Oct 262011

Dominion is based on capturing and holding points, for that reason lanes tend to be taken as simple routes to reach a point. Minions are often ignored while Promote stays as a seldom chosen spell. Laning and farming in Dominion carries many advantages. We’ll go over them and explain why rushing through a lane leaving minions behind may not always be the best idea.

In the Crystal Scar there are five lanes, two diagonals at top, one horizontal at bottom and the diagonals at the sides. The lanes at the sides don’t see much action unless an enemy has successfully backdoored. What happens at the lanes at top is determined by which team controls the Windmill. Finally, the bottom lane sees the most action and remains the best example of the importance of controlling a lane.

Pushing a lane is an effective and active way of defending a point. Killing enemy minions keeps them away from your point, preventing them from neutralizing or capturing it; especially when an enemy champion joins them. On top of that it forces the enemy to pay attention to their own point.

Pushing the lane can allow you a fast and easy capture of the enemy point. Minions drastically increase the speed at which you capture. This way you can capture and defend or flee, as appropriate, before an enemy has a chance to disrupt the channelling.

On the other side of the coin, defending a point against a minion wave supported by champions is quite difficult. The minions will neutralize the tower and because multiple waves gather it isn’t easy to stop them. In this case, the opposing champions earn a safer tower-dive and a reduced capture time. The spell Garrison does help in this situation but it can also happen while it’s on cool-down if the enemy insists with this tactic.

Another advantage of pushing is the bonus gold gained from last-hitting. Each melee minion is worth 60 gold and each ranged minion 30 gold; in consequence, each wave successfully last-hit gives 150 gold. While gold is passively earned an abundant in Dominion it’s good to be able to complete an item before the opposition to gain an early edge.

Something that is often overlooked is that minions, just as in Summoner’s Rift, support champions by attacking enemies. If you are behind an enemy wave fighting an opposing champion you will face the joint offensive of the minions and the champion. Furthermore, when you are channelling to capture and enemy point and minions spawn from it, they will attack you.

Minion damage does add up over time. Squishy champions may see that they have lost half their health after capturing an enemy point; just due to minions’attacks. Additionally, enemy minions delay your capture of an enemy tower once it has been neutralized. Thus, enemy champions have more time to move to your location and defend.

Pushing and farming in lane is a very sound tactic. It gives many advantages and forces the reaction of the enemy while keeping you relatively safe. Minions are a great asset when you are defending and attacking. If possible try to make the most of every advantage you can get to out-play the opposition.

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