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Koi Nami Element Chroma Pack
Skin Chroma Packs Review

Skin chroma packs provide the opportunity of customising a champion’s skin with specific colour combinations. When a chroma offers a different look, that’s visually attractive and that also enhances or plays with the skin’s features it can be worthwhile. However, that’s only provided both champion and skin are owned. With that assumption firmly in place, let’s see which chroma packs are worth getting.

Arcade Miss Fortune
Arcade Miss Fortune Chroma Pack Image
Category: Skin
Price: Pack: 975 RP / Chroma: 290 RP or 2000 IP
Colours: Aquamarine / Amethyst / Citrine / Peridot / Ruby
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: For the most part, this set of chromas switches around the colours already present in Arcade Miss Fortune’s dress but always keeps the same style. There’re a couple of exceptions but in those cases they are partial changes of base colour. In all cases, the differences with the base look are minimal.
Aquamarine distinguishes itself by employing a higher amount of violet and light blue. Hair turns to blonde as well and the clearer contrast of colours is a nice though subtle change. Overall, it’s just a bit bluer version.
Amethyst follows the same path also using more violet and blue. Hair colour is again blonde but of the platinum style. There’s a nice contrast of tones but also much overlap with the base look to which its stands as an alternative with stronger hues.
Citrine relies on dark yellow to stand out. The blue base remains but clothes and guns take on a different colour to accentuate the presence of yellow over the blue. While it makes for a difference with the base style it’s also a tiny one.
Peridot has a distinct colour scheme because it changes the blue base for a bright green one. The secondary colour also leaves behind yellow and goes for red and dark green. This allows for a look that sets itself apart with its vivid tones; though it’s only a simple change.
Finally, Ruby naturally takes advantage of red to change the colour scheme into something that stands apart from the base. There’s secondary orange to offer a different tone in contrast with the base but the overall change in primary colour is the biggest and only feature.
In all cases, Arcade Miss Fortune’s chromas are simple and straightforward. Aquamarine, Amethyst and Citrine reuse the blue base which ends up restricting the chromas to only changing secondary colours. The ones that feel different enough are Peridot and Ruby because of their change of base colour from blue to green and red, respectively. Regardless, a change of colour is all they are so while the result stands out it does so in the most modest of ways.

Cottontail Teemo
Cottontail Teemo Chroma Pack Image
Category: Skin
Price: Pack: 975 RP / Chroma: 290 RP or 2000 IP
Colours: Aquamarine / Rose Quartz / Speckled / Turquoise / Amethyst
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: If we are talking about straightforward changes of colour then it probably doesn’t get any simpler that Cottontail Teemo’s chromas. Each chroma specifically offers one single different tone for the furry costume without any additional characteristics to speak about.
Aquamarine changes the base greys for light blues. The difference is soft but noticeable. Regardless, it still keeps the tame tones of the original but with a bit of a different shade.
Rose Quartz goes the pink way. Again there’s a difference to note that is all owed to a soft shade of red. While a change is visible the unassuming style of the base is kept.
Speckled keeps the greys used in the base but intersperses some black. Dark ears and spots change the overall design of the costume while also staying within the believable, for a rabbit. Even though there isn’t much ambition in this chroma the result is the most daring of them all.
Turquoise returns to simple changes with a green-blue shade that encompasses the whole of the costume. The effect is that of a darker, perhaps a tad dustier, fur that remains rather similar to the base look. It’s a chroma that risks little and so produces only a small difference.
Amethyst uses violet which results in the costume with the stronger colour. This makes the chroma stand out but the intense shade also dissuades from the softness associated with the Cottontail style. While the chroma manages to distinguish itself from the alternatives it may do so in too forceful a way.
Considering all the different chromas only Speckled really stands out as it breaks the mould of the simple, one-colour design. Technically, it doesn’t even change colours as much as the others: only a few spots here and there. However, it manages the most notorious result. All the other chromas are simple changes of colour that don’t strive for much. Turquoise may be an option for adding a touch of dust to the Cottontail costume but that’s a far as it can go.

