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League of Legends: Orianna Skins’ Review – StrategyZero
Jun 212012
Orianna, the Lady of Clockwork
Orianna, the Lady of Clockwork

Orianna, the Lady of Clockwork is quite a unique champion both in mechanics and skins. Her skins are based around different versions of a doll: you can choose between porcelain and stuffed doll variants. If you want more details to command the Ball with style, read further on this skins’ review.

Gothic Orianna
Gothic Orianna Splash Art Gothic Orianna Model
Category: Regular
Price: 520 RP
Concept: Orianna dressed in Gothic attire.
Model: Major modifications for Orianna’s model and minor model modifications and new textures for the Ball.
Particles: No new particles.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: The splash art clearly depicts the in-game look of both Orianna and the Ball. While the background is non-existent the focus is placed on the bond between them. This is enhanced by good use of lighting; which also highlights the relief-rich surfaces. Not a bad piece but it doesn’t try to show more than Orianna’s gothic look.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: If you have a liking for dark looks then Gothic Orianna delivers. The dark tones make her look a bit monochromatic but the gloomy essence is delivered. While the skin doesn’t directly change Orianna’s abilities the modified Ball indirectly affects them. In general, the quality of the design is good; though it resembles the Classic skin a bit too much in certain aspects. Overall, not a bad skin for Orianna fans as it proves to be an interesting alternative to her classic style.

Sewn Chaos Orianna
Sewn Chaos Orianna Splash Art Sewn Chaos Orianna Model
Category: Regular
Price: 520 RP
Concept: Orianna becomes a rag doll and the Ball a big cushion.
Model: Major modifications for Orianna’s model and minor model modifications and new textures for the Ball.
Particles: No new particles.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: The art is rich in detail without detracting from Orianna and the Ball. Not only is the cloth’s texture visible on them but also the stitches. The setting is appropriate helping to further the theme of creepy stuffed dolls. Moreover, the general use of lights and shadows is superb and gives a lot of personality to the environment. Little details like Annie and a purple caster minion in doll form finish a great piece of art. The only complaint would be the discrepancy in colours between the splash art and the in-game model; which can be misleading. Nevertheless, it can very well be considered one of the best splash arts in League of Legends.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Sewn Chaos Orianna is a great skin for all Orianna fans. For a low price you practically get a new model for Orianna with a cushion Ball that affects all of Orianna’s abilities; indirectly, but effective nonetheless. Moreover, the concept is well executed and fitting for Orianna while being original and not simply another version of a clockwork girl. The multiple patches and seams add a lot of depth to the skin while keeping a subtle but noticeable sinister feel. Considering the low price and high quality of this skin, if you like Orianna don’t miss Sewn Chaos Orianna.

Bladecraft Orianna
Bladecraft Orianna Splash Art Bladecraft Orianna Model
Category: Regular
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Orianna as a gynoid dressed with strapped clothing, bladed skirt and porcelain doll face. The Ball is also bladed with matching colour scheme.
Model: New model for Orianna and the Ball.
Particles: No new particles.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: This piece is very well done, with good use of colours, reflections and focus. The Ball is shown in motion, out of focus, while Orianna stands behind bathed in light. The Ball being out of focus allows it to stay in the centre of the piece without taking attention off of Orianna. Both Orianna and the Ball display reflections on their metallic surfaces and multiple etchings. Orianna’s hair is particularly detailed and her glowing eyes add a nice touch to the piece. In conclusion, an excellent splash art in spite of the simplistic and disappointing background.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Bladecraft Orianna is a very good looking skin but it doesn’t reach high enough to be excellent. The concept is interesting and the quality of the finished product is quite good. The mix of porcelain and leather makes for an attractive combination whereas the golden blades and straps make for a fine finish. Additionally, the re-model of the Ball also affects all of her abilities but they stay essentially the same as there are no new particles. Regardless, this shouldn’t detract Orianna fans from this skin as it clearly is one of her best. However, it’s still not the best it could’ve been as it has potential for more.

TPA Orianna
TPA Orianna Splash Art TPA Orianna Model
Category: Legacy
Price: 750 RP
Concept: Orianna as a gamer gynoid.
Model: New model for Orianna and the Ball.
Particles: No new particles.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: The background suggests a big arena where the audience clamours for the champions. At least the lights of such incredible place are visible because the rest is just the imagination working. The champions are clearly portrayed though, but their simultaneous exposition makes them compete for attention.
Regardless, they manage to convey a bit of their personality in the depiction: Mundo is brutal and towering, Orianna vaguely humane, Ezreal overconfident, Shen sneaky while Nunu and Willump display their close teamwork. In parts they seem to be escaping from the diffuse maws of the background but the portrayals are correct anyway.
All in all, it’s a nice splash art that displays a team of champions celebrating the fruit of their labour. While it’s unclear in certain parts each champion has its place. Nevertheless, it’s a piece that seems better suited for a presentation of the full set of TPA champions than to be used in individual spotlights.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: TPA Orianna receives a nice modernization of her artificial features that still keep some of her ballerina origins. It could be said that the new model keeps the essence and refines the surface. As such, Orianna doesn’t simply look as a gynoid dressed in casual clothes but instead she also has an admittedly whimsical but nonetheless distinct style that gives her a unique identity. The Ball’s also notable for seeming rather solid and lethal, like a mace or flail. Therefore, the combination feels familiar yet alien at the same time; which is an intrinsic part of Orianna. As a minor complain, her auto-attack particles could’ve been re-coloured to better fit the skin’s colour scheme. Still, in general TPA Orianna is a nice contemporary interpretation of an artificial girl in the gaming world.

