The First Star’s Last Call

20th of October, 2016

Last Day of the Star Guardian Quiz

Last chance to find out which Star Guardian you are and unlock the Mark of the Star Guardian icon. You have until midnight before the First Star goes out of sight.

Fate in the Cards

18th of October, 2016

Sale Overview: 10.18 – 10.21

Bear Cavalry Sejuani, Dark Crystal Ryze, Wild Card Shaco and Undertaker Yorick plus Ekko, Swain, Wukong and Udyr

“Go ahead, gentlemen. I already have a place reserved for both of you.” The demon whispered in the ears of the mad aristocrat and he slashed at the undertaker. He stumbled backwards and fell. He raised his spade to shield himself from the attack and at the first opportunity slapped the head of the aristocrat in full. He staggered a few steps then fell sitting on the ground. His mind was clear for a moment: “What I am doing? Why I am dressed like this? I don’t need these weapons…” But the demon wasn’t sleeping and he joined him by his side. Kneeling, he reminded: “Remember the deck. You haven’t drawn the right card yet.”

The First Star Shines Bright on Us & Four Heroes

7th of October, 2016

Star Guardian Jinx Review

Star Guardian Jinx Splash Art

“You’ve yet to understand the power and the responsibility you have accepted.”, bored impersonation. Nobody understands what really makes this job worthwhile. All the stars and sparks are nice and all but it’s the explosions they make, you have to see them. I know what I have to do and I know what it means to be a Star Guardian and blah, blah, blah. Why can’t I enjoy all the wanton destruction anyway? Now, is that the call to action? I’m ready, wait for me! I’m always ready! Shiro, Kuro, come on! We’ll get left behind! Wait! I’m going!

Star Guardian Janna Review

Star Guardian Janna Splash Art

“You will be their guide and also their guardian.” I still remember the exact words of the First Star. When I received this power I thought it would be something special, that I’ll be a heroine; we all did. It is, but not how any of us imagined. They are all gone now, reunited with the First Star but how I miss them. How I long to be with them again. Their light is not lost. The First Star and the Star Guardians need me. Our light will shine brighter than ever before. We can glow again, we only need to work together. Star Guardians, the light of the First Star shines on the world! To action!

Star Guardian Poppy Review

Star Guardian Poppy Splash Art

“Your strength is only surpassed by your determination but you still need to understand.” I clearly understand: they are a menace to the First Star and I have the hammer to smash them. I will leave nothing behind, they shall see justice. It is my duty, the purpose that was bestowed upon me. But, I wonder sometimes. Are we really ready to fight this war? Are we powerful enough? Yes, we are, we will be. The First Star shines on the world, the Star Guardians are required. For the light of the First Star, here we go!

Star Guardian Lulu Review

Star Guardian Lulu Splash Art

“We are all one, separated but whole. Spread my light on the world and protect it.” The First Star shines bright and I feel the warmth inside me. It colours everything with a bright, sweet glow and the world seems made out of a lot of small lights burning together. We are all little stars, apart but all shining together united by the song of the First Star. We have to share this wonder and let all the others shine too! The First Star signals a spot on the world. Follow the light and share the radiance with all. Star Guardians, the First Star calls us with her light!

Save the King’s Sweetness

6th of October, 2016

Candy King Ivern Review

Candy King Ivern Splash Art

All hail the King, the Candy King! Candy grows after his very step. Sweets for everyone! But, what is that? The King and his trusted friend, Daisy, are being attacked by a group of gingerbread men. The King must not be consumed by these voracious little monsters. To arms! Defend the King! Everyone grab a candy stick and charge!

Championships and Challengers plus Dragon Square

27th of September, 2016

Championship Zed Review

Championship Zed Splash Art

The World Championship is here and it doesn’t come empty handed. Champinship Zed completes the team lineup but is he more than a blue ninja? Take a look at the skin’s review and find out if there’s more than a change of colour.

Worlds’ Skins & Bundles

On top of the return of Championship Riven there are several bundles. To start with, all World Champion team skins return. They can be purchased individually or in bundles with a small but useful 30% discount; except for the SKT T1 S5 bundle which has no discount. You can find the respective reviews above for more detailed information.

