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League of Legends: Poppy Skins’ Review – StrategyZero
Mar 222013
Poppy, the Iron Ambassador
Poppy, Keeper of the Hammer

Poppy, Keeper of the Hammer, ever searching for the true hero of Demacia deserving of the Hammer of Orlon is determination incarnate. She doesn’t stop for any obstacle that lies before her, nothing can dissuade from her task; not even the fact that she has already accomplished it. From her blacksmith origins to her bright and dark days as a knight, as well as sweeter and plusher excursions, she always remains a tenacious yordle girl. If you really want to know how strong her will is then charge heroically into her review and see how resolute the valiant Poppy is in every change of clothes.

Noxus Poppy
Noxus Poppy Splash Art Noxus Poppy Model
Category: Legacy
Price: 520 RP
Concept: Poppy in black armour with stylized makeup and an heptagonal hammer.
Model: Major model changes for Poppy and new model for the Hammer of Orlon.
Particles: New auto-attack trails and new hammer for Keeper’s Verdict.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: Diffuse and empty the background struggles to give context. There’re some rock formations that could be inhabited towers but it’s only a guess. For the most part, there isn’t much of a setting and the only significant element in the background is a few soldiers being smashed away; presumably Noxians, there’s no indication.
Poppy daringly combats in her dark armour. Her portrayal is good with some great shading that dilutes into the dullness of the background. The pose exposes the action but also hides much of her look. Truth be told, except for her head, right arm and leg the rest of Poppy dissolves into a fog. It does set the central point of the piece but it’s too accentuated and seems patronizing.
All in all, it’s a piece that displays Poppy’s dark look with some trouble and doesn’t know how to dress up the action with a relevant context. It’s surely an improvement over the previous splash art but also a piece that can be much better.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Noxus Poppy is a direct skin : Poppy fully clad in black and even wearing black makeup. In spite of its straightforwardness both armour and hammer have a different more aggressive style that fits the darker aesthetic. There is a sense of monotony due to the reliance on similar shades but there’s a subtle degree of colour and variety to prevent the skin from being too homogeneous. Certainly, it’s a simple change of look but it’s distinct and works in its objective of making Poppy look more lethal yet keeping her lighthearted feel. In the end, it’s quite a nice appearance that manages to suit Poppy quite well. If you like Poppy then you should consider her dark, Noxian style; which may be ironic.

Lollipoppy Splash Art Lollipoppy Model
Category: Legacy
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Poppy as a sweet-loving yordle.
Model: Major model changes for Poppy plus new model for the Hammer of Orlon and her buckler.
Particles: New hammer for Keeper’s Verdict.
Animations: New spooky face for her dance.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: In a world of candy creepy lollipops smile as a certain someone escapes with one of their own kind. The background is noticeably diffuse and half of it is white sky with not even a hint of detail. At least, below, there’s a sweet ground with some resemblance of a setting. The idea of Poppy going into a candy world to snatch a giant, perhaps even magical, lollipop is good. Unfortunately, the background presents it in such an opaque way that it elicits mixed feelings. The setting is nice but much of its potential is wasted with its blurriness; despite the presence of relevant elements.
Poppy does look much better than the background but she still looks a bit rough. The lollipop isn’t fully visible but is clear enough what’s in her hands. The running pose isn’t exactly a hindrance to get a good look at her style yet it’s not very clear how she’s dressed. Additionally, the skin and hair have a waxy appearance that is, frankly, unappealing. It doesn’t ruin the portrayal but it strikes as unwelcome considering the potential yet diluted vibrancy near her.
Adding all elements together we end with a splash art that has good ideas but that doesn’t seem to make them work to their best. The context is attractive, the setting has potential to enchant and Poppy looks playful and mischievous and yet it all doesn’t come as appealing as it sounds.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Lollipoppy’s really distinct characteristics are the new weapons: her hammer as a huge lollipop and her buckler as a little bar of chocolate. The clothes are nice: they suggest the classic colours and patterns associated with sweets. However, they feel merely functional even though they suit the theme. The new weapons are definitely unique but smashing people’s heads with them can only stay funny for so long. Fortunately, Poppy’s charm is enhanced by the sweet theme and so the overall lighthearted style becomes quite appealing. The face she makes during her dance, in reference to her old splash art, is a nice touch that helps define the identity of both skin and champion.
The result is a skin that more than trying to be funny manages to be playful and fits Poppy youthful, yordle personality quite well. It’s still a bit expensive for, essentially, a re-model. Therefore, it’ll be a better option for collector’s and dedicated Poppy fans but remains charming in its humble ways.

