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Lux, the Lady of Luminosity
Lux, the Lady of Luminosity

Lux, the Lady of Luminosity has two defined sets of skins: one with a high fantasy theme and another with a militaristic theme. Both sets complement each other and show different aspects of Lux; even if her light powers stay intact. If you want to delve deeper into Lux’s fashion and career choices, read further into this skins’ review.

Sorceress Lux
Sorceress Lux Splash Art Sorceress Lux Model
Category: Regular
Price: 520 RP
Concept: Lux dressed as a blue Demacian sorceress.
Model: New textures and moderate model changes for Lux. New texture for her wand.
Particles: No new particles.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: Some stars and a full Moon are all that’s visible in the night. As a setting it’s rather humble but acceptable. Lux is what stands out riding her wand. Her portrayal is quite nice but somewhat uneven. On the whole, Lux’s appearance is clear and colourful. However, in parts the shading is crisp, like her right arm, or rather dull, as in her hat, or something intermediate, like her hair. The light sources are too bright: her wand and left hand tend to hide all nearby elements like a fog. Additionally, her legs give the impression of being too short and even too thin. The result it’s an acceptable but uneven portrayal which, added to the setting makes for a splash art that does its job but suffers from noticeable flaws.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Sorceress Lux is a nice re-texture with some model changes that effectively make Lux a high fantasy sorceress. While the outfit is more revealing than her Classic attire it doesn’t simply expose Lux’s skin, instead it seems to display a more youthful look for her. It’s true that the skin is heavily based off Classic Lux but in spite of that, from the classic wizard hat to the white gloves, the skin succeeds in presenting Lux as a Demacian sorceress. A simple concept with a good execution is what Sorceress Lux delivers, considering the price, no Lux fan should skip Sorceress Lux.

Spellthief Lux
Spellthief Lux Splash Art Spellthief Lux Model
Category: Regular
Price: 750 RP
Concept: Lux dressed as a spell stealer.
Model: New model for Lux and her wand.
Particles: No new particles.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: This splash art shows Lux hiding in the darkness of the woods, probably escaping due to some spell pilfering. Light sources are well used: both the glows in the forest and Lux’s wand bathe her in different shades of light. The piece has a good quality and a great setting that serves as a snapshot of Lux’s adventure. A very nice piece that takes advantage of the setting to better expose the skin’s concept.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Spellthief Lux offers an interesting concept with a great execution. Lux’s hood, the wood wand, the belts with a spell book, a mysterious bag and several potions; it all suggests an unconventional magic adept. The subdued tones of her clothes match the need for secrecy intrinsic of thieves’ activities. All in all, Spellthief Lux is a very good skin that should appeal to any Lux fan.

Commando Lux
Commando Lux Splash Art Commando Lux Model
Category: Regular
Price: 520 RP
Concept: Lux dressed in a Demacian Commando suit.
Model: New model for Lux and her wand.
Particles: No new particles.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: Lux stands before a burning jungle in an army suit that has plenty of references to modern warfare. The quality of the drawing and shading is great as well as the composition: Lux’s pose and expression set the piece apart from a simple pose. Besides, the lighting from the fire delineates Lux’s silhouette serving as a frame to the action. A very good and quality splash art.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Commando Lux is, technically, a good re-model that radically changes Lux’s colourful armour for a practical Demacian Commando suit. The problem is that, while the changes and concept are good on paper, the final product is drab, dull and unexciting. That’s not to say that nobody should buy it as it may appeal to those looking for a more serious look for Lux. However, considering the great splash art and the plain model, it is an unconvincing skin that can’t be recommended.

Imperial Lux
Imperial Lux Splash Art Imperial Lux Model
Category: Legacy
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Lux dressed in an army uniform.
Model: New model for Lux and her wand.
Particles: No new particles.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: Among the high places of Demacia, Lux dramatically stands in her army uniform. The background is rich in details, even putting the wind in action thanks to the birds and flags’ movements. Lux is well drawn with great use of shading and lighting; though she looks a bit different from her other depictions; in particular her face. The uniform is quite complex, the different materials are well displayed and the wand has some nice glowing touches. However, the pose and overall sense of the piece seems a bit forced or artificial. It’s not a bad piece, it does have good quality, but the moment portrayed doesn’t convince as anything more than a pose.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Imperial Lux seems to be another take at an army skin for Lux which succeeds, but up to a point. On the one hand, Lux receives a quality re-model with detailed textures. On the other hand, the wand as a sort of double gun is weird and her new face make her look like another person. It’s not that her face looks bad it’s that it doesn’t seem like Lux. Besides, something more appropriate could’ve been used as a wand; like a small double Demacian standard. Imperial Lux is a nice skin but only if you can ignore the strange wand design and accept Lux’s new face.

