Dec 152016
Poro King
Snowdown Showdown 2016


Period: 14th of December, 2016 to 9th of January, 2017
Bundles: The Original Gang, Frosty Fighters, Root and Shoot, The Slay Riders, Snowdown Speedsters, Chilly Companions, The Snow Day and Snowdown Snowtale Set
Note: the bundles include the respective champions and reduce their prices depending on which content you already own. In case you don’t own a champion or skin in a bundle the price rises by the appropriate price.

You better keep your poros safe because snowballs are flying and there’s no telling what could happen to them. Granted, the apparition of a certain saviour could change everything but he can’t possibly be everywhere and the Queen of Snow can be a cold monarch to appease. Perhaps you could tempt her with some gifts that might thaw her heart a bit. Then we’ll see who can dominate in this duel of propelled snow and ice.
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