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League of Legends: Shyvana Skins’ Review – StrategyZero
Aug 032012
Shyvana, the Half-Dragon
Shyvana, the Half-Dragon

Shyvana, the Half-Dragon likes to wear armour in both her human and dragon forms but is able to go primal when she wants to. Besides, as a shape-shifter Shyvana pays attention to her attire so that it’s appropriate in both her forms. If you want to wield flames with style regardless of your preferred shape, read further on this skins’ review.

Ironscale Shyvana
Ironscale Shyvana Splash Art Ironscale Shyvana Model
Category: Regular
Price: 750 RP
Concept: Shyvana wearing dark scale armour.
Model: New model for Shyvana and Dragon’s Descent.
Particles: No new particles.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: This is a very nice representation of Ironscale Shyvana. The background is faded out to increase the focus on Shyvana but far from empty. Her dragon form is a good addition but is painted in a simple way; the flame-breath, in particular. The rest of the background is mostly filler, it tries to show buildings of some sort but there’s not enough detail. Fortunately, Shyvana looks awesome: her fiery visage, nice hairstyle and detailed armour are very well depicted. Moreover, her hair and armour show reflections which add some depth to the portrayal. While Shyvana isn’t a flashy spectacle full of exquisite detail the technique chosen provides what is needed. Actually, more could’ve been too flamboyant for a conservative look based on dark armour. Overall, the background could’ve been better but it’s still one the best champion representations in League of Legends.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Human: she appears dressed in sensible but interesting armour: it looks like it offers good protection but is light enough not to hamper her movement. However, the scale armour is buried under the plates so the iron scale angle is more a hint than a display. Her hairstyle is particularly appealing as well as her makeup. Still, some sort of helmet would’ve been logical considering she’s wearing armour. The dragon maw gauntlets are nice, especially the right one which echoes the design of her dragon form’s head.

Dragon: the armour is well designed and worn in a believable way: it protects relevant parts of the body without interfering with natural motion. The aesthetic is interesting conveying the agility and aggression of a predator; which is enhanced by the mane. It’s worth nothing that in general Shyvana looks closer to a canine that a reptile yet both concepts successfully coexist forming a hybrid entity resembling a bat.

All things, considered this is a great skin for Shyvana that provides a good and reasonable style for her. If you like armoured ladies and armoured, predatory dragons then Ironscale Shyvana is for you; just don’t expect to see much scale armour.

Boneclaw Shyvana
Boneclaw Shyvana Splash Art Boneclaw Shyvana Model
Category: Regular
Price: 520 RP
Concept: Shyvana dressed with furs and bones.
Model: New model for Shyvana and Dragon’s Descent.
Particles: No new particles.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: This is a nice splash art that doesn’t take advantage of the background to complement the action. To be clear, even though the background isn’t empty it’s devoid of anything meaningful sans a few bones at the bottom. Shyvana is nicely illustrated in a fiery pose. However, it’s that pose that prevents a clear view of her clothing; which is a significant reason for a splash art. Regardless, what is visible looks good: the fur is believable and the bones are well painted with cracks and dents. All things considered, this is a good splash art with a flawed composition.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Human: Shyvana dresses in clothes that look primitive in nature and consist mostly of fur and bones. While the style is interesting it could also seem too revealing; regardless of how attractive she looks. Actually, the clothing is nicely designed but strangely minimal as if its intention is to reveal instead of cover. Her hair and makeup are a nice match though the bone brooches look impractical and a bit whimsical; yet, not out of place. The dragon maw gauntlets are good looking and in conjunction are able to recreate the look of her dragon form’s head. Unfortunately her feet look weird: they’re too long and the toes seem contracted. This appears to be the result of using a boot mesh and simply re-texturing it to look as a sandal instead of modelling each toe, one by one.

Dragon: the dragon form follows the theme and wears some fur and bone barding. The tail with strapped bones looks like a mere adornment though they could be used as a weapon; if Shyvana attacked with her tail. This form looks reptilian enough with huge lower fangs and peculiar antlers. The minimal red marks around the body of the dragon relate to Shyvana’s human makeup. Interestingly, they could’ve been part of an appealing pattern that seems to have been forgotten.