Winter Wonder Orianna
Winter Wonder Orianna Splash Art Winter Wonder Orianna Model
Category: Legacy
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Orianna as a ballerina from a musical snow globe and her ball as a clockwork poro.
Model: New model for Orianna and the Ball.
Particles: New particles for her abilities and auto-attack. New poros for her recall.
Animations: New recall animation.
Sounds: New sounds and music for her recall.
Splash Art: The snow is left outside while a cosy fireplace warms oneself up. The wooden cottage has a welcoming feel and is full of little touches like the poro carpet and other elements around the fire. On a table, a snow globe contains Orianna as she makes her performance accompanied by a poro version of the Ball. Her depiction is charming and useful with great use of matte colours as well as some well placed sparkles and reflections. Material textures tend to look flat so both wool and fur don’t convince and metal appears as plastic. Nonetheless, for a toy doll it’s reasonable that cheaper substitutes were used instead of the real thing.
All across the piece colours are subdued but clear and elements are identifiable. There’s a bit of unnecessary blurriness here and there yet nothing that affects the piece much. More important though is the fact that the composition is very attractive and the piece brings its charm through effectively. Thanks to a great setting and a fine portrayal this splash art serves as a wonderful presentation card for Winter Wonder Orianna. Therefore, it joins the club of the best splash arts present in League of Legends.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Without being impressive Winter Wonder Orianna is a pleasing skin. The appearance is charming and fitting drawing from Orianna’s artificial playfulness. The concept is appealing and the aspect is more than a mere change of clothes. Even though the base isn’t modified at all it’s a good adaptation.
The Ball reinforces the theme with its poro-based aspect and new particles. Between the auto-attack and abilities the particles manage a different look but the Command visuals are mixed. The auto-attack, Dissonance and Protect look great with their new designs. Sadly, the modifications for Attack and Shockwave are disappointingly simple.
In the end, fans of Orianna and snow will find the skin to have an enchanting style. It surely feels like the skin could’ve been more, specially as part of Snowdown Showdown, but it still is quite good.

Heartseeker Orianna
Heartseeker Orianna Splash Art Heartseeker Orianna Model
Category: Legacy
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Orianna as a baroque, heart-based doll and the Ball as a matching jewellery box.
Model: New model for Orianna and the Ball.
Particles: New particles for her abilities and auto-attack.
Animations: New recall animation.
Sounds: New sounds for her abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Splash Art: From the look of things this is a surreal piece that doesn’t make much sense but that references enough sweet elements. The cream with lollipops seems like a delicious setting but the blurriness surrounding it seems perplexing. It seems to display something but it’s never clear what. The artificial hand that offers the Ball wrapped as a lollipop is bewildering. Surely, the Ball can be easily appreciated but the context is as oneiric as having a doll dancing over cream.
Orianna, like the Ball is displayed with simple curved lines and full colours that seldom reveal any additional details on the perfect textures of the surfaces. As a clockwork lady it’s nothing surprising. However, that also has the effect of making her limbs a bit dull in contrast with the effusive reflections offered by her gold and red dress. The hair has a quality that is strange. It can be interpreted as plastic but it could also be an unusually crafted gem. Perhaps it’s actually the limbs or skin that is made of plastic or a polished metal painted with matte colours.
As with the background Orianna and the Ball are shrouded in mystery but, unlike it, the duo make an attractive exhibition that captures the eye and slowly presents its mysteries. We could mention that Orianna’s right arm is much longer than the left one, that her forelock creeps over her face to hide her occluded right eye or that the Ball seems small in proportion to her. They are problems but not relevant enough to sully the puzzling piece. Surely, it’s not a perfect splash art and improvements would be welcome. Regardless, the questions it asks certainly draw attention to the champion and that its biggest triumph.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Following the recent style of Valentine skins Heartseeker Orianna becomes a porcelain doll with a distinct aesthetic that doesn’t feel fully baroque though many recognizable elements are present. The main issue may be the overly simplistic legs that barely allow the whimsical shoes to be noticed. There is a noticeable contrast with the upper body full of colour and overloaded with hearts that is so adequately mirrored by the Ball. Whereas the legs can be practically ignored it’s not possible to miss the elaborate doll or the accompanying jewellery box. Whether the legs were meant to be a simple pillar to hold the actual doll or they are to provide an opposing pole to the extravagance of the dress the result is truly a disappointment.
The new particles stand in the middle of both ends. They adapt the colours and heart motif to the abilities and auto-attacks respectively and Command: Shockwave aims to join them both together. This gives the visuals a cohesion that rounds the design rather well. The sounds do seem different but fail to stand on their own as something special. The recall seems like too forced a display but considering the uneven model it may not come as a surprise.
All in all, Heartseeker Orianna is a good skin with a model that stops halfway through in its elaborate presentation with unexpected abruptness. The particles follow the theme with their designs and colours and manage to be an adequate even if unimpressive addition. Regardless, there’s nothing that explains the high price and it becomes rather cumbersome given the uneven feel that skin leaves. For all that Heartseeker Orianna does well the price is another flaw so a sale is advised.