Worth checking for fans of special skins are the Championship and Challenger skins; which also come in bundle form. The Championship bundle offers a 30% discount if you like the skin line. Do know that even if you already own Riven you still have to pay for her new Championship 2016 skin.

The Challenger bundle is identical but restricted to two, albeit, nice skins. It’s another good option for a discount on legacy skins with some nice features. There’s more information on the skins in their review.

Sale Overview: 09.27 – 09.30

Dragon Trainer Lulu, Hextech Janna, Warring Kingdoms Katarina and Outback Renekton plus Jinx, Jayce, Orianna and Zilean

Dragons, dragons everywhere! “Close the palace gates, now!” The guards rushed but they were too slow for the swift flight of the dragons. The rooms were filled with the little things. “Where could all these baby dragons come from?” wondered one of the guards. An investigation was in order. She grabbed her daggers and swords, always well armed just in case, and left the palace. She followed the trail of dragons and other traces of their presence to the centre of town. There she witnessed how an actual whirlwind of dragons of all sizes circled over the main square.

Pièce de Résistance, Soul Gathering and Concert Within a Concert

9th of September, 2016

Chef Skins’ Review

Chef Skins Splash Art
Culinary Champions

Food can be an acquired taste but when expert chefs assemble a menu of unique quality no patron shall leave unsatisfaied. Welcome to the restaurant, pull up a chair and enjoy a culinary experience like no other. There is no menu, everything is pre-arrenged and we can assure you that you have tasted nothing like what this magicians of the kitchen can accomplish. Bon appétit!

Yorick Visual Upgrade Review

Yorick, the Shepherd of Lost Souls

Yorick, the Shepherd of Lost Souls constantly travels the Shadow Isles, gathering tortured souls. His duty demands as much: cleanse the Blessed Isles of its corruption. To fight monsters, sometimes you have to become one. The source of his power is his burden and both are terrifying to face. His order has prepared him well for this task and no matter on which side of the veil his enemies are the mists will claim them, or his maiden. Raise yourself and take a look at his skins’ review to discover what’s behind the man with the spade.

Rebels Before Revolution

26th of August, 2016

Arcade Ahri Review

Arcade Ahri Splash Art

Enter a world of pixellated fun with Arcade Ahri. Orbs of pixels fly left and right, flames crackle in chiptunes and hearts charm everyone, as always, while dashing all round the stage. There’s no moment to lose when the power of pixels is at Ahri’s hands. Are you ready for it?

Arcade Corki Review

Arcade Corki Splash Art

Invasion incoming! Package secured, missiles ready, let’s go. They’ve come from space but Arcade Corki is prepared to face them. His pixel bullets while get them all and they’re getting a special deliver of them. If it isn’t enough he always has a Big Pixel for them. The action starts now, ready for it?

Arcade Ezreal Review

Arcade Ezreal Splash Art

Use your wits and pixel tools wisely. The path is tricky but Arcade Ezreal never fails a chase for a worthy artifact. Throw your blade, release the hook and teleport to a side: the dragon is still undefeated but you have your final weapon. Release the power of the sword and triumph over the most difficult bosses. This fight’s over but there are many more to come, are you ready for them?

Chroma Packs, Left and Right

25th of August, 2016

Base Chroma Packs Review

Blitzcrank Steel Chroma Pack

Base chroma packs offer different colours for each champion’s classic skin. As re-colours, what matters the most is if they offer a different look to the classic one and if it is pleasing to the eye. It’s also worth considering if a skin employs colours in a way that highlights characteristics of a champion that are appealing. With all that in mind, let’s see which chroma packs are worth getting.

Skin Chroma Packs Review

Koi Nami Element Chroma Pack

Skin chroma packs provide the opportunity of customising a champion’s skin with specific colour combinations. When a chroma offers a different look, that’s visually attractive and that also enhances or plays with the skin’s features it can be worthwhile. However, that’s only provided both champion and skin are owned. With that assumption firmly in place, let’s see which chroma packs are worth getting.


