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League of Legends: Rengar Skins’ Review – StrategyZero
Sep 052012
Rengar, the Pridestalker
Rengar, the Pridestalker

Rengar, the Pridestalker stands as one of League of Legends most vicious hunters; of any kind of prey. The concept of hunting is explored and expanded over his skins covering sci-fi and fantasy. However, do the ideas fully come to fruition in his skins? Read further on his skin’s review and discover the answer.

Headhunter Rengar
Headhunter Rengar Splash Art Headhunter Rengar Model
Category: Regular
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Rengar as an armoured hunter.
Model: New model for Rengar and his blades.
Particles: New brown particles for his auto-attack and abilities.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: New clank of chains for Empowered Bola Strike and alien heartbeat for Thrill of the Hunt.
Splash Art: Headhunter Rengar’s splash art is visceral and astounding. The colours, the lighting and the roar under the rain make for a piece that is a pleasure to behold. The background is eloquent, skull as trophies and trees that have been victims of a predator’s fury, while the rain reasonably clouds the vision of it all. Rengar seems to be between the moonlight and a fireplace, both bathing his armour and fur. Actually, the fur is barely identifiable but the drops hitting his armour make for an excellent effect; though it seems a bit inconsistent, as if a part of his body was under cover. Regardless of the minor gripes with the execution, this piece is one of the best in League of Legends. This is a wonderful example of how to show a champion.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Headhunter Rengar suits the Pridestalker in armour, references Predators and gives him new particles. While the idea isn’t bad the quality of what is given is to be questioned. The armour is extremely drab and dark, there’s so little contrast that the whole skin looks washed out and the design isn’t attractive either; which is a pity as the skin is rather elaborate. The reference is passable but it leaves the feeling that it has to coexist with a fantasy theme; being a sci-fi reference it doesn’t work well. Finally, the new particles are visually attractive but they don’t all work. The brighter colour distances them from the almost bloody effect that Classic Rengar’s auto-attacks and Savagery had. Nevertheless, the other abilities are acceptable with the golden aesthetic; especially Thrill of the Hunt which looks and sounds amazing. As a whole, Headhunter Rengar seems like a good idea that couldn’t find its best form. It’s hardly a bad skin but it isn’t an attractive, distinct take on a vicious hunter as it should.

Night Hunter Rengar
Night Hunter Rengar Splash Art Night Hunter Rengar Model
Category: Regular
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Rengar as a cowled panther-assassin.
Model: New model for Rengar and his blades.
Particles: New dark blue particles for his abilities and auto-attack.
Animations: New cowl toggle for his taunt, adapted joke and new recall animation.
Sounds: New recall sounds.
Splash Art: The trees twist in this section of the forest as if tortured by the oppressive night. The waterfall ahead seems calm and welcoming. Then, the obvious: a dark assassin appears. That would be Rengar with his monochromatic look. He surely looks sleek, so much that he almost seems luminescent despite the Moon negating its warm light everywhere else. Still, his apparition gives us a good glimpse of him and he surely looks dangerous. Regardless, while his face looks photorealistic his legs seem cartoony. Besides, the background is a diffuse suggestion behind him. On the whole, it’s a splash art with an impactful portrayal that might be amongst the best in League of Legends yet, ultimately, feels too straightforward and somewhat uneven.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Night Hunter Rengar is a skin with a modest aim: turn Rengar into a dark, hooded assassin. It succeeds but it shows that the skin’s concept wasn’t aiming high. The result is a dark panther that fills most of the requisites of the classic cloak and dagger stereotype. His feline nature adds some originality to the concept and the colour scheme is distinct though monotonous; which is furthered by the particles. Still, the disappearing effect for Thrill of the Hunt is fantastic and the aesthetic lends itself well to his role. Ultimately, Night Hunter Rengar isn’t an impressive skin but it’s surely pleasing because while it does little it does it well.