Dark Star Orianna
Dark Star Orianna Splash Art Dark Star Orianna Model
Category: Regular
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Orianna as black hole wielder.
Model: New model for Orianna and the Ball. New glow for Orianna’s hands, skirt, crown and the Ball.
Particles: New particles for her abilities, auto-attack, dance and recall.
Animations: New animations for the Ball’s rings and new recall animation.
Sounds: New sounds for her abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Splash Art: Space, empty yet full of stars. Dim elements frame unusual apparitions but matter little. In terms of setting, there’s practically nothing to speak about.
Orianna is, largely, part of the background but also a composite picture of space. The galactic body has delicate and interesting volume and emerges with elegance from the gaseous ring-skirt. Legs are nowhere to be seen but what is visible has good use of lighting and shading. Sadly, everything is restricted to blue tones so Orianna looks too monochromatic. This is especially noticeable in the golden decorations which are displayed in a subdued blue. She also meshes with the background, which is understandable but sometimes the effect is too pronounced. For example, her upper head. Additionally, the gaseous torso looks a bit sketchy and confusing; in particular against the lean arms and head.
The Ball appears somewhere in between a planet and a black hole; it could be a galaxy too. The idea of a globe, orrery or sundial is too faint and not as clear as in three-dimensions. On top of this, the Ball doesn’t mesh well with Orianna and seems out of place in the middle of space.
All added together, this is a splash art that gives a general idea of Orianna and the Ball’s look. The background means little and both characters mesh a bit too well into it. In fact, it seems like there’s little to see in the piece as everything is made out of the same matter. Still, it’s serviceable enough.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Although the theme, especially now, is nothing novel Dark Star Orianna makes use of a rather good model to make up for the retreaded concept. Arms and legs are simplistic and disappointing. They’re dull geometrical shapes with nothing of interest; except the glow on Orianna’s hands. That said the head and torso are much more interesting. The head has an alien shape that manages to be inhuman yet elegant in its simple features. The torso can look a bit convoluted but the galactic skirt is a great touch to represent the theme. The golden decoration isn’t as natural a fit but it supports the presence of the equally elegant crown for Orianna’s windup mechanism; which ends up being a classic, even if well adapted, leftover.
The Ball’s look isn’t really clear about its core. A close look reveals some matter at the centre so it could be a miniature galaxy. The dark colours also suggest the black hole idea but it all ends up being a dark mass of mysterious composition. The rings that represent the universal equinoctial ring dial are a good and even useful addition for a galactic being. Technical faithfulness aside, they match the golden decorations and allow the models to be less monotonous; still the gold seems rather dull.
Particles are rather elaborate and yet end up feeling too homogeneous even if there’re more than blue tones. Auto-attacks and Command: Attack display a star and a flaming Sun respectively. The latter has an eye-catching trail but the ability is too fast to fully enjoy it; unless it’s travelling a long distance. Command: Dissonance employs an outer ring styled as a compass rose and inner orbits, all merely decorative, with dim swirl afterwards; the ensuing explosion is barely noticeable. Still, the orbits on the inside are a great touch. Command: Protect is almost a combination of the two previous abilities. The differences are that the Ball glows white like a comet and the rings seem to be made of dark matter. Finally, Command: Shockwave is somewhat simple though effective. A set of four stars gather towards the Ball and form a black hole, which happens quite fast, to end in a weak explosion.
All the while, auto-attacks and abilities are supported by a few twinkling sounds in the beginning that give way to a bass explosion; all muffled to sound less vibrant. While there are differences between the auto-attacks and each of the abilities they aren’t significant and the feeling left is of a quite consistent but rigid aural landscape. The recall is an understandable but not particularly interesting hint at Orianna’s Dark Star identity. While fitting, destroying Jupiter each time can get old as it’s a rather simple affair. It may demonstrate power but that’s all it can do.
All added together, Dark Star Orianna is a skin with some flaws. The models join convoluted design choices with other simplistic elements. Particles are good but seldom do they stand out and sounds seem too restricted. Regardless, there are a lot of good touches to offset the low points. The model has extra work in the particle area to better define the theme. The particle trails, when the Ball travels a long distance, show good designs and so the skin manages to be rather appealing. It does ask for a little forgiveness due to lingering issues brought by adhering too much to the classic persona. Nonetheless, it’s a rather enjoyable skin for fans of space.

Victorious Orianna
Victorious Orianna Splash Art Victorious Orianna Model
Category: Promotional (awarded to Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master and Challenger ranked players after Season )
Price: Not Applicable
Concept: Orianna as a music box dancer and the Ball as a music box
Model: New model for Orianna and the Ball.
Particles: New particles for her abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Animations: New recall animation.
Sounds: New sounds for her abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Splash Art: A staircase adorned by statues and flags is the setting. The feel is that of a palace but one with a certain degree of modesty. Perhaps a closer look would reveal lavish decoration but being the background so diffuse and sometimes sketchy that’s not a concern.
Orianna looks much sharper but still not as vibrant as one would expect. Even though she’s made of metal and ornamented with gems all surfaces appear dull. Colours are too saturated and dim to give Orianna a vivid portrayal but lines are precise and the complex design of her skirt and plates comes through in all of their splendour. Orianna’s pose is a classic stance of her but one where her legs practically become concealed; not that they have much to show in their simple design. The Ball is certainly relegated to a side and while it’s mostly visible a part isn’t despite the available space. Add to this how flat the Ball looks and it’s clear that the quality has more in common with the background than the foreground.
All added together, this is a splash art that has great attention to detail and that captures the feel of triumph it intends to. It’s surprising then to find colours giving the piece such a lacklustre appearance. The base is ready to make the splash art shine but the necessary polish is missing.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Ornamented in gold and gems Victorious Orianna reminds of a doll from a 19th century music box. The design which relies on curves and complex patterns as well as different colours of rich materials nicely adapts Orianna into a rather decorative automaton. The same can be said of the Ball which could practically be a spherical music box. The use of only three colours also allows the new model to be simple yet have a distinct look; without being overloaded with details. It’s the decoration which centres on complexity so that the skin can be elaborate without asphyxiating the viewer; though the legs do look a bit plain.
Particles are most notorious for their use of gold and blue trails. However, they hardly are a re-colour of the classic ones. The use of swirling gold trails, gold sparks and glowing gold laurel wreaths make abilities have distinct highlights over the simpler blue trails. While the basic design does respect the classic version the particles have a personality of their own. Auto-attacks are interesting due to their glowing gold crosses. They don’t match the style of the model but they are eye-catching.
Sounds are metallic clanks and vibrations but high-pitched. They sound delicate thus reinforcing the idea of a doll made with precious metals; Command: Attack and Command: Protect, especially. Command: Shockwave’s low-pitched sound, explained by the large explosion, disrupts the style used in abilities and auto-attacks but manages to have a delicate clank afterwards. Command: Dissonance does also sound different with its delicate vibration. Regardless, abilities sound consistent and pleasing even if not particularly deadly.
The new recall practically displays the splash art with Orianna walking down a staircase and making ballerina poses but without the surrounding context. Considering the concept it’s an apt and interesting animation. Still, perhaps additional music to hint at the music box theme would’ve rounded the skin better.
All in all, Victorious Orianna is a nice skin. The model is very nicely done, the particles have personality and the sounds have a good style. The recall also supports the concept respecting Orianna’s personality. Not everything is perfect and while the skin is good looking that’s all it has to offer. Therefore, those that can get Victorious Orianna will have a nice option for the Lady of Clockwork. Those that can’t will lose on looks but not on depth of content.