Steel Legion Lux
Steel Legion Lux Splash Art Steel Legion Lux Model
Category: Regular
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Lux as a heavily armoured, futuristic soldier.
Model: New model for Lux and her wand.
Particles: New particles for Light Binding, Prismatic Barrier, Lucent Singularity and Final Spark.
Animations: New idle animation for her armour as well as new animations for Light Binding, Final Spark, auto-attack and recall.
Sounds: New energy sounds for her auto-attack and abilities.
Splash Art: The setting is some sort of complex covered by a deep mist that, conveniently, occludes details and parts of the scene. Lux is at the forefront attentive to her surroundings. The armour is fascinatingly designed and looks wonderful: the lines show imperfections and the shading the irregularities expected of use. On top of that, the light on the chest illuminates surrounding surfaces, though it’s covered in-game, and the ambient light creates reflections; though they aren’t very convincing in their placement. The wand looks as good as her armour plus her face looks delicate yet focused and determined. To be fair, it’s one of the best portrayals available but the background lets down a bit. Still, it’s a great splash art that serves as a great spotlight for the Steel Legion.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Steel Legion Lux is a skin that may seem too bleak for Lux but that still suits her military career. Without doubt the skin mostly disregards Lux’s bright personality. However, the hi-tech soldier look is well done and Lux doesn’t feel forced into the theme. Besides, the complex armour looks practical and sturdy while the wand lethal and effective; it also has bladed ends for close combat. Model aside, some of the new particles are very subtle while others look great; like Light Binding and Final Spark. The same can be said about the new sounds but they manage to add a subtle layer of consistency to the theme. Regardless, Light Binding, Final Spark and her auto-attacks also receive new animations that, added to the other changes, give the skin a personality of its own. In the end, you could very well say that it’s just another army skin for Lux. It is, but it’s also a skin that excels with a great version of the downtrodden concept and an implementation that goes an extra step to make it unique. On its own, Steel Legion Lux is a wonderful skin and if you like Lux this is a wonderful choice.

Star Guardian Lux
 Splash Art Star Guardian Lux Model
Category: Regular
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Lux as a magical girl wielding the magic of the stars.
Model: New model for Lux and her staff plus new glow for her staff.
Particles: New star particles for her abilities, auto-attack, high-speed run, recall and death.
Animations: New recall, dance, standing idle and high-speed run animations.
Sounds: New sounds for her abilities, auto-attack, high-speed run, dance, recall and death.
Splash Art: While this piece is a straightforward portrayal it’s an effective one. The background is merely composed of swirls, bubbles and stars to fill space. The main purpose is to display Lux and that’s what it does. The depiction has a charming air with a saturated colour palette and a fresh look. The lines are clear and the colours used well even if shadows struggle to appear. Her wand also takes centre stage and perhaps too much as it seems to compete and even triumph over her. It’s strange to see one end glittering and the other dissolving as if transparent. If it’s appearing or disappearing it’s not very clear. The same happens with Lux’s left leg and foot: it gives the sense that she’s emerging from somewhere but there’s actually nowhere for her to come from.
In spite of some diffuse elements and puzzling choices the portrayal manages to show Lux’s bright personality in a suitable way for her Sailor Moon style. It does leave a sour taste due to the nonexistent setting but the relief is that the spotlight shines bright on Lux.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Embracing Lux’s magical side and incorporating the magical girl or mahou shoujo aesthetic Star Guardian Lux is a clear homage to that genre of manga and anime; with more than a passing tribute to Sailor Moon. Lux’s costume is colourful and full of the designs proper of a magical girl. It’s not revolutionary but certainly effective and iconic. Her wand also fulfils its role well while following her costume’s style. The only problem is that the colours don’t always mesh as well as they could and perhaps the abundance of blue, pink and similar hues makes them compete with each other. This makes the costume lack some harmony of design.
The new particles and sounds have a clear star design that can feel too starry and childish. It’s a suitable choice but it may not appeal to everyone. That aside, the particles appear evidently magical yet still powerful in their own way. The new sounds work very well to support the visuals and make Lux’s actions brim with magical essence. The sounds, like the particles don’t feel specifically impactful but the kind of magic they reflect is effective at what they do. During her death the new particles and sounds succeed at displaying her star powers in a final but eloquent way.
There are also a few new animations to speak of. Her new idle animation is a good but simple addition. She appears distant and even looking under her nose at others. The intention of defining a new identity with a new way of standing idle is commendable but the result doesn’t fit Lux’s bright nature; especially with this theme. The new dance is a nice extra but it would’ve welcomed some star effects to reflect the theme better. As it is, her moves convey her cheerful personality and the flowing wand her magic but it stops a bit abruptly. The recall is a fantastic tribute to magical girl’s transformations. It feels rather plain in the beginning but then it hits all the right notes. A proper transformation is missed though which would’ve added volumes. Still, it’s a very fine feature.
All things considered, Star Guardian Lux is a wonderful skin that will be the delight of magical girl fans. Those that prefer Lux’s magical side to her military one will also find a lot to like; as long as they can put up with the starry overdose. In the end, it’s a skin that leaves the feeling that it could’ve been more satisfying had it gone all the way into legendary territory; or perhaps even ultimate. Some of the additions feel cut short in their development and more animations styled in the magical girl way would’ve certainly been welcome. Nonetheless, Star Guardian Lux is a great skin that fans of the Lady of Luminosity should not ignore.


