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Teemo, the Swift Scout
Teemo, the Swift Scout

Teemo, the Swift Scout is a yordle that embraces his cute side and practically eliminates anything else from his wardrobe. While most of his skins follow this trend there’s some variety in how that is accomplished. If you want to find out more about how cute Teemo can look then read further on this skins’ review.

Happy Elf Teemo
Happy Elf Teemo Splash Art Happy Elf Teemo Model
Category: Legacy
Price: 520 RP
Concept: Teemo dressed as a Santa elf.
Model: Minor model changes for Teemo.
Particles: No new particles.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: This splash art is very good both in technique and composition. The background is excellent because it not only provides a setting but it also reinforces the theme and engages the viewer. The snow, trees and sky are okay but Santa’s sledge crossing the Moon and the snowman, with more than a passing resemblance to Urgot, are great additions. Teemo is well depicted, even though the fur and clothes look quite solid, the overall quality of the drawing is good. All things considered, this is a very nice piece and one of League of Legends’ best.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Happy Elf Texture is mostly a re-texture of Teemo with a new cap. It’s not a bad re-texture because it does try to convey the Christmas spirit; as the candy scrolls demonstrate. The clothes are alright and except for the stretching of Teemo’s ears everything seems acceptable. For the price it provides enough but it certainly isn’t a great skin. For collectors it may be valuable but most people won’t have to worry about missing it.

Recon Teemo
Recon Teemo Splash Art Recon Teemo Model
Category: Legacy
Price: 520 RP
Concept: Teemo fashioned as a camouflaged soldier.
Model: New textures for Teemo.
Particles: No new particles.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: As a mere re-colour of Teemo’s old classic splash art this piece carries a lot of burdens. On its own grounds it suffers from quite obvious ailments: the background is minimal though it’s somewhat masked as if the piece were an opening between the trees. Regardless, there isn’t much surrounding Teemo. The Swift Scout is well depicted but the composition is strange: he looks as if he were floating in the middle of the background. Truth be told, the piece does show Teemo’s recon look but that’s all. As a splash art it’s quite disappointing and doesn’t add much besides the basics.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Recon Teemo may be a re-texture but it’s a good one. The most noticeable parts of this skin are the makeup, helmet, clothes and rucksacks. The camouflage is pretty evident and also the sole reason that makes the skin worth getting. It’s a fitting theme for a scout but it doesn’t make Teemo look like a true reconnaissance scout. Recon Teemo isn’t bad skin as it does much with just a few textures, but due to that it can’t do much more.

Badger Teemo
Badger Teemo Splash Art Badger Teemo Model
Category: Legacy
Price: 520 RP
Concept: Teemo stylized as a badger.
Model: New textures for Teemo.
Particles: No new particles.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: This is an excellent splash art thanks to a background that provides a context that suits the action. To start with, the woods are very well drawn: the trees and grass softly fade in the distance and the forest appears large. The quality of the drawing is great as the trees even look photorealistic. The Noxious Traps in stealth give good context for Teemo to shush sitting on top of a cut tree. The badger style is well shown as well as his garments and the materials they are made of. This is a wonderful piece with a quality that is obvious at a glance. Without doubt one of League of Legends’ best pieces.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Badger Teemo is a dark clothed version of Teemo with dark makeup. It does make Teemo resemble a badger, to an extent, but it isn’t particularly effective or attractive. As a re-texture it changes Teemo’s look a bit but more can be done with good texture work. Overall, Badger Teemo doesn’t bring much to the table and is hard to recommend even for Teemo fans.