Blacksmith Poppy
Blacksmith Poppy Splash Art Blacksmith Poppy Model
Category: Legacy
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Poppy outfitted as a blacksmith.
Model: Major model changes for Poppy plus new model for the Hammer of Orlon and her buckler.
Particles: New dark fissure and smoke colour as well as new hammer for Keeper’s Verdict.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: In a thick atmosphere sparks fly through heavy air as a legendary hammer takes shape under the expert hands of Poppy and the might of Whomper. Simple and to the point the setup of this piece is spot on. The context is meaningful and the dark, fuzzy background makes perfect sense in the heat of the forge. A bit more detail would’ve been welcome but the general sense of the ambience is successfully accomplished.
In addition to this, the weary sense that permeates the background also paints Poppy in a different light. Hardworking and determined there’s no trace of her of her playful yordle nature, only the monumental task ahead; this is also a significant part of Poppy. The fact that the portrayal is impeccably shaded and that the foreground makes a wonderful spectacle of colour only serves to enhance the relevance of the depiction.
When all is added together we find that this is an excellent piece. It provides a robust context to a vivid portrayal of Poppy at work. The background could’ve been more detailed but the chaotic thickness of the background fits the weight of a forge. In few words, this is one of League of Legends best splash arts.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Blacksmith Poppy is a nice skin that fits Poppy in character but also as a lore reference. The clothes are logically simple for a smithy as well as practical. The leather seems effective protection while the tool belt, little apron, cap and visor make up the rest of the necessary equipment. Her legendary hammer transforms into her father’s, Whomper, massive as always but with a design more appropriate for forging due to its flat faces. Her buckler used to have a logo and some decorations to match her golden hair ties but that has been lost. Details like Poppy’s blackened skin and some golden decoration remain but folds and seams on the clothes plus dents on the hammer and shield are absent and that removes part of the complexity and realism of the look.
That’s not to say that it’s a simple skin. In fact, there’s an abundance of suitable and elaborate designs that, as previously, prevent the style from getting boring and makes the skin comprehensive in its implementation but now in a more cartoony way; which is understandable. The few new particles added move the skin further in that direction. There’s a pervading intention not to simplify the skin but the result ends up somewhat modest. After all, it’s not much more than a re-model at 975 RP.
All things considered, if you like Poppy then Blacksmith Poppy is a fine skin that offers an attractive, meaningful and fitting look for this yordle girl. It gives her a rough style that tries to integrate with her cartoony playfulness but that ends appealing; though it should offer more for its price.

Ragdoll Poppy
Ragdoll Poppy Splash Art Ragdoll Poppy Model
Category: Legacy
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Poppy as a cloth doll.
Model: Major model changes for Poppy plus new model for the Hammer of Orlon and her buckler.
Particles: New hammer for Keeper’s Verdict plus new feathers for Iron Ambassador and Keeper’s Verdict.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: New sounds for Iron Ambassador.
Splash Art: Whose bedroom could this be? There’re all kinds of toys and decorations with champion references so why is there a little yordle girl causing havoc? The expressions of the few present indicate that Annie and Poppy may be at a standoff, one that no one wants due to the implied consequences. The context given is excellent but the background, despite its richness, is too diffuse and at times sketchy. In a small bedroom the depth of field effect wouldn’t be so pronounced.
Blurriness aside, there’s an abundance of detail in the setting that brings the piece to life. Poppy is half posing, half making a statement. The portrayal is rather good and follows the dim style of the background which, given the yarn concept at hand, makes sense. There’s still good shading and detail but on the outline things can get unnecessarily blurry.
In spite of the diffuse parts the result is fantastic. Thanks to the dedication the idea of a child’s bedroom with a heavy liking for League of Legends is accomplished; perhaps even borrowing the setup from Toy Story. Nevertheless, this makes for an extremely satisfying splash art that makes up for its shortcomings with a concerted referential effort. Therefore, even though it has its flaws it still can be among League of Legends’ best splash arts.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Ragdoll Poppy is more effective due to its charm and suitability to her cartoony style than a wonderful execution. While Poppy looks quite good her clothes and appearance suggest a traditional ragdoll more than represent it. The yarn hair is the most distinct feature as her skin looks rather normal, for a yordle girl at least.
Nonetheless, her weapons add a necessary dose of identity that helps deliver the theme. Her legendary hammer as a wooden mallet is a classic cartoon device and fits the concept without issue. The cushion buckler offers an additional dose of appeal with its flying feathers which helps cement the skin’s style. That’s quite necessary as there are only some brief feathers for Keeper’s Verdict to help define the identity that, as a re-model, isn’t as eloquent as it should.
On the whole, the style isn’t particularly striking, or even funny, but is certainly appealing. The wooden mallet and cushion-buckler remain two of the most relevant assets of the skin. The yarn hair and doll clothes can only do so much to present the ragdoll fantasy but the cartoony style benefits greatly from the lighthearted weapons and approach. Still, Ragdoll Poppy doesn’t go far from a re-model despite its price yet, taken for what it can offer, one can be sure to enjoy an interesting and cute appearance for this determined yordle girl.

