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League of Legends: Rumble Skins’ Review – StrategyZero
Apr 252013
Rumble, the Mechanized Menace
Rumble, the Mechanized Menace

Rumble, the Mechanized Menace has a knack for machines but also a liking for pirates and tropical regions. His skins paint a rather accurate picture of him: either lounging in the jungle or disembarking on the shore. What is behind this yordle’s interests? Start Tristy’s engine and burst into his skins’ review.

Rumble in the Jungle
Rumble in the Jungle Splash Art Rumble in the Jungle Model
Category: Regular
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Rumble with a laid back tropical theme.
Model: Moderate model changes for Rumble and major model changes for Tristy.
Particles: New pineapple particles for The Equalizer.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: An empty blue sky and some vegetation make the background of this piece. A relaxed, tropical setting is conveyed but only in a minimal sense. Rumble lounges with some fruit juice in the comfort of his mecha. His fur looks solid and its texture seems rather waxy. Unsurprisingly, Tristy suffers from a similar ailment as the depiction is correct but the appearance is oily. It may just be that the chosen shading style isn’t as good a fit for the piece as it could’ve been. At any rate, it’s a splash art with a reasonable composition and just passable shading.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Rumble in the Jungle is an alright skin as long as you appreciate the comic intent of the skin. As all jokes, it doesn’t stay funny forever and it even isn’t that clever to start with. It is comprehensive, though, as every aspect of Tristy seems to be adapted in tropical style. Still, despite the coconuts, pineapples and bamboo the mecha seems to stick together because it has to instead of trying to provide a minimally plausible design. Rumble himself doesn’t change much either but the tropical shirt may be a plus. All in all, it’s a skin with a very specific theme and flavour so if you don’t like what you see you won’t find anything else to change your mind.

Bilgerat Rumble
Bilgerat Rumble Splash Art Bilgerat Rumble Model
Category: Legacy
Price: 520 RP
Concept: Rumble as a yordle buccaneer.
Model: Major model changes for Rumble and Tristy.
Particles: New cannonball particles for The Equalizer.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: The foggy background is just one of the many issues this piece suffers from. The setting is quite lacklustre despite hinting at a few suitable pirate elements. However, the depiction is so bland that it barely even feels like filler. Rumble stands proud over Tristy with half a jacket and a tiny sword. His mecha not only echoes his drab shading but also looks like it’s crumbling in pieces due to a numerous perspective problems. It seems as if every part of the mecha was clumsily glued to its body. On the whole, the piece manages to communicate its message but in a disappointing way.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Bilgerat Rumble is quite conservative a skin as its price demonstrates. The result isn’t bad, anyway, and passes for a believably styled mecha. The ship design is reasonably adapted which added to the robust cannons, lean flamethrower and elaborate mace provide an appealing aesthetic. Rumble only receives some simple clothes and an eye-patch and with all this we can call it done. While the simplicity of the skin is effective it also feels lacking. It’s certainly enough for the asking price but the theme seems like it would’ve allowed room for more. In the end, Bilgerat Rumble is a good skin but feels like it has untapped potential for more.