Astronaut Teemo
Astronaut Teemo Splash Art Astronaut Teemo Model
Category: Regular
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Teemo as an astronaut.
Model: Major model changes for Teemo, new model for his blowgun and Noxious Trap.
Particles: New particles for his auto-attack, Blinding Dart and Toxic Shot.
Animations: New low gravity animations when standing, walking and laughing.
Sounds: Processed voice over and new auto-attack sound.
Splash Art: For a former legendary skin this is a splash art that disappoints from the get go. The background is fitting, as long as the patch of black to the left is ignored. The planets are heavily faded in the void of space, which is quite strange, but fortunately the stars and galaxies look very nice. Teemo is well portrayed floating in his space suit. Materials aren’t easy to identify due to their fuzzy depiction. At least, some dents and folds can be seen thanks to the shading. The open helmet allows vision of Teemo’s fur, which looks nice, but challenges the idea of him surviving the vacuum. This piece does its job as Teemo’s depiction isn’t bad but it doesn’t add much else. Considering that Astronaut Teemo is a legendary skin more is to be expected; a true letdown.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Astronaut Teemo is a skin that aims to change the feel of playing Teemo and, to an extent, it succeeds. Aesthetically speaking, Teemo looks quite good in his space suit. The suit is complex and interesting despite its size but the open helmet seems strange. Not only would a closed helmet have been more natural but it also would’ve given sense to Teemo’s radio voice. The satellite dishes as Noxious Traps are a nice addition but the laser blowgun seems like a bit of a stretch; still, the laser particles are good. Fortunately, the low gravity animations complement the theme well and tie everything together. Considering the whole package, Astronaut Teemo is a good skin but with some caveats. At its price is a recommended purchase only for Teemo’s most ardent fans.

Cottontail Teemo
Cottontail Teemo Splash Art Cottontail Teemo Model
Category: Regular
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Teemo impersonating the Easter bunny.
Model: Major model changes for Teemo and new model for Noxious Trap.
Particles: No new particles.
Animations: Hops as walking animation.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: Cottontail Teemo’s splash art is fantastic thanks in no small part to its watercolour-like method and excellent composition. The background is an incredibly vivid representation of a forest. The bark, leaves and grass look wonderful and are full of detail; it makes the whole forest seems alive. Not only are there different tree species but the forest also has Easter eggs along Teemo’s path. Teemo is very well represented: from the nice texture of the fur, the rabbit suit’s or his own, to the shining Easter eggs on his rucksack or his jovial smile. Indeed, everything in this piece seems enveloped by a special magic and that is the sign of a work of art. In conclusion, Cottontail Teemo’s splash art is a resounding success, one of League of Legends’ best pieces and a masterpiece.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Cottontail Teemo is a skin that revels in its cuteness; which is something that not everybody will be able to stomach. The model is quite effective: the bunny suit looks fluffy enough while the sack of Easter eggs and carrot hanging from Teemo’s neck support the theme. Moreover, Teemo’s blushing and his Noxious Traps are Easter eggs of various colours. The hops when walking are a great finish for a very consistent skin. Therefore, if a fluffy bunny hopping around a forest while carrying Easter eggs and a big carrot around its neck appeals to you then you’ll like Cottontail Teemo.

Super Teemo
Super Teemo Splash Art Super Teemo Model
Category: Regular
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Teemo in the role of a comic book super-hero.
Model: New model for Teemo, his blowgun and Noxious Trap.
Particles: No new particles.
Animations: New walking animation and new flying animation for Move Quick’s active.
Sounds: New sounds for Move Quick’s active.
Splash Art: This piece tries to mesh a comic book super-hero with a fantasy rural village; as expected, it generates mixed results. The village looks great with detailed houses, surrounded by trees with a magical fountain in its centre. The mountains fill the background but seem forced rather than natural in the composition. Teemo looks alright as a super-hero: the suit is adequately drawn as well as the fur. Yet, he appears drawn with a different method and in a simpler way to the village. The ensuing combination doesn’t end well: it seems as if Teemo was pasted on top of the village. Therefore, this is a piece that shows the limitations of its formation, not just because of its technique but also due to its concept.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Super Teemo is not only a skin that delivers a distinct comic book super-hero theme but it’s also a skin that finally shows Teemo’s eyes. This also makes Teemo appear fiercer; or as menacing as a furry yordle can look dressed as Superman. The suit is nice and the cape is particularly appealing due to its waving look. The mask looks adequate, the blowgun seems to imitate a baton and the Noxious Traps as shields are acceptable but the skin still needs something more. Fortunately, the new animation and heroic music of Move Quick help deliver the super-hero theme. Super Teemo’s concept is a definite stretch and if you embrace it’s silliness then you’ll enjoy this skin.

