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Ahri, the Nine Tails Fox
Ahri, the Nine-Tailed Fox

Ahri, the Nine Tails Fox is a champion based on the Korean kumiho or gumiho; the legendary nine tailed fox. The legend says that they can turn into a beautiful girl and seduce men to eat their liver. Her skins do reflect that origin: traditional Korean clothing and a dark furry coat start her wardrobe while other themes related to her nature round it. If you need advice to outfit this foxy champion keep reading this skin review.

Dynasty Ahri
Dynasty Ahri Splash Art Dynasty Ahri Model
Category: Regular
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Ahri wearing a modern version of the traditional Korean Hanbok.
Model: New model for Ahri.
Particles: No new particles.
Animations: New dance animation.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: This splash art is an interesting example of how the whole can be more than the sum of its parts. The background is not particularly complex but it shows a complete scene with tree leaves and the grass reacting to the wind. Sadly, the whole background is buried in an intense fog or is flat-out sketchy despite providing a good setting. Ahri doesn’t look astounding but is nicely drawn. Moreover, there’s good use of light sources: the sun shines on her head and left arm while the ball’s glow is reflected by her clothes. The colours are soft but the shading is pleasing and makes for an appealing portrayal of Ahri. The final composition results in a fine piece that rises above average mostly due to the Ahri’s depiction.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Dynasty Ahri executes well its concept but the concept isn’t particularly interesting. Therefore, it ends up looking good but being unexciting; and a little weird as she has four ears. The Hanbok isn’t a bad idea but it’s not very effective in providing a cool look for Ahri. It’s not a bad purchase and you should definitely get Dynasty Ahri if the idea of Ahri wearing a Hanbok appeals to you. However, if the Hanbok doesn’t seduce you then there isn’t much in Dynasty Ahri for you. The new dance sure is a plus but it’s not enough to gather new adepts.

Midnight Ahri
Midnight Ahri Splash Art Midnight Ahri Model
Category: Regular
Price: 750 RP
Concept: Ahri wearing a dark fur coat and tiara.
Model: New model for Ahri.
Particles: No new particles.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: This piece makes great use of point light sources to decorate surfaces with multiple reflections. The background features lamps and, possibly, fireflies. Their light falls on the nearby roof and reaches into the woods. Unfortunately, brushstrokes are thick and unfocused which gives the setting the feel of a draft. Ahri bathes herself in the glow of her ball while the lights behind her shine on her back. The sharp lines, bright colours, energetic ball and aptly fuzzy fur tails contrast with the imprecise quality of the setting. If we add up the whole of the quality of the drawing we can find that’s there’s clever colouring but that it’s also uneven. The portrayal is quite good and the background has an appealing rustic feeling. However, the dichotomy between the sharp portrayal and rough nature of the background is too noticeable.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Midnight Ahri is a simple concept that succeeds though raw good execution. This skin is nothing more than Ahri wearing a dark fur coat and a tiara; that’s it. Regardless, the dark look is appropriate and highlights the glow of her ball. Moreover, this outfit increases her allure without exposing too much skin; which perfectly suits Ahri. Consequently, even if the concept is simple it does a wonderful job at displaying Ahri in a different but equally adequate light. Definitely recommended.

Foxfire Ahri
Foxfire Ahri Splash Art Foxfire Ahri Model
Category: Regular
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Ahri as a nine tailed fire fox.
Model: New model for Ahri and new yellow glow around her.
Particles: New flame particles for her orb and tails. New particles for her auto-attack, Orb of Deception, Fox-Fire and Spirit Rush.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: Foxfire Ahri’s splash art is a very direct spotlight of Ahri’s fire look; it even lacks a proper background. On the plus side, Ahri is very well depicted: the hair, fur, clothes, everything is properly displayed and highlighted by the multiple light sources. The orb and her tails add depth with their reflections but there are areas where their effect is missing. Furthermore, while the pose is dynamic and the flurry of blazing tails surround Ahri they still can’t fill the void like an actual background can. Overall, this is a great depiction of Ahri but as a splash art it’s missing context.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Foxfire Ahri is a skin with a very good concept but with some issues in the way it’s delivered. Ahri’s model is excellent: the clothes are attractive but not overly revealing, the hair matches her playful style and the tails look appropriately kindled. The particle work is nice for the most part but here lies the inconsistencies. The flame incorporated to the orb is a good way of keeping its classic colours while Fox-Fire and Spirit Rush receive nice fire particles. However, the auto-attack particles seem uninspired as there’s little reason to keep them anchored to the classic style. Moreover, the dark blue trail left by Orb of Deception and the pink particles of Charm are simply incompatible with the fire palette. It’s understandable for the orb to keep its colours so as not to compromise readability. Nonetheless, this particular mix of classic and fire colours makes the skin seem unfinished or badly executed. All things considered, Foxfire Ahri is a very good skin but one that doesn’t realize its true potential.

Popstar Ahri
Popstar Ahri Splash Art Popstar Ahri Model
Category: Regular
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Ahri as a modern singer.
Model: New model for Ahri.
Particles: New particles for her tails, orb, abilities, auto-attack and dance.
Animations: New dance and recall animations. New dance for the Blue Sentinel (Summoner’s Rift).
Sounds: New sound for Orb of Deception and recall.
Splash Art: The background gives a hint of a concert arena full with fans and special effects. The multiple references to her hit, Charm’d, are a good touch so despite being so limited the background is more than mere filler. Ahri takes up most of the piece’s space but her tails end up as part of the background as well as a bit disconnected from her. Her posture is certainly dramatic but also forced, just like her proportions: her overly svelte body seems too idealized and not in a very believable or even appealing way. The shading is quite good on her body but diffuse elsewhere. This way, her clothes show ample folds and reflections yet her tails look out of focus; even when they are by her side. On the whole, it’s a pleasant portrayal of Ahri with some evident issues.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: At a glance, it’s clear that this is Girls Generation Ahri; which is a great theme. The clothes are a good match and the orb is more florid in its shape and magical display. In general, it all works but still seems there’s unexploited potential. That’s because of the colour palette: the clothes and tail practically share the same hue and mesh with each other which makes Ahri look monochromatic. Additionally, her shoes have a rough shape that is visible even at a distance. Fortunately, the new particles and dancing animations further the theme; though, it’s strange that only her recall has a song added. The skin could’ve included another song for her dance as well as some tunes for her abilities. In the end, thanks to Ahri’s natural charm it all fits together but the skin would’ve benefitted from a more varied colour selection, a finer model and a deeper musical touch.