Lux’s two sets of skins come with greatly different degrees of success but there are good choices in either of them. In general, the high fantasy skins are the recommended ones: Sorceress Lux being the cheaper of them, and Spellthief Lux having a more distinct look. The more expensive is Star Guardian Lux with a clear and appealing magical girl style. It asks for quite a bit but also offers a lot of star-powered charm. Fans of magical girls will find that it’s a skin that delivers.

The militaristic skins are a different matter. Steel Legion Lux is recommended as a fantastic skin that delivers its theme very well. However, Commando Lux is a disappointment, especially notable due to the great splash art. Additionally, Imperial Lux is a skin that has good quality but suffers from a couple of questionable design choices.

In summary, the former set will probably appeal to most people while the latter may have trouble convincing even Lux fans; except for Steel Legion Lux. If you like Lux’s military career then Steel Legion Lux is the best choice you can make but her fantasy side tends to shine more.

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  1. Please, you can make a Skin Preview of Riven and Akali?.

  2. With pleasure. Both champions are already on the list due to a previous request; their priority will be increased.

  3. Maybe the Lux Commando skin could be more similar to the splash art, but it’s a good skin and it looks good ingame. And yeah the splash art for Imperial Lux could be better, but the skin is top notch and Lux face LOOKS 1000 times better, her old face is just OLD, all her other skins neeed a remodel like the imperial skin has, maybe they could make the face look a bit diferent than in the imperial one, but the imperial one is definately better then the original.

    • We agree, Commando Lux shows an stark difference between splash art and in-game model. It’s true that Imperial Lux’s model shows quite a lot of quality yet the skin simply doesn’t impress. It’s lacking something to make it stand out; it’s a good skin anyway, just not excellent.

      Let’s hope that an eventual visual re-work can make Lux’s skins shine as the lady of luminosity deserves.

  4. The Steel Legion Lux review seems to (well I think it does) have an error: it says there are no new sounds but at least the W and E seem to have new sounds pretty distinctively, possibly the others but not as clearly so not certain.

    • Thanks for the notice, we’ve been unsure whether there were new sounds. We’ll give Steel Legion Lux another look as that seems to be the case. There difference may be small but they are definitely worth checking.

  5. Can i ask Zero?.. Spellthief lux’s wand is a dark gray metalic wand right? not a wood :)))

  6. Hey Zero, I wanted to ask. I have a sale for Spelltheif Lux for 135 RP (SEA normal price is 270RP) [46 hours left as of now]. Should I wait for a sale for Steel Legion Lux or just but Spelltheif Lux?

    • Sorry for the late answer. Spellthief Lux is a rather nice skin but there’s no doubt that Steel Legion is more elaborate. However, Spellthief is closer to her lore and identity while Steel Legion is a sci-fi departure. If you just want good visuals then Steel Legion also provides new particles, animations and sounds. Spellthief is more modest but it shows a little darker side of her.

      To be fair, both are good skins but they deliver different fantasies. If you are a great Lux fan you’ll probably want them both eventually. In end, it’s difficult to make a bad choice and as long as you are patient you’ll be able to get them both on sale. At any rate, choose based on which one you like the most because usually there are opportunities to get skins on sale if you don’t mind the wait.

