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League of Legends: Varus Skins’ Review – StrategyZero
Jun 192012
Varus, the Arrow of Retribution
Varus, the Arrow of Retribution

Varus, the Arrow of Retribution has many distinguishing features: good range, an elaborate bow and a fancy scarf; among others. His skins modify these elements in many ways, yet they don’t dare touch the scarf, so as to play with the archer’s corruption and how it affects his appearance. No vengeance should be carried out without style so aim an arrow and make his skins’ review your next target.

Blight Crystal Varus
Blight Crystal Varus Splash Art Blight Crystal Varus Model
Category: Regular
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Varus corrupted by yellow crystals.
Model: New model for Varus and his bow.
Particles: New yellow arrows for his auto-attack, Piercing Arrow and Hail of Arrows. New yellow particles for Piercing Arrow and Hail of Arrows.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: This piece makes great use of technique and complex designs to offer a quality above the norm. The background is richly populated and detailed, not only are there multiple buildings with lit windows but there are also rock formations encasing them. Varus stands over a protruding rock that exhibits blighted crystals like his corruption: this is a great way of connecting the background and the champion. Varus is very well drawn with intricate crystal structures and exquisite lighting thanks to the moonlight. His stance is both dynamic and believable as if he were stalking a target. In conclusion, an awesome piece that puts technique to good use and doesn’t simply rely on bright colours to amaze. It’s one of League of Legends best, without doubt.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: The idea of changing the fluid-like corruption to crystal formations is quite good. However, it’s the concept’s execution that has the final word on the quality of the skin. On the one hand, the skin displays prominent and distinct changes to Varus’ look. On the other hand, the skin still feels too similar to Classic Varus. The problem is that only the corruption changed, Varus just wears a few different clothes but the general style is the same. Therefore, the net effect is not as impressive as it could or should be. It also doesn’t help that Blighted Quiver and Chain of Corruption keep the fluid-like design of Classic Varus. Consequently, Blight Crystal Varus is a nice skin with a good concept but an execution that fails to provide a consistent and satisfying product.

Arclight Varus
Arclight Varus Splash Art Arclight Varus Model
Category: Regular
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Varus wielding the power of the Pit of Pallas but before being consumed by its darkness.
Model: New model for Varus and new model plus glow effect for his bow.
Particles: New light particles for his auto-attack and abilities.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: New light sounds for his abilities and new processed voice-over.
Splash Art: The background shows ornamented constructions on the air that could pass for a magical floating city; still not much helps to discern the setting. Behind Varus an arc flaming with light takes care of making most of the piece a simple splash of light colour. Varus appears readying an arrow with a forced expression and a bow that has seen its share of use. The clothes seem rather simple as only the metal decorations catch the eye. Besides, the stance makes sure to keep most of his body hidden. Overall, it’s a piece that gives an acceptable first impression but doesn’t work that well as a portrayal.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Arclight Varus is a skin as rich in concept as it is in execution. The concept is very interesting: Varus before corruption. The untainted voice over and light particles work quite well to reflect the concept. Even Chain of Corruption adapts itself into a pleasing assortment of light beams. His look isn’t as straightforward though: there aren’t many clothes, not even shoes, and what little metal covers him seems more ornamental than protective. Regardless, the light attire matches the concept in its elegance: ethereal as the light he wields. Even the bird-like bow glows with such power, echoing the purity and warmth of the light. In conclusion, Arclight Varus is an extraordinary skin that, while diametrically opposite to Classic Varus, retains all that makes him attractive by re-interpreting his core.

