Bundles of Nine

21st of September, 2017

Sale Overview: September 2017 Bundles

As is usual, a set of four bundles appear with regular discounts and an eclectic variety in skins. There’s usually no real advantage over regular sales except for the chance of a legacy skin being discounted. When that’s not the case, as this time, if there’s a good selection of skins a bundle may be worth it. So, are there any bundles worth getting? Let’s see.

Cold, Red Moon

19th of September, 2017

Championship Ashe Review

Glowing arrows of shining light, they leave behind feathers that guide their path. From the bow of a Queen they fly, with freedom they go and for it they fight. It’s time to follow the unseen path, not even she knows what fate in store has. The peril may be grave, the rewards slim but armoured and regal advances the Queen. No threat too big, no sacrifice too small, the time has come to conquer them all.

The Queen of the Championship is looking beyond the competition and, besides sharing a 25% of proceeds with the 2017 Worlds prize pool, she’s donating another 25% to a charity fund to be distributed between three charities; percentages of that 25% will be voted later. It’s all a bit complicated and the fact that the skin’s price is 1350 RP, in comparison with the 975 RP of former skins, could lead one to think of it as a way of reducing loses. Maybe the skin is worth its price or perhaps the Queen didn’t have much choice in lending her face to this artifice but in the end, let’s hope, that it’s all for a good cause; or causes.

Sale Overview: 09.19 – 09.22

Cold, dark night around a round, red Moon hanging over the city. The streets freeze under the chilly embrace of a winter, so cruel, so implacable, from which there’s no escape. Fireplaces burn like furnaces and people bow before the flames. As if members of an order each house has their pilgrimage to the fire where they bow, pray, before the weak respite given by the heat. The partial relief allows for much room to wish for the torture to end as they stare at the dancing flames. Winter had just begun.

Shine Bright, Star Guardians! & They Are Coming

8th of September, 2017

Star Guardian Skins’ Review

“Shine and glow, across the skies, the five stars high and bright. They dispel darkness, they protect the land, their true destiny is to shine bright.” “Nice rhyme.” “What’s the problem, don’t you like it? We used to sing it all the time when we were childern.” “We aren’t children anymore.” “True, but those words haven’t stopped being right.” “You know it’s not like that, not anymore.” “Then we change it.” “Sure, that’d be so easy.”

“What about the other guardians? They can help us, right?” “No. We are alone in this.” “Don’t be like that. Besides, they seem trustworthy.” “That’s unusually vague for you, rookie.” “Enough nonsense, we accepted the price we have to pay. Everyone get ready, they are coming soon.” “Good, I was getting bored.” “They won’t know what hit ’em.” “I hope everything will be alright.” “They know no fear. We will show them, they will understand it.” “We’ll make everyone safe. Ready? Light up!”

Neo Lines, Thunder Roars and A Manor Forward

1st of September, 2017

Neo PAX Sivir Review

Craft Neo PAX Sivir with 10 gemstones until the 8th of January, 2018. Epic Capsules with increased chance to drop the Neo PAX sivir skin shard are available until the 7th of September, 2017. If you already own PAX Sivir then you get Neo automatically. As you can gather, nothing random about this all, at all.

Thunder Lord Ornn Review

If they don’t learn in searing strikes of fire then they will learn with the thunderous strike of lightning. From demigod to demigod the message will pass, from human to human the stories will spread and like wildfire or thunderstorm they will understand.

Lancer Crafting & Share of Corruption

18th of August, 2017

Lancer Zero Hecarim Review

“Gather the gems or hunt the shard and a guardian of yore will be in your hands.” Thus speaks the lines on the monument, the one outside the cathedral. One would expect not much to be left of it after the bombardment but something kept it safe enough to preserve the carving on the wall. Perhaps the legends are not just that or maybe it’s all a very lucky coincidence. Would you challenge your fortune and defy the odds, then?

