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League of Legends: Viktor Skins’ Review – StrategyZero
Jan 222013
Viktor, the Machine Herald
Viktor, the Machine Herald

Viktor, the Machine Herald joined the League of Legends in the middle of his path along the machine evolution. His skins show what once was and what would or could be: the early stages, the final result and the ideal to be pursued. The time has come to get augmented with evolving technology so join the great evolution and decide in which stage you’d like to start.

Full Machine Viktor
Full Machine Viktor Splash Art Full Machine Viktor Model
Category: Regular
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Viktor completely evolved into a machine.
Model: New model for Viktor and his staff.
Particles: No new particles.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: The background shows an industrial complex that seems rather empty and foggy for an interior. Some transparent pipes carrying energy are visible as well as metallic walls; still, everything looks too murky. That’s not the case with Viktor as he glows in his golden body. The intricate design of his machine self is well depicted and shaded. However, the beam between hands appears solid and resembles a branch. Regardless, it’s quite a good portrayal of Viktor backed by an interesting but disappointing background.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Full Machine Viktor is a very interesting skin as it not only shows the pinnacle of his evolution but also provides an attractive cyborg look. The style is based on mechanics rather than electronics and that actually add to the skin’s originality. The model is quite elaborate: devices and solutions to adapt a human body into machine are evident along protective plates. The aspect isn’t as clear and pristine as one would consider a new model; or as in the splash art. In fact, the plates looked dirty or rusted and some parts look rather delicate for a battlefield. Regardless, Full Machine Viktor offers a unique view at the designs of the Machine Herald and a pleasing colour scheme that even matches his abilities. Therefore, thanks to a great concept and a good execution it becomes a great skin for any fan of Viktor or technology.

Prototype Viktor
Prototype Viktor Splash Art Prototype Viktor Model
Category: Legacy
Price: 520 RP
Concept: Viktor in the beginning stages of his transfomation.
Model: New model for Viktor and his staff.
Particles: New particles for Gravity Field.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: This piece gives a glimpse into Viktor’s workshop as he builds and tests robotic arms. The background isn’t as clear as it should be: elements near the window are barely visible and there’s no reason for smoke or mist to be present. The issue repeats itself behind Viktor but, at least, the table and tools are clear. Viktor looks reasonable but the depiction seems rather plain; not to mention that only half his body is visible. On the one hand, the setting is great; on the other hand, the piece doesn’t looks as sharply as it needs. In the end, it’s an interesting splash art that shows Viktor’s starting steps into his evolution. Still, the quality of the depiction lets down with its rough lines and flat colours.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Prototype Viktor shows the first modifications that he made to his body. The look is reasonable like the concept but the result can be considered a bit crude. The combination of flesh and machine is evidently forced and, while it makes sense, it’s hardly appealing; it even reminds of Urgot. To be fair, the aspect is understandable for a prototype: severed flesh for appended prosthetics. Still, Classic Viktor isn’t finished either but mixes flesh and machine in a more tasteful way. Then, the problem may not lie in the concept but in the execution which tries to be visceral to the detriment of visual appeal. If you don’t mind the straightforward and explicit approach then it can be an interesting skin for Viktor. Nevertheless, most people may prefer the finished product to a coarse draft.