Dragon Fist Lee Sin Duel

Dragon Fist Lee Sin Duel Chroma Pack Image
Category: Skin
Price: Pack: 590 RP / Chroma: 290 RP or 2000 IP
Chromas: Black / Yellow / Blue
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: This is a trio of straightforward but nice chromas. The Black chroma relies on a dark base and bright highlights. This allows the dragon pattern to stand out without overloading with colour. The sober but attractive look makes it a good option.
The Yellow chroma catches the eye with its bright yellow base. There’s good contrast with the black patterns to make them stand out. However, the yellow can appear too bright but has the benefit of being a direct reference to Game of Death. Therefore, it can be forgiven; especially by Bruce Lee fans.
The Blue chroma is subdued and even peaceful though distinct with its unique colours. The combination allows for the patterns to be easily noticed and stands apart from the rest. It lacks the traditional or referential characteristics that the others have but this is a chroma with its own identity.
The pack is nothing extraordinary but certainly appealing. The Black chroma is the most sober and conventional while the Yellow is the most eye-catching added to a tribute. The Blue chroma stands on its own as different yet interesting. Overall, none are bad choices but they play it safe.

Dreadknight Nasus Plague

Dreadknight Nasus Plague Chroma Pack Image
Category: Skin
Price: Pack: 590 RP / Chroma: 290 RP or 2000 IP
Chromas: Burn / Blight / Frostbite
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: A trio of straightforward chromas this is. The Burn chroma aims for a sinister look that the brilliant armour and homogeneous mask don’t present well. The dark fur is more effective than the regal armour. The look is interesting but it doesn’t manage a unified message.
The Blight chroma has distinct bright highlights on the mask, armour and halberd. The fur doesn’t contrast the armour much and the colour of the former doesn’t display its design clearly. It’s the contrast between the dull base and the highlights that make the chroma worth checking.
The Frostbite chroma could initially seem monotonous due to its homogeneous blue palette. However, the pale fur against the dark armour manages a contrast that heightens the impact of both. The armour is still dull and doesn’t show its design effectively. Regardless, it’s an interesting take on the Dreadknight persona.
All in all, these chromas are by no means impressive but manage something different. The Burn chroma isn’t as sinister as it tries to, the Blight has splashes of colour over a dull base and the Frostbite seems a bit too homogeneous. Regardless, they manage to be appealing in a small way. The regal armour, the bright decorations and the pale aesthetic, respectively, offer something to like.

Dragonslayer Vayne Chaos

Dragonslayer Vayne Chaos Chroma Pack Image
Category: Skin
Price: Pack: 590 RP / Chroma: 290 RP or 2000 IP
Chromas: Green / Red / Silver
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: This trio of chromas have distinct colour combinations. The Green chroma is a counterpart to the classic Dragonslayer look but moving the spectrum from blue to green. The bright colours make the chroma too flashy though the skin is already flashy enough. In a way, it fits but it feels simplistic.
The Red chroma has classic colours for a suitable dark look with highlights. The darker areas manage to retain details and the lighter complement the look without getting in the way. Without revolutionising anything this chroma is a rather good option.
The Silver chroma strikes as a lighter version of the classic Dragonslayer skin. It retains the bluish aspect but with brighter highlights which make the look more interesting and less monotonous. The result is familiar yet different enough. The lighter colours also reveal the many details of the Dragonslayer armour.
On the whole, this is a good set of chromas. The Green is a spectrum variant that relies on red. It can be eye-catching but also flashy. The Red is a classic combination that stands out for its sober yet attractive look. The Silver chroma is a lighter, less homogeneous alternative that puts the design of the armour on display while retaining a classic Dragonslayer feel.