Battle Regalia Poppy
Battle Regalia Poppy Splash Art Battle Regalia Poppy Model
Category: Regular
Price: 520 RP
Concept: Poppy as a knight in shining armour.
Model: Major model changes for Poppy plus new model for the Hammer of Orlon and her buckler.
Particles: New hammer for Keeper’s Verdict.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: A murky sky frames the legions of undead that insinuate themselves through the muddy air. As far as backgrounds go, the setting of a big battle against undead is good. However, only those warriors at Poppy’s feet are clear; yet still sketchy in places. The setting may be good but the consistent blurriness doesn’t give it a grand sense of scale. Instead it sinks the ideas it tries to suggest.
Poppy stands before this sketch with defiant poise. The side view offers a different view while still conveying a good idea of her look. The light behind her is quite good because it allows for some interesting shading and to place the shadows just before her: where the enemy to be faced is. In this regard, the portrayal is set up very well. She still looks a bit cartoony in her face, ears and hair, and also armour parts where the light shines in comparison with the more elaborate colouring of the rest of the armour and hammer. Regardless, it’s a fine portrayal that takes a different route at doing the same and succeeds in being novel and practical.
All in all, this is a piece that composes quite a good portrayal of Poppy before a sensible and attractive setting. The main problem is that the background is drowned in a diffuse mist and that, far from adding scale or focus to the piece, dilutes the context and spoils the splash art’s potential.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: If you ever pictured Poppy as a little knight in shining armour then Battle Regalia Poppy is a skin you shouldn’t dismiss. The armour is sensibly designed with a chainmail base that is promptly covered by superimposed plates. The combination of gold-lined plates of well polished, almost silvery, metal gives the armour a regal aspect without affecting its practical purpose.
On the other side of the spectrum we find the open helmet. While it’s reasonable to allow a good field of vision the decoration is extravagant and such a devotion to form makes a stark contrast with the armour’s sense of function. While the winged front can be accepted the crest looks like a handle and is, frankly, preposterous as well as a liability in battle: too easy to grab.
Between both lays the Hammer of Orlon, a battle hammer with decoration but a modicum of sense. The handle is sober enough to be functional without issue and the head is ornamented mostly on the cheeks. The faces seem to keep their blunt quality despite the decoration and the pointy ends work more as spikes when hitting with the eye; which adds some practical use to the adornment.
In general, Battle Regalia’s design is uneven going from sober class to an overload of decoration. Ornamentation is sensible for an eye-catching knight but that shouldn’t interfere with the needs of battle. In spite of some excesses, Battle Regalia Poppy is a very nice and suitable skin that will provide a fun, smashing time for Poppy fans. Considering the attractive theme, appealing implementation and low price there aren’t many reasons to skip on this great skin.

Scarlet Hammer Poppy
Scarlet Hammer Poppy Splash Art Scarlet Hammer Poppy Model
Category: Regular
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Poppy as a ruthless, red-armoured warrior.
Model: New model for Poppy, the Hammer of Orlon and her buckler. New glow for her eyes.
Particles: New hammer for Keeper’s Verdict.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: A dark, undefined place is the setting and the adversaries goblins, flying goblins to be precise thanks to someone’s mighty smash. At least some of the assailants seem to be goblins because, much like the rest of the background, details are few and far between. With a good deal of guessing it could be some exterior area at night, some vegetation can be noticed and perhaps some sort of arc nearby. The rest is just the aforementioned subjects and Poppy.
The stance makes for a dashing portrayal and, contrary to other cases, the pose doesn’t hide too much of Poppy. There’re some occluded parts but most of the armour is visible. The approach seems to be rather comical and that’s something strange for what may be Poppy’s darker skin. Her incendiary eyes echo the brutality of her flaming hammer swing yet there is a palpable lack of seriousness. It’s probably for the better when dealing with a yordle but that also means that the stern visage doesn’t suit her that well. At any rate, the portrayal is quite good with sharp colours and good lighting. The hammer’s perspective makes its proportions unrealistic and it seems like there’s too much focus on the swing to the detriment of Poppy’s presence.
In the end, it’s an acceptable portrayal of Poppy. The action is attractive but there’s too much emphasis on the secondary. In spite of being the central figure, Poppy seems auxiliary and only given relevance thanks to the presence of enemies. It could be said that it’s a piece that tries to be more than a portrayal yet doesn’t do enough to give proper context. The depiction is attractive still so it’s a functional splash art but not very convincing.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Scarlet Hammer Poppy intends to turn the little yordle girl into a juggernaut of destruction and it manages to pass part of its message but at the expense of Poppy’s identity. The main problem is that while Poppy looks like a fierce and tough warrior she doesn’t really look like Poppy yet still sounds and acts like a typical lighthearted yordle.
The armour isn’t bad looking and seems functional despite oversized spaulders. The helmet’s design is interesting in an aggressive yet impractical way. The hammer has a compact, sturdy design that seems quite heavy and lethal and suits the theme quite well. The new buckler is rather elaborate but its size may keep it useful.
So far, it’s a change of clothes and a hair dye for Poppy but a glimpse at her face tells another story. There certainly is a powerful, almost supernatural, warrior wearing the armour but that warrior isn’t Poppy. Her cute, rotund face is given an empty stare and a blank expression as if she were possessed. Regardless, she still acts and sounds like a merry yordle girl and so can be prone to explode in laughter at any time; which completely defeats the point of the skin’s concept.
Ultimately, her new face is unambiguously fearsome but it clashes with her playful personality. There isn’t a measured balance between her yordle nature and strong-willed determination. With that missing, the skin ends as a superficial tough look for Poppy. It needs to but doesn’t actually re-interpret Poppy: it simply changes her aspect.

