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Jhin, the Virtuoso
Jhin, the Virtuoso

They come in fours and leave in fours. A step forward, a knee to the ground, a hand in the trigger and beauty becomes perfection. True art is seldom appreciated but, what would be of virtuosity if everyone recognized it as such? They have to be made to see, they have to understand, to experience, to become art itself. The bullet is in the chamber so get ready. The target is set, the sights on, take a look and live the splendour.

High Noon Jhin
High Noon Jhin Splash Art High Noon Jhin Model
Category: Regular
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Jhin as a Wild West outlaw.
Model: New model for Jhin and his weapons.
Particles: New yellow particles for his abilities, auto-attack, recall and joke.
Animations: New recall animation.
Sounds: New sounds for his abilities, auto-attack and recall. New quotes when taunting and killing certain champions.
Splash Art: Whisper fully assembled, with the advantage of height and the Sun on his back, Jhin takes aim for another masterpiece. The setup is idiosyncratic to Jhin but the setting is rather basic. There’s mostly sky and some birds with only the parapet of a church, presumed by the bell, to give context. Stone and metal are far from bland but blurry and, ultimately, making an unassuming background. Surely, Jhin takes the centre stage but it all feels empty. The colours, lighting and detail on Jhin do manage to add much needed substance to the splash art. Not only does everything look sharply displayed, for the most part, but every texture is vivid with the scars of their existence; though the body has some diffuse areas. The pose does conceal most of his right arm with all the artificial enhancements but they manage to poke out from his back.
All things considered, it’s a rather good portrayal of Jhin as an outlaw from the Far West. He appears in the middle of what he does best but the frame of the action disappoints.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: As far as first looks go High Noon Jhin gives a good impression. His apparel is iconically recognizable so the Far West theme comes across without issue. His unusual posture asks for a closer look which reveals some artificial enhancements. This brings the skin closer to a steampunk Wild West but the theme remains attractive. The quirky hitman style suits Jhin’s peculiarities so the result stands apart from his classic persona without ignoring his personality.
The new particles don’t fare as well as the model. The designs are different but appear only minimally so. Even though it’s not the case, the particles seem to be only re-colored yellow and the classic patterns are recognizable. The same happens with the sounds. Parts are different but others are identical or too similar to the classic ones. Therefore, while the sense that things are different is there everything strikes as too familiar and not unique enough. The only exception is the recall which does a great job at reinforcing the theme; for as much as it can. The change of removing mask for hat when laughing and dying is a good touch that does what it can as well.
The end result is that High Noon Jhin is an appealing skin but one marred by a strong resemblance to the classic identity. The differences are there and most are noticeable but always bowing to the classic structure. If the price were lower, it would be easier to excuse and the changes could be appreciated in spite of their small scope. At 1350 RP, a skin needs to make a conclusive effort to present its theme in a way that it can stand apart from alternatives. High Noon Jhin doesn’t and while there’re a few things to like it simply doesn’t do enough to be a convincing proposition; better to catch on sale.