      • Thanks a lot, friend! True, I am a Lux fan so I would want to get both. I decided to get the Spelltheif Lux and now, I am waiting for the Steel Legion to be on sale. Sorry for the late reply.
        By the way, is there any way to keep up with this site using a mobile device? (Like an app or a forum redirector? Or must we bookmark the webiste?)

        • The wait is the worst part. The January Demacia Bundle presented an opportunity of getting Steel Legion Lux but it wasn’t the most flexible option. We’ll have to patiently wait then.

          We haven’t considered making the website mobile-friendly though it might work to an extent. The RSS feed could be useful if you just want to check new posts.

          If necessary we could consider making an app or a specific format for mobile devices. We’ll keep it in mind; thanks for the suggestion.

          • I’ve done it again. Sigh… Sorry for the really late response. Anyway, SEA doesn’t have the same sales as the other areas so… Yeah. But thanks anyway. Do you work on this webpage all alone? If so, then you’re simply brilliant. No ads, beautiful layout and amazing reviews. I always read your reviews no matter what skin I buy. Thank you, dear sir! Good luck.

            Edit: Saw the “we”. Must be more than one. Even so, brilliant job maintaining. Please don’t ever shut down or something!

          • Don’t worry and not at all, it’s a pleasure. Indeed, it seems that some regions work different to others. Hopefully that means that you can get some nice offers too.

            Well, it’s more than a person that contributes to the site; especially players. Without their, that means your, feedback the blog wouldn’t be able to cope with so much information.

            We do have an ad on the site, to be fair, but we put ease of use and quality before anything else. In our view, if the information is useful and appreciated then people will support us. We prefer to let the quality of our work speak for itself.

            The idea is to give a point of view on the skins so that you have a frame to analyse a skin and make an educated purchase. We don’t intend to be the objective voice of truth we simply provide advice. If anyone disagrees with us we welcome the discussion. It’s thanks to different ideas that we are able to grow.

        • steel legion on sale now in SAM garena!!

          • Gosh! To the Batcave!

          • I KNOW RIGHT?! AND AT A PERIOD WHERE I DON’T HAVE MONEY. And the borrow GS doesn’t work… GAH why Garena?! When I have RP for a skin, you give shit skins for sale. And when I don’t, you give beautiful skins on sale…

          • Sorry for the extra comment. Anyway, to reply to your… reply, I realised I had my ad blocker on. Well, I turned it off for this site. Anyway, indeed you do a great job. Thank you again.

          • No problem. As it seems, Murphy’s Law is in full effect: whenever one is unable to buy a skin, the best appear on sale. Saving and waiting might be the best course of action to be ready when Murphy thinks we are unready.

  7. Its really funny how Garena makes sales. They make ‘Freljord sales’ for Winter Olymics when like…. there’s no Freljord Ashe or Rammus and they have Black Belt Udyr and Bloodstone Lissandra for sale… Like wow…

    • They either have a very peculiar sense of humour or a mysterious agenda that encompasses a larger plan of unpredictable consequences. They could also choose them at random.

      To be fair winter and Freljord are related and both Udyr and Lissandra are related to that region. Still, the connections seem a bit flimsy.

      • I know right? Anyway, who am I to complain?

        PS: Heartseeker Ashe is hot 😛

        • Just the way things are. Also, brace yourselves for Hearseeker’s Ashe heart-infused arrival and careful with his mild-mannered husband.

          • *cough cough* Mild-mannered husband? “Undying Rage”
            What do you think about Vel’Koz? I think he’s way too op and he’s sure to be nerfed in a few patches. Maybe you should have an “Upcoming Champion Review” kind of thing.

          • He’ll completely understand as the reasonable gentleman he is. After all, he’s taken the retcon of his marriage quite well, don’t you think? Gentleman Tryndamere.

            Vel’Koz, sounds like a new dish. Seems like many will have a seafood meal soon. Balance is always in fluctuation so nerfs and buffs can be guaranteed as well as dinner; look for our new recipe. The question is: will Vel’Koz be fun to play with?

  8. Fun… Can’t confirm that. Way too op? Can confirm that. Vel’Koz to be nerfed in the next patch, I guarantee it!

  9. I just picked up Lux again, and I’m loving it. Steel Legion Lux was on sale last month, so she won’t be on for a while. Would you recommend picking her up at full price? I’ve never actually bought a permanent skin at full price before. Do you think there might be a chance of a new, better Lux skin coming out anytime soon?

