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League of Legends: Zyra Skins’ Review – StrategyZero
Jul 312012
Zyra, Rise of the Thorns
Zyra, Rise of the Thorns

Zyra, Rise of the Thorns release skin turns her dress to stone and sets her aflame; as well as her plants. Following the trend of one quality release skin for each new champion it’s a skin that provides a lot but, does it execute its concept well? Read further on this skins’ review to find out.

Wildfire Zyra
Wildfire Zyra Splash Art Wildfire Zyra Model
Category: Regular
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Zyra enveloped in flames.
Model: New model for Zyra, her plants, seeds and Rise of the Thorns.
Particles: New fire particles for Zyra, her abilities, auto-attack, plants and death.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: Wildfire Zyra has a good splash art with contrasting quality between the background and foreground. The background is appropriate: Zyra stands amidst vicious vegetation; still, it looks unnecessarily unclear and dark. However, the plants on the foreground and Zyra are very well delineated and coloured. The plants erupt from the ground like lava and Zyra shines in her engraved bark dress. The fire is better shown on the plants than on her as the vines and hair look luminescent rather than flaming. All things considered, this is a nice piece with a nice foreground and disappointing background that isn’t always effective at delivering the fire theme.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Wildfire Zyra is a good skin that provides more than just new models thanks to its fire particles. Specifically, Zyra’s model is appealing despite mostly following her classic style. The dress is less revealing than its classic counterpart, resembling obsidian with lava lines as engravings, notwithstanding she looks a tad too homogeneous. Her hair is also nicely stylized, though almost identical to the classic version, yet her face looks a bit plain. The plants follow the same style and appear as stones with lava coursing through them; still the lava looks quite simple at its most intense. Fortunately, the flames that burn over Zyra and her plants mask most of the models’ flaws. On top of that, the new particles help in making up for them. In conclusion, Wildfire Zyra isn’t a perfect skin but it does provide a lot; fans of Zyra won’t go wrong in getting Wildfire Zyra.

Haunted Zyra
Haunted Zyra Splash Art Haunted Zyra Model
Category: Regular
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Zyra as an amalgamation of graveyard and plant.
Model: New model for Zyra, her plants, seeds and Rise of the Thorns.
Particles: New particles for her abilities and auto-attack.
Animations: New recall animation.
Sounds: New sounds for her abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Splash Art: The background suggests some sort of mausoleum with several gravestones nearby. However, it’s so blurry that it’s difficult to be certain about most elements. At least Zyra’s depiction is rather clear: her body shows a gruesome mix of roots, tendrils and stone; thus making her both inhuman and magnificent. The lighting is very well done, especially due to the light sources also being part of the piece. Besides, the cracks on the stone and texture of the bark are quite detailed. On the whole, it’s a fantastic portrayal of Zyra set against an unclear setting.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Haunted Zyra aims to change her origins to a more sinister source. Instead of florid jungle vegetation, Haunted Zyra takes root in a dark graveyard where her twisted tendrils assimilate the present structures. In that regard, the skin is a success: the new models, for her as well as her plants, incorporate vegetal and stone to make an unnatural hybrid. Moreover, the abilities, with their ghastly arms and ominous sounds, add a fitting spectral presence that reinforces her unearthly lethality. On the whole, Haunted Zyra is a skin with a good concept and a fine execution. The price is high but the skin does quite a lot of good things; just not enough to reach excellence considering the expense.