11th of August, 2016

Sir Kled Review

Sir Kled Splash Art

“Onwards, onwards brave steed! The giants will be stopped.” With their wide arms they swing but Sir Kled charges without doubt. His noble mount is sent flying but Sir Kled doesn’t let go of the hook. He takes off into the air but before falling to the ground he mortally sounds the titan. Tales will be told about his bravery. The legend of Sir Kled only gets larger. Now he just needs to find Skaarl.

Welcome Digital Life

3rd of August, 2016

PROJECT: Ashe Review

PROJECT: Ashe Splash Art

“Snow white and dim blue, the glowing neon on the streets casts its hue. The scout listens, a mission’s due; her drone follows, through the city blur.
She draws her bow, an arrow glints; virtual yet real, she’s got ready her sting. They fly and bite, they swarm the prey; slow and weary, escape is in vain.
A mission done, she isn’t gone; another comes, start recon.”
– Text found in retrieved AVAROSA(TM) chip

Impressed by human ingenuity? You can be just as skilled and creative with the new ‘Legendary’ line of PROJECT enhancements. Improve yourself with the best cybernetic tech available. The ‘Legendary’ line will let your body and mind reach beyond what you’ve ever imagined. If that’s not enough, try the new creative chip which will boost your imagination with millions of literary and historical ideas. Don’t lead just a normal life when there’s so much more to experience. Visit your nearby PROJECT shop and access an enhanced reality. Restrictions and limitations apply.
PROJECT Inc.: making a better you.

PROJECT: Katarina Review

PROJECT: Katarina Splash Art

Welcome to PROJECT, how can we enhance your life? It’s true, the new ‘Legendary’ line is something impressive. Improved aim, sight and burst capabilities are a few of its features. However, we are afraid that you don’t have the necessary credit for it. Of course we know everything about you. We investigate thoroughly each and every prospective customer. Yes, we have the very package for you. The ‘Red Blade’ line is custom made to improve your acrobatic and throwing skills and it also comes with a teleporting module.

That’s doable, we can enhance coordination and link systems for improved communication and reaction. Indeed, the price isn’t low but there’s a lot the ‘Red Blade’ line can do for you. The added tracking system connected to the targetting module will make it impossible for any thrown blade to miss its target. The amount has already been deducted from your account. Everything’s ready, please come this way and get ready to start living a brand new and better life.
Thanks for choosing PROJECT: we make your dream you, the real you.

PROJECT: Ekko Review

PROJECT: Ekko Splash Art

Welcome to PROJECT: how can we upgrade your self? You’ve heard about the new ‘Legendary’ line. It’s a wonderful package without doubt. The virtualised vision allows for enlarged field and range. Plus, the optics systems are linked to both vision and targetting modules with additional modules on the weapon itself. Unfortunately, you lack the necessary funds for such a package but we have something just for you. This is our ‘Green Drive’ line, perfect for time winding rascals.

You see, the holographic system keeps perfect track of your place in the delayed time stream. It also improves the communcation and overlapping of time phased versions and comes with the latest technological additions for your most used devices. It isn’t a cheap investment but the ‘Green Drive’ line will augment your experience in every way. You’ve already been charged, please come this was. Everthing is ready and waiting for you to step into a whole new and superior time-skipping experience.
Thanks for prefering PROJECT: we augment the best version of you.

Making a Splash / Deals and Flushes

15th of July, 2016

Pool Party Fiora Review

Pool Party Fiora Splash Art

Dare to strike back? Hold up your weapon and get ready to try. Unrefined, insolent, no precision or grace? To the water. Don’t hesitate, pose a challenge but be sure that you won’t succeed: she has no equal.

Pool Party Miss Fortune Review

Pool Party Miss Fortune Splash Art

Feeling hot? Anything making you nervous? See her pass by? Drink something cold, fast. If not she may take matters into her own hands and cool you down with shock and awe. Willing to give it a try? They always do. Good luck then but it won’t help you: she always shoots first.

Pool Party Taric Review

Pool Party Taric Splash Art

Ready to try the deeper end of the pool? Don’t worry, because there’s someone on guard to protect you. Your beautiful life is safe when he’s around and he will be. So dive with confindence and rejoice: he’s watching over you.