    • Steel Legion Lux is a very nice skin but obviously better while on sale. If you really want it now then you could get it at full price; patience pays but you’ll need a lot. As you mentioned it was recently on sale and also in a bundle so chances of a return are low.
      It’s possible that a future Lux skin will get released and be, at least, as good as Steel Legion. Lux is rather popular but there are many other champions also awaiting a new skin. Besides, you’ll also have to wait for a sale on that one.

      An alternative is to wait for some of her other skins to go on sale while you wait for Steel Legion; assuming you’ll be playing Lux a lot. Sorceress and especially Imperial could be getting a sale soon. Of course, they don’t compare to Steel Legion and if that’s the one you really want then you only need to ask one question: is it worth 975 RP? If you like it that much and will play it a lot then it can be a good investment.

      A sale is a tool to save RP but nothing prohibits you from purchasing a skin you really like. You only need to be sure that what you get is worth what you pay.

  10. Are you going to cover the new Sorceress Lux splash (4.13?) I personally really dislike the original splash’s face and I think this resolves it.

  11. Zero, do you think I should buy the Steel Legion Lux while it is on 50% off? Riot has said they will make a skin for Lux in the future that goes more with her personality instead of her military career, and knowing how they function this sale is probably just a trap to get people to use their money up and then release a new and better skin. I already have Imperial Lux due to a mystery gift, and I overall like Steel Legion except for the heavy armor. It also has a low of features for a 975 RP skin, but I just don’t know if it is worth having two (possibly three in the future) skins for her.

    • a lot of features* (You should add the option to edit comments I think)

      • We took a look and didn’t see an option to allow comments to be edited. Apparently we need to install a plugin to allow general users to edit comments. It seems that only logged-on members can edit comments.

        The main problem is that we have to be strict with comments due to spam. If we were to allow comment editing then after a comment is approved it could be changed to whatever someone desires and we’ll have to re-check.

        There probably are ways around it all and we could get to work on that but for the time being our priorities lay elsewhere. Sorry we can’t be of more help.

    • How many skins you should have for a champion largely depends on how much you like them. Of course, many are in the position that they get the best skin at a certain moment and then a superior one is released; those are the rules of the game, frankly. In that case, it’s better to decide based on how much you like the skin, how much you play Lux and whether you feel it a significant improvement over the other skins.

      In our opinion Steel Legion is a great skin that justifies a purchase even owning the other skins. However, if you don’t play Lux much or you simply don’t appreciate the militaristic theme then it won’t be so appealing. Also consider that even if a new Lux skin is released before the end of the year it won’t go on sale in a good time so that’s a chance to devote play-time to Steel Legion. Assuming that the new skin is good and you like it also.

      A way of looking at it could be if Steel Legion is worth 487 RP considering a few things. Will it be used even though you own other skins? Will you still use it if a new skin you like more is released? Do you like it enough to still buy it if the previous questions are answered with a no?

  12. As a fan of Lux, I’ve actually been really disappointed with her skins. Sorcerer looks unappealing to me, both in splash and in game, same with Commando. Imperial I actually like the splash, but the in game just looks so different from it. Spellthief is nice, but I couldn’t see myself using it all that often. Steel Legion is definitely my favorite, but it’s such a stark contrast to Lux’s personality. All in all, I’m actually content to use her base skin over any of her skins.

    Still waiting on that ultimate Lux skin.

    • We agree that Lux’s skins don’t always capture her essence in a satisfactory way. The one’s that fit her the most are simple and, for some reason, she has a rather developed militaristic side. Steel Legion is the most interesting of the ones she currently has. However, we’re still waiting for that special skin that captures the real Lux.

  13. Hi, Zero! As a Lux main since level 6, I was super excited to see the PBE Lux skin Star Guardian, but the concept seems a little not-Lux. That said, it’s only a model viewer and also open to changes possibly. What do you think of it given the one sneak peek we’ve been given so far?

    • Actually, it might be the skin that Lux has been waiting for so long. Besides her release skins she only has army skins so this could expose her magical side. It seems to be based on the magical girl genre of anime and if done well it could suit Lux quite well. We’ll have to wait and see, best wishes for Lux.

  14. When are you releasing your review for the best skin in the game?

    • As soon as possible.

