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League of Legends: Skin Chroma Packs’ Review – StrategyZero
Aug 252016
Koi Nami Element Chroma Pack
Skin Chroma Packs Review

Skin chroma packs provide the opportunity of customising a champion’s skin with specific colour combinations. When a chroma offers a different look, that’s visually attractive and that also enhances or plays with the skin’s features it can be worthwhile. However, that’s only provided both champion and skin are owned. With that assumption firmly in place, let’s see which chroma packs are worth getting.

Arcade Miss Fortune
Arcade Miss Fortune Chroma Pack Image
Category: Skin
Price: Pack: 975 RP / Chroma: 290 RP or 2000 BE
Colours: Aquamarine / Amethyst / Citrine / Peridot / Ruby
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: For the most part, this set of chromas switches around the colours already present in Arcade Miss Fortune’s dress but always keeps the same style. There’re a couple of exceptions but in those cases they are partial changes of base colour. In all cases, the differences with the base look are minimal.
Aquamarine distinguishes itself by employing a higher amount of violet and light blue. Hair turns to blonde as well and the clearer contrast of colours is a nice though subtle change. Overall, it’s just a bit bluer version.
Amethyst follows the same path also using more violet and blue. Hair colour is again blonde but of the platinum style. There’s a nice contrast of tones but also much overlap with the base look to which its stands as an alternative with stronger hues.
Citrine relies on dark yellow to stand out. The blue base remains but clothes and guns take on a different colour to accentuate the presence of yellow over the blue. While it makes for a difference with the base style it’s also a tiny one.
Peridot has a distinct colour scheme because it changes the blue base for a bright green one. The secondary colour also leaves behind yellow and goes for red and dark green. This allows for a look that sets itself apart with its vivid tones; though it’s only a simple change.
Ruby naturally takes advantage of red to change the colour scheme into something that stands apart from the base. There’s secondary orange to offer a different tone in contrast with the base but the overall change in primary colour is the biggest and only feature.
In all cases, Arcade Miss Fortune’s chromas are simple and straightforward. Aquamarine, Amethyst and Citrine reuse the blue base which ends up restricting the chromas to only changing secondary colours. The ones that feel different enough are Peridot and Ruby because of their change of base colour from blue to green and red, respectively. Regardless, a change of colour is all they are so while the result stands out it does so in the most modest of ways.

Battle Bunny Riven
Battle Bunny Riven Chroma Pack Image
Category: Skin
Price: Pack: 1320 RP / Chroma: 290 RP or 2000 BE
Colours: Sapphire / Catseye / Granite / Emerald / Astral / Rose Quartz / Ruby / Amethyst
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: At a glance, there isn’t much difference between Battle Bunny Riven chromas. Colours differ as well as the patterns on the stockings but no chroma dares challenge the nature of the skin. As different flavours of the same style the chromas are quite rigid in their changes. Additionally, colour changes are rather simple: most is re-coloured without any interesting combinations. The stockings patters add some individual style to the chromas but they aren’t strong enough to carry the weight of a whole chroma’s style.
Sapphire is straightforward: it changes the red clothing for violet and adds a darker hair colour. Shoes are lighter coloured as well and while the contrast of tones is appealing there isn’t much on offer. It’s a simple, appealing but too modest chroma with airs of Rose Quartz and Amethyst.
Catseye has a rather comprehensive approach: most clothing is coloured yellow, glove and ears included, and the stockings receive an interesting, interleaved mesh; hair also becomes darker. The chroma relies much on the main colour but the stockings are a good even if small extra touch. While the chroma stands on its own there isn’t a notable identity defined for it.
Granite employs light shades of green, grey and violet, on bodice, glove and ears respectively, to contrast against the dark horizontal stripes of the stockings and dark hair. The chroma really stands out for the pale colours as the stockings’ pattern seem similar to other chromas. Although the chroma looks different from the base there aren’t any sufficiently salient features.
Emerald takes on green clothes, glove and ears with blonde hair along nicely striped stockings. The green palette is what stands out the most with the blonde hair a secondary but relevant characteristic. On its own, it’s a chroma that is more than just green but only a bit more; while also feeling like a lighter version of Ruby.
Astral has a blue colour for the clothes and glove that reminds of Sapphire and Rose Quartz yet the starry, violet stocking are probably its most recognisable feature. There’s also red hair for a dark look that has much in common with similar chromas even if the stars make a stand. Because of stars and coloured glove and ears it may be the most interesting of the similarly styled trio of chromas.
Rose Quartz, despite its name, relies on dark red clothes and blue, striped stockings to match blue hair. If we discount the stripes then it’s a chroma with a few things in common with Sapphire, Astral and Amethyst. Much like the latter, the pattern on the stockings is the main responsible for defining its identity.
Ruby delights in different shades of red for most of the clothing; glove and ears as well. The brown laced pattern on the violet stockings is a suitably classic match for the old-fashioned feel of the red tones. Even though the chroma may seem homogeneous because of its strong reliance on similar colours it has enough personality to stand apart from the competition.
Amethyst embraces violet in bodice and stocking though glove and ears remain in a familiar pale tone. The lighter violet and brown hair set it apart from Sapphire and Rose Quartz; chromas with which it shares much. Due to many similarities and little that defines a distinct identity for itself this is a chroma that gets lost in the collection.
All added together, Battle Bunny Riven chromas are notoriously limited in the extent of their changes. It could be said that they lack ambition to play with the colours and textures of the different pieces of clothing. They surely lack the courage to, even minimally, touch the carrot sword in any way. Fortunately, Catseye, Astral and Ruby do as much as possible with the modest changes the chromas are allowed to appeal. Perhaps Granite and Rose Quartz could also be interesting as long as the familiarly pale glove and ears aren’t an issue. From the remaining ones, Emerald feel like a washed-out version of Ruby while Sapphire and Amethyst disfavourably compete with Rose Quartz.

Battle Regalia Poppy
Battle Regalia Poppy Chroma Pack Image
Category: Skin
Price: Pack: 1110 RP / Chroma: 290 RP or 2000 BE
Colours: Rose Quartz / Ruby / Emerald / Sapphire / Amethyst / Obsidian
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: By and large, the chromas available for Battle Regalia Poppy don’t go beyond new colours for armour and hammer with some different dyes for her ponytails. There’re some minor changes to her makeup and irises but it’s subtle and not really visible during game-play. With that in mind, let’s see what colours we have available.
Rose Quartz paints Poppy almost fully in pink. Actually, it’s blue metal with a touch of grey; a light blue that stands apart from other chromas. Regardless, the hues are all similar so Poppy can look a bit monochromatic. There’s also the fact that metal looks like plastic in its pinkish tones.
Ruby feels like copper but is painted in hues of brown, gold and some green. The contrasting colours make the look attractive but colours are all that is offered here. It’s nice looking but simple. Nevertheless, the chroma appears believable and attractive due to the copper-based look.
Emerald is green metal with a bit of brown and blonde hair. Tones are similar to each other which give the armour and hammer an homogeneous look that hides the design. It surely is a green enough chroma but the flatness given by the tones doesn’t add to the look.
Sapphire shows blue and golden metal and also blue hair. There’s contrast between the colours which is attractive but it isn’t as intense or believable as in Ruby. It’s interesting for a blue based Battle Regalia with gold ornaments yet more fantastic and fictional.
Amethyst displays green and golden armour along violet plus a golden hammer with blue hair to top it all. The result is a chroma with contrast between elements: armour, hammer and hair. However, there’s little contrast in the armour to show its design and the hammer looks like plastic.
Obsidian makes direct competition with Noxus Poppy thanks to its dark colours. In tones of blue and violet for metal and hair alike, as well as some eyeliner for the eyes, there’s little doubt about the chroma’s intentions. The dark knight appearance is accomplished though there’s little beyond that as the tones are quite similar.
In general, there’s no doubt that Battle Regalia Poppy’s chromas are of the re-colour type. Their only ambition is to paint metal and dye hair. That doesn’t prevent some of them from being appealing like Ruby or Obsidian. There’s a bit to like in Rose Quartz and Emerald as well though the bluish tendencies of Sapphire and Amethyst aren’t as effective. Nonetheless, in the end there’s only new colours over the familiar base.

Brolaf Chroma Pack Image
Category: Legendary Skin
Price: Pack: 1320 RP / Chroma: 290 RP or 2000 BE
Colours: Turquoise / Citrine / Rose Quartz / Tanzanite / Aquamarine / Granite / Sapphire / Obsidian
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: As chromas for a legendary skin the Brolaf set disappoints. Perhaps this shouldn’t surprise as Brolaf isn’t exemplary as a legendary either. The changes are simple re-colours of all areas with only the T-shirt receiving some decoration. The cardboard axes tend to catch the eye being rather colourful in some chromas but it’s only colours we are talking about in all cases.
Tuquoise main changes are the soft blue T-shirt with golden decoration and the green dégradé of the axes. The rest is quite similar to the base though jeans and helmet are darker. There isn’t much of note besides T-shirt and axes.
Citrine looks like a tad darker version of the base with its orange T-shirt with ‘U’ logo and blue axes. Jeans and helmet are also a bit darker but the logo is what looks the most distinct. In fact, it’s too similar to the base.
Rose Quartz has a pink T-shirt with an ‘8’ on the back and green axes. We also find brown jeans and socks with sandals. These last two changes may seem significant but the general look doesn’t deviate much from the base, actually.
Tanzanite shows a noticeable violet T-shirt with green axes and brown jeans. The colour arrangement manages to stand apart from the base but that’s all there is. It’s a simple change that, at least, looks different.
Aquamarine’s use of a T-shirt in different tones of blue is nice. The orange axes stand apart, jeans seem rolled up a bit and the rest seems unchanged. There are differences with the base and that’s as much as can be said.
Granite employs a grey T-shirt with a white band across along blue axes. There’re also dark green jeans as well as socks and sandals. As a, let’s say, more sober version of Rose Quartz, it manages to show an alternative casual look.
Sapphire’s blue T-shirt is no surprise; the back logo tries to add style like the grey jeans and brown gloves. What catches the eye is the colourful design of the axes. They are the most interesting aspect of the chroma because the rest isn’t.
Obsdian’s dark-blue T-shirt makes Olaf look like an informal referee; the black jeans and dark blue gloves support that idea. The red axes could pass for explicit red cards, with some imagination. The main feature still remains the T-shirt.
Even if there are some changes beyond colours they seldom add much to the chromas and end up as individual changes that stand out on their own. The chromas are simple and it shows with looks that don’t depart from the base. It’s only minor variations without a personality. There are some colours arrangements to like but there’s really nothing worthwhile to note. As said before, as chromas for a legendary skin the Brolaf set is a letdown.

Cottontail Teemo
Cottontail Teemo Chroma Pack Image
Category: Skin
Price: Pack: 975 RP / Chroma: 290 RP or 2000 BE
Colours: Aquamarine / Rose Quartz / Speckled / Turquoise / Amethyst
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: If we are talking about straightforward changes of colour then it probably doesn’t get any simpler that Cottontail Teemo’s chromas. Each chroma specifically offers one single different tone for the furry costume without any additional characteristics to speak about.
Aquamarine changes the base greys for light blues. The difference is soft but noticeable. Regardless, it still keeps the tame tones of the original but with a bit of a different shade.
Rose Quartz goes the pink way. Again there’s a difference to note that is all owed to a soft shade of red. While a change is visible the unassuming style of the base is kept.
Speckled keeps the greys used in the base but intersperses some black. Dark ears and spots change the overall design of the costume while also staying within the believable, for a rabbit. Even though there isn’t much ambition in this chroma the result is the most daring of them all.
Turquoise returns to simple changes with a green-blue shade that encompasses the whole of the costume. The effect is that of a darker, perhaps a tad dustier, fur that remains rather similar to the base look. It’s a chroma that risks little and so produces only a small difference.
Amethyst uses violet which results in the costume with the stronger colour. This makes the chroma stand out but the intense shade also dissuades from the softness associated with the Cottontail style. While the chroma manages to distinguish itself from the alternatives it may do so in too forceful a way.
Considering all the different chromas only Speckled really stands out as it breaks the mould of the simple, one-colour design. Technically, it doesn’t even change colours as much as the others: only a few spots here and there. However, it manages the most notorious result. All the other chromas are simple changes of colour that don’t strive for much. Turquoise may be an option for adding a touch of dust to the Cottontail costume but that’s a far as it can go.