The Wandering Archmage

14th of July, 2016

Ryze Champion Update Review

Ryze, the Rogue Mage Splash Art

Ryze, the Rune Mage isn’t an archetypical wizard, transformed by the arcane power he wields his skins revel in his unique idiosyncrasy. Some skins take his peculiar image to fantastic extremes while others try to root it as much as possible into the realm of the believable. The power of the runes must be contained and their call is strong, too much too resist. So, if you are desperate for the power to make Ryze look like a true arcane master, read his skins’ review.

Thieving Villains, Sea Expeditions and Soul Harvesting

1st of July, 2016

Deep Sea Nami Review

Deep Sea Nami Splash Art

Do you dare delve deep into the waters? The seas hold many secrets and few were meant for human eyes. Go ahead, dive where light doesn’t reach and find out what seek. Know that what you find may consume you. If not in horror then whole.

Soulstealer Vayne Review

Soulstealer Vayne Splash Art

What is a soul but the pure source of life? Some are dedicated to create and nurture. Others, they don’t deserve to exist. If you decide to dance with shadows you better don’t fear what you find within. If darkness eats your soul then you’ll be hunted and become ammunition for the night.

A Disruption in Space & Miss the Queen

17th of June, 2016

Dark Star Thresh Review

Dark Star Thresh Splash Art

To absorb, to consume, to gather and collect. The voracity of the black hole knows no limit and the power of its master is just as oblivious. When matter is bent and subdued without effort be aware that Dark Star Thresh is near.

Dark Star Varus Review

Dark Star Varus Splash Art

Focus, concentrate, compress and release. Matter becomes a common resource that is extinguished for its energy and unleashed within the same vicious circle. Qualities are irrelevant, only quantity is a concern when Dark Star Varus aims at his objective, again.

Lucha Libre & Abyssal Meal

3rd of June, 2016

Lucha Libre Skins’ Review

 Splash Art
Unleashing the Beast Inside

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to this unique evening which will be remembered for all time. Our contestants are ready, the crowd is ready, the air vibrates with anticipation before this monumental battle.
Without further ado, on this corner we have the leonine champion, the primal rage, the uncontainable primitive might of… El León Gnar!
On this other corner, there’s the ursine champion, the roaring lightning, the thunderous mystic power of… El Rayo Volibear!

Everyone ready? The referee signals the champions to get prepared. Only one shall come out on top tonight. The air is so thick that it feels heavy with… But wait! What’s that on the air, in the middle of the ring? It’s the mad champion, the cleaving juggernaut, the inexhaustible strength and style of… El Macho Mundo!
This is no common fight: three champions duke it out to determine the ultimate luchador. Lucha libre in its purest form, ladies and gentlemen. Get ready for… the fight of the century!

Note: the Lucha Libre bundle as well as the IP price for El Tigre icon last until the 6th of June.

Super Galaxy Activation & Fire Working

27th of May, 2016

Super Galaxy Fizz Review

Super Galaxy Fizz Splash Art

Aquatic unit check. Shredding maw ready, all systems go: release the shark! The seven seas have a new hero to defend them against villians below and above water. Super Galaxy Fizz… activate!

Super Galaxy Kindred Review

Super Galaxy Kindred Splash Art

Targetting unit check. Enemies located, tracking movement now: follow the Wolf! Villiany has no escape when this duo catches its trace and Lamb has it on her sights. Super Galaxy Kindred… activate!

Super Galaxy Shyvana Review

Super Galaxy Shyvana Splash Art

Heavy fire unit check. Villains tagged, on the chase: spirit of the dragon, manifest! Evil has nowhere to hide, once it receives the mark the dragon nothing can stand against her pure might. Super Galaxy Shyvana… activate!

Weaving Ice and Surfing

19th of May, 2016

Freljord Taliyah Review

Freljord Taliyah Splash Art

A new path but in the same direction. Freljord isn’t a bad place to be. At the beginning the cold was a problem and snow. It gets everywhere and makes you even colder. After a while it wasn’t so bad. It turns out that ice isn’t that different from rock. If you know how to weave one then you can weave the other and, of course, surf! Now if you’ll excuse me I have to take a little trip round some mountains. If you want to know more about Freljord and what I think of its culture then take a look at some of my homework.

