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League of Legends: Evelynn Skins’ Review – StrategyZero
Mar 202013
Evelynn, Agony's Embrace
Evelynn, Agony’s Embrace

Evelynn, Agony’s Embrace adopts darkness in behaviour and also in style. It’s sometimes said that the juiciest bait hides the greatest risk. Still, many would fall for her charms and yet only give her only a taste of the pleasure she craves in their suffering. Whether in the veil of the night, in a masquerade or dancing tango Evelynn dresses to impress. She’s not a lure that can be ignored. Next time you’re out for a shadow walk, look ravishing with a ravaging hand from her skins’ review and prepare to feed on their torment.

Shadow Evelynn
Splash Art Shadow Evelynn Model
Category: Regular
Price: 520 RP
Concept: Evelynn as an aristocratic and stylish vampiress.
Model: New model for Evelynn and minor model changes for Demon Shade.
Particles: New black particles for her abilities and recall.
Animations: New recall animation.
Sounds: New recall sounds.
Splash Art: Dim moonlight enters from a window high above, the guards are unable to control the swarm of bats that come after the intruder. Too much of the setting is blurry and difficult to discern but enough is visible to get an idea of what is going on. The context is good: Evelynn is on the prowl after her next victim and no human can stop her. It’s a simple proposition but effective. The background isn’t all bad, while on the right everything is diffuse to the point of being chaotic, on the left we some nice architecture and great shading on armour plates. The semitransparent look of the bat wings adds an unusual, unexpected, supernatural element to their nature which fits well. The fact that the swarm seems connected to her mist-enveloped hair heightens the effect.
Evelynn’s portrayal doesn’t comprise her entire body but it’s easy to get a good idea of her look. Lines are sharp as is the shading and the soft colours give her portrayal a delicate air. A sense of inhuman beauty can be appreciated that nicely contrasts with the tone of her clawed gloves. The lashers are mostly omitted with barely a suggestion of their presence. They appear a bit in the way and a bit trying to be relevant but without being either. Her headdress is also barely visible which is strange given the relevance in-game. Her clothes and gold, in particular, look too dull which wastes the chance of adding a more intense decorative and realistic touch to Evelynn’s depiction; as in-game. Conversely, her tattoo is much more complex than in-game. Sadly, these flaws make the portrayal much less colourful and ornamented than it is in-game so that she almost looks like another person.
All added together, this is an enchanting splash art. At a glance, Evelynn’s portrayal stands out but the setting also collaborates in telling the tale. Besides, the subdued style chosen, while asking for a compromise, gives the depiction a unique feel that suits the vampiress look and supports its qualities. It’s a pity then that there’s such a distance between the aspect in the splash art and three-dimensions. While the piece needs extra polish to excel it’s certainly an evocative and attractive presentation card but also unfaithful to reality.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Shadow Evelynn is a skin that, given the splash art, one would assume intends to display her as a vampiress. The three-dimensional model almost bears no resemblance to the splash art. Clothes are colourful with clear contrast between golden decoration and leather. Against her pale skin it makes the result quite eye-catching and particularly stylish in a flashy, cartoony way. That doesn’t make the skin less appealing but puzzling against the measured and realistic tendencies of the splash art. Another aspect that is particularly strange is the chalk-white face, not present in the splash art, which is simply an exaggeration. Her complexion is pale enough without need for exaggeration. At any rate, her whole skin should have one uniform colour because the geisha angle doesn’t fit.
Demon Shade also shows some changes to her model: her lashers’ tips look like arrows, she has small wings and her hair and eyes glow. It’s a rather distinct and attractive change that makes her stealthy form less shadowy but more supernatural.
Particles are mostly re-coloured with a dark hue to them. The design is identical to classic but it keeps things consistent and helps give the skin its own flavour. Lust Dust’s curse indicator is the exception with a heart styled like her headdress which links her ability to her looks.
Her recall is also changed with some playful and seductive poses before she leaves in a puff of dark mist. It could be said that it would fit Classic as well as Shadow but the demoness and vampiress personalities are similar enough, after all. It’s not a huge change but it’s welcome.
Overall, while Shadow Evelynn can seem a bit too cartoony and fantastic it’s also an appealing skin with a nice identity. For its price it’s also packed with features so while the style may exaggerate a bit it’s also a skin that stands apart with its identity.