Creator Viktor
Creator Viktor Splash Art Creator Viktor Model
Category: Regular
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Viktor as a dark, cybernetic scientist.
Model: New model for Viktor and his staff.
Particles: New particles for his abilities and auto-attack.
Animations: New animations for his third arm, recall and respawn.
Sounds: New sounds for Death Ray, with and without Augment, Chaos Storm, recall and respawn.
Splash Art: In the background, a massive complex is barely discernible due to the inexplicable mist that conveniently flattens all details. However, an impressive squad of Battlecast units liven up the scenery and make it absorbing to stare at; at least those close to the foreground. Viktor leads them from a platform in a dramatic pose with red energy coursing through his body. The mist does reach his legs but not much, fortunately, so folds and metallic reflections are clearly visible. His portrayal is eloquent and fantastic which added to the Battlecast line make for an astounding piece that can’t shake a disappointing blurriness.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Creator Viktor is what fans of the Machine Herald have been waiting for: the mastermind behind the Battlecast line. Having to fill such a role, Viktor hardly lets down: his aspect evokes an interesting mix of twisted machinery that exemplifies a dark yet advanced technology. His attractive red based particles are a great addition to further the theme as well as the underlying machines and astounding animations. Unfortunately, the game-play update has made his particles become mostly re-colours of the classic ones; his auto-attacks, Death Ray and Chaos Storm in particular.
Besides, the reliance on dark tones makes the skin look a bit homogeneous: there is a good balance of different colours but the clothes tend to look plain. For instance, there could’ve been some bright displays of red energy for additional flare; maybe in some active devices. On the whole, Creator Viktor is a nice skin with a high price but that manages to provide a good dose of dark cybernetic charm. The aspect could’ve stood out more, the particles should be more unique and there should be more new sounds or animations but, all things considered, it’s an attractive choice for Viktor fans.

Death Sworn Viktor
Death Sworn Viktor Splash Art Death Sworn Viktor Model
Category: Legacy
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Viktor as a spectral warlock
Model: New model for Viktor and his staff. New glow for his third arm, head, torso and staff.
Particles: New particles for his abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Animations: New modified animations for his third arm and new recall animation.
Sounds: New sounds for his abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Splash Art: A magical circle on the ground, carved on the rock itself by the powerful magic of the warlock standing at its centre. Simple, perhaps too much, but it allows a good look at some of the most defining features of Death Sworn Viktor. Beyond the circle there’s nothing to see but the rough approach of the background adds to the grim personality of the figure in question.
Viktor also receives a depiction with rough lines and shading which emphasise imperfections and a visceral feeling of darkness. This taps right into the identity of the skin so that the piece embraces what the skin embodies. At times the roughness is a bit too much as the torso’s sketchy surface or some dim, simple glows show. In other areas, like metallic surfaces, arms, hood and third arm turned parasitic familiar it helps display the sinister feel of the skin effectively. The top-down perspective doesn’t add to the personality of Viktor and seems to only serve to show the magic circle. Fortunately, it doesn’t get in the way of showing his look and gives a different look.
All in all, this is certainly a straightforward splash art but one that is very effective. It has its flaws but also many successes which end up adding up to complement and transmit the feeling of dread that such a powerful warlock should elicit. Even if the piece can look spartan the result is certainly appealing. With an added dose of polish and perhaps a better use of perspective this could be one of League of Legends’ best splash arts.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: It’s clear that Death Sworn Viktor shows him as a warlock of dark magic. The spectral, undead effect given by the glowing body against the dark armour is effective and the contrast appealing. The third arm reinterpreted as a sort of parasitic familiar, or a creepy third eye, is a wonderful addition. The model, with its evocative design brings forth the supernatural angle quite clearly in a ghastly and powerful interpretation of a magic user. The model can also feel a bit dichromatic. For the most part there’s a white glow accosted by black armour. There’re some slight blue tints but nothing else. There could be some extra variety of colours, different tones so that the design of the armour plates could be better distinguished. Also, the blue and white glows could’ve complemented each other with designs that weren’t so similar.
This similarity extends to the particles. Auto-attacks, Siphon Power and Death Ray look like ghostified versions of the classic abilities. That is, everything looks like classic but with different colours and some spectral glows. Still, the classic design is noticeable. Gravity Field has the advantage of a rather distinct magic circle design in its centre. This allows the ability to stand out; so much in fact that it’s reused in the recall. Chaos Storm also catches the eye; as an ultimate should. The spectral whirlwind of unknown depth is quite visually appealing. Sadly, the rest of the ability doesn’t feel as unique but there’s a feature to make the ultimate different, at least.
Sounds are strangely hi-tech in a way. They have a technological feel that is surprising. There’re some slight haunting tones to add the spectral touch but the feel is quite modern; even futuristic. It’s not that they sound bad but that they don’t reflect the visuals well. Far from being sinister or even supernatural they seem digital and, frankly, out of place.
The new animations added to the third arm mainly keep Death Ray consistent with the new design of the third arm. The rest of the abilities don’t show any major changes, if any. The new recall is an ideal choice for a warlock making his way out of a place. Using his magic for a quick ritual that transports him through space is exactly up the skin’s alley. The dedicated, careful approach that gives function more importance than style also respects Viktor’s personality; so that the recall is a great way of joining both his classic and Death Sworn identities.
All in all, Death Sworn Viktor is a skin that looks quite supernatural. The idea of a warlock that uses dark magic is great and while the magic isn’t that dark it does have its interesting moments. Sounds are peculiarly modern so that they don’t feel really spectral, which is puzzling. Regardless, for a warlock adept at powerful magics Death Sworn Viktor delivers.