Overall, Boneclaw Shyvana is a good skin that delivers a primal style for Shyvana. It has some relevant flaws but there is nothing major that severely erodes the quality of the skin; unless you mind the revealing outfit.

Darkflame Shyvana
Darkflame Shyvana Splash Art Darkflame Shyvana Model
Category: Regular
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Dark version of Shyvana in plate armour wielding dark flames.
Model: New model for Shyvana and Dragon’s Descent. New dark flames for her gauntlet and dragon maw.
Particles: New dark flames for her abilities.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: Darkflame Shyvana’s splash art goes for a more abstract background than most pieces. It displays Shyvana’s head in dragon form and adorns the rest with a few colours and fancy lines. It isn’t a bad background but it doesn’t deliver a convincing setting. Shyvana looks wonderful in her dark armour yet the metal seems to lack lustre and looks too gloom. In spite of the dim armour, the design is greatly executed. The stance coupled with the design make Shyvana look menacing and so the piece appears more dynamic; instead of a simple static pose. Furthermore, there’s an implied link between Shyvana and her dragon form as both leap from the darkness towards the left and, therefore, both act in unison. To sum up, this is a splash art that uses more abstract techniques to display Shyvana. It is different to most and has a few problems but it also is an excellent piece.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Human: Shyvana’s suit is quite dark and plain so the contrast with the strapped armour plates adds some depth to the attire. Neither does the armour cover the whole body nor does it look light so the exposed back, among other parts, looks like an oversight. The helmet reinforces the fierce tone of the skin notwithstanding the exposed face and easy to grab horns. The shoulder pads follow this trend but the spikes would probably hurt Shyvana in reality. The frontal plate has quite a gap that allows weapons direct reach to her heart; which may reference the assumed vulnerability of a dragon’s heart. The leg plates are alright like her boots. Her gauntlets don’t seem to echo her dragon’s form head, which the helmet does; still, they vaguely resemble some sort of maw.

Dragon: Shyvana’s dragon form is interesting in its use of shape but disappointing in its use of colours and protection. The minimal armour complements the spiky outline of the dragon that results in a dangerous yet bare barbed silhouette. This theme is echoed by the human form protrusions that match Shyvana’s horns. The colour of skin is dark and dull but the plates, with their metallic highlights manage to stand out among the simple skin. Fortunately, the straps of the different armour plates add some depth to the simplistic dragon skin; so much so that even scales aren’t present.

In conclusion, Darkflame Shyvana is a neat concept with a flawed execution. In human form the fictionalization makes the armour difficult to believe. In dragon form the minimal armour hides the bare design or lack thereof; as all attention seems to have been paid to the outline and armour. The particle work is quite good despite being a re-colour. The dark flames are a great addition that salvages otherwise uneven models that start good but crumble to pieces once close attention is given.

Ice Drake Shyvana
Ice Drake Shyvana Splash Art Ice Drake Shyvana Model
Category: Regular
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Shyvana as an ice-wyvern battlemage.
Model: New model for Shyvana and Dragon’s Descent. New icy flames for her gauntlet and dragon maw.
Particles: New ice particles for her abilities.
Animations: New recall animations for both her forms.
Sounds: New ice sounds for her abilities.
Splash Art: To say that this piece lacks a setting is hardly an overstatement as aside from some signs of snow there isn’t anything else except for Shyvana’a dual nature. The presence of both of her personalities fills all the empty space but the borders of the piece still look empty and drab. Only in the centre of the piece can we appreciate Shyvana’s enticing figure and the dragon’s subdued portrayal. For all the allure and flair that her human figure displays her counterpart seems like a mere shadow of that self. On top of that, the restricted colour palette makes the piece a bit monotonous. Therefore, even if Shyvana is nicely depicted the piece leaves a sour taste.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Human: Shyvana gives the impression of being an ice sorceress with a revealing outfit; which explains the lack of proper armour. This also makes her look a bit frail but not powerless. Actually, the design of her headdress and matching gauntlets evoke a sense of dexterity so that what she may lack in raw strength is made up by her agility. The clothes may not suit a warrior but they do reinforce her supernatural talents and hint at more than meets the eye.