Masquerade Evelynn
Masquerade Evelynn Splash Art Masquerade Evelynn Model
Category: Legacy
Price: 520 RP
Concept: Evelynn in the style of American burlesque.
Model: New model for Evelynn and minor model changes for Demon Shade.
Particles: No new particles.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: Not much is clear about the surroundings. It’s all too diffuse but the smell of riches is on the air. What is clear is that the charmer is about to feel a sting on his heart; and Cupid has nothing to do with it. While the setting could and should show more than blurry suggestions the setup is quite good. The charmer is also rather dimly depicted which prevents many details from being seen. Because of that, identity, origin and potential theories suffer from the lack of information. He seems dressed a bit too simply for an aristocrat but in a masquerade there are many possibilities; which can’t be narrowed down.
Evelynn comfortably lies on an armchair, smiling seductively, pulling with her hand the charmer to her but with another claw and lasher ready to act. Perhaps the charmer suspects something as he’s dropped the rose from his hand. Whatever the case, Evelynn’s predatory approach is clear. The portrayal does look a bit sketchy, especially the dress. While her face looks good there’re areas that appear like a draft. Worst still is that it happens in the same element: her hair, skin, dress and legs, depending on area, are irregular. You can find sharply depicted lace right next to rough brushstrokes. Fortunately, while the uneven areas are noticeable they manage not to obstruct the feel of the scene.
Overall, this is a nice splash art that displays Evelynn in action. In one of many disguises to reach her prey this is an example of what may happen to anyone that falls in her hands. It’s a pity that the depiction doesn’t manage a more homogeneous style and more informative context. Regardless, it’s as suitable and appealing as Evelynn intends; and she surely knows her game.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: With a similarly coloured skin to Classic it seems reasonable to consider Masquerade Evelynn as a change of clothes. It’s a new set dress and mask with a strong and clear style. It’s colourful, sensual and, perhaps unexpectedly, rather sensible. It has a burlesque feel that seems believable as well as appealing. Golden lining contrasts against dark satin and her lighter skin. The red hair contributes with its distinct colour and style. There’s also gold decoration to add a sense of aristocratic grace which suits Evelynn’s demeanour. At a distance the darker shades take over so the skin can seem a bit dark but there’s enough variety not to feel homogeneous. The dress also conveys Evelynn’s demonic nature in the clothing’s design which is cohesive and a good way of reflecting her identity.
Dark Shade seems to merely conform to her base silhouette. There’s a slight highlight for the tips of her lashers and mask which is a good touch to emphasise her distinct style. The rest is the same shade but, given the demonic styling of the dress, it all fits together well.
Overall, Masquerade Evelynn is an effective re-model. It delivers exactly what it claims while also respecting her classic personality and even reflecting it in the dress’ style. Unlike other skins in this tier there’re no new particles so the impression that more work wasn’t devoted because of its restricted availability lingers; which seems unfair. For what it is, in this day and age it’s a skin that can feel a bit too basic but, for the price, it offers enough. Besides, it’s an appealing, alternative approach that suits Evelynn rather nicely.