Debonair Ezreal
Debonair Ezreal Chroma Pack Image
Category: Skin
Price: Pack: 1350 RP / Chroma: 290 RP or 2000 BE
Colours: Meteorite / Pearl / Sandstone / Obsidian / Striped / Ruby / Rose Quartz / Amethyst
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: In spite of the large quantity of chromas, particularly in comparison with the earliest packs, there’s quite a bit of overlap. It’s understandable then to see variety in chromas for Debonair Ezreal but not the quality to match his high class pretences. At large, there’re colour changes for the clothes and, in a couple of cases, a new pattern along several hair dyes. The rest stays the same to the point that even the magical glove is absent from any changes; the glasses receive different tints though.
Meteorite employs a brown suit, a green waistcoat and dark violet shoes for a rather sober style proper of age; perhaps what the light blue hair tries to imply. It’s a nice look but perhaps too antiquated for someone so young. Obsidian has a similar feel as a younger alternative and Sanstone looks like a lighter take.
Pearl takes a rather eye-catching style with its light-blue suit and dark blue glove; the only chroma to touch it. The bright brown hair stands in contrast along the violet shirt but the suit steals the show. There’s some overlap with Rose Quartz but it stands on its own.
Sandstone keeps the blonde hair but suit and waistcoat turn brown over dark blue shoes. The similar shades can make the chroma too homogeneous which the pinstripe trousers try to combat. As a somewhat lighter take on Meteorite or more properly youthful Obsidian it’s an interesting chorma.
Obsidian chooses a dark blue suit and trousers and a red waistcoat with matching brown shoes and hair. The style is dark and even a bit brooding but with a clear identity. It can be a more concise Meteorite or much more sober and even old-fashioned Sandstone; it’s interesting though there’s a similar look to Ruby.
Striped, contrary to what its name implies, displays blue jacket and trousers with a grid pattern, brown waistcoat and dark violet shoes under light blue hair. Old-fashioned seems to be the objective but elegant and classy along a distinct personality. There’s a bit in common with Amethyst but the grid pattern helps a lot to differentiate it.
Ruby, unsurprisingly, bases itself on red tones for the suit against the blue waistcoat and shoes plus dark hair. The dark tones make the chroma rather sober and elegant despite all the red. There’re palpable similarities to Obsidian to the point that they feel like a switch of colours between clothes and hair.
Rose Quartz, naturally, uses soft colours like light under darker hues which combine in stripes on the waistcoat. That combination of colours gives the chroma its identity the colours are quite familiar. Without much analysis it’s clear that it’s a different take on Pearl but with more dark blue, which makes it less distinct.
Amethyst makes honour to its name with different shades of violet for the suit and brown for the shoes. The simple use of, mostly, a single colour gives the chroma its identity which isn’t particularly novel. In a way it’s a simpler version of Striped that equates to good old Ezreal wearing a violet suit without any fanfare.
In general, there aren’t bad chromas for Debonair Ezreal but there are many unremarkable ones as all their appeal lies in the choice of colour. It probably comes as no surprise that the two that dare to go beyond colour are the ones with the more interesting personalities: Sandstone and Striped. The rest, are good as a change of colour, but there’s nothing else in them.

Dino Gnar
Dino Gnar Chroma Pack Image
Category: Skin
Price: Pack: 1320 RP / Chroma: 290 RP or 2000 BE
Colours: Sapphire / Rose Quartz / Catseye / Pearl / Astral / Peridot / Aquamarine / Amethyst
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Although not evident at first glance Dino Gnar chromas tends to be rather simple. There are a few changes to the costume, boomerang and scale design of Mini and Mega Gnar, respectively. However, most of the appeal is based on the colours because the changes are small and the different designs don’t span the whole costume, boomerang or scaly body.
Sapphire has a blue costume with a touch of green for contrast. The boomerang as a slice of orange fits the nibbling. Mega Gnar in blue and yellow doesn’t match as well as the costume. In a way, it’s a classic array of colours which are the main feature.
Rose Quartz is all about the pink costume with a heart on its centre. The boomerang follows suit with another heart but the blue and yellow don’t match at all. Mega Gnar in pink and orange makes sense at large but only in part. Even if there’s a bit more than colours this is a chroma which relies entirely on pink.
Catseye uses yellow and a bit of brown for the costume though the contrast isn’t that pronounced. The boomerang stands apart in blue with a brown stripe. Mega Gnar fits right in with yellow and brown. Boomerang blue aside it’s a rather consistent chroma but there isn’t more to see beyond colours.
Pearl employs light blue with some brown but of a similar shade. The boomerang in blue and violet doesn’t match as well as it should. Mega Gnar’s pale blue with dark blue decorations around the brown osteoderms. Thanks to the visible decorations Mega Gnar stands out a bit with colour but Mini Gnar only has the light blue to impress.
Astral also uses blue for the costume with a bit of light blue. The pink boomerang with green decoration doesn’t go that well with the costume. The cerulean Mega Gnar looks a bit homogeneous but the shard-like osteoderms help. In fact, they are the only salient feature of the chroma. The rest is all about blues.
Peridot’s different shades of green can’t conceal a certain monotony despite the bright green and a touch of blue. Orange, violet and yellow the boomerang fittingly resembles a toy. The mostly green Mega Gnar tries to match the costume with violet scales and blue osteoderms. Regardless, the chroma seems to try too many colours at once.
Aquamarine doesn’t surprise with the light blue but with the unexpected red. The bright green boomerang does catch the eye but mostly for not matching the colour selection. Mega Gnar tries to fit in with blue and red. The result is a chroma that has a strong contrast of red against the blue but without harmony; just like the boomerang.
Amethyst naturally uses violet with some pale green for variety. The watermelon boomerang is rather nice though arbitrarily chosen. Mega Gnar is also violet along pale green highlights. Truth be told, the pale green seems washed out and the violet is simplistic as it’s all one single tone. The boomerang is the only worthwhile feature.
There are a lot of colours used in Dino Gnar chromas and they end up being the feature to identify them. The couple of chromas that have a little more of appeal could be Pearl, with its decorative blue, and Astral, with its shard-osteoderms. The rest sometimes try to have some extras but they end up small and insignificant. By and large, these chromas end up much simpler than they ought to be.

Dragon Fist Lee Sin Duel

Dragon Fist Lee Sin Duel Chroma Pack Image
Category: Skin
Price: Pack: 585 RP / Chroma: 290 RP or 2000 BE
Chromas: Black / Yellow / Blue
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: This is a trio of straightforward but nice chromas. The Black chroma relies on a dark base and bright highlights. This allows the dragon pattern to stand out without overloading with colour. The sober but attractive look makes it a good option.
The Yellow chroma catches the eye with its bright yellow base. There’s good contrast with the black patterns to make them stand out. However, the yellow can appear too bright but has the benefit of being a direct reference to Game of Death. Therefore, it can be forgiven; especially by Bruce Lee fans.
The Blue chroma is subdued and even peaceful though distinct with its unique colours. The combination allows for the patterns to be easily noticed and stands apart from the rest. It lacks the traditional or referential characteristics that the others have but this is a chroma with its own identity.
The pack is nothing extraordinary but certainly appealing. The Black chroma is the most sober and conventional while the Yellow is the most eye-catching added to a tribute. The Blue chroma stands on its own as different yet interesting. Overall, none are bad choices but they play it safe.

Dragonslayer Braum
Dragonslayer Braum Chroma Pack Image
Category: Skin
Price: Pack: 1110 RP / Chroma: 290 RP or 2000 BE
Colours: Obsidian / Catseye / Emerald / Sandstone / Pearl / Amethyst
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: It doesn’t take more than a glance to notice that Dragonslayer Braum’s chromas are simple re-colours of armour and shield. There’s some variety in the colours available but each chroma is centred on a single main colour. There’re no new designs or even barely any use of colour to highlight different elements of the skin.
Obsidian is the red and black variation. It’s overall sombre but that allows the eyes and maw of the shield’s dragon head to stand out. However, the armour looks too subdued and a tad dull.
Catseye is mainly yellow with the support of some grey. The contrast between colours makes the shield rather attractive. Unfortunately, that effect is barely present in the armour which looks a bit plain.
Emerald is green and brown so that the result is rather homogeneous. Both shield and armour appear like they employ different hues of the same colour. Regardless, there’s some variation in shades which helps fight the monotony.
Sandstone also employs shades of green and brown but more opaque. This makes the metal look like stone which is an interesting approach. Nonetheless, as the hues are so similar the chroma can look too homogeneous.
Pearl relies mostly on pale brown and a bit of green as backup. Sadly, there’s not enough contrast between the colours even if there’s some hinted potential as the shield shows. It ends up looking like a lighter brown-based chroma, though.
Amethyst relies on violet and blue tones which make some areas stand out. However, there isn’t enough contrast between hues so that light and dark elements aren’t too far apart in look. At least, what little contrast there is makes the chroma more appealing.
It’s not surprise that with such a simple approach Dragonslayer Braum’s chromas feel simplistic and unexciting. At best, it’s a matter of choosing one’s favourite colour. There’re some minor touches like Catseye’s shield and Pearl’s, though not as much. Armours tend to look simple without interesting highlights to the plates. While they aren’t really bad they barely offer more than a new colour of shield and armour and that’s what they should be taken for.

Dragonslayer Pantheon
Dragonslayer Pantheon Chroma Pack Image
Category: Skin
Price: Pack: 1225 RP / Chroma: 290 RP or 2000 BE
Colours: Pearl / Amethyst / Sandstone / Obsidian / Catseye / Emerald / Ruby
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: There’s no doubt from looking at Dragonslayer Pantheon’s chromas that they revolve around adopting a main colour for armour and shield. The use of different shades for the scales and plates means that there’s some depth to what would otherwise be a simple re-colour. Unfortunately, it also means that colour is the main attraction.
Pearl uses pale greens and browns for a light-coloured look that makes metal appear like stone. This gives a distinct feel to the chroma but the similar hues also make the look homogeneous; the yellow spear head doesn’t fit at all. For its style the chroma is interesting but not as varied as it could be.
Amethyst adopts a bright violet surrounded by a pale bronze. This contrast makes the chroma colourful yet unable to reconcile the unexpected orange hue of the spear’s head. Weapon aside, armour and shield are good looking and even believable in their fantasy styling.
Sandstone has yellow at the core and brown for support. The problem is that the hues are similar so there isn’t much contrast between both colours. This results in a homogeneous look that ends up being dim with the sole disruption of a ridiculously bright spear head.
Obsidian’s use of dark red with orange highlights brings the flamey feel of a dragon to the surface quite well. The dim blue metal that supports the scales offers a nice contrast and a sensible frame for the scales. The result is a chroma that embodies the Dragonslayer style even better than the base.
Catseye brings bright yellow to the forefront with shades of green to finalise the look. The brightly coloured gear surely catches the eye but seems like a peculiar choice; though in fantasy it could have its place. If we are to expect a modicum of sensibility from the chroma then this is probably not the ideal choice.
Emerald is all about green with a touch of brown. Being the hues similar, armour and shield end up looking quite homogeneous, sans the bright green spear head, and, in a way, simple as their design ends up deemphasised. For a green version of the skin it delivers but it ends up too centred on that sole feature.
Ruby relies mostly on orange with a bit of brown for the metal. There’s a nice coppery feel to the armour and shield but there’s only a slight contrast between hues which makes the look a bit homogeneous; despite the bright yellow spear head. It’s an interesting looking chroma with its own style but contrasts may be too subdued.
On the whole, Dragonslayer Pantheon’s chromas do try to go beyond mere re-colours. In fact, they also change the look of the shield’s scales: some look like rock, others fangs and even arrays of scales. Sadly, it’s a bit subtle of a change so the main colours end up monopolising the style of each chroma. While it’s something welcome the armour barely shows any change to echo the small changes on the shield. Being colours the main feature it’s no doubt that Obsidian stands out as the best example of the Dragonslayer style; even over the base look. Amethyst and Ruby also have some appeal though they have some issues. Perhaps Pearl and Catseye can be of interest but Sandstone and Emerald end up somewhat monotonous for what could be achieved.

Dragonslayer Vayne Chaos

Dragonslayer Vayne Chaos Chroma Pack Image
Category: Skin
Price: Pack: 585 RP / Chroma: 290 RP or 2000 BE
Chromas: Green / Red / Silver
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: This trio of chromas have distinct colour combinations. The Green chroma is a counterpart to the classic Dragonslayer look but moving the spectrum from blue to green. The bright colours make the chroma too flashy though the skin is already flashy enough. In a way, it fits but it feels simplistic.
The Red chroma has classic colours for a suitable dark look with highlights. The darker areas manage to retain details and the lighter complement the look without getting in the way. Without revolutionising anything this chroma is a rather good option.
The Silver chroma strikes as a lighter version of the classic Dragonslayer skin. It retains the bluish aspect but with brighter highlights which make the look more interesting and less monotonous. The result is familiar yet different enough. The lighter colours also reveal the many details of the Dragonslayer armour.
On the whole, this is a good set of chromas. The Green is a spectrum variant that relies on red. It can be eye-catching but also flashy. The Red is a classic combination that stands out for its sober yet attractive look. The Silver chroma is a lighter, less homogeneous alternative that puts the design of the armour on display while retaining a classic Dragonslayer feel.