Super Galaxy Rumble
Super Galaxy Rumble Splash Art Super Galaxy Rumble Model
Category: Legendary
Price: 1820 RP
Concept: Rumble as a Super Sentai hero piloting a Super Robot.
Model: New model for Rumble and Tristy.
Particles: New particles for his abilities with and without overheating.
Animations: New animations when walking, standing idle, overheating, recall, re-spawn, auto-attacks and abilities .
Sounds: New sounds for his auto-attack, abilities, dance, recall and when overheating plus new voice-over.
Splash Art: For a legendary skin based on shows of the tokusatsu genre the splash art looks too modest. The background is content with depicting a few explosions and flying rockets. Furthermore, there isn’t much of a setting to speak of, only some rocks and some sort of machine in the foreground. Tristy doesn’t look much better as it fades into the background glow. Most of it is visible but in a plain way. The only thing that stands out is Rumble with his cape fluttering as daringly as he stands. Even the glow adds to the display and his goggles, like his helmet and clothes, are very well shaded. This focus is strange as Rumble usually takes second place to Tristy in-game. Consequently, this is a splash art that feels empty and unexploited; which is unbecoming of a legendary skin’s presentation card.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: As a skin that revels in its theme Super Galaxy Rumble goes to the point of exaggeration but in an amusing way. The theme is well chosen and extensively implemented with more than a subtle tribute to Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. To start with, Rumble’s outfit and Tristy’s design finely conform to the aesthetics proper of the Super Sentai series. Moreover, the particles further the attractive visual style with adequate support from the respective sounds. The heroic mannerisms and boastful comments are also a nice addition; brought to life thanks to the animations and voice-over. On the whole, the skin delivers exactly what it intends: fancy good looks with a light-hearted super-hero style. Yet, the in-game result has a clear base on the Super Robot genre as the mecha becomes the focus. The only issue is that it’s all superficial because, essentially, Rumble’s identity is untouched and only adapted to a new style. In consequence, if you like the Super Robot aspect then Super Galaxy Rumble simply won’t disappoint. Conversely, if you are looking for more than just looks then this legendary won’t be able to deliver.

Badlands Baron Rumble
Badlands Baron Rumble Splash Art Badlands Baron Rumble Model
Category: Regular
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Rumble as overlord of the wastelands.
Model: New model for Rumble and Tristy.
Particles: New particles for his abilities, auto-attack, death and recall.
Animations: New recall animation.
Sounds: New sounds for his abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Splash Art: As far as a splash arts go this is pretty straightforward. Sure, there’s a wasteland background with a very diffuse car and a little cameo but aside from a few helping yordle-punks there’s only an arid ground.
The only significant part of the splash art is Rumble’s portrayal which, given how central it is, should probably be more even than it is. After all, the outer areas, like the tread-legs and side cannons are noticeably diffuse. The centre of Tristy with its car design is good yet the depiction feels too brief as it seems to be compressed in a small space. Of Rumble not much is seen so that his clothing isn’t visible unlike in-game. The head is the only part that features prominently but the mask seems more preoccupied with echoing the look of the car’s blades than being a faithful representation of the similar but much less prominent in-game equivalent. The blood on the blades is a good touch but the flames don’t equate the in-game effect.
All in all, this is a splash art that barely covers the basics. There’s a setting with little context, there’s a general look at the champion and nothing more can be asked of it. It’s serviceable at best and flawed at worst so in balance it’s barely passable.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: It’s clear that Badlands Baron Rumble is a skin with a concept that is too ambitious for the execution it receives. The model isn’t actually bad, it’s derivative and perhaps even uninspired but a post-apocalyptic machine has its appeal; a yordle-punk is another story. Perhaps the new Tristy should’ve decided whether it wanted to be a tank or a car because being half of each dilutes each concept. More focus on a sole facet would’ve helped round the identity of the mech.
Particles are notoriously simple in approach: flames for the most part. The thing is that the combustion-styled flames with black smoke, as seen in Flamespitter are actually quite nice. They may not break new ground but they do have appeal. Unfortunately, that design isn’t followed by the other abilities. In them the flames are soft, translucent and weak. Special mention deserves Junkyard Titan’s Overheating as the soft glow and shy flames hardly convey the feel of a combustion-engine machine being out of control. The Equalizer, as an ultimate, seems to make an effort in showing the best the skin has to offer and that is noticeable in the explosions of fire blackened by dark smoke. Sadly, the fire streaks and timid burning ground hardly show the gritty feel that they ought to.
Sounds are mere support to the visuals and not of the memorable kind. Being so similar the abilities in feel to the classic approach the sounds don’t stray far from them. Even if there was the chance of going with a more rough approach that isn’t taken advantage of here.
Animations are a sore area in this skin. The new recall is the only addition, which is only for show but, at least, somewhat fitting. However, as classic animations for Tristy’s legs remain the new tank treads look clumsy following such movements. The result is comical but clearly unintended as the mech feels cumbersome and clunky. Truth be told, it looks unprofessional to make such a change to the model and leave animations which simply don’t fit in.
On the whole, Badlands Baron Rumble is a skin with an unimpressive but appealing concept brought down by a superficial and ineffective execution. There are few features that stand out and the result is clearly not up to the standards shown by other adaptations. In few words: this skin feels unfinished.