Tango Evelynn
Splash Art Tango Evelynn Model
Category: Regular
Price: 520 RP
Concept: Evelynn dressed as a tango dancer.
Model: New model for Evelynn and minor model changes for Demon Shade.
Particles: New added petals for her abilities.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: For a background there’s actually nothing to speak about. There could be a stage with a spotlight and maybe even an audience but that’s all a guess. Aside from petals, cards and patches of colour there’s nothing to see. To a point, we have a couple dancing in a void. While it may centre all attention on them good context would’ve reinforced the scene.
In the middle, there’s Evelynn and Twisted Fate dancing together. That’s a way of putting it as one has her glowing claw ready and the other a golden card. Magic may be in the air but not in the expected way. Evelynn is displayed almost completely human with emphasis given to her soft skin thanks to the shading. This makes her inhuman eyes stand out more as well as her claws. The dress and lashers, turned into cloth strips seem a little sketchy. Conversely the roses on her hair look quite nice; though her hair makes an effort to be as good looking. In general, Evelynn appears delicate and even naive, due to her expression, which is a great contrast to the darker depths insinuated.
The other half is Twisted Fate. His clothes appear sketchy with saturated colours and rough shading. It may intend to contrast with Evelynn’s softness but ends up disappointing. His trousers, strangely, appear quite well coloured and shaded; like his card. The flower in the mouth is a classic stereotype but Evelynn pulling his tie connects the two with more than a dance and leaves the predator-prey relationship suggested yet inconclusive; as both have enough weapons for their defence. There are many hints of Twisted Fate’s abilities, perhaps because he’s had to use his whole arsenal to match his companion which shows an interesting risk-reward scenario.
All things considered, this is a splash art that ends up suggesting much but showing little. There’s only Evelynn and Twisted Fate’s portrayal supported by hints at their powers. The rest is empty space that, frankly, feels wasted. The basic objective is fulfilled and, even if flawed, with some appealing touches. Sadly, there’s a lot of room for improvement.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: While it’s rather clear that Tango Evelynn is a change of clothes for her it’s one that catches the eye. In a way, the red dress reinforces her exuberant charm and sensuality. With a nice contrast between her light skin and the red tones of her dress, shoes and roses Evelynn doesn’t hide her demonic claws and inhuman eyes but she also doesn’t need to. It’s a good example of how a demoness would dress and still show her appeal. The floral patterns on the dress and lashers are also attractive and give class to her look beyond sex appeal. As far as tango is concerned it’s fictionalised and a bit exaggerated but the cartoony approach suits Evelynn’s playful personality. Even her hair has a falling curl that follows her movements.
Particles are, basically, the same but with the addition of dark red, very dark, petals. The effect is somewhat subtle but noticeable and suitable. It connects roses, the dress’ decoration and her abilities into a whole, thus rounding the style of the skin well.
On the whole, Tango Evelynn is a modest skin: a change of clothes with added petals. Fortunately, it’s also used with cohesion and in support of her charming personality. It all rounds up as a consistent package that delivers what it promises; even if there’s not enough tango dancing.

Safecracker Evelynn
Safecracker Evelynn Splash Art Safecracker Evelynn Model
Category: Regular
Price: 750 RP
Concept: Evelynn as a sensual thief.
Model: New model for Evelynn and minor model changes for Demon Shade plus new glow for her lashers.
Particles: New electricity added to her abilities and new projectile for Hate Spike.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: With an explosion, two figures leave behind a tall building that rivals the might of the zeppelin nearby; over an old house. Sadly, the intense fog in the background doesn’t let many details surface. Evelynn and Twitch fall in their escape and one can only hope that they have a firm grasp on the single rope that seems to be their only salvation from gravity’s power. For a safecracker it appears like a dramatic but reasonable situation to be in. However, for a pickpocket it seems way out of his league.
Dramatism aside both their appearances are clear and well shaded; they even manage to escape from the fog, for the most part. The composition places Evelynn as the central figure and Twitch as the sidekick yet both appear relevant and interesting. Lines, colours and shading are sharp and clear with good use of light; like that coming from the explosion behind. Their cartoony design comes off as appealing and they even appear to be enjoying their work, as their smirks indicate. Of course, cleavage isn’t ignored either and, practically, it almost gets centre stage. Still, it doesn’t seem out of place in a seductive thief. The problem is that it receives such relevance; though it shouldn’t be unexpected.
In the end, it’s a good example of how to share a piece between two characters. It prevents the focus to be placed on a single figure yet their teamwork manages to provide the piece with a unique identity. There’s sensible context to explain the scene and the portrayal is clear, dynamic, useful and attractive. In conclusion, a fairly good splash art.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Wearing a tight dark suit to reveal her svelte silhouette Safecracker Evelynn is as much a change of clothes as a change of profession, on the surface. She may be a rather ruthless and sadistic thief or perhaps she’s simply stalking prey in darker professions to her usual hunting grounds. It could even be how she eventually meets Twisted Fate. That’s a lot of conjecture for a form-fitting dress. Her attractive figure is clearly on display along sensible and stylish hair as well as fashionable glasses. We shouldn’t forget the generous amount of cleavage. To be fair, considering that she’s a sensual predator dressing clearly as a sexy thief it should come as no surprise. While the approach could be ticked off as stereotypical it does makes sense. Back to the suit, the blue-dark colour scheme adds variety to the suit and while the lashers struggle to pass as equipment they do make a good effort as well as her claws; useful for climbing one would guess.
Demon Shade, essentially follows her base outline. For the most part she’s the demonic shade we come to expect except that the lashers tips are highlighted though without reason. All alone standing out among the dark silhouette they appear like a call to realise that something is different. Perhaps a less obvious and subtler highlight would’ve let the lashers fit better.
Particles add a bit of electricity to each ability. The effect isn’t bad but it’s also timid and lacks a link to the thief concept. It could be reasoned that Evelynn employs some sort of gadget that generates the electricity but she actually uses nothing of the sort; not even her claws or lashers hint in that direction. This makes the particles feel disconnected instead of adding to the theme. Hate Spike tries to follow the model design; after all she is supposed to strike with her lasher. Being the projecile so fast and the difference so small it’s no significant addition but helps.
In the end, Safecracker Evelynn is a good skin that delivers the sexy thief fantasy. It’s a shallow fantasy because, beyond looks, there’s nothing demonstrative of the thief profession. It delivers what it intends to on the surface but there’s no depth to the concept. Regardless, as a change of clothes, it’s one in which she looks quite good; like any other, actually.