Star Guardian Poppy
Star Guardian Poppy Splash Art Star Guardian Poppy Model
Category: Regular
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Poppy as a magical girl wielding the magic of the stars.
Model: New model for Poppy, the Hammer of Orlon and her buckler.
Particles: New particles for her abilities, auto-attack, high-speed run and recall.
Animations: New high-speed run and recall animation.
Sounds: New sounds for her abilities, auto-attack, high-speed run and recall.
Splash Art: In an explosion of light and stars a Star Guardian makes her presence felt. The premise is simple but effective. Regardless, it leaves the feeling that while eye-catching the background is too simple. After all, there’re only a few rocks around; over one of which Poppy stands. The one saving grace is that her eyes mirror the surrounding magic as a reflection of her inner strength; a subtle but meaningful touch.
That aside, there’s only Poppy to speak of. Her portrayal has a prominence that almost allows Poppy to jump out of the piece. It’s quite direct in its conception but that also allows it to have impact. The sharp lines and, at times, photorealistic shading communicate the magnificence of her nature. The quality is a tad uneven as metallic surfaces are more convincing than the softened cloth, flat skin or thready hair. Still, all the surfaces are well realised and the problems are only minor. The glows are also uneven as the shield looks much more appealing that the glowing star on her chest or hammer but again there’s nothing major to complain about. Overall, it’s an impressive portrayal of Poppy; with an added fang for the extra-cuteness effect.
All in all, this is a decidedly straightforward spotlight of Star Guardian Poppy. The focus on presenting the Keeper of the Hammer in the best light possible allows it to impress with a portrayal that stands among the best made in League of Legends. Sadly, the background suffers from being simplistic and not very meaningful; though it’s a fitting frame. The result is a splash art that is sure to make heads turn through its sheer technical merits but it needs a bit of depth to stand above its direct goal.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: The transformation from Keeper of the Hammer to Star Guardian Poppy is a straightforward one, much like the splash art, but respecting her warrior’s core; which remains intact. The sailor-based uniform covers the usual elements incorporating golden metal boots and vambraces as well as gold-lined spaulders and even transforming the shirt into a star-decorated cuirass. Only the skirt remains untouched so the marriage of her classic and magical girl personas results in a battle-oriented Star Guardian; which sets her apart from the other guardians. Her golden hair ties and feathered hair band add more decoration fitting the theme and matching the ornamented Hammer of Orlon. Her trusted hammer has some impractical ornamentation on the sides of the head but the star-engraved faces are a great choice. The handle and grip are more practical yet still nice looking.
The abilities are transformed with large stars and colourful swirls. While there’s nothing elaborate it’s all attractive and consistent. The twinkling and chiming of the sounds are more evocative. Each action has highs and lows where the sounds play with the nature of each attack. The overall feel is that of light-hearted but practical power which suits Poppy flawlessly. The recall is just a starry display of hammer proficiency with magical aide; fitting but it doesn’t mean much.
All things considered, Star Guardian Poppy is a particularly appealing skin that adapts the little yordle into a warrior-based magical girl. That allows the skin to keep a relevant part of her personality just as it sets the skin apart from other Star Guardians. Model, particles and sounds are all effective and attractive and the few new animations work well. Still, in the end it needs something more to make the skin special. That’s because everything that’s different is based on existing features without going beyond their expected impact. This approach doesn’t make the skin superficial but it also prevents it from defining a whole new identity. Fans of the resolute Poppy and magical girls will find that Star Guardian delivers what they expect but without going beyond that.

Snow Fawn Poppy
Snow Fawn Poppy Splash Art Snow Fawn Poppy Model
Category: Legacy
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Poppy dressed up as a deer and wielding a giant jingle bell as a weapon.
Model: New model for Poppy, the Hammer of Orlon and her buckler.
Particles: New particles for her abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Animations: New high speed run and recall animations.
Sounds: New sounds for her abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Splash Art: Aurora Borealis in a starry night sky. Below, on one side a sled full of presents and surrounded by poros is heralded by a deer-styled yordle. On the other side the blurry glow of a city that surely awaits with eagerness the celebration to come. There’s snow falling, to be seen on the sides, but its uneven distribution across the piece makes it seem whimsical decoration. Nevertheless, even if the background shows a noticeably blurry depiction and seems brief and subtle in elements, it does contribute to the scene.
Standing tall and mighty Poppy looks forward to the task ahead with serenity. It’s a rather good demonstration of her personality. Just like the poros around her she’s unevenly depicted. The central area shows rather sharp lines with soft colours and nice shading. As we move to the edges of her body we find more sketchy and dim displays like her deer-ponytails and the jingle bell hammer. There’s no doubt that the portrayal has appeal but it’s surprising to find elements so near to each other yet so different in quality. Even the light from above illuminates Poppy and hammer with whimsical differences. Perhaps it’s the Aurora Borealis that contributes but when light seems to come from underneath, even though the city is clearly far away or the top of her head seems dark despite the light falling on it, something starts to feel amiss.
All in all, this is a nice splash art that shows with clarity Poppy’s new look with the help of some poros. The portrayal is uneven yet also impactful in its earnest display of Poppy’s identity. The background does have things to show but it struggles to do so to the point that it seems neglected despite its relevance. The result is good but a layer of extra polish could go a long way in solving some issues.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: It can’t be denied that the Snow Fawn Poppy is making an effort: costume with antlers and ears, ponytails like deer tails as well as spots on the cheeks and a little makeup. The big golden bell tied with a ribbon around her neck cements, in case it wasn’t clear enough, how cute Poppy looks. The new hammer styled like a giant jingle bell also shows a red ribbon around what would be its neck. Ice seems to be encased in the bell and reflected in the gem at the other end. The new snowflake buckler furthers the slim ice theme of the skin. Without a doubt, the costume is a good match for Poppy.
Particles practically emphasise, though it feels like they state, an ice theme; given how weak it is presented in the model. Whether it’s a hammer smash, a shield or barrier, even charging at an enemy is done with an unexpected profusion of snow. A sprinkle of it could be understandable but such a focus leaves the skin half-way into the Snow Day line of skins. The particles aren’t bad and even add snowflakes to combat the monotony but their homogeneity can’t be disguised so easily. Keeper’s Verdict has an interesting addition: gift boxes with a sled inside; carrying a large red bag, Santa style. It adds to the evident Christmas theme so while the skin loses generality it gains personality. This is particularly important as a sled is also used by Poppy in other actions but the snow is as flat as could be expected; which disappoints in an ultimate. Auto-attacks are the only exception to the excess of snow with musical notes for each hit; which is a great addition.
Sounds actually have two major styles. One is of ice shards used for abilities like Steadfast Presence which are more magical in nature. For good, old hammer smashing and charging the traditional grumble of snow is used. It does have impact, it has to be admitted, but it’s also a bit muffled. Keeper’s Verdict fittingly starts with the appealing sounds of a jingle bell. Unfortunately, it all devolves in a necessary crunch of snow. It’s understandable but also not as special as an ultimate should feel. Iron Ambassador strangely sounds too much like a cushion; the shield has a nice shard-like sound. Auto-attacks, for all their visual appeal, do use some bell jingling but it’s a quiet and weak sound under the swing and metal clank.
Speaking of sled use, Poppy’s high speed run shows her leading a tiny sled with three poros inside; which are having a great time it seems. A similar scene is repeated in her recall animation where gifts are also included. This consistent and appealing use of a sled adds to the identity of the skin and makes the fun of wearing a costume have a playful, magical angle that makes it all the more appealing.
All things considered, Snow Fawn Poppy is, undoubtedly, a charming skin. It’s also a skin that struggles to tie together the costume magic with the snow. There’s a weak link but it’s never clearly stated so that abilities feel unfittingly borrowed from a Snow Day skin. With more emphasis on the costume magic and jingle bells the skin would’ve have a more rounded and cohesive identity. Still, for what it is, it’s a skin with lots of appeal if you are willing to excuse its flaws.

