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18th of September, 2018

Sale Overview: 09.18 – 09.21

“What’s happening in the sky?” She looked up and removed her visor after a few seconds. The stars were being sucked into a whirlwind and disappearing. She looked before her: the mass of dark liquid that she had been chasing had turned into a human shape and was staring at the sky. It turned to look at her and with a trembling voice said: “I don’t like how this looks, lady.” They looked for a while longer but it was evident that things weren’t going to get better by themselves. Every second, the universe got darker.

Sale End

17th of September, 2018

Last Day of Baker Pantheon, Dragonslayer Braum, Safecracker Evelynn and Boom Boom Blitzcrank Sale

Odyssey in Space and Weekend Sale

14th of September, 2018

Odyssey Kayn Review

Odyssey Jinx Review

Odyssey Malphite Review

Odyssey Sona Review

Odyssey Yasuo Review

Odyssey Ziggs Review

Immortal Legend & Weekend Sales

7th of September, 2018

Divine Sword Irelia Review

The blades dance at her whim. They make circles and triangles with a thought, any shape her mind can imagine. They are bound to her will. There is no greater mastery that which looks like magic. Hers, it’s ethereal.

Enduring Sword Talon Review

Legends will be told of this battle. Moves flow into each other like water, slashes are swift like the wind and cut light into glowing petals. There is no rival for someone with such mastery of the sword. This battle will never be forgotten.

At High Noon and Weekend Sale

31th of August, 2018

High Noon Lucian Review

I know you are here. I’ve come to kill you, demon, because of her. Don’t run: it’s pathetic. Show yourself and we’ll talk about how I’m going to return you to hell. Don’t worry: I’ll take you there myself but, I won’t promise it’ll be fast and painless.

High Noon Thresh Review

I am waiting, gunslinger, you are late. You are always late. I have collected too many souls under you nose but, you only care for one, don’t you? Then come and try to get it back. I’m always looking to expand my collection.

High Noon Urgot Review

Petty excuses, I don’t want. The railway will be built, if something is in the middle, detonate it. I don’t care what or who is in the middle: if you don’t clean the way I will do it with your corpse. Now, back to work!

Cosmic Adventures, a Heist and Sales

24th of August, 2018

Cosmic Queen Ashe Review

Stars live and die by her command. Galaxies form and expand at her request. You’ve been granted an audience, bow down before the Cosmic Queen.

Cosmic Enchantress Lulu Review

Stars flicker at her fancy. Comets dance around her. A galaxy is a concoction from her hand.

Cosmic Defender Xin Zhao Review

The void of space is full of mysteries. The light of the stars is a flimsy respite. His guard keeps constellations in place.

Mafia Braum Review

Sometimes, you need a door. We go out the same way we came in and we are taking a little extra beyond what we had our eyes on. After all, this is good cover.

New Mecha Skin and Weekend Sale

17th of August, 2018

Mecha Aurelion Sol Review

It hovered above the city for a while. At first it didn’t seem like anything strange, it surely wasn’t there a minute ago but that’s what happens with spaceships all the time before they land. Then it stayed over the city, static, and it was really strage. Why was it not going to the spaceport outside town? Then death rained on us and we knew all there was to know.

Pool Party Fun, Akali & Aatrox Updates + Weekend Sale

3rd of August, 2018

Pool Party 2018 Skins’ Review

Pool Party Caitlyn Splash Art
A Splash of Fun

Akali Update Review

In the darkness the she waits. A precise slash is the beginning, one less to worry about. In seconds they fall, they are no match. They want to conquer and she wants revenge. They can’t fight what they can’t see but she sees all they’ve done very well. They will fear what they can’t see.

Aatrox Update Review

There is no thing in life without an end. Everything has a beginning and, consequently, an end. That is what matters: the end. Everthing will be taken to is natural conclusion and nothing will remain. The world is an illusion, all that will eventually matter: is the end.

New Skins & Sale

24th of July, 2018

Hextech Poppy Review

The inventiveness of a dedicated creator has no limit. There are so many ways of smashing things but you need a good weapon to deliver the blows. It seems to be time to add a little magic to the mix…

Samsung Galaxy Season 7 Skins’ Review

Season 7 champions Samsung Galaxy have their commemorative skins presented and reviewed. This are special, legacy offerings to show their triumph. Do they live up to their glory? Only a review to find out.

Dark Star & Sale End

16th of July, 2018

Dark Star Cho’Gath Review

There’s a hunger that no food can sate. It’s that of being with a capacity to make of the universe a simple snack back. Civilizations become a matter of taste and celestial bodies lose all their grandeur when there’s no amount that is enough. When will be our turn?

God Kings Among Us

29th of June, 2018

God King Garen Review

Peace requires order. Rules are to be obeyed: there are no exceptions. I make the rules. I lay down order. I keep peace. Follow my reign and live. Break the rules and die.

God King Darius Review

Freedom requires choice. Choice begets chaos. Chaos is war. I give you choice. Embrace the chaos. Join the war. Follow me in the battlefield and live free. Stand against me and die.

Football Players & Weekend Sale

15th of June, 2018

Playmaker Lee Sin Review

From the heart comes the strength. It travels through the muscles and is given shape by the nerves until the leg hits the ball and it flies high above the wall and embraces the net. That’s the spirit of a champion: to give all you have, all the time.