Blood Moon Evelynn
Blood Moon Evelynn Splash Art Blood Moon Evelynn Model
Category: Regular
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Evelynn as an Eastern demon.
Model: New model for Evelynn and minor model changes for Demon Shade.
Particles: New red particles for her abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Animations: New recall animation.
Sounds: New flutes entering Demon Shade plus new sounds while stealthed and for recall.
Splash Art: In a dark, cloudy night the Moon watches in silence emitting a light red over the land. It seems just the perfect setting for a predator to catch prey. For all the embellishment of the description the truth is that we have little background. There’s the sky and some hints at buildings but the heavy fog, presumably, conceals everything.
Evelynn isn’t concealed at all. The soft light of the Moon offers an enchanting view of her. Light and shadow take turns over the softness of her skin and the richness of her clothes; provided we only look from the waist up. Below, her legs are diffuse and seem deformed by a peculiar perspective. The charming look doesn’t hide the fact that her face is tied to a mask with tendrils and that her touch has nefarious effects on the living. The veins on her skin and ragged clothes, not that obvious at a glance, suggest that there’s more darkness that one could’ve initially supposed; but now it’s too late. These little touches give a lot of personality to an otherwise straightforward portrayal. However, her rope-styled tendrils are barely displayed and the hint seems too subtle and their presence not menacing enough.
On the whole, this is a splash art with a lacking background and a portrayal with flaws. Regardless, Evelynn’s depiction manages to be interesting thanks to extra touches that communicate her identity.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: While the idea of Blood Moon Evelynn is quite good the adaptation seems pretty barebones. Having Evelynn as a demon of the night could allow for many different interpretations but the base is a different set of clothes for her. They have an Eastern style and strike as classy and sexy, more the latter than the former, along tendrils turned into decoration so that they end up losing relevance and deadliness. The new tattoos also don’t have any gloom and seem more decorative than sinister. In fact, it seems that more emphasis is given to her sex appeal than her darkness which wastes the contributions of the Blood Moon as a concept. The new Demon Shade model is actually rather interesting. Evelynn as a demon can be considered straightforward but it’s also suitable and appealing; even if it doesn’t take full advantage of the Blood Moon idea.
Particles are merely re-coloured red so there’s nothing that doesn’t feel familiar. The new colour does allow them to match her clothes and the theme. Still, there’s nothing groundbreaking here.
Sounds are limited to entering Demon Shade. The tunes and sounds make for an ominous atmosphere that captures the Blood Moon feel much better than any other aspect of the skin; a pity there isn’t more of it.
The new animation is the recall which sees Evelynn playing with a Moon presumably made of blood. It’s a good demonstration of dark power that ends up going all sexy with the last pose, to the point that it wastes the point initially made.
Overall, Blood Moon Evelynn is a skin of specific high points. Demon Shade in visuals and audio, particularly, demonstrates the potential of the concept when the execution focuses on it. Unfortunately, there’s too much sexiness and not enough darkness to make Evelynn a demon that embraces them under the moonlight and consumes them in the darkness. The balance is tipped towards simplicity so that what works the easiest is emphasised and so depth is relegated. For what it offers, it’s a passable option and a clear wasted opportunity.

