borders are a flimsy addition that adds, in practice, nothing to the actual skin. It may be just a marketing ploy to sell more on release; which is when skins seem to sell the most, according to Riot. For a legendary skin, as the price doesn’t change is understandable.

      However, the 1350 RP skins going on sale without a border for 975 RP days afterwards essentially means that the borders have a cost. That doesn’t feel like a fair way of increasing the value of a skin but instead as a way of deceiving a customer with an insubstantial addition that doesn’t improve the actual product.

      The fact that the skins aren’t really impressive only adds insult to injury as they seem to be trying to make a substandard product more desirable with external decorations. There isn’t much reason to pay for a border which, like icons, are of limited use and questionable value. Better if the skins justified their price with attractive features so that one would gladly pay a little extra because the skins are worth it.

  53. Which skin of the new set of project skin do you think is the best in order of 1-5. I think fiora and zed are equally good or maybe fiora slightly look better than zed following by lucian then leona.Yi unfortunately have to be the worst due to its price but look have nothing much more than his fellow that have lower price

    • Truth be told the 1350 RP skins are all quite similar. They offer nice particles and sounds as well as good new models. Few add anything extra and none something really remarkable on top of the usual set of changes.

      Because of their nature you can consider Zed a skin that offers a bit more as he’s rather particle intensive. Leona also has a rather nice glow for her weapons and new but necessary death particles; as well as two new quotes it seems.

      Fiora only has the expected changes besides the rapier glow and the same happens with Lucian. They are both good but there’s no extra. Zed is in the same place but with his shadow and other effects it’s necessary to change quite a bit and so it can feel more special.

      We have to agree that PROJECT Yi is the most disappointing skin of them all. It doesn’t offer much that is impressive. The ultimate is rather good but there’s potential for much more. The worst offence is that it reuses assets from Classic Yi, that can’t happen in a legendary skin.

      If we really had to order them we don’t think that there are differences relevant enough to tip the scales between the 1350 RP. There’s a little something here or there but they are all equally good and deserving of an extra effort to make them shine. PROJECT Yi, however, definitely is a letdown.

      • so what about project yasuo what is the thing that he have but these new guy dont have
        i do agree that he deserve four beautiful stars but what do you think what opportunity riot miss to make new guys meet standard that yasuo have

        • We think that at 1350 RP a new model with ability particles and sounds is not enough to impress. Any skin at 975 RP does that and sometimes even more; they should be as good as possible. On top of that, the price isn’t that far from a legendary skin so, even if it wouldn’t be actually legendary in changes, it should feel somewhat legendary.

          Specifically, besides the usual changes, PROJECT: Yasuo has new visuals on his sword, sheath and suit after using Last Breath, a new particle and sound when sheathing his sword, a visor opening for his emotes with a new sound. His voice also becomes normal with the visor open and his auto-attack animation is a bit different.

          With regards to the new PROJECT skins at 1350 RP we find that they only have a new glow for their weapons. We agree that Zed has a lot of new particles, especially his shadows, but that’s a necessity because of his design just like Fiora’s passive, Duelist’s Dance, has new effects for her speed buff and heal. Leona has new particles for her death but they are also necessary even if it feels like a good touch. Lastly, Fiora and Lucian have some new particles for some emotes.

          There aren’t many extra additions for the new PROJECT skins and also they aren’t that significant in the normal use of the champion. The glow is the only thing that stands out but at 1350 RP it’s something expected whereas at 975 RP it would be a nice extra.

          Even PROJECT: Yi suffers from a lack of additions. The problems are actually deeper as he doesn’t even cover the basic additions. For example, his auto-attack and walking animations are identical to classic; only his high-speed run is changed that is used for Highlander. Wuju Style’s glow barely looks different, Alpha Strike is simplistic even if nice looking. There’s a full analysis in the skin’s review but the bottom line is that it doesn’t really feel like a legendary skin.

          It might be that too many PROJECT skins where done at the same time and so resources had to be shared and the implementation suffered for that. It’s even noticeable in the uneven quality of some splash arts. That’s just speculation but the result is that the new PROJECT skins should’ve been much better; especially with the anticipation and presentation that they received.

