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Dominion Strategy: Team Roles – StrategyZero
Nov 162011

According to the actions performed by a champion in Dominion we can assign them roles. Roles help define the priorities and lay down an overall strategy to follow. Knowing what a champion is expected and not expected to do, teammates can take decisions with more information.

Four roles come to mind based on the activities required in Dominion. It has to be stressed that these roles are different, even if they may share a name, with those of Classic League of Legends. Dominion requires zone control and so action have to be considered in that context.

For each role we’ll go over the name, main characteristics, play style and sample champions that fit the role. The first role is that of the fighter. Fighters are able to sustain lots of damage and to deliver a good amount themselves. Fighters are the vanguard in every teamfight, taking out squishy enemies and diverting fire from their team. Champions that fit the role are: Leona, Olaf, Cho’Gath, Garen and Xin Zhao.

League of Legends Xin Zhao attacks Tryndamere in lane

Assassins or roamers are champions that are built to excel in dealing damage and moving fast. An assassin is expected to move between the top and bottom lane to assist in teamfights and to finish low health enemies. Assassins should escape when focused, making good use of their speed, kiting, teleport or stealth to escape. They are also the ones that can backdoor the enemy, knowing that they can neutralize a point without dying. Assassins can be: Akali, Evelynn, Caitlyn, Miss Fortune and Kassadin.

League of Legends Akali and Kassadin support Riven against Jax

Pushers are champions with area damage that enables them to clear minion waves very quickly. A pusher constantly keeps pressure on enemy capture point by sending minions until the point is neutralized. A pusher shouldn’t exchange a death for a capture, unless it’s the Windmill and teammates can defend it afterward. In the case of the enemy mid or bottom point, a pusher should only attempt a capture if sure that enemies are distracted and far away. Good pushers are: Annie, Sivir, Cassiopeia, Nasus and Singed.

League of Legends Nasus pushes his minion wave against Shen

A besieger is a champion able to control space thanks to range and area damage. Besieger champions are able to attack defenders under a captured point with no risk to themselves. When defending a captured point, they can attack enemies at a distance without leaving the, relative, safety of the point. A besieger main job is to weaken defenders and attackers so that teammates can have an advantage in the ensuing teamfight. Champions that can lay siege to a point are: Anivia, Morgana, Kog’Maw, Xerath and Karthus.

League of Legends Karthus covers a capture point with Defile

These roles are merely a proposal to guide players on what they should be doing and building when playing a specific champion and what they shouldn’t. Assigning roles can hardly define a champion because many champions can fit and be built in more than one role. Regardless, a champion should commit to excelling at doing one thing and having a name for that helps to focus.

  2 Responses to “Dominion Strategy: Team Roles”

  1. In dominion you have the following roles: Capturer, Defender, Taker.

    A capturer is a mobile and sneaky champion with good escapes who can roam the map and capture unprotected capture points. Good picks would be Teemo, Janna, Evelyn, Rammus etc.
    A defender is a guy who can fortify himself under a capture point and defend it for a long time against 2 and maybe 3 opponents. Good picks would be heimerdinger, Alistar etc.
    Taker is champion who can effectively dive a capture point and take it even when a defender is under it. Good picks would be Darius, Xin Zhao, Tryndamere etc.

    • Interesting, much has changes since the early days of Dominion. Still, we don’t discard that other roles exist that complement the ones you described; though they may be the most basic ones.

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