Arcade Chaos, Metal Power & Light the Way

11th of August, 2017

Pentakill Kayle Review

To those about to rock, the angelic new vocalist of Pentakill salutes you. Much has been said about the original lineup of the band but it’s nothing compared to their future. The bass will be deeper, the drums faster, guitars more furious and vocals will roar with dual voices like never before. Hold on to something because Pentakill keeps growing and they are definitely back.

Arcade 2017 Skins’ Review

They are here. Take cover, don’t peek, don’t look! They can sense you. No, they aren’t all strangers to three dimensions. Those two, the pixellated ones, may take a while to get ready but the polygonal one is ready to end us all. What are you doing? Do you think you can do something with a controller? They are outside the game there’s nothing we can do to them. Into the game? They are coming! Alright, let’s go. Let’s hope you know what you are doing. Are you sure you don’t need a map?

Last Day of Arclight Vel’Koz, Firefang Warwick, Barbarian Sion and Resistance Caitlyn

Memories in Pain & of a Long Gone Past

31st of July, 2017

Urgot, the Dreadnought Review

Urgot, the Dreadnought is a champion with dissidents. Some may be impressed by his power through pain while others may be horrified by the extremes that technology has gone to. As there are supporters of his approach there’re enough people to give him power and thus enable his steady advance through Zaun; to Noxus. With such methods, only time will tell how far he will go in the terrain of politics and warfare. What’s sure is that whoever, whatever stands in his way on the battlefield will be grinded to mince meat; literally. Before such an end befalls you, better be acquainted with the disguises the Urgot may employ in his pursuit of power.

Omega Squad 2017 Skins’ Review

“They came, I tell you they came and rescued me, Sir!” They left him in the infirmary, his treatment at the enemy camp had been quite rough but he survived. They had found him still in his cage, they simply followed the explosions and the screams of agony. Only corpses where left behind but then, who else could’ve finished the whole enemy settlement? Was he mad enough that he killed them all, in they way of his old squadron, and then returned to the cage? Poor Captain.

It had been a hard loss for all but most painful to him. They were a family and he was never the same afterwards. Who really knew. What was true was that he was safe, so to speak, and that the enemy had suffered losses like few times they could’ve. Perhaps they hadn’t all perished, perhaps they were still alive. Out there, somewhere, still watching over their little pal. Perhaps, details were never very concrete. Or perhaps, our little friend was more far gone than anyone wanted to accept; perhaps.

Hunt for Darkness, Two Rabbits and a Fish

14th of July, 2017

Soulhunter Kayn Review

When you are young, the risk is worth the power. The thrill of the hunt, fighting fire with fire, spreading darkness upon the darker ones. Sooner or later, the toll will have to be paid. You’ve seen darkness in the face: will it change you or will you have the will to change it? Only time will tell.

Champions of 2016

6th of July, 2017

SKT T1 Season 6 Skins’ Review

SKT T1 skins for Season 6 leave behind the contemporary, modern interpretations used before for a different, fantasy style that fits the realms of League of Legends better. There’s a subtle Greek influence, notorious golden armour and a few touches of red. There’s also the insistent T1 logo regardless of suitability so some skins manage the reference better than others. Still, do the skins manage to realise new identities for the champions? Only one way to find out: let’s check on the skins.

Dawn and Dusk, Augmentation

20th of June, 2017

Dawnbringer Riven Review

Heaven opens, a beam of light shines on the ground and she arises. The land knows of no more shadows, everything is clear to the eye. There is a sense of purpose, guided, directed by her wise hand. She comes with the dawn and lights the way through another day.

Nightbringer Yasuo Review

The skies burn, in flames he falls and on charred ground he stands. There is no light to show the horrors of the world, but they are there waiting. There is fear and terror, like wildfire, runs through spines and tortures minds. He arrives with the night and lays the dark blanket of the night.