Rumble doesn’t have many themes to draw from so while his skins aren’t bad they usually don’t stand out either. That’s the reason why, despite the cost, Super Galaxy Rumble is the best choice for fans of the Mechanized Menace. His classic identity remains intact and the stylish visuals are sure to satisfy as long as you embrace it’s theme.

Legendary aside, it could be said that unless you like Rumble a lot then there’s little else for fans. Bilgerat Rumble stands out a bit thanks to its appealing pirate style and plain but effective execution. Still, you have to accept its obvious simplicity.

The only alternative is Rumble in the Jungle which has a better name than implementation. The theme is clearly comical in intention but, as far as results go, it ends as a rather implausible skin that tries, but doesn’t manage, to be as funny as it wants to.

The post-apocalyptic approach of Badlands Baron Rumble may not be original but does have appeal. The execution does little to make that appeal shine. Aside from some blackened flames the skin constantly fails at delivering an interesting adaptation and is further affected by the unsuitable classic animations. As it is, it feels like a prototype.

  58 Responses to “League of Legends: Rumble Skins’ Review”

  1. Rumble in the Jungle’s ultimate has pineapples stuck into the ground when used.

  2. Bilgerat also has new ult particles (cannonballs)

  3. God Rumble needs a new skin! Hopefully he will get an LEgendary/Ultimate sometime!

  4. Will there be a review for the new rumble skin? I think it looks awesome.

  5. If you would upload the new Rumble skin (Super Galaxy Rumble) It would be amazing 😀

  6. Hey zero good job on the Review as always!Could u please explain what u mean by “The old Rumble is still intact”????

    • Thanks, glad that you like it.

      By ‘the old Rumble is still intact’, we mean that the core of the character’s identity, which is a yordle that defends Bandle City piloting a mech, remains intact. Whether it’s with a steampunk-like mech or a sci-fi one the concept is the same. What does change is the visuals: Classic looks low-tech while Super Galaxy is futuristic.

      Therefore, the skin doesn’t add, reinterpret or modify Rumble’s identity it only alters his appearance. However, it does a good job at it; as long as you like the super sentai aesthetic.

  7. I love the Super Galaxy Rumble, it really makes you feel like a boss. I mean, it litterally feels like you deal more damage with it! Thanks for the Four-stars.

    • As far as visuals go, Super Galaxy Rumble is quite satisfying. That’s because the animations, particles, sounds and voice-over work together to make every action significant. It’s part of the reason why it deserves a good rating.

  8. zero what the hell is it on his head? -.-‘
    super slick hair or a part of a helmet?

    • Assuming we are talking about Super Galaxy Rumble, from the looks of it, it seems to be a metallic crest as decoration. It’s similar to the roman helmets known as galea.

  9. Assuming that makes any sense at all we still have the problem that a super sentai hero has nothing to do with galeas -.-‘

    • We can say the same about Vikings always being depicted wearing helmets with horns. We can thank artistic license for all that.

  10. yoyoyo zero!This is the link for the teaser clips on the skt t1 skins.Be a dear and take a look!BTW does the Zed skin have new particles??

    • Atlantean Syndra and the Twitch visual upgrade are also on the horizon besides the SKT T1 skins. Looks like there’ll be a lot to going on soon. Hopefully it will be released gradually and not in one overwhelming pack.

  11. they say the patch is coming tuesday and it will feature them all..

  12. Im sure u will find time to help us poor souls make a good purchase 😀

  13. I think while Super Galaxy Rumble does have elements of the Super Sentai genre, I’m not quite sure but it might be more accurate to compare it with the Super Robot genre instead. While there are super sentai series that feature mechas, it’s not the case every time, as well as the super sentai genre having more focus on the protagonists fighting hand to hand (power rangers, kamen rider, etc) instead of in robots, which is more often than not, just the final stage of a super sentai fight. Considering this is a clear shoutout to the Super Robot series Gurren Lagann, and the fact that it focuses more on Rumble as a pilot than a superhero who beats up villains by himself, I think this conforms more to the Super Robot genre.