          In conclusion, the new PROJECT skins are good but not impressive. Conversely, PROJECT: Yasuo goes an extra step to feel special and that is noticeable. We do like the cyborg concept but the implementation doesn’t make the most of it in the new skins.

  54. Well, Kindred, the Eternal Hunter just came out. Is this possible to review its release skin, Shadowfire Kindred? Also, soon 3 new skins will be released – Cosmic Reaver Kassadin, Spirit Fire Brand and Demon Vi. Do you want to review them all?

    • We’ll review all skins that are released. We’ll try to have Shadowfire Kindred reviewed soon. The others will have to wait for a release to be reviewed but they will certainly be analysed.

      • Alright then, thanks for the answer, I really appreciate it. I mean, I really admire your work and idea. I have to admit that I always check your opinion about certain skin before buying it. Also, I know that this might be a weird idea, but have you ever considered reviewing ward skins? Anyway, thanks for everything yet again and keep reviews coming!

        • Thanks for the kind words.

          We appreciate all feedback and we have been asked and considered ward skins. It’s not an idea we have discarded but skins are the priority and we don’t have as much time and resources to dedicate to reviews as we actually need.

          Ideally, we would review everything that is released but ideals are difficult to reach. If we manage, it would be feasible to have, at least, an overview of the ward skins with what they offer and an idea of how much value they seem to have.

          We’ll add it to the, currently, heavy-weight list of things to do.

  55. did you ever think about review skin for rating that didnt considered the price? like the best skin for each champion that truly the best for the champ without caring for the price

    • That’s usually the most expensive ones as they are the ones with the most features. Take for instance any champion with an ultimate or legendary skin. If we ignore the price those skins easily trump the cheaper ones. Even skins at 975 RP with new particles automatically become a better option than cheaper skins which are usually just a re-model.

      We have thought about that but there’s little point as it’s somewhat evident that more expensive skins often offer more. The question is whether that extra that they offer is worth the higher price. There are many examples of skins at 1350 RP that would perfectly fit at 975 RP.

      It could be said that the relationship between pay more for more is clear. However, how much one gets for paying more isn’t always so obvious.

  56. Visiting StratZero quite often these days, always more than glad to read your works, they are very helpful in terms of delivery and effectiveness.

    Have you considered doing a list comparison for all legendary / ultimate skins, to pick out the best of best skins in LoL? If you have some spare time to do it, it would be quite a read.

    • Glad that you find the site useful.

      We had the idea of having a compilation article of the legendary and ultimate skins but weren’t able to make it in time for the end of the year. We’ll try to eventually get to it. In the meantime, you can check the Skin List and order skins by rating and category or price, by leaving the ‘Shift’ key pressed, to easily order by various criteria.

  57. Zero in your opinion, what are the top ten legendary skins? (Don’t count 975 Legendary Skins please 😉

    • We’d say the best legendary skins are the ones at four stars; we haven’t yet seen one that deserves five. You can easily find them at the Skin List by ordering by price and rating. That can let you check all the different ratings at every price range as well.

      • Sorry I meant if you could rank them like

        • Difficult to give an even more precise order than the rating. Perhaps the most recent skins would be at the top; sans the disappointing PROJECT: Yi. We’ll probably have to define a new set of rules to assess the skins with a more exahustive method to differentiate even the tiniest details.

          In general, we think that all legendary skins at four stars are worthwhile and definitely recommended for fans of the respective champions. It could be interesting to one day give a thorough analysis that goes into the minutae of each skin. At least, in theory, it would serve to better dissect what makes or breaks each aspect of a skin. For now, it’s an idea as we don’t think we have the time for it.

  58. Zero one of the few things I don’t get is what does “new animations for critical hits” mean? Is it in the shape or the particles? I’m really confused.

    • That means that when a champion auto-attacks an enemy and gets a critical hit the animation for the attack is different to the classic one. For example, Classic Nocturne’s critical hit animation is a slash from the front to the sides with both blades. However, Eternum Nocturne’s critical hit animation is the complete opposite: he gets his arms to the sides of his body and stabs forward with both blades.

