The Sun and the Forest

21st of November, 2017

Sale Overview: 11.21 – 11.24

The Sun looks down on the canopy of the forest. It could be said that there’s mystery beyond the leaves. What could be lurking within the shadows that spread between branches? This is an ancient forest and it has seen life end and begin anew in a never-ending cycle of despair and hope. The Sun looks and wonders and the forest simply stands high, keeping its secrets for itself. Will the Sun ever be able to look beyond? The forest may not allow it but fate isn’t always in our hands.

Behind the Story & Lancer Creations

17th of November, 2017

Lancer Rogue & Paragon Blitzcrank Review

A ray of light shines the way of the paladin. A storm of fury marks the path the of the black knight. One to protect and the other to destroy their motivation is the same: they’ve been created that way. They are bound to cross and the outcome can only be guessed. Which side will you be on?

Sale Overview: November 2017 Bundle

A quick look at November bundles to see if anything’s different. Not really, as always regular sales tend to be better. Are there exceptions? Let’s see.

More Chromas Under the Microscope

16th of November, 2017

Skin Chroma Packs Review Updated

Officer Vi Chroma Pack Image

It seems that a sale is ongoing on chromas at a new fancy site: the Essence Emporioum. Not to be oblivious to this all we’ve updated the Skin Chroma Packs review with all chromas available for 2000 blue essence; in our day we used influence points. Take a look around and see if there’s anything you like. There’re a few chromas that could be worth a purchase if you have the blue essence.

New reviews encompass: Battle Regalia Poppy, Dragonslayer Braum, Firecracker Jinx, Popstar Ahri, Prestigious LeBlanc, Dragonslayer Pantheon, Dragonslayer Xin Zhao, Moo Cow Alistar, Dino Gnar, Meowkai, Surprise Party Amumu, Warlord Shen, Sandstorm Ekko, Officer Vi, Brolaf and Headhunter Rengar.

The Most Powerful Weapon

10th of November, 2017

Mecha Rengar Review

“Back to the drawing board. That last prototype didn’t work as expected, again. Perhaps the tenth will work?” “I don’t know. We keep on changing the design but it just seems like something’s missing.” They looked out of the window and saw a car with a fantastic design pass by. “See, we should build one like that. All lean and efficient, wouldn’t that be the ultimate predator?” “Sure, with wheels like that you would be.” “You can be sure.” “Well, let’s call it a day. Let’s all go home and see what we come up with tomorrow, right?” “Yes, Madam.”

The Death Sworn Are Among Us & The Legacy Vault Opens

26th of October, 2017

Death Sworn Review

Death is no rest, it’s no end: it’s a beginning. It’s another life, another chance to right wrongs and pursue what in life passed you by. For some, their call is darker: it’s not about chances but about ending them; for others. Revenge will be swift and no one will know what had befallen them, until it’s too late. For others, it’s about reminiscing about the past. Look back to all that is lost and trying to keep the memory fresh. Some revel in their new undead life, others suffer, some are even indifferent. Which kind are you?

Super Galaxy Phase Two

18th of October, 2017

Super Galaxy Elise Review

Pull the strings and they fall in the web. They are no longer safe. Go, children, advance and overcome. Your Queen commands you!

Super Galaxy Nidalee Review

If you fall in my trap there is no escape. Run all you want, I can see you all the same. Your time is over. Now, try to flee from this!

Super Galaxy Annie Review

Just a little adjustment here. Yay! Tibbers! Time to burn them down! Bigger, hotter and better the all-new Tibbers is here! Prepare for a bear hug!

Super Galaxy Gnar Review

Are you sure this is a good idea? He doesn’t even know which direction to aim a pistol. Fine, desperate times and measures but… That’s building going down right? Okay, he’s got something.

Battling Storms, A New Agony and Beeyond the Obvious

13th of October, 2017

Evelynn, Agony’s Embrace Rework Review

Have you met her yet? I can assure you she’s someone to die for. You’ve never experienced the world as she can show it to you. I once was in disbelief too, once. I was told of the heights she could take you but, you know, how could it be true? That changed when I met her. How to describe her, how to describe that, wonderful, feeling. Come, you have to meet her. You won’t be disappointed. Please, knock on the door, it’s only polite to do so. I no longer need to.