Orianna’s skins are good, the question is: how good are they? Gothic Orianna seems a bit too familiar when compared to Classic Orianna. It may be a worthy purchase only for Orianna fans or those fascinated by dark looks but at least the price is reasonable.

Sewn Chaos Orianna is definitely the best, not only does it have a good concept but also good execution. The skin deviates much more from Classic Orianna and feels fresher. Moreover, it provides all of this for a low price so if you like Orianna Sewn Chaos Orianna is a fantastic choice.

Bladecraft Orianna is a skin that provides a more distinct look while still staying in the realm of re-models. It’s not bad for its price but fails to provide that little extra to reach excellence.

Winter Wonder Orianna is a skin that should’ve been more elaborate due to being part of Snowdown Showdown. The model is charming but the particles uneven and there are no further changes. It’s a nice skin with a lot of appeal but not up to the expected standard.

Heartseeker Orianna is a rather elaborate skin from the waist up and dull underneath. The appealing motif that communicates the theme is clearly present in the dress and Ball. Besides, it’s even furthered by the particles. However, the dull legs, insipid sounds and high price let down. Therefore, Orianna fans will find something to like in Heartseeker but it’s something better caught on a sale.

Dark Star Orianna is a skin with some noticeable problems. The design can be convoluted and simplistic depending on which element of the model is taken into account. Particles are difficult to appreciate despite their interesting designs; the trails in particular. Sounds support the skin but end up too homogeneous. Still, there’s a perceivable effort to make the skin attractive beyond its classic dependency. If issues can be excused then it can be a nice option for space fans.

Victorious Orianna is a skin with great looks as evidenced by the model and particles. The sounds reinforce the lavish music box aesthetic and the recall supports the concept well. Still, it’s only looks we have here, good ones, but there’s no depth. Those that can get the skin will get good looks but those that can’t won’t miss any depth of content.

  71 Responses to “League of Legends: Orianna Skins’ Review”

  1. This was a surprising review, a welcome one at that. I expected to see another reason as to why Bladecraft Orianna is the superior and only skin I must purchase. I must thank you for your reviews; I always use them when I’m thinking of spending RP to buy a skin. Your advice made me choose very lovely and satisfying skins, like Blood Moon Akali and Blackthorn Morgana. Keep them coming!

    Could I request a Nidalee skins review, while I’m at it, please? I own Leopard, French Maid and Pharaoh but I would like to see your take on them.

  2. Do you think the TPA orianna skin looks good?

    • Having only seen the promotional art at the League of Legends website we could say that the Taipei Assassins skins have potential. Besides, Orianna would fit rather well as a gamer gynoid though the execution should reflect a more advanced mechanism behind her rather than clockwork.

      • Does the TPA Orianna skin have new particles? Or is it just a new model?

        • TPA Orianna is only a re-model so the particles remain the same. However, as the Ball is also re-modelled the abilities indirectly look a bit different.

  3. can i still buy TPA orianna skin?

    • Unfortunately no, it was a legacy skin so, aside from the past Mystery Skin, there is no way of getting the skin once the initail sale ended. However, as it is legacy it means it can return in the future so keep you eyes open for future legacy sales.

  4. Nice reviews.! xD what is the difference between bladecraft and sewn chaos .?.. u gave 5 stars to sewn . and 4 stars in bladecraft…. i want to have skin in orianna but , it is hard to pick .

    • Well, Bladecraft costs 975 RP, almost double of Sewn Chaos’s price: 520 RP. Besides that, Bladecraft is a full re-model for both Orianna and the Ball whereas Sewn Chaos is practically one but technically not.

      Nevertheless, both are great looking skins with quite nice themes and neither will disappoint. The major issue is the difference in price. At 520 RP Sewn Chaos is a fantastic skin but at 975 RP Bladecraft needs something more to truly excel.

  5. Hey Zero, thanks for such a wonderful review! I completely agree with your opinions on Sewn Chaos Orianna, although the skin looks a little too creepy for my taste. Can you give me an estimate of when Gothic Orianna will be on sale?


    • No problem, it’s a pleasure.

      Gothic Orianna was last discounted between the 16th and the 19th of April, 2013. Since a few skins that were discounted in the beginning of the year have started to reappear on sale it’s possible that she’ll be back soon.