Panda Teemo
Panda Teemo Splash Art Panda Teemo Model
Category: Regular
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Teemo in a panda suit with a bamboo rucksack.
Model: New model for Teemo, his blowgun and Noxious Trap.
Particles: New particles for his Noxious Trap’s detonation.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: Panda Teemo’s splash art is quite nice in looks as both background and foreground show good quality. The background makes ample use of bamboo trees and lamps to flank the path; which has Teemo’s rice dumplings along its way. Teemo is well displayed: the stance is dynamic and the material’s depictions are convincing; both bamboo and fur look good in the depiction. The problem with this piece isn’t one of drawing quality but of composition. The piece does show Teemo’s panda outfit and provides a suitable frame but it all seems empty. It’s little more than an excuse to show Panda Teemo jumping and shooting. The piece doesn’t tell a thing except this is Teemo’s look. This doesn’t make it a bad piece but it also can’t make it an excellent one.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Panda Teemo can be considered Badger Teemo 2.0, as the basic black and white design is similar; it also could be another take on Cottontail Teemo’s concept. So if it isn’t original, is it well executed? The bamboo blowgun and rucksack are quite good looking, the panda suit looks fluffy enough and the rice dumplings as Noxious Traps round the theme with their new particles; but their design isn’t attractive. Furthermore, Teemo’s face seems to have been forcefully flattened and compressed. On the one hand, he looks somewhat cute and more or less resembles Teemo. On the other hand, it looks very strange as if somebody else was being used in Teemo’s place or as if the face was also part of the suit. Unfortunately, the Noxious Trap’s particles are all that is new: the fluffy suit, the black and white design, the cuteness; it all has been done before. To sum up, Panda Teemo is an alright skin that can be enjoyed by those that embrace Cottontail Teemo and don’t expect much from the skin.

Omega Squad Teemo
Omega Squad Teemo Splash Art Omega Squad Teemo Model
Category: Legendary
Price: 1820 RP
Concept: Teemo as a covert ops commando.
Model: New model for Teemo, his blowgun and Noxious Trap plus new knife for his Blinding Dart. New glow for his goggles.
Particles: New particles for his abilities, auto-attack, Noxious Trap and death.
Animations: New animations for his abilities, auto-attack, critical hits, walk, standing idle, emotes, tower channel, death, respawn and recall.
Sounds: New sounds for his abilities, auto-attack and recall. New voice-over and quotes for his abilities, Noxious Trap detonation, placing wards, recall and buying certain items.
Splash Art: A murky forest forms the background, the thin branches get tangled with each other and fade in a thick fog that the sunrays struggle to get through. In a green pool of water explosive devices surround a dark figure; one changed by the horrors of war. As the setup for Omega Squad Teemo the piece is good. Unfortunately, there are a few issues.
Firstly, the composition is quite nice: the setting is ominous by its nature and Teemo is clearly visible. The piece seems divided in three parts: the background, the pool and Teemo; each with a different colour palette. This makes the splash art somewhat uneven because the background is too diffuse, the pool is quite clear and Teemo a bit blurry. His jacket looks sketchy, his hood waxy and only the metal has a convincing texture. Surprisingly his trousers aren’t so blurry even though they aren’t crisp with detail; nor should they being underwater. The drips and splashes of water add a dynamic air to the portrayal but end as simple decoration.
The traps have a more reasonable use of colour and a better balance between their parts above and under the water. The reflections used on Teemo’s googles are rather nice as well as his glowing eyes. Although, the lights on his arms and automatic blowgun don’t appear bright and even seem solid. The water can look like dim jelly and the bubbles like pebbles; perhaps Teemo lies in the remains of Zac.
All things considered, this splash art is a straightforward portrayal with some good ideas and an uneven execution. Some parts are great and others seem unfinished. It does work as a spotlight but a legendary skin deserves a better effort.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: With a dark and, probably, post-apocalyptic feel Omega Squad Teemo intends to take all the sweet appeal of the furry scout and turn him into a tortured husk of his former self. The once cute Captain becomes a cold and distant soldier that has lost everything except the will to survive. Such deep topics not always appear clearly enough in the skin. As far as visuals go the clothing and equipment have a technological and serious aesthetic despite the dim colours. Regardless, the little yordle still appears somewhat cute. Some of his abilities represent the theme well; Blinding Dart and Noxious Trap in particular. Throwing deadly knives and leaving mines with noticeable power displays a change in Teemo’s way of fighting. Even when standing idle he prepares his knife: ready to kill.
Although, Move Quick and Toxic Shot only appear adapted and merely keep things consistent. Also Camouflage’s laser sight can go unnoticed and the glowing goggles see little use. His auto-attack doesn’t convince either as it still keeps the pretence that he’s using a blowgun when a rifle or machine gun would be more appropriate. The toxic projectiles lack impact but as poison vessels they make sense. The same happens with other particles, animations and sounds: they feel the gaps and keep everything cohesive but don’t present the theme like the mentioned highlights.
The voice-over deserves special mention as it’s the main responsible for portraying Teemo’s darker personality. It works for the most part but still feels like the theme is being forced upon the yordle. It’s not that he can’t be changed by war but a dichotomy exists between the horrors he has and is ready to face and the yordle features: like his tiny, furry body, big pointy ears and high-pitched voice.
On the one hand, that makes his transformation unnerving, even worrying and makes one think about how battles can affect a person; specially a sweet soul. On the other hand, it makes it difficult to fully portray Teemo as an uncaring killing machine. In spite of his speech, he still sounds like he’s not being completely serious and could start chuckling at any moment. Some quotes are certainly dark but many are jokes and others just pedestrian.
On the whole, Omega Squad Teemo is a very interesting skin with an attractive theme. The implementation isn’t well rounded and instead of the theme permeating his whole self it makes some clear statements and lets the rest just adapt to it all. Nonetheless, it’s an accomplished skin and a wonderful option for Teemo’s fans and those that would like the Captain to be less merry about his going about.