Challenger Ahri
Challenger Ahri Splash Art Challenger Ahri Model
Category: Legacy
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Ahri as a fearsome Super Sentai heroine.
Model: New model for Ahri.
Particles: New particles for her orb, auto-attack, Orb of Deception, Fox-Fire and Spirit Rush.
Animations: New recall animation.
Sounds: New recall sounds.
Splash Art: The background is nonexistent in this piece. With some generosity one could say that Ahri appears before a night sky but that’s using the imagination. Fortunately, the piece is completely focused on Ahri so the setting isn’t missed much. Between the impressive use of colour and fantastic application of lights Ahri looks spectacular. The pose doesn’t allow a clear view of her whole body though; which is a pity. At least, what is visible is clear and eye-catching. In fact, the saturated colours work quite well. What doesn’t convince is the fuzziness of her tails as they give the impression that they are used as filler. Nevertheless, the detailed and impactful portrayal makes this splash art stand on its own with a unique and appealing style. It’s not perfect but it manages to be one of the best portrayals in League of Legends.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: With a fancy new outfit, Challenger Ahri aims at capturing the characteristic style of Super Sentai teams. It succeeds to a point but it never really feels like the style is anything more than superficial. There’s a new outfit and particles but besides that it’s the same classic Ahri we all know.
The outfit has an appealing aesthetic incorporating Ahri’s fox features into the outfit. The curved, soft lines make it look advanced and modern as well as practical and relatively protective. Not all is well though, the outfit looks good yet it appears like a futuristic pilot’s uniform more than a super-heroine costume. On top of that, the exposed cleavage seems stamped on the outfit instead of being a natural part of it. Ahri is a seductive fox-girl but there are other ways of conveying that. Her re-coloured tails are complete and utter disappointment: the look is dull and uninteresting which opposes the stylish outfit.
The particles seem eye-catching with noticeable dark hues yet they actually don’t feel that different to the classic ones. Besides, for some reason, Charm remains untouched; which is puzzling after Popstar Ahri. The recall doesn’t impress either. Instead of being a dashing preparation for a teleport, typical of the genre, it seems like she’s calmly practicing some dance moves.
In the end, a bit like Foxfire, Challenger Ahri gives the impression of a skin that has an interesting concept behind it that wasn’t completely developed. The changes offered are good, overall, but they are unable to fully capture the Super Sentai style; or even that of a sci-fi pilot. For what it is, it’s a fine skin with nice looks and a distinct as well as appealing aesthetic. Unfortunately, it also leaves the sour taste that it could’ve been much more satisfying and not so shallow; especially for a legacy skin.

Academy Ahri
Academy Ahri Splash Art Academy Ahri Model
Category: Regular
Price: 750 RP
Concept: Ahri dressed as a schoolgirl.
Model: New model for Ahri.
Particles: No new particles.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: Four cool students posing at class; maybe between lessons. The intellectual can evidently be found by the blackboard, the aristocrat reassuring his looks, the tough guy displaying his might and the lady absentmindedly checking her phone as the sunlight bathes her clothes. To start with, the arrangement of the piece allows each champion to claim a part for themselves. The classroom is serviceable as it conveys a setting but is a bit diffuse to display any specific details. The people seen at a corner are almost unidentifiable and the notice board looks sketchy. At least the champions’ portrayals are clear but the sharp quality of their depictions contrasts too much with the draft-like quality of the background. Regardless, they manage to expose part of their personality like Ekko’s echoes, Vladimir’s elegance or Darius strength. It’s only Ahri who seems lost and even out of the picture with only her eye-catching tails to grab attention. Fortunately, the champions don’t compete for attention and, even if they don’t really work together with a unified objective, manage to coexist in a certain harmony.
All in all, it’s an effective splash art that shares the available room between the four champions in a reasonable way. There’s a bit of their character in each depiction and the context is clear. More could’ve been done but the result is definitely good.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: The eloquent schoolgirl uniform doesn’t lend much ambiguity to the intentions behind Academy Ahri. Fortunately, even if the concept is simple the implementation goes a little step forward. The colouring and diffuse lines used for the textures make the skin look pencilled which defines a distinct style for a familiar but appealing aesthetic. Granted this doesn’t change the fact that it’s just Ahri wearing high school uniform. Yet, at the very least, it makes the visuals stand out with a pencil style that suits the theme in a clever way.
In the end, it’s far from a surprising skin, on the contrary, but the specific quality of the textures lends it a different air that lets it stand out. Thus, Academy Ahri is a fine schoolgirl skin that presents its subject in a unique way.

Arcade Ahri
Arcade Ahri Splash Art Arcade Ahri Model
Category: Regular
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Ahri as a gamer wielding a pixel-orb.
Model: New model for Ahri and new pixel glow for her hair plus new rotating colours for her tails.
Particles: New particles for her ball, scarf, abilities, auto-attack, taunt and recall.
Animations: New recall animation.
Sounds: New sounds for her abilities, auto-attack, taunt, dance and recall.
Splash Art: Minions before a clearly Mario Bros. inspired landscape make for a sensible setting. Perhaps the idea of dashing, instead of jumping, over minions to acquire the precious coins doesn’t work as well as it should. Still, it may be forgivable to a new-comer as Ahri seems to have just entered into the digital world. The indicators around the piece also help deliver the theme. A life per tail and several hearts all suit Ahri very well.
Speaking of whom, the dazzling entrance catches the eye but also works with the overall feel of the piece. As a dedicated gamer, Ahri comes well equipped with comfortable clothes. They aren’t as easy to see as they should be due to the pose but they don’t seem too special either. The golden wristbands glint and the headphones glow though her hand looks somewhat unreal. The handheld is left hanging to a side and the tails lose relevance due to their position but are evident enough. The orb can almost pass unnoticed as its pixellated look blends so well into the background. Regardless, the depiction offers sharp lines, excellent shading and a very cohesive representation.
All things considered, this is a splash art that does a great job in all its areas. It’s not without some problems but there’s nothing significant that detracts from the charm of either champion or theme. Therefore, it can very well be considered one of League of Legends’ best splash arts.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: At a glance, Arcade Ahri is a skin that gives a great first impression but that doesn’t strike as particularly surprising under closer inspection. The pixellated orb is evocative and the colour-transitions of the tails are a formidable addition. However, the tails themselves are quite simple and seem borrowed straight from Classic. The clothes aren’t that surprising either. They are casual with some whimsical asymmetry but don’t say much. The headphones with ears are a great way of recreating her fox-nature with additional gear. The disappearing tails when she dies further the idea that she’s a human gamer with a liking for cosplaying; all suitable and appealing. It’s not very clear why there are tails and why they disappear but the general message works.
The new pixellated particles and chip-tune sounds are nothing groundbreaking but certainly effective. Every ability looks familiar but well translated into an 8-bit style. The sounds don’t impress but support the visuals without issue. The visual designs can end up being a bit too traditional and similar to the usual shapes used for such powers. Besides, the sounds have a tendency to mesh with each other and sound all alike. Regardless, the theme is eloquently presented. The new recall is an evident but welcome addition that explains the nature of the skin while also being a great representation of the skin’s concept.
When all is added together we find that Arcade Ahri is a good skin but that only shows brief glimpses of brilliance. The adaptation is, for the most part, adequate and only the new colours for the tails feel unique. That’s not to say that the pixels and chip-tunes lose their charm but they are nothing new by now. The clothing is also unremarkable, headphones aside, so the feel of more of the same appears after a while. For that reason, Arcade Ahri is a fine addition for fans of the Nine-Tailed Fox despite leaving the feeling that more could’ve been achieved.