Dragon: as an ice wyvern there is a degree of draconic style mixed with some ice shards to finish the idea. However, at a glance the dragon form doesn’t seem impressive. It hardly evokes a reptile and the ice is more decorative than part of the creature. At least, it looks regal thanks to the gold decorated headdress and mane. Still, the colours are limited and the design far from innovative.

Fortunately, the new ice particles and sounds come to the rescue with a clear and satisfying dose of frosty flair. They not only further the theme but cement it, allowing the skin to provide an attractive spectacle. In conclusion, she doesn’t seem much of an ice warrior and as an ice dragon she’s rather unoriginal. However, the skin has a fine and unmistakable theme that ends up being attractive despite its issues.

Championship Shyvana
Championship Shyvana Splash Art Championship Shyvana Model
Category: Legacy
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Shyvana as a blue dragon warrior.
Model: New model for Shyvana and Dragon’s Descent. New blue flames for her gauntlet and dragon maw.
Particles: New blue flames for her abilities.
Animations: New recall animations for both her forms.
Sounds: New sounds for each recall.
Splash Art: The background is three things: diffuse, straightforward and a complement to the foreground. It only suggests Shyvana’s dragon form without much in the way of details or setting. It’s reasonable but not that useful or impressive. Shyvana stands in direct contrast in a vivid and eye-catching depiction. Strangely, she seems to be casually passing by but the pose allows a good look at her aspect; though from the knees up only. The lighting and detailed surfaces allow the portrayal to stand out and become the piece’s saving grace. Thus, it’s a splash art that gives a great view of human Shyvana and leaves the rest as a hint.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Human: from the lines and proportions of the armour a slight cartoon angle is noticeable. That distinct style helps the skin define its identity so that it’s not simply blue Shyvana. Besides, it results in an appealing appearance that still feels battle-ready without being unnecessarily dark.

Dragon: the dragon form is even more overt about the cartoon style. She still looks dangerous but far from a fearsome monster of destruction. Nevertheless, the design is sleek and stands out with appeal. The use of colour lacks variety though because it seems a bit monochromatic despite some timid touches of yellow.

Added to the new models there are new blue particles that are nothing revolutionary. In fact, they appear somewhat similar to Ice Drake’s; despite the differing themes. They manage to make the skin cohesive and allow the models to shine with their own light. Regardless, they fail to make an impression. In the end, it’s a fine skin with a unique aesthetic that doesn’t repeat the style of other skins. It surely doesn’t feel just like blue Shyvana even though the particles appear like that.

Super Galaxy Shyvana
Super Galaxy Shyvana Splash Art Super Galaxy Shyvana Model
Category: Regular
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Shyvana as a Super Sentai heroine.
Model: New model for Shyvana and Dragon’s Descent. New glow for her right gauntlet and dragon’s head horn.
Particles: New particles for her abilities.
Animations: New recall animation for both her forms.
Sounds: New sounds for her abilities and recall for each form.
Splash Art: From space, with the power of the stars, Super Galaxy Shyvana watches over our dear Earth. The context is simple but suitable. The background is actually only composed of a piece of star-filled space and a large moon. It’s rather barebones but manages to provide a frame. A good part of the piece is taken by Shyvana’s dragon form and due to the intense blur that covers it loses relevance. The vivid colour scheme seen in the three-dimensional model is also lost to dull golden tones. On top of that, between the perspective used and how little is shown not much can be seen of the draconic side of Shyvana. In few words: a disappointing display.
Fortunately, Shyvana’s human form doesn’t fare as badly. Her portrayal is dynamic and attractive with vibrant colours and a dashing display of battle-ready power. While her entire self isn’t visible it’s possible to get a good idea of her look. Her boots appear darker, like her sketchy hair does, from the pure white in-game. Also, the collar is much smaller than in three dimensions while the suit and visor are more colourful. Still, between the charging buster and the glinting, ring-surrounded claw the depiction is eye-catching.
When we add it all together, we find a piece which has only one saving grace: human Shyvana’s portrayal. The dragon form is suggested in a subdued and disappointing way. Given its relevance not only to Shyvana but to the skin’s concept too it’s an unforgivable sin. The background is nothing out of this world but its fitness and proper context don’t make it a flaw; even if it could’ve been more interesting. In the end, this is a splash art that does a partial good job which gives a flawed presentation of what should be an exciting, galactic display.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Human: double layered, white boots, matching an equally elaborate hairstyle frame a dark suit with a large collar and open neck. The visor supports the hair as it spreads the golden decoration to her gauntlets and the symbol on her chest. One gauntlet represents claws and the other a buster with both matching the golden star on her chest but in silver. All round, it’s a design clearly centred on looks but with some practicality; which makes it believable enough. It’s an evident and appealing homage to Science Ninja Team Gatchaman with a dragon base and an appealing one as well.