SKT T1 Zyra
SKT T1 Zyra Splash Art SKT T1 Zyra Model
Category: Legacy
Price: 750 RP
Concept: Zyra wearing casual clothing.
Model: New model for Zyra.
Particles: New yellow tint for her abilities, auto-attack and plants’ attack.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: Following on the footsteps laid before, the splash art is content with depicting the team of champions at an arena among bright lights and confetti. As dynamic as the portrayal is it also feels like it’s treading the same ground. It also doesn’t help matters that the background is so diffuse and that the setting seems empty.
That considered the champions do look good. Each depiction speaks about them though not always in the right way. Specifically, Jax appears agile and ready for a fight, Lee Sin concentrated and physically apt while Zed seems sneaky and lethal. The ladies though don’t shine as much: Zyra simply lashes forward with her classic tendrils and Vayne looks unexpectedly light-hearted and enticing.
In a way, it seems that the splash art followed the traditional path: powerful guys flanked by sexy girls. To be fair, the portrayals are nice with vibrant shading and great variety of colour. Besides, for better or for worse, all the champions look attractive in some way. Therefore, we can say that it’s a piece with a disappointing background and a good portrayal that doesn’t always display the best that each champion can offer.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: While other members of the SKT T1 group manage to convey more than just new clothes with their look Zyra doesn’t. She still looks quite nice in her casual clothing which lets her wonderful hair stand out. However, the skin also feels very straightforward and even narrow. To be fair it doesn’t convey more than plant girl in modern clothing. Besides, the new particles only alter part of the colour of each action. The result is attractive but doesn’t provide anything significant except for a contemporary look. While it might be worthwhile for Zyra’s fans most would prefer something more elaborate.

Dragon Sorceress Zyra
Dragon Sorceress Zyra Splash Art Dragon Sorceress Zyra Model
Category: Regular
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Zyra as a dragon summoner.
Model: New model for Zyra, her plants and seeds.
Particles: New particles for her abilities, auto-attack, death and recall.
Animations: New wing animations when idle, casting Grasping Roots, Stranglethorns and taunt. New tail animation when turning. New recall animation.
Sounds: New sounds for her abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Splash Art: Deep within a cave a lair of many eggs, each an impending threat, the Dragon Sorceress prepares her army. In terms of background we can guess that it’s a cave because rocky wall to the left and some other diffuse forms aside there isn’t much to be seen. There are some dragon plants around and many eggs but all diffuse and except for the extroverted Vine Lasher dragon on the left; almost smiling at the viewer.
Zyra’s depiction is certainly attractive but not really evocative. She’s more focused on sex appeal than in displaying her draconic might and magical prowess. There’s a regal element that is well communicated thanks to the clear even if dim depiction of forehead gem and crown-like horns. The use of light is also rather good though the gem would probably still react to the light bouncing off of nearby surfaces; like the face. Speaking of which, Zyra’s skin is quite nice with subtle insinuations of scales. The magical dragon pets curled around her arms don’t strike as very magical and more snake than dragon like. The uneven depiction is also questionable as the tails look well detailed and the heads somewhat dull.
The same applies to Zyra as the upper torso and face are sharply displayed yet around them elements become more diffuse. It’s enough to compare the hair around her face to that behind the head. Legs, arms, wings and shoulders also suffer from uneven quality for no apparent reason: distance isn’t an issue to call on depth of field. Then there’s of course the generous amount, to call it something, of cleavage that the scale armour or dress allows. Add to that the sexy pose and suggestive expression and the portrayal is certainly not taking pride in the fantastic features but in the physical appeal of Zyra.
Adding it all together, this is a splash art that catches the eye thanks to the effort put in showing Zyra as sexy and attractive. When it comes to the fact that she represents a powerful dragon sorceress there’s little to speak of and what little there is, is relegated to the sidelines. While the presentation card of Dragon Sorceress Zyra is certainly easy on the eyes it isn’t significant to the concept behind the skin.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Although a classic concept, transforming Zyra from the Rise of the Thorns into a Dragon Sorceress is an interesting proposition. Her new look has some royal tendencies with horns that rise like a crown before her blonde mane of hair and forehead gem; probably as a hint at Game of Thrones’ Daenerys Targaryen. The skin keeps the semi-human aspect essentially changing bark for large scales and adding a tail; also having as much if not more cleavage on display. This results in a look that seems quite familiar despite being more than a change of dress. The general aspect, despite having more blue, tail and horns, doesn’t stand apart from Classic as much as it could.
That doesn’t happen with the transparent and glowing seeds which look too supernatural for actual dragon eggs; which sorcery easily explains. The dragon-plants, though, aren’t as convincing. They surely stand out with their dragon heads but still look like plants when looking at their base. In spite of displaying a couple of legs they look like open buds with a dragon flower inside; an unnecessary concession to the classic design. Thorn Spitters appear closer to a horned lizard while Vine Lashers stand closer to an alligator with sails. In both cases they are more a mix of plant and dragon than an actual fantastic reptile.
Particles follow the same pattern of adapting rather than transforming. Tendrils are exchanged for dragon tails with identical function. In practice, it’s a straightforward change that disguises the abilities instead of reinterpreting them. For all intents and purposes, the abilities are made of tendrils from a dragon plant. Auto-attacks as well as Thorn Spitter’s attacks employ a glowing projectile of magic that disappoints. For a skin based on dragons, at the very least, blue flames would’ve been the ideal choice. If not they could lash out with flaming tongues but fire is a quintessential part of a dragon that simply can’t be avoided. It can be done in a way that it doesn’t clash with Wildfire Zyra but instead the skin simply omits the flames entirely.
Sounds are a mixed bag. When a seed is placed, by either Garden of Thorns or Rampant Growth, it has an interesting liquid sound that nicely reflects its gelatinous appearance. However, Deadly Spines has a simple bursting sound. Grasping Roots makes use of conventional lashing sounds: fitting but they seem uninspired. Stranglethorns surprises with an initial sound that strikes as the mystic howls of dragons only to use a similar bursting sound to Deadly Spines. Thorn Spitters attack with a throaty howl while Vine Lashers have a simple blunt hit. Auto-attacks start with a lashing sound that ends in a blunt hit. In general, sounds feel conventional.
Animations are also nothing spectacular. Even though the recall shows her flying skill there isn’t much of it in the actual skin. Wings are only insinuated in a couple of abilities without much actual relevance. The tail animations seem only like a necessary consistency check.
All things considered, it’s surprising that such a classic yet attractive concept has received such a simple implementation. While the effort not to stray into Wildfire Zyra’s territory is understandable the result is too insipid. Specifically: there little in the way of dragons or sorcery in the skin. There are dragon-plants and there’s a supernatural angle but never feeling fully animal, always tinted by the classic vegetal nature. For a skin that has everything to define a new identity for Zyra it unnecessarily relies on the classic design. Because of this dependence on the classic identity, Dragon Sorceress Zyra is a skin that fails at transforming the Rise of Thorns. It does has its charm, yet only provided you can accept the plant base.