Ahri’s release skins are simple but well done and her other additions aren’t bad at all. Foxfire and Popstar Ahri are the recommended purchases as they provide the most elaborate looks for Ahri. The former provides a very nice theme with a slightly flawed execution while the latter delivers a charming musical theme.

Also worth considering is Midnight Ahri. While it’s simpler than the mentioned skins it still offers a cohesive and elegant style. For those that prefer little but well done, Midnight Ahri may only provide a fur coat but it’s the classiest choice for her.

Challenger Ahri is a tempting option for fans of super-heroines or, perhaps, of Super Sentai shows. While the concept isn’t as developed as it could be the stylish outfit and distinct particles provide the skin with a unique personality. Sadly, it all feels a tad too superficial for a legacy skin.

The most expensive option is Arcade Ahri. The clothing is simply unexceptional, headphones aside, and the tails are only notable by their changing colours; they re-use the classic model. The pixels and chip-tunes remain appealing but the skin needs something different to differentiate itself from the usual. This makes it a fine option but not one that stands out from the screen.

For a schoolgirl version of the Nine Tails Fox we don’t have to look farther than Academy Ahri. The clothes are nothing remarkable but the way the textures are drawn, as if on pencil, lends the skin a different air that suits the concept and stands out. As far as re-models go it’s a fine option with a familiar theme that is done in an interesting way.

Lastly, if the Hanbok succeeds in seducing you then Dynasty Ahri would be a fine addition to Ahri’s wardrobe. It’s a skin with a few rough edges but it also has something unique to offer.

For the most part, it could be said that Ahri’s skins come down to personal preference. Foxfire and Popstar Ahri will probably convince more people than Midnight or Dynasty Ahri; even Arcade isn’t very impressive. Still, that doesn’t make any skin intrinsically worse than the others: some concepts are simply more universal and better delivered than others.

  131 Responses to “League of Legends: Ahri Skins’ Review”

  1. I like the color palette for Midnight, but her original skin is by far her best, in my opinion…

    • I agree that the Classic skin has a great concept and execution. In fact, several non-classic skins usually fail to improve on the Classic look.

    • Excuse me Zero, I love ur reveiws but i am really torn between buying Foxfire Ahri, Kitty Cat Katarina or Bewitching Nidalee. Which skin do you think portrays the character the best? Or which skin is the best done? I like all three of those champions so I cant really decide. Help me PLEASE!

      • In the case of Kitty Cat Katarina we think that it’s a rather enticing skin but completely overpriced for offering just a change of clothes. If the price were lower it could be a fine extra but at 975 RP it simply offers too little. After all, besides sexy Kat there’s nothing else.

        Between Foxfire Ahri and Bewitching Nidalee things are closer. Foxfire is quite attractive with all the flames but it’s a bit inconsistenly implemented. Regardless, all those burning tails give her a distinct aspect.
        Bewitching adds some bats over the classic particles of a few abilities but they don’t mix that well. Additionally, her model after the visual upgrade is rough instead of the lean lines of the old one.

        In the end both are good skins with different concepts so chances are that none would disappoint. You should choose considering which champion you play the most and what concept you prefer.

        Remember that Bewitching is a legacy skin so you have only until the 4th of November to catch her or next Harrowing. The Harrowing 2012 bundle is quite good and also has a 20% discount but it could be more than you’re looking for.

        Foxfire Ahri is good but the best moment to get it is during a sale at a 50% discount. It won’t disappoint at 975 RP yet it’s possible to get it for less with patience. It was last on sale on August so there’ll be quite some time to wait.

    • Hi!! Zero

      Do i get any extra damage or ability for new skin of Ahri??. Should i buy FireFox or Popstar?

      • Skins are entirely cosmetic so they don’t provide any advantage when playing. In certain very specific cases the colours of some abilities could help but that’s the exception.

        With regards to whether you should get Foxfire or Popstar it depends on what theme you prefer: fire or music. Foxfire is more visually impressive thanks to the tails’ flames but not all the abilities are completely modified. Popstar is a more consistent skin with an appealing theme that suits her charm but that isn’t as musical or diverse as it could.

        Considering that both skins have good implementations and nice concepts behind them it’s mostly a matter of personal preference. Neither skin should disappoint as long as you like their theme.

  2. Hey Zero, look at this: >w<

    What do you think of it? My girlfriend is actually very excited about this in particular. Hope it's real.

    • Looks very promising. Especially if her orb is made of fire and her abilities are changed to flames as well. Although, from the look of it, her orb stays the same and only her tails become flames. Let’s hope for the better anyway.

      • I just hope they add some new particule effect on Fire Fox Ahri. Something to give a more fire-like sensation.

        • Agreed, fire tails are nice but without further additions it falls flat of how good the concept can be executed. Not to mention that it would be inconsistent to have Fox-Fire with the classic colour.

  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j01l7xW9sys&feature=g-u-u

    Fire Fox Ahri, In-Game (as in the beta). What do you think?

    • Also, here’s the 3D model up close:

    • Well it’s interesting as a concept but a bit disappointing in its execution. The model is quite nice but the classic ability particles simply don’t match the fire theme.

      It’s understandable that the ball should keep its classic colour scheme due to it’s use of hue changes. However, it could leave a fire trail instead of a dark one; also there’s no excuse for the other abilities not having a touch of fire. Spirit Rush does show new particles but they seem like a little addition that doesn’t add up with the whole.

      It’s not a bad skin by any means but it has the potential to be great and in its current, beta, state it isn’t. Sorry this got so long and ended as a mini-review.

      • It’s ok, there’s a reason why I’m asking you this. XD

        I agree completely with this opinion. The model is great but the execution looks… well… unfinished… undone. It really is a contrast when comparing with the newer skins that are amazing, while Foxfire Ahri appears just like a “reskin” instead of “something more”.

        My girlfriend was really excited with the idea of Foxfire Ahri considering she loves the concept itself and she really liked the splash art. But when she saw it on the beta was like “It’s not what i expected.” and i can see why.

        Supposedly this skin won’t be released on the next patch and i hope it is because they will rework it a bit more. It looks pretty, but incomplete by today’s skin standards.

  4. New changes on Foxfire Ahri:
    I guess you don’t need me to tell you the changes considering you have a sharp eye with skins.

    Also, sorry I’m filling your pages with a lot of posts. >.<

    • You’re welcome to post as much as you like. We do value our readers opinions.

