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Article – StrategyZero
Oct 172019

Starting today, 17th of October, and until the 27th of October the 10 Year Celebration of League of Legends Decade Anniversary is on. This means that each day you’ll receive a mission to play a match for a gift. Gifts vary from icons to essence and crafting materials to culminate in a legendary skin and the Annie-versary skin on days 10 and 11 respectively; wait, someone help with the math. Keep reading for more details.

The full list of gifts per day is as follows:

– Day 1: Anniversary Icon, Emote, and Ward Skin
– Day 2: 6300 Blue Essence
– Day 3: Masterwork Chest + Hextech Key
– Day 4: Little Legends Rare Egg
– Day 5: 3000 Orange Essence
– Day 6: 4 Skin Shards
– Day 7: 25 Prestige Points
– Day 8: 200 Worlds 2019 Tokens
– Day 9: 2 Gemstones
– Day 10: Legendary Skin
– Day 11: Annie-versary + Birthday Border + Icon (Bonus Day)

In case you miss a day missions last for a while so there’s no need to rush. For example, the first mission, ’10 Year – Double Bruisers Bot’, lasts for 4 weeks. The gift is the ’10 Year Chocolate Orb’ which is a loot chest. In the client there’s also a mission tracker so as not to miss anything. Hope you enjoy celebrating 10 Years of League of Legends.

Source: Riot Pls Anniversary Edition Recap

Feb 072019
Coin Emperor Tahm Kench, Firecracker Sejuani and Firecracker Vayne
Lunar Revel 2019

The Emperor wanted a great celebration for the New Year and the parade was to be the centre of it. With fireworks and a large procession it garnered a lot of attention, in this world and beyond. A wraith set its sights on the coins and gold of treasury and regalia. Was it simple greed which motivated the spectre or was there a desire to ruin the empire? Whatever the reason he didn’t have an easy time.

A monster hunter was enjoying the celebration and, watching the parade, noticed strange, supernatural energies swirl by. With the help of purifying magic and a few well executed explosives coming from the experts in the parade the wraith was deterred to the happiness of all, especially the Emperor. Would the wraith return from whatever strange lands it lurked? No one could know for sure but that the celebration was going to continue in full, there was no doubt.

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Feb 072019
Sylas, the Unshackled
Sylas, the Unshackled

They imprisoned him, chained, they thought he was powerless and no longer a threat. Time passed and with each day of complacency the chains stopped being a shackle and slowly became a weapon. So, it became a matter of when he would escape. What tied him now ties his enemies and whatever power they had it is now his to command. Their biggest strengths are they greatest weaknesses.
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Dec 082018
Winter Wonderland Neeko, Winter Wonder Soraka, Snow Man Yi, Frozen Prince Mundo and Ice King Twitch
Snowdown Showdown 2018

The Chameleon arrived at the snowy lands and seeing all in white and blue changed her look without further ado. Of the people she met much she learnt and eagerly talked about the faraway lands she left. An Ice Sorceress liked her stories and went with her everywhere with no worries. They met a Prince with a curse unleashed who caused a blizzard whenever he pleased. They also found a Snow Man with a carrot sword searching for a challenge he couldn’t ignore.

A Rat King was freezing the people, blaming everyone for being little. They dashed and slashed and the Rat King was asked? “Why do you freeze as easy as you sneeze?” “If no friend they want to be, a statue everyone will see.” And so a new friend joined the band, who cheese liked a lot, and together in a trot, went to discover more of this magical land.
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Dec 072018
Neeko, the Curious Chamaleon
Neeko, the Curious Chamaleon

Everybody knows who she is: she’s who you are looking at. How that person looks is entirely another matter. You see, it’s not enough for Neeko to camouflage herself in different clothes and environments she also likes to take on the appearance of her allies. So that must be an ally, right? Because she’s on your side. You wouldn’t be fighting a doppelganger of an ally which Neeko is also impersonating. That would be confusing and dangerous. Better to take a look at Neeko’s many guises. That ought to be less confusing, let’s hope.
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Oct 252018
Bewitching Janna, Count Kledula and Trick or Treat Ekko
Tales from the Rift 2018

A witch scours the night sky searching for a special ingredient for her latest concoction. Not any ingredient will do, her cauldron can be rather picky and if the mix isn’t right the result will have a sour taste. The old Count doesn’t have it. He isn’t going to share anyway: the old cantankerous coot doesn’t like visitors. The kids trick-or-treating their way won’t be of any help either. They can’t see beyond sweets and mischief; at all times not just now, actually. Where to find it? Perhaps going for some good old classic ingredients would do. Nothing like a good, old scare after all.

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Jul 242018
Samsung Galaxy Season 7 Skins
Samsung Galaxy Season 7 Skins

Blue, traditional clothes. Blue, misty magic. Blue, wavy patterns. Samsung Galaxy are the champions of Season 7 and their skins subtly or not so subtly reflect that. The theme is interesting even if it doesn’t seem to have much depth. Do the executions realise skins that impress with new identities and interpretations of the champions? That’s what we’ll shortly find out. Let’s take a look.
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Jun 012018
Pyke, the Bloodharbor Ripper
Pyke, the Bloodharbor Ripper

They thought him dead. They let him fall into the depths, be embraced by the darkness and be swallowed by a horror no one could survive; but he did. He came back and he’s got a list. He has written the names of all those that betrayed him and he’s already crossing them out. If you walk down a dank alley at night remember where your loyalties lay; for if they ever shifted he may find you, familiar.
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Mar 072018
Kai'Sa, Daughter of the Void
Kai’Sa, Daughter of the Void

Lost to the Void, that’s what everyone thought but it was far from it. What these lands created the Void gave shape. Crafted like a piece of art she had to adapt to the harsh life of the Void. If you can’t beat them, join them was the strategy. Enveloped in a second skin, she imitated the creatures around and become stronger with a new symbiotic relationship. What was once a hopeless reality has become a hunting ground for a predator without equal. Now, she’s back to her lands and the question is: on which side is Kai’Sa, Daughter of the Void? Perhaps the answer lies in the many guises she will adopt.
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