    Not arguing with the review, but just some thoughts on the comparison since people familiar with the series and genre might nitpick as well xD Nevertheless, excellent review as always!

    • Thanks for the kind words, you make some very valid point but the impression we got from the concept was that the centre of the attention was on Rumble. For instance, the preview comics mostly show him and the splash art is also very clear: Rumble first and Tristy afterwards. That’s why we mention in the review that it’s strange that so much focus is placed on Rumble as he’s mostly seen inside his mech in-game.

      Nonetheless, it’s worth considering that while the concept might be Super Sentai the actuality has more in common with Super Robot series. Thanks for the information.

    • the Super Galaxy Rumble skin is actually in reference to the mech anime GURREN LAGANN. don’t know if you already know this i just thought that i would point it out

      • We saw it mentioned but thanks for the information. We’ll take a look and if the reference is significant enough we’ll consider adding it.

  14. Super Galaxy Rumble also has a new animation while getting movement speed, e.g. homeguards (the exhaust flames have a different color than the movement speed from his scrap shield)

  15. Pretty sure the SG Rumble skin references a lot of mecha animes.
    One notable one is Gurren Lagann, he even has the same outfit as Simon and Kamina.
    Some of his quotes are also references.

    • Interesing, maybe the general Super Robot reference is adequate enough.

      • Yea, it probably is. I’ve heard that there are some references to other works too.
        Also, I’ve just remembered, the term ‘Super Galaxy’ also comes from Gurren Lagann; one of its final transformations having the same name.

        • Seems like they packed Super Galaxy Rumble chock-full of mecha references. At least no one can complain about lack of consistency.

  16. Hi Zero, been using the reviews as a second opinion for other champions but I am confronted when it comes to Rumble. I really want to get a skin for him as I love to play him. I like Super Galaxy Rumble and it definitely is his better skin as it as a legendary, however, I and other Rumble players see it as having a small disadvantage compared to the others. Do you think it is still worth buying and using even if it has minor disadvantages?

    The disadvantages are: animation and rotation of Q is sloppy, W is too obvious, E looks slower and easier to see when in danger-zone heat and his ultimate has an easily visible rectangle around it.


    • Skins should only provide cosmetic changes and in no way enhance or diminish the power of a champion. We aren’t knowledgeable enough to give a good opinion on whether Super Galaxy is a skin with disadvantages. However, if you do think it suffers from them then you should definitely try to make Riot listen as it’s a serious matter; as far as League of Legends is concerned.

      That aside, if you really think that Super Galaxy Rumble makes you weaker then you should consider what’s your purpose for using the skin. If you just want to play casually and have some fun with a powerful anime mecha then you shouldn’t worry. Still, a legendary skin may be too much for just a bit of fun.

      Nevertheless, if you are more competitively inclined then the disadvantages are simply not acceptable and you should skip it. In a competition you need every advantage and that certainly includes choosing the skin that makes you feel, or even become, stronger.

  17. Hello just a question of curiosity. So i stumble upon this site by accident on Google and have since then been using it as a reference for all my purchases. But lets get to my question! Does the skin provide a change of appearance worth its 1920RP price tag?

    • Assuming you refer to Super Galaxy Rumble and its 1820 RP price we think it justifies its price as long as you like the concept. Not everybody would like the cartoony Super Robot style of the skin but, if you do, then the skin does enough to be satisfying. However, if you expect a skin that isn’t just looks and that goes deeper with the changes then this isn’t the one.

  18. Sup Zero,

    I’m in a bit of a dilemma and was hoping you could help me out. I play both Nocturne and Rumble, but am having trouble deciding which of their legendary skins to buy (I can only get one). Based upon the extent and significance of particle changes, animations, voice-over, etc. of each, which skin is more worth it – Eternum Nocturne or Super Galaxy Rumble?


    • Both skins are really good and provide a noticeable difference over the respective classic models and other skins currently available. In techincal terms we think that both are great skins and that personal preference should be the deciding factor.