Wildfire Zyra doesn’t disappoint in its execution regardless of the typical concept used. It gives enough new things to make it distinct from Classic Zyra and so is worth considering. The quality is satisfactory yet not superb but thanks to the sheer amount of features it delivers a nice fire style.

The same can be said about its spooky alternative: Haunted Zyra. In some terms they tread similar ground but Haunted Zyra is more clearly terrifying. It also comes with the disadvantage of carrying a high price, though sales can help with that, thus making it another attractive option.

It’s frankly surprising that Dragon Sorceress Zyra chooses such a timid execution of its attractive, classic theme. The skin never lets go of the classic identity so that she ends as a dragon-plant lady. There’re things to like in the skin but there’s always the reliance on the vegetal nature.

  41 Responses to “League of Legends: Zyra Skins’ Review”

  1. Wildfire Zyra doen’t appear to me as as great skin. The first and the strongest argument I have to support my opinion is that Wildfire Zyra completely throws away the concept of plant-lady. In what universe is fire compatible with the plant kingdom? The designers tried to make her look somewhat demonic with that magma texture and by adding a few horns onto her body, but I think it doesn’t work very well.

    My second argument concerns her flowers. Although I really appreciate their original in-game design I feel rather disappointed by the fire-flowers.

    Every single thing in Zyra’s original design is about plant and vines and flowers. I believe that her designers should try to create variations on this theme rather than changing her profound nature. This is not only true for Zyra but should apply to every champion.

    Her skins could be designed as variations on the theme of seasons. But let’s see what her future will be like.

    • You raise very valid arguments and we agree that the concept is a bit lacking. However, the execution is quite good as it does deliver a very consistent feel for the champion; which isn’t as common as it should.

      We think that wildly different concepts for skins are fine as long as they are attractive and well implemented. Actually, if skins stayed close to the classic concept most will simply be new clothes for the champion; as is the case of many warriors.

      The idea of skins based on seasons is interesting so you may want to promote it in the forums. Let’s hope that future Zyra skins are awesome in all aspects.

      • The execution is indeed very good, I do not question it (except those fire-plants, but then again it is a matter of personal taste). I simply regret that she has only one skin and it does not live up to my expectations for the reasons I mentioned earlier.