Grim Reaper Karthus Plague

Grim Reaper Karthus Plague Chroma Pack Image
Category: Skin
Price: Pack: 590 RP / Chroma: 290 RP or 2000 IP
Chromas: Burn / Blight / Frostbite
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: This chroma pack seem quite conventional not to say subtle in its approach. The Burn chroma has an attractive, classical combination of colours. The darker robes add to the sinister aspect while the red tones sprinkle a bit of hellish power. The combination works rather well but it’s far from a radical change.
The Blight chroma seems whimsical as there isn’t that much rhyme or reason to the colours. It has blue robes with brown added all round but there doesn’t seem to be a specific aesthetic in mind. It’s different, subtly so, and perhaps can pass for a sick version of a lich; which is rather puzzling.
The Frostbite chroma resembles the classic Grim Reaper style the most. The colours are more vibrant with more reliance on blues and less on greys. This makes the chroma appealing but still very similar. It’s worth considering but it’s a small change.
Overall, these are chromas that offer little. The Burn chroma is the most attractive with its sinister, hellish feel. The Blight can pass for an infected version of a lich; which makes sense to a point. The Frostbite is a bluer, more colourful take on the Grim Reaper skin but too similar still.

Headhunter Master Yi Strike

Headhunter Master Yi Strike Chroma Pack Image
Category: Skin
Price: Pack: 590 RP / Chroma: 290 RP or 2000 IP
Chromas: Crimson / Aqua / Gold
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: The Strike chromas are rather simple and disappointing. To start with, the Crimson chroma is a subtle change that gives a darker tone to the Headhunter armour plates and a red tint to the sword. That’s all there is and while the effect is appealing it’s also too little.
The Aqua chroma gives the armour and sword a light blue colour. The plates receive orange decorations and the cloth turns blue. It’s distinct in comparison with the classic grey of Headhunter. However, it’s also too direct and plain a re-colour.
The Gold chroma stands out the most not because of its complex ambitions but for the radical change of colour. Metal becomes gilded while cloth turns green. The bright gold stands out against the sometimes dull grey of the classic Headhunter. Still, it’s a fanciful look that isn’t particularly interesting on its own.
Overall, this is a letdown of chromas. Either of these chromas have limited scope with changes being centred on changing the colour of the armour plates and the blade; the hanging waist cloth too. The Crimson seems more aggressive, the Aqua is eye-catching and the Gold stands out but only in a specific way. The changes are simple and so is the result.

High Noon Yasuo
High Noon Yasuo Chroma Pack Image
Category: Skin
Price: Pack: 975 RP / Chroma: 290 RP or 2000 IP
Colours: Sapphire / Amethyst / Jasper / Emerald / Obsidian
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Although High Noon Yasuo’s chromas largely play on changes of colours the tones used tend to be mellow without much contrast between colours. This approach results in chromas that look different yet tend to feel similar because they lack notorious features to set each apart.
Sapphire appears to rearrange some of the base High Noon colours but keeping the same hues. The body appears darker while hair and hat become lighter; still, there isn’t a notable difference. It’s a change but a timid one that reuses too much brown.
Amethyst stresses the use of light colours for hair and hat but also lightens the clothes’ palette too. The result is a chroma that still resembles the base High Noon aspect yet keeping the lack of contrasts. While overall it seems to stand apart the base feel remains.
Jasper takes the opposite direction of other chromas and darkens the palette. Again the composition of the look remains familiar thought the shy contrast of bronze and dark blue cloth is appealing. Regardless, the homogeneous colour selection doesn’t let the highlights shine.
Emerald also relies on bronze for its metallic highlights but surrounds such material with green and brown tones which end up meshing into each other. The lighter colour palette makes a difference but again relies on similar hues to the base aspect. Therefore, there’s much overlap even if there are changes to note.
Obsidian is a chroma that majorly relies on two colours: blue and light bronze. For that reason it results in an appearance that sets itself apart from the base one. Also thanks to the contrast between these two tones the chroma manages an appealing look despite its simplicity.
From a quick look at High Noon Yasuo’s chromas it’s plainly evident that they seldom stray far from the base appearance. Even though hues are lighter they still rely on brown which prevents them from realising a distinct aspect. In fact, only Obsidian dares to take a step forward and adopt a two colour combination that differentiates it from all the others. In conclusion, if you are going to choose a chroma that doesn’t retread some of the base style then Obisidian is your best choice.