Dragon: the draconic persona becomes, in essence, a mecha with the design of a wyvern. The metallic parts are carefully assembled with soft curves and strong joints. That doesn’t prevent a degree of style but it’s rather sensible. The dragon aesthetic is present and except for the horn, which isn’t used as a weapon though it could, nothing seems excessive. It’s a rather colourful design with some semblance to Gurren Lagann and Evangelion. Regardless, despite a few flexible plates here and there, the mecha dragon style is attractive and appears as a powerful and stylish transformation for when the time to go full power is needed.

The particles tend to be attractive but never feel spectacular. Twin Bite has a nice ring on the hands and claws but Burnout is only interesting due to the initial glow and the ring on Shyvana’s back. The actual flames that surround Shyvana look like a re-colour of the classic ones or, with some cynicism, simply pasted with a slight dye. Flame Breath has an attractive design with a small but sensible fireball that leaves a trail of rings behind. Dragon’s Descent employs an initial spark for the transformation and more rings for the flight which keeps things consistent while staying eye-catching. The sounds support the particles well but except from some twinkling in a few abilities there’s nothing actually memorable.
The human recall intends to capture the fanciful displays proper of a Super Sentai heroine. While it can feel a bit subdued with its measured movements the particles manage to add the necessary dose of drama to the animation. The dragon recall is simpler, with only a front-claw stomp and a roar which evokes the animal nature yet it fails to stand out. It feels rather brief and subdued even with the reused Burnout ring behind Shyvana.
Adding it all together, Super Galaxy Shyvana has some small issues but nothing that tarnishes the distinct Super Sentai style of the skin. Both human and dragon models are attractive and represent well the costumed heroine and her mecha-dragon counterpart. The particles are fitting and while not extraordinary they largely deliver the theme with the appropriate help of sounds and recalls. All in all, if you are looking for a heroine to save you from the usual elemental dragon alternatives then Super Galaxy Shvyana is ready to fly to the rescue. Fans of anime and the Half-dragon will find a well presented skin that captivates with its style.


Shyvana is a champion that has good skins so it’s possible to concentrate on choosing one you like without having to worry about quality. However, some skins themes have a wider appeal than others and can be recommended on that basis.

Ironscale Shyvana is a skin with a traditional but appealing theme and a good purchase for any Shyvana fan. It’s straightforward but suitable and reasonably realised. Darkflame Shyvana is quite eye-catching thanks to the re-coloured flames and aggressive outline. The design has issues but there’s enough to like; just don’t forget that the actual execution has a few caveats.

Ice Drake and Boneclaw Shyvana share limited garments in their human forms. The former has an attractive ice theme and the latter an interesting primal look but both may be too revealing for some tastes. Regardless, the particle work allows Ice Drake to transform Shyvana into an ice sorceress with a draconic nature. Boneclaw instead goes for a more primitive style which it accomplishes with distinct model modifications.

