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Game Theory – StrategyZero
Dec 212011

What can be done to win a match? There are, actually, many ways to collaborate towards a victory. Killing enemies, pushing waves, capturing points, interrupting captures, the list goes on. Despite how varied Dominion is, people tend to think that offensive activity is the only way of producing a victory. Just as important as doing it’s to avoid performing actions that can give the enemy an advantage.

In this article I would like to put on the spotlight defensive play. In other words, to play safe so as to deny the opponent advantages and the chance of exploiting any of the mentioned ways that grant a victory. Aggressive play is all over the place but being reckless can easily cost your team the match. Let’s approach victory from another angle and try to replace risky actions with safer but effective alternatives.
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Dec 152011

It has been said that diminishing returns on armour and magic resistance (MR) don’t exist. The answer given is that every point of armour or magic resistance increases your effective health. So, what is effective health? First, let’s give a quick view to how armour and magic resistance work and how they reduce damage.

In terms of the damage reduction that armour and magic resistance provide they do have diminishing returns. In a previous article about armour and magic resistance’s damage reduction we examined how the more you buy of these statistics the less damage reduction increases.
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Dec 072011

All Dominion matches start the same way: five champions standing at the Healing Fountain that divide to capture three points. From there all matches are different but there are a few strategies, tactics and builds that are frequently used due to their effectiveness. This time we’ll go over the most popular openings in Dominion and analyse what they have to offer.
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Nov 232011

In spite of the absence of a defined laning phase in Dominion, laning phase tactics are as effective in the Crystal Scar as they are in Summoner’s Rift or Twisted Treeline. Whereas pushing a minion wave allows for a turret to be destroyed in Classic, in Dominion it allows for a safer capture of an enemy point. Still, there are more tactics that can be used.

We have already discussed the benefits of pushing waves so this time we’ll concentrate on poking and harassing the enemy. Poking or harassing the enemy means to attack the enemy in a way that you deal damage but they are unable to retaliate; for example, using a ranged auto-attack on a melee champion.
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Nov 162011

According to the actions performed by a champion in Dominion we can assign them roles. Roles help define the priorities and lay down an overall strategy to follow. Knowing what a champion is expected and not expected to do, teammates can take decisions with more information.

Four roles come to mind based on the activities required in Dominion. It has to be stressed that these roles are different, even if they may share a name, with those of Classic League of Legends. Dominion requires zone control and so action have to be considered in that context.
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Nov 092011

Dominion is a capture and hold game, therefore capturing points is a frequent activity and the only way to win a match. There are many ways to capture a point and it could be said that how you capture depends on the situation.

There are two types of capture methods that distinguish themselves from others: a push and a backdoor. Both carry their own risks and how to diminish those risks is what we’ll go over here. Let’s give a quick look at a backdoor. A backdoor is most successful when the enemy team is occupied and has left a point alone.
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Nov 022011

In Dominion there are many strategies, tactics and team formations possible. However, something that keeps working is to be on the offensive. This isn’t to say that you should 1v2 at a point for a capture. On the contrary, playing safe is important and if you are aggressive while having the advantage of a nearby point or minions your chances of success are higher.

It’s common knowledge that it’s better to defend a point than to capture a new one. On the one hand, the more points under your control the more difficult it is to defend them. On the other hand, the more points you control the more places you have available to fight under cover fire. Moreover, it takes the enemy team more time and effort to even the odds because they have to neutralize and capture more points.
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Oct 262011

Dominion is based on capturing and holding points, for that reason lanes tend to be taken as simple routes to reach a point. Minions are often ignored while Promote stays as a seldom chosen spell. Laning and farming in Dominion carries many advantages. We’ll go over them and explain why rushing through a lane leaving minions behind may not always be the best idea.

In the Crystal Scar there are five lanes, two diagonals at top, one horizontal at bottom and the diagonals at the sides. The lanes at the sides don’t see much action unless an enemy has successfully backdoored. What happens at the lanes at top is determined by which team controls the Windmill. Finally, the bottom lane sees the most action and remains the best example of the importance of controlling a lane.
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Oct 192011

While starting four top and one bottom or three top and two bottom are the most used strategies in terms of team deployment. The initial deployment, just like the capture of the Windmill, is temporary. Champions always have to recall to heal or buy new items and it’s not always feasible to remain camping top when five enemies push the bottom lane.

Because of the dynamic nature of Dominion teams can’t always keep the initial composition. Without an overall strategy agreed by all members they ultimately end up roaming all around the map and being ganked. Whether they agree to push as a whole or spread between top and bottom and counter-push, having a plan and adapting to situations is key to victory.
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Oct 122011

In Dominion team-fights happen very often, you could say that at every moment a team-fight is brewing as both teams try to capture the same points. Regardless, players sometimes ignore team-fights, instead going solo for a capture; sometimes ending dead after a good gank. Let’s take a look at the place and importance of team-fights in Dominion and how to capitalize on victories.

Team-fights can decide captures because every time you have a numeric advantage over the enemy team you can push aggressively and they have to defend. It’s more important to help your team in a fight than to attempt a backdoor.
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