Koi Nami Element

Koi Nami Element Chroma Pack Image
Category: Skin
Price: Pack: 590 RP / Chroma: 290 RP or 2000 IP
Chromas: Sunbeam / Smoke / Twilight
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: These chromas don’t aim high but the results can be appealing due to the colours chosen. The Sunbeam chroma paints Nami’s skin in yellow and gives her armour and staff a blue tint. It stands out but the lack of vibrancy in the colours can make her look too quiet. It’s a distinct change but not one that is exciting.
The Smoke chroma seems like a washed out blue version of Koi Nami. It’s still manages to be attractive because the light blue tones suit her fins very well. The armour seems a bit dull but there’s enough contrast to make its design visible. Even though it doesn’t give the best first impression this is an interesting chroma.
The Twilight chroma is a great change of colours. The blue body suits her fins and also the aquatic nature of a mermaid. The bronze armour gives Nami an air of royalty revealing its design with clarity. Without doubt this is a worthwhile chroma for fans of Koi Nami.
All things considered, this is an uneven pack. The Sunbeam chroma stands apart from the expected Koi Nami look but doesn’t result in something exciting. The Smoke chroma is a good fit for a mermaid but the armour appears dull. The Twilight chroma has a fantastic appearance that combines the water theme with a touch of regal style. If there’s one to get it’s this last one.

Mecha Malphite
Mecha Malphite Chroma Pack Image
Category: Skin
Price: Pack: 1320 RP / Chroma: 290 RP or 2000 IP
Colours: Catseye / Emerald / Obsidian / Sandstone / Pearl / Sapphire / Granite / Citrine
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: With all their intricate little details the chromas for Mecha Malphite give a great first impression. Under closer examination they start to reveal that the little details are, indeed, little and the main feature of each chroma is the base colour of the mecha in question. The decorations add personality to each chorma but they suffer from two problems: they are either insignificant or shared between chromas.
Catseye is based on yellow with blue highlights that almost correspond to an inversion of the base colour scheme. Thanks to the main colour the chroma stands out and the blue breaks the monotony; at times even giving the impression that there’s more depth to the look. However, that’s all there is with yellow being the main feature.
Emerald takes on a soft green hue and intersperses it with a dark green plus the addition of some orange decoration. The result isn’t monotonous thanks to the different hues but it does have a quite though varied style to which the arm model number adds. For an unassuming look with a clear personality this is a nice choice.
Obsidian is the mecha in black with a touch of red. The low contrast between both tones makes the decoration difficult to appreciate; which is a pity as there’re some nice patterns on the arms. In spite of a similar design to Emerald the main issue is the dimness of the colours which ends up making the chroma feel just like black mecha.
Sandstone takes a very pale yellow as base and adds some nice but eventually subtle grey patterns in addition to brief blue highlights. The combination of double decorative colours adds to the unique style of the chroma but each one seems too succinct to the point of being underdeveloped. It’s still a chroma with good variety and its own identity.
Pearl takes a bright grey as the main colour and adds red, white and blue stripes as well as a black and blue highlights plus a large number eight to be a rather evocative Herbie homage. While this style clearly stands out most surfaces are of a simple grey until an articulation or limb appears in sight. Evidently, the tribute is the main attraction though it’s a fitting look for a competition mecha.
Sapphire is blue but also decorated with white, black and silver as well as an arm model number and bracket logos. Although there are many tones, the chroma only looks reservedly colourful which defines a sober yet attractive identity. While the blue feels like an overlap with the base look there’s a clearly defined appearance that catches the eye without exaggeration.
Granite takes pale shades of blue, green and grey interspersed with darker shades of the same tones for a rather consistent yet somewhat homogeneous look. The main culprit is the lack of noticeable decoration; except for some appealing but timid scratches on certain surfaces. Under close inspection it’s a battle-worn mecha with an interesting personality but, sadly, it’s especially subtle in its exposition of it.
Citrine uses various shades of dim yellow against a dark blue that, actually, doesn’t make much of a contrast. Both colours, with some added green, make some minimal camouflage patterns on various surfaces that end up as a missed opportunity to define an identity for the chroma. This results in a look that is rather monotonous and almost entirely relies on the dim yellow and blue colour scheme.
When all is considered together, this is a chroma pack that offers a lot of variety yet is unable to keep the standard as high as it sometimes sets it. In other words, some chromas stand out above others mainly due to wasted opportunities in the execution. Emerald, Pearl and Sapphire are the most striking with Sandstone and Granite having nice personalities suffering from unexploited potential. Catseye, Obsidian and Citrine end up too reliant on their main colour without additional elements to support it. Nonetheless, there aren’t any chromas that are inherently bad. It’s simply that seeing how good some can be it disappoints to see others that stand as re-colours alongside them.