Viktor’s skins are restricted to his past and future so the recommendation is clear: Full Machine Viktor. Few can argue that the finished product isn’t better than the initial sketch; especially when it looks as good as in this case. It may not be a perfect design but it’s definitely interesting and attractive.

Something more expensive but still satisfying is Creator Viktor. Dedicated fans of the Machine Herald will find it a fantastic addition and it may even convert some non-believers. The twisted cybernetic technology added to some fine particles make this skin a spectacle; even if Viktor looks a little plain.

Still expensive but with great visuals we find Death Sworn Viktor. It’s a skin that clearly communicates the warlock feel with powerful spells at his disposal. Such spells aren’t always very different from classic or dark enough but they have a couple of distinct features; so do the sounds for their unsuitable hi-tech feel. In spite of inconsistencies, it’s a skin that delivers on its premise.

Prototype Viktor is also interesting but isn’t attractive: limbs and organs crudely replaced by mechanical imitations may be too much for many; despite how sensible it is for a prototype. There’s little doubt that the skin delivers on what it promises but the crude implementation hardly adds to its appeal.

  58 Responses to “League of Legends: Viktor Skins’ Review”

  1. Thanks! I already bought Full Machine Viktor before the review, but it’s very reassuring to know I made the right choice. In the future, I may get Prototype (I rather like it but I agree it’s not as good as Full Machine).
    Also, do you have any information on the Dark Harvester Viktor skin?
    Thanks again.

    • Prototype Viktor isn’t really a bad idea but considering the implementation it simply isn’t as appealing as Full Machine Viktor.

      We couldn’t find much about Dark Harvester Viktor; just some mentions. If we find anything substantial we’ll let you know.

      Not at all, it’s a pleasure.

      • Well I hope they release Dark Harvester soon.
        Also can I request Renekton, Twitch, Galio, and Blitzcrank? Any one of those would help me quite a bit.
        Thanks for the reviews and your great attitude about it.

        • Dark Harvester sounds like an interesting idea so you’re not alone hoping.

          Sure, all bumped in the order; we’ll try to review them as soon as possible.

          You’re welcome and we appreciate the compliment. We’re just contributing our little grain of sand to make this world a better place; it’s the least we could do.

        • Dark Havester viktor most likely was made into Creator Viktor, here’s why. DH Viktor’s rumors came out with 6 skin ideas, this is what happened to each of them:

          Dragon Trainer Lulu (released as the same name)
          Noxian/Zaun Darius (released as Lord Darius)
          Ascended Varus (released as Arclight Varus)
          Metal Wing Kayle (released as )
          Special Forces Miss Fortune (hasnt been released yet since her last skin was Mafia MF from Nov 2011)

          then we have Dark Harvester Viktor, which the name can relate to creator viktor’s looks, just like 3 other skins released with different names

          • Yes, it’s quite probable. It happens a lot as ideas are distilled and new elements added to complement what was removed. Now we simply need Miss Fortune to get militarized.