      As always with sales, it’s just guesses and probabilities. After all, there are a lot of skins and rather small sales in comparison. Regardless, Gothic Orianna shouldn’t take too long to be discounted as it’s approaching a year without reaching a sale.

  6. In what type of occasion will the TPA skins be released again?

    • We don’t really know. They’re probably available through Mystery Gifting but that requires a lot of luck. Maybe a bundle will be available when the skins for last season’s winners are released. The truth is that there isn’t much information on the matter.
      Sorry we can’t be of help.

  7. Hello Zero,

    I really like your reviews but you have an idea about a sale of bladecraft Orianna?
    The last sale of this good looking skin is 11month ago.

    Regards LaYn

    • Indeed, the last sale was by the end of September, 2013. Considering the amount of skins and small sales a certain amount of delay is to be expected; which sometimes turns into a long wait. Bladecraft Orianna isn’t the only skin that is about to reach a year without a sale; some have gone for longer without a discount.

      We can only recommend patience as there doesn’t seem to be any intention of enlarging sales. Maybe if they announce which skins will be on sale on August we’ll get a hint as to what to expect.

      • Thank you very much for your reply Zero!

        I got the skin via a mystery box now.
        But still there should be more sales overall.
        Great Website btw.
        I remember the time when your Review Index only got a few champions with skin reviews.
        I was waiting for new reviews to deside which skin i prefer =)

        • Hope you enjoy it.

          Glad that you like hte site. It’s certainly been a while since we started but, hopefully, the site has grown into something useful.

  8. Hello Zero,

    again its me LaYn.
    I still have really fun playing orianna and i noticed that there will be a Winter Wonder Orianna.
    Did you already check the skin out, and what are your first impressions about the skin?

    Regards LaYn

    • Hi LaYn,

      From what we’ve seen, Winter Wonder Orianna looks like a rather nice skin; assuming the price is reasonably set. The ice theme is communicated but it also asks for some love of poros; or at least not to mind them much. The first impression is good, we’ll have to see the final product.

  9. What is it that makes Winter Wonder 1 star worse than Bladecraft? The only negative points I can find about Winter Wonder is a lack of change on the Q and R whereas Bladecraft has no changes and that is has potential for more which is the same as what you said for Bladecraft.

    • Remember that Winter Wonder Orianna is a legacy skin and so it can’t go on sale: The only exception would be a bundle with the other 2014 Snowdown skins along a 20% discount. Bladecraft Orianna is certainly less elaborate but, with patience, you can pay half for it.

      In addition to this, a skin tied to an important event is expected to offer a bit more than a regular skin due to its limited availability. If a skin asks for extra commitment then it should reward accordingly.

    • It actually does not lack on the Q or R beca use it has sparkles when the ball is moved or ulted.

      • We realize that Attack and Shockwave have new particles but they are somewhat subtle; especially for her ultimate. At any rate we could say that Attack looks acceptable but Shockwave should’ve tried to incorporate the theme in a more significant way because it’s her ultimate, her big moment.

  10. U do realize the winter wonder orianna recall has new sound effects such as music? U shold probably spend more than 2 mind on each review

    • We do spend more than two minutes when reviewing a skin but we are also fallible. The sound effects for her recall are clear, sorry for the oversight and thanks for the correction.

  11. i’m a fan of orianna and I like all her skins but the only probably I have is sewn chaos is set at 5 stars and I kind of think it should be 4 stars because the splash art is misleading compared to the in game model in the splash art it shows the ball having pink/purple coloring and it only has like pink/purple stitching. Also in the splash art it shows her having purple hair but the in-game model s like a violet/light pink color. the in-game models eyes are just completely different from the splash art. idk it could just be me but I think it should be a 4 star from the disappointment I got from the difference from splash art to the in-game model but tbh it’s a nice skin but theres just small differences that bug me about this skin and it’s splash art I mean if they either changed the spash arts colors or in-game models this would be a whole different story it might just be because it bothers me in the difference but tbh I like the skin just the splash art bothers me also on gothic orianna when she is moving her little pink thing behind her head goes into the middle of her head and this bothers me this is just kind of a rant now my bad still love your reviews also did you make it 5 stars because you favor it so much XD

    • You’re right, there’s a clear discrepancy in the colours between the splash art and the in-game model. We still think that the skin is very good but the splash art certainly is a bit misleading; we should add that, thanks.

      The main reason that Sewn Chaos Orianna got five stars is because it’s effective at portraying its theme, has an appealing concept and also a low price. We usually speak highly of the skin because it’s a good example of how good a skin can be without being covered in new effects.

      We can’t affirm that we are completely objective in our reviews. After all, they are our opinion. However, we try to look at skins as a whole with the good and the bad so as to find out their overall feel.

      Gothic Orianna might be suffering from a visual glitch which should be fixed some day. In that case only patience will work.

  12. Hey there. Dont know if you will reply.. i need help dciding a skin. I want to buy one of Orianna’s skin but i dont know which one. I am deciding between all of her skin except TPA Orianna. I want a skin which has a good in-game model. Though i wanted winter wonder orianna at first, i dont know now. On close inspection the model doesnt really match the splashart though the particles are so cute !! ^-^ Should i wait till the snowdown showdown to buy winter wonder orianna or another skin?


    • We always try to reply, if we can help we are glad to do so.

      As far as skins for Orianna go we think that Sewn Chaos does a great job. If possible, try to get it on sale and you’ll get a rather nice theme for quite a low price. With respect to Winter Wonder it’s certainly the most complex skin she has available. It’s good but not as good as it could’ve been considering some simplistic particles.