Arctic Ops Varus
Arctic Ops Varus Splash Art Arctic Ops Varus Model
Category: Regular
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Varus as a snow commando.
Model: New model for Varus and his bow.
Particles: New particles for his abilities and auto-attack.
Animations: New recall animation.
Sounds: New sounds for his abilities and auto-attack.
Splash Art: Behind, we see an installation that has lost its guards to expertly shot arrows. The dull metallic walls stand the low temperatures with stoicism. Under the blanket of a plain night Varus prepares another shot; with glowing arrow in hand. The setting is eloquent and fuels the imagination with possibilities despite looking somewhat flat. Varus’ depiction is more striking but suffers from a few exaggerations: the shading is quite good but monotonous, the perspective is appropriate and useful yet the bow stands in the way due to its outrageously close placement to the front; it even looks bent in the middle. It’s also strange that the bow lacks any strings but has a mechanism designed for them. The blurry rope-scarf dancing on the air seems sketchy and the glow on Varus’ eye strange though not unfitting. In the end, the piece raises above its issues and becomes an attractive spotlight into the activities of a distinct bowman and so, a very good splash art.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Arctic Ops Varus is a good skin with a well chosen concept and a striking implementation. Its one true issue is the price as there are many skins with similar additions but cheaper. To start with, the Special Forces appearance is a great match for Varus. Not only does it fit his archer role but it also would work with his lore; though with less mysticism. The execution shows great care with a reasonably colourful outfit and a fantastic bow. The fingerless gloves seem odd as they appear practical yet suboptimal against the cold. Regardless, the particles effectively add to the thematic and the sounds round the deal. Additionally, the recall is a great finishing touch that adds some extra personality. Fans of Varus will surely like to add this skin to their collection but the price is an obstacle. The model, particles, sounds and recall are nicely done but they are difficult to justify at this price. In the end, it’s hardly a bad choice but Varus’ fans are advised to wait until a sale.

Heartseeker Varus
Heartseeker Varus Splash Art Heartseeker Varus Model
Category: Legacy
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Varus as a parody of Cupid.
Model: New model for Varus and his bow.
Particles: New particles for his abilities and auto-attack.
Animations: New recall and death animation. New animation for his wings.
Sounds: New sounds for his abilities and recall plus processed voice-over.
Splash Art: With a background as light as what it displays we only find some columns, sky and clouds; a few heart-shaped. The only other thing to see is Varus and the idea behind the skin seems well reflected. The ridiculous adaptation is contrasted by clear lines and attractive colours with great attention to detail. The stance isn’t the best choice though. In pursuit of humour one has to guess his full aspect even if that’s not difficult. From the delicate way he’s holding the arrow to the blinking eye it’s evident that Varus relishes on the theme. Thus, as far as the portrayal goes Varus is well displayed as he embraces the silliness of the idea. The background definitely doesn’t collaborate but the intentions are clear.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: It doesn’t take long to realize just how ridiculous Varus looks styled as Cupid. Perhaps if he were to represent a grown up counterpart it wouldn’t seem so bizarre. The idea might have been a parody but the result isn’t really funny. However, that’s subjective so if you like this style of humour it’s not necessarily something bad.
That said, all the usual suspects are present and correctly executed: a new model that clearly communicates the theme leads the charge. New particles support and while they aren’t striking they are effective; particularly Blighted Quiver’s hearts. The sounds are nothing out of the ordinary and can be easily ignored for the most part as not all are noticeable. In fact, only Piercing Arrow sounds really different. The processed voice-over also helps keep the feel consistent but is nothing remarkable as it’s just borrowed from Arclight. The final touches are some animations. The animated wings are the most distinct extra but, as tiny as they are, it amounts to little. The new death tries to be more evocative than it is. Lastly, the new recall is as embarrassing as it could be conceived.
The result is a skin that aims at humour but that ends in a joke that not everybody will appreciate. If this is your kind of humour then it’s an acceptable skin. It doesn’t do much to justify its high price but can be considered acceptable. On the other hand, if this joke doesn’t strike you as funny then let’s all pretend that this never happened.