      The changes are an improvement but are also the least that could be done. It was both funny and sad that a skin called Foxfire didn’t actually change Fox-Fire’s flames. Now the skin seems a bit more consistent: the flames share the same colour. However, the addition of flame trails for Orb of Deception and Charm would be a great addition; as long as it doesn’t compromise clarity.

      There’s a post by ricklessabandon about Foxfire Ahri that explains the rationale behind keeping the orb’s colours and abilities’ changes here.

      • Oh yeah, i saw that, i made that thread by the way. XD

        While the changes are “minimal” in a way that you need to look at the skin twice to see the changes (at least that’s what happened to me) i really like it so far as to consider it buyable and fitting to its concept.

        More could be done, true. But i am satisfied at the moment.

        • Didn’t notice you were the thread started. Indeed, it’s a small but good step in the right direction. You have a good eye for skins too, catched the subtle orb flame and auto-attack changes.

          While it’s understandable that the orb flame is coloured like the orb for clarity the auto-attack could perfectly have a new colour. It’s no big deal but considering that a flame effect was added it makes sense to follow the colour scheme.

          All in all, getting better.

  5. What are you’re first impressions of the new skin preview: Popstar Ahri?

    • Charming for sure. Specifically, it looks nice in model and particles without resorting to removing clothes to show Ahri’s appeal. We’ll have to see if there’s more than good looks in the end but so far it seems promising. Still, her shoes look a bit weird and the general appearance maybe too subdued for a flashy popstar.

  6. Please prepare for popstar ahri

  7. Hi Zero do you think ahri will be on sale anytime soon?

    • Ahri was on sale last August, between the 9th and 12th. Since then 72 of the 116 champions have been on sale. Therefore, it would take 44 champions, around 14 sale or weeks, which is a bit over 3 months and a half to have all champions discounted before Ahri could be repeated.

      Of course, this is pure maths as sales could repeat champions due to events or other reasons. As a very rough estimate it may take a while for Ahri to go on sale. Depending on how much IP you gather you could get her much faster with IP instead of waiting for a sale. You can always pay full price but as she’s an expensive champion an alternative is always worth considering.

      For example, you could gather IP until a skin you are interested in goes on sale. That way you can get both and maybe you will only have to pay for the skin at a discount as you might have enough IP.

  8. If you look closely and listen, Popstar Ahri’s recall animation is Billie jean, it even has the classic tone.

  9. umm… may i ask how did popstar ahri lose out on a star?

    • Sure, the skin is based on music and while the looks are right the audio could’ve better integrated pop tunes. For instance, only Orb of Deception has new sounds instead of her other abilities. Besides, just like the recall, her dance is a perfect spot to place a song; even the same one.

      The point is that, for a music based skin it doesn’t incorporate much actual music in it.

      • Another, more noticeable flaw I would like to point out with the skin would be the footwear. I mean, take a look at Battle Bunny Riven. Both wear heals, yet Riven’s are exactly as they are in the splash art, while for Ahri they made them look horribly big in-game.

        • Completely agreed, her shoes look cartoony and sketchy plus they lack any elegance in-game. Quite unfitting for a character like Ahri who should look classy and refined.

  10. she looks like the concept for SNSD’s genie in the popstar look and seeing as though she is korean inspired that makes a lot of sense. and so much love for ahri <33333

    • Undoubtedly, Girl’s Generation was a huge inspiration for the skin. Fortunately, the skin managed to make the look charming and suitable for Ahri. Let’s hope the quality of her skins keeps improving.

  11. Umm, I cannot help but think, why is Midnight Ahri’s clothing called a “suit” in the Concept section of the skin? I think “coat” or “dress” would be much more fitting.

  12. can someone tell what champ/skin is with ahri in dynasty skin image?

  13. The starting review of Ahri’s skin section seems outdated as it mentions only her first three skins. Wouldn’t some tweaks be suitable?

  14. I recently had a revelation about Foxfire Ahri. Initially, I disliked that skin and didn’t understand what everyone saw in it. Recently I found out about her autoattack particles actually being like that only in the Foxfire skin, as I had been using the Popstar skin for over a year now and hadn’t payed much attention to enemy Ahris. I also saw the new particles on her orb and saw that everything was mentioned here too. However, I also noticed that her Q particles have also been changed at some point (they are unchanged in the skin spotlight for the Foxfire skin) but I am absolutely positive they are different from the classic. I personally made a picture for comparison: http://i.imgur.com/lVrZOvn.jpg

    Additionally, I wish to share my thoughts on Foxfire Ahri now. At first I agreed with your review completely, but now I actually think the theme couldn’t be executed better. Her orb and particles related to it (Q and autoattacks) are very well made to be of blue fire and her foxfires (W and R), which are actually blue fires in the classic, are made to be orange classic color. The contrast feels perfect in my opinion and having only normal flames would have been quite monotonous. The E couldn’t really have been changed in a way to suit the skin. The only problem I find with the skin is the slightly revealing attire, but if you say that it isn’t overly revealing, I am fine with it. I would personally like to hear your thoughts about why the skin does not deserve 5 stars.

    Thank you for your time.

    • You’re right about Orb of Deception having new particles. They are difficult to notice while in motion in the midst of battle but they are definitely different. Thanks for the notice.

      With regards to the skin staying at four stars instead of five we think that there’s a problem of consistency. We understand that to keep the abilities clear some compromises had to be made. The fact that other skins have or haven’t made compromises is only an aside. The point is that the skin is based on yellow flames and the blue flames were added where yellow wasn’t applicable.

      However, knowing that the skin couldn’t be completely based on yellow they could’ve mixed yellow and blue in a more natural way. As it stands there is a dichotomy between the two styles of flames that only answers to technicalities and not to make the style better looking or more appealing. It could be said that we are nitpicking but to reach excellence a skin needs to flow naturaly in all its aspects.

      That’s why we haven’t given the skin five stars. Some things can be argueable like whether Foxfire’s clothing is revealing or not. However, when all things are considered one should appreciate how the skin functions in harmony: every element attractive and realizing the theme.

      Maybe we are being too demanding but we want to be sure that when we give a skin five stars it’s because the skin exemplifies the best characteristics at its price.

  15. Hello Zero, Dauntless Ahri has been added to the PBE for testing and I it made a charming first impression for me, especially after learning that it is the opposite of the Championship skins, meaning it is here to signify the beginning of the new season. With that said, I would really like to hear your thoughts on it so far because I am just too impatient to wait until its actual release. At first I was thinking of giving up on it because owning a third skin for Ahri after Foxfire and Popstar would be a bit too much, but later I learned that a friend might be thinking of surprising me with it for Christmas, which I would be very happy about.