Dragonslayer Xin Zhao
Dragonslayer Xin Zhao Chroma Pack Image
Category: Skin
Price: Pack: 1225 RP / Chroma: 290 RP or 2000 BE
Colours: Catseye / Emerald / Sandstone / Obsidian / Amethyst / Ruby
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: As straightforward as Dragonslayer Xin Zhao’s chromas look at a glance they ultimately feel. There’s three with dark hair and others with a light-coloured mane, similar to the base, which is hardly significant. The new designs used for the spaulders and helmet, to give the surface a new texture, add a different feel to the armour. That’s the only extra touch beyond the new colours for armour and spear. Without doubt, the new colour is the core of each chroma.
Catseye goes with a dim yellow that looks too subdued; almost muffled. The glass styled surface of the plates is interesting but doesn’t connect with anything else. The flag-like loincloth is a good addition that shows some personality. The chroma doesn’t do much with that little detail, though.
Emerald is all green, even the loincloth. The colour is bright, which competes a bit with Catseye. The plates with a gem-like surface are understandable though not very clear. The same applies to the dark loincloth. With hues so similar it’s difficult to notice the design.
Sandstone employs a pale green with a design on the plates that makes them look closer to bark than to sand. It’s an interesting effect, even if peculiar for a slayer of dragons. The loincloth in bright browns is strange in comparison to the washed-out look of the armour. While the look is different it doesn’t seem to be so in a believable way.
Obsidian’s light green and dark violet gives a nice contrast to the armour. The plates made up of mineral shards are interesting. The loincloth has a small pattern that echoes the cuisse’s design. It’s a pity then that the bright yellow spear head clashes so clearly with a look that is, in general, quite consistent.
Amethyst is as violet as it can be, a bright violet. The crystal-like style of the spaulders seems artificial and isn’t followed by the helmet. The look seems too bright for a dark, menacing look which, added to the decorations, makes the armour look like a toy. Regardless, for fans of violet the chroma delivers; it surely is its main feature.
Ruby employs red of different hues but those that are darker end up making the scale-based design of the cuisses difficult to see. Spaulders are given a slight rocky touch while the helmet looks scaly; so they feel disconnected. This extends to the bright orange of the spear’s head; nice for a flamey touch but unlinked to the armour.
For the most part, the decorations added to the armour plates are small and difficult to notice so that they can easily be ignored. The same applies to the interesting but difficult to see loincloth. Perhaps the spear’s tassel would’ve been a better choice for displaying any new designs. Obsidian and Ruby may do the best job at making the most of the few designs added. Both are inconsistent as they have disconnected elements, though. This lack of harmony is only emphasised on the other chromas which only stand out by the sheer appeal of their colours.

Dreadknight Nasus Plague

Dreadknight Nasus Plague Chroma Pack Image
Category: Skin
Price: Pack: 585 RP / Chroma: 290 RP or 2000 BE
Chromas: Burn / Blight / Frostbite
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: A trio of straightforward chromas this is. The Burn chroma aims for a sinister look that the brilliant armour and homogeneous mask don’t present well. The dark fur is more effective than the regal armour. The look is interesting but it doesn’t manage a unified message.
The Blight chroma has distinct bright highlights on the mask, armour and halberd. The fur doesn’t contrast the armour much and the colour of the former doesn’t display its design clearly. It’s the contrast between the dull base and the highlights that make the chroma worth checking.
The Frostbite chroma could initially seem monotonous due to its homogeneous blue palette. However, the pale fur against the dark armour manages a contrast that heightens the impact of both. The armour is still dull and doesn’t show its design effectively. Regardless, it’s an interesting take on the Dreadknight persona.
All in all, these chromas are by no means impressive but manage something different. The Burn chroma isn’t as sinister as it tries to, the Blight has splashes of colour over a dull base and the Frostbite seems a bit too homogeneous. Regardless, they manage to be appealing in a small way. The regal armour, the bright decorations and the pale aesthetic, respectively, offer something to like.

Dunkmaster Darius
Dunkmaster Darius Chroma Pack Image
Category: Legendary Skin
Price: Pack: 975 RP / Chroma: 290 RP or 2000 BE
Colours: Amethyst / Catseye / Emerald / Citrine / Aquamarine
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Being chromas for a legendary skin it’s surprising to notice that none of Dunkmaster Darius’ make an effort to go beyond the usual or employ particularly clever or interesting use of colour and textures. In fact, with not much cynicism, one could say that they aren’t much more than changes of colours for the clothes. There’s a bit more than that but there lies the issue: only a little more. With expectations accordingly attuned, the chromas manage to have a few nice things to offer.
Amethyst chooses violet as a base and adds lighter hues along some eye-catching yellow. The result doesn’t deviate much from a change of colour despite the noticeable style of the shorts. The matching colours for the basketball and flashy tones are its biggest appeal.
Catseye has more brown than yellow and some violet for contrast. The chroma ends up darker than could be expected thought the streak pattern for t-shirt and shorts helps its identity. Given the pattern and colours this chroma stands apart from the rest but seems unexpectedly subdued; also thanks to the untouched basketball.
Emerald uses little green and quite a lot of blue; which is puzzling. The dark hues make the chroma dark but without enough contrast with a light green; which seems dull. The different look of the basketball helps on top of the pattern of t-shirt and shorts but there’s nothing particularly attractive in its subdued aspect.
Citrine only has a splash of orange surrounded by a lot of violet and blue; the compression sleeve adds a bit more orange. The colours lack strength and so the chroma seems muddy without eye-catching elements. There’s a different patter for t-shirt and shorts which helps but the classic-styled basketball surely doesn’t.
Aquamarine makes good use of blue, violet and grey for a rather consistent style that stands apart despite reusing the same patter for the t-shirt. The appealing and distinct colours also tint the basketball which produces a cohesive and attractive identity for the chroma. Even if the choice of colours and result isn’t particularly novel it’s surely interesting.
Not all is derivative in this set of chromas but much is and given the legendary label attached to the skin they affect they do disappoint. The chroma that stands out the most, Aquamarine, does so by sheer power of its colour palette. Perhaps Catseye and Amethyst could be added thanks to the distinct colours but the rest of changes amount to little. The different patterns for t-shirt and shorts seldom stand out as much as they should and the fact that the basketball isn’t always re-coloured makes little sense. Of course, the fact that different tattoos, hairstyles or colours for the backboard-axe aren’t used means that a lot of opportunities are wasted. Therefore, it’s a letdown to see that chromas for a legendary skin have as much ambition as any other and that they even end up being less successful in their aim than, assumedly, lesser competition.

Firecracker Jinx
Firecracker Jinx Chroma Pack Image
Category: Skin
Price: Pack: 1225 RP / Chroma: 290 RP or 2000 BE
Colours: Pearl / Obsidian / Aquamarine / Rose Quartz / Citrine / Amethyst / Emerald
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: By and large, Firecracker Jinx’s chromas feel like simple re-colours of dress and weapons; with a touch of dye for her forelock. Sometimes colours match and the chroma seems monotonous and sometimes they don’t and the chroma seems polarised by different tones. Actually, dresses do have new patterns but they are so small and subtle that they often pass unnoticed. What is missing is an organic feel to the new colours that presents an overarching design for Jinx that allows the dresses’ designs to shine.
Pearl actually looks blue and gold. The dress’s design has a nice mix of blue hues but it doesn’t work well with gold weapons. This result is a chroma that seems disorganised.
Obsidian uses blue and violet. Dark tones on the dress conceal the sparse pattern on its surface. Light hues on the weapons clash with the darker and more saturated approach of the dress. So, the chroma doesn’t seem to have a unified style.
Aquamarine is all about blues and violets. The dress barely has a design but there’s a nice dégradé of blues. Weapons match with light violets and darker parts that match her hair. All in all, this is a rather cohesive albeit simple blue-based chroma.
Rose Quartz displays a pink dress and dim gold weapons. As it happened to Pearl the diverging colours don’t work. The dress does have a small lining of waves which is as appealing as it is subtle. So, there isn’t much to see.
Citrine has an orange dress with no pattern but a soft dégradé, which is nice. The bright golden weapons actually work with the orange dress which ends in a consistent even if simple look. For a change of colour, it suffices.
Amethyst matches a violet dress with blue weapons. There’s a small pattern on the dress in a different hue which is difficult to notice and can be easily ignored. However, the highlights on the weapons are nice. Still, it seems like a darker alternative to Aquamarine.
Emerald struggles a bit to make the green dress work with bright golden weapons. The pattern on the dress is done with different hues of the same colour so it can be easily ignored. While there isn’t a great dichotomy of colour between dress and weapons there’s a slight disconnection that prevents a harmonic whole.
Even though the patterns on the dresses are a nice touch they are too subtle and most of the time end up difficult to notice. If they can be unintentionally ignored when staring at the chromas then they are invisible when in action. With a lack of any other clever additions the chromas end up feeling like re-colours; the fact that they aren’t only makes the feeling worse. Perhaps the simplest end up being the most sincere: Aquamarine, Citrine and perhaps Amethyst as re-colours. While the patterns on Pearl and Rose Quartz are the most notorious of the chromas they are subtle and the disharmony between dress and weapons diminishes their appeal.

Grim Reaper Karthus Plague

Grim Reaper Karthus Plague Chroma Pack Image
Category: Skin
Price: Pack: 585 RP / Chroma: 290 RP or 2000 BE
Chromas: Burn / Blight / Frostbite
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: This chroma pack seem quite conventional not to say subtle in its approach. The Burn chroma has an attractive, classical combination of colours. The darker robes add to the sinister aspect while the red tones sprinkle a bit of hellish power. The combination works rather well but it’s far from a radical change.
The Blight chroma seems whimsical as there isn’t that much rhyme or reason to the colours. It has blue robes with brown added all round but there doesn’t seem to be a specific aesthetic in mind. It’s different, subtly so, and perhaps can pass for a sick version of a lich; which is rather puzzling.
The Frostbite chroma resembles the classic Grim Reaper style the most. The colours are more vibrant with more reliance on blues and less on greys. This makes the chroma appealing but still very similar. It’s worth considering but it’s a small change.
Overall, these are chromas that offer little. The Burn chroma is the most attractive with its sinister, hellish feel. The Blight can pass for an infected version of a lich; which makes sense to a point. The Frostbite is a bluer, more colourful take on the Grim Reaper skin but too similar still.

Headhunter Master Yi Strike

Headhunter Master Yi Strike Chroma Pack Image
Category: Skin
Price: Pack: 585 RP / Chroma: 290 RP or 2000 BE
Chromas: Crimson / Aqua / Gold
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: The Strike chromas are rather simple and disappointing. To start with, the Crimson chroma is a subtle change that gives a darker tone to the Headhunter armour plates and a red tint to the sword. That’s all there is and while the effect is appealing it’s also too little.
The Aqua chroma gives the armour and sword a light blue colour. The plates receive orange decorations and the cloth turns blue. It’s distinct in comparison with the classic grey of Headhunter. However, it’s also too direct and plain a re-colour.
The Gold chroma stands out the most not because of its complex ambitions but for the radical change of colour. Metal becomes gilded while cloth turns green. The bright gold stands out against the sometimes dull grey of the classic Headhunter. Still, it’s a fanciful look that isn’t particularly interesting on its own.
Overall, this is a letdown of chromas. Either of these chromas have limited scope with changes being centred on changing the colour of the armour plates and the blade; the hanging waist cloth too. The Crimson seems more aggressive, the Aqua is eye-catching and the Gold stands out but only in a specific way. The changes are simple and so is the result.