When available, Championship Shyvana is a skin with a distinct and appealing cartoon style that stands out from the norm. The particles are merely coloured blue but the models’ aesthetic makes up for it. The soft curved lines and playful design defines a distinct personality that makes the skin a fine option.

The sci-fi feel comes by the hand of Super Galaxy Shyvana. Combining the Super Sentai and mecha themes into one whole anime homage it’s a skin that is full of style. The models are evocative while the rest of the additions support the theme effectively. It’s not a perfect skin but it’s certainly one that reaches the goal it sets and can be a quite charming with its colourful identity.

In the end, if you want the best spectacle consider Ice Drake or Darkflame Shyvana, for the fantasy angle or Super Galaxy Shyvana if you like the anime and sci-fi style. If you want plausible armour then Ironscale Shyvana is the one and if you just want something primordial then Boneclaw should be your choice.

  41 Responses to “League of Legends: Shyvana Skins’ Review”

  1. make a review for sejuani’s skins!please!

  2. Ice dragon Shyvana had new sound, u can hear dat when u use ‘w’

  3. Hi there, thanks for the reviews.

    Im completely stuck between Ice Drake and Darkflame, can you sway me to one side please? I love the dark particles and effects of Darkflame but then the new sounds and recall on Ice Drake just mean i can’t decide anything between them.

    Thankyou for your time,

    • Well, both are rather fantastic takes as the armours prefer to look good instead of being practical; not to say that they can be somewhat revealing. That aside, Ice Drake has a more vivid aspect with its icy particles and brighter as well as lighter style. Darkflame is heavier in terms of looks to the point where the dragon form looks all black. The dark flames add a lot of personality but the models falter a bit.

      Still, both are good skins with some issues so the decision can be difficult. You could say that Darkflame’s strong point is in the particles and distinct palette while Ice Drake is more rounded with a clear frosty aesthetic.

      Considering that Bloodstone Lissandra has reached a sale, we would recommend you wait a bit and get Ice Drake Shyvana at 50% off. They were released around the same time so a sale should be imminent. It might not be next week but it should come this month; hopefully. Then, if you also want to get Darkflame you can wait for another sale, as you enjoy Ice Drake, and get two for the price of one.

  4. Hello Zero! Championship Shyvana looks really nice and i like the skin, love the splash art and i have a thing for legacy skins but i am not sure if i should buy Championship Shyvana or Underworld Wukong. I really like the ghost green from the skin ,the w looks fantastic and i like the beard but his q and ult are pretty disappointing so i am asking you which one could be a better choice?

    • Championship Shyvana is a nice skin, simple at what it does but it does it well. Underworld Wukong is more elaborate and so it should deliver a lot. We don’t know whether Underworld will be a legacy skin or not. If it is, then we’ll need to give both skins a close look to check whether they fully justify their price.

      In case Underworld isn’t a legacy skin then you could get Championship and then wait for a sale on Underworld. Of course, this is all a suggestion as we haven’t yet reviewed the skins so take it with a grain of salt. Once we review them we’ll be able to be more specific.

  5. Hey Zero, I need some help. Initially I was planning on buying the Championship Shyvana skin and the Ravenborn LeBlanc skin, but I decided to give up on the LeBlanc skin simply because I don’t play her that much and she isn’t so strong after her silence removal. Recently I have been having second thoughts about the Shyvana skin also, because I am thinking I can use the RP to buy Panda Annie now that it is on sale plus more skins on sale in the future. Is it possible you could give me a short summary of what the review for this Shyvana skin is gonna be and how many stars you will give it? I could just buy Darkflame or Ice Drake when they come on sale again in the future, but I personally really like the Championship.

    • Championship Shyvana has a nice model with a slight cartoon angle in human form and a rather obvious cartoon style as a dragon. It’s appealing and different but it might not be for everyone. The particles are just re-coloured blue and appear somewhat similar to those of Ice Drake. They are quite unimpressive in fact.
      The result is good anyway. It has a distinct aesthetic and stands out from her usual skins. We think it would be a really good choice for fans of Shyvana; as long as you like the cartoon facet. The legacy aspect is also worth considering as it probably wouldn’t return until next year at the end of the season.