  59. Zero-chan, two new Blood Moon skins came out two days ago, we need your reviews right away!

    • Sir, yes, sir!

      The skins were actually released yesterday and we’ve been busy getting the reviews and sales ready as fast as possible. However, we like to do things well so quality will always prevail over how promptly we release content. That stated, all is ready now.

  60. Update splash arts? They released a bunch, no need to rush just a gentle reminder.

    • We are reviewing them though more slowly than we’d like. We will definitely reassess them all but patience will be required as it’s such a large update.

  61. May the fourth be with you. Tomorrow is revenge of the fifth.

    • Today is Revenge of the Fifth so may the fourth had been with you because tomorrow come the sixth. Not as evocative but sixth lords have always proven problematic

  62. Are you guys going to update these icons? A bunch of people have gotten new icons. Also, you guys still use the old MF icon.

    • We are progressively updating all the splash arts and their respective reviews. Once the splash art update we’ll update all champion icons and classic splash arts in one go to make it all easier to handle. More than a hundred splash arts were changed so without some organization thing can get chaotic quite easily. Sorry for the inconvenience.

      • Hello! So how’s the updates been coming along?

        • We have given priority to new skins so we haven’t had much time to take care of the icons and splash arts. We’ll try to advance a bit more when we have some time. Sorry for the inconvenience.

          • Are you guys going to review the newer chromas? And also, I really hope to see the updated splashes soon..

          • We will, but with over a hundred splash arts to update and reassess it’ll take a while. We’ll certainly have the chromas reviewed by the next IP sale, though, as that’s the ideal time to get them. Of course, the sooner we can update and review the better. We’ll try our best.

  63. Please rename your reviews to “budget skin review”, because you are insanely biased towards RP price. If this is a true review you should review them on everything else first. Instead, you fixedly use price as your main method of review. Price plays way too much of a role in your reviews, and it biases them to the point of inaccuracy.

    • Also. half of your explanations to peoples questions about why a skin was scored so low have price as their topic. So don’t deny your obsession.

    • We deny price being an obsession but it’s certainly a contributing factor. If a skin that could perfectly fit at 975 RP is sold at a legendary price then there’s a problem. Why pay substantially more for the same extent of changes? Price matters in that a skin is expected, as listed in Riot’s support page, to offer a certain amount of changes based on their price. If a skin doesn’t offer the minimal expected features then there’s a basic failure in the implemenation.

      With that stated then we can see how good the concept is and how it fits the champion. We get a feel for how the theme is communicated through the champion. We check if the execution of what its available compensates for any issues the skin may have. Then we consider other extra characteristics the skin has that add to the realisation of the theme. Eventually, it’s inevitable to compare the skin to others in the same price tier and also other skins offered for the same champion to see how it stands against them. Finally we reach a rating.

      Price matters, without a doubt. However, it’s just one of many factors we consider when reviewing a skin.

  64. Zero-chan!

    Kled just came out and we would really love to see your thoughts on Sir Kled! Your reviews are great and I truly love you and all your texts! Stay awesome! Also, what do you think about price change? Sir Kled used to cost 975 RP on PBE, but ever since Kled has made it to live client, its price is 1350, which is absurd. What do you think?

    Love you! <3

    • Glad that you like the reviews. The review for Sir Kled has been published so we hope you find it useful. It certainly is ridiculous that Sir Kled was priced at 1350 RP. Apparently, it was a mistake though we still aren’t impressed by the skin; even with the lower price. We’ll have to think if that warrants a review of the rating due to how uneven the implementation is.

      Thanks for the kind words.

  65. Great work Zero. Always check your opinion when i’m gonna buy some skins ;))
    Can you add chroma pack in your review, for example what color is the best ^^

    Thank you very much <3

  66. Why no ward skins reviews? Thanks for the site!

    • Not at all. Wards are simpler than skins and you can see all they have to offer in seconds. They have an animation when placed, idle and when disappearing. Still, there’re many so perhaps a short overview wouldn’t be a bad idea. We may add ward skins reviews in the future but for now it’s not a priority.