    Also, while discussing the said Ahri skin, Riot stated that they cannot change the colors of her orb and charm due to game clarity, though I think the darker purplish orb for the Dauntless skin is quite eye-catching in its own way, and they have made the Charm particle more shiny with extra pink. My personal favourite thing about the skin is how her clothing is not revealing like in all her other skins, and the only flaw I find with it is her hair looking like a helmet. They additionally stated that Midnight Ahri’s charm particle also has slight dark colors added to it, and I checked in the champion spotlight for the skin but couldn’t notice anything, though that spotlight is very old so there might be something different. Would you mind giving it a look?

    • We gave it a look and couldn’t find a significant difference between Classic and Midnight Ahri’s Charm. We’ll have to verify in-game but, if memory serves, the particles weren’t modified for her release skins.

      Dauntless Ahri looks rather nice with her superheroine costume; Super Sentai style. It seems she’s actually wearing a helmet as it would befit the theme. We’ll have to see what else the skin offers. In theory, the particles could be modified by adding extras and keeping the core so that one can distinguish the classic visuals.

      To be fair, many skins have radical modifications to the abilities and readability has never been a concern. In fact, if the abilities are made clear enough, for instance a big and clear heart for Charm regardless of colour and style, then the particles could be attractive without being tied to the classic anchor. However, that’s just a point of view. We’ll have to wait and see.

  16. Hi Zero it’s me again.

    So Popstar Ahri is coming on sale tomorrow and I’ve been waiting for it to come on sale for a whole year now but the problem is Challenger Ahri would also be arriving soon. I already have Dynasty Ahri (best buy in my life I don’t regret it in the slightest) adn really like Postar because I’m a fan of SNSD and K-Pop in general plus the pink is really soothing but I also like Challenger Ahri because she has white hair (disappointed at the lack of a braid though) and darker particles. Ahri is my go-to mid champion whenever I’m forced to play mid in ranked I pick her but is it worth having 3 skins for her? I’m really torn whether I should get Popstar and Challenger, just Popstar or just Challenger.

    I promise one day I’ll donate to this site to thank you for all of the time you spend reading my comments and answering me 😀

    • Hi, Annie. If you like Popstar Ahri so much and you’ve been so patient then you should get it. After all, if you really like it and it finally goes on sale it’s a skin that you will enjoy. Challenger Ahri is a possibility. It might be a great skin or it could be a bit overpriced or many other things. Besides, if you play Ahri a lot and Challenger ends up being a good skin then it seems reasonable to eventually get it. Especially if you wait for a sale like you did for Popstar as that would mean getting two for the price of one; in the long run sales help a lot.

      Another thing to consider is that if you wait for Challenger to go on sale you have quite some time to save for it; bearing in mind how slow sales are nowadays. If Challenger ends up disappointing then you would’ve sacrificed getting a skin you actually like for a skin you could’ve liked.

      We undestand that one should exercise caution before spending but if you rely on sales and keep purchases to skins you actually play and enjoy then it all sounds rather reasonable. A real problem would be if you buy lots of skins and then you don’t even use them or if you spend without caring whether you like a skin or not.

      The bottom line would be that you should spend in what you enjoy with moderation and careful consideration. If you like the skins a lot and you can afford them then it seems reasonable to get them. Take care to spend what you can and not to get things you won’t use. One has to be careful with money but not a scrooge.

      Don’t worry about asking lots of questions, they are welcome.

  17. Popstar Ahri makes blue buff dance in new season (Possibly, needs confirmation)

    • Could you provide more information about that? Popstar Ahri is known to have two new dances: for her dance emote and her recall. Could it be a new dance when under blue buff or a change to an existing one?

      • I bought Ahri and the popstar skin, Blue buff dances when you dance beside him now. Theres a video on youtube if you look up “Ahri dance blue buff” and I’ve tried it in game and it works 🙂

        • Interesting but it raises a question is: does it happen with other champions when they dance near blue buff? Maybe it’s exclusive to Popstar Ahri but it’s possible it also happens with other champions and skins. We’ll have to investigate more.

          • I believe it is exclusive to Popstar Ahri. By the way Zero, I’m waiting in excitement for the review of Challenger Ahri. I am considering buying it or waiting for Midnight Ahri to go on sale. I will most likely go with the latter.

          • Interesting, we haven’t seen mention of other skins causing the same effect though that’s no proof it doesn’t happen. We’ll have to get our hands dirty it seems.

            In technical terms Challenger seems somewhat similar to Foxfire Ahri. The fact that it’s a legacy skin, or so it seems, doesn’t help matters. We’ll like to ponder on this a bit more and then have a review ready tomorrow.

  18. Hello zero, I seek your opinion on the the new ahri skin!
    I really love your reviews ^.^

    • Glad that you like the reviews.

      The skin seems good but not at the level of what a legacy skin at that price would entail. It doesn’t seem like a bad skin yet it doesn’t do enough to achieve greatness either. We’ll think about it a bit more and then we’ll have the review ready; tomorrow most probably.

  19. Love seeing your reviews man! Noticed that challenger ahri was just released, and idea when that review will come out? Thanks in advance

    • We are glad you like the reviews.

      By tomorrow we’ll have the review ready. We’d like some more time to think about the skin. It’s not bad but not great either. Mostly because it, apparently, is a legacy skin. We’ll think about this a bit more and then have the review finished.

  20. Challenger. Challenger. Challenger.

  21. A comment about Challenger Ahri, the charm actually have added trail effects rather than it not being changed at all.

  22. I would like to ask, considering there isn’t really any negative comments about Midnight Ahri in the review, what prevents it from having 5 stars? Is it because it is 750 instead of 520 RP? I really think 750 is an appropriate price for it.
    Another question I have, Challenger Ahri does have new Charm particles, I am absolutely certain of it. It has much more pink smoke than classic. It is basically the opposite of what they did with Popstar Ahri’s Charm, where they basically removed the trail and replaced it with some tiny hearts.

    • Midnight Ahri is good but quite straightforward. At 750 RP it’s probably enough to have a good model to have a great skin. However, other skins do have something extra and we think that a little bit more would be necessary for Midnight to reach five stars. Of course we are not expecting as much as a 975 RP but something extra to better define the identity of the skin.

      We checked Challenger Ahri’s Charm in-game recently and couldn’t spot the difference. Maybe it’s not very noticeable so we’ll try to make a side by side comparison.

      • Okay, I cannot stop thinking about this so I made a comparison picture myself.
        When I look at it here, the difference isn’t as big as I thought, but it is there. The trail is considerably more pink than white and the pink smoke is a very slightly deeper shade of pink.

        • There appears to be some difference but it’s so subtle and insignificant that it’s even questionable whether it can actually be considered new particles. After all, in the bustle of a teamfight that’s not really noticeable. In fact, the darker particles for the other abilities have a tendendy not to stand out sometimes.

          To be fair, we are not sure what to do about this. There seems to be a difference but it’s so minimal that labeling it as a new particle effect or even a new colour for the particle seems misleading. Perhaps we should play it safe and not announce things that in practice may as well be considered not to be there.

          Thanks for the time and effort in investigating this further. It’s always better to know as much as possible so as to better decide the course of action.