Hextech Poppy
Hextech Poppy Splash Art Hextech Poppy Model
Category: Promotional (forge 10 gemstones or reroll skin shards and permanents in Hextech Crafting)
Price: Not Applicable
Concept: Poppy as a steampunk inventor.
Model: New model for Poppy, the Hammer of Orlon and her buckler.
Particles: New particles for her abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Animations: New recall animation.
Sounds: New sounds for his abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Splash Art: The setting isn’t very clear but by the holographic projects in display it seems it could be the lab where an inventor has created wonders of hextech. There may be a hint at an open space where the lab is situated buried in the ground but we are starting to speculate. At least, the references to others hextech skins are a good touch. Sadly, besides an diffuse backdrop and references, that’s all the background provides.
Poppy appears tall and fuzzy holding a potential new project in her hand. Colours are saturated and a bit diffuse giving her fur a soft feel. Metal is somewhat dull despite some highlights, as well as the hammer which at time seems sketchy. Colours are dark too with little contrast so that they don’t represent well the more vibrant look in-game. The stance is interesting, with Poppy’s eyes reflecting the glowing orb; though for all of its importance in the splash art it’s something that in-game has no relevance.
Overall, this is a splash art that is rather straightforward. Poppy is a hextech inventor so we place a lab, some projects and her in the middle looking at a potential new invention; if that’s what it is, after all. It can’t be argued that it isn’t effective but it surely isn’t ambitious either.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: The idea of a steampunk inventor behind Hextech Poppy is only really clear on the recall. By and large, the skin is that of a magical warrior that is quite close to Classic Poppy. The model doesn’t deviate much from the classic look. The colour palette, of the whole skin, is blue-centred but she still looks like a hammer-wielding warrior. It’s not that there aren’t any differences it’s that they are small and the general lines stick to the classic design. In a way, it’s a change of style to the decoration more than the role of Poppy. The braids are an example of this.
Particles follow the established hextech pattern of blue linked diamonds. They are most noticeable in Iron Ambassador’s buckler throw and Heroic Charge. While Hammer Shock and Steadfast Presence have a new design the hextech feel isn’t clear. It’s there, subtly, but it looks more like generic magic. Keeper’s Verdict stands out the most thanks to the blue hexagon-headed pillars that rise from the ground. The hextech design isn’t evident but they surely make the ultimate eye-catching.
Sounds rely on high-pitched, almost crystalline twinklings that capture a magical feel. There aren’t any that really stand out, though. Heroic Charge has a gong-like sound when the enemy hits a wall which is nice and similar to the boom when Keeper’s Verdict takes care of an enemy; so that the impact matters. The electric discharge of Hammer Shock is the only ability that sounds different even if it’s not impactful.
The new recall shows Poppy working a little on her hammer so that it can use a propeller to take her flying away. The inventor vein is there but in a rather cartoony and insipid way. There isn’t a strong inventive but it’s clear enough; unlike the model.
In the end, Hextech Poppy is a nice skin but it seems like the line is simply covering the basics by now. Gone is the interesting interpretations that changed the way a champion was seen. Poppy remains a warrior with a weak inventor side. The magic of her classic abilities is all there with only a superficial difference to them. This results in a skin that is appealing in style but shallow.


Poppy has a good deal of skins and while many aren’t available there are a few good options. Battle Regalia Poppy is the recommended skin as it takes the little, strong-willed yordle girl and nicely garbs her as a proud knight. The theme could be more polished but it nonetheless remains a very attractive concept with a reasonably good implementation and low price.