Samsung White Rengar
Samsung White Rengar Splash Art Samsung White Rengar Model
Category: Legacy
Price: 750 RP
Concept: Rengar wearing modern, casual clothing and gear.
Model: New model for Rengar and his blades.
Particles: No new particles.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: This is a straightforward splash art that sets out to portray the champions in a simple but dynamic way. It’s effective but that’s all that can be said about it. The background is, apparently, a patch of sky mixed with Samsung White’s logo. The logo is understandable but it receives too much emphasis, mainly because there’s no setting.
The champions all appear in daring action but they are only posing. Their stances hardly tell anything related to their personalities and merely appear for show. They seem to share the piece with unequal levels of importance though they all have their place. That means that for some it’s easier to get an idea of their new look than it is for others.
All things considered, this is the corollary of what previous shared splash arts have announced. This minimalist or even simplistic approach manages to present the champions in their new look with uneven success. It may be a serviceable splash art but it’s also plain.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Samsung White Rengar is a modest skin. Actually, it’s just a change of clothes: Rengar in modern clothing and that’s it. The addition of headphones only references the tournament source and the blades are, essentially, the same with a different colour. At any rate, the lack of a knee weapon makes him less deadly and he even looks uncomfortable in snickers.
All things considered, Samsung White Rengar is a passable contemporary set of clothes for the Pridestalker. It sets a simple objective and reaches it without any fanfare. That shows and makes the skin feel lacking.

Mecha Rengar
Mecha Rengar Splash Art Mecha Rengar Model
Category: Regular
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Rengar as a hi-tech, car-transforming robot.
Model: New model for Rengar plus new glow for his blades.
Particles: New particles for his abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Animations: Adapted joke and new recall animation.
Sounds: New sounds for his abilities, auto-attack and recall plus processed voice-over.
Splash Art: A dark jungle or forest is the setting that can be gathered from the frugal depiction of vegetation. There’s a lot of robot to see but with regards to context there’s little to see and enjoy. It goes to the point that behind Rengar there’s only a blot of colour that could pass by a light yet with so little stated in the surroundings that’s little more than a wild guess. There’s no doubt that the background is in charge of filling empty spaces and that’s a job done strictly to the point. Barely can a dark and dangerous feel be gathered from the sparse surroundings as so little is displayed.
The good news is that with a lot of Rengar also comes a striking portrayal. The pose is dynamic and quite useful as it does show most of his robotic design. It’s not as comprehensive as it could be but the sacrifice adds much needed personality to the piece. The weaker areas are, as is usually the case, the outer ones. Legs, arms and tail don’t enjoy the best of depictions. Fortunately, the central area employs nearby light sources and additional grid patterns to enhance its style. The downside is that plate surfaces are a bit sketchy and that prevents the lights from working their magic on them. The leaning forward pose also hides quite a bit of Rengar’s design. The grids may indicate that Rengar is leaving his stealth mode which is rather subtly stated; which isn’t a bad thing. The numerous screen projections are interesting for the most part. The one that stands out is the central one with information on his ultimate target. The others manage as accessory information but the one on the far left of Rengar seems lost. There isn’t much reference to his transforming capabilities so that it’s clear that Rengar is a hi-tech robot but that’s all.
All in all, this is a splash art that sacrifices clarity for impact and the outcome has a sensible balance. The portrayal isn’t all that it could be but is attractive and manages to keep interest. This is particularly important as the background is more filler than context. This is a flawed splash art but one with good intentions.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Only a glance is enough to see how effectively Rengar has been transformed into a robot. With only a slight hint to this feline nature given by the head’s shape Mecha Rengar presents the artificial aspect very well. The design doesn’t make such a great job at justifying the tail though, and the wheels on the sides of the waist are clearly undersized; miniaturization technology is at hand or stylization is in order. In fact, comparing the robot and car designs it’s obvious that a leap of faith is necessary; explained by the recall as additional plates appearing out of nowhere. Nonetheless, the aggressive, sturdy plates that conform the body of the robot supported by blades with a stylish and classy faint glow makes the model very attractive.
Particles respect the classic design but add noticeable and distinct hexagonal grids to give them an appealing hi-tech feel. The blue colour palette is a good match for the model’s blade. Ferocity changes them to red which doesn’t match that well but isn’t out of place against the browns of the plates. Each ability ends up feeling hi-tech with slashes, fields and trails that glow with power and precision. Bola Strike adds a wonderful thin grid to the enemy which reinforces the hi-tech angle; also briefly seen on Battle Roar. The subtle addition of emanating hexagons added to Unseen Predator is a also a fantastic touch that is as suitable as it is eye-catching. Unfortunately, that’s all the appeal that Thrill of the Hunt manages to have: borrowed appeal; the prey indicator is different too but it’s a subtle change. The ultimate doesn’t show any unique particles or effects for the robot’s stealth mode. A possibility to make it more impressive would’ve to allow Rengar to transform into his car version; after all the animation is already present in the recall. This would’ve given more strength to the Transformer personality and given the skin a spectacular feature.
Sounds have a lean design that fits every action. Keen slashes, pulsating and powering energy as well as deep heartbeats make each ability distinctly unique in terms of sound. Ferocity emphasises the effect for each ability with many sounding better or more powerful than their non-powered versions; understandably in some cases. While it could be said that the slashes could fit any other skin they have a sharpness that speaks of superior weaponry. The energy succeeds at feeling advanced, artificial but also different from the usual thanks to the effects added. The processed voice-over is nothing surprising but welcome: a simple metallic echo added to the voice.
There’s only the recall in terms of animations to speak of and it’s the only aspect where the transforming capabilities of the Mecha are seen. It’s rather eye-catching even if not perfectly believable as it does have a bit of cartoony artistic freedom added to manage the change. That doesn’t detract from its appeal yet it seems pointless or unjustified as to why teleporting requires a car form. It’s also a pity that a salient feature of the skin ends up relegated to a novelty.
Without a doubt Mecha Rengar captures the hi-tech, robotic appeal it aims for. The skin is very attractive in visuals and sounds even without the help from new animations. In spite of so many successes it becomes a disappointment to find that Thrill of the Hunt adds nothing of its own; except for a new indicator. All of its appeal is owed to Unseen Predator. The argument could be made in reverse and would be no less valid as the passive is such a relevant feature of Rengar. A monumental letdown is added by the neglected transforming aspect. This is a feature relegated to a recall and unseen anywhere else in the skin; which is puzzling seeing the car references in the model. There would be room for it in the ultimate, with the car to indicate the gain of speed. The lack of any change and the potential for an impressive addition makes it all feel like an opportunity wasted. Still, the skin manages to be appealing and if taken as a hunter robot it’s a great choice; mainly because that’s what it essentially is.