Nemesis Jax Sand

Nemesis Jax Sand Chroma Pack Image
Category: Skin
Price: Pack: 590 RP / Chroma: 290 RP or 2000 IP
Chromas: Brick / Amber / Cream
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: These chromas are too basic and direct in their use of colour. The Brick chroma largely keeps the base untouched but changes the cloth to red. Said colour is too vivid yet there isn’t much contrast with the darker clothes. Essentially, it’s a change from blue to red in the spectrum from the classic Nemesis look.
The Amber chroma has a staturated dark yellow that catches the eye but looks fanciful. The copper armour and mace are interesting but the clothing is certainly an acquired taste. Specifically, the clothes seem to catch too much attention with their strong tone against a subdued almost dull base.
The Cream chroma has a rather suitable cloth colour for a warrior with a desert style. The bronze armour and weapons suit the aesthetic and with the khaki cloth provide a good contrast with the darker clothes. It’s nothing remarkable but it’s an option for a look with a sprinkle of sand-based style.
These chromas don’t always achieve interesting visuals. The Brick is rather sombre and the Amber too eye-catching. The Cream manages a sensible look that suits a desert warrior with a touch of bronze; to avoid rust. While the other chromas can have some appeal the last one manages something more sensible.

Pool Party Leona Dawn

Pool Party Leona Dawn Chroma Pack Image
Category: Skin
Price: Pack: 590 RP / Chroma: 290 RP or 2000 IP
Chromas: Pink / Azure / Lemon
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: A set of straightforward chromas that centre on changing clothes and gear. The Pink chroma seems quiet on the whole; which is sensible for a holiday. The contrast of the pink with the violet is good but everything seems plain. It’s an inconspicuous choice for a peaceful holiday.
The Azure chroma has a more maritime style thanks to the chosen palette. The shades of blue along the pale green provide a suitable look that eschews bright colours in favour of something quiet but fitting. Even though it’s nothing groundbreaking it’s certainly nice.
The Lemon chroma seems like a different take on the classic Pool Party Leona look; only brighter. At large, the design is the same and the result almost identical. There’s a different contrast due to brighter yellow in certain areas but also lighter accompanying green tones. In the end, there isn’t a significant difference but it manages to feel more colourful.
All things considered, the Dawn chromas aren’t particularly striking. The Pink is a quiet choice, the Azure is suitably maritime and the Lemon a brighter take on Pool Party Leona. Neither is bad nor are they exciting either. The blue-grey may have some appeal due to the how the palette suits the sea.