Teemo is a champion designed with cuteness in mind, therefore, the skins that reinforce that concept work better than those that try to be more serious. Cottontail Teemo is the recommended skin for Teemo fans: it simply heightens everything that makes Teemo appealing. Super Teemo is a also nice skin if you enjoy its goofiness and Panda Teemo isn’t bad if you find its aesthetic attractive.

Special mention has to be given to Omega Squad Teemo. The skin has an attractive dark style with a satisfying implementation. It’s also a bit uneven in that it has some remarkable features but most changes merely do what’s necessary to make things work. Nevertheless, in the sum of its parts it’s an interesting skin that would please fans of Teemo and those looking for something different.

Astronaut Teemo is a nice skin that doesn’t come together as well as it should and it’s better purchased by Teemo’s most dedicated fans. Finally, Recon Teemo is a cheap alternative; it does quite a bit with simple textures but there’s only so much it can do.

  63 Responses to “League of Legends: Teemo Skins’ Review”

  1. Super teemo, also walks differently than regular teemo he kinda hops side to side. and his fly has 2 different sounds.

    • We didn’t notice a different walking animation but you are right about Move Quick. It has two new sounds: the trumpet and the wind blowing.

  2. Nice review, I always check this site before making a purchase.

  3. Final Teemo Skin should be “Surprise Party Teemo”
    Make a surprise party theme 😀
    BIrthday Cake for Noxious Trap, those things you blow into (noisemakers) for his blowgun, a candle for his blinding dart.
    Don’t know about move quick though.

  4. Astro Teemo is not 1820 RP anymore it’s 1350 RP

  5. Just curious… isnt astronaut teemo still considered a legendary skin since in the LoL store, it is still part of the legendary skins group when you check the filter ‘legendary’ under the ‘skins’ tab in store.

    • We just checked and it’s not filtered as legendary any more.

      Currently, Astronaut Teemo, as well as Lion Dance Kog’Maw and Piltover Customs Blitzcrank, are no longer legendary. Instead, they are regular skins for 1350 RP and can go on sale. Owners of those skins were provided a refund of 470 RP after the ‘Skin Price Changes’.

  6. Oh thanks…. my lol store must be glitched or something because they still show up as ‘legendary’ when the ‘legendary’ filter is checked…

    • You’re welcome.

      That used to happen before and it could be a glitch or bug that remains in the client. It shouldn’t have any other effects; even if it makes things a bit confusing.

  7. Hi, do you think bunny teemo will be on sale anytime soon?

    • It shouldn’t take too long for Cottontail Teemo to be on sale. It was last discounted on April, 2013, so things are looking good for a future sale.

  8. Well, I’m not sure if I should get Astronaut Teemo or Cottontail. If not considering the price, Zero, can you give me your opinion (highly valued)? Love the site, always check it before buying any skins. 🙂

    • Glad that you like the site. Cottontail is probably the cuter skin available: it’s all about fluffy, hoping bunnies so if being cute is an aspect of Teemo you enjoy this is the skin you need. Astronaut doesn’t do away with the cuteness but wraps it with a nice yet aged space package. You could say that Cottontail is for cuteness and Astronaut is for style; as it’s more elaborate.