Headhunter Rengar
Headhunter Rengar Chroma Pack Image
Category: Skin
Price: Pack: 780 RP / Chroma: 290 RP or 2000 BE
Colours: Aquamarine / Ruby / Emerald / Tanzanite
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Unfortunately, Headhunter Rengar’s chromas is a case where eschewing quantity doesn’t guarantee quality. At a glance, they simply re-colour the armour, blades and fur. There are a few extra touches like the decorations on the helmet, right spaulder and serrated sword. However, they are small touches that add a bit of style yet aren’t able to make the chromas more distinct.
Aquamarine employs different shades of blue for armour, blades and fur. There’re also some tribal decorations on sword and helmet and some nice highlights on the edges of the helmet’s plates. It has a slight air of Night Hunter Rengar due to the colour but it’s a thin feel. What’s more relevant is the change of colour.
Ruby is naturally expected to employ red yet the armour is of a dull green and the fur a dark brown. The blades are clearly red as well as some red lines over the helmet for a subtle bloody touch. There’re tribal decorations on sword and right spaulder too. The feel is like a darker yet still washed out version of the base.
Emerald’s array of green hues is clear and also its most distinct feature. The bright highlights to the blades’ edges and spaulder decoration break the monotony. This is also helped by the new cuisses which make the style a bit less alien and more practical. Still, differences are small and what really stands out is the green.
Tanzanite makes use of blue with grey highlights for the armour and a homogeneous violet for the blades. There’s also a scratch on the helmet and heterochromatic eyes to break the general clean lines. Overall, this seems like a rather uneven chroma with areas that seem flat and others aiming to develop an identity.
On the whole, these chromas tend to add little changes that seldom stand out enough from the main feature in each case: the colours. Being the base Headhunter Rengar skin rather dull a dash of colour can add variety yet not much is done to add distinct changes. This ends up making the chromas passable options with little ambition.

Headmistress Fiora
Headmistress Fiora Chroma Pack Image
Category: Legacy Skin
Price: Pack: 1320 RP / Chroma: 290 RP or 2000 BE
Colours: Jasper / Amethyst / Sandstone / Ruby / Sapphire / Pearl / Catseye / Rose Quartz
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: As chromas for a legacy skin one could expect them to have some extra touches that separate them from the usual. Instead, the chromas are rather conservative and mostly rely on changes of colours to the same clothes. Some of those changes give the appearance of different clothes but always in the same style. In fact, with some cynicism it could be said that the changes are shallow as it’s all in the base Headmistress Fiora skin. They still are nice chromas, though.
Jasper dresses Fiora with a red skirt and jacket over a white shirt. Stockings and shoes are just a bit darker than the base and the ruler seems drier. The blonde hair and blue scarf help but what stands out is the first trio of clothes.
Amethyst is similar but with violet skirt and jacket over white shirt. Stockings and shoes become violet blue and hair a dark red almost as dark as the base. The scarf’s violet tone follows the main choice and the ruler looks varnished. Again, violet over white is what stands out.
Sandstone can be accused of merely changing black for brown but the texture of the dress is changed; with a flannel feel. The lack of stockings, red hair, brown scarf and dry wood of the ruler give a vintage style to Fiora; supported by the pockets. Although it may seem simple this is a chroma that aims to do a bit more than the usual.
Ruby has a red jacket over a dark blue dress. Without stockings, with a new-looking ruler, brown hair and yellow scarf Fiora looks youthful and sophisticated. While the dark colours don’t stand apart as much there’s enough to do so.
Sapphire could be considered a conservative option: violet dress, stockings, shoes and scarf with blonde hair. Compared with the base, it’s a change of colour with the same style. The light tone of the unvarnished ruler may stand out more because as a re-colour the dark hues don’t make a strong case.
Pearl has Fiora dressed in a violet dress between blue scarf, stockings and shoes; with matching dark hair. Add a bright-coloured ruler and this is a chroma that catches the eye thanks to the light violet dress more than anything else. It’s little and there’s a clear similarity with Rose Quartz but it’s something.
Catseye may be the more traditional of the stocking-less trio. With a bright brown for her dress, violet scarf and blue ruler Fiora stands apart though the style is the same as in the base. It could be considered a more vibrant, youngish take on the vintage feel of Sandstone. There’s enough to make them different but there’s a shared feel.
Rose Quartz doesn’t deviate from its name: the rose dress is clear. There’re also brown stockings and shoes as well as a grey ruler and blue scarf. Although the colours are different the feel overlaps a bit with Pearl. The dark touches to the dress add some interesting contrast that help the chroma differentiate itself. That may make it a bit more interesting if the ruler colour is of no relevance.
While there’s a bit more than the usual change of colours for the clothes it’s obvious that Headmistress Fiora doesn’t go far from her chosen style. The most drastic is the absence of stockings as the formal dressing is kept intact with identical style. The feel is a bit different so that Sandstone, Ruby and Catseye stand out a tad more than Jasper and Amethyst. Rose Quartz can also look interesting due to the light tone and its contrast but it’s a close call with Pearl. With regards to Sapphire, it’s apt at what it intends to do even if that’s only colour switching.

High Noon Yasuo
High Noon Yasuo Chroma Pack Image
Category: Skin
Price: Pack: 975 RP / Chroma: 290 RP or 2000 BE
Colours: Sapphire / Amethyst / Jasper / Emerald / Obsidian
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Although High Noon Yasuo’s chromas largely play on changes of colours the tones used tend to be mellow without much contrast between colours. This approach results in chromas that look different yet tend to feel similar because they lack notorious features to set each apart.
Sapphire appears to rearrange some of the base High Noon colours but keeping the same hues. The body appears darker while hair and hat become lighter; still, there isn’t a notable difference. It’s a change but a timid one that reuses too much brown.
Amethyst stresses the use of light colours for hair and hat but also lightens the clothes’ palette too. The result is a chroma that still resembles the base High Noon aspect yet keeping the lack of contrasts. While overall it seems to stand apart the base feel remains.
Jasper takes the opposite direction of other chromas and darkens the palette. Again the composition of the look remains familiar thought the shy contrast of bronze and dark blue cloth is appealing. Regardless, the homogeneous colour selection doesn’t let the highlights shine.
Emerald also relies on bronze for its metallic highlights but surrounds such material with green and brown tones which end up meshing into each other. The lighter colour palette makes a difference but again relies on similar hues to the base aspect. Therefore, there’s much overlap even if there are changes to note.
Obsidian is a chroma that majorly relies on two colours: blue and light bronze. For that reason it results in an appearance that sets itself apart from the base one. Also thanks to the contrast between these two tones the chroma manages an appealing look despite its simplicity.
From a quick look at High Noon Yasuo’s chromas it’s plainly evident that they seldom stray far from the base appearance. Even though hues are lighter they still rely on brown which prevents them from realising a distinct aspect. In fact, only Obsidian dares to take a step forward and adopt a two colour combination that differentiates it from all the others. In conclusion, if you are going to choose a chroma that doesn’t retread some of the base style then Obisidian is your best choice.

Koi Nami Element

Koi Nami Element Chroma Pack Image
Category: Skin
Price: Pack: 585 RP / Chroma: 290 RP or 2000 BE
Chromas: Sunbeam / Smoke / Twilight
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: These chromas don’t aim high but the results can be appealing due to the colours chosen. The Sunbeam chroma paints Nami’s skin in yellow and gives her armour and staff a blue tint. It stands out but the lack of vibrancy in the colours can make her look too quiet. It’s a distinct change but not one that is exciting.
The Smoke chroma seems like a washed out blue version of Koi Nami. It’s still manages to be attractive because the light blue tones suit her fins very well. The armour seems a bit dull but there’s enough contrast to make its design visible. Even though it doesn’t give the best first impression this is an interesting chroma.
The Twilight chroma is a great change of colours. The blue body suits her fins and also the aquatic nature of a mermaid. The bronze armour gives Nami an air of royalty revealing its design with clarity. Without doubt this is a worthwhile chroma for fans of Koi Nami.
All things considered, this is an uneven pack. The Sunbeam chroma stands apart from the expected Koi Nami look but doesn’t result in something exciting. The Smoke chroma is a good fit for a mermaid but the armour appears dull. The Twilight chroma has a fantastic appearance that combines the water theme with a touch of regal style. If there’s one to get it’s this last one.

Lunar Goddess Diana
Lunar Goddess Diana Chroma Pack Image
Category: Skin
Price: Pack: 1225 RP / Chroma: 290 RP or 2000 BE
Colours: Ruby / Pearl / Aquamarine / Turquoise / Amethyst / Peridot / Obsidian
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Without exaggerating, Lunar Goddess Diana’s chromas are quite simple. They change the main colour with different but similar shades and also change a secondary colour to add contrast and variety. The result, as expected, isn’t significant even if it’s noticeable. It also depends on how close the chroma’s chosen colours are to the base skin’s ones; sometimes they don’t go far.
Ruby is the red chroma with bright golden lining and a sliver of blue. The red shade is the key while the brighter gold makes the decoration more attractive. Still, the chroma looks rather dim with the gold being what catches the eye.
Pearl employs a lighter blue that seems more quiet and relaxing against bright golden lining. Based on blue like the base skin there’s too much similarity between the two. It offers a brighter albeit almost identical alternative.
Aquamarine retains the blue base with a lighter tone and changes the gold for more blue. The effect is a bit monochromatic, despite different shades, and somewhat homogeneous. It’s just a bluer version of the skin.
Turquoise relies on dark shades of blue and a touch of green to stand apart rather well from the base look. Regardless, the result is rather dim and homogeneous with pale decoration. It may work as a gloomy version of the skin.
Amethyst relies on shades of violet and the brightest gold of all; chromas and skin included. Thanks to the contrast between the dark and light tones the chroma seems attractive. It doesn’t go beyond a change of colours but is appealing at that.
Peridot uses yellow and green on the upper body and brown on the lower. With a top that looks homogeneous due to similar tones and a bottom that doesn’t effectively contrast the top the skin seems a simple affair. Besides all the yellow and bright green, there’s little to consider.
Obsidian relies on dark blues with light blue decoration and a strong red for contrast. Even if the use of red is sparse its brief contributions manage a more interesting contrast than the one given by the shades of blue. The chroma appears a bit monotonous but effectively stands apart from the base skin as a re-colour.
Sadly, these set of chromas is too straightforward, simplistic and unambitious. As a change of colour it works but there’s nothing beyond the obvious. There are no little details or clever use of tones to transform the interpretation of the clothes. Everything is recognisable from the base style, sometimes too much, but it’s always the deviation from the base colour scheme that sets the appeal of each chroma. With that in mind, Obisdian could be an interesting, dark option with some nice contrast of tones and Amethyst a more colourful and eye-catching alternative to the base one. Regardless, it’s the subjective liking for each colour that becomes the major contributor to each chroma’s appeal. Therefore, there isn’t much more to ask beyond, which colour do you like the most?

Mecha Malphite
Mecha Malphite Chroma Pack Image
Category: Skin
Price: Pack: 1320 RP / Chroma: 290 RP or 2000 BE
Colours: Catseye / Emerald / Obsidian / Sandstone / Pearl / Sapphire / Granite / Citrine
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: With all their intricate little details the chromas for Mecha Malphite give a great first impression. Under closer examination they start to reveal that the little details are, indeed, little and the main feature of each chroma is the base colour of the mecha in question. The decorations add personality to each chorma but they suffer from two problems: they are either insignificant or shared between chromas.
Catseye is based on yellow with blue highlights that almost correspond to an inversion of the base colour scheme. Thanks to the main colour the chroma stands out and the blue breaks the monotony; at times even giving the impression that there’s more depth to the look. However, that’s all there is with yellow being the main feature.
Emerald takes on a soft green hue and intersperses it with a dark green plus the addition of some orange decoration. The result isn’t monotonous thanks to the different hues but it does have a quite though varied style to which the arm model number adds. For an unassuming look with a clear personality this is a nice choice.
Obsidian is the mecha in black with a touch of red. The low contrast between both tones makes the decoration difficult to appreciate; which is a pity as there’re some nice patterns on the arms. In spite of a similar design to Emerald the main issue is the dimness of the colours which ends up making the chroma feel just like black mecha.
Sandstone takes a very pale yellow as base and adds some nice but eventually subtle grey patterns in addition to brief blue highlights. The combination of double decorative colours adds to the unique style of the chroma but each one seems too succinct to the point of being underdeveloped. It’s still a chroma with good variety and its own identity.
Pearl takes a bright grey as the main colour and adds red, white and blue stripes as well as a black and blue highlights plus a large number eight to be a rather evocative Herbie homage. While this style clearly stands out most surfaces are of a simple grey until an articulation or limb appears in sight. Evidently, the tribute is the main attraction though it’s a fitting look for a competition mecha.
Sapphire is blue but also decorated with white, black and silver as well as an arm model number and bracket logos. Although there are many tones, the chroma only looks reservedly colourful which defines a sober yet attractive identity. While the blue feels like an overlap with the base look there’s a clearly defined appearance that catches the eye without exaggeration.
Granite takes pale shades of blue, green and grey interspersed with darker shades of the same tones for a rather consistent yet somewhat homogeneous look. The main culprit is the lack of noticeable decoration; except for some appealing but timid scratches on certain surfaces. Under close inspection it’s a battle-worn mecha with an interesting personality but, sadly, it’s especially subtle in its exposition of it.
Citrine uses various shades of dim yellow against a dark blue that, actually, doesn’t make much of a contrast. Both colours, with some added green, make some minimal camouflage patterns on various surfaces that end up as a missed opportunity to define an identity for the chroma. This results in a look that is rather monotonous and almost entirely relies on the dim yellow and blue colour scheme.
When all is considered together, this is a chroma pack that offers a lot of variety yet is unable to keep the standard as high as it sometimes sets it. In other words, some chromas stand out above others mainly due to wasted opportunities in the execution. Emerald, Pearl and Sapphire are the most striking with Sandstone and Granite having nice personalities suffering from unexploited potential. Catseye, Obsidian and Citrine end up too reliant on their main colour without additional elements to support it. Nonetheless, there aren’t any chromas that are inherently bad. It’s simply that seeing how good some can be it disappoints to see others that stand as re-colours alongside them.