A New Experiment

7th of June, 2017

Chemtech Tryndamere Review

Just imagine the potential: a body not only mechanically enhanced but also improved, no, fuelled by chemicals. Think about the possibilities! We could be looking at a new dawn in human improvement. We could go beyond our limitations and reach into a future where anything is possible to us. We aren’t talking about superpowers here: we are talking about… Wait, what’s that sound? The lab, close the door. Sound the alarm, it’s trying to escape. Quick, this way. Come one, the door won’t hold on for much

Pulsefires and the Vase of Venom

26th of May, 2017

Pulsefire Caitlyn Review

Through time and portals the chase goes. There’s no pause, no escape, no obstacle to her pursuit. Her words still ring in the ears of the target: “You mess with time, you mess with me.” “Empty threats don’t frighten me.” A rifle blast was the answer: how about that for empty? It was the head that would be emptied soon if the legs didn’t move fast enough. If only but fleeing was never an option.

Sooner or later, a foot would step and be caught on a trap. A net would envelop the body and the rifle would rain death. Then, it would stop, seemingly showing an opening for a frantic escape. It was just a misconception to think that she wouldn’t finish her job. The rifle would simply be adjusting for a long range shoot that would end the task. Another always appeared but there was always time for a cup of tea while the portal opened. Perhaps also time for a simple question: “Now, which hat would suit me better in this new era?”

Pulsefire Ezreal Review Updated

A couple new animations, new grim and gritty textures and particles that have to be seen to be believed; not in the most positive of ways, sadly. Pulsefire Ezreal has been updated and all have been warned: things aren’t as they used to be for better or worse; the latter shouldn’t have been addressed at all but well…

Echo of Hunger & Machined

5th of May, 2017

Dark Star Orianna Review

A twirl and a hop, planets orbit, stars explode. She sets the pace, she moves the bodies. The music is unheard, the rhythm is exact. The universe is at her hands, she conduces among the stars. Nothing out of place, every beat on time. If a tune goes out of tone, her correction will be prompt.

Dark Star Kha’Zix Review

The air is leaving the lungs, it’s leaving the atmosphere. The maws widen, the claws hold greedily. It devours, it consumes. Once it was diverse life, now is part of its homogeneous self. Look around, there’re more to catch. Each a priced morsel, each a step in an untold plan.

Stellar Visitor and Just Business

28th of April, 2017

Cosmic Blade Master Yi Review

A part of space with speed and conscience? Madness, a foolish story coming from some imaginative kids. Do you try to tell me that some space-man has come here to slash us all? With what? From what you tell he doesn’t even have a sword. This sword, I found it somewhere, if he wants it he better come to get it I’m wait…

Conquering Victory, E-sports Skin and Hell on Earth

25th of April, 2017

Conqueror Karma Review

From the 24th of April to the 24th of May you can purchase Conqueror Karma for 975 RP or in the Bundle for 1616 RP along a ward and icon. If you purchase during this time window you’ll get a exclusive loading screen border which, like the icon, won’t be available in the future; the skin will return though. Each purchase contributes to the prize pool of the Mid-season Invitational, MSI 2017.

E-sports Legacy Skins Return

Team legacy skins are back individualy and also in bundles are you can find the reviews below to know which are worth getting.

Both Challenger skins, Ahri and Nidalee, are back on the store though there’s no discount in sight.

Rebellious Charm, Double IP, Icons, Bundles plus Scope and Trigger

21st of April, 2017

Rebel and Charmer Review

Xayah and Rakan Splash Art
Meet the Vastaya

Xayah, the Rebel never quits and what many see as a weakness she can easily show how open to interpretations it can be. Sometimes there’s a job that requires more than sharp feathers to finish and that’s where Xayah excels. If you find a trail of glowing feathers know that’s she’s nearby and she seldom is alone.

Rakan, the Charmer isn’t known as such for no reason. Magic, love and ecstasy combine to scare, hurt and frighten as easily as he can form an irresistible smile. When you need someone to focus attention Rakan can captivate multitudes. Whenever he does so chances are he’s simply setting the scene up for his other half to seal the deal.

Together they make a team like no other, one that can take to the stars and shine with their own light. From dusk to dawn they tirelessly chase each other. Like Moon and Sun they are apart yet never separated. Appreciate their light and know that it comes at no small sacrifice.