Varus Swiftbolt
Varus Swiftbolt Splash Art Varus Swiftbolt Model
Category: Regular
Price: 750 RP
Concept: Varus as a dark elf archer.
Model: New model for Varus and his bow.
Particles: New particles for his auto-attack.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: A group of friends make a campfire and share a quiet time on their travels. A lake enchants the view with its moonlight reflection and only cartoony soil makes it company with regards to setting. It’s simple for a background but works. The stars of the piece are the merry men that follow the soil’s cartoony depiction.
There’s a knight petting his poro which draws the attention of the bowman; perhaps. That doesn’t distract the knight from having a firm grasp on his cup but the one responsible for the pouring of spirits can’t take his eyes from the wonders at the fingertips of the wizard. Even though there’s a clear disconnection between some of the champions, Varus and Ryze seem to be on their own more than part of the group, there’s interaction between most of them. This links them together and also allow a view that goes round them covering their activities. The portrayals differ in quality with Braum and Varus having more elaborate shading than Gragas and Ryze who appear to economize on details despite being part of the central scene. Additionally, it’s difficult to get a good look at the two champions closer to us and legs tend to look sketchy as well as some gear and Varus’ right hand. The cartoony feel pervades the whole piece, mostly, and where it doesn’t fit feels out of place as if borrowed from a better piece.
In the end, the composition of this splash art is great. Simple but effective, it gathers all the champions and allows a rather good look at them all. There are problems with how close some are and how uneven the depictions are. Besides, the setting feels too simplistic and even neglected around them. Overall, it’s a splash art that does a good job at offering a group view of the champions despite some annoying flaws.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: A prominent archer is always a relevant opponent and if it’s an elven archer much more so. Varus Swiftbolt advances in that direction but from a different angle: that of a dark elf. While not usually as celebrated archers as the high elves the different approach is refreshing and also ties in with Varus’ corruption; according to Tolkien’s mythology. Aside from having white eyebrows and a beard that is noticeable lighter than his hair there’s nothing surprising in Varus’ dark elf body. The clothes add all the necessary elements to make the archer interesting. Not only is there sensible protection, both light but sturdy, but also there’s a short sword in case things get too close and personal.
The asymmetric sleeves seem to be half a way of reinforcing the archer theme, the more developed arm is hidden, and half a way of revealing his dark skin. It’s a bit fanciful but manages to be more than showy. Strangely, the bow seems to be out of tune with the practical low profile of Varus’ clothes and gear. It’s brighter, heavily engraved and even decorated with gems. As far as magical weapons go it’s plausible and chances are that it’ll be of the eye-catching kind. Regardless, in action the difference isn’t as noticeable and the re-coloured arrows for his auto-attack help integrate archer and bow.
All things considered, Varus Swifbolt is a nice skin that promises a recognisable concept backed by an effective execution. The fantasy angle is obvious but also expected and the skin tries to make the best of it with a reasonable design. If you are looking for a formidable archer to help you in the battlefield then Varus Swiftbolt comes recommended.