  2. I think they changed the price of Prototype Viktor to 750 RP. Might give him an extra star (perhaps?)

    • Indeed, the price was changed but to 520 RP. Considering it’s a full re-model it sure deserves an extra star. The visuals may not be the most appealing but now for the price it offers enough.

      Thanks for the notice.

  3. YES YES FINALLY A NEW VIKTOR SKIN! I personally think the concept is pretty awesome, and I’m excited to see how it comes out.

  4. I immediately bought Creator Viktor when it came out. I have greatly enjoyed it, and found the review quite fair. I noticed however, that there most likely are new sound effects for both Augmented and un-Augmented Death Ray. The Augmented laser sound is rather similar to that of the lasers of an enemy from the Mass Effect franchise, the Reaper, of which has a drawn out “pew” sound. Classic Viktor’s laser is more of a sizzling sound, Augmented or not.

    As always, great work on the reviews, quite fair and professional sounding.

    • Apologies for making a double-comment. In my haste to type up that first one, I forgot to mention that there is also a new walking animation, but it is similar to the Classic skin animation, so it may be hard to notice.

      • Glad that you like them and thanks for the notice.

        We checked the walking animation and we didn’t notice much of a difference. In fact, it seems that the animation is simply adapted to his new body. However, the new sounds are quite nice and clear.

  5. Whelp, it was definitely worth the wait.
    At first, I thought Viktor was helmetless, so I was disappointed initially, then I warmed to the idea because he doesn’t have any skins that show is true face.
    Then I looked closer and saw his Darth Vader mask.
    Screw the face, that mask is where it’s at.

  6. Is that a battlecast SKARNER? In the Creator Viktor Splash Art? Its beside Cho’gath.

    • It looks like that, so far, there have been hints towards Anivia, Kog’Maw and Skarner joining the Battlecast line. It looks interesting but maybe some would welcome joining the Mecha side, started by Mecha Kha’Zix, so as to have two warring factions of robots. Where else have we heard about somthing like that?

      • Hoping that they will release this Battlecast Skarner 🙂 and if they do will be looking forward to your review 🙂 Niceee that would be really interesting good idea.

  7. I owned creator viktor skin , he has a new respawn animation… it would be 5 stars… see it in youtube or in Lolking.net model viewer,…. :)).. and also can u do lux skin?

    • We are aware of it and have listed it as a new animation. Creator Viktor is quite an interesting skin but we think that it needs something else to really deserve five stars at such a high price.

      What do you mean about Lux? You can find her skins’ review, including Steel Legion, here.

  8. Why aren’t you reviewing champion’s basic splash art? (Even not if they got a VU)

    • Because we don’t review classic skins as we haven’t determined yet a good point of comparison. However, as far as splash arts are concerned we could review the classic ones. The point is that splash arts are secondary to the skin and relatively minor in importance while in-game. That’s why we haven’t prioritized reviewing them. Still, it’s not a bad idea and we’ll keep it in mind; thanks.

  9. hey zero quick question:creator viktor yes or no? :Dshould i wait for a sale or not??Its just too overwhelmingly awesome..

    • It was recently offered on a bundle so a sale should be around the corner; sale-style. The skin is quite nice and might be the best that Viktor currently has available. However, the price is a bit high so a sale does help. If you can wait until a discount then we’d recommend you do so.

      At a discount and considering how nice the skin is it’s a great option for followers of the Glorious Evolution.

  10. Oh btw interesting fact:Battlecast Velkoz is clearly depicted in the Creator Viktor skin just give it a look 🙂 based on the age of the skin just goes to show how long theyve screwed us on the next champions to come 🙂 just take a look into the kinda white part in the middle of the splash

    • Indeed, there’s more than one Battlecast robot there. So far, they’ve hinted at Anivia, Kog’Maw and Skarner; from the ones that haven’t been released. Seems like the Resistance will have to up the ante.