Pretty Kitty Rengar
Pretty Kitty Rengar Splash Art Pretty Kitty Rengar Model
Category: Regular
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Rengar wearing a brightly-coloured cat costume
Model: New model.
Particles: New particles for his abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Animations: New recall animation.
Sounds: New sounds for his abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Splash Art: Even though cats and dogs are separated in individual splash arts they are merely two sides of one single piece. In fact, each half of the piece makes little sense until the whole scene is assembled. In that case it becomes a straightforward competition that pits cats against dogs in a simple scenario. The best part is the many cameos visible around the four main champions. Left, right and centre it’s rather pleasing to scour the background for familiar faces.
Speaking of which, each of the four champions that star are well depicted. Colours are bright and surfaces detailed. While some furs can seem too fuzzy and some textures are unconvincing the result is sufficiently appealing. All this visual splendour is unable to give much meaning to generic portrayals which almost always fail to reveal anything relevant about each champion. At best, they have a fitting pose but the champions simply don’t show much, if any, of their personality.
All in all, this is a shared splash art that suffers from being simple. The best parts are the numerous cameos in the background and the visual quality of the portrayals. The champions, even if they have room to do so, don’t show much of their personality. Besides, dividing the piece in two splash arts makes each individual half lack context.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Rengar dressed in a cat suit is hardly breaking new comedy ground. The rest of the skin follows suit. The model has bright colours in a cartoony design, some starry effects and toy weapons. In spite of Rengar’s reputation, he doesn’t look like a lethal hunter.
Particles are made of rainbow-coloured trails and bursts of stars. First, they hardly add anything to the cat costume theme that seems to be the concept at hand. Second, by themselves they clash with the impact of attacks made. Bola Strike is also re-done to look more toy-like which works only in certain ways: less impactful yet more fitting to the theme.
Sounds add meows which are just preposterous as they feel like a poor effort in adding cuteness so they end more like ridicule than actual fun. Classic sounds remain with a lethality that clearly clashes with the light-hearted visuals and meows.
The recall animation with its meows is a joke that doesn’t really add the cute dose to the Pridestalker. In fact, it’s more ridiculous than funny.
Overall, Pretty Kitty Rengar is a skin that attempts to be funny, feels forced in practice and ends up ridiculing a champion with a theme that doesn’t add anything interesting. Someone could appreciate the humour and the colourful visuals and meows but the changes don’t add up to be more than a bunch of features thrown together. For that, this is a skin with a reduced appeal.