Dark Star Varus
Dark Star Varus Splash Art Dark Star Varus Model
Category: Regular
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Varus as a black hole herald.
Model: New model for Varus and his bow. New glow for his head, bow and scarf.
Particles: New particles for his abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Animations: New recall animation.
Sounds: New sounds for his abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Splash Art: The universe filled with stars collapsing into a vortex, worlds crumbling and being condensed into concentrated energy by a force that twists physics to its ends. The idea that presents the splash art is interesting and suitable. In spite of the background being densely populated by celestial bodies there’s a certain sense of emptiness that, while befitting the concept at hand, leaves parts of the setting devoid of anything of interest. That aside, both stars and planets fall prey to the gathering of resources that is to turn into a piercing arrow so the idea is well conveyed.
Varus stands up to the task with a daring pose that shows the strangest characteristics of his stellar persona. The right arm isn’t holding the arrow being channelled on the bow, as he does in-game, but the bright armour plates and bow blades as well as the rich galactic body compensate well enough for such an oversight. The Geiger-esque head is an eloquent representation of the otherwise implicit horror that such a being is capable of creating. The glowing effect over the head seems out of place, even if it’s part of the champion’s look; something that the high quality of the splash art isn’t capable of properly explaining.
All in all, thanks to the sharp depiction of background and champion along judicious use of blurs backed by an evocative composition this is a piece which gives a great first impression. On top of that, it only gets better as more elements in the setting are discovered which further link into Varus’ actions. Even if in parts it can seem empty this is a splash art with a lot to tell. While it may not be perfect it’s certainly one of League of Legends’ best.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: In spite of the name, Dark Star Varus feels more cosmic than based on a black hole. That doesn’t detract from the skin’s appeal though its concept seems diluted. The new model is a good example: it barely incorporates any characteristics that clearly expose the concept. It does look good anyway with sensible, elegant armour, a classy, bladed bow and a body made of a mysterious, cosmic energy; should be ventured. The swirl on the bow’s handle is a great touch that reacts to some of its activities. Specifically, both auto-attacks and Piercing Arrow affect the swirling energy which adds to the personality of the skin. The flowing, ethereal scarf is also a dynamic addition that makes the skin interesting to behold. The glow on his head is not very noticeable but adds a bit to the cosmic feel. Nevertheless, the result isn’t as evidently cosmic as the splash art reveals.
The particles don’t really reflect the cosmic style either but they are attractive nonetheless. They always incorporate yellow details that aren’t connected to the blue aesthetic prevalent in the skin. Piercing Arrow and Blighted Quiver in particular may intend to evoke burning and eclipsed suns, respectively, but it feels disjointed even if eye-catching. The other, darker particles can look like marmalade, Piercing Arrow, or like magical orbs, Chain of Corruption. Hail of Arrows and the auto-attacks stand in the middle. They start with a dark hue and transform into yellow near impact which seems drastic but also attractive. The mist that surrounds shot arrows and that is left on the desecrated ground is a good touch that isn’t as cosmic as it should but catches the eye. The exception to the visual appeal is Living Vengeance. Its glow is simplistic and doesn’t capitalise on the bow’s swirling energy to make a more interesting display.
Sounds have a distinct, swirling feel that suits the visuals yet, again, doesn’t feel really cosmic. The magical feel is clear and even attractive. However, it would suit any fantastic concept and doesn’t take advantage of this particular theme. This results in abilities that look and sound good but don’t present the theme in the most effective way. The recall manages to do a better job at that: blatantly putting a black hole as the source of transporta. It may be straightforward but it’s also effective.
In the end, we have a skin that is faintly cosmic yet quite attractive in most of what it tries. There are multiple hints at the cosmos but little that draws directly from the expected black holes. In spite of this, the skin does a lot and is appealing with florid additions that, even though subtle, manage to present an interesting, star-influenced bowman. If you are looking in Dark Star Varus for the eponymous concept you won’t find much of it. In fact, the cosmic angle is barely there. However, if you accept its failings and look for an attractive style that incorporates a few elements from the intended theme then this is a skin with much to offer.

Conqueror Varus
Conqueror Varus Splash Art Conqueror Varus Model
Category: Legacy
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Varus wearing golden lines armour and wielding a golden bow finished with rubies.
Model: New model for Varus and his bow.
Particles: New particles for his abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Animations: New recall animation.
Sounds: New sounds for his abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Splash Art: Between the banners, stuck arrows, corpses laying about and oppressive sky the idea of a battlefield is suggested. It’s a good suggestion that gives a dark ambience but only a suggestion after all. There’s isn’t an actual good reason to make the background so diffuse because it wouldn’t compromise the importance of the champion.
Moving on to the portrayal of Varus, this is pretty straightforward: just him aiming at the viewer. The grim depiction aims at displaying the sombre reality of war but such lofty aims get a bit lost amidst all the fantasy. The burning eyes are a good touch of darkness and they match the arrow but the latter is barely hinted. The bow is partially depicted with blurry gems all around which confuse more than add to the portrayal. Varus is mostly concealed behind his fist and arm. Due to the perspective only the upper torso and head are visible. On top of that, the dim colours make it all a bit too homogeneous and, at worst, dull.
All added together, this is a splash art that has good ideas that end up not being executed in the best of ways. The result is a piece with little context and a partial portrayal. It aims to evoke a sense of gloom direct at the viewer yet that is diluted by a lack of clarity.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Conqueror Varus isn’t an ambitious skin and it shows. The skin dresses him in stylish, heavily ornamented armour and equally decorated bow. The design of the armour is mostly about form rather than function. It does seem practical enough for a bowman though that doesn’t prevent a large amount of decoration; the type that doesn’t get in the way and the type that does. The open shoulders and back are certainly all show to connect with Varus’ classic design but also strike as unbelievable; if proper protection is in mind. The neckpiece adorned with a large gem appears to be a drastically uncomfortable addition that catches the eye for being so preposterous and meaningless. The new bow resembles the lines of the classic one with a more ornamented angle. Being a magical construct it can be effective despite being so eye-catching yet that doesn’t prevent the bow from feeling fully fictional; in fantasy-land.
Particles are, at large, re-coloured red. The few additional changes that stand out are the rubies as stacks for Blighted Quiver and the pattern on the ground left by Hail of Arrows. Chain of Corruption isn’t just re-coloured because the tendrils look like translucent ribbons of a rich fabric. It’s not as impressive as could be expected from an ultimate but does follow the decorative style of the skin.
The new animation is the recall which starts showing that the bow is also a vehicle for a powerful gem inside it; which makes it relevant. Then, it transitions into a promotional ground which is less interesting and eye-catching.
Overall, Conqueror Varus is up to the point. It does enough to feel different and the new red-based colour palette helps a lot with that; a main contributor in fact. There are few changes that are remarkable and it’s mostly all done with flamboyance. Given that the adaptation isn’t elaborate and never had any intention to be more than direct this is just good.