  67. Hey ProjectZero Team.

    I was wondering if you’re looking for contributers on your team, particularly when it comes to skin reviews. I’ve been following you for a while and am very interested in reviewing skins. I’ve experience in content writing for Skyrim mods, and have been doing some fiction writing. I’ve also a very good command of English and I always have a critical eye towards skins (following skin content very closely in League more than actually playing). Now that I have a PBE account I can also test new skins and look at them very closely.

    Please let me know if an application is possible, if not as a full member then at least as a contributor, doing some of the skin reviews on your team.

    Best regards,

    • Technically we don’t have vacancies because the website is entirely voluntary work. That said, while we have the reviews covered, for the most part, we could see if the idea of having alternative takes on skins is of interest. We have our view and you can provide a different angle on skins. Perhaps previews of skins and champions before the final review is released. Truth be told, there’s room to add more content.

      Take into account that this would be for the love of doing it. We don’t even cover basic costs for the site, let alone make any profit. If you are still interested drop us a line with some links to your work and we’ll see if something can be arranged.

  68. Are u guys ever going to update Malz’s splash art??? lol

    • Well, we have grown fond of old splash arts so maybe we’ll keep the site oldl fashioned. Actually, there are so many splash arts that have been updated and so much content to keep up to date that we are delayed in keeping everything updated as it should be. The idea is to have everything updated but we have to keep a manageable balancing act most of the time. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  69. When is Kennen’s splash gonna get updated

    • You are right, we have to check a few splash arts that have been left out of date. Thanks for the reminder. We’ll try to update them when we have some time.

  70. Hi Zero,

    first I want to thank you for all the effort you put into this website. Even if we don’t always share the same opinion you helped me dozens of times to decide which skin I buy for a champion.

    But I also have one suggestion for the rating system, which at least from my point of view would be an improvement. Currently the rating is a price performance ration, which is absolutely fine. This just leads to one problem, sometimes the “better” skin will get a lower rating then a “worse” skin, performance wise, just because of a much higher price.
    I would really like to see a split of the rating into the current price performance ratio but also a performance rating, so it is possible to see which skin is the absolute best for a champion, no matter the price.
    Sure this would mean to retest all skins, so it is very unlikely this will ever happen. But maybe you get bored at some time because there are no new skins to review.

    Best regards

    • Not at all, we are glad to be of help. Our opinion is just one of many. While we do have one we also like reviews to be informative enough so that everyone can make their own opinion and make a good purchase.

      We have been told about the value rating before and it’s something we do tend into account. In our view, we can’t ignore noticing that a 1350 RP skin offers less features that a cheaper skin. On the other hand, we understand and keep in mind that skins are not all price and the quality of the adaptation matters. For example, if memory serves, Program Lissandra is a skin that, actually, offers more or less the same as a 975 RP skin. It’s a bit more elaborate but not by much. However, the adaptation is so cohesive and effective that the skin delivers on all it promises and truly makes its concept shine. If we only considered value, we’d recommend a cheaper skin but Program Lissandra deserves a better rating.

      Unfortunately, we find that recent skins at 1350 RP are rather shallow in their adaptation. Not only in the amount of features they offer but in how effective and elaborate they are, sometimes we are only talking about re-colours to particles. We simply can’t ignore that and it’s even worse if a cheaper skin has a better adapatation.

      In the end, we try to keep both views in mind when reviewing skins. While price isn’t everything it’s not something we can fully disregard. Besides, more expensive skins simply tend to be more elaborate as they have a larger scope of changes available. If we simply considered which skins offer more then it would be a simple matter of checking the price; sans exceptions which are rather common nowadays, sadly.

  71. Hey guys, are you still going to continue making skin reviews?

    • Not currently but we’ll get back to them. We’ve had several problems lately and we just couldn’t ignore them anymore. With some good luck we’ll return to reviewing skins. Hopefully, everything will to back to normal soon.

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