Meowkai Chroma Pack Image
Category: Skin
Price: Pack: 1350 RP / Chroma: 290 RP or 2000 BE
Colours: Rose Quartz / Pearl / Citrine / Tanzanite / Aquamarine / Hearts / Peridot / Amethyst
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Beyond the notorious colour changes Meowkai also has new faces for costume and cushion-arm along different patterns. So far it’s nothing surprising. The fact that saplings also get a new look, that usually matches the cushion, is a great touch. Sadly, both cushion and saplings tend to stand apart from the style of the costume too much. Not only colours are different but also the expressions are. Sometimes they complement each other but most of the time the link is weak at best.
Rose Quartz has a pink costume with a happy disposition and child-like cat style. The cushion seems infatuated yet blue. Blue saplings look quite calm and unassuming; perhaps even sad. The white streaks on the head are nice. These three items don’t connect much but there’s a slight air of love in the air.
Pearl is a blue-grey costume with satisfaction in its face, though it seems pale. The brown cushion seems quite happy yet the red sapling seems a bit demonic. If there is a linking theme it’s not very clear. The costume seems almost timid yet the cushion tries to attract attention. The demonic sapling looks great but is completely out of context.
Citrine has an orange with brown decoration that says little except for the evil face. The yellow cushion seems to not want to have anything to do with it. The yellow sapling does look a bit evil but with intent instead of with mischief. There’s a playful evil feel to the chroma but it isn’t as consistent as it could be.
Tanzanite’s blue costume is outraged at something. The decoration doesn’t say much. The yellow cushion agrees in a more dramatic way. The yellow sapling can’t believe it either. Sadly, colours are too different between costume and cushion plus sapling. That detail aside this is a chroma with a unified, reaction, theme even if it’s one without context.
Aquamarine’s pale blue with violet fish states a water theme. The surprised face of both costume and violet cushion may indicate that something is amiss. Perhaps it has to do with the dead eyes of the violet sapling. Wasn’t it fresh fish? Maybe the pale blue is too pale and the joke needs an extra hand of interpretation but the chroma delivers fun.
Hearts has a red costume with violet hearts which is a bit unexpected like the complacent, almost bored, face. The blue cushion seems tired and the blue sapling peacefully asleep. Thus, the heart motif doesn’t have anything to do with what the expressions say. The colours do give a consistent look but beyond that the chroma lacks a direction.
Peridot has a bright green costume with blue decoration and a face of shock. The red cushion looks teary-eyed, perhaps sad too. The red sapling seems satisfied, though, and a re-colour of Tanzanite’s. The green and red don’t mesh well and the faces may be reacting to something in different ways but it’s not clear what the message is.
Amethyst has a blue costume with violet decoration and a desperately crying face; which suits the colours. The violet cushion also cries and seems mended. The violet sapling looks sad and maybe even appalled at the situation. Hurt will come and this is how this chroma feels about it. Simple and effective this is a great touch.
While the major changes to the chromas take all the credit, and colours are the most noticeable of them, they aren’t the main feature. It’s the expression of the three cat faces that actually give all the appeal to these chromas. Few actually manage to give a unified message but when they do they are very appealing. The little detail of different leave shapes on the trunk on Maokai’s back can be ignored for the most part: it’s difficult to notice and doesn’t add to the theme of any of the chromas. It’s there though, for what it’s worth. With that said, Aquamarine and Amethyst are the most attractive chromas thanks to their funny messages and consistent looks. Perhaps Citrine and Hearts are imperfect alternatives. Sadly, the others are not only chaotic in their colour selection but also in the expressions; even if there’s some appeal to them.

Moo Cow Alistar
Moo Cow Alistar Chroma Pack Image
Category: Skin
Price: Pack: 1320 RP / Chroma: 290 RP or 2000 BE
Colours: Rose Quartz / Peridot / Catseye / Aquamarine / Jasper / Sapphire / Citrine / Amethyst
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Moo Cow Alistar is all about the cow costume and the chromas are no different. Besides a dyed mane that seldom matches the rest of the fur nor mixes well with the costumes there’s a touch of colour to the ear tag that is hardly meaningful. All the appeal is reserved to the costume’s colour, pattern and the varied expressions of the cow face; which does add a lot of personality to the chromas.
Rose Quartz is direct with a rose costume with red spots. The tired or bored cow face doesn’t fit that well with the choice of colour; even if they are dim. The main problem, though, is that this chroma looks too similar to the base; even the mane is of a similar tone. There are differences but they don’t add up.
Peridot has a green costume with blue flowers joined by a crazy, discombobulated cow face with a reddened nose. The lighthearted approach of the costume is appealing but the red mane and darker parts of the costume don’t fit well. While the bright green and cow face could’ve matched the merrily confused cow face better the chroma has personality.
Catseye is all green to the point that the olive-coloured stars struggle to stand out. The winking cow face adds a mischievous tone that isn’t really prevalent in the whole of the skin. In a way, it’s like a more composed version of Peridot. It attempts to be funny and appealing but isn’t as effective.
Aquamarine shows light blue with violet cow heads all over the costume; cows of questionable health. The surprised look of the costume’s cow face matches this statement giving the chroma an appealing personality despite the tame colours. While the approach is simple it’s also rather nice.
Jasper uses quite a bit of pale violet for its name; the brown spots deliver. It’s more of a classic cow look with the calm, reserved cow face being very discreet. It’s also the only chroma with white horns but that isn’t monumental. The result is a simple even if evocative classic cow look.
Sapphire employs all blue for the costume so that the green mane and yellow ear tag stand out as odd coloured. The subtle milk bottle pattern of the costume isn’t easy to distinguish or connected to any other aspect. In fact, the curious look of the cow face seems unexpected. Still, it seems to be a chroma that tries to appeal to classic dairy references.
Citrine has an orange base covered in a red flame pattern, which added to the angry cow face, gives a humorous yet aggressive style to the costume. It’s a pity that the blue mane looks so saturated as it doesn’t fit fur or costume as well as it could. Regardless, the costume manages to become a funnily angry cow.
Amethyst’s array of violets put the chroma close to Sapphire and it’s not the only reason. The subtle cloud pattern is barely connected to the crying face which is a bit melodramatic and not humorous enough or justified by any means. The bright yellow mane only makes things worse. This makes the chroma feel chaotic without a unifying theme.
All in all, Moo Cow Alistar’s chromas capitalise on the appeal of a funny costume over a surly minoutaur. Of those costumes the simple appeal of Citrine or the confused approach of Peridot may stand out among the others. Aquamarine and Jasper may be interesting in their straightforward way. The others aren’t bad yet nor are they as charming as the rest.

Nemesis Jax Sand

Nemesis Jax Sand Chroma Pack Image
Category: Skin
Price: Pack: 585 RP / Chroma: 290 RP or 2000 BE
Chromas: Brick / Amber / Cream
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: These chromas are too basic and direct in their use of colour. The Brick chroma largely keeps the base untouched but changes the cloth to red. Said colour is too vivid yet there isn’t much contrast with the darker clothes. Essentially, it’s a change from blue to red in the spectrum from the classic Nemesis look.
The Amber chroma has a staturated dark yellow that catches the eye but looks fanciful. The copper armour and mace are interesting but the clothing is certainly an acquired taste. Specifically, the clothes seem to catch too much attention with their strong tone against a subdued almost dull base.
The Cream chroma has a rather suitable cloth colour for a warrior with a desert style. The bronze armour and weapons suit the aesthetic and with the khaki cloth provide a good contrast with the darker clothes. It’s nothing remarkable but it’s an option for a look with a sprinkle of sand-based style.
These chromas don’t always achieve interesting visuals. The Brick is rather sombre and the Amber too eye-catching. The Cream manages a sensible look that suits a desert warrior with a touch of bronze; to avoid rust. While the other chromas can have some appeal the last one manages something more sensible.

Officer Vi
Officer Vi Chroma Pack Image
Category: Skin
Price: Pack: 975 RP / Chroma: 290 RP or 2000 BE
Colours: Pearl / Aquamarine / Ruby / Emerald / Obsidian
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: In spite of all the sex appeal that Officer Vi inspires it’s not an ambitious skin and the chromas are as equally complacent. For the most part, changes are divided into different colours for the clothes, which still insist on keeping the trousers dark, and colours for the gloves and hair; with some barely different from the base. Although changes are brief there are a few chromas which are nice but it can’t be denied that they are simple.
Pearl shows light blue at the upper body and a familiar dark blue for the lower. The gloves also receive a slight blue tint but the design is identical to the base. The light blue clothes and hair contrasting the dark blue is what sets the chroma apart. Although, light blue excepted, the chroma is rather similar to the base.
Aquamarine has a light blue jacket and cap with familiar dark blue trousers and boots for contrast; with red hair. The gloves invert the dark and light tones which makes them a complement to the base though not radically different. What stands out the most is the light blue as the rest isn’t that different from the base.
Ruby uses red for cap, jacket and trousers as the main feature. Boots remain dark blue and hair becomes light blue. The gloves receive a dark blue tint which diminishes the contrast of colours and give them a dim homogeneity. Nevertheless, it’s the red clothes that identify the chroma.
Emerald makes extensive use of green for all the clothes and only keeps the dark blue of the boots; the hair uses a dark red that fits the green. The camouflage pattern added to the gloves let them easily stand out. The homogeneous greens may make the chroma seem flat but it’s also consistent and manages a superficial army style.
Obsidian also employs a vast amount of dark blue for a rather homogeneous but distinct dark look; the hair is also a fitting dark red. The gilded gloves and handcuffs as well as other golden decoration easily stand out which makes the silver cap badge a strange choice. Still, the gold against dark blue gives the chroma an identity.
There’s no doubt that Officer Vi’s chromas aren’t elaborate affairs. That doesn’t prevent some of them from being interesting but most insist on keeping the base colour scheme with only minor changes to the clothes. Emerald and Obsidian are the most appealing chromas as they stand apart the most from the base. Ruby could be an option though the arrangement of colours isn’t as distinct.

Pool Party Leona Dawn

Pool Party Leona Dawn Chroma Pack Image
Category: Skin
Price: Pack: 585 RP / Chroma: 290 RP or 2000 BE
Chromas: Pink / Azure / Lemon
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: A set of straightforward chromas that centre on changing clothes and gear. The Pink chroma seems quiet on the whole; which is sensible for a holiday. The contrast of the pink with the violet is good but everything seems plain. It’s an inconspicuous choice for a peaceful holiday.
The Azure chroma has a more maritime style thanks to the chosen palette. The shades of blue along the pale green provide a suitable look that eschews bright colours in favour of something quiet but fitting. Even though it’s nothing groundbreaking it’s certainly nice.
The Lemon chroma seems like a different take on the classic Pool Party Leona look; only brighter. At large, the design is the same and the result almost identical. There’s a different contrast due to brighter yellow in certain areas but also lighter accompanying green tones. In the end, there isn’t a significant difference but it manages to feel more colourful.
All things considered, the Dawn chromas aren’t particularly striking. The Pink is a quiet choice, the Azure is suitably maritime and the Lemon a brighter take on Pool Party Leona. Neither is bad nor are they exciting either. The blue-grey may have some appeal due to the how the palette suits the sea.