Varus doesn’t have many options when the time comes to check his wardrobe. Besides, one of the choices shows that single release skins don’t always have double the quality. Without doubt Arclight Varus is the recommended skin as it offers a fantastic concept with an excellent execution. The lore reference comes to life with ornamental clothing reinforced by light particles that communicate the skin’s message perfectly. For fans of the Arrow of Retribution, this is the best choice.

Humble in comparison but delivering a familiar concept with a fine execution Varus Swiftbolt is the dark elven archer that was needed. The fantasy is attractive and also well realized with sensible elements that reveal the best that it has to offer. It may be a re-model but as far as renowned archers go Swiftbolt is sure to leave his mark.

Arctic Ops Varus would be recommended if it weren’t for its price. It’s a skin with fine additions that successfully represents its concept. However, while it’s all quite good it’s also quite pricey considering what’s on offer. It’s a good diversion but not something special enough for what it asks for.

The cosmic angle of Dark Star Varus is thin and the black hole references almost absent. Regardless, the skin accomplishes an attractive, faintly space-based aesthetic that is appealing in most of its features. The theme may not be as focused as it should be. However, the skin manages to be interesting and has a lot to offer if you are willing to accept it for what it can accomplish.

For those that appreciate the specific sense of humour provided by Heartseeker Varus it becomes an option; maybe for Valentine’s Day. Even if you like the premise the skin does little to excuse its high price and nothing it provides even astounds. It’s still an alright option but far from the best.

As a promotional product Conqueror Varus manages to be good. It’s also straightforward, relying on a change of clothes and bow while centring on looks and ignoring most practical concerns. Even at that, the skin’s most prominent feature is the red hues it employs. It’s a good skin, it doesn’t do much but also never intended to.

Unfortunately, Blight Crystal Varus isn’t a good option due to multiple inconsistencies and flaws. It isn’t an utter failure but check well what you’re getting so as to avoid a disappointment.

  74 Responses to “League of Legends: Varus Skins’ Review”

  1. I find this review a little weird…

    Don’t get me wrong, it is a nice and accurate review as always, but i have to ask, why a champion with a single skin?

    • Because it’s worthy of being reviewed just like any other champion. We know that it’s brief but the idea is to give some room to champions that are less popular or have few skins.

      Furthermore, due to the fact that there’s only one skin for Varus such scarcity can make Blight Crystal Varus be perceived as a better skin than it actually is.

      Therefore, champions with only one skin are important to review so that there’s more information before buying. One thing is to buy a skin because you like it and another because there’s nothing else available.

      Eventually, more skins will be released and it may be better to save the RP instead of getting a skin that could end up being replaced by a higher quality one. On the other hand, it’s just as important to know if a skin is worth purchasing despite being the only one available.