      On the whole, they are both good skins but Cottontail seems a more natural fit while Astronaut is an interesting departure. There’s also the price to consider as Cottontail is cheaper and just as satisfying as Astronaut, at least. Finally, you should take into account your personal preference: hoping bunnies or space exploration?

      The bottom line would be that none of these skins is bad and regardless of which one you choose, if you like Teemo, chances are you won’t be disappointed. Maybe you’d like to get them both for which we recommend catching them on sale. There is a difference between the skins but neither of them would be a bad choice.

  9. quick question, how is cotton tail teemo a 5 star skin? you can clearly tell its teemo in a suit. with this logic the bad Santa veigar skin should be 5 stars as well. the teemo skin changes his ult but so does the bad Santa veigar. it changes teemos walk but so does bad Santa veigar. i don’t see how this teemo skins 5 stars where as bad Santa veigar witch is just as good is only 4 stars. i just don’t see your logic in the slightest

    • Remember that Bad Santa Veigar is a legacy skin which means that it isn’t always available and also can’t go on sale. We hold such legacy-seasonal skins at a higher standard than regular ones due to those reasons. We agree that Bad Santa Veigar has a lot of additions but it also asks for some compromises.

  10. and to add to this bad Santa veigar adds NEW sounds to his abilities where cotton tail teemo does not, it even adds new particles to the skin and the cotton teemo skin does not. and i’m pretty sure that the bad Santa veigar skin changes the recall where the cotton tail teemo stays the same, I’m just confused why your giving skins 5 stars where some other skins deserve better praise.

    • Another thing to consider it that we don’t directly compare skins between champions. We rate skins considering the other skins that a champion has available as well as the price. Besides, the five star system is thought of as a way of advicing on how satisfactory a purchase would be instead of being an objective measurement unit.

      We completely agree that Bad Santa Veigar has a lot of nice additions but, for legacy skins, we expect something better rounded. Cottontail Teemo might seem inferior but you can buy it whenever you want and, if you are patient, even get it for half its price.

      Finally, we simply give our point of view on each skin so that you can make a better informed decision. You are free and even encouraged to disagree and make your own opinion on each skin. After all, personal preference is the most relevant factor in making a purchase. We simply aim to provide some advice to help in making a purchase.

  11. Hi Zero! Super Teemo has a different normal walking animation (beside Move Quick) he hops side to side, I’m pretty sure about it. Try to compare it side by side or use the lolking viewer. Also, Major Ziggs has new black particles on it’s abilities (again try to compare, like what you did with SKT Zyra that you managed to spot that yellow tint that I still can’t notice even if I own it).

    I’m very interested in splash arts and have listed all the “best in League of Legends” splah arts in a note. But I’m wondering why haven’t you said that in Dynasty and Midnight Ahri’s splash, despite saying that the former’s splash rises above average and said that the latter’s splash is excellent. The same with Royal Guard Fiora and Valkyrie Leona (and some more others). Finally, what do you consider is the best splash art? It seems that Headmistress Fiora’s splash have one of your best comments so far.

    • You’re absolutely right about Super Teemo, though the difference isn’t very noticeable it’s definitely there. With regards to Major Ziggs we compared again, as we did before, and just couldn’t notice any differences, perhaps they are sublte changes? We notice a black smoke but we think that’s also present in Classic Ziggs. We compared both skins and they look the same with regards to abilities except for the new colour for the bombs.

      With regards to SKT Zyra we could simply be mistaken. Maybe you don’t see it because it’s not there or the difference is, in practice, negligible. We’ll probably take another look at it when we can.

      We try to change the vocabulary we use to assess skins and splash arts so that they don’t all sound identical. If not they could seem like a copy-paste of each other when they have elements in common. Nevertheless, when a splash art is one of the best we usually plainly say so. In the case of Ahri’s splash arts we think that while they are good they aren’t the best there is.

      Even though Midnight offers a great portrayal we feel that the background doesn’t do much else than provide a setting. That doesn’t mean that it’s a bad piece, on the contrary, but we tend to ask a bit more. You could say that all the elements from a splash art should work together to present more that just a portrayal. Also, we could simply have made some mistakes here or there and we didn’t do justice to a piece as we should’ve; we’re far from perfect in that department.