        I completely agree with your saying that different concepts are fine. I would even add that all new skins should be created towards that direction. Though I am sure it is a tricky business because you have to be innovative and in the same time try not to alter the character’s concept too deeply. A fragile equilibrium that is mostly subjective.

        • We agree, the problem is that no matter how good the execution is if you dislike the concept then the skin simply won’t have much for you to like. Truth be told, Wildfire Zyra stands out due to it’s execution rather than its concept. The former is an example of how to implement a great skin; though it isn’t perfect. However, the later is just passable as it doesn’t mesh that well with what Zyra represents.

          Lastly, please send our regards to Hobbes.

          • Hmm, a fan of Bill Watterson. That’s good to know 😉
            Hobbes salutes you and asks if he can get a review of Fizz´ skins. Fish just drive him crazy.

          • Tell him we send a tuna fish sandwich his way. Fizz added to the list, we’ll review him as soon as possible; preferably before Hobbes gets any fancy ideas about a shark sandwich.

  2. This skin got raised to 1350, along with about 10 other skins. FYI. And about 30-40 got decreased.

    • Thanks, we are aware but with some many price changes and the Freljord event we are a bit delayed. We have already modified a few discounted skins’ ratings and will soon move to the 1350 range.

  3. Let me ask you this. What is exactly is compatible with fire? Fire destroys everything. If you want to make your argument based on the fact that fire does not mix with plants, it actually does hence the name ‘wildfire’.

    • We don’t actually base the review on fire not mixing with plants. In fact, with good execution fire plants could offer quite an attractive display. The problem is that the visuals are unpolished so while the skin provides a lot of new features they aren’t as good as they could’ve been. Thus, for the price it does enough but not well enough.

  4. Oh yeah zyra’s wildfire and irelia’s frostbutt err frostblade is now 975 🙂 according to surr@20

  5. Hi Zero, I’ve been planning to buy SKT T1 Zyra generally because there are no cheaper alternatives (an a fan of SKT), and I’m founding it hard to save money (because I like to buy stuff). I’ve been looking on many videos and I don’t see the yellow tint. I’ve been looking on your site to see if there are particle, animation, and sound changes, but I can’t seem to see this one. Maybe it’s just not noticeable?? Please explain it to me further or give comparisons (sorry if I’m asking too much). Thanks!

    • No problem, it’s a subtle change so it’s indeed difficult to notice. In fact, we had to compare the abilities of SKT T1 and Classic side by side to notice it. The idea is that part of the particle is tinted with a yellow hue but not the entire particle. Therefore, depending on where you are looking you could see it yellower or identical to the classic one. In terms of animations and sounds there are none so there’s nothing to find there.

      For all intents and purposes the particles are the same as classic with only a slight re-colour. If this is to be the deciding factor on whether you get the skin we don’t think you will appreciate the change much. It’s subtle and for the most part, in the heat of battle, it could very well pass inconspicuously. You can check and compare them with this two videos: SKT T1 Zyra and Classic Zyra.

      If you are patient you might want to consider getting Wildfire or Haunted Zyra on sale as they are both more satisfying. SKT T1 Zyra isn’t bad but aside from the casual clothing it doesn’t add much.

  6. Hey Zero, I was just wondering if you could help me. First of all, I love your site and your reviews that point out the little things that make these skins so unique and cool as well as a broad overall glance at what is the best. Anyways, I was planning on buying a Zyra skin and I am stumped between the SKT T1 Zyra skin and the Haunted Zyra skin. I was planning to grab the Haunted one on sale, so the price would be generally equal. I love the unique particle effects of Haunted Zyra, but the model just seems not as awesome in comparison to the SKT T1 skin. I don’t know what to do. Thanks ^.^ – Riverpup

    • Thanks for the kind words.

      SKT T1 Zyra is a simple skin so the model is mostly Zyra in casual clothing looking quite human. That has its appeal but Haunted Zyra is certainly a superior skin. The model is original even if alien and the multiple effects added do provide the skin with something different.

      Of course what matters the most is what you like. If you prefer a human-looking Zyra then SKT T1 is the best choice. If you are looking for a skin with dark style then Haunted is better. If you just want lots of effects then Wildfire is also an option.