Popstar Ahri
Popstar Ahri Chroma Pack Image
Category: Skin
Price: Pack: 1110 RP / Chroma: 290 RP or 2000 BE
Colours: Amethyst / Rose Quartz / Citrine / Ruby / Pearl / Catseye
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Although rather eye-catching, Popstar Ahri’s chromas are re-colours. The advantage they have is that they not only give a new colour to her clothes and hair but they also change the colour of her tails. This simple yet significant change makes the chromas stand out with their tone of choice. The downside is that their appeal is all but centred on the main colour of each chroma.
Amethyst is based on violet for clothes and tails. Dark clothes and lighter tails add variety and there’s some contrast against the golden decoration, blonde hair and bodice. Still, the appeal is all on the main colour.
Rose Quartz relies on rose and feels like a darker Amethyst in a way. The bodice is also all dark which makes the whole look more brooding. Again, there isn’t much to see beyond the main colour.
Citrine displays orange tails along red jacket and hat. With hair and bodice being dark there isn’t much contrast but the look isn’t monotonous. Regardless, it’s the orange and red that make up the chroma’s style.
Ruby is all about a saturated red which looks rather nice against the bright blonde hair. The problem is that most colours are rather dark so Ahri looks a bit too homogeneous. At least, if you like red the chroma delivers.
Pearl uses light blues and violets for a look that stands out thanks to easy contrast with the dark hair and bodice. The look is rather simple and relies entirely on the light tones. Nevertheless, it’s a choice of tones that stands out.
Catseye employs a somewhat dull yellow for the tail which is a bit disappointing. However, the clothes show a pleasing contrast between light yellows and dark violets which make the chroma rather varied. It’s a nice choice of clothes despite the dim tails.
All things considered, Popstar Ahri’s chromas are simple. They rely entirely on changes of colours and, usually, on only one main colour. In the cases where a good contrast between tones is made like it happens in Pearl and, to a lesser extent, Catseye the chromas seem more interesting. When that isn’t the case it’s all about which colour you like.

Prestigious LeBlanc
Prestigious LeBlanc Chroma Pack Image
Category: Skin
Price: Pack: 1110 RP / Chroma: 290 RP or 2000 BE
Colours: Amethyst / Tanzanite / Rose Quartz / Catseye / Pearl / Turquoise
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: There’s more than just new colours in Prestigious LeBlanc’s chromas. However, it has to be accepted that is the main feature of each one. Some changes to the stockings and bodice add some style but they are subtle changes. For the most part it’s all about colours but, fortunately, not just one.
Amethyst most salient feature is that it has an eye mask. The problem is that the mask is often hidden under the hat. The contrast between the dark violet and the dim bronze is nice touch, though similar to the base. While the darker look is nice it’s also a bit simple.
Tanzanite is a rather straightforward change of colours to violet and light blue. There’s also a tattoo on the left leg instead of a stocking and that’s as far as the chroma goes. Truth be told, while the colours are pleasing the style is too similar to the base.
Rose Quartz employs more violet than rose and quite a bit of bronze. The result is colourful yet also homogeneous due to the hues being all dim. The new colour of the stockings seems too small a change to add enough style to the chroma. To a point, it’s a lighter version of Amethyst despite the extra differences.
Catseye has quite a bit of violet but set against a dark violet to heighten its effect. By and large, the look is identical to the base skin just with different eye-catching colour scheme. While there’s nothing really novel about the chroma it manages to catch the eye.
Pearl employs dim blues for a quasi-plated look that is rather different from the rest of chromas. The bodice is also changed almost to a corset and the stockings echoe the design. While it’s a small change it’s one that adds a different style to the chroma and combats the homogeneous use of a single tone of blue that even conceals decorations.
Turquoise shows many shades of blue and a bit of light brown for contrast; not much. The result is rather homogeneous even if the stripped stockings and light coloured decorations collaborate with variety. This makes the chroma one that struggles to capture an identity despite similarities with Pearl.
Overall, Prestigious LeBlanc chromas tend to rely on new colours to be attractive. There are a few extra changes but seldom do they stand out and manage to instil a different feel to the chromas. Pearl manages to stand apart due a new clothing style despite the monotonous overuse of blue. Other chromas manage to offer some contrast between colours which makes them appealing yet they are unable to go beyond offering different tones. Taken for what they can offer, they are an acceptable option.

Rocket Girl Tristana Punk

Rocket Girl Tristana Punk Chroma Pack Image
Category: Skin
Price: Pack: 585 RP / Chroma: 290 RP or 2000 BE
Chromas: Orange Red-Green / Purple Pink-Grey / Navy Violet-Blue
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: This Punk chromas content themselves with changing the colour of the hair dye and the jumpsuit. The Orange chroma relies on a vibrant red hair and a quiet, two-tone brown jumpsuit. This matches the red-nosed rockets but there’s nothing noteworthy.
The Purple chroma goes with an eye-catching hair dye but a rather dull jumpsuit. To a point, it’s an alternative to Riot Tristana as only the hair colour stands out in either case.
The Navy chroma has a dark hair colour that lets the visor catch the eye with its distinct tone. The blue jumpsuit is a nice match for Tristana but there isn’t a good harmony of tones when the visor and rocket launcher are added.
Truth be told, this is a simple pack of chromas. They are direct and unassuming to a point that they aren’t even interesting. The Orange may pass for a darker take on Rocket Girl Tristana but the Purple only has the hair dye to stand out. The Navy has pleasing blue tones but lacks consistency overall. While they aren’t bad chromas they aren’t special in any significant way either.

Sandstorm Ekko
Sandstorm Ekko Chroma Pack Image
Category: Skin
Price: Pack: 1225 RP / Chroma: 290 RP or 2000 BE
Colours: Tanzanite / Citrine / Obsidian / Sandstone / Pearl / Peridot / Rose Quartz
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Although Sandstorm Ekko’s chromas do stand apart from each other there’s no doubt that the colours are the main feature. Two other changes are of note. The new patterns for the trousers are welcome even if limited addition as much as the shy new colours and glow of the sword. The problem being that they don’t add up to a theme so they are noticeably different but only individually.
Tanzanite has a nice contrast of dark and light blues with dark hair and bronze highlights. The sword is only a bit paler so it looks similar. It’s a nice chroma with a pleasing floral pattern on the trousers. Most of its appeal is in the contrast of colours.
Citrine clearly stands out with its bright brown, red and yellow. The intense colours catch the eye but the little blue there is hardly breaks the monotony. The simple pattern on the trousers is nice but the sword seems unchanged. The ochre palette is the key feature.
Obsidian stands out with its dark blues and browns. The dim coppery pattern on the trousers is rather subtle and difficult to notice but the green tone of the sword is a change that catches the eye as well as the light hair. The sombre style of the chroma is what sets it apart.
Sandstone’s use of light against dark browns makes it a lighter complement to Tanzanite. The trouser’s decoration ends up feeling like an extension of other clothes and so lacks individuality. The sword looks quite similar to Obisdian which is both good and bad. In fact, it looks like a chroma that borrows its ideas to stand out.
Pearl is largely grey with a dash of violet to add some variety to the look. Just like Sandstone, the trouser’s decoration looks like extra clothes hanging around without much reason. The sword is very similar to the base but with a touch of violet. Truth be told, aside from the grey clothes there isn’t much of note.
Peridot’s bright green against dark browns and blue’s actually make the chroma look like a washed out Citrine. The trousers are covered in extra clothes, as in other chromas, which isn’t very decorative. The sword’s intense yellow is nice but similar to the base. In a way, it’s like a less concentrated version of Citrine.
Rose Quartz has its share of pink but also of dark violet. The trouser’s decoration is nice but too small. The sword looks identical to Sandstone. There is a sort of dark look in the chroma but one that doesn’t convince. It’s an aspect that seems unintentional and so the chroma lacks a proper identity; except that it shows pink.
All things considered, there are a couple of good additions, trousers decorations and sword colour, that stand out yet they aren’t always taken advantage of. Even the main colour, which more often than not is the main feature, doesn’t seem to receive enough focus. The chromas that seem more appealing are Tanzanite, Obsidian and Citrine. Both Sandstone and Pearl are good though not as distinct as the others.

Shockblade Zed
Shockblade Zed Chroma Pack Image
Category: Skin
Price: Pack: 1110 RP / Chroma: 290 RP or 2000 BE
Colours: Rose Quartz / Catseye / Aquamarine / Ruby / Amethyst / Emerald
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Drawing from the classic theme of colour-themed ninjas the chromas for Shockblade Zed are, for the most part, direct but appealing. It probably comes as no surprise, then, that the primary colours end up making the best examples of the chromas. Red, blue, green and yellow are traditional but safe choices for ninjas to the point that the pack almost seems like a Mortal Kombat tribute. There’s nothing explicit in that regard and sometimes a bit more than just a change of uniform colour.
Rose Quartz, or the infamous pink ninja in the mouth of the spiteful, is by its very nature a softer red that ends up not having the strength of the pure colour. Without much else to set it apart from the weak red role it ends up in it’s a chroma that can only appeal with its most basic feature. If you don’t like the main colour then there’s nothing else of note.
Catseye or the yellow ninja is a choice with a strong, vivid tone. The chroma also spreads the general colour to the blades with a bronze tint that adds an interesting consistency to the chroma without becoming homogeneous. Sadly, the bottom of the trousers does homogenise the decorative flames displayed in other chromas which is a missed opportunity to add some extra flair.
Aquamarine or the light blue ninja is, essentially, the same as Amethyst but with a lighter tone. Notorious similarities apart, there’s a nice contrast between bronze highlights over the dim blue though it’s not always as noticeable due to the weak shade of blue. Regardless, it’s a chroma with a clear though shared identity that appeals with a soft transition of light to darker shades of blue and a fine blue touch to the blades.
Ruby or the red ninja is another chroma that stands out by the sheer force of its colour alone. The chroma also adds some blue and violet to contrast the main colour; even if they can pass unnoticed. Still, there’s little that can be said against such a suitable and naturally attractive colour choice.
Amethyst or the blue ninja stands alongside Aquamarine as almost identical twins. Colours are stronger which in some cases, like the gold highlights, allows them to feel more vivid but in some places they appear too saturated; like the trousers. The colour is appealing by itself but loses the soft dégradé of Amethyst in a more homogeneous look that still manages to make the gold more attractive.
Emerald or the green ninja is another chroma that grabs attention with its sheer natural appeal. The dark green decoration makes a contrast with the lighter main colour and the touch of brown for the blades helps its identity. The appearance is quieter, in terms of intensity and variety of colour, than in other chromas yet that gives a seriousness that suits the general look.
All in all, this is a fine chroma pack but there are some individual chromas that naturally stand above others. Thanks to the strength of their primary colour and some finely added extra touches Catseye, Aquamarine, Ruby and Emerald are the best choices thanks to their distinct appearances. Both Ruby Quartz and Amethyst suffer from a bit of an identity crisis as both stand as siblings to Ruby and Aquamarine with differences that aren’t always appealing or worthwhile.

Surprise Party Amumu
Surprise Party Amumu Chroma Pack Image
Category: Skin
Price: Pack: 1320 RP / Chroma: 290 RP or 2000 BE
Colours: Pearl / Citrine / Amethyst / Sapphire / Rainbow / Catseye / Aquamarine / Ruby
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Chromas for Surprise Party Amumu have two noticeable differences. The first is easily visible at a glance: the design of the cake atop Amumu’s head. The other is restricted to the recall: the balloon’s shape. The rest is only colour changes for the clothes. The T-shirt barely receives changes and the same can be said about the clothes. Technically, they are different but the difference doesn’t amount to much because the general poor kid style is maintained. This doesn’t leave much room to develop the identity of each chroma and it shows in the result.
Pearl shows a cake topped with Chantilly or whipped cream with some colourful candy decoration. It’s a rather tasty-looking cake with a simple yet not overloaded design. The balloon is a bit of a mystery. The feline features may hint at Rengar but there’s no eye-patch. The helmet would suggest Kled but there’s no scar over the right eye and the face is too feline. Perhaps it’s a young Kled. The mystery surely is the most interesting part of the chroma as there’s only a cake beyond that.
Citrine looks like a cake covered in orange cream and topped with chocolate. The brief web around the candle may suggest Halloween festivities. This could be reinforced by the presence of the face of the Evil One on the balloon: Little Devil Teemo. This links both elements, thinly, which makes it seem like the chroma was aiming for something more than which it faintly accomplishes; perhaps a Harrowing treat or trick, with the Evil One you never know.
Amethyst may be all colourant but if we are talking about a grape-flavoured topping with sugar hearts as decoration then delicious comes to mind. The Lulu balloon is rather cute with her amazed expression but beyond colours there isn’t much of a link. Cake and balloon are fine but there isn’t anything novel.
Sapphire looks like a cake made with a particularly sweet cream spotted with sweet pastry figures. The candle stands out with its colourful stripped design. The balloon is none other than Fizz so let’s hope that the cake doesn’t really taste like fish. Besides that joke there doesn’t seem to be much in common between both elements. The chroma tries to do a bit more and that’s the exact result.
Rainbow shows a cake covered in coloured candy with a candle on top which echoes its design with a helix of colours; also matched by the T-shirt. The balloon is Gnar, Mini Gnar to be specific, whom only shares a few colours with the cake. That’s all there is to see and like and while nothing is bad there’s nothing meaningful to make the chroma stand out. Sure, the colourful helixes are nice but that’s all there is: a repeated pattern.
Catseye has a cake of yellow cream decorated with chocolate and a face with a sewn smile, it seems. Such masochism may be a result of the dynamite cylinder placed as a candle. This links quite well with the Ziggs balloon but that’s as far as the explosive fun can go. The premise is certainly appealing but it doesn’t go beyond that. The fact that his T-shirt is visibly different but only due to being reduced to a single colour makes it a mixed bag.
Aquamarine looks like a cake covered in meringue or icing and with the design of a snowman. This leads directly to the Poro balloon, so that a snow theme is noticeable. It’s not very elaborate but the chroma does have an identity. Unfortunately, there’s nothing else to supplement the snow theme.
Ruby’s cake covered in a red cream or sauce could hint at a strawberry-flavoured topping with sugar biscuits as decoration. As delicious as that sounds the balloon adds its mystery: who’s the bear? It could be Tibbers but in his plushy form he only has one good eye; the poor ursine. Besides, there isn’t much of a link or theme in the chroma. While the reference is nice, and the delicious cake ought to be shared, it all comes down to the same couple of elements.
For the most part, each chroma shows a distinct cake and balloon with few adding a link between the two. Those that do can only state a premise, at best, as there’s no room to develop any theme due to the limited extent of the chromas’ changes. A couple dare make noticeable changes to the T-shirt but we aren’t talking about remarkable additions. In all cases, the chromas end up feeling superficial. They have new elements to show and they do have their appeal but there’s no enveloping idea to the changes.