      • Fantastic! Thank you! I only have two comments on your review: 1. Personally, the extra Final Spark particles and sound clearly add to the ability’s (already high) feeling of impactfulness. It definitely feels very satisfying. 2. The new lucent singularity (E) particles add a lot of clarity to the explosion radius. All in all, a great skin, thanks for your review, it was very helpful.

        • Not at all glad you found it useful.

          We didn’t mean that the abilities don’t feel deadly but that they don’t have the explosive feel that other skins display. There’s no doubt that star magic is powerful but not in the same sense as magic is usually interpreted. That definitely adds to the singular style and identity of the skin.

          Perhaps we should rewrite some things to make them clearer. We didn’t try to say that star magic isn’t powerful but that it has a different style.

  15. Any quick recommendations on Star Guardian Lux while it is still on sale?

    Thanks for all the work too, i never buy a skin without coming here first.

    • Not at all, glad that you find it useful.

      Seems rather nice but we still have to review it. We’ll have it covered before the sale is over.

  16. Are you going to do a skin review of the new Lux skin Star Guardian?

  17. Hey Zero,
    At first I have to say that I love all your reviews! I always come here before buying a skin.
    I really like Lux so I was very happy I got Steel Legion Lux as a present from Riot. I understand why you say this is the recommend skin for Lux. But I’ve always waited for a skin for her magical side. And now here it is: Star Guardian Lux. Well I agree with you they could have made more and her outfit is nothing special. But I think that the skin makes Lux something completely different and I like that. I am a big Anime Fan too. And can you expect any skin for Lux getting more magical? 😀
    I always thought one skin for one champion is enough but this skin makes me wonder…
    You gave four stars for 1350rp but how about 975rp? Is it the best option for Lux magical side?
    Thank you for all your reviews, you really help me and a lot more people with decisions.

    • Glad that you find the reviews useful. We put a lot of effort in them.

      We certainly agree that Lux’s magical side is the strongest one. From those skins Star Guardian is the best but it’s also the most expensive. If you play Lux a lot and like her magical style best then Star Guardian is the ideal choice. The problem is the price.

      You have two options: get it during the release sale or wait until a regular sale. If you get it now then you’ll pay 975 RP but if you wait, perhaps a year, for a regular sale then you’ll pay 675 RP. The difference is 300 RP which equates to around a 520 RP skin on sale: 260 RP.

      The real question is if you like Star Guardian enough and would play it enough to justify paying 975 RP now. If you don’t mind the wait you can save some RP but if enjoy LoL mostly thanks to Lux then the expense is more reasonable. It mostly depends how much Lux you’ll play and how much use Star Guardian would get.

      If you have many skins and play many champions Star Guardian Lux could get skipped most of the time in favour of other options. If you mostly play Lux and like her most as a magical girl then getting Star Guardian becomes a much more justifiable proposition.

  18. Hey Zero, this is my first time commenting and I had no clue where to post this question, but just like you do with the Harrowing Skins and Team Skins (i.e. SSW), could you make an individual post to sum up all the skins per patch? That would be really helpful.

    • You can find all the most recent skins in the front page along all the news. A specific page with the most recent skins could be useful but they can already be found in the news section. We’ll think about it, it’s always good to have information well organized so that it’s easier to find.

  19. Hi Zero,
    At first I will say that I’m a big fan of your reviews and always check them before making a purchase so keep up on the great work 🙂 So I recently found myself playing lux a lot and I already got the star guardian. At the moment ive got exactly 260RP in the bank . Today is the last day of the commando lux I was sale and i was wondering if I should get it since its style is really appealing to me. I wanted to ask you if it’s worth buying the skin or to wait for some harrowing legacy vault sales?

    • Glad that you like the reviews.

      If there were to be any Legacy Vault sales Lux could only offer her Imperial skin. It would be more expensive than 260 RP but it also could be a more interesting military skin for Lux. Commando is a simple skin that ends up more green that anything else. The army style is present but it presents nothing exciting about it. In fact, Sorceress, on sale, would be a better option though the magical girl fantasy competes with Star Guardian.

      If you specifically like what Commando has to offer then no other skin will be as green as it is. That is, it’s a very specific aesthetic so if you like it there shouldn’t be any other skins that directly compete with it. Imperial may be a better option but it’s more expensive. The best army skin is certainly Steel Legion. Even with its sci-fi approach it’s a skin that goes an extra step to make the most of its theme.