      You could perfectly wait until Snowdown Showdown and see if a sale for Sewn Chaos appears in the meantime. You may also like Gothic or Bladecraft they are also good though they don’t have such an appealing aesthetic as Sewn Chaos and the latter is more expensive.

      Overall, none of Orianna’s skins is bad so that’s not something to worry about. It’s more a matter of choosing the theme you like the most and getting enough for what you pay; which happens most of the time with Ori.

  13. Hey Zero! First of all I just want to say your website is amazing. I consult it for every purchase of a skin and champ I make(because let’s be honest what is a champ without good skins am I right?) I also am extremely impressed with how you keep your cool when people with inflamed egos try to evoke a negative response from you. It’s actually very inspiring and I hope one day to learn and understand that level of patience. On a side note I was wondering if you have seen the pre-release Heartseeker Orianna skin? I must say I am in love with it and am actually going to pick up Orianna because of it. Do you know when that skin will be released and when your review of it will be uploaded? As always take your time and thank you very much for everything you and your team do. I also decided to pick up the Sewn Chaos Orianna skin on sale as I agree it is by and large her best skin. I tried telling my friend that, but she purchased bladecraft instead for near double the price #SheRegretsIt.

    • Thanks for the kind words. We are glad that you find the site useful and we’ll keep working hard to make it a good resource with a good environment for discussion. We all have different views on things but that doesn’t mean that we can’t coexist together. We just need to agree to disagree. After all, opinions aren’t necessarily better depending on who expresses them; especially regarding subjective topics.

      Heartseeker Orianna seems like a nice skin. Let’s just hope that it manages to offer enough for its 1350 RP price. From the concept of the skin it seems reasonable to guess that it will be available near Valentine’s Day along Sweetheart Sona. Shortly after it’s released we’ll try to have a review ready for the skin.

      Hope you enjoy Sewn Chaos Orianna. It does feel like one of those skins that are modest at their core but that become more than the sum of their parts due to how the assets are used. Bladecraft isn’t a bad skin but we don’t think that the price matches the skin that well. It’s a skin with an interesting aesthetic but it could’ve been pushed further in the implementation.

      As it is, it’s a fine option when looking for something different for Orianna but no the best choice she has available. Getting Bladecraft may not be something to regret but Sewn Chaos may end up being more satisfying due to how all the elements come together to deliver the theme.

  14. Hi zero, another Orianna review. I am a little unsure of why you gave Heartseeker Orianna 3 stars. I think the splash art is amazing for the piece, and even though the background of blurry hearts is a little disappointing, the front section is amazing to me. The abilities are also really great, with new auto attacks and lots of new heart particles. Even though I disagree with the price of 975, I still think it deserves a little more love than just 3 stars. I love your website a lot, and I go there almost every single day, but I dont like seeing great skins put on just 3 stars. In 2016 RIOT as really shown that they are improving their skins all significantly, with the new upcoming Blood Moon Kennen and Blood Moon Yasuo. I love the Sona skin too, and I hope that you will like the upcoming blood moon skins more. Thanks, and I love your website.

    • Glad that you like the site.

      Our main problem with Heartseeker Orianna is that it offers nothing over a skin at 975 RP. It’s surely a good skin but inexplicably expensive; consider Winter Wonder in comparison. The splash art doesn’t really have an impact on the skin’s review. We consider it a presentation card that has to work well but with negligible effect once in-game.

      Blood Moon Kennen and Yasuo look good but we don’t see them marking a thorough improvement with regards to skins. At any rate, skins should be constantly improving to stay as competitive products and justify the expenses; which aren’t small. More than seeing an overall rise in quality we see skins as rather uneven products with a standarized method of production that seldom allows for truly great skins to surface. It usually manages to prevent disastrous offerings but, from time to time, one like PROJECT: Yi escapes.

      • I suppose I agree with your answer. It is my fault for not checking the price first. I thought it would be 975, like sona’s skin. Now I understand why you gave it 3 stars. Even though I think it is a great skin from the start, it is not worth 1350. But I do think that RIOT is improving their skins and prices significantly. In Beta, and season 1-3 no skins had recall animations, and the splash arts, were quite bad, some even terrible. (I mean like the old lollipoppy, and the old red riding hood annie splashes). Also none of them had ability effects, and riot still managed to sell some skins, like the Magnificent Twisted Fate, and Annie in Wonderland, for a gross price of 1820. All legendary skins today have at least 1 recall animation, many particle effects, better splashes, and new taunts, jokes, dances, and laughs too. I now fully agree with your opinion of Heartseeker Orianna being 3 stars, but I hoped you liked the Sona skin a little better.

        • We did like Sweetheart Sona. Visually, there’s room for improvement because it lack variety with the aura’s designs but the skin, at its price, is reasonably well made. For that reason we gave it four stars.

          Comparing Beta skins to what is currently possible isn’t of much use. We should compare skins released at a similar time. For instance, Omega Squad Teemo is a great legendary skin with an ample array of additions. The next legandary skin is PROJECT: Yi, a skin that appears to have its place at 975 RP; voice-over aside.

          That’s the kind of uneven quality we see. The same can be said about Heartseeker Orianna and Sweetheart Sona. Why the difference in price if the are roughly equivalent in terms of changes? There’s is a clear tendency to give skins that fit at 975 RP a price of 1350 RP even though they add nothing extra to explain the higher price. That’s a recent tendency and one that hardly benefits the buyer.

          When someone purchases a skin they have every right to expect the best from the product that is paid for. The reviews aim at giving an informed assessment that you can disagree with but that should, at the very least, allow to make an informed decision. Ideally, all skins would be five stars and there would be no need for reviews. However, as things stand, that’s not the case at all.