K/DA Evelynn
K/DA Evelynn Splash Art K/DA Evelynn Model
Category: Regular
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Evelynn as a K-pop idol.
Model: New model for Evelynn and minor model changes for Demon Shade plus new transparency for her lashers.
Particles: New particles for her abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Animations: New recall animation.
Sounds: New sounds for her abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Splash Art: The K/DA splash art is a shared splash art which changes focus to each respective member of the team. It should be no surprise then that the background is simplistic and ambiguous. It probably is a garage or exhibition room as per the car Evelynn sits on. There are neon lights to add some style and an opening in the distance but not much personality to be found.
That’s what we find in the K/DA team members. Dressed in sexy clothes and with a lot of attitude sometimes they seem to look at the viewer with disdain; they can even seem ladies that have gone through too much in life. Ahri and Kai’Sa seem to have a good balance with a teasing confidence that can feel playful enough for their role. With regards to their role as singers there’s only the microphone each of them carries so the piece doesn’t make anything of it; the car is an arbitrary addition. Akali’s weapons seem necessary but out of place while Evelynn’s lashers can pass, with some goodwill, for decoration as well as Kai’Sa’s boosters and Ahri’s tails. In spite of the blurred background used each K/DA member is clearly depicted with sharp lines and bright colours. Those that stand to a side in the shared version make difficult having a good look at their appearance, they are too blurred, but in the individual versions a good idea can be got without problem. Perhaps K/DA Kai’Sa Prestige Edition, standing on her own in an empty garage with no car and lots of smoke seems the most simplistic in approach. At least, the appearance of several members at once offsets the weak background to a degree.
On the whole, as a shared splash art with shifting focus it’s rather good. The background is a clear weak point but the portrayals are distinct enough and the way of sharing space isn’t bad even through the focus blurs other members too much; it feels patronising and exaggerated. Still, each K/DA team member has its space to shine, forced but still, so that the presentation is good.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Modern, sexy clothes and lavish lashers make K/DA Evelynn look rather contemporary. The lashers can manage for extravagant decoration but the transparency effect makes them ambiguous instead of explaining how they form part of her dress. Regardless, they fit in even if the use of gold is rather sparse on Evelynn’s dress. The new Demon Shade is rather similar to a low-light silhouette of Evelynn without any noticeable demonic characteristic or hint. Still, the golden highlights and the effect added to the lashers is nice even if it doesn’t explain anything.
Particles are quite uneven. For starters, Hate Spike makes extensive use of gold against black which is quite eye-catching but the design is used too little on her dress for such a powerful demonstration. Allure’s heart of crystal is nice though brief. The same problem in use of crystal and lens flare is present in Last Caress. For an ultimate, Last Caress is mostly re-coloured with too shy a use of the distinct crystal on the attack. Whiplash seems just re-coloured by the way.
Sounds employ a few tunes for impacts while classic sounds, like those of Hate Spike, remain. Allure is interesting in its use of a distorted tune yet it may also be a wasted opportunity. Had the ability employed a song it would’ve better communicated the theme. Last Caress also uses a distorted tune which gives a semblance of a theme but one that other abilities don’t pursue. Perhaps a demonic, distorted sub-theme could’ve been contrasted against a sweet, seducing one. There’s a new bass-heavy song used for Demon Shade which is nice but too subtle, even if understandable, given the theme. Perhaps it could’ve been low-tempo yet more electronic.
The new recall sees Evelynn dancing with a disco ball effect on the floor around her. It adds something with regards to the musical theme but it’s rather brief and direct.
Overall, K/DA Evelynn has some hints at a musical theme but the singer aspect never comes through. There’s a clear reliance on the classic base so that the skin is unable to define a new identity. There’s a portion of it but uneven despite some interesting features.


Evelynn fans will find few but ultimately appealing options when providing their agonic embraces. The recommended skin is Shadow Evelynn: it’s certainly simple but the result is quite attractive. Vampiress and demoness have much in common and that is taken advantage of by changing the surface with a distinct style. It’s a skin that offers quite a bit and is nicely done so fans will find much to like.

Tango Evelynn is a rather charming option despite being a new dress with an array of petals around. The skin takes advantage of her classic identity and supports her approach in hunting for prey. While it may seem a simple skin it’s also consistent and appealing with undeniable charm.

Safecracker Evelynn is an interesting skin in concept but only a change of clothes in its execution. It fulfils the sexy thief fantasy but only on the surface. That is enough to make it appealing but the lack of depth is perceivable. Still, for good looks in the pilfering profession it works; though Evelynn always looks good.