Rocket Girl Tristana Punk

Rocket Girl Tristana Punk Chroma Pack Image
Category: Skin
Price: Pack: 590 RP / Chroma: 290 RP or 2000 IP
Chromas: Orange Red-Green / Purple Pink-Grey / Navy Violet-Blue
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: This Punk chromas content themselves with changing the colour of the hair dye and the jumpsuit. The Orange chroma relies on a vibrant red hair and a quiet, two-tone brown jumpsuit. This matches the red-nosed rockets but there’s nothing noteworthy.
The Purple chroma goes with an eye-catching hair dye but a rather dull jumpsuit. To a point, it’s an alternative to Riot Tristana as only the hair colour stands out in either case.
The Navy chroma has a dark hair colour that lets the visor catch the eye with its distinct tone. The blue jumpsuit is a nice match for Tristana but there isn’t a good harmony of tones when the visor and rocket launcher are added.
Truth be told, this is a simple pack of chromas. They are direct and unassuming to a point that they aren’t even interesting. The Orange may pass for a darker take on Rocket Girl Tristana but the Purple only has the hair dye to stand out. The Navy has pleasing blue tones but lacks consistency overall. While they aren’t bad chromas they aren’t special in any significant way either.

Shockblade Zed
Shockblade Zed Chroma Pack Image
Category: Skin
Price: Pack: 1110 RP / Chroma: 290 RP or 2000 IP
Colours: Rose Quartz / Catseye / Aquamarine / Ruby / Amethyst / Emerald
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Drawing from the classic theme of colour-themed ninjas the chromas for Shockblade Zed are, for the most part, direct but appealing. It probably comes as no surprise, then, that the primary colours end up making the best examples of the chromas. Red, blue, green and yellow are traditional but safe choices for ninjas to the point that the pack almost seems like a Mortal Kombat tribute. There’s nothing explicit in that regard and sometimes a bit more than just a change of uniform colour.
Rose Quartz, or the infamous pink ninja in the mouth of the spiteful, is by its very nature a softer red that ends up not having the strength of the pure colour. Without much else to set it apart from the weak red role it ends up in it’s a chroma that can only appeal with its most basic feature. If you don’t like the main colour then there’s nothing else of note.
Catseye or the yellow ninja is a choice with a strong, vivid tone. The chroma also spreads the general colour to the blades with a bronze tint that adds an interesting consistency to the chroma without becoming homogeneous. Sadly, the bottom of the trousers does homogenise the decorative flames displayed in other chromas which is a missed opportunity to add some extra flair.
Aquamarine or the light blue ninja is, essentially, the same as Amethyst but with a lighter tone. Notorious similarities apart, there’s a nice contrast between bronze highlights over the dim blue though it’s not always as noticeable due to the weak shade of blue. Regardless, it’s a chroma with a clear though shared identity that appeals with a soft transition of light to darker shades of blue and a fine blue touch to the blades.
Ruby or the red ninja is another chroma that stands out by the sheer force of its colour alone. The chroma also adds some blue and violet to contrast the main colour; even if they can pass unnoticed. Still, there’s little that can be said against such a suitable and naturally attractive colour choice.
Amethyst or the blue ninja stands alongside Aquamarine as almost identical twins. Colours are stronger which in some cases, like the gold highlights, allows them to feel more vivid but in some places they appear too saturated; like the trousers. The colour is appealing by itself but loses the soft dégradé of Amethyst in a more homogeneous look that still manages to make the gold more attractive.
Emerald or the green ninja is another chroma that grabs attention with its sheer natural appeal. The dark green decoration makes a contrast with the lighter main colour and the touch of brown for the blades helps its identity. The appearance is quieter, in terms of intensity and variety of colour, than in other chromas yet that gives a seriousness that suits the general look.
All in all, this is a fine chroma pack but there are some individual chromas that naturally stand above others. Thanks to the strength of their primary colour and some finely added extra touches Catseye, Aquamarine, Ruby and Emerald are the best choices thanks to their distinct appearances. Both Ruby Quartz and Amethyst suffer from a bit of an identity crisis as both stand as siblings to Ruby and Aquamarine with differences that aren’t always appealing or worthwhile.

