New Programs & Weekend Sale

16th of November, 2018

Program LeBlanc Review

What you see isn’t real but it is. This is virtual reality. Let’s say there’s a virtual being that is talking with you. The conversation is real but she isn’t. In this world, the real one, she doesn’t exist, only in the virtual world. No, there’s no way she could make her way into the real world. Even if you saw a robot like her it would be a different thing. No, your eyes are deceiving you. It’s just not possible that she’s here with us. Wait…

Program Nami Review

Here we make an effort to preserve all kinds of artificial life. All life is sacred, just because it doesn’t have a natural origin it doesn’t mean it isn’t important. Take this robot for instance. For her, the world is an ocean of data to adapt and improve. Not only is she one of the rarest specimens but she is a boon to every ecosystem you place her in: natural or artificial. To neglect such a being would be neglecting the relevance of life.

Sale Overview: 11.16 – 11.19

Last Day of Cosmic Dusk Xayah, Jaximus, Celestine Soraka and Giant Enemy Crabgot

Praetorian Units Available

10th of November, 2018

Praetorian Fiddlesticks Review

Do you know the phrase scorched earth? If you need to devastate a whole region, enemy included, then you only need a squad of these units. They will erase all traces of life, no exceptions. They can end up killing each other as they detect themselves as artificial life but you can turn them off before that, no problem.

Praetorian Graves Review

This is one of the best in our line. The Praetorian elite unit is armed with energy weapons and boosters to enhance its mobility. There is a little problem with them, though. They can’t be fixed when they start to malfunction so you need to replace them with a new one but we have an effiecient system to deliver them. Sorry we don’t have a discount for returning customers.


4th of November, 2018

K/DA Ahri Review

No one can get enough of her charm. Muse of fashion, Kpop prodigy and alluring flair combined in one. Who can forget her music or resist her beauty? Stay true to yourself.

K/DA Evelynn Review

She offers nothing but the best. Not everyone is ready for so much. When she’s on stage there’s no compromise: only perfection. Be number one.

K/DA Kai’Sa Review

She moves like waves in an oneiric ocean. Each step a message, a choreography becomes a story. Feel the symphony in her dance. Dance like a dream.

K/DA Akali Review

The wisdom of the streets is in her lyrics. Songs are a battles and her words sharp like blades. Spray music with style. Rap like a ninja.

K/DA Kai’Sa Prestige Edition Review

Golden dreams, sparklking steps, glowing moves are what make the choreography. The music calls, the body moves, the spectacle starts. Dance like gold.

Tales from the Rift and Sales

26th of October, 2018

Bewitching Janna Review

“Where would I find that special ingredient for the cauldron? Better to hop on the broom and take a look around. You never know what you’ll find unless you look.” And so the witch called for her broom “Come on, we don’t have all night. Time to go look for that ellusive ingredient! Hurry!” She set off into the night sky and the night breeze just turned a little darker.

Count Kledula Review

“Coot? Cantankerous? Who do you think you are talking to?” The Count wasn’t intimidating by his size or his steed but the trusty pistol he always carried never failed to ellicit the response he wanted. When the bear traps failed to dissuade visitors his pistol made sure the message was heard, loud and clear.

Trick or Treat Ekko Review

“That didn’t go as planned. No problem, let’s give it another try!” Time rewinds and the kid is back in front of the house, right before the door opens. This time he frees both hands to grab as many sweets as he can and runs after thirty-two seconds. This time, other kids arrive at the house just in time to provide cover. Always rely on the unintended help of others.

Fire, Craft and Sale

19th of October, 2018

Infernal Amumu Review

It’s lonely but never cold. It’s always warm but, so lonely. There’s no one and when someone, something appears they always run. I don’t understand. Once I found one that couldn’t run. I stayed close, kept the warmth until friends came to help. They all ran, disappeared and never returned. Didn’t say thanks either. I must stop waiting and find a place with a good friend. I know there is such a place. I will go.

Hextech Malzahar Review

There is a place where dreams can be transformed into reality. Are they dreams or are the visions? Are we dreaming a new future or are we seeing it? Either way, we are making it. Here, the future is made. Just bring ten gems and you’ll see.

Championship Kha’Zix Review

To triumph you need to evolve. Prey always changes but the apex predator adapts and succeeds. There’s nothing that can escape. The prey can hope but the predator triumphs. Now, which one are you?

Dragons & Weekend Sale

12th of October, 2018

Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger Review

Join Pythagoras, Bitey and the Turret Jrs. in a spectacle of fire and flame, of scales tipped like never before, of wings and… the time of dragons has come. It’s the time for eggs to hatch and dragon trainers to become masters of these powerful, impressive… look how cute!