      None of Zyra’s skins are really bad but they all offer radically different things.

  7. Haunted Zyra has new sounds for her recall as well. I think possibly for her autoattacks too, but I am doubtful. It might be worth a check anyways.

  8. I find both of Zyra skins quite attractive and eye catchin, specially the wildfire it completely develops a theme; and if we’re talking abour Haunted Zyra I will say that the splashart is so good and has so many details, not even pointing that it sorta looks like Angelina J face.

    • We agree, both Wildfire and Haunted are quite nice and her Haunted portrayal in the splash art is great. All in all, Zyra does have good skin options.

  9. Hey
    I don’t mind it to much but i think it would be cool if you would add in the pictures how zyra looks in her dead flower form. just a idea. still awesome review

    • We’ll keep it in mind. It’s something we’ll consider when the time comes to make new images for the skins. Currently, we don’t think we would be updating the images. It’s one of many aspects of the skins and making the composite images is very time consuming. However, it would be something relevant for future images.

  10. Dragon trainer zyra review coming any time soon?

    • sorry for being somewhat rude i just was shocked cause usually you have the skins reviews up so soon and i was scared my fav skin site stoped making new reviews for some reason. Love your work and agree with you one 90% of your ratings. 🙂

    • Very soon, indeed.

      No problem, we understand and appreciate the interest. It’s simply that we can’t always publish as fast as we’d like.

  11. thank you for making such great reviews. This is my on the go champion skin reviews site.

  12. hey zero, what are the chances of you adding the last time each skin was on sale and the probability of a give skin to go on sale(soon tm)

    • In terms of probabilities we could only guess as there had been skins without a sale for over a year and others that get discounted only months apart. With regards to the last time a skin was on sale you can simply search the website for the respective sale overview. Just input the name of the skin on the search bar and you’ll get the review page of the champion as well as the sales. They usually appear ordered by date so it would be quite easy to get the dates.

      We did consider adding that information to the skin list but it’s something that requires constant updating. With the amount of champions, skins and updates the main content already receives we have enough to do. It’s not something that’s off the table but there’re other aspects as priorities.

  13. dragon zyra 5 star please

    • Sorry to disagree but we don’t find the Dragon Sorceress personality developed enough to make Zyra feel unique. There’s too much shared style and wasted opportunities to make the skin feel really special; especially consdiring what the 1350 RP price tier can do.

      • To me dragon sorceress zyra is 4.5/5. The splash art looks amazing, full of fine detail and visible numerous dragon features put into zyra herself. Wildfire zyra looks like some 200x year’s art compared to it. In terms of splashart this and Haunted Zyra are top grade.

        In game it’s also very good. Firstly the model and skills are both very visually appealing and cohesive with eachother. Not to mention how crisp, clear and distinct each skill looks for a very good and eye-grabbing visual feedback. I shrug at thought wildfire zyra could’ve gotten 5 stars with that visual cluster of lava based summons, while both haunted and dragon sorceress offer truly good looking and non obtrusive minions yet are treated to 4 and 3 stars respectively.

        The key in making dragon sorceress better then haunted zyra for me is the character model. Haunted one’s feels like dissapointment to me color pallete and texture wise. It’s just one of these things that didn’t translate that well from splash art to ingame 3d model. Sorceress on the other hand took a much lesser hit and feels quite good and on pair with her skill animations.

        Sorceress’ greatest sin would be the lazy ult – it looks a bit like recolor more then proper texture and animation change (here hauted zyra trumps it), but the forgiving grace is how despite lazy effort it remains visually pleasing and cohesive with herself and rest of the kit.

        There are some complaints about her recall being demon vi’s (or close to it), but I don’t care. I judge this skin for what it did for Zyra, not how it differs from other champions’. In that regard it is in my opinion best one so far. I’m the type who over artistic originality appreciates fine execution more. And what you see is what you get, and it’s looking good. And don’t even scare me to death claiming something as gaudy, obtrusive and not that far detached from base Zyra as wildfire Zyra deserves 5 stars.

        • We don’t give much relevance to the splash arts beyond how well they present the skin; mainly due to how little information Riot releases about skin’s actual look. In-game, splash arts are irrelevant and so they aren’t considered for a skin’s rating.