  2. When Arclight Varus kills something, his bow glows blue for about 2 seconds.

    • Indeed, that’s his passive: Living Vengeance. In Arclight Varus the glow isn’t as strong and evident as in his classic and Blight Crystal skins just softer and more subtle.

  3. Archlight Varus is a nice skin , but you dont really hear the processed voice over

    • When moving the quotes are usually clear. less so in the middle of team-fights. It can also depend on how you play. If you usually have Varus on screen you may be able to hear him if you usually leave him behind, while scouting ahead after a move command, then some are lost.

      Additionally, the change isn’t as clear as with other processed voice-overs but it surely helps the cohesiveness of the skins.

  4. Hello Zero do you think Archlight varus will be on sale this year?

    • Considering it was on sale by the end of May and beginning of June chances are that it won’t; sans bundles or exceptional offers. There are a lot of skins and sales are rather brief in terms of how much they can cover. Of course, with sales there are no warranties as there have been cases, even this year, of the same skin being on sale only a few months apart. Regardless, it’s not the most probable prospect.

  5. Why only 2 stars for blight crystal varus ???? i think is a nice skin …the clothes are better the archlight and … 2 abilities change ….And again … only 2 stars ??:|

    • As the review explains, the skin stays too close to Classic Varus and mixes crystal with his fluid-like corruption. For a skin at this price, it should be better finished and the concept better realized.

  6. So, Blight Crystal now on sale, is it better to still buy arclight or go blight crystal?

  7. Zero, I hope you’re gonna review the upcoming Arctic Ops Varus? I’m really excited for it πŸ™‚

  8. I want to see Arctic Ops Varus sooooo bad. I wonder which one I should buy: Arclight or Arctic Ops? Your opinion (Zero) on this would be great πŸ˜€

    • Arclight is a great skin that perfectly fits the fantasy realm. Arctic Ops doesn’t mesh that well but makes up for it with its unique theme. Regardless, we’ll have to wait until Arctic Ops is released to give a clear answer. So far both seem like great options that provide different but interesting experiences.

  9. I’m not sure which skin to buy, Varus’Arctic Ops one or Void Fizz. I know Varus is much better visually overall but I already have Archlight and I’m literally soo confused. Can you help me with the decision?

    • First of all you should wait until they are released because they could be unfinished or be further modified. Chances are that nothing revolutionary will hit them but it’s always better to decide with the finished product.

      With that in mind, they are different skins: Arctic Ops Varus adapts him into a modern special forces operative; the core remains but the visuals change. Whereas, Void Fizz transforms him into a merry monster instead of a funny sea creature; the core is touched yet not redefined. Additionally, you should consider which champion you like the most and also which theme you prefer.

      Then, you can decide based on the additions that each skin incorporates with regards to previous offerings. Maybe they aren’t worth the expense or they could be a great choice. For this, having the finished product is of great help.

      Currently, it’s a bit early to make any recommendations. Still, you should consider the quality of the skins with regards to their price and also your personal preference with regards to what they offer.

      • I know it’s a little bit early but in 3 days arctic ops varus will go back to it’s normal price and now is my chance of getting him because i am with 1100rp. I am actually considering going for the fizz one but im very dissapointed by his model. I hope at least the splash is ok. About them being different types of champions, I mostly play mid but when I play with friends, I go bot as an adc with my friend who is playing support so that’s why I focused my attention on those 2 skins.

        • Don’t worry, we’ll have a review of Arctic Ops Varus shortly. However, we’ll wait until Void Fizz is released to review him.

      • If you actually like Arclight, a skin so unjolly that Riot are giving it away for free weekly through a partner site (Alienware), you don’t need Arctic Ops. If you can’t stand Arclight and find even Blight Crystal much nicer, get Arctic Ops.
        (tldr: Arctic / Blight > default Varus > Arclight)
        If you don’t like Urf, get Void Fizz – else Tundra Fizz is a must-have.
        Also, if you desire the most impressive skin Riot have made yet, Super Galaxy Rumble is unbelievable. Then again, nobody likes Rumble and it will surely be Super expensive.

        • Chances are that it’s a promotion by Alienware more than a giveaway from Riot. Regardless of how you get, it Arclight Varus is one of the best skins that he has available. Arctic Ops surely looks nice but not enough for the price it asks for.