Warlord Shen
Warlord Shen Chroma Pack Image
Category: Skin
Price: Pack: 1320 RP / Chroma: 290 RP or 2000 BE
Colours: Catseye / Pearl / Tanzanite / Obsidian / Ruby / Sapphire / Emerald / Amethyst
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Warlord Shen is a skin with both simple and elaborate designs depending on which area of the model we look at. The chromas understand this and emphasise simplicity and elaboration in a way that the fantasy samurai identity is reinforced. They don’t fix anything but they add a different style that takes advantage of the specific idiosyncrasies of the skin.
Catseye shows orange against grey for a clear contrast of colours. The silver maedate doesn’t fit in but the sashimono is a good match with a simple but nice symbol. In some regards it’s a more decorated version of the skin base with more presence of orange. It’s has, mostly, a consistent and distinct look.
Pearl is light and dark blue with golden highlights. This chroma has a floral theme, supported by the sashimono, with a regal feel to it. It could very well be ceremonial armour reserved for royalty. Between the balance of three distinct colours and the classy floral theme this is a chroma that stands out.
Tanzanite seem to be a less restrained and elegant version of Pearl. The violet is more intense than Pearl’s blue and there’s more as well as more gold so that the look is darker and more focused on decoration; the sashimono follows suit too. As a more intense version of Pearl it’s nice even being so similar and a tad overloaded.
Obsidian’s use of gold over dark blue is rather interesting because the skin is dark yet richly ornamented with gold. The sashimono’s light blue barely fits, thanks to the menpo, but the reference to The Wave by Hokusai is a fine touch. All in all, this is an attractive chroma with a decorative style that stands apart with its distinct style.
Ruby certainly makes extensive use of red with a touch of light brown and gold to add variety. This makes the chroma dark but also looks more concerned in inspiring fear and dread that appealing to the eye. Thanks to the more aggressive style the chroma stands out with a look of its own.
Sapphire’s washed out blues gives the chroma a subdued look that even the golden decoration can’t fight. It’s surely a look that stands apart but it’s not as eye-catching as others and a bit too homogeneous. It’s a distinct look, though, which speaks of restraint and control so in that regard there can be a meaning to it.
Emerald uses dark and light greens for contrasts that aren’t very noticeable. The saturated tones also make the skin homogeneous despite the light brown and gold. It’s as if the light colours barely gave some respite from the intense greens. The design is also similar to Ruby’s. In that regard, it’s like a less balanced version of it.
Amethyst’s use of intense violets, browns and greens make the chroma look saturated and without any breathing space. The use of strong tones reinforces the sturdy, compact look but also prevents a good balance and contrast of colour. This particular choice gives the chroma its own style but it’s one not as varied and eye-catching as others.
Being the tatami armour the most elaborate aspect, the chromas centre on giving new colours and patterns so that it becomes the main feature in each; with some help from the sashimono. It’s no surprise to find that some designs work better than others as they have a better balance of colours and decoration. In general, all are good looking and yet those that manage to have the most distinct and eye-catching styles are Catseye, Pearl, Obsidian and Ruby. Tanzanite, Sapphire and Amethyst are also worthwhile but, sadly, Emerald seems a bit less distinct than the rest.

Warring Kingdoms Xin Zhao
Warring Kingdoms Xin Zhao Chroma Pack Image
Category: Skin
Price: Pack: 1110 RP / Chroma: 290 RP or 2000 BE
Colours: Ruby / Peridot / Amethyst / Aquamarine / Rose Quartz / Pearl
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: At a glance it seems like Warring Kingdom’s Xin Zhao’s chroma pack offers a lot of variety. However, chromas rely on one major change: the colour of metal. There’s also the colour of hair and scarf which always change but aren’t as significant; they’ll be considered still. In general, there are two groups: those that use bronze and those that keep the grey metal. The main problem is that between chromas in each group differences are small and sometimes flat out subtle.
Ruby is a refinement of the base Warring Kingdoms with a nicer contrast of colour. Hues are brighter and clothes exchange blue and red between them. The change is minimal but appealing for the most dedicated fans of the skin; just like its sibling Amethyst.
Perdidot’s main feature is the bronze, almost dull gold, tone of its armour and spear. There’s also the copper hair and scarf to add up which, due to similar tones, makes the look a bit homogeneous; the violet cloth helps in that regard. Still, it’s a chroma with much in common to Aquamarine.
Amethyst follows the same path that Ruby does to the point that they appear as twins. The main difference is the darker hair and copper scarf. The main look is still quite similar to the base style so there’s little that sets this chroma apart; except for some secondary colours.
Aquamarine, just like Peridot, embraces the use of bronze but in this case adds more blue. The general look relies heavily on the metal while the secondary tones of the clothes are to make it different. Without doubt, there’s too much overlap with other chromas.
Rose Quartz most distinguishing features are that it makes a sort of combination of the looks from chromas belonging to the bronze and grey metal groups. There’s a mix of tones that ends up being a bit of each but none of either so that its stands alone in the middle. It manages to stand on its own but also seems to lack focus.
Pearl stands out as much for its pale bronze armour and spear as for its grey hair. In fact, given that many other chromas already fill the role of bronze armour the only salient feature ends up being the hair colour. Admittedly, it’s too little to base a chroma on but, at least, it has something notable to make it distinct.
Overall, Warring Kingdom Xin Zhao’s chromas are a disappointment. One group, the grey metal ones, look too similar to the base aspect. The other group, the bronze ones, end up quite similar with only specific, secondary characteristics to make them noteworthy. If you have to choose one chroma then it’s a choice between a refinement of the base look and a flavour of bronze armour. Individually, none do enough to be worthwhile and collectively they are an expensive letdown.


The skin chromas have two disadvantages. The first is due to their nature: they require not only a champion but also a specific skin to be of any worth. There’s no point in considering the case where either isn’t owned as the price would be too high for a chroma to be even taken into account. The second is that they tend to be too straightforward and simple. They lack the desire to play with a skin’s look and do something different. Most of the time, it’s just a change of colour for clothes and weapons.

That said, the chromas are only worth getting with BE. The expense of getting a skin is already high enough and the chromas seldom do something worthwhile with the classic skin appearance. When they do, it’s usually one chroma in a set where the others are different enough; at their best. Therefore, RP isn’t a good way of further customising a paid skin. The price of 2000 BE isn’t low but the chromas are rather shallow so there’s no point in going into a further expense.

There aren’t really specific chromas that stand above the others. Some that can be worth getting are, from the first wave: Headhunter Master Yi Strike Aqua. From the second wave: Grim Reaper Karthus Plague Burn and Dreadknight Nasus Plague Frostbite. From the third wave: Dragonslayer Vayne Chaos Red and Silver plus Koi Nami Element Twilight.

From the fourth wave: Dragon Fist Lee Sin Duel Black and Yellow, Nemesis Jax Sand Cream and Pool Party Leona Dawn Azure. From the fifth wave: High Noon Yasuo Obsidian; Shockblade Zed Catseye, Aquamarine, Ruby and Emerald. From the seventh wave: Battle Bunny Riven Catseye, Astral and Ruby; Lunar Goddess Diana Obsidian and Amethyst; Mecha Malphite Emerald, Pearl and Sapphire and perhaps also Sandstone and Granite; Debonair Ezreal Sandstone and Striped.

The eighth wave only has: Dunkmaster Darius Aqumarine and perhaps also Catseye and Amethyst; though a legendary skin shouldn’t need any leeway. Also from this wave we find Headmistress Fiora with perhaps Sandstone, Ruby and Catseye being the more interesting choices; though as a legacy skin one could expect something else.

The ninth wave has Battle Regalia Poppy Ruby and Obsidian which are alright. From the tenth wave, Popstar Ahri Pearl has a colour that stands out and Catseye is rather colourful. Additionally, Prestigious LeBlanc Pearl has a nice change of style and for colourful alternatives the rest of the chromas are acceptable choices; even if not noteworthy. The eleventh wave has Dragonslayer Pantheon Obsidian as a magnificent example of a dragon hunter’s look; better than the base skin. Amethyst and Ruby may also be appealing if they imperfections can be excused.

The twelfth, April Fool’s, wave offers Moo Cow Alistar Citrine and Peridot with their appealing costume personalities. Aquamarine and Jasper also have direct but nice costume designs. There’s also Meowkai Aquamarine and Amethyst with their funny cat problems. Citrine and Hearts can be imperfect alternatives with consistency issues.

The thirteenth wave has Warlord Shen with it selection of elaborate chromas. Catseye, Pearl, Obsidian and Ruby are the best but Tanzanite, Sapphire and Amethyst aren’t bad either. From Sandstorm Ekko Tanzanite, Obsidian and Citrine are nice choices; with Sandstone and Pearl as good alternatives. Officer Vi offers Emerald and Obsidian as interesting options with Ruby as a less distinct alternative. Headhunter Rengar Emerald could be an option for a different and less washed out look.

The other chromas aren’t as interesting though they can have a distinct look. That’s not to say that the mentioned chromas are particularly striking but they manage to do something appealing.

  62 Responses to “League of Legends: Skin Chroma Packs’ Review”

  1. No Chroma Packs for High Noon Yasuo?

    • We haven’t yet reviewed the new chromas. They are rather recent, haven’t been unpacked and there’s no IP sale for them. Still, we’ll try to review them sooner rather than latter.

  2. Thoughts on the Mecha Malphite chromas on PBE?

    • From what little we’ve seen it seems more interesting than mere colour swaps. It adds different patterns which give a different though superficial style.

      • I have to disagree here. The base skin has an uninspired and unappealing color scheme that is frankly a major detractor to the skin.

        *Especially* for fans of Mecha shows or comics, any one of these chromas represents a very fresh take on this otherwise cool model, ranging from a somber military “tank” look to a sporty gladiatorial fan-favorite. The purple bar color, meanwhile is just… Nothing? Kinda looks like evangelion I guess, but somehow more boring?

        • Considering the resticted expanse of the changes, after all they are only textures, the chromas have a distinct look. That’s not to say that they can emulate a whole new look but they can reference certain styles.

          Perhaps Mecha Malphite doesn’t have a nice base look but the theme is clear enough. Still, the chromas can add some variety. Once we get to review them we’ll be able to check if they are effective at that.

  3. I know the chromas are not a main priority, but how often do you expect to keep the skin chroma packs updated? I am looking to see what you guys think about the zed chromas, I just got the pink and purple. Just nice to read your guys opinions. 😀

    • We’ll always try to have the review up to date when an IP sale is near. The idea wasn’t to neglect the chroma reviews but we’ve been forced to for two reasons. First, it seems that every patch there are new chromas and, second, there’s been a recent influx of new content that we can’t ignore. While chromas matter skins are certainly a priority. We’ll try to update the chroma review as soon as we can, though. Because, with some many chromas piling up it could become unmanageable if we get too left behind.

      • Makes sense, thanks for the reply

        • Not at all.

          • Also do you know when the chroma ip sales occur? I heard they happen twice a year, but I am not clear on this.