      Ravenborn Leblanc is also another great skin. We exprected something else due to the long wait, maybe a legendary. Regardless, at 975 RP it has a good model, particles and sounds. Still, if it isn’t legacy you could get it on sale eventually so there would be no rush.

      Panda Annie is a fantastic skin. The particles are different though not really as spectacular as fireworks would be. However, Annie’s aspect is finely done and Tibbers looks wonderful. It’s one of Annie’s best skins thanks to its unique style so catching it on sale is certainly the best option.

      When having to decide between several skins that seem equally good its better to take a step backwards and look at things as what they are: paid products. Which champions do you like and play the most? Which skins do you like the most? Would a skin make you like a champion more? Would a champion you like be better with a skin you are considering or are there better options?

      Personal preference is the best argument to decide but also remember to buy what will be used. You may love a skin and then not use it because you don’t like or have trouble playing a champion. Alternatively, you may get a skin that ultimately isn’t used because there are others you like more. In conclusion, it’s better to worry about which skin you would enjoy and use the most. Besides, if you already have a few you may find them on sale in no time; metaphorically speaking, sales are slow.

      • I see, thank you for the wonderfully throughout reply, much appreciated. I also have a question about Darkflame Shyvana. While I love the concept of the skin, one notable flaw for me is how skinny she looks ingame compared to her other skins, possibly due to her gauntlets being smaller in this skin. I also noticed that the dark flames for her E in both forms appear different from the classic ones, not just in color but style as well. I am currently awaiting eagerly every minute for the review of the long-awaited Championship skin which came out yesterday evening. I suppose between Darkflame and Championship, it comes down to personal preference, right?

        • Not at all. Personal preference, but of course. How on Earth did you guess?

          We know we are predictable but in the end if you like a skin the technical merits and relation to value are secondary. Because what really matters is if you are going to enjoy the skin or not and that’s based on each person’s taste.

          Championship Shyvana skin online so the wait is over; sorry to keep you expecting.

          Darkflame Shyvana is a skin with a good idea that doesn’t have the best execution. The flames might be somewhat different to the classic ones but in practical terms they are a re-colour. If there are any differences they are too subtle for a hectic battle.
          Also remember that black is a great colour for thining one’s figure. That’s not to say the Shyvana isn’t lean and fit on the contrary: she is, so clad in black she looks skinny.

          Between Championship and Darkflame we think that Championship has a slight advantage. In terms of particles they both offer a re-colour. However, the model for Championship doesn’t suffer from the homogeneous palette that Darkflame has. The fact that it’s a legacy skin doesn’t help Championship but still it manages to justify its price; as well as its inability to go on sale.

          If you are looking for a dark and menacing look for Shyvana then Darkflame is the choice. If you prefer a lighter take with a cartoony yet appealing feel then Championship delivers. It’s a matter of what you are looking for. Both skins could be better but they are good options nonetheless.

  6. Hey Zero, i already have Ice Drake Shyvana (pucharsed on sale), and i want know if Championship pays off? They are very similar to spend my money?

    Sorry my bad english.

    • Without a doubt there are similarities but also differences. In general, the style of Ice Drake tends to be more fantastic while Championship is more cartoony. In terms of particles, the colours are practically the same but Ice Drake has an advantage as there’s ice involved instead of just flames.

      If you want something different for Shyvana then Championship has a singular aesthetic that stands out but the particles are nothing remarkable. The biggest difference with Ice Drake isn’t in the particles but in the model in both human and dragon forms.

      If you like the cartoon style of Championship it can be a nice option. It won’t instantly remind of Ice Drake though the colours and particles will seem familiar. It’s also a more expensive skin than Ice Drake on sale so take into account if you like the appearance enough to justify the expense.

      In the end, they are both good and different skins despite some elements in common. It depends on how much you play Shvyana, how much you like the Championship style and whether Championship will find use, with Ice Drake competing for attention, to decide whether you should buy it.