Blood Moon Jhin
Blood Moon Jhin Splash Art Blood Moon Jhin Model
Category: Regular
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Jhin playing the role of a dark spirit in the Ionian Festival of Fire play; which resembles a Japanese Noh theatre play.
Model: New model for Jhin and his weapons. New glow for his left eye.
Particles: New ink particles for his abilities, auto-attack, death, respawn, joke and recall.
Animations: New recall animation.
Sounds: New sounds for his abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Splash Art: A dim moon in a heavy sky looks down on a town buried in a mist of ominous colours. A gate opened over a cascade is shows the first impact with two more behind. The source of such shots is one that’s already discarding a case to make way for another bullet. The feel of the setting is clear: a layer of gloom over an otherwise peaceful town. The buildings are mostly silhouettes with little attention to the finer details of their architecture. Still, cascade and vegetation give a subtle bucolic touch to the thinly displayed buildings.
Jhin escapes all the diffuse poise of the setting; to the point that even the rain has little effect on him. Lines are precise with great attention to the smallest twists and turns of the gear’s design. Shading is elaborate with too much reliance on dark tones but a fine use of lighting and reflections. The complexity of the Blood Moon form is brought to life with impressive craftsmanship; provided we ignore the less evocative lower body. The rifle competes with Jhin for relevance with a surface so rich in detail that at times it borders on the photorealistic. The fact that the carvings are so detailed only makes it more interesting: though the dull simplicity of the hand-guard makes for an unexpected design choice.
Without doubt this is a splash art that is focused on making the portrayal, or most of it, the central part of the piece. There is a relevant context that ends up being unexploited and delivered in the form of a sketch. That doesn’t happen with Jhin, from the waist up at least, as the attention to detail is evident. Regardless, there’s a clear focus on the piece with a glaring disregard for the rest on display. This makes the splash art interesting but unavoidably uneven.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: For the most part, Blood Moon Jhin dresses him in ceremonial clothing to take his part of dark spirit. While there’s nothing surprising in what is done the way in which it’s accomplished is what makes the skin special. The clothes are nothing groundbreaking with dark tones and golden lining to evoke an aristocratic yet dark style. The oni mask may even be considered expected in its design but the single glowing eye adds a bit of extra mystery. The rifle is quite nice when assembled but its two parts look quite different. While the extended barrel portion has an attractive vintage feel the basic revolver portion looks like a ceramic antique of dubious quality.
What really sets the skin apart is the particles. They employ blotches, spills and brushstrokes of red and blue ink that sometimes could very well pass for trails of blood. The effect is fantastic giving the auto-attacks and abilities a unique feel that suits both Jhin’s artistic inclinations as well as Blood Moon’s mystic feel. Each ability respects the classic design but the arty flourish added by the ink gives them and the skin a distinct personality.
The sounds follow the Blood Moon style of haunting, low-pitched sounds but they tend to sound too familiar. To a point, it seems as if the classic ability sounds had been processed to sound more ominous yet still easily recognisable. The one exception is Curtain Call with its attractive introductory sound when the ability is first readied and suggestive distorted tones when active to support the familiar shots. Unfortunately, when it comes to shots and explosions everything sounds similar; especially the mechanical sounds. The recall emphasises the artistic style of the skin with a simple but evocative Blood Moon symbol drawn on the ground. It’s simple but suitable.
All things considered, Blood Moon Jhin is a skin with a distinct personality that stands apart from the alternatives the Virtuoso has available. The main features is, undoubtedly, the unique ink particles as the model is adequate and the sounds can feel derivative of Classic; at least the recall supports the art angle. For Jhin fans Blood Moon is an interesting skin with a rather attractive feature. It’s a real pity that the rest of the skin isn’t up to par with the high standard of that single characteristic.