  23. Hey there Zero!

    I’m currently maining Ahri mid, and thought about buying a skin. I tend to prefer legacy skins (rarer, the better), with awesome splash art and rework. Well, Challenger Ahri fits the 1st 2 topics for me, but the in-game skin isn’t as appealing as I was picturing it. Even the recall made me disapointed.
    What are your suggestions for Ahri skins atm?

    Other question: does your name have any relation with the anime code geass?

    • Ahri’s best skins are currently Popstar and Firefox. The former is a bit monochromatic but has a nice style while the latter is more eye-catching but not as consistent as Popstar. Challenger isn’t bad but it doesn’t have any really iconic features except for the outfit. Midnight is a more modest but appealing option to consider as well.

      If you are patient the ideal would be to wait for a regular skin you like, depending on which concept you prefer, to go on sale. Challenger has that air of exclusivity but in the end it doesn’t feel satisfying enough; which is a pity.

      The name Zero wasn’t specifically chosen thinking about Code Geass, though we did watch the anime. So, psychologically, a certain degree of subconscious influence should’ve been present.

  24. When do you think you’ll have the El Tigre Braum review done?

  25. So have you guys thought about added the bit about pop-star making blue buff dance? it’s a pretty unique extra Easter egg to have attached to the skin, and as far as I’ve seen (the Nancy Drews over at reddit seemed pretty involved) tested a bunch of different champs & skins, and only Popstar Ahri makes a buff camp dance.

    also, apparently dancing around the baron pit (with anyone) triggers some ominous music to play.

    • We’d like to test it a bit but it’s something that we could add. We are a bit overwhelmed currently with all the content that’s been added but we’ll try to set some time aside to add it.

  26. When you review the skins, do you take take into consideration gameplay elements? I know Riot has said they don’t want to mess around with the orb color too much from a visual element(knowing when your next spell would heal you). Just wondering, Xavkul

    • We take into account when a skin adds to the gameplay like the case of ultimate skins: where the level of a skill can affect the look of the champion. However, advantages based on the colour of abilities can be subjective so we don’t take them into account when rating the skin. If it’s something too evident we may very well mention it but the review is more concerned about what the skin actually offers than collateral effects.

  27. how did you come up with the theme for Challenger Ahri being “Super Sentai Heroine”? Other than your own personal opinion. I had never thought of her in that skin having that kind of theme. In fact, I felt the theme was darker, or an up and coming challenger, but definitely not some kind of heroine. Given that most of the review is based on it not quite meeting this heroine theme that was placed on it, how would you rate it not with the “Super Sentai Heroine” theme?

    • We based our view of the skin on the similarities between Super Sentai costumes and the clothes that Ahri wears. The helmet and stylized suit are classic elements of the genre and we didn’t really see much in the way of a challenger. There’s nothing that reveals her as someone competing in a tournament; especially not a digital one.

      If we take the Super Sentai angle then the skin says nothing. She doesn’t look like a competitor and she just wears some fancy clothing with a fictionalized style. In essence, without the Super Sentai side we just see a skin that’s sort of futuristic but lacking focus.

  28. Even though I already bought Foxfire Ahri, I personally do not see a change in her autos and Orb of Deception from her Classic skin (it probably doesn’t help that I am not good at spotting small differences). After watching the Skin Spotlights on YouTube countless times, I still cannot see a difference. I was wondering if you have a side-by-side picture comparison of them, or know of a website that does. Thank you.

    • We can’t think of any image comparison but know the they are subtle changes so it’s easy not to notice; it happens all the time to us. The auto-attack effect follow the style of the classic one but it’s design resembles flames. Whereas Orb of Deception uses the same orb she holds in her hand which has a flame inside.

      The modifications are quite tame but present in close inspection. Still, it’s a skin that should’ve embraced the flame visuals much more than it did. It’s good but leaves the feeling that it could’ve been much more.

  29. Challenger Ahri’s charm is changed- though just a recolour, the particles are significantly more red.
    Popstar Ahri has new particles for her movement speed boost from Orb of Deception as well.

    • We have checked Challenger Ahri’s Charm colour and have never been able to tell the difference. Unless there’s been some recent change we just checked the image again and it looks just like the classic Charm.

      With regards to Popstar Ahri we’ll check in-game to see it well. We took a look online and couldn’t notice it so we’ll go to the source and modify the review as appropriate. We’ll do the same with Challenger to be on the safe side.

      Thanks for the information.

  30. Well, I’ve done it.
    yesterday I purchased Dynasty Ahri, to complete the collection. I have all the skins for my favorite champ, and I really do like them all!
    I think PopStar is the most fun, and Foxfire is the most visually pleasing. Challenger and Midnight look best on Howling Abyss and Twisted Treeline in my opinion. Dynasty is a little pricey, I think it would fare better as a 750 skin, but it does have its charms and is nice for more relaxed games.

    Not a bad one in the bunch!

    • Agreed, Ahri’s skins aren’t bad but there are instances where the the price should be adjusted. Depending on context the colours and effects of each skin can stand out more easily or match the general aesthetic. It’s a matter of dressing right for each occasion.

      Hope you enjoy the skins and have fun.

  31. Hi there Zero! Always nice to have second input on skin purchases before buying.

    I’m kinda stuck between Dynasty Ahri and Popstar Ahri. I find that Dynasty is super classy and really pretty, but the total lack of new particles is not a bonus. Meanwhile, Popstar is not “classy” but rather more “flashy pretty” in that it has really bright colors that complement each other. The new particles for the Q I rather like as well.

    Which would you recommend? Thank you!

    • We are glad to help.

      Well, you sound more like you like Popstar but would like it to be less flashy and more classy like Dynasty. Perhaps it’s all a matter of perception as Popstar might be taken as a shallow skin whereas Dynasty seems more serious.

      The matter is that you should buy the skin that you like the most. Dynasty could be very classy but if you don’t like it enough chances are it won’t be used much. Popstar may be all about looks but that’s what a cosmetic item is supposed to deliver; besides sounds.

      We do think that Popstar is a more satisfying skin than Dynasty because it offers much more for the same price. It may not be perfect but the theme is conveyed and is an attractive skin. Unless you have a particulary interest in seeing Ahri wearing a Hanbok Popstar might be a better option.

      Take into consideration what you really like about each skin and don’t worry about status or other opinions about the skins. What matters is that you enjoy the skin and that you don’t buy a skin that you won’t actually use.

  32. Hi zero! I love your reviews and I just need some help on what Ahri skin I should buy, Foxfire, or popstar?
    I think both skins look great. The problem is I like the concept of Foxfire ahri and the look of it in game, but i just cant see the particles as well as i can in popstar. popstar also has more animations, sounds, and a recall animation at the same price. Foxfire ahri also is on sale right now. What skin should i get? thanks.