  11. I think i wasnt clear:Velkoz,a champion only recently released,was shown in the splash of a skin that was released about a year ago in his skin,so it means they knew exactly what champion they were gonna make and they already had his skin developed!ONE YEAR BEFORE HIS RELEASE

    • Certainly, they sometimes hint at champions in splash arts; like Zac in Battle Bunny Riven’s background. The thing is that Riot plans and develops skins way ahead from the time when we finally see them released. Which actually makes one wonder how the price-quality ratio can be so variable if they have such a long and, hopefully, exahustive process.

  12. I believe it should be noted that Creator Viktor has a distinct sound for his respawn animation as well.

  13. It says Prototype Viktor is regular but why isnt is buyable?

    • We haven’t updated all the categories since the last Legacy Vault round of retiring skins. Because last November it was made legacy the skin is no longer available for purchase. Sorry for the inconvenience.

      • Ok is no problem just want to say that was reading your reviews when i first started learning English and i love how much things you put in to make sure it is a nice and clean review.

        • Thanks for the kind words. We make an effort to make the reviews useful and accessible. Also, don’t underestimate the power of a dictionary.

  14. What do you think about Project: Yasuo and Creator Viktor? Which one is better?

    • Creator Viktor is quite good but not as great as it once was due to the gameplay update. Project: Yasuo is very well done and stands out with all the features it offers. Something to take into account is that Creator furthers the core theme of Viktor. In other words, it’s the natural progression of the idea of the Machine Herald. Whereas, Project: Yasuo gives a sci-fi view of the swordsman.

      Both are good skins but in terms of features and concept Project: Yasuo stands out more. Creator would still be a fine option for a fan of Viktor but its additions aren’t as remarkable as they once were.

  15. Sooooo, Zero, sorry if I am disturbing anything but I need to ask you : Is Full Machine Viktor a good enhance for the current Classic? Also Take these in consideration: I stopped spending money on games and also I got a good amount of money that I don’t want to spend. I would feel a little bad if I spent some money to buy Full Machine Viktor. I play Viktor regularly and I like the Classic skin , but I am also a fan of Robots or robotized Humans. I own Mecha Malphite and Sad Robot Amumu because of this. May be out of the subject but I also read a lot of Isaac Asimov(you know, with robots and stuff). Thank you for your time spent on reading(and probably answering) my comment.

    • Also what are the chances that Viktor will get a new skin soon that will be more worth it(no matter the cost) and much better than the others?

      • Full Machine Viktor is a rather good skin but a fan of the Machine Herald might consider Creator as the definite skin. There is an improvement in either case over the classic one as they’re closer to the final vision or step in the Glorious Evolution. However, neither skin captures the full awe of what the evolution should be. They are good but not must have skins.

        If you are having doubts about getting a skin, don’t get it. There’s no point in feeling guilt or regret to get something that you aren’t completely sure that you want or need. The skins will go on sale again, perhaps in a long time but they will. Thus, the option of getting a skin is always open with some patience.

        Seldom does a champion have a skin that simply has to be owned. If you like Full Machine and want to spend on it, whether on sale or not, then get it. However, if you have doubts, don’t worry, leave it for another time and enjoy what you already own. There are a lot of skins and many more will be released. It may take a long time but Viktor could very well receive a skin that better represents his artificial enhancements than the ones he currently has.

  16. The Intro section of Viktor’s skins review deserves some late updating, as Viktor has his best Creator skin available while the Intro only mentions his release skins, one of which isn’t even available anymore. Creator is my absolute favourite skin for him, and the only one I actually like, primarily because of the long coat and him looking, well, more complete and less frail than in the other skins. Both his release skins’ models don’t feel too different from classic, but Creator takes a step forward and presents him in an entirely new light.