More expensive than usual but also quite appealing is Star Guardian Poppy. The adaptation combines her warrior and magical girl aspects into a whole that is familiar and attractive. Unfortunately, while the new model, particles, sound and few animations do a great job they don’t step beyond the expected limits; which doesn’t let the skin round a whole new identity for Poppy. Still, for a plucky warrior-magical-girl it’s certainly a good choice.

Scarlet Hammer Poppy is an option if you don’t mind losing some of Poppy’s identity in exchange for a decidedly hardened look. The aspect isn’t striking in its message of raw lethality but manages to convey it. Regardless, you will find a clear clash with Poppy’s nature in exchange for rather ineffective visual impact.

If the chance presents itself, you may want to catch Blacksmith Poppy at a legacy sale. The skin not only delves on Poppy’s past and tradition but it also delivers an appealing concept. On top of that, the theme of a young yordle at a demanding job is really well done so that she remains childish yet determined and powerful: pure Poppy.

Another legacy option is Ragdoll Poppy. It’s a skin with a fitting idea that works in conjunction with Poppy’s cartoony style. For its price, the few added feather particles are too brief. Regardless, if taken for what it can offer Ragdoll Poppy is a pleasing skin that is definitely appealing.

Still in legacy terrain, Lollipoppy is a skin with its own charm. Delivering concussive sweetness can get old after a while and the weapons are the highlights of the skins. Still, it manages an appealing playfulness that fits Poppy well. It’s somewhat expensive for a re-model but Lollipoppy is a good option.

Noxus Poppy may be another skin to eye at a legacy sale. Both concept and execution are modest but the result is quite appealing. It may not be a skin that redefines the way Poppy feels but it delivers enough for its reasonable price.

The Christmas, legacy option is Snow Fawn Poppy. It’s a charming skin with a magical costume that sees Poppy fly as well as jingle bells when the time for action comes. The snow isn’t effectively connected to the general idea of the skin so it can feel out of place. Regardless, the result is surely appealing if you can forgive its inconsistencies.

For hextech crafters we have Hextech Poppy. It’s a superficial, albeit appealing, skin that keeps the core warrior Poppy angle with a small dose of inventor. The hextech design is nice but there’s nothing remarkable which may be a case of the line not trying hard anymore. The result is nice but nothing worth worrying about.

  56 Responses to “League of Legends: Poppy Skins’ Review”

  1. i find it hard to believe that Battle Regalia Poppy is a 5 star skin because only the model is changed and no new things like particles or sounds

    • even with low price

      • Well, that’s precisely the point. The skin only modifies Poppy’s model but for the price it provides quite an appealing and satisfying product. It does what it intends to very well and asks for a reasonable expense. Therefore, the high rating.

        • So why isnt Rusty Blitz 5 stars then?

          • Because it’s just a re-texture that only changes Blitzcrank’s colour. For all intents and purposes it’s the same concept. At least Battle Regalia Poppy manages an appealing high-fantasy look for her at a low price that has a distinct identity; different from her classic one.

          • It’s now 4 stars

          • The visual upgrade homogenised the quality of the skins. Battle Regalia is still a great skin for Poppy but not the improvement it used to be.

  2. no, these reviews are strange! i bought noxus poppy and played her in that skin for 2 games and everyone kept on saying i was racist for purchasing the skin :/
    i dont understand why ragdoll poppy doesnt have 5 stars!!! it looks the best in-game and the splash art looks good too.

    • Not sure why people would say that about Noxus Poppy. At any rate, did you enjoy the skin? Because at the end of the day what really matters is whether you got your moneys worth out of your purchaases. What people say about a skin can be tinted by all colours of intentions, including making you feel bad so as to perform worse than them; even in your own team. To be fair, we’ve witnessed all kinds of behaviour.

      We agree that Ragdoll Poppy is very nice but it would need something else to reach five stars. The model is certainly appealing but considering its legacy, seasonal nature we think it’s needs more to deserve five stars at that price.

  3. Zero will u review the skins for the legacy sale on the last week of august, also if a skin is on sale does its rating(number of stars) double?becauseureview them at full price right?

    • All legacy skins are already reviewed at each champion’s page. Besides you can also find specific legacy skins reviews at the review index.

      You could add a star to a skin on sale, as long as the discount is at least of 50% off. We actually do take into consideration whether a skin can go on sale or not; as is the case of legendary and legacy skins.

      The price is lower while on sale so it’s reasonable to consider them more attractive. Regardless, as most skins can go on sale most skins stand on equal ground. Those that can’t are held at a stricter standard while reviewed.

  4. I think you forgot to say that Lollypoppy has new Particles for her q! Its white instead of yellow! Would be nice if it will be changed.

  5. Hey Zero,
    Don’t you think that Ragdoll Poppy has a changed colours of her sword and shield after activating W?
    Check it out please.

  6. Hi Zero,

    So I’ve been having lots of fun playing Poppy recently and have decided to get myself a skin. I wanted something that will feel…creepy which is a “feeling” that I get both from Noxus and Lollipoppy (the later mainly due to the splash art tho) and wanted your opinion on which one I should get. (The other Poppy skins I don’t like all that much except maybe Ragdoll which is kind of cute.)

    • Poppy isn’t exactly the best choice for creepy but Scarlet Hammer with those empty eyes and stern expression isn’t as cute as other skins can be. It’s also a bit expensive and the idea seems only to be a darker version of Battle Regalia.