    • Foxfire is a bit older and perhaps not as elaborate as Popstar but it’s still a very good skin. If you like it then don’t worry about the skin disappointing because while it does have a few issues in general the fire theme is well made. Popstar is also good but something completely different. That is, you won’t find in one skin what the other offers. Popstar has more additions but that’s not to say that Foxfire doesn’t have quite a bit to offer as well.

      Getting a skin on sale is the ideal time and with Foxfire on sale you could save half of its price. With the other half you could eventually get Popstar when it goes on sale; if you like. Foxfire has some problems but it’s a good skin and if you like it then you’ll probably enjoy it. Popstar is also a nice skin but with a different theme so it won’t give you what the other has.

      In the end, it matters that you enjoy the skin first and foremost. If the implementation has a few issues then that’s unavoidable; nothing is perfect.

  33. Exactly what i was looking for ! 🙂

  34. So I saw at the top of the comments people were disappointed that her fire was blue in the Firefox Ahri, but since this skin and a two others were Internet references we could assume they kept the fire blue for a reason. If you look at Mozilla Firefox icon the red fox is circling a blue orb of sorts. Perhaps I’m putting to much faith in the designer of this skin though.

    • It’s a valid point of view. We think that the idea of having consistently coloured particles, as Popstar does, makes the skin more visually attractive. That doesn’t discard blue flames but one thing is integrating blue into the skin’s colour scheme and another is keeping classic elements despite what the design requires or would benefit from.

      Perhaps the most annoying part is that it was explained as keeping the colour for gameplay clarity. However, later came Popstar and Challenger with all new coloured particles.

      Ultimately, the skin would’ve welcomed a more consistent representation of fire. It’s not bad but the rough edges are visible and that affects the skin.

      • Popstar and Challenger Ahri both have only mildly changed particles on her orb. Popstar has them lighter, more teal, while Challenger has them in a darker blue simply. Riot just want to keep the blueish color of her orb, which is understandable. I still think Foxfire’s flaming blue orb effects are magnificent and the only thing holding me back from the skin is the rather revealing model. I know it is Ahri and plenty of her outfits are revealing, and I don’t necessarily mind revealing, just the style of the clothes doesn’t appear elegant or enticing to me.

        • We understand keeping visual consistency but that rule has been applied rather inconsistently. Besides, Foxfire could’ve had some touches to the orb in the same way Popstar and Challenger have. Perhaps the differences aren’t groundbreaking but they are noticeable whereas Foxfire is much subtler.

          From the look of it Foxfire doesn’t seem to be much more underdressed than usual; for Ahri. The style of the clothes can be a matter of taste, though. They are rather elaborate with a controlled colour palette. They look classy but have a fantastic style. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, after all.

  35. I really love your skin reviews, so thanks so much for making them! ^_^

    Onto the point, I really love Ahri, I main her and I’m pretty good (I’m not the best, but still). I only have the 400 RP I started with and I’m waiting for her skins to go on sale, but each time I get on, her skins are never 400 or fewer RP! At least, not when Foxfire or Midnight went on sale. What skin do you recommend I get when they go on sale again? I really want Popstar but I’m just here waiting…

    • Not at all, glad that you like them.

      If Popstar is the one you like the that’s the one you should set your sights on. Sadly, unless the special Snowdown shop has given you a big discount on Popstar Ahri then it would be strange to see the skin discounted more than 50%; which means a price of 487 RP.

      An alternative is to get Midnight Ahri which in January will be discounted down to 375 RP. However, if Popstar is the one you really like then Midnight simply won’t be able to be a proper substitute.

      Popstar was last discounted on October so it’ll take a good while to appear on another sale. It’ll happen, probably next year, but some months will pass before that. If you really like Popstar then you may just need to get a bit more RP. That’s the nature of the business so those missing 87 RP will have to be paid for.

      We are sorry there aren’t any other solutions. We still think that if Popstar is the one you really like then you should try to get it. Getting another, perhaps cheaper skin, won’t be able to fill the same space as Popstar. It’s something different if you do like Midnight, then the sale is a good opportunity to make good on the RP. Nevertheless, if Popstar is the one you like then no other can take its place.

      • Alright, thanks for the advice! It may be a while before I can get a skin at all, so I guess Midnight is a great skin to substitute for, based on your League reviews 🙂

        • You can check some videos to make sure. Midnight is a simpler skin as it only changes Ahri’s model but it offers an elegant alternative that is quite nice. As long as you like the skin, and get it expecting what it can deliver, you shouldn’t be disappointed.

          • So someone gifted me PopstAhri and now I’m happy, but thanks for your reviews! if they didn’t I would have gotten Midnight ^^’

            Also, in the header under Ahri’s splash, it still says “Nine Tails Fox” I think it should be “Nine-tailed Fox” instead. Sorry, I’m a grammar person like that XD

          • Hope you enjoy going all Popstar with Ahri; the time has finally come for that.

            Midnight is a nice alternative but more modest. At any rate, it’s something to consider eventually if you find that want to expand her wardrobe and play her a lot.

            Thanks for the correction, we updated the review.

  36. Hi there Zero!

    1st off I have to say, My username on the Mobile App clash of clans is ‘ZERO’ and It always reminds me of your website xD

    2nd off, If I am going to spend any money on an ahri skin, which one offers the best bang for buck? Which one do you think fits her the best?


    • Hi, let’s hope that the username doesn’t bring bad memories.

      As for the best Ahri skins it’s between Foxfire and Popstar. It depends on what you’re looking for as the themes are widely different. Neither of the skins should disappoint but Popstar is more recent and so it sports a few extras that Foxfire lacks; a few new sounds and recall. Still, Foxfire may be a better match for the fantasy of the game and the flames are rather attractive.

      In the end, it’s a matter of personal preference. Both skins are different and have good features to offer.

  37. Hello Zero,

    If you’ve seen it yet, what are your first impressions of the arcade Ahri skin?

    • It’s a nice skin with good particles and sounds. The model has some good touches but seems a bit uninspired. The tails are also borrowed from Classic, it seems, so only their changing colour stands out. Overall, it’s a good skin but we aren’t sure that it does enough to be really special.

  38. Arcade Ahri tails disapearing were a bug and it was fixed.

  39. Dont you think the 9 lives on Arcade Ahri are for the Cliche of being a cat? Atleast here in German we say that cats have 9lives

    • It quite probably referers to her nine tails as she’s a vixen-human not a cat. Don’t know if there’s any legend about foxes and their lives; they are considered smart though.

    • Cat don’t really have 9 life tho , also nine tailed fox not stand for nine lives ( it stand for how long they live ) . In Korean , Gumiho are consider cunning( as Riot mention Ahri lore )or seductive to lure their victims
      before they killed then and eat their soul . ( bad English )

      • In many regions cats are believed to have nine lives. In other places it sever or six. We are aware that Ahri isn’t a cat so the nine lives of Arcade Ahri probably refers to her many tails. At a glance, she doesn’t look particularly feline.

