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Sale Overview: Snowdown Showdown 2015 – StrategyZero
Dec 102015
Snowdown Showdown 2015 Background
Snowdown Showdown 2015


Period: 10th of December, 2015 to 7th of January, 2016
Bundles: North Pole, Holiday Cheer, Toys, Naughty List, Snowball Fight, Winter Fun
Note: the bundles include the respective champions and reduce their prices depending on which content you already own. In case you don’t own a champion or skin in a bundle the price rises by the appropriate price.

Snow balls fly everywhere, this is war and if you don’t want to be a casualty then you better build your ice fortress and get your hands on some specialised help. The store is waiting, open at all times obviously, and eagerly awaiting your money. It’s been stoked up for the season so there’s more than one temptation. Which one will be your snowfall? Yes, we are full of it; snow that is, careful where you aim.


Besides some legacy icons and ward, even bundles of them, this Snowdown Showdown brings back the Poro King and a bunch of skin bundles with some meagre discounts; from 20% to 30% off, it varies with the bundle. As most skins are legacy some RP can be saved but with the skins being so variable in their quality chances are we’ll end up getting stuff we didn’t have in our Christmas list. There’s mystery gifting as well and that’s as much of a wager as any purchase could be; better be in good terms with Lady Luck.

In addition to all this, there’s a huge Snowdown sale that will delight all legacy skins enthusiasts thanks to its ample repertoire and sensible discounts. There’s a fancy Snowdown Shop which seems to be a bit like a mystery chest but with a pre-emptive warning. Finally, there’s Legendary Snowball. If you manage to create an avalanche then you can end up swimming in legendary goodness; others, we’ll grit teeth. It’s the luck of the draw after all; nice excuse, have a snowball.

North Pole

Total Skins’ Price: 4030 RP

A blast from the past, this set of skins shows its age but some retain their charm nonetheless. If you like the old school branch of Snowdown skins then this is the bundle for you. However, if you prefer skins that venture deep beyond model changes you won’t find much here. Besides, the fact that some skins aren’t very appealing doesn’t help the bundle at all. You could say that it’s a set for the connoisseurs, with ups and downs but no real highlights.

Holiday Cheer

Total Skins’ Price: 3445 RP

This is another bundle that collects skins with some Snowdowns under their belts. There are some nice skins and others that are behind the times. There’s also Festive Maokai, which stands on a league of its own as an example of what not to do. Nothing goes far beyond model changes as well but the girls can be appealing. If you’re just after them then perhaps the bundle isn’t the best choice as the discount isn’t high.


Total Skins’ Price: 3445 RP

The bundles keep restrained to re-models and the only highlight is Ragdoll Poppy; evidently due to the champion update. There a few new feather particles for her but, in general, there’s little in the way of extras. The first two skins have ample room for improvement while the last two are acceptable for what they offer. The discount isn’t high also so if you just want some specific picks then the bundle may have more than a fair share of fluff.

Naughty List

Total Skins’ Price: 2925 RP

This may very well be the best Snowdown bundle and one of the best sets of skins for the season. Not only are the skins attractive in their interpretation of the festivities but they also are chockfull of new particles and even animations as well as sounds to make their personalities stand out. The discount is small but the skins are quite good so if you like this mischievous trio the bundle is the ideal way of catching them.

Snowball Fight

Total Skins’ Price: 3900 RP

Just like the previous one this is another bundle with some great skins and Snowmerdinger. The first three skins make fine adaptations of the champions and can be quite appealing with their multiple additions. In comparison, Snowmerdinger seems simplistic as it’s little more than a re-model. If you like the little snow genius then there’s no reason to avoid the bundle. If that isn’t the case then, the small discount may still save just as much RP as if you avoided Heimerdinger; check the store to be sure. If there’s more than one skin you don’t like then the bundle may just not be the right choice.

Winter Fun

Total Skins’ Price: 4795 RP

Practically in an identical situation as the previous bundle, this one has a set of nice skins and Snow Bunny Nidalee. The other skins can be a bit expensive for what they offer but they are attractive. They have several additions in the way of particles and sounds and offer fitting seasonal interpretations of the champions. Then we have Snow Bunny Nidalee, a modest re-texture that doesn’t do much to represent its theme. If you don’t mind this humble Snow Bunny then the bundle has much to offer. If that isn’t the case the shy discount may still save enough RP as if you were getting the individual skins, sans Snow Bunny; check the store to be sure. If there’s more than one you don’t like, then the bundle may not be the best option.

Source: League of Legends News: Look Out! It’s Snowdown!

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