          With regards to Void Fizz we’ll have to reserve any final judgements until it’s finally released.

  10. Hey Zero! Since the new arctic ops varus skin was released, i was wondering if i should buy it, since you said that varus fans should wait until a sale, and as you know new skins now get a 28% discount, so he is 975 RP. but arclight varus also looks amazing and you guys gave it a good rating, so if you could help me out in deciding which one too get, i would be very grateful. Thank you πŸ™‚

    • At 975 RP, Arctic Ops Varus isn’t a bad option so if you normally get skins on release it’s not a bad offer. Still, you could wait until a regular sale, if you are patient, and get it for 675 RP. Arclight Varus is still nice and stands proud besides Arctic Ops at 975 RP. Nonetheless, if you don’t mind waiting for regular sales then Arclight can go down to 487 RP and that’s the best option; in terms of RP.

      Something else to consider is how much of a fan of Varus you are. If you play him a lot then Arctic Ops at 28% off could be enough of a discount whereas, if you like him but don’t play him that much, a regular sale may be preferable. The idea is to try to get as much as possible out of the RP you spend.

      Both are great looking skins but the price is an obstacle. Sales help mitigate its influence but the relevance remains. The bottom line is: consider how much you like Varus and each skin and how much you are willing to spend or wait to get them.

  11. All of Varus’ splash arts are missing bowstrings, yet he clearly has them in-game (well, Arclight and Crystal don’t).

    As someone who practices archery, it’s really fucking annoying.

    • Well, stylization and reality seldom aren’t at odds.

      • It’s not even stylish, it’s just lazy and careless.

        • To an extent, yes, it is.

          • never noticed the lack of a bowstring until reading this. Now that I noticed, I personally think that they should have bowstrings on a bow…how else is it supposed to shoot? I agree with Annathema on this…a stringless bow would be very annoying. Makes me wonder why archlight got 5 stars, I figured that a portion of the score would be based upon whether or not their weapon looks right and while the bow does look fitting for him, the lack of a bowstring does not make it look right. Sorry if I’m rambling about something that might seem trivial to you.

          • It isn’t necessarily trivial but remember that Varus’ bow is suppossed to have magical properties due to the effects of the Pit of Pallas. However, a commando bow is a whole different thing.

  12. Zerooooooo hurry up with the new Rumble skin reviewwwwww πŸ˜€

  13. Arctic Ops mask is different colors. Splash is dark. Model is plain white. THIS BOTHERS ME.

    • From the art side we could blame lighting. From the player side, we could say that the splash art looks monochromatic and is a bit misleading. In the end, we agree: it’s definitely annoying.

  14. Hey zero
    I was wondering when you think how long it will take for arclight varus to go on sale again?
    And when was the last time it was on sale?

    • Arclight Varus was last on sale at the beginning of August. In theory, it should take a few months for it to return but lately it’s taken longer. In some cases a skin hasn’t seen a discount for over a year so a lot of patience is advised.

      • Okay thanks zero. Hopefully he comes out sooner than later. Anyway, I was also wondering why don’t you do reviews on classic skins?

        • Not at all, it could be added to a bundle or there could be a special sale; sometimes the unexpected happens.

          We don’t review classic skins because they are the frame of reference we compare paid skins to. Besides, newer champions or those that received a visual upgrade will easily have an edge over older ones. The point is: what to compare a classic skin to.

  15. HI Zero what is your first impression on Heartseeker Varus?

    • A bit ridiculous but that might be the intention behind the skin. If you like the funny angle it seems like an appropriate skin. However, we are not sure if it’ll be able to justify the price of 1350 RP.