      We prefer the aforementioned Battle Regalia though there isn’t much creepy in it. Blacksmith is too expensive nowadays but it’s less colourful and more rough; so to speak. Ragdoll has its charm but it’s also a bit expensive and certainly of the cute kind.

      Truth be told, we don’t really know what to recommend with regards to a creepy skin. Perhaps Battle Regalia, which goes on sale tomorrow, can be a satisfying option but it’s not exactly the kind of skin you’re looking for; unfortunately.

  7. awesom ! site

  8. Hey zero can you do an update cause poppy is updated: )

  9. Ty zero we really appreciate your work: )

  10. Hello Strategy Zero users!
    With the Poppy’s rework coming, will you re-do this article? Please notice me :p I want to know what do you think! Bye ­čÖé

    • We are readying everything for the upcoming release of Poppy’s rework. Once it’s available we’ll try to update the review as soon as possible.

  11. Lollipoppy gets a new face when she dances. It says it resemblance of the face in her splash art (the one in the lollipop) It’s the first time for skins has to change its face. I guess.

    • It’s true, she makes a different face to her other skins. We’ll add it to the review; thanks for the information. That was spooky…

  12. Hey Zero,I love your reviews man keep em coming.I just wanted to let you know that battle regalia poppy has a different looking passive (the little buffs that you can pick up to gain armor).They look like stars compared to the circle ones in the original skin.Thanks for the review!

    • Not at all. We just checked again and couldn’t notice a difference. The little stars when Poppy picks her buckler are present on classic from what we’ve seen. Perhpas there’s something that we are missing.

      • Look at this picture : http://www.newsoflegends.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/Poppy-Passive-1.jpg

        This clearly shows the original skin poppy’s passive has round circles instead of stars.Unfortunately I couldn’t find any pictures of battle regalia’s passive.Just look at the link i sent you and then play a game of battle regalia poppy and you will CLEARLY tell the difference.

        p.s. The reason i’m fighting for this skin is because I love it and its one of my favirite skins in the game.I think this new passive particle would give it 5 star rating because it would offer so much for such a low price.

        • We don’t think that a few extra particles on the passive would be enough to make it jump to another star. We do think that it’s worth noting if there are changes, no matter how minor.

          That aside, we are sorry but, except for the different design for the buckler, the passive seems to be the same in both Classic and Battle Regalia. We checked several time and just couldn’t notice the difference. Perhaps it’s such a subtle change that it’s difficult to notice without zooming or in battle.

          We’ll keep our eyes open in case we notice a difference. We aren’t opposed to changing the review if we find out we omitted something; especially significant changes. However, we prefer to be as sure as possible about what is different.

  13. I thruthfully think poppy just needs ragdoll lollipoppy and noxus need to be cancled and we make bloodmoon poppy????? anyone disagree? :3

    • Well, Noxus is a legacy skin so it’s been somewhat retired. On the topic of Blood Moon Poppy there’s absolutely nothing against it, on the contrary. Here’s hoping.

  14. Hello, just to clarify, I think that Riot recently updated the Star Guardian skin to have stronger blue hue to all of its abilities, and I think the picture with the spells displayed is outdated.

    • Thanks for the notice. Riot doesn’t always offer good images or videos when releasing new skins to display their attributes. It did this time but there were additional changes to the skin, as you mention, and the image wasn’t updated. We’ll see what we can do to update the image.

  15. Hey Zero I got 50% off on Blacksmith Poppy and Viscero Xin Zhao but I can only buy one of them
    I need ur opinion on what should I pick? Poppy or Xin Zhao. I love playing both of them but I don’t know what skin to pick

    • Both are quite good skins for each champion. Not only are the models interesting but they are also tied with each champion’s personality and past. We’d recommend to choose that champion you play or enjoy the most or consider which skin seems more attractive from its concept as the implementation is good; though basically a re-model in either case.

      Something that might help is that even though Blacksmith Poppy and Viscero Xin Zhao are legacy skins they will probably return during the Legacy Skin Vault that usually happens by the end of the year. The skins will be back in the store during the duration of the sale and at one time be on sale for 50% off. Therefore, you can simply buy the one you like or are more interested in now and leave the other for latter.

      We’d still advise to make sure that the skins are to your liking and will see use. The fact that you can get one now and another latter gives time to play one at a time. In the lapse between Teemoing shop and Legacy Vault sale you can enjoy one skin while you wait for the other.

  16. I am between batlle regalia poppy and noxus poppy. The situacion is that batlle regalia poppy is going on sale this month (december) and it is going to be really cheap but noxus poppy as a legacy skin only can be bought near christmas (right now). They are both really great skins, in the review you said that noxus poppy change something in his autoattack? What do you all recommend me? Noxus one? Battle regalia one? or both of them?

    • What we specifically meant about Noxus Poppy is that the trail left behind her hammer when swinging in her auto-attack is changed to fit the new dark colour of the weapon; other skins keep the classic trail because the colour is similar or identical.

      Between both skins we find that Battle Regalia is a better fit for Poppy because it’s like a refined, ornamented realisation of her classic self. It’s a modest skin but also one that is eye-catching. Noxus is, in some ways, an opposite: dark, simple design that relies on colour, mostly. Both are good yet different skins. Besides, with regards to the lore, Poppy wouldn’t be likely to be involved with Noxus unless she goes undercover to smash some Noxians; if that is of any relevance with the ever-changing lore.