While options are few for feline predators Rengar manages to expand his wardrobe with good options. The recommended purchase is Night Hunter Rengar because it suits his role and also provides a simple but attractive aesthetic. The colour scheme makes it look too homogeneous and the new particles fail at adding much fanfare to the action. So, fans of Rengar will surely notice that the skin is rather unambitious but the result is enjoyable nonetheless.

The alternative is Headhunter Rengar which is a bit of a disappointment, exacerbated by the good concept backing the skin. Rengar as a Predator makes perfect sense but the new look is too rooted on fantasy for the idea to be realized. Moreover, the new particles are flashy but not as visceral as the classic ones. Therefore, what the skin does well is balanced by something that doesn’t work making Headhunter Rengar barely a good product. If you like the mute aesthetic then the skin may be for you but it has no excuse for being so unexciting.

Samsung White Rengar offers little: modern clothes. If you are looking for anything else then you won’t find it. The price is appropriate for what it offers but its limited scope leaves a lacklustre feel.

Mecha Rengar is a skin that accomplishes the robot hunter fantasy it aims for with great appeal. Model, particles and sounds have distinct and interesting designs which make the skin feel futuristic and special. Thrill of the Hunt is the big disappointment as it barely adds anything of its own. On top of this the car transforming capability is neglected and relegated to the recall. In spite of all this, Mecha Rengar is a great skin if you can excuse its disappointments.

Pretty Kitty Rengar could be considered a joke skin but it’s actually a forced imposition that ends in ridicule. It’s colourful and some may appreciate its attempts at comedy but it’s a skin that lacks cohesion to make the theme appealing.

  44 Responses to “League of Legends: Rengar Skins’ Review”

  1. I really like Rengar! He’s my favorite champion and I use him very often! When I’m not playing Farmville 2, I play LOL using Rengar as my champion!

  2. Didn’t know they changed his name to Regnar XD

  3. You should update it as soon as night hunter rengar comes out :3

  4. hey zero GJ on the review u made a little spelling error in the new animations part u wrote “toogle” instead of “toggle”

  5. I personally dislike the night hunter rengar skin, I personally think it makes him look like more of a thief than an assassin and prefer his headhunter skin.

    • We agree to an extent. the Night Hunter skin is more civilized and tries to conceal instead of display the menace that Rengar is. On the other hand, Headhunter is more visceral, primal and plainly exposes the threat that Rengar can be. They are two very differents approachs for the depiction of an assassin.

      As a concept, Headhunter feels richer and more interesting than the good old cowled assassin. However, the implementation tips the scales in Night Hunter’s favour.

  6. Night hunter rengar is a def a tribute to night crawler its just like his old cartoon and comic suit and “Night” Hunter very obv riot doesn’t just have to come scream it in our ears.

    • The aesthetic is certainly similar though the lack of a proper teleport or any fencing are noticeable differences. Actually, it’s the nocturnal assassin aspect that seems to be the shared element between them. It could very well be a tribute but it doesn’t seem as direct as others.

  7. can u please help me a bit which one to choose

    • If you mean among Rengar skins then the choice is clear: we recommend Night Hunter. You could wait for a sale in case you aren’t in a rush. Regardless, it’s a good enough skin to justify its price.

  8. There’s no need for insults. If you want to discuss our opinion on Headhunter and Night Hunter Rengar then you are welcome but do so in a constructive way, please.

  9. Hi there! Just wanted to comment that Headhunter rengar does have a new animation (which even night hunter doesn’t). Headhunter auto attacks with his knee. It’s pretty cool.


    • That animation is present in all of his skins even in the classic one. It’s one aspect of Rengar that the skin have been trying to keep, according to what a developer said, because it’s an iconic aspect of Rengar. That’s why in all of Rengar skins he has a deadly knee pad to attack with.