      Headmistress Fiora is certainly a great looking piece that makes the skin even more disappointing; adding insult to injury the skin was announced as having new sounds for her abilities which she doesn’t. That aside, the Headmistress splash art does a lot right: from her expression to the sober yet warm office. We might be wrong but we do think that it’s a great piece.

      To choose one splash art, just like one skin, would be difficult. You can be sure that Headmistress Fiora would be a contender but to single out just one with so much variety it’s something that would take more than just a quick thought. Truth be told we write most of what we think about a splash art or skin in the review. In spite of that, sometimes we discover new things or are made aware of things we haven’t noticed so feedback is always welcome.

      • How about Dryda Soraka’s splash art? It’s a very nice splash art in my opinion. But you said that it needs a better backgroud yet Frost Queen Janna’s splash background is simply a snowstorm. It seems that I have alot of questions so please bear with me.

        Are you sure that Guqin Sona and Arcade Sona’s walking animation can’t be considered as a new animation? Guqin Sona’s walking animation is actually very noticeable (compared to Arcade’s) (also I am sure that there are new sounds for her emotes aswell), you said that it’s a way to ensure a better view of Sona (when someone also said it), but I think it still can be called a new animation.

        • Dryad Soraka’s splash art gives a very nice portrayal of her but the background feels empty; like it’s just filling space. With regards to Frost Queen Janna the background fits her theme but it also feels empty. It’s also a bit of an old review and the technical level on splash arts has also gone up. We probably should update the review because it’s inconsistent with current standards. Thanks for mentioning it.

          We don’t notice any difference in Guqin Sona’s walking animation with regards to classic. Although, she does look more inclined towards the front; maybe we should point that out. However, we made a mistake and didn’t notice some new animations for Arcade Sona. Guqin Sona’s emotes used to sound just like her classic ones, which was a letdown, but it’s possible they there were sneakily changed. We’ll check it and update as necessary.

          Thanks for the corrections.

          • Are you sure about Guqin Sona the idea is that the flowing beads crosses and then move away from the other. Im glad that you put consideration for the inclination though. With the classic one the flowing parts move in a synchronized way and doesnt cross as much as guqin. Although this is quite subtle but i hope u take it under consideration.

          • You are right, while the animations are similar in general terms it’s not just the inclination that differentiates them. It seems like there are enough changes to qualify as a new animation.

            Thanks for your help and guidance in improving the review.

  12. Hi Zero! i really appreciate your hard work and reviews. I just wanted to ask a quick question. if price was not a variable in the review, what would you rate best? Between 3 skins specifically, Super Teemo, Astronaut Teemo, as well as Cottontail Teemo. I really appreciate your help!

    • Glad that you find them useful.

      Well, ignoring price Astronaut Teemo is the most technically elaborate of the three. With regards to concept we think that Cottontail is the one that fits Teemo the best. The other two rely on Teemo being cute and place him in a specific fantasy whereas Cottontail furthers his core attribute.

      It depends on what one is looking for as Astronaut is a skin with a lot to offer though the cosmonaut idea feels a bit forced on Teemo; much like being a superhero. Cottontail feels like a natural evolution and a skin that, if you like Teemo, there’s little reason why you wouldn’t enjoy hopping around in a white fluffy suit.

  13. Hi Zero just want to see ur opinion about omega squad teemo ?

    • The previews of Omega Squad seem to suggest that it aims at a darker, more realistic side of a warrior yordle. From what we’ve seen it looks good but the question is whether the whole idea will be realised in full. As a soldier version of Teemo, Omega Squad is nice. If it manages to add depth to the theme then it could be quite an interesting skin. We’ll have to wait and see.

      • Hey, Zero, you always say this but ,really, the skins on the PBE never change so much to add something big. Was there ever a case where they did a big change to a skin to make it much better?

        • Noooooooooo I wanted this icon

        • Not that we recall. At most some minor texture changes, colour adjustments or small modifications to a specific particle but, usually, once they are completed in the PBE they are set in stone. The point is knowing when they have released everything in the PBE as they often appear with missing parts.

  14. In the skin review for Panda Teemo, I think you might have misspelled “Badger” as “Badget”. Unless that was intentional. In that case ignore my comment.