          • That’s all that Riot has stated with regards to IP sales. They also showed a timeline that allegedly points that they would tend to happen in the second half of a year but that could be considered guesswork. The only concrete information we have is that there will be two chroma IP sales per year. Sorry we can’t clarify on the issue.

  4. Which one Dragonslayer Chroma is the best to buy or? Recommended For me?

    • As we mention in the conclusion we find that Dragonslayer Vayne Chaos Red and Silver stand out among the chromas in the pack. They are distinct on their own and also feel different enough from the base Dragonslayer look. We still recommend to get any chromas with IP; there are two IP sales for chromas per year. Chromas can be a nice extra touch of customisation but it’s only a touch for the most part.

  5. (I thought I posted this already; kind of new to this)

    Is the Firecracker Jinx chroma review being worked on? Having gotten the skin from a friend’s mystery gift ages ago, and that it’s the only jinx skin I really use, I’ve been thinking I’d like to get one of the chromas for it.

    • We are working on reviewing the chromas. We have still a few to review before we reach Firecracker Jinx’s but we’ll get to her eventually. We can asure that if an IP sale comes, the way we recommend to get chromas, all chromas that can be purchased for IP will have a review ready. It’s the main purpose of the reviews: to help in buying the best chromas with. As far as RP is concerned, we don’t think they justify the expense.

  6. The chroma ip sale should have already been so it should be very soon. Just FYI if you didn’t already know.

  7. I understand Chromas tend get a lower priority, and it won’t be going on IP sale for quite a while now, but what is your initial impression of the Dino Gnar chromas, both as a set, and any that might stick out amongst them.

    • From a quick look at the chromas there doesn’t seem to be much development on the dino suit so in that regard it’s a matter of choosing a nice colour. Some has a different design that allows them to stand out a bit from the rest. The boomerang tends to simply get painted so the few chromas that interpret it as a slice of fruit are more distinct. In general we don’t see any that really stands out among the others but this is just a quick look.

  8. Since Popstar Ahri is not on the current chroma sale, do you think she will be there for the next? I find it confusing how they only included some chromas and not all. I was so prepared to buy that beautiful pearl chroma!!

    • Probably, provided that it’s six months old or more by the time the second sale of the year comes. Apparently, Riot forgot to clarify that chromas appear on sales interspersed. In other words, chromas skip a sale before returning. Sounds like an unnecessary complication but that’s how it is for now.

      • I see. Thanks!

        On a side note, how do you feel about the new Champions that were revealed and what is your first impression of their release skins?
        I hear Master Yi is also getting a new skin as well.

        • Not at all.

          We like the idea of paired champions that work better with each other. However, it seems that it all boils down to Rakan being able to dash from further to Xayah’s side. That’s as far as the special synergy between them goes. We would’ve liked to see, even if some of it was only cosmetic like the recall, a stronger reliance on each other

          It could be said that it could isolate the champions from the rest but there are a lot of other supports and marks-people already. The unique idea of this duo is to work together and that seems thinly presented.

          Cosmic Blade Master Yi looks good but appears to have too restricted a design. There’s too much reliance on the star sparks and blue glows without a real cosmic feel to the skin. It’s not bad by any means but the result appears too focused to the point that it feels limited.

          • I agree, and I do like how they added a Charm to one of his abilities. It makes sense for his character to be able to do that. I would like to see more interaction between the two in terms of abilities, but without giving so much that it makes a large difference, such that you’re almost required to pick the other half when laning together.

            I also feel that the Yi skin is a little bit forced. I can see where they wanted to go with it, but he then already has a skin that is Star Wars themed almost.

          • Agreed, that’s why we thought that cosmetic changes to Xayah with Rakan would be a good middle ground for when they play together. Still, there could be some slight buffs when they play together that individually wouldn’t make a huge difference but that exploited by people that specialise in the duo could add up to a bit of extra power.

            We agree with Yi as well. The Cosmic aeathetic seems identical to Kassadin’s respective skin. Besides, he doesn’t fully encompass the astral theme and tends to focus too much on showing a few stars. Truth be told, we expected the skin to better realise the theme.

  9. How about Battle Regalia Poppy’s chromas? I feel like Meowkai’s chromas deserve a review as well.

    • We’ll have reviews ready at least for the IP sale of the chromas. Still, we’ll try to be more up to date with releases of chroma packs as we are somewhat behind the times in the reviews.

      Specifically, chromas like Battle Regalia Poppy, tend to be on the simple side by just being changes of colour without much else, or anything else, to distinguish them. That doesn’t mean that they have no appeal so we will try to review more.

  10. Which Pool Party Fiora chroma would you recommend for me to buy Zero? I have some extra rp after a gift I bought, and would like to add something for my favorite champ. And as always, thanks for your help with all your reviews, they have really helped me out when I had to buy a skin for all the champs in the game.

    • Not at all, glad that the reviews were useful.

      From what chromas offer we would recommend to wait for an IP sale. Besides, in the meantime, you can accrue the necessary IP. That said, Pool Party Fiora tend to offer, roughly, the same amount of changes. At a glance, we don’t see any that are disappointing or others that stand out from the rest. It also depends on what you expect from the chroma. Some change her swimsuit while others centre on her dealdy sword; but they tends to be well balanced.

      All in all, we’d have to say that it’s a matter of personal preference. Perhaps once we review them we’ll find some that are a bit better than others. Regardless, there doesn’t seem to be any major differences so as to recommend some over others. At least, from what we can tell right now.

  11. hey zero when does the omega skin chromas review coming out? i really need those. thanks a lot zero.

    • If you have any specific question about any of them simply drop us a line and we’ll do our best to answer. We we’ll be going over chromas chronologically so it could take some time to reach Omega Squad. Regardless, we’ll try to get to them for the IP sale; that’s the main idea of the chroma reviews.

      From what we’ve seen of the Omega Squad chromas they are alright. Some also change the colour of the eyes which is good for Teemo and quite welcome for Veigar; as his are so expressive. The other are mostly re-colours of clothes which are straightforward, add variety but don’t seem particularly special.

      • looking forward to that zero but can I take advantage of this and ask what chroma would be best for omega squad veigar? thank you zero.

        • Certainly, from the look of things it depends a bit on what you are looking for. If you want something sinister then the red eyes of Tanzanite are the best. Besides, red remote fits well with the dark clothes and feel. Sapphire is, essentially, Omega Squad Veigar dressed in blue. The remote is nice but the eyes aren’t re-coloured so that’s only for the clothes’ colour. Catseye also delves in blue but for the eyes, which stand out rather nicely. Clothes also have light colours plus rifle and remote stand out in their white tones. You could say that this is the chroma that stands apart the most from the rest and the base look.

          Nether is really bad and this mini-review will probably be repeated in the actual chroma review. That said, we think that Catseye and Tanzanite may be better. Sapphire isn’t bad but offers a bit less than the others; which is strange because in the release page it did have a different colour for the eyes.

          • I actually feel the same for catseye and tanzanite but I am leaning towards the catseye, although I can forgive the sapphire look because I think the sapphire pays homage for the classic skin. Thanks for your input zero, you really helped me on this one. More power to your site.

          • Not at all, glad to be of help.

  12. Since you mentioned asking for quick looks at specific chromas, what is your opinion on the Firecracker Jinx and Sandstorm Ekko chromas? If they go on IP/Blue Essence sale for preseason, I would appreciate an outside perspective on these chromas beforehand.

    Thank you in advance!

    • Firecracker Jinx’s chromas seem to be very similar. Besides, the fact that they are only re-colours they don’t do anything interesting with the dress only the weapons see some extra work but the design is respected with reverence. The result is that they strike as similar and on top of that they are similar between them. The most interesting seem to be the ones that have the most distinct colours: darkest and lightest. The rest sort of mesh together in the middle.

      With Sandstorm Ekko the chromas have some different designs for his trousers. The ones with the most decoration and elaborate patterns are the most interesting. Those that rely on a change of colours strike as simple to the decorated ones. In this case, the same happens as with most re-colours: it’s a matter of which tone you like the most. With the decoration there’s more to see and appreciate.

  13. Hi Zero,

    Dragonblade Talon’s chromas came out a while ago and I really like them. I can’t make up my mind on which one I want to get though. Any thoughts on it and what’s the best chroma to get? Love your reviews Zero! 😀

    • Glad that you like the reviews.

      We’d recommend to get chromas during an IP sale. That said, there isn’t much depth to Dragonblade Talon’s chromas from what we can see. There are some extra changes beyond colous but nothing significant. The ones that seem to stand out the most and also fit a ninja better are the ones with a dark main color with light highlights. The others look a bit washed out with their subdued colour palettes. That aside, it’s a matter of which colours you like the most.

  14. So since there’s a big IP Sale for Chromas, I’m guessing an update will be out soon? I’d love to hear your detailed review on some of them.

  15. I waited for chromas review so long… thank you!

  16. Will you also be reviewing the Pool Party Lulu and Fiora chromas? 🙂

  17. New chromas pls?

    • We are slowly but steadily working on them.

      • There are Blue essence prices for some new chromas like pool party graves and omega squad teemo and dreadnova gp. Are those reviewed somewhere or do i have to pick on my own? 😛
        Great work as always

        • You’re right, some chromas seem to have BE prices. We’ll try to update as soon as we are able. If you have any specific doubts just drop us a line and we’ll help you as best we can.

          • So I am buying Chromas with BE every time it is available because what else am i gonna do with BE, right?
            The ones I bought now are Mecha K6 Pearl, Dreadnova GP Ruby, Poolparty Graves Ruby and Omega Squad Teemo Pearl+ Obsidian.
            Any other version on these Chromas I should get?
            Thanks for all the hard work to help us enjoy the game more.

          • Not at all, we are glad you find the reviews useful. We’d like to have every up to date but, at least for now, we aren’t able. Still, you can always ask us directly.

            On that regard, If you like Mecha Kha’Zix Pearl you may consider Rose Quartz for its similar colour scheme. We prefer something more colourful, though, like the others; Tanzanite looks rather interesting because of its designs.

            Dreadnova Gangplank’s Bosidian is similar to Ruby if you like the style with a more veteran pirate. Pearl and Sapphire seem to look rather distinct with a more sea-faring style.

            Pool Party Graves’ Ruby certainly stands out from the others. Sapphire is another that looks rather different though not as distinct as Ruby. You may also consider Turquoise but the trendy style may be pushing it.

            Finally, Omega Squad Teemo Sandstone is the only chroma remaining. It seems to be the most conventional of the three with a more classic camouflage style. It has its appeal but it’s also the one that looks the most like the base. You could complete the collection though it depends on how much you play Omega Squad Teemo and if the chroma seems interesting.

            Hope this helps.

  18. No chroma pack review for Dragonblade Talon?

  19. would u plz review the death blossom k6 for me,tnx.

    • You can find a review of all Kha’Zix skins in his review page here, including Death Blossom. We haven’t found any information about a chroma for Death Blossom Kha’Zix but we’ll try to update the chroma reviews.

  20. Hello there, with the emporium starting in less than a week, I was wondering about your thoughts on the following chromas (I’ll probably end up buying them all but maybe I want to spend 100k on a gemstone)

    Battlecast Urgot
    Mecha-Zero Sion
    Battlecast Prime Cho-Gath

    • With a quick look, from Battlecast Urgot we think that Ruby fits the skin’s identity better and has a nice contrast of colours. Obsidian and Pearl are good though not as interesting.

      Mecha Zero Sion seems to be a matter of which colour you like the most. The chromas seem to take the classic look and re-colour it. There are a few small patterns to consider as well but they aren’t significant enough to give any chroma an advantage.

      Something similar happens with Battlecast Prime Cho-Gath but with more emphasis on colour and less on patterns. There are some small differences but it’s all a matter of colour. Being machines, a new paint job tends to easily fit them.

  21. Hello Zero, I want to know what do you think about Mafia Braum’s and Sand Wraith Pyke’s chromas. Is there any specific chroma that is worth the RP or should I wait for a Blue Essence sale? Thanks in advance

    • We don’t think that any chroma is worth the RP they ask for. Consider that you can get a skin for that price and, nowadays, they tend to be almost re-models. In terms of a Blue Essence sale then it can be a matter of taste but usually a few chromas do stand out.

      For Mafia Braum the chromas that change his clothes are the most interesting as they show a different style to the base. An good example is the pinstripe suit.

      Sand Wraith Pyke’s chromas seem to only offer re-colours. In that case we’d recommend going with the colours that you like the most. We prefer colours that stand apart from the base look so that the chromas offers something different. Those with a contrast between a dark and a light colour, like Sapphire and Catseye, are interesting.

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