Odyssey in Space and Weekend Sale

14th of September, 2018

Odyssey Kayn Review

Odyssey Jinx Review

Odyssey Malphite Review

Odyssey Sona Review

Odyssey Yasuo Review

Odyssey Ziggs Review

Immortal Legend & Weekend Sales

7th of September, 2018

Divine Sword Irelia Review

The blades dance at her whim. They make circles and triangles with a thought, any shape her mind can imagine. They are bound to her will. There is no greater mastery that which looks like magic. Hers, it’s ethereal.

Enduring Sword Talon Review

Legends will be told of this battle. Moves flow into each other like water, slashes are swift like the wind and cut light into glowing petals. There is no rival for someone with such mastery of the sword. This battle will never be forgotten.

At High Noon and Weekend Sale

31th of August, 2018

High Noon Lucian Review

I know you are here. I’ve come to kill you, demon, because of her. Don’t run: it’s pathetic. Show yourself and we’ll talk about how I’m going to return you to hell. Don’t worry: I’ll take you there myself but, I won’t promise it’ll be fast and painless.

High Noon Thresh Review

I am waiting, gunslinger, you are late. You are always late. I have collected too many souls under you nose but, you only care for one, don’t you? Then come and try to get it back. I’m always looking to expand my collection.

High Noon Urgot Review

Petty excuses, I don’t want. The railway will be built, if something is in the middle, detonate it. I don’t care what or who is in the middle: if you don’t clean the way I will do it with your corpse. Now, back to work!

Cosmic Adventures, a Heist and Sales

24th of August, 2018

Cosmic Queen Ashe Review

Stars live and die by her command. Galaxies form and expand at her request. You’ve been granted an audience, bow down before the Cosmic Queen.

Cosmic Enchantress Lulu Review

Stars flicker at her fancy. Comets dance around her. A galaxy is a concoction from her hand.

Cosmic Defender Xin Zhao Review

The void of space is full of mysteries. The light of the stars is a flimsy respite. His guard keeps constellations in place.

Mafia Braum Review

Sometimes, you need a door. We go out the same way we came in and we are taking a little extra beyond what we had our eyes on. After all, this is good cover.

New Mecha Skin and Weekend Sale

17th of August, 2018

Mecha Aurelion Sol Review

It hovered above the city for a while. At first it didn’t seem like anything strange, it surely wasn’t there a minute ago but that’s what happens with spaceships all the time before they land. Then it stayed over the city, static, and it was really strage. Why was it not going to the spaceport outside town? Then death rained on us and we knew all there was to know.

Pool Party Fun, Akali & Aatrox Updates + Weekend Sale

3rd of August, 2018

Pool Party 2018 Skins’ Review

Pool Party Caitlyn Splash Art
A Splash of Fun

Akali Update Review

In the darkness the she waits. A precise slash is the beginning, one less to worry about. In seconds they fall, they are no match. They want to conquer and she wants revenge. They can’t fight what they can’t see but she sees all they’ve done very well. They will fear what they can’t see.

Aatrox Update Review

There is no thing in life without an end. Everything has a beginning and, consequently, an end. That is what matters: the end. Everthing will be taken to is natural conclusion and nothing will remain. The world is an illusion, all that will eventually matter: is the end.

New Skins & Sale

24th of July, 2018

Hextech Poppy Review

The inventiveness of a dedicated creator has no limit. There are so many ways of smashing things but you need a good weapon to deliver the blows. It seems to be time to add a little magic to the mix…

Samsung Galaxy Season 7 Skins’ Review

Season 7 champions Samsung Galaxy have their commemorative skins presented and reviewed. This are special, legacy offerings to show their triumph. Do they live up to their glory? Only a review to find out.

Dark Star & Sale End

16th of July, 2018

Dark Star Cho’Gath Review

There’s a hunger that no food can sate. It’s that of being with a capacity to make of the universe a simple snack back. Civilizations become a matter of taste and celestial bodies lose all their grandeur when there’s no amount that is enough. When will be our turn?

God Kings Among Us

29th of June, 2018

God King Garen Review

Peace requires order. Rules are to be obeyed: there are no exceptions. I make the rules. I lay down order. I keep peace. Follow my reign and live. Break the rules and die.

God King Darius Review

Freedom requires choice. Choice begets chaos. Chaos is war. I give you choice. Embrace the chaos. Join the war. Follow me in the battlefield and live free. Stand against me and die.

Football Players & Weekend Sale

15th of June, 2018

Playmaker Lee Sin Review

From the heart comes the strength. It travels through the muscles and is given shape by the nerves until the leg hits the ball and it flies high above the wall and embraces the net. That’s the spirit of a champion: to give all you have, all the time.

Sweeper Rammus Review

How many stare at this little round ball? It flies left and right, up and down and is followed by millions. It’s a simple thing, filled with air and without any special characteristics. Yet, it’s so much to so many: it unites people under one single passion.

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