  15. Well these infomaitions are very useful but take a look at skins spotlights

    • Glad that you find the reviews useful. We are aware of Skins Spotlights. Is there something specific that we should keep in mind about it?

  16. In the Heartseeker Orianna splash review, you mentioned “Orianna’s left arm is much longer than the left one”. Might wanna correct that.

    • Well, it could depend on how she got reassembled after breaking. Perhaps she didn’t find the right parts and she used two left arms, right? It’s feasible but we fixed it; thanks.

  17. While I usually agree with you on most part, I really think that you tend to rate 520 skins too highly just because of their low price. I mean what serious Ori player thinks that Sewn Chaos is far superior to Winter Wonder? I understand you want to get that price for quality rating, but please sometimes you have to appreciate good skins with great theme and ingame models/effects such as Winter Wonder and a good example of where theme isnt so great is Heartseeker where there is a feeling of something not beeing right… Just my opinion 🙂

    • We do think that Sewn Chaos has an interesting concept that is well developed within the limitations of its price tier. In the case of Winter Wonder, besides the new model, there’s only a new recall and some appealing but timid new particles. For a legacy skin at 975 RP we do think that more is to be expected. It’s not just a matter of price. Each price tier implies that certain changes are to be expected and if they aren’t we reflect it in the rating.

      We agree that price is no guarantee of quality but a skin needs to cover certain basic elements as indicated in Riot’s Guide to Skin Tiers. If a skin covers the minimum then it’ll get a pass. If it goes above and beyond to fully realise its theme then it can get an excellent rating.

      In the case of re-models at 520 RP, like Sewn Chaos Orianna, we find that they offer just as much as skins at 750 or 975 RP. Surely, if a skin at 975 RP offers a new model and also particles that make the theme come to life, like Justicar Syndra, then the rating will be higher. If a skin differentiates itself from a re-model via changes that aren’t impactful, like Winter Wonder Orianna, then we can’t give it a high rating.

      Each price tier has certain resources to present a theme. How well they do so with the tools available is what makes the great or just acceptable.

  18. Maybe if you have some spare time you could review the splash arts of the classic champions? Surely there might be some classic splash arts that could be considered as one of League of Legends best, and I would definitely like to know which is which 🙂

    • We still have over a hundred updated splash arts to reassess but we’ll consider it. It wouldn’t be out of place to tackle them when we have some time. For now, we are overloaded with pending tasks but we’ll keep it in mind.

  19. I saw a preview for Sewn Chaos Blitzcrank and Amumu. What are your thoughts about them joining Orianna as soon as Riot releases them?

    • They are nice in concept but the execution, in both cases, doesn’t focus on the best aspect of the plush toy idea. They add patches and seams to give more variety to the look but the skins seem at odds with the champion’s classic persona. Compare this to Sewn Chaos Orianna: simple and effective. The skin just turns Orianna into a stuffed doll that looks nice but without having to overload the look.

      It gives the impression that the new Sewn Chaos Blitzcrank and Amumu are trying to be more than just stuffed. While the idea isn’t bad it doesn’t clearly state what is it that they are heading for. So, we have toys that have been mended with varying degrees of success but that, ultimately, still remain toys.

      • Interesting! 😀
        I do think it’s a bit strange to give Amumu and Blitzcrank the Sewn Chaos skins – I didn’t expect Riot to make anymore Sewn Chaos skins at all, actually! it seems something rather unique to Orianna. Sure, the two haven’t received skins in a bit, but I think Sewn Chaos is pushing it.

        Perhaps they could have played around more with Amumu’s look and played with the idea he’s a mummy, so maybe a yarn ball look would have suited a bit more? The massive amount of pink on him with that grey hat also seems a little too much at once.

        Making Blitzcrank a bunch of toys in one seemed like a good idea, like giving him the hook for one hand and a glove on the other. While the colours do tend to work together in the scheme, I feel like something is rather off in this skin and I’m not sure what.

        Still, it doesn’t hurt to try new things; people are going to get criticized either way. If people want to buy this skin, they should go for it. 😀

        • We agree, there are problems but it’s always worth a try when there’s a good idea behind a project. The problem might be that the idea isn’t so suitable for Blitzcrank and Amumu as it could be. In any case, the execution should make up for it but it seems rather straightforward and conventional; not to say simplistic.

          This is all the more puzzling when you consider the vast resources that Riot has available. If we were talking about the little company that was just starting that would be one thing. Nowadays, it’s not so palatable to see substandard or flawed products being offered by a company that stands as one of the biggest and more successful.

          Back to the skins, regardless of Riot’s situation, there’s no excuse not to try your best when conceptualising and implementing a skin. Many times it seems that if something is good enough then it’s enough. Thus, we are left with skins that can’t hide their rough spots despite how evident the improvements sometimes feel. The new Sewn Chaos skins seems like a good example of a good enough concept done well enough so that the skins are interesting enough. The effort to make them stand out, even within the limitations of their price tier, seems absent.

  20. For Dark Star Orianna, there’s actually no ring animations. I bought Dark Star Orianna and instead of rings, it’s a yellow glowing line that follows the ball. So i believe it must’ve been a bug since most of my friends who have bought Dark Star Orianna said that there are no ring anomations or something like that. Thank you and please fix your review as soon as possible.

    • We just checked and the rings around the Ball do rotate around it; especially when detached from Orianna. The animation isn’t groundbreaking but it’s different from the classic one. Perhaps you refer to another ring animations?

  21. I always wanted to ask you something Zero. Is Orianna your favourite champion and is your favourite skin for her Sewn Chaos

    • Sewn Chaos.