  7. Hi Zero!

    I have a question. Since Kalista is coming out an I assume there will be a bundle, which includes the champion + Blood Moon Kalista, I wated to ask you:

    If I buy Kalista for 7800 and then buy the bundle will I get a discount for Blood Moon Kalista?

    • In theory, you would only be paying for the skin. However, we don’t really know how much that would be. The bundle price is essentially one for 975 RP and the other for 487 RP but the question is which one is which one.

      In actuality, we doubt you’d get the skin at half price so soon. Chances are that the discount is split between champion and skin. We couldn’t find any additional information though so sorry we can’t be of much help.

      • No problem I actually just bought Kalista for 7800 and turns out you pay the full price for the skin. I’m telling you for future reference in case somebody else asks 😀

        • Thanks for the information it’s good to know. It seems like spending IP is of no importance with regards to RP expenses. It’s understandable but it also leaves one thinking.

  8. I have been thinking about this for a while, and I have to ask about the word used in Ice Drake Shyvana’s Concept section. “Battlemage” seems like a term to use for an actual mage champion, and Shyvana is clearly a fighter, and even though she seems like she uses fire (or ice in this case) magic, I believe that is just a natural trait given to her by her half-dragon aspect. I think the term “warrior” or something similar would suit better, wouldn’t you agree?

    • The conceptual part of a skin is simply the idea that one gets from the skin or the message that it seems to be communicating. When we look at Ice Drake Shyvana we don’t really see a warrior as there isn’t much armour nor any weapons to support the usual depiction. Instead she looks like an ice sorceress but, taking into consideration that she is a fighter, we had the concept as a battlemage.

      We understand that it’s a bit unusual considering Shyvana’s role but a skin doesn’t always respect the core identity of a champion. Sometimes a skin reinterprets a champion’s role or take a different angle at displaying their personality. That’s why Lux can be both a soldier and a sorceress with her skins because it’s just a different way of looking at her.

      That’s probably the key issue here: the concept is just the idea. In the conclusion we go into whether the idea is good, if it’s accomplished and if there is a noticeable concept to start with.

      We’ll think about it as it could be a bit confusing, though.

      • I see, thanks for the explanation. I have also been thinking how Ice Drake Shyvana actually has the same features as some 1350 skins (which should be priced at 975), like Arctic Ops Varus and Firecracker Jinx. It is Shyvana’s only skin that completely changes her particles instead of just re-coloring them plus it adds new sounds to her abilities and recalls. Add that to the new recalls in both forms, the only explanation for the lower price would be the minimal Q particles I think. Before I got the skin, the only thing stopping me from getting it was the limited clothing, but considering how much I love ice-themed skins, I have zero regrets about getting it since I have embraced the beautiful model, even if not fully dressed. Few frozen-themed skins fail to impress me, usually because of smaller details like Frostblade Irelia’s short hair and Glacial Malphite due to lack of elegance. This is not counting outdated ones like Frosted Ezreal and Frozen Shen, which are simple re-textures which can never impress me.

        • Not at all, indeed, there are many 1350 RP skins that don’t do more than 975 RP skin so it’s difficult to explain the difference in price. Skins at 1350 RP have a place but they should be worth it.

          Ice Drake Shyvana is a skin that, technically, does a lot for a 975 RP skin. The problem is that it’s not as good as it could be. If it were going to be a proper ice-sorceress then she should’ve gone all the way.

          The main issue is that she’s actually an under-dressed warrior and while attractive it doesn’t suit Shyvana’s style. The fact that her dragon form has some nice designs in the head and wings but for the most part it’s the usual form doesn’t help.

          As far as features go we think that Ice Drake could’ve been a five star skin but the actual execution of the concept just doesn’t feel as good as it could be. We still agree that it’s a great skin and quite enjoyable if one accepts it for what it is. It may be one of those cases where the line between five and four stars isn’t very clear but one can feel that it could’ve been better.

