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State of Things to Come

8th of May, 2020

Tales from the Rift Skins

29th of October, 2018

Witch’s Brew Blitzcrank Review

Count Kassadin Review

Bewitching Miss Fortune Review

Bewitching Miss Fortune Prestige Edition Review

League of Legends’ 10 Year Anniversary Celebration

17th of June, 2019

Starting today, 17th of October, and until the 27th of October the 10 Year Celebration of League of Legends Decade Anniversary is on. This means that each day you’ll receive a mission to play a match for a gift. Gifts vary from icons to essence and crafting materials to culminate in a legendary skin and the Annie-versary skin on days 10 and 11 respectively; wait, someone help with the math. Keep reading for more details.

April Fool’s Skins

2nd of July, 2019

Meowrick Review

Pretty Kitty Rengar Review

Corgi Corki Review

Fuzz Fizz Review

Fuzz Fizz Prestige Edition Review

Light and Gold

18th of April, 2019

Arclight Brand Review

K/DA Ahri Prestige Edition Review

Papercraft Reviews

26th of March, 2019

Papercraft Anivia Review

Papercraft Nunu & Willump Review

Being a Valentine

14th of February, 2019

Heartbreaker Vi Review

She doesn’t break your heart, it’s just that her love being so strong the excessive force can end up smashing it. Dent by dent your heart ends up breaking under the strain but, every time you place another shield before it hoping the story will be different. She simply tries harder so, what can be said? No matter how you see it: she’s captured your heart.

Heartpiercer Fiora Review

You lunge into love with you heart open but she dances around it like a duelist. You make your best to reach it but she ripostes every attempt. It’s a grand challenge but, what can you do? Your heart is pierced with every attempt and as the openings accumulate there’s little left. And yet, you still try. You can’t help it: she’s the Queen of you heart.

Lunar Revel 2019

7th of February, 2019

Coin Emperor Tahm Kench Review

The Coin Emperor is ready for the New Year and the celebration: it’ll be the greatest the empire has seen. Start the parade, bring the fireworks and the food. Everyone celebrate!

Firecracker Sejuani Review

At the head of the parade, the fattests and pinkiest of pigs gladly marchs. The rider won’t go unnoticed with her roll of firecrackers ready to start. The celebration is on!

Firecracker Vayne Review

The night sky is so beautiful and peaceful. It only needs a good amount of fireworks to welcome the New Year. The biggest and the brightest to paint the sky with colours: aim, ready, fire!

Lunar Wraith Sylas Review

A year is nothing for eons spent in darkness. The wraith lurks from the shadows and sees the celebration. Their pitiful party offends him. Why all this so soon? They want colours and sound, I’ll give them red and screams.

Firecracker Vayne Prestige Edition Review

Lanterns and a quiet night to rest after the big party. All is well when evil is back to its darkness and the light protects the innocent. She’ll keep watch for a while longer. The peaceful night stays that way when she looks upon it.

Blood Moon Rising

11th of January, 2019

Blood Moon Aatrox Review

The night is dark and the Moon quietly lights the land. He is here. He is a monster and the Moon has brought it to us. His steps scar the earth, his breath poisons the air but we will fight. The demon must be stopped. The Moon has doomed us.

Blood Moon Aatrox Prestige Edition Review

Once the demon reached the palace the gold turned red. He sat on the throne after crushing the everything in his path. He is the new king, an emperor born of blood and now covered in gold. We shall do as he says, the Moon sent the demon to us and she watches all over.

Blood Moon Pyke Review

The guards were easy brushstrokes. The elite mere splashes to paint the walls red. The palace was decorated in moonlight and blood. The Moon brought the demon to us. The demon cleared the way for the Moon. There’s no safe roof to hide under left. Now, the Moon sees, reaches everywhere.

Blood Moon Sivir Review

The Moon always protects her followers. Devotion is generously paid. After so many sacrifices, after so much blood the Moon gives a touch of power for the ceremonial offerings to continue. Life is blood and that is what the Moon asks for. Now her blood is changed, different, but her devotion remains intact.

Nunu & Willump Visual Upgrade Review

Nunu & Willump, the Boy and His Yeti are a good example of cooperation: if the yeti doesn’t kill you, the kid will. From old tales to new adventures they are always together and this inseparable duo may hold a power that can affect even their appearance. Thus, this union is also present when the time to choose a look comes, because they always match each other. If you need a guide to throw ice-balls or freeze your surroundings with style, this skins’ review can lend you a cold hand.

Ezreal Visual Upgrade Review

Ezreal, the Prodigal Explorer has an interesting wardrobe: it ranges from some simple changes in clothes to an impressive cybernetic incarnation. Additionally, he’s no stranger to references and his skins add a few as well. The question is: how does he look while trotting around ruins? Perhaps there’s no need for a map but you could read further on this skins’ review to find out.

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