Warring Kingdoms Xin Zhao
Warring Kingdoms Xin Zhao Chroma Pack Image
Category: Skin
Price: Pack: 1110 RP / Chroma: 290 RP or 2000 IP
Colours: Ruby / Peridot / Amethyst / Aquamarine / Rose Quartz / Pearl
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: At a glance it seems like Warring Kingdom’s Xin Zhao’s chroma pack offers a lot of variety. However, chromas rely on one major change: the colour of metal. There’s also the colour of hair and scarf which always change but aren’t as significant; they’ll be considered still. In general, there are two groups: those that use bronze and those that keep the grey metal. The main problem is that between chromas in each group differences are small and sometimes flat out subtle.
Ruby is a refinement of the base Warring Kingdoms with a nicer contrast of colour. Hues are brighter and clothes exchange blue and red between them. The change is minimal but appealing for the most dedicated fans of the skin; just like its sibling Amethyst.
Perdidot’s main feature is the bronze, almost dull gold, tone of its armour and spear. There’s also the copper hair and scarf to add up which, due to similar tones, makes the look a bit homogeneous; the violet cloth helps in that regard. Still, it’s a chroma with much in common to Aquamarine.
Amethyst follows the same path that Ruby does to the point that they appear as twins. The main difference is the darker hair and copper scarf. The main look is still quite similar to the base style so there’s little that sets this chroma apart; except for some secondary colours.
Aquamarine, just like Peridot, embraces the use of bronze but in this case adds more blue. The general look relies heavily on the metal while the secondary tones of the clothes are to make it different. Without doubt, there’s too much overlap with other chromas.
Rose Quartz most distinguishing features are that it makes a sort of combination of the looks from chromas belonging to the bronze and grey metal groups. There’s a mix of tones that ends up being a bit of each but none of either so that its stands alone in the middle. It manages to stand on its own but also seems to lack focus.
Pearl stands out as much for its pale bronze armour and spear as for its grey hair. In fact, given that many other chromas already fill the role of bronze armour the only salient feature ends up being the hair colour. Admittedly, it’s too little to base a chroma on but, at least, it has something notable to make it distinct.
Overall, Warring Kingdom Xin Zhao’s chromas are a disappointment. One group, the grey metal ones, look too similar to the base aspect. The other group, the bronze ones, end up quite similar with only specific, secondary characteristics to make them noteworthy. If you have to choose one chroma then it’s a choice between a refinement of the base look and a flavour of bronze armour. Individually, none do enough to be worthwhile and collectively they are an expensive letdown.


The skin chromas have two disadvantages. The first is due to their nature: they require not only a champion but also a specific skin to be of any worth. There’s no point in considering the case where either isn’t owned as the price would be too high for a chroma to be even taken into account. The second is that they tend to be too straightforward and simple. They lack the desire to play with a skin’s look and do something different. Most of the time, it’s just a change of colour for clothes and weapons.

That said, the chromas are only worth getting with IP. The expense of getting a skin is already high enough and the chromas seldom do something worthwhile with the classic skin appearance. When they do, it’s usually one chroma in a set where the others are different enough; at their best. Therefore, RP isn’t a good way of further customising a paid skin. The price of 2000 IP isn’t low but the chromas are rather shallow so there’s no point in going into a further expense.

There aren’t really specific chromas that stand above the others. Some that can be worth getting are, from the first wave: Headhunter Master Yi Strike Aqua. From the second wave: Grim Reaper Karthus Plague Burn and Dreadknight Nasus Plague Frostbite. From the third wave:Dragonslayer Vayne Chaos Red and Silver plus Koi Nami Element Twilight.