  40. Hey Zero! 🙂 I love your reviews, it looks and feels like you put a lot of effort on them! :3 I was wondering, I want to buy all Ahri’s skins, I have PopStar, FoxFire and Arcade. And I have enough RP to buy the three left ones (Midnight, Dinasty and Academy), should I buy them? I main Ahri and I kinda feel I am good at her… Thanks c:

    (Another small question: Do you know when Challenger Ahri will come back? Thanks! Sorry forma my bad english, again, thanks!)

    • We certainly work hard to make the reviews as useful as they can be.

      On the one hand, Midnight, Dynasty and Academy are re-models, mostly, so they simply won’t be at the level of the more elaborate skins. On the other hand, Midnight is quite elegant, Dynasty has interesting clothing and Academy has a charming style. The point is that each skin has some appeal but, being simpler, there isn’t as much on offer.

      You should also consider whether you’d play Ahri enough for six skins to be used. The point being that there’s little use in having a skin that isn’t being played. If you find that you’d like to have them all or, at least, one more we’d recommend to get them as they go on regular sale. There are two advantages: first price, the discount is useful without doubt. Second, as you wait to get the skins you have time to play the ones you have and to focus on each skin as you get them. That way you pay less and also have the time to play them as they aren’t competing for attention.

      There are only so many matches you can play on a day. Besides, if you like Popstar, Foxfire and Arcade chances are you’d like to still play with them. If you are patient it’s a more fluid way of giving each skin its time to be used. On top of that, you’d save quite a bit of RP.

      Challenger Ahri is a skin belonging to the start of season event. It should be available around January or perhaps February when the new season beings. The specific date is probably undetermined but the time for the Challenger skins to return should be around that time.

  41. Hey! Its really nice to know that there’s people who do this to help! I really appreciate it and hope you will continue this site!

    – Xeon

    • Thanks for the kind words. We’ll keep working hard so that people can make the best purchases possible.

      • Zero, i love your website. Everytime i want to buy a skin i look in your website to determine which one i should buy. Keep up with the good work. Also, i love that you answer all the comments. 😉

        • Thanks for the kind words. We are glad that you find the website useful. Our objective is simply to help people make informed purchases. As much as we are able, we try to be within reach of readers so that we can be in touch with their opinions or questions and improve the site or give a hand where appropriate.

  42. My friend gifted me Arcade Ahri and I’m liking it so far! Popstar is still my favourite, but this is a good skin. I I found that the auto-attack particles are actually very clear compared to Popstar and Classic because of the bright purple orb shape, but that could be just me; I’m sure Foxfire still carries a smoother animation.

    I noticed that she dances to her login theme (8-bit Rush, I think is what it is called), maybe it’s a small thing worth noting on the sounds section of her Arcade skin review? ^^’ Her dance animation remains the same as Classic but they just added sounds rather than the ambient orb-floaty noise

    (Also, chromas have been announced for her Popstar skin, which I’m super excited about – Pearl is my favourite. I suppose you don’t do chroma reviews since they’re just recolours of a skin? If you don’t, I completely understand since you are already so busy. ^^’)

    • Good to know you are enjoying the skin. We checked and the new song for her dance is a relevant addition to note. We also noticed that her taunt has some new sounds for her heart which should also be added; as well as the heart. Thanks for the notice.

      We will review the Popstar Ahri chromas. We are trying to have them all reviewed before IP sales; sooner when possible. You can find the reviews for skin chromas and base chromas in their respective pages.

  43. So Arcade Ahri is on an early sale and I really want this skin because of nostalgia and because I like bright colors and the wole 90s gamer aesthetic speaks to me on a personal level. But I am torn. I don’t play her that much (because i don’t get to mid too often) but she is my 2nd most played champ for when I do go mid. So I am wondering whether to get it now or wait for at least 6 more months and get it on 50% off sale

    • That’s exactly the question: do you play the champion often enough? Arcade Ahri is a good skin but expensive so that sale discounts help a lot. If you own other skins for Ahri or have other champions or skins that you play more often the it would be better to wait. The skin will go on sale eventually, it’s unavoidable, so the only reason to pay more is to get it early.

      Does spending an extra amount justify the potential use and appeal of the skin? If so then get it. If unsure, especially if you have other options vying for attention, it may be better to save some money.

  44. Challenger Ari’s charm have particle change

    • We just checked and couldn’t find a noticeable difference. Could you be more specific about what differences you see?

      • Challenger’s charm is a little bit orange-ish and brighter than the normal charm ; the normal charm is like pale pink-purple ish. ( ik it’s hard to spot )

        • We can’t notice anything orange about Charm. Could it be a change added on top of the ability for the colour blind mode?

  45. Tell me Zero, which Popstar Ahri Chroma is the best?

    • To be fair, it’s a matter of taste because they all look equivalent. In other words, they simply change the colour of clothes and tails; nothing else. One seems to dare add stockings but that’s as much audacity as the chromas seem to display. In fewer words: pick the colours you like the most.

  46. Okey, zero senpai i have a problem with ahri’s skins because none of them feel accompliced to me.
    At first i took a hit on the particle department so i ended up owning Dynasty ahri which for me is the classiest model by far. But since hextech luck is a cruel thing and now i have not 1 but 2 ahri skins sitting on my loot. Challenger and Foxfire ahri, both models i find a bit too in-your-face and less centered around ahri’s charming and deceitful persona. Since i have like 20 skins sitting in the loot i could make any of these skins a perma but i dont know which or in fact if even 1 of the 2 is worth it. I would like ,if its not too troublesome, you to make a sort of head’s up between those 2 skins.(all in all the skins I enjoy most are the ones that give a champ the feeling i am playing a different champ)

    • It’s reasonable that you don’t feel Ahri’s skins as accomplished if you expect her skins to make you feel like she’s a different champ; or at least, to define a different personality or identity for her. Most, not to say all of her skins, can feel superficial. The core of Ahri is always kept, her personality also, and her skins mostly centre of giving her a different style; sometimes just as a change of clothes.

      That’s far from saying that her skins are bad but they lack depth. With that in mind, neither Foxfire nor Challenger are deep but they are charming; fittingly so. We find Foxfire more interesting due to the fire theme as it’s quite distinct and covers most of Ahri; even if it lacks some consistency. Challenger is good but only the model truly stands out. The particles don’t stand out as much but there’s a new recall; though we don’t find it as representative of the theme as it could be.

      Overall, if you expect a different feel for Ahri Foxfire may be closest but only because it envelops her in flames. As you can expect she doesn’t dress particularly different to her classic self and the essence is the same. Challenger shares the same issues but is also less distinct despite having its charm. Of course, none of her skins is bad and Popstar is also one to consider; with similarities to thiese two. Sadly, you can’t expect her skins to deliver something that they haven’t been designed to fulfil.

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