Sweeper Rammus Review

How many stare at this little round ball? It flies left and right, up and down and is followed by millions. It’s a simple thing, filled with air and without any special characteristics. Yet, it’s so much to so many: it unites people under one single passion.

Curse of the Drowned

1st of June, 2018

Sand Wraith Pyke Review

“Are you sure it’s here?” “After the beating we gave that fool, you can be sure of it.” “Don’t you think he would’ve lied anyway.” “Not to me. I can smell lies, dear.” “As you say.” They approached the temple with eagerness. “This is going to be great.” “I told you I always choose the right place to go, dear.” Their backs before the temple were a scene too tempting not to
be appreciated for a moment, but just that long. “I know you. You wanted the treasures…”

“Did you say something, dear. Speak up!” “I said nothing.” “You sacrificed everything for it.” “What? Stop fooling around.” “I told you it’s not me.” “You sacrificed me.” “Enough, you shut up or I’ll…” “Now I sacrifice you!” The sand burst around the man and a pillar went straight through him, from side to side. The woman stared with a face of indescribable terror. “I know who you are.” The sand stroke again.

Dark Waters Diana Review

“Just drop the body there and we are done.” “The sea doesn’t welcome the sins of others.” “Since when so religious? Have you been talking with those tentacle cultists?” “I told you I don’t like this. It’s our problem not the seas.” “You’ll like it less if we get caught with a body. Quick, help me drop it.” “I don’t know. This isn’t right, the sea…” “Shut up. No now must know…” The body slipped in the wetness of the board and finally fell into the sea.

“Done. Thanks a lot Mr. Useless. Now you say nothing about this.” “This will be trouble.” “Shut up, what do you know.” The clouds opened and moonlight reflected on the water and then onto the cloth of a figure that wasn’t there an instant ago. In a flash there were two bodies floating in the waters and another figure running away in horror. “The sea will gladly keep your secret and make you one too.

Dark Waters Vladimir Review

“We are being followed, I know we are.” “Shush, they’ll hear us.” “This way, if only we turn here we can…” Without realising a vase was thrown on the floor and water poured from it. The vase kept emptying as the two pairs of eyes stared with faces disfigured by a mockery of surprise. “What did you do?” “I didn’t see it. I swear.” “Run, run…” One tried to leap over the pool of water but it wasn’t a good enough jump: he landed on the water and disappeared under its surface.

“Please, we’ll pay. I swear we can find the way to pay.” A voice echoed from within the pool of water: “I know you will pay. There’s still something useful you can give.” The pool of water returned to the vase and it stood upright again. On the street were left two dry bodies as if they had died in the most cruel of deserts and an uncomfortable laugh echoing over them.

Beyond Time and Space

20th of May, 2018

Pulsefire Riven Review

The first slash cuts through space, she advances. The second slash cuts through time, she move in a still universe. The third slash cuts her target, there’s no place or time to hide.

Pulsefire Twisted Fate Review

Shuffle the deck and see what we get. Space? Let’s go somewhere nice and classy. Time? Certainly the dawn of the twentieth century, that’s always interesting. Another card for the trip?

Pulsefire Shen Review

A team stands together. If you go far, I’ll go the distance. If you go back or forward, I’ll travel the years. Your job is to reach the target and my job is to make sure you do so. Go, I’ll protect you.

Another Blood Moon

10th of May, 2018

Blood Moon Evelynn Review

The Moon is round and huge, beautiful isn’t it? Don’t you also notice the slight red tint? It’s enchanting. I always like nights like this. I love taking a stroll to see what I can find. This time it’s you. So round, so huge, so red… Come, let’s look at the Moon together. I’m sure there’s much I can get from you.

Trophies and Bees

2nd of May, 2018

Conqueror Varus Review

The path is paved with effort and sacrifice but the top is covered in gold and tipped in rubies. Is it worth the ascent? Only you can say so. Aim where you want to go and don’t stop, if you can.

Beemo Review

You can’t see them, you can’t see him but they are there. A wrong step and you’re splashed in honey. A wrong turn and you feel the sting of the bee. But, is it really a bee or someone with a darker purpose? Be wary, there’s nothing inoffensive about this whole affair.

Rev Up & Weekly Sale

17th of April, 2018

Badlands Baron Rumble Review

The engine roars, the flames lash and dark smoke fills the air: the Baron is here. The wastland has only one King and that is the one with the best ride. You know who it is and you know what’s the choice to make: join him. You know you can’t beat him.

Dancing Blades and Giant Mecha

9th of April, 2018

Irelia Rework Review

Irelia, the Blade Dancer learned that life is like a dance: it begins, has its ebb and flow and ends. Perhaps she wasn’t the most obvious candidate to become a warrior or lead a resistance but the role was unfilled and so she learned the motions. With grace and precision the dance started and ended. Each time she gets ready for a new one. Each stage asks for its costume and Irelia adapts her look and motions as necessary. Here’s what to look out for if you find an array of floating blades around you.

Lancer Stratus Wukong Review

Water drips from the metal plates. Each step a tremor, each movement a gust, all in one direction. The mecha walks and the people look. Why is it here now? Would they regret the answer to that simple question?

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