SKT T1 Jhin
SKT T1 Jhin Splash Art SKT T1 Jhin Model
Category: Legacy
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Jhin as a vintage, enhanced gunslinger.
Model: New model for Jhin and his gun.
Particles: New particles for his abilities, auto-attack, laugh and recall.
Animations: New recall animation.
Sounds: New music for Curtain Call and new recall sounds.
Splash Art: There’s no real background or setting to speak of. At best, we could say that the champions are framed by a sky of undefined characteristics. What stands out is the setup of the piece. The ensemble appears like a group of superheroes in a composition that brings to mind the Justice League. Their general appearance seems to convey a pantheon of Greek gods, each with their unique symbolism. There’s also a suited coach that stands in for the ward skin. While it’s good that such an addition is made part of the team it’s fair to say that his look doesn’t fit that of the heroes well.
Each champion shares the spotlight making use of uneven parts of the splash art. Champions on the left tend to be able to make use of more space while those on the right see their lower bodies abruptly cut off. There’s empty room on the left which means that everyone could’ve made some extra room by advancing a bit forward. In addition to this, it’s clear that the centre of the piece has sharper lines and more vibrant colours; though tones tends to be subdued to the point that all metal seems dull. The blur is particularly noticeable towards the left and bottom areas which does the portrayals no favours.
The ornamented armour characteristic of each champion in their SKT gear is noticeable but with varying degrees of success. Individually, Zac looks too subdued and solid with little attention given to his armour; which is the only characteristic that sets him apart from Classic besides the new colour. Jhin’s upper body is quite explicit but the rest is barely visible and the depiction seems rather pedestrian. Nami barely emerges from the blur and shows too much of her naked back and too little of her armour so that it’s more notorious her familiar mermaid body than the new gear. Syndra almost appears in full with nice shading and a good demonstration of power; despite small spheres and dull colours. Ekko is only partially visible and while the new look is prominent enough that’s because of the clothes more than the portrayal effort to make him special, even if the pose is dashing and dynamic. Finally, Olaf closes the formation with good use of light and shade but a partial depiction with much blur and opaque colours that is only saved by the suitable stance. Not to be forgotten, KkOma looks sketchy with a cartoony look that doesn’t suit the more elaborate shading used for the champions; much as his suit doesn’t fit the classical style of the champions.
All added together, this is a splash art that makes a brief but impactful presentation of the champions thanks to its composition. The individual portrayals are marred by several issues so that each champion struggles to attract attention and even convey their actual look. For all that the piece does well in its setup there is an evident need for a good layer of polish to finish the potential of this splash art.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: In terms of looks, SKT T1 Jhin furthers the classic style technological artistry by accentuating both aspects but with a base of old style. In other words, Jhin employs elegant, gold-lined clothes with golden armour and weapons with distinct feather decorations. The design is rather practical and fine tuned to make good use of the enhancements that make Jhin a unique gunslinger. At times he may look derivative and other times like a vintage cyborg; depends on the occasion.
Particles are nothing extraordinary truth be told. Auto-attacks are essentially re-coloured gold with few, scant touches of red. Even enemies marked by Caught Out have an indicator that is almost identical to the classic one. The Lotus Trap used by Captive Audience does stand out. It has a design that is quite ornamental with a classy base of gold with a red gem at the centre; a suitable and elegant choice. Curtain Call doesn’t show an ample shoulder transformation as Classic and the technology seems to be more inclined towards form rather than function. That is further supported by the distinct translucent wings that appear on Jhin’s back. Overall, the ultimate manages to display the unique identity of the skin. T1 logos can be briefly seen when marked enemies with Caught Out are damaged and at the beginning of Curtain Call. As a small reference it works but doesn’t seem like it naturally fits the skin.
Theoretically, Dancing Grenade is to have a new sound but everything seems identical to classic as in the other abilities. Curtain Call, though, is another story. The ultimate received a new violin-based theme that stands apart from classic while keeping his artistic persona; something that suits the skin’s vintage style well.
The recall with its electronic music and square lights seems modern yet not contemporary. Added to the antique design of Jhin it gives a fitting retro feel to the skin’s personality. Sadly, it’s the only feature to display such aspect suggested by the model.
On the whole, SKT T1 Jhin is a fine skin. The model is quite interesting but the particles let down with few notable work outside of the colour department and sounds are meagre to say the least. The ultimate and recall add to the skin’s identity better than the abilities. Still, there’s a clear feeling that much is merely adapted instead of newly developed to support the potential of the new identity. While there’re features to like, the whole of the skin needs more work.


For a release skin, High Noon Jhin is a skin that stays too close to the classic persona to define a whole identity for itself. The Wild West theme is appreciable but the unavoidable presence of significant classic designs dilutes its clarity. The idea is good and it’s actually an appealing option but the result isn’t up to par with what a skin at 1350 RP has to deliver. At a lower price, it could be acceptable but as it is a sale is advised.

In general, Blood Moon Jhin is a good skin. The model is acceptable and the sounds support the eerie style of the skin. However, it’s the particles and recall that add a distinct artistic vein to the skin that makes it special. The ink-styled particles are a wonderful choice that relies on the classic personality to define an identity for the skin. If the rest of the skin were just as unique as the particles we have a great option but being so good the particles still make this is an appealing option.

SKT T1 Jhin is a skin with a very fine model and some good touches to the ultimate and recall. The rest, unfortunately, lets down with adaptations of the classic designs instead of further work to develop the personality of the skin. With that in mind, there are things to like in the skin. However, there’s a lot that is left unexploited so that the skin’s identity isn’t effectively rounded in all areas.

  26 Responses to “League of Legends: Jhin Skins’ Review”

  1. Would his new quotes for killing a enemy count as new sound abilities? Just a random question

  2. Hi, It would be really cool If you were to do Ward Skin Reviews as well. I always have trouble picking out the right one.

    • It’s something that has been requested and we have it in the To-do list. We’ll try to see to it sometime in the future. Don’t forget to check some videos for the ward skins if you are having doubts. They seem to have only three relevant phases: placing them, being static and expriring. That should be quick to check in a video; if there is one.

  3. I guess the high noon’s splash is a nod to Caitlyn’s base splash

    • Could be, after all High Noon also has a few specific quotes when taunting and killing Caitlyn. Seems like the Sheriff will have to work a bit harder with all this outlaws arriving at town.