          We agree that Wildfire Zyra can look chaotic. However, the flames make the concept clear. With Haunted we find the vegetal theme still present and even more so in Dragon Sorceress. Wildfire can be excused due to its price for not further developing the fire aspect. Haunted and Dragon Sorceress have more room to better differentiate themselves from the classic vegetal theme and go all out into tombs and dragons. Still, we are left with styled plants.

          Truth be told, Wildfire Zyra offers quite a bit but its rough and unpolished. Haunted and Dragon Sorceress are better finished but the concept doesn’t fully pemeate every aspect of the skins. In the latter case we just can’t shake the feeling that dragon plants was enough. Given the resources available to each price tier, the 1350 RP skins could’ve done a better job at presenting their themes.

          By today standards, Wildfire Zyra is sketchy with a feel of prototype. However, it gives quite a bit and is satisfying at what it does. Perhaps nowadays such a high rating wouldn’t hold up. On the other hand, seeing as how skins have moved from 975 RP to 1350 RP as the standard price we expect a bit of extra work; especially considering Riot’s description of each price tier.

  14. Hey zero awesome reviews as always, the depth you put into the Dragon trainer zyra review WOW just bravo 🙂
    Too bad its such a gimmick skin to be honest. I have the haunted zyra skin which i personaly think is the best because the original skin for me has too much color-resemblance to the basic and i always like to feel like i am playing a different champ when i equip skins. ( i had a 70 or 75% off on the wildfire in my shop thingy still thought the 140something rp wasnt worth it for my taste)
    the haunted one just has some odd parts in the character design like the skirt which i personaly would prefer to be statue-like. other than that i enjoy the haunted feel.
    aaaaand i am not talking about dragon trainer
    Back to the point, i feel like the skin is unacceptable for a dragon trainer because i see wings i see tails and they do nothing.
    Wouldn’t a Wyrm-trainer approach be way more fitting for her? you know because wyrms come from the ground while dragons never did in any lore that i know of anyway.
    OR for the dragon trainer, it would be much better imo if the plants death animation was to fly away .
    I am so underwhelmed by the skin as a whole, even the ultimate makes 0 sense for a dragon trainer unless the thorns are actually dragon tails which i highly doubt ( and would be stupid)
    Her R should be a huge dragon breaking the floor and flying to the sky ( kinda took that from How to train your dragon i think, the part where the huge dragon came out of the cave thingy)
    I love dragons i love zyra and yet the skin is so unappealing to me.
    Finally i feel she is almost “too clean” for a dragon trainer, i mean , if she has a tail couldnt they have put some battered scales around or some charred hair ends. Iguess the dragons she trained were not so fierce huh.

    • Glad that you like the reviews.

      We agree, as a Dragon Sorceress Zyra doesn’t fit the bill very well. Her plants, instead of being an hybrid of plant and dragon, should’ve been dragons and her abilities should’ve employed dragons. If the skin were based around dragon-like vegetation then maybe; though it would still be underwhelming. However, the plants could’ve become dragons breathing fire and her ultimate could’ve employed dragons more prominently. As you mention, the theme seems watered down instead of prominently implemented. So, the skin is left alright but not impressive as the concept has the potential to be.

  15. Hi!! Should i buy wildfire zyra or haunted zyra?? The haunted skin is in sale right now and i really like both of them

    • Haunted Zyra is more expensive but also more elaborate. Wildfire is packed with features but not as well focused as Haunted. Regardless, Haunted isn’t a perfect skin but it has a good concept and the execution realises the theme well. Which concept do you like the most: fire plants or graveyard plants? Do you mind the difference in price for a more focused product? Would you play one skin over the other? Do you like Zyra enough to potentially have two skins for her if you end up getting both? Between all these questions and checking some videos of the skin in action you may be able to better assess the situation.

  16. I have Dragon Sorceress Zyra on my shop for 810,i dont play Zyra much but I like her as a champ a lot and Ive been wanting a skin for her.Should I go for it?

    • If you are not that interested then perhaps no. Take into account that in a regular sale Dragon Sorceress Zyra would be discounted to 675 RP. Getting the skin now would only be worth it if you don’t want to wait; so as to take advantage of the time until a regular sale, for instance. If you don’t play her much then there’s no reason to rush.

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