Masquerade Evelynn is a great option if you manage to catch her at a legacy sale. It may unapologetically be a new outfit but it’s one that fits Evelynn well and also reflects her personality. It’s a pity that it didn’t receive extra work as other skins in the same tier, though. Nevertheless, if you like the Agony’s Embrace, chances are that Masquerade Evelynn stands as a nice alternative.

Blood Moon Evelynn is a skin with sporadic hints of darkness and a whole lot of sex appeal. Thus, it doesn’t take full advantage of the Blood Moon concept and ends up with few interesting features. The result is good but certainly a wasted opportunity considering how well the idea of a demon of the night suits her.

K/DA Evelynn is a skin that has some interesting features but ends up rather uneven. The singer theme isn’t realised and the musical angle doesn’t come together as it should. The result isn’t convincing but there’s some appeal in the skin despite the reliance on the classic counterpart.

  48 Responses to “League of Legends: Evelynn Skins’ Review”

  1. Is there any news on Evelynn getting a new skin? I know she’s on the Visual Upgrade list, so she’ll probably get one after that (happened with TF, Nidalee, and Annie). And I better not see some half-assed “traditional” skin. I want an interesting one lol.

    • Agreed, she surely needs a good new skin. As far as news go we haven’t heard anything though the visual upgrade would be a good opportunity for a new skin: has happened before.

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-oeVtBzeR0
    New evelynn skin announced : Safecracker Evelynn
    Still on the Pbe, but Evelynn fans should be happy.
    Not really worth the wait if ask me but…

    • Agreed, it’s nice to see that Evelynn finally gets a new skin. However, it could and probably should’ve been something more special.

  3. I’m just waiting and hoping for either a Ice Eve skin with jagged icy hate spikes or a Shadow Isles skin with ghostly green hate spikes.

    • Evelynn is in dire need of a new skin that is more than a re-model. However, Riot has said that she won’t receive one until after her visual update. As they are still deciding what kind of character they want her to be it could take any amount of time. Apparently a dark, assassin seductress is not good enough; perhaps because there are already too many. Well, she came first.

      Truth be told, if the theme were well developed it wouldn’t need to be original. Still, there’s little that hoping will accomplish. Patience then and let’s see what they come up with.

  4. Greetings Zero. I hear that there will be many upcoming splash arts coming out in the next patch (6.7), I was wondering if you guys would change your reviews/ comments on those skins due to those splash arts. It would be pretty awesome. I am looking forward to many of the changes myself. I would also like to say thank you guys for all your work, you guys have influenced me on many of my skin purchases. Keep up the good work ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Glad that you find the reviews useful.

      When the splash arts are updated we’ll surely change the splash art assessment in each skin review. It won’t affect the rating of the skin as we take the splash art as a presentation card that doesn’t matter when in-game. However, we recognise the relevance of a splash art so their reviews wil be updated as necessary. It may take a while as many skins will receive a new splash but we’ll cover them all.

  5. Finally some love for my Eve, what with new splashes and all, but the VU is taking some time ๐Ÿ™ Really hoped she was the unrevealed champion to get a rework this year, but it sounds like she may wait another year for it ๐Ÿ™

    As expected, awesome review! Happy my Shadow skin is so well regarded. Safecracker is definitely an option for me to consider. And if people had any problem with Masquerade’s sex-appeal, well, let’s just say the new splash will make it worse ๐Ÿ˜€

    • It was mentioned by Riot that they wanted to analyse Evelynn’s fantasy before reworking her. The idea of a dark, femme fatale seems to work. Sure, she needs some extra background and context but she’s nice. Besides, not every champion needs to have a story of redemption and/or revenge as it seems to be the trend nowadays. Sometimes, a champion that is straightforward but attractive is enough. Let’s hope for the best.

  6. Hey Zero,
    There’s been a couple updates to Evelynn’s splash arts, classic and Shadow Eve I think. Could you update the reviews maybe?

    • There’re a lot of splash arts to update so it’ll take a while for us to get everything updated. We apologize for the delay.

  7. I could have sworn Safecracker Evelynn gave her a new walking animation?

  8. Hey Zero, just wanted to say I love your reviews! I love looking through them even if I don’t have the RP to buy any, they’re just that good. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I just wanted to ask: I noticed that a lot of champs get recolours of their classic skins and they don’t tend to rate very high on the reviews, but Shadow Evelynn was the first I came across that reached as high as four stars. I’m interested in knowing why exactly she’s rated this high. i don’t play her, but the review just surprised me a little.