    • While we wouldn’t say that Orianna’s the one she’s cartainly one of our favourte champions. Her gameplay is rather original, based around the Ball, and she has an interesting identity with a mystery attached to her: what’s inside the Ball?

      With regards to Sewn Chaos, you got us there. So far, it’s a skin that has proved to be so well realised that it can stand the test of time; provided we are talking about skins with only model changes. Newer skins have proven that much can be done with Orianna but Sewn Chaos maintains her charm.

  22. Hi Zero. I play Orianna a pretty lot recently. Yesterday I’ve dropped Dank Star Ori, however I already have Winter Wonder skin. Which skin is better in your opinion? Should I save some essence and craft DS or stick to WW?

    • Winter Wonder Orianna is a charming skin but so is Dark Star. Additionally, Dark Star is more elaborate and has some interesting features. If you play Orianna often then two skins isn’t exaggerated as it provides variety. If you do like her then Dark Star is a skin that has appeal.

  23. Hey Zero! First off, keep up the good work… This site is amazing! But I am relatively new to LoL and wanted ask you a few questions about Orianna. Do snowdown skins stay in the shop the entire year or just in the winter? I really like ori’s snow skin but don’t know if I should get dark star or winter wonderland orianna… i am blanking on the name. (I am putting that skin ahead of dark star but not very patient so which would you recommend?

    • Glad that you like the site and welcome to the flock.

      Snowdown skins are like other legacy skins tied to events: Harrowing/Halloween and Lunar Revel, for example. They are available in the store only for the duration of the event. The rest of the year they are unavailable.

      We would recommened patience. Take time decide which skin you like the most and try to get them on sale. Expenses add up pretty quickly so discounts help a lot. With that in mind, Dark Star Orianna is quite a nice skin and, in our view, more accomplished skin than Winter Wonder. The latter also has its appeal but you’ll have to wait until the end of the year for it and a discount would be unusual.

      Dark Star Orianna is also an expensive skin so we’d recommend a sale. 675 RP for the skin is much more palatable than 1350 RP. Take into account that there are thousands of skins in LoL so it’s all too easy to end up spending ridiculous amounts. Consider purchases with care, check videos and be sure that you like the champion enough to play them often. Then it’s time to choose a skin you like. Sales will come as you take time to evaluate and decide on whom and which to choose. Take into account that there will always be new skins so there isn’t much point in rushing.

      Back to the question at hand: we prefer Dark Star Orianna but try to get the skin on sale. Winter Wonder is also good but not as impressive. You’ll have to wait until Snowdown Showdown, around Christmas, for it. In the end, you should buy the skin you like the most. Regardless, be sure that you like Orianna enough to justify buying a skin or more for her.

  24. Thanks! One more question… When do you think dark star will be on sale?

    • Not at all. Dark Star Orianna was released on the 5th of May, 2017. After, roughly, six months it will on an early sale for 975 RP. If you are patient enough then afterwards it’ll be elligible to go on a regular sale. Here timing gets trickier: it could take a year after release for the skin to go on sale but also less or more. There are a lot of skins and sales have small scope in comparison.

      If you don’t want to wait too much then the early sale it’s an option. If you want to save as much money as possible then a regular sale is the better choice. As reference, take into account that the Toy Box skins released in March are to go on early sale by the end of October. So, by the end of December there could be an early sale with Dark Star Orianna. Nothing is certain because sometimes skins have had to wait for more than six months to go on an early sale but it’s a rough estimate.

  25. Any thoughts on the new Super Galaxy Elise skin?

    • From what little we saw the idea isn’t bad but it could end up forced on Elise. The main problem is that as human Elise is to be a pilot and as spider a mecha but she transforms. If the transition can be made well enough the skin could work but if not it’ll be an inconsistency that will affect the feel of the skin.

  26. I have a huge question that left for a long time ? Is Sewn Chaos Orianna is your favorite skin that you left it as background page ? It make pretty sense for this one since i got it from hextech (i know, bad luck but at least she got some decent rating)

    • Not the only favourite but certainly a skin that we like a lot. It’s a good example of how with little a skin can present a new identity for a champion. We do think it’s a great skin because it effectively delivers on its premise: a rag doll. Of course the skin could be more elaborate but in compensation it’s cheaper than most, especially on sale. The result is a skin with a nice value and a satisfactory implementation.

      • Hell yeah Zero :D, A decently cheap skin without need any particle. (i think there is like 14 of the rest including 2 390 RP skins but not including major particle added like Shadow Evelynn)

        Like i’m mention on a 5* stuff on a Lissandra skin review comment, Sewn Chaos Orianna doesn’t need to be a perfect skin but winning my likelihood for this Lady of Clockworks. I’m a usual kind of guy buy the skin that give champion an acceptable personality, similarly mention in my comment on Kayn.

        Sometimes i told someone that if you want to buy a skin, don’t just rely on particle and make your self a new look but efficient.

        Speaking about efficient, Riot announce Ivern joining the Dunkmaster skin line, i am not pleased D: about any of this. Not only ruining the skinline, it’s ruining my 2 years waiting as a Ivern Main and my comment about Legendary skin to Ivern is a horrible joke.

        – have a unusual day. –

        • You’re right, there’s more to technical merit on a skin and the amount of particles, sounds or animations that it includes. A good set of changes with a cohesive identity can make a skin shine in spite of its limitations.

          We read about Dunkmaster Ivern. It seems like Riot is going more for joke skins than usual lately; or at least non-serious skins. It’s a pity, especially because Ivern already has a funny skin. Perhaps a good balanced wardrobe isn’t a priority.

          Such is the way of things. Our days have been rather unusual lately so it seems like now we know how’s behind it all. Intriguing…

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