From the fourth wave: Dragon Fist Lee Sin Duel Black and Yellow, Nemesis Jax Sand Cream and Pool Party Leona Dawn Azure. From the fifth wave: High Noon Yasuo Obsidian; Shockblade Zed Catseye, Aquamarine, Ruby and Emerald. From the sixth wave: Mecha Malphite Emerald, Pearl and Sapphire and perhaps also Sandstone and Granite.

The other chromas aren’t as interesting though they can have a distinct look. That’s not to say that the mentioned chromas are particularly striking but they manage to do something appealing.

  16 Responses to “League of Legends: Skin Chroma Packs’ Review”

  1. No Chroma Packs for High Noon Yasuo?

    • We haven’t yet reviewed the new chromas. They are rather recent, haven’t been unpacked and there’s no IP sale for them. Still, we’ll try to review them sooner rather than latter.

  2. Thoughts on the Mecha Malphite chromas on PBE?

    • From what little we’ve seen it seems more interesting than mere colour swaps. It adds different patterns which give a different though superficial style.

      • I have to disagree here. The base skin has an uninspired and unappealing color scheme that is frankly a major detractor to the skin.

        *Especially* for fans of Mecha shows or comics, any one of these chromas represents a very fresh take on this otherwise cool model, ranging from a somber military “tank” look to a sporty gladiatorial fan-favorite. The purple bar color, meanwhile is just… Nothing? Kinda looks like evangelion I guess, but somehow more boring?

        • Considering the resticted expanse of the changes, after all they are only textures, the chromas have a distinct look. That’s not to say that they can emulate a whole new look but they can reference certain styles.

          Perhaps Mecha Malphite doesn’t have a nice base look but the theme is clear enough. Still, the chromas can add some variety. Once we get to review them we’ll be able to check if they are effective at that.

  3. I know the chromas are not a main priority, but how often do you expect to keep the skin chroma packs updated? I am looking to see what you guys think about the zed chromas, I just got the pink and purple. Just nice to read your guys opinions. 😀

    • We’ll always try to have the review up to date when an IP sale is near. The idea wasn’t to neglect the chroma reviews but we’ve been forced to for two reasons. First, it seems that every patch there are new chromas and, second, there’s been a recent influx of new content that we can’t ignore. While chromas matter skins are certainly a priority. We’ll try to update the chroma review as soon as we can, though. Because, with some many chromas piling up it could become unmanageable if we get too left behind.

      • Makes sense, thanks for the reply

        • Not at all.

          • Also do you know when the chroma ip sales occur? I heard they happen twice a year, but I am not clear on this.

          • That’s all that Riot has stated with regards to IP sales. They also showed a timeline that allegedly points that they would tend to happen in the second half of a year but that could be considered guesswork. The only concrete information we have is that there will be two chroma IP sales per year. Sorry we can’t clarify on the issue.

  4. Which one Dragonslayer Chroma is the best to buy or? Recommended For me?

    • As we mention in the conclusion we find that Dragonslayer Vayne Chaos Red and Silver stand out among the chromas in the pack. They are distinct on their own and also feel different enough from the base Dragonslayer look. We still recommend to get any chromas with IP; there are two IP sales for chromas per year. Chromas can be a nice extra touch of customisation but it’s only a touch for the most part.

  5. (I thought I posted this already; kind of new to this)

    Is the Firecracker Jinx chroma review being worked on? Having gotten the skin from a friend’s mystery gift ages ago, and that it’s the only jinx skin I really use, I’ve been thinking I’d like to get one of the chromas for it.

    • We are working on reviewing the chromas. We have still a few to review before we reach Firecracker Jinx’s but we’ll get to her eventually. We can asure that if an IP sale comes, the way we recommend to get chromas, all chromas that can be purchased for IP will have a review ready. It’s the main purpose of the reviews: to help in buying the best chromas with. As far as RP is concerned, we don’t think they justify the expense.

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