  4. Does this skin change the voiceover? I mean, it should since it’s a 1350RP.
    Bought the bundle anyway because I love Jhin and it’s a good skin in my opinion, although some 1350RP stand out more and it was a bargain for 1837RP

    • stand out more but it was a bargain for 1837RP*

    • High Noon only has a few extra quotes when taunting and killing some specific champions. The rest of the voice-over is identical to classic. It’s a good skin, we agree on that, but we don’t see it doing much more than the usual 975 RP skin. If there were some notorious addition that explained the extra expense we could understand the high price. As things stand, we don’t see much reason for asking so much RP.

      Value can be a relative thing as you can like the skin a lot and find that it’s worth the asknig price. We don’t disagree, it’s a matter of personal preference in the end. We think the skin should’ve done a bit more to be special at that price but that doesn’t mean that the skin is bad. It may be a bit expensive but it has its charm.

      • Thanks for your reply. Would you recommend the classic over the skin in terms of looks?

        • It’s something different and, according to some developer information, the original idea behind Jhin. We don’t see High Noon as making Classic obsolete and viceversa. They are alterantives with different settings to adapt the champion: one fantasy-steampunk and the other the Wild West.

          The themes don’t have that much overlap though there is in the implementation; as much of Classic is reused for High Noon. Regardless, the different style is present so it’s a different visual interpretation of the champion.

  5. Patch 6.7 Jhin received a bug fix to his 4th bullet sound on his High Noon skin. Check it out, the Skin MIGHT be worthy 4 star. Just wanted to clarify you!

    High Noon Jhin has now new ( or bug fixed ) sound when he has the 4th bullet ready to be shot. It’s really cool now! 😀

    • We do notice a faint sound when the fourth bullet is ready. Still, the skin has other problems that prevent it from reaching a higher rating. It’s too close to the classic style for such a high price. Even at a lower price the recreation of the Far West style still is too subdued to stand out.

  6. On patch 6.7 High Noon Jhin received a (bug fix?) new sound effect when he keeps his 4th bullet ready. You might want to take a listen at it since it pretty much changed the way I play High Noon Jhin right now.

    • Sorry for the double post I thought my old one got deleted. I’ll be awaiting on your answer! 🙂

  7. You left out how the mark changed from a circle to a star looking mark. Also he has around 15-20 new auto taunts and voice overs. There’s like 5-7 champs he special taunts and 3-4 unique taunts for each. Plz do, do some more research before you post. You usually aren’t this sloppy with reviews. Thank you.

    • Just reread that and realised it sounded kinda rude. I wasn’t trying to be rude. I really rely on your posts before I make my skin decisions. Please don’t take offense.

    • We don’t always go in detail about what is changed unless we find it necessary. With regards to the mark, it’s the passive part of Deadly Flourish, Caught On, which receives new particles as all other abilities. In cases where parts of an ability are kept untouched and it’s noticeable we list all changes individually. In this case, the whole of Deadly Flourish receives new particles which is why it’s included under ‘New yellow particles for his abilities’.

      With regards to quotes there are often a lot of interactions so it’s not usually possible to have a long list of all cases. With that in mind we prefer to indicate how the interaction would be triggered but not the specific champions. We also don’t want to spoil everything about a skin. Although, if there’s interest about listing them all we can see how to add them.

  8. I have jhin+high noon on my shop for 70% off (687rp combined) Should I take the deal?

    • If you like High Noon Jhin and like the Virtuoso’s game-play then it’s a great option. We’d certainly recommend to unlock champions with IP if possible as it greatly reduces the expense. Currently, there aren’t any other skins for Jhin so one can only guess about what future ones would offer.

      We can say that High Noon plays its safe and doesn’t deviate far from Classic. In fact, it’s supposed to be the original Wild West style intended for Jhin. It’s skin with some nice features so the low price helps but overall it doesn’t go above and beyond to fully capture the Far West feel.

  9. Any early opinions on Blood Moon Jhin? The concept seems rather original and creative.

    • We haven’t checked the Blood Moon skins but the idea does seem to fit with Jhin’s artistic killings. It depends on how it’s implemented. If it’s straightforward it could lose the florid style that would set it apart. If it’s done while combining the classic and Blood Moon identities then it could be interesting.

  10. I’m wondering which one of the 2 Jhin skins you like more personally? For me it’s Blood Moon. 🙂

    • Completely agreed. It’s a pity that Blood Moon Jhin’s artistic inclinations are limited to the ink gushes in the abilities. We would’ve expected the skin to develop that side more in a sinister way; which suits Jhin and the Blood Moon concept perfectly. Sadly, it doesn’t go far into that aspect.

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