      Eternum is a skin with a sci-fi angle that offers a lot while keeping Nocturne recognizable. It’s a serious skin that manages to fit in the fantasty setting and that has many interesting features to offer.
      Something similar can be said about Super Galaxy though it’s more of a stretch as its cartoon-like style is more noticeable. However, that’s also part of its charm as its animations are largely responsible for defining its identity.

      It could be said that Eternum is more balanced as it has good particles, sounds, animations and voice-over. However, there are complaints to be had in each department, maybe minor but still nagging.
      In the case of Super Galaxy is more focused and clear. The model, animations and voice-over clearly stand out despite the rest of the elements not being bad either; even if they don’t impress either.

      The conclusion is that both skins have much to offer and are good but with their set of, perhaps minor, issues. Remember to consider which champion you play the most and which concept you prefer. If you like Nocturne and Rumble neither skin should disappoint but each person has their own preferences so don’t forget to let them guide you.

  19. Cheers again for your input! I’m leaning towards Eternum as I have been looking to get that skin for a long time and overall, prefer the sci-fi theme more than the cartoony feel of Super Galaxy. Major gripe i have with SG is the ultimate doesn’t seem as impactful as the classic’s. Also, people have been mentioning how SG VO is ‘annoying’ 😀

    • Not at all. Maybe Super Galaxy Rumble’s The Equalizer isn’t as impressive as it should be but it’s fitting and looks good. On the other hand, Eternum Nocturne’s Paranoia is fantastic. It’s usually difficult to notice as one would be paying attention at the target instead of Nocturne but the new effects and animation certainly make it special and a high point of the skin.

      Super Galaxy’s voice-over could be annoying as it has a lot of lines. Regardless, it represents the anime aesthetic with all the announcements for the empowered abilities when overheating. In other words, it makes a good job at being a Super Sentai/Robot hero. If you like that style you’ll find the skin delivers but not everybody likes that kind of anime.

  20. Bilgerat Rumble isn’t a legacy skin now? Like Perseus Pantheon, Vandal Gragas, Vandal Brand, etc.

    • Yes, it is. We haven’t yet updated the individual reviews after the last Legacy Vault retirement. The skin list is up to date though.

  21. Definitely loving Super Galaxy Rumble’s cartoonish look. His skills look like something out of a comic book. But the main selling point of it for me is because it’s based on my all time favorite anime – GURREN LAGANN.

    • Without a doubt, if you like the cartoon style of the skin you’ll enjoy all it has to offer. It’s one of the best examples of its kind in the League.

  22. You have to change the original splash art already bro

  23. Actually the Super Galaxy Rumble skin has nothing to do with Super Sentai it’s an idea took’n from a fan made combination of Gurren Lagann and Rumble. http://sunnykoda.deviantart.com/art/Mecha-Rumble-Go-371952835

    • Gurren Lagann is a show of the Super Robot variety and Rumble’s costume is based on the classic Super Sentai aesthetic. At least that’s the impression we get. You’re right that there’s a good deal of Gurrenn Lagann in it. We’ll add a note in the review to clarify the reference.

  24. Hey zero 🙂

    I was wondering if I should buy super galaxy rumble or Dragon Trainer trist

    I main both the champions in their respective roles but I was just unsure which one would be more cost efficient

    • With regards to cost efficient it’s a bit difficult to compare as it would entail a complete count of every addition, which is quite complex with legendaries, to compute which one gives more for the money.

      What we can say is that Super Galaxy Rumble seems to do a better job at presenting its anime-styled fantasy than Dragon Trainer Tristana. Every action Rumble takes has the flashy characteristics expected of the theme so it evokes the style in practically every move.

      With Dragon Trainer Tristana, the charming relationship between Tris and Riggle really comes to life in animations used out of combat. When in battle, she’s roughly the same as there’s little to accentuate the presence of Riggle as anything more than a cannon.

      That doesn’t mean that Dragon Trainer is bad but it doesn’t communicate its message as effectively as Super Galaxy. Both are good skins but Super Galaxy may be more clear about what its intentions. In the end, you could leave it to personal taste: anime mecha hero or cute dragon pet? Neither skin should disappoint but Super Galaxy may feel more satisfying because of its clarity.

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