Double IP Weekend and Icons

Until the end of the 23rd of April get double IP from every battle. You can also get the Gift of Magic icon by gifting Xayah or Rakan with RP or IP. There’s also the Blazing Feathers icon which can be unlocked by playing two matches with Xayah along a Rakan on your team and viceversa. Both icons are available only until the 26th of April.

A Project to an End

18th of April, 2017

Dreadnova Darius Review

We are all equal in war: everyone just meat to be sliced. Some are especially adept and keen on butchering their way through the battlefield. It’s not sadism, it’s the life they have been designed to lead. They embrace it and become some of the most feared fighters. Anyone would be wise to stay away from their path, but well, they aren’t an exception either.

The Fight for Ascent & Wind on the Door

7th of April, 2017

God Fist Lee Sin Review

The first time, it was mastery over all forms of combat. The second time, it was dominance over all combatants. The third time, it was prevailing against all odds. The fourth time, it’ll be a battle that no earthly words can describe. The fifth time, it’s to ascend.

Toy Box Heroes and Between Flames

31st of March, 2017

Toy Box Skins’ Review

Toy Box Skins Splash Art
Play That Kills

Open the box of toys and save them from a fate worse than death: the drooling maw of the Pug. Have pity for these brave heroes, and the cow, they only aim to amuse you and will do stop at nothing to be by your side. Provided that a certain someone doesn’t disassemble them in bites and barks. The call to action is clear. Toys assemble!

Colossal Gargoyle, For Panda and Dragon plus Marching Bundles and Sales

24th of March, 2017

Galio, the Colossus Review

Galio, the Colossus Splash Art

Galio, the Colossus stoically watches over Demacian lands. As guardian he waits for the time when his titanic might will be needed. It’s said that he keeps the uncontainable power of mages from scarring his country; as it had in the past. However, without magic he has no means of fuelling his will. Such is the ironical fate of this extraordinary titan. In the direst of times, the Colossus will walk again and legends will be rekindled anew with more tales of Galio’s battles. For now, he stands dormant seeing decades go by. The most long-lived also tell of how magic affects his appearance. Perhaps we should go through the records and see the many faces of Galio’s past.

Brimstone & Iron / Top Shot

10th of March, 2017

Dragon Sorceress Zyra Review

Dragon Sorceress Zyra Splash Art

The lair is long and wide but there is no room: everywhere eggs lay dormant. They await the call of their Queen. The time for them to hatch and burn the land with their sulphuric breath. Can anything stand against an army of flames?

Dragon Slayer Xin Zhao Review

Dragon Slayer Xin Zhao Splash Art

They were gone; we thought they were extinct. They simply hid, they were only waiting. They are here now and not many of us remain. We won’t go down without a fight. They may breath fire but no heat can’t melt our heart’s will.

O Melhor Carnaval & A Brushstroke of Genius

24th of February, 2017

Festival Queen Anivia Review

Festival Queen Anivia Splash Art

A melhor samba do mundo! Bem-vindo Carnaval! The celebration has started: a celebration of life. It’s time to join Carnanivia and be part of the parade.

A Night in Scarlet & Helped as Much as He Could

10th of February, 2017

Blood Moon Diana Review

Blood Moon Diana Splash Art

The Moon shines with a dark hue tinting the night. Among us walks her avatar, echoing her will and tainting the land as red as the Moon. Her light reaches everywhere, there’s no escape; we are all lost under a killing moon.

Blood Moon Jhin Review

Blood Moon Jhin Splash Art

Have you seen the signs painted in red on the floor? It’s a welcome to the Blood Moon and that’s not mere ink. Better run, fast, you may not get far enough before you also become a masterpiece.

Blood Moon Talon Review

Blood Moon Talon Splash Art

Look up, stare at this blood-soaked Moon. It’s not the Moon you are seeing now and it’s not her blood that spreads around you. The blade has reached you and you become another sacrifice to the Blood Moon.

Blood Moon Twisted Fate Review

Blood Moon Twisted Fate Splash Art

There are many names for different hands but this night is not one for games. Gamblers know that tonight there’s more than usual at stake and that makes it all the more interesting. Just know that the Moon will send someone to collect; you will pay your debt.

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