      • Oh.. my mistake then.. I checked that detail using the Skinspotlight videos in youtube. It seems that they forgot to show that knee auto attack in the Night Hunter review.

        Anyways, thanks for clearing that up and congrats on the site. Keep up the good work!

        • No problem, not every champion has little details like that which contribute to define their identity.

          Feedback is an important part that makes the site improve and we’ll certainly keep working hard.

  10. if headhunter is on sale while night hunter isn’t, then which one should i buy?

    • Nighthunter is a superior skin unless you particularly like the style of Headhunter. Even if Headhunter is discounted you should try to buy what you really like instead of what is cheaper. The problem is that a skin you don’t really like will probably not see much use even if it was cheap.

      We would recommend to wait for a sale on Nighthunter which shouldn’t take too long as it’s been released for a good while. It does require patience but it’ll pay off.

  11. Please do SSW Rengar as soon as you can i want your opinion on that skin please.

    • We’ll do so after it’s released. As a re-model there isn’t that much to get excited about except for a new look. There’re casual, modern clothes and some gear but nothing impressive. We’ll have to see the final product but if it stays as a re-model with the described features it won’t be anything groundbreaking.

  12. Hi Zero, I think Headhunter Rengar has new sounds for his E, could you check it please?

    Nice reviews!

    • Glad that you like them.

      We checked both Headhunter and Nighthunter and we could only notice a new, alien sounds for the heartbeats during Thrill of the Hunt for Headhunter. The rest, as far as we can tell, it’s all the same sounds.

  13. I am pretty sure Night Hunter Rengar has new recall sounds

  14. Hello again! Have you seen the new Mecha Rengar? A lot of people (at least that i can see) are saying the skin is a joke and looks awful, but it doesn’t look too bad to me :/

    What do you think?

    • We don’t think it looks that bad. It’s also true, recall aside, the skin does nothing interesting with the car transformation. Perhaps if Mecha Rengar transforms also for his ultimate, the animation is done anyway, it would make the skin more mecha. The problem we see is that Rengar looks like a robot but the transforming part, the mecha identity, is very weak.

      • Yeah that makes a lot of sense, it seems like none of the Mecha line of skins really truly delivers on the transformation other than Mecha Zero Sion though :/

        Also, the chromas for Mecha Rengar are very pretty imo so even though i dont play rengar im excited to see a buncha new rengar colors around 🙂

        • If only they used the transformations in some way so that that aspect becomes more relevant the skins would be much more interesting. The worst part is that usually the animations are already done for the recall so they could be used for ultimates or other abilities; where fit. It’s a pity that the possibility exists but is neglected.

          Chromas are always nice but we prefer when they go beyond a change of colours. Sometimes the additional changes are too subtle or meaningless. We haven’t seen much of Mecha Rengar’s chromas but there’s good potential; in theory.

  15. What annoys me more than the ult not having the vehicle transformation is that the color palette is the worst they could pick but they made his chromas much better. Of course this is subjective but I think a lot of people agree

    • We agree. The base colour is quite subdued and dull. The chromas use brighter tones and also combine two different colours with highlights from a third for a rather nice scheme. That’s barely noticeable in the base Mecha Rengar and not that clear in all chromas but many are quite eye-catching.

  16. I’d honestly say that Headhunter is miles ahead of Night Hunter, the skin and particles look way better and the chromas make it the best rengar skin. I’m not the only one who has this opinion either, the https://www.reddit.com/r/Rengarmains/comments/9ahe66/best_rengar_skin/?st=jooh3hzn&sh=0b00cb05 Rengar Mains sub all prefer headhunter just because it looks SO good. But just my opinion though, and this is an almost 4 years old post. Still.

    • It’s an old post but up to date. Sadly, because nothing new has arrived for Rengar. There are things to like in Headhunter Rengar as well as Night Hunter Rengar. In our view, Headhunter can be great but it’s uneven. Night Hunter does less but it does things consistently. As always, it can very well be a matter of personal preference.

  17. Please review Pretty Kitty Rengar as soon as you can!

    • Will try but we have to review a few other skins first. If you have some specific doubts about the skin we can give it a quick look and give you our opinion.

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