  15. Hi Zero! In your review of Omega Squad Teemo, you said that “Camouflage’s laser sight can go unnoticed and the glowing goggles make no sense because he doesn’t wear them over the eyes.” However, when he goes into his passive Camouflage form, the goggles do in fact move so that they are over his eyes rather than on his forehead. I just wanted to point this out and let you know. In addition, in Teemo’s lore it actually says that he can be unnerving, emotionless, and scary on the battlefield, even to his comrades, and I think that this skin is trying to enhance his element of being an emotionless killing machine.

    • You’re absolutely right he does wear the googles; thanks for the notice. It’s a bit difficult to see Teemo in stealth, as it should, so we didn’t see what was really there. At least it wasn’t a shroom.

      You’re right, Teemo’s lore makes reference to how he’s a changed yordle after seeing so much battle. Even if we take the skin as an exaggeration, the theme is well presented though some parts are more effective than others.

      Something to consider is that the lore is in a transformative state so nothing is set on stone. Nonetheless, it’s an interesting concept to explore.

  16. This may not be your domain but : What do you think of the Omega Squad Teemo login screen music?

    • We can give it a go. After all, the work of all critics is to speak with authority about stuff they know nothing about.

      The Omega Squad Teemo music sounds good: it has the exciting, pounding feel of action that is usually associated with military action as well as the low parts to add tension. It uses the classic elements of such pieces well and so it seems adequate. It’s nothing groundbreaking yet fitting and well done.

  17. Just wondering: how would machinegun be more appropriate for Omega Squad when he is clearly holding a rifle? Also his autoattacks convey the sound and feel of a rifle not a blowdart gun.

    • We took a closer look and the weapon has a hole on both ends so that he can blow and propel the projectile like a blowgun. He even holds it close to his mask as if he was actually blowing through it; which is questionable. We agree that a rifle would be the ideal choice and we thank you for the idea; we’ll add it to the review. Still, commando units do employ machine guns when more firepower is needed.

  18. Hey Zero,
    When i play Teemo i sometimes feel as if his basic atack doesnt hit the minion, but it hits more to the right-top of the minion in my opinion. do you know this problem or is it just me?

    and if you know this problem, does every skin got this problem or just the basic skin?

    • We had no idea but that seems like it could be a problem that affects most skins as it affects the visual effect of an auto-attack; unless that is changed by the skin. We’d recommend to make a post at the bug report forum or even contact support about it. It sounds like a it’s a bug so it should be fixed; eventually.

  19. Btw, Omega Squad Teemo has not been added to the skin list page

  20. I love your reviews. They are very helpful

  21. Please sir, tell me when the astro teemo skin is on sale 😀

    • Astronaut Teemo was last discounted on November 2015. That means that it’ll take a few months before it goes on sale again. It shouldn’t take a full year, now with the expanded sales, but there’s no telling when exactly it will be discounted again.

  22. Thanks really this is one of the best lol sites you did a very good job

  23. So I’m debating between Super Teemo and Omega Squad… Which gives me the most for my money? And between the two, which do you prefer to use?

    • Well, we are talking vastly different sums of money. Consider that Super Teemo can be got for as little as 487 RP while Omega Squad won’t go below 1820 RP. Both are good skins but you have to consider very well if you’ll play Teemo enough to justify spending so much RP on a legendary skin. That said, we do think that Omega Squad is one of the best legendary skins with a lot to offer in all its areas.

      It should come as no surprise that Super Teemo, in comparison with Omega Squad, seems simplistic but there’s a noticeable price gap between the two. Super Teemo is nice as a joke, for as long as it stays funny, and the new running animations are a good touch that help define the identity of the skin. However, it’s far from the work that Omega Squad shows.

      Currently, Super Teemo is a nice skin with some good features. We’d suggest getting it on sale, because expenses on skins add up fast. Omega Squad is for the dedicated Teemo fans. If you see yourself playing a lot of Teemo in the future you could justify Omega Squad. It’s a skin with much to offer and shouldn’t disappoint if you like its gritty war theme.

      Regardless, keep in mind the difference in price and how much value you’d end up getting from each skin. There’s little point in spending if you won’t use the skin enough; that applies to any skin at any price actually.

  24. Splash art changed for cottontal teemo

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