Beekeeper Singed Review

Who better to harvest the best honey than a bee? Our select employees come from a distinguished line of hives owned only by the most notable of queens. There’s no taste like the taste of honey and when it comes curated by bees themselves quality isn’t just guarranteed: it exceeds expectations. Hire your very own honey-bee-keeper. Call us now: Honey Bee Keeping Inc. Honey as if you were part of the hive.

The King Has Come

4th of October, 2017

Arclight Yorick Review

Kneel down before your Queen, King. For she has been waiting long to see you again. She left for the Heavens but is ready forego them whenever you need her protection. You are not alone, King. Your vassals are eager for your command. Your kingdoms has changed, King. Restore it to its former glory. Let the light guide you in your pursuits, King. Never forget your people, the light will guide them back to you. Never forget your Queen, the light will shine whenever you need her hand for support.

Immortal Journey and Flowing Questions

29th of September, 2017

Eternal Sword Yi Review

With patience, the walk is progress.
With unseen eyes, the path is clear.
In the keenest breeze, the blade is an echo.
In pursuit of perfection, the travel is eternal.

Soaring Sword Fiora Review

Blade and mind, sharpened with care.
Body and spirit, strengthened with rigour.
Arm and fingers join grip and blade.
Two become one, a single legend is born.

Sacred Sword Janna Review

Crystal waters, heavenly surface.
Heavenly beauty, inconceivable might.
Mighty blade, immortal fate.
Immortal legend, destiny of one.

Be One with the Eternum and Dragon Slay Academy

22nd of September, 2017

Eternum Cassiopeia Review

You don’t need to bow. There’s no need for you to abandon anything or for your will to be broken. Look me in the eyes, good, see the truth in the them. See what you have become. Now you are one of us, like every being you have ever known or seen. You abandon nothing, you give up nothing: you only gain. Now you world is one of us, one with us, we are one. What do you want to do now? Of course, you can support your Queen. I am grateful for your service, always. Go and bring more into our world, they will thanks us. They all eventually do. They are one of us, after all; they just don’t know it yet.

Cold, Red Moon

19th of September, 2017

Championship Ashe Review

Glowing arrows of shining light, they leave behind feathers that guide their path. From the bow of a Queen they fly, with freedom they go and for it they fight. It’s time to follow the unseen path, not even she knows what fate in store has. The peril may be grave, the rewards slim but armoured and regal advances the Queen. No threat too big, no sacrifice too small, the time has come to conquer them all.

The Queen of the Championship is looking beyond the competition and, besides sharing a 25% of proceeds with the 2017 Worlds prize pool, she’s donating another 25% to a charity fund to be distributed between three charities; percentages of that 25% will be voted later. It’s all a bit complicated and the fact that the skin’s price is 1350 RP, in comparison with the 975 RP of former skins, could lead one to think of it as a way of reducing loses. Maybe the skin is worth its price or perhaps the Queen didn’t have much choice in lending her face to this artifice but in the end, let’s hope, that it’s all for a good cause; or causes.

Shine Bright, Star Guardians! & They Are Coming

8th of September, 2017

Star Guardian Skins’ Review

“Shine and glow, across the skies, the five stars high and bright. They dispel darkness, they protect the land, their true destiny is to shine bright.” “Nice rhyme.” “What’s the problem, don’t you like it? We used to sing it all the time when we were childern.” “We aren’t children anymore.” “True, but those words haven’t stopped being right.” “You know it’s not like that, not anymore.” “Then we change it.” “Sure, that’d be so easy.”

“What about the other guardians? They can help us, right?” “No. We are alone in this.” “Don’t be like that. Besides, they seem trustworthy.” “That’s unusually vague for you, rookie.” “Enough nonsense, we accepted the price we have to pay. Everyone get ready, they are coming soon.” “Good, I was getting bored.” “They won’t know what hit ’em.” “I hope everything will be alright.” “They know no fear. We will show them, they will understand it.” “We’ll make everyone safe. Ready? Light up!”

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