    • Additionally, I just realized something: Creator Viktor can be considered to have a different animation for his laugh. In the others skins he proceeds to hand his staff to his robotic third arm and laugh, but since the third arm is not actually an “arm” in the Creator skin, he keeps his staff in his own hand. The animation different is nothing big at all, it is mostly the lack of taking the staff back from the third arm after finishing laughing, and I don’t think he raises his hand as high before laughing.
      On another topic, something I am quite curious about is why Viktor chose to have only 4 fingers on both his robotic hands in all skins except Creator (where his normal arm replaced by a robotic one is his right one instead of his left one). I personally prefer him having 5 fingers on each hand, symmetrically.

      • From the look of things it looks more like an edited or shortened animation instead of a new one. The difference doesn’t seem to relevant and it’s not properly an additon so we have our doubts about adding it. It’s something to keep in mind but we aren’t sure about it. Still, thanks for bringing it to the light.

        With regards to fingers it may all be a matter of function over form. The justification behind it may rest only in Viktor’s mind: perhaps related to the use of some machinery. Who knows for sure.

    • You’re right, we should update the introduction. Creator is certainly the most evocative of his current skins but, sadly, no longer justifies the high price as well as it did. Once they reused Creator’s particles for the rest of his skins the gap decreased as Creator lost some of its identity.

  17. Hey zero 🙂

    I was asking if its a good deal to buy creator Viktor as he is on sale in my region?

    • If you are a fan of Viktor then Creator is, arguably, the best skin you can currently get. If you’d prefer something cheaper then Full Metal could suffice but it doesn’t have the classy, dark style of Creator. Creator’s particles are also nice but many have been moved to the other skins as well so in that aspect it’s not as unique as it was. For that reason it’s not as satisfying at its high price as it used to be. Nevertheless, it’s an enjoyable skin and if you are going to get it then it’s better to get it on sale.

  18. Hey Zero. Big fan of your reviews. I always find your thoughts about these different skins very informative and interesting. I had a question about which Viktor skin I should get. The Creator Viktor skin is going on sale next month for 675 RP and I have the Full Machine on sale in my “Teemoing” Halloween shop for 487 RP. They both look pretty cool but I’m not too sure which one to pick. Right now, I’m leaning more toward Creator Viktor because I like the dark black and red look of his skin.


    • Glad that you like the reviews.

      In our opinion, Creator Viktor is the most elaborate choice for the discerning Machine Herald. The problem is that the other skins, including classic, have drawn from Creator their particles’s design so the difference between the skins, and one of Creator’s major features, isn’t as significant as it used to be.

      Full Machine is a great re-model but Creator has a few extras, which aren’t that remarkable, but tip the scales in its favour in terms of how much the skin offers. We do think that Creator should offer more to differentiate itself from the other skins; especially at 1350 RP.

      We understand the appeal of Creator but be aware that the skin isn’t what it used to be after the gameplay update homogenised all the particles. In terms of pure Glorious Revolution you can’t do better than Creator. Still, be aware that you’ll recognise many of the visuals.

      • Thanks for the response. Looking at the skins again, I think I prefer the classic Viktor skin, I like the look of the blue cape and simplistic body. I didn’t notice how similar the particles were to Creator skin. I think I’ll stick to the Classic version of Viktor, especially since they updated the particles.
        I also got the Underworld TF skin in the sale for 390 RP and I’m really enjoying that skin a lot. It feels really good to use.

        • The particles were one of the main features that made Creator Viktor special. When the visual upgrade came they simply grabbed as much as they could from Creator without giving the skin anything extra to stay unique. It’s still a very nice skin but nothing like what it used to be on release.

          Underworld Twisted Fate is probably the Card Master’s best skin. It’s very nicely done with a good concept behind and an eye-catching execution. Specially at that price it’s a wonderful choice. Hope you enjoy the skin.

  19. Hey Zero,
    Which skin do you think worth more, Star Guardian Lulu or Ceator Viktor?

    Creator Viktor is on sale for 50% OFF in our server and I am thinking of buying that skin for him. The Creator’s dark aesthethic is pretty nice which I found very attractive. Plus the model’s new clothes is actually very good IMO.
    The thing is, the money I have is actually saved to for SG Lulu, which I like very much for my suppordle.