  9. i like both darkflame and ice drake but which one is better zero i need an answer

    • Depends on what you prefer: a dark warrior or an ice sorceress. The concepts are quite different and, even if not perfect, well done. Darkflame can feel a bit too dark, even after the texture update, and monotonous but the aesthetic is distinct. Ice Drake also stands out but the sorceress angle doesn’t suit a warrior like Shyvana that well.

      In the end, it’s all a matter of personal preference. Both are nice skins and Darkflame is on sale this week. You can also wait for a sale on Ice Drake; it will come with patience. The main point is which theme you prefer.

      • Ice Drake does provide more quantity (new sounds and added recalls), I would just like to add. I see it as the superior choice simply due to Darkflame’s age, but I do love Darkflame’s concept and style, if only it had recall animations it would be perfect. But in the end, as Zero said, your personal preference should be the deciding factor. Darkflame does look a lot better after the texture upgrade added some purple to her model to reduce its monotonous aspect.

        • That’s true, Ice Drake does provide more features and Darkflame looks better after the texture update. We still think that Darkflame is a bit monotonous and that the look is rather homogeneous though that could be considered part of its identity.

          Ice Drake does offer more for the same price but the difference, though noticeable, isn’t something that sets it apart from Darkflame. Both are skins with clear and interesting identities so, we agree that personal preference should the the deciding factor.

  10. Championship Shyvana in dragon form has unique recall SFX, best dragon roar that should earn 5 stars in my opinion. Please add info about new sounds 🙂

    • It surely is quite an impressive roar. We are missing a few recall sounds from the reviews, we’ll try to find the time to update everything. Thanks for the notice, we’ll add it to the review.

  11. Which is better, ice drake or championship?

    • It’s a matter of taste. Ice Drake takes the fantasy of an ice sorceress with a transformation into an ice wyvern. Champinship has a cartoony style that keeps the general dragon warrior personality. Both are good skins but Ice Drake has the advantage that it can be discounted; which is advisable given how quickly skin expenses pile up.

      Neither skin would disappoint. However, Ice Drake departs from the usual identity with something that perhaps doesn’t suit her as well; at least not without more work. Championship, keeps the classic feel but with a different aesthetic. Each has their unique features and should be worthwhile options for Shyvana fans.

  12. Zero, here are some updated in-game shots of Shyvana’s skins, minus Championship.
    Ironscale: http://i.imgur.com/soNP9uW.jpg
    Boneclaw: http://i.imgur.com/uneDEzA.jpg
    Darkflame: http://i.imgur.com/bq30STd.jpg
    Ice Drake: http://i.imgur.com/CEX4k8q.jpg

    Also, this gets me thinking of how they pretty much downgraded the particles of the Darkflame and Ice Drake skins with her particle update, which is a common phenomenon nowadays. It’s clear to see how Darkflame’s W is rather faint, and she for some reason becomes transparent without much particles at all when using Dragon’s Descent. Ice Drake on the other had had the trail left behind by W in dragon form become barely visible.

    • Thanks for the images.

      You’re right, the softening of particles is a given nowadays and it does make the abilities feel less powerful. Effects look foggy, diffuse, misty, there’s no consistency for solids or liquids, everything looks gaseous. Well, nothing new in fact; just another chip on the shoulder.

  13. How can I get championship shyv?

    • It will most probably be available to purchase by the end of the season, after the World Championship Tournament. There’s the possibility that it would return in some special event or a bundle but that would be an exception. The end of season is the most probable option. It usually happens after the middle of the year but not quite the end. In 2015 it took place in October if we aren’t wrong.

  14. What are your first thoughts on Super Galaxy Shyvana Spotlight?

    • *Super Galaxy Shyvana (without the spotlight 🙂

    • Looks quite interesting. It captures the Super Sentai feel rather well and is attractive. All in all, Super Galaxy Shyvana is looking like a rather nice skin.

  15. All 4 stars… Wow 😀 (too bad I never play shyvanna, I simply adore the super galaxy skin)

    • Shyvana has a lot of good skins as the ratings reflect. Overall, it’s a matter of choosing what you like as there aren’t really bad Shyvana skins.

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