    Also, I love the update to her classic splash, when I saw it I felt like wanting to play this champ! (Same with Nidalee’s maid splash update, I absolutely loved that.) However, I wish the model matched up with the skin it doesn’t look very good in-game…but that’s just me!! What do you think about it?

    • Also, I remember seeing a skin rated six stars on this site…don’t remember what it is, but wow, that skin must be really good to have that more than 5 stars. ^^’

    • Thanks for the kind words. We are glad you like the reviews.

      The main problem with recolours is that they tend to be quite conservative and maintain the classic style intact. Shadow Evelynn is an exception that works: Human Evelynn. It’s simple but natural and attractive. The changes are modest without doubt but the result is appealing with a nice contrast between clothes and skin. Other re-colours would probably just offer different tones for her outfit, for example.

      The new splash art is a long awaited and needed change for many of the champions. As you mention, many times the splash art gives an image of a skin, classic or paid, that the three-dimensional model simply is unable to fulfill. While some extra style is understandable to make the presentation as appealing as it could be sometimes the difference with reality is too big of an abyss to cover. There should be a healthy relationship between the expectations that a splash art sets and the reality that a 3D model can deliver.

      Six stars? That would’ve been a super-excellent skin, indeed. We do think there was once a skin with six stars now that you mention. Let’s hope we can keep our excitement within the confines of five stars in the future. No promises, though.

      • Wow, thank you for the quick reply! I can’t wait for your future reviews.

        Now that you mention the pooints, I can tell why some skins get better ratings than others. You’re so knowledgeable! Do you remember what your first skin review was or what got you into this?

        • Not at all, we are glad to help.

          We started with Annie’s review, according to our records, but there had been many articles published before that. We actually started with strategies and item analyses as the blog’s title states.

          The skin reviews appeared as a necessity. There was, and to a point there still is, a void in reviews of in-game content; League of Legends being one of many games with such a problem. The fundament is simple: when you want to buy a game, or even something else, you check a review for guidance. So, it’s only natural to do the same with skins. We aim to provide some advice in the purchase process by analying skins and seeing what they offer and how.

          There’s also a notorious lack of information from Riot with regards to what changes a skin has and also useful resources to get a good preview of a skin or any other content before buying. Recently, PBE posts for new content list changes and display images for new skins. Regardless, it should be more widely available, like in a skin release post, instead of the PBE boards.

          On top of that, the reviews intend to evaluate skins to see if they do deliver on what they promise. Sadly, that’s not always the case. Conversely, when a skin does an effort to be special we gladly point it out so that nobody misses on a good product.

          • That’s amazing! I don’t think i would have been able to do something like this, like you guys. ^^’

          • It’s all a matter of progressively building up the site. It takes effort but it can perfectly be done by anyone with enough determination. It’s only a matter of starting something and continuing to work and improve on it to a satisfactory result. There’s really nothing special about the site; it’s just work.

  9. “However, for a pickpocket it seems way out of his league.” Pickpocket Twitch is a reference to Sly Cooper. He’s not just a regular pickpocket and does huge heists like this.

    • The reference seems valid but the name stands. If they wanted to show Twitch as more than a petty thief they could’ve called the skin Master Thief Twitch; which may be a more appropriate name considering the reference. We understand your point of view but the name of the skin is what sets the base of the concept. If he’s called a pickpocket and acts as a master thief then there’s a basic difference between expectations and reality.

  10. Evelynn getting a rework soon! Am excited ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. Skin updates are released for eve.
    Shadow eve was most impacted as she got most changes to recall and particles and soundsd during recall.
    Masquerade has new recall animation
    Tango recieved same recall as masquerade, has new glow for her twin tails
    Safecracker not sure xD

    • We’ve checked them and we agree that Shadow Evelynn has improved a lot. We didn’t notice any new recall in Masquerade, Tango or Safecracker we only see the classic recall being used. There are new particles for Tango, petals, and Safecracker, electricity, added over the classic ones. Masquerade seems to only be a re-model, probably because it’s a legacy skin so its availability is restricted; a pity and a wasted opportunity.

  12. Can u review her after this rework, please, the skins look really dope atn

  13. are you guys updating for the rework? thank you if you do love this site!