    I’m a support main and almost exclusively plays the role. But whenever I have a chance to go mid lane, I always play Viktor, which happens quite a lot.

    Pls help, the sale will last till December 15.


    • It sounds like a matter of priorities. There’s the role you prefer for which Star Guardian Lulu is reserved and also the one you play whenever you can. If you play Viktor quite a lot then we wonder what’s the ratio between going suppordle versus spreading the Glorious Evolution. Depending on how the scales are tipped it could give an idea on which skin you should get. After all, you should get a skin that will see a lot of use and that you will have many chances to enjoy.

      There’s another matter to consider as well. The sale for Creator Viktor presents a great opportunity of getting the skin. We’d say that it’s also a great opportunity to eventually get Star Guardian Lulu, eventually. As it’s a recent skin it will take a good while to go on sale so if you can save to get it when it does receive a discount you could, in the long run, get both skins.

      Patience is necessary because the new Star Guardian skins were released on October. So, it’s not unfeasable that any of these skins won’t reach a sale after they are rounding a year of life. However, if you really want to prioritise Star Guardian Lulu you may get it after six months, roughly, in the early sale.

      Depending on how much you are willing to wait and whether it’s possible to save extra money for Star Guardian Lulu, when it goes on sale, you may get Creator Viktor now. Do take into consideration how much you play each champion. If you are exclusiverly a support main then Viktor is a distraction that happens sometimes. If you often play Viktor then Creator could be a nice addition. Perhaps factoring these variables you can reach a conclusion.

  20. Thanks Zero. I decided to buy Creator. It’s all the price that influenced me to buy the skin instead, I can do the same thing at Star Guardian Lulu. Though the sale may take some time, I guess it’s better save some money instead than rushing to buy that skin since it is not in the legacy vault. Maybe I should just buy Santa Braum this christmas.

    And ooh bout’ santa Braum, do you think it’s worth it to get it? The brutesanta concept is well executed, IMO. Braum is my go to pick whenever I feel like my team needs a tank. I am also thinking of getting Lionheart instead, since it’s cheaper and the I really like the knight concept ( though the skin’s would be waaaaaay better than the others if it have new particles IMO).

    • Hope you enjoy joining on the Glorious Evolution. Considering the steady stream of new skins there’s certainly no rush to get them. The sales are a good mechanism because they save money but also allow time between purchases to enjoy what you bought. If you buy a lot of skins at once chances are that all won’t receive the same attention. It’s better to take one’s time and saving money is certainly a nice bonus.

      With regards to Santa Braum we are a bit disappointed. As a boastful, friendly Santa Braum delivers. However, there’s the ignored angle of taking him as a Santa wrestler. That would’ve added some value beyond the season. Sadly, that avenue wasn’t explored. Instead the execution ends up covering the usual areas.

      Lionheart Braum is an option provided that the new model is enough. It’s not a bad skin but it does feel shallow as in practice it’s only a change of clothes; some particles would’ve certainly helped. Santa Braum has another disadvantage which Lionheart doesn’t: the price. Santa Braum costs much more and also can’t go on sale. Eventually you may see him in a Snowdown bundle with a small discount. With luck it could end up in a monthly bundle with a 50% discount but added to other skins that may or may not be to your liking.

      All taken into consideration, we’d advise to buy what you really like and would enjoy. If possible, try to reduce the expense via sales or bundles when possible. The main problem is that you can end up buying a skin that you end up not playing because there’s an alternative you actually wanted to get but substituted for it. That doesn’t mean to go all out without concern but substitutes seldom work in terms of skins. Each skin is different so keep that in mind when choosing.

  21. Hey zero you kinda made a mistake on the creator viktors description you wrote his name vitkor just sayin if ya noticed here.

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