Gothic Omens and Yeti on Their Way

6th of May, 2016

Gothic Skins’ Review

Iron Inquisitor Kayle, Cursed Revenant Nocturne and Black Scourge Singed Splash Art
The End, the Hope and the Disease

The wood complains under the weight but there’s much more for the cart to carry; many more. The plague doctor looks with glass eyes and an expressionless visage. The Lady of Iron has been crying dark tears for a good while but this plague is too much even for her divinity. Whatever is the true source it overloads graveyards to the point that bodies pile up on top of others; which makes spirits restless to wander the streets only adding more death on the cobblestones. The doctor signals the cart and it creaks as it catches a bit of speed. Nothing can be done for these poor, doomed souls but to pray for a painless end. The rest, is in the hands of our stern Lady.

Golden Flames & Chasing Prints

22nd of April, 2016

Infernal Diana Review

Infernal Diana Splash Art

Intense, focused flames brimming with life. Their fuel is a soul, fiery and blazing, that won’t let go of its destiny. The earth is carved with their passage and so are enemies. They burn until their own fire is extinguished but this soul can’t be snuffed out of its infernal coil. That is no fire that can eternal blaze but with strange aeons even time will be ablaze.

Outrageous Visuals

20th of April, 2016

Taric Champion Update Review

Taric, the Shield of Valoran

Taric, the Shield of Valoran has always been a protector. It doesn’t matter what needs protection because his knowledge of love, beauty and life allows him to appreciate how unnecessary limits and definitions are. Also, how painful failure can be. This may sound idealistic but when his sparkling charm doesn’t let him past an obstacle a blunt weapon does the job. He has become a warrior with a will tempered against the elements; polished like a fine jewel. With the celestial blessing of the Protector Taric is ready to take on storms to fulfil his duty. Of course, dressed in the most stylish, fashionable and even outrageous garments he can. An avatar must look good as a representation of a higher being and he sure knows it.

Train to Annihilation on Platform Zero & Mischief and Tibbers

15th of April, 2016

Mecha Zero Sion Review

Mecha Zero Sion Splash Art

“Do you hear it? It’s alive. This is what we’ve been waiting for, what we’ve worked so hard to achieve. Now that we have artificial sentience we have finally created life in our own image. Let it free and show us our fine reflection in the mirror of your actions. Open the gates, there’s a world awaiting you, seize it.”

The giant Mecha stared a few moments at the horizon. Blinded by the Sun it covered its face with a hand and inspected the world before him: he wasn’t interested. He turned and looked down on the minuscule creatures that thought themselves responsible for his existence. They looked back in awe at his colossal frame. “If only they knew the truth, they soon will. They will realise how wrong and foolish they had been.”

Hextech Ingenuity, Program A.I. & Void Dreams

8th of April, 2016

Hextech Annie Review

Hextech Annie Splash Art

The hextech engine glows gently with mystical power. The young engineer connects the automatic systems to the energy supply, pushes it inside the core, slides down the cover and checks the final layer of armour protecting such essential machinery. It’s time for a test. The hextech glove proves itself once again but the real show starts when it focuses the esoteric power into the summoning of the mechanical bear. Annie giggles with delight at the return of her best friend. With this technological prowess they can reach together into a new era of wonder.

Program Lissandra Review

Program Lissandra Splash Art

Do you feel your life spinning out of control? Mind degradation is just one of many human flaws but completely avoidable if you have a control A.I. with you. Thanks to the progress of auto-adaptive code Program Lissandra is always ready to take the reins of your life and tell you what to do. Don’t suffer in a sea of indiscernible options, visit your nearest RG Corp. store and improve yourself!

Program Soraka Review

Program Soraka Splash Art

The world is a dangerous place, especially for a fragile human being but that’s no reason to have to fear an untimely death. Biology is a weakness of the past when you have by your side a trusty heal-bot. Don’t let pain and suffering settle in your life, whisk away all harm and injuries with Program Soraka. Available at your nearest RG Corp. store.

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