      Battle Regalia Poppy on sale, for a fan, is a choice with little risk. Surely, it’s not an elaborate skin but it’s appealing nonetheless, Noxus Poppy is something different that stands in contrast to her usual style. We wouldn’t recommend to go all out and buy as many skins as you can unless you are sure that you like them both so as to play them relatively equally. If not, simply buy the one you like the most: no point in buying two and end up playing only one.

      Besdies, there’s time to decide still. Don’t rush it and consider how much you play Poppy and which skin seems more interesting. Price isn’t a huge obstacle but there’s a difference still. Add it all together and you may find whether getting one, the other or both is the better option for you.

  17. Thanks for your answer i appreciate it. I will buy battle regalia one and if i am still interested i will buy noxus one next year, as you said there is no point in buying two skina of the same pj and only use one

    • Not at all, we are glad to help. Indeed, there will be other chances to get Noxus Poppy. Besides, if you get the one you really like and a new skin for Poppy appears that you also like you don’t find yourself overwhelmed with skins competing for attention. You have skins you like and also time to enjoy them.

      Noxus Poppy is a good skin but too reliant on the dark aesthetic. If you want something different it works. Perhaps next year the Legacy Vault will have sales like it used to and you can even get it at a discount. There could be other ways of getting it even like a bundle or even hextech crafting if you are into that.

      In other words, there are many other possibilities to get Noxus Poppy. On top of that there are many other options for Poppy that may, arguably, end up being better than Noxus. Therefore, no rush necessary.

  18. Zero I can’t decide if I want to buy Program Camille or SG Poppy for my next skin. Program camille will be on sale for 975 rp but i feel like either way ill want the other skin, In your opinion which skin is better quality, i will be playing both champions equally so that can’t be a deciding factor. (oh and btw,I think the star guardian poppy in game is wrong, they changed the particles to all blue ;)) thanks!

    • If you feel like Star Guardian Poppy is the skin you like then get it. No point in spending less for something that you actually don’t prefer. At any rate, you can wait for a sale on Star Guardian Poppy. If you do like Program Camille then a regular sale is also recommended; after all saving money is always a good thing.

      Between the two, Program Camille seems to be better realised. Star Guadian Poppy stands to close to the classic template. The concept has charm and the result is appealing. Still, between the two, Program Camille seems superior. Nevertheless, that means nothing if you like Star Guardian Poppy more. The main point of a skin is that you like an enjoy it not that it’s approved by others.

      We’d recommend to wait for a regular sale while you decide which direction you really like. From what you mention, Star Guardian Poppy seems more appealing to you.

      Finally, Star Guardian Poppy images are the official ones released by Riot. If we recall correctly, the skin had the particles changed to blue as you mention but new images were never released. For that reason, we left the old images as we thought it’s better to have some information about their look than none. If and when we are able to update them we’ll promptly do so.

  19. So all the old star guardian skins will be 50% off soon and I wanted to buy SG Lulu, but I got her from a reroll… So now I don’t know if I should buy SG Poppy. It’s really cool, but I liked the yellow particles more than the blue ones, cause I feel like they aren’t so noticeable in game… So now I don’t know if I should buy it or not… What do you guys think about the skin :/? Would you buy it if you played the champ often… or you’d recommend to wait and not throw money…

    • Star Guardian Poppy is a good skin it’s just that it strictly follows the template without trying to make an effort. On sale, it’s a more palatable propostion. It doesn’t solve the direct adaptation but, at least, it’s a more reasonable price for what the skin offers.

      If you play Poppy a lot and like the Star Guardian theme then it’s a nice skin to have. On sale it would still be a little more expensive that it probably should be but it’s more acceptable.

  20. Hey. I want to ask you, what do you think about the new hextech skin? It,s look like the inventor of the other hextech skins

    • So it seems from the splash art. However, we notice a decline in the inventiveness and breadth of the changes; ironic actually. We’ll try to have a review ready soon but we aren’t that excited about Hextech Poppy as with previous skins.

  21. wich skin should i buy? SG Poppy or Snow Fawn Poppy i love both of them

    • It depends on what you are looking for in the skin. Firstly, Snow Fawn Poppy is a legacy skin tied to Snowdown so you’ll have to wait for the event to get it. It can’t go on sale also but Star Guardian Poppy can be discounted from 1350 RP to 675 RP which is quite good.

      That said, Star Guardian Poppy is effective but perhaps can feel superficial. Snow Fawn Poppy doesn’t delve deep either yet also suffers from a disconnect between the toy magic and the ice powers. The concepts are quite different: magical girl vs Christmas tribute.

      If we had to recommend something based on you liking both skins equally, is to get Star Guardian Poppy on sale. Afterwards you can consider getting Snow Fawn Poppy if you want more variety. The skins are good but they lack something special to make them stand out; which makes the high price less palatable. Neither is bad yet a good discount is hard to argue with; especially if you like them both the same.

  22. Did you do a review on the base splash art?

    • No, we didn’t. It’s something we could do but as getting the champion means getting the splash art it’s not something optional. Besides, splash arts don’t really matter in-game so we see them as presentation cards.

      For skins that have to be purchased we think there’s value as skins tend not to have any other avenues for showing what they are about in League of Legends’ client. As champions can be got for free and the classic persona is automatic we centre on the purchasable side. Still, it’s something we keep in mind.

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