  14. Would you update the preview on the skins post-rework soon please?

  15. Evelyn reworked skins?

  16. When will the new reworked Evelyn skins be updated? =)

  17. First of all, may I just say that this is one of the best reviews you’ve done. I always check this place out when I’m in need of an honest, correct opinion for a specific skin, which is why I’m here at this very moment.

    Currently, I’m in quite a dilemma and I’d like to hear your thoughts on what I should do. I’ve been running short on RP recently, and since I’m impressed with most, if not all of Evelynn’s skins, I REALLY wanted to buy the whole bundle. However, my lil’ wallet says otherwise and I’m forced to pick only a single one I have no clue what I’m supposed to do.

    I like Tango and Masquerade the most. Tango is just straight up beautiful skin with sweet little touches, such as petal effects on her abilities, while Masquerade has a badass, sexy feeling to it and even though it doesn’t come with any new particles, her demon form with glowing mask is winning my heart over. Not to mention that it’s a legacy skin which will disappear in just a few weeks, while Tango can be picked up any time I want.
    Another option I want to consider is Shadow, which is by far one of the most impressive skins of it’s price tier. All of those new effects, recall with sound and an amazing model are absolutely incredible. BUT, I prefer to play my Evelynn in beautiful and girlish vibe, rather than as a serious, dark queen.

    So yeah, Masquerade.. Tango.. maybe even Shadow.. What do you think the right pick for me would be? Thanks!

    • From what you say you seem to like Tango for what it is. Masquerade has the advantage of the limited availability; though the skin has a great model. However, you do mentio that you like Evelynn to look beautiful and girlish. While it can be said that both skins apply, even Shadow, there’s no doubt that Tango has a more feminine and light approach. Masquerade has a slight tint of darkness and Shadow is clearer about it. There are things that you like a lot about Masquerade too so we are talking subtleties.

      There’s no rush to buy any of the skins, though. By the end of the year there will probably be a Legacy Skin Vault sale so you can get Masquerade then; it may even be discounted with some luck. You can also wait for a regular sale for the other skins and get more for the same amount of money; provided you can wait.

      In the end, you should get a skin that you are sure that you enjoy. Tango sounds like a skin with no drawbacks for you. Masquerade is also good but the legacy label is swaying the scales. Shadow is for later at any rate so, no rush. Just be sure that whatever you get you want enough to relegate the others; if you can’t wait for a sale.

  18. The screenshots of the reworked Tango Evelynn skin were not as updated as the last version, which her skin is changed to human tone from bluish.

    • From what we saw the final Tango Evelynn still has a slight blue tone for her skin. The screenshots are not exact, we agree. However, it’s all that Riot made available. If we are able we’ll update them, though that’s not usually as easy as we’d like.

  19. It’s not really mentioned and I wanted to ask, did you notice the slight change with Safecracker’s Q particles. I could see that the projectile is in the shape of her lasher head.

  20. Tango Evelynn is currently on sale for 50% off in the store. I’ve been playing her recently because I need a new jungler to pick up and she’s quite fun. Would it be worth picking up as a first skin for her? I’m stuck choosing between that or waiting until Shadow Evelynn goes on sale.

  21. Hello, so K/DA Evelynn Prestige Edition should be the end of Prestige Edition stuff. With riot announce another way to get prestige point (with missions), i think my conclusion is there’s already more option to get this regarding the rarity that way too harsh for one star. Do you have any opinion about the whole Prestige stuff ?
    It’s no longer a hard thing to obtain: ” The Re-roll, the event, the grind and of course later on… The mission “.
    Myself even thought that Gemstone skin if compare are way too hard to grind but quality of some skin are amazing.
    So what betters ? Gemstone or Prestige ?

    • Truth be told Prestige Edition skins offer little over the base skin. While it’s easier to get them now they still hardly offer something worthwhile. The problem is that they are entirely based off an already existing skin and they change little over what a chroma does. At least a Hextech skin is an entirely new product; though it’s another line that is suffering from repetition.

      All in all, perhaps Prestige Edition skins aren’t as bad now but they still require a grind. We also don’t see them as superior versions and sometimes they even’t aren’t as good as the base. The result is that they struggle to appeal.

  22. Are you going to Review Prestige K/DA Evelynn?

    • Certainly, we’ll try to get to it as soon as we can. We just have too little time nowadays and we are running late with reviews. A real pity as we don’t like to leave the site out of date but the time just isn’t there, our apologies.

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