      It depends on what you like from Commando. If it’s just the military angle, there’s better. If it’s the unique Commando style then it has something to offer.

  20. Star Guardian Lux will be on sale soon for 975 rp. Do you think it will be better to get than the Steel Legion skin

    • Sorry for the late answer, we don’t know how we missed the message.

      Star Guardian and Steel Legion are skins different enough that there’s more than a price between them. The radically diverse concepts behind them makes the stands wide apart so it’s more of whether you like a magical girl or a futuristic soldier than how much you want to spend.

      Of course, if you can get either of them on sale it’s the preferred way. However, there’s much more to it than money; as it usually is with everything.

  21. Imperial Lux and Amethyst Ashe are both in my Snowdown Shop. I can afford both, but which skin do you recommend?
    I like the idea behind Imperial Lux and it’s a legacy skin, but i like Amethyst ashe, too. So what do you suggest? I’d like to hear some thoughts before i make a decision 🙂

    • It depends a bit on the discounts you are being offered, some are quite good and others are just forgettable. If you want an army skin for Lux the Steel Legion may be the best option; sci-fi and all. Imperial is a nice re-model but only that and for 975 RP is too little. If the price is much lower then it could be an option. It also depends on how much Lux you play. Besides, you may end up prefering Star Guardian or Steel Legion for a similar price.

      With regards to Ashe, Amethyst is one of the best skins you can get for her. There’s a lot to like in her eye-catching style so, if you like Ashe, Amethyst is a great choice. It also depends how much Ashe you play versus Lux. You seem to like Amethyst so perhaps that should be your choice. The idea behind Imperial is that of army Lux and that might be better exposed in Steel Legion.

      In the end it’s all a matter of taste. However, we think that Amethyst is a skin that offers a lot but Imperial could be better. If Imperial were very cheap it could be tempting but ultimately it could be better to get something you really like instead of something cheap; you’ll just enjoy it more.

      • Ok, thanks so much! I was gifted the Ahri skin I wanted so I’ll go get the Ashe skin when I get online 😀

        • Not at all, hope you enjoy the skins.

          • Ok, I think I really like Amethyst Ashe because of her re-model and new particles, but my friend says I shouldn’t pass up the chance to go buy a legacy skin when it’s on sale, and even since i won’t be able to get any more RP. So I bought Imperial Lux, and I’m glad that I at least have a skin that I got myself and it’s a legacy. Still love Amethyst Ashe, though, thanks again for your reviews and your thoughts!! ^_^

          • Not at all, we hope you enjoy the skins.

            If you really like Imperial then there’s no reason not to get it; especially on sale. At least once every year retired legacy skins return so it’s not impossible to get them; you just need patience.

  22. Hey Strategy Zero team! In light of the upcoming Star Guardian skins, just wanted to let you know in advance that Star Guardian Lux will receive updated textures and a new homeguard animation, which all Star Guardian skins will get. Just to let you know, I don’t know if this will affect her current score.

    • Thanks for the notice, it’s good to know the specifics about skin changes. We don’t think that the modifications would improve Star Guardian Lux enough to make it sensibly better; so as to get a better rating. It seems to be a layer of polish to place it in line with the rest of the Star Guardian skins. Not that Star Guardian Lux has a bad rating but we don’t think it’s enough to change it. It would ensure that it doesn’t go down when compared with more recent skins of the same line, though.

  23. Apparently, there is a rumour that there will be an ultimate Lux skin. The guy who said it also predicted this year’s star guardian skins. Elementalist Lux. How do you feel about the concept from the name, Strategy Zero? Also, how do you feel about the star guardian skin (especially Jinx)?

    • Star Guardian Jinx seems to be worthy of its legendary label. It’s a cohesive adaptation that takes advantage of the new familiars in the actual gameplay; they aren’t just decorative. The other Star Guardians tend to have much more streamlined executions. The adaptation is effective but never goes an extra step to round each skin with a touch of the unique personality that each Star Guardian is supposed to possess.

      Elementalist Lux sounds rather vague to draw any concrete information about the concept. It depends on which element the skin is based and how that is exploited in the skin. An ultimate skin needs to have a unique twist that makes it stand apart from all the others. If the skin incorporates a clever and satisfying feature that takes advantage of the concept then it could be a really great ultimate. As always, it depends on how far the developers are willing to go to make the skin stand out. It’s not even a matter of adding more effects or having more changes, though it’ll need a full makeover, but how they are used to present the theme.

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