  16. Um… just to point something out, I am almost 100% sure that they gave Heartseeker Varus a processed voice-over similar to Arclight Varus’ (that filters out the corruption from the original skin). Also, a simple spelling mistake, on line 7 of your Conclusion, you said “hears” instead of “hearts” lol. So far I’m lovin’ the reviews, and may the new voice-over of Heartseeker Varus bump his final rating up to 4 stars? Idk, I really love that skin XD

    (Just to make sure I’m not deaf, there are sources from an official member of LoL skin design team that commented and confirmed the changes of the new voice-over for Heartseeker Varus in the forum linked with the url)

  17. The heartseeker varus skin actually has the voice over from Arclight. Just letting you know.

  18. tomorrow the arctic ops skin is going to be on sale. is it a steal at that price?

    • We wouldn’t put it like that but if you like the skin it’s certainly the time to get it. Arctic Ops Varus is nice but it really doesn’t have anything that explains the 1350 RP price. At a 50% discount, 675RP, it’s more convincing even if it’s still a bit over the usual 487 RP; had it been priced at 975 RP.

      • i will take that as a “yes”, and I am about to buy the skin. thanks for the response, and thanks for the great review, as usual

        • Let’s say that if you like the skin it’s very difficult it’ll go lower than 50% off. If you want the skin, now is the time to get it.

  19. You need to do the new varus skin “Varus Swiftbolt”

    • Between the new skins and Poppy we have a lot to review so it’ll be done gradually. We’ll try to review everything as soon as possible as always, though.

  20. Hello, Zero Staff! I am here with a question. This month, actually, these days, Arctic Ops Varus is on sale, and I like the badass kind of feeling he is protraying in this skin, less the effects in game but the splash art is something that I love, and the camo is a plus.
    I am a graphic designer myself, and here is my doubt. I cannot say Heartseeker Varus’ splash art is not bad, is good, but what I love about it is the effects and particles in game (tho I do not like hearts πŸ™ ). My designer part of my brain is telling me in quality only, Heartseeker is better, but Arctic Ops is a skin I always wanted to get for him. I know it may sound a little stupid but I need a third opinion to just calm my brain a little.
    What do you think?

    • We’d recommend leaving splash arts out of the equation because they are of little relevance past the loading screen and only a part of them is visible. Once in-game a splash art is of no consequence so you have to centre on what the skin offers in three-dimensions.

      In that regard, Arctic Ops is nice but expensive while Heartseeker is ridiculous and also expensive. If you like the intended humour of Heartseeker you may be able to excuse the hearts but be mindful that they are going nowhere if you can’t stand them. Arctic Ops is a more conventional skin that doesn’t do anything impressive for its high price but also has nothing that could be flat out disliked.

      If you want to play it safe, chances are that in Arctic Ops you won’t find anything that puts you off. At the same time, it doesn’t sound that you’ll be impressed either. On the other hand, Heartseeker may offer some attractive features but you’ll have to gauge them against the hearts and other over the top additions. It’s a matter of risk versus reward, the former risks little but doesn’t impress while the latter might catch the eye but also be undesirable in certain aspects.

      It depends what you are willing to accept from a skin. At any rate, we recommend getting either of them on sale because 1350 RP is a lot for skins that have issues.

  21. Can you please not factor price into star rating? Or type how many stars if its on sale

    It confuses me when artic ops varus is -50% off now for 675 and I own archlighit varus. I really want new animations though.

    • We also take into account the possibility of sales when reviewing. If we ignored price then ultimate and legendary skins would be the way to go and the reviews wouldn’t be as useful. Our point of view is that a skin has to justify the price it has with its features. In this case you could compare Arctic Ops Varus at half price to Arclight Varus at half price. Also, take into account that Arctic Ops only has a new recall and no other new animation.

      For what each skin offers we think that Arclight is a better skin. The higher price of Arctic Ops isn’t explained by any significant addition. If the price were lower it would compete better with Arclight but we still don’t think it would stand as the best choice. Arclight has a rich concept and a great execution. The modern approach of Arctic Ops isn’t exploited by the execution enough to make it exciting despite having some really good features.

      In the end, we think that Arclight is the superior choice as we explain in the review’s conclusion. Arctic Ops is an interesting alternative but one for dedicated Varus fans.

  22. Zero what are your opinions on Dark Star Varus?

    • Looks interesting. The visuals remind a bit of his classic incarnation but with some clear black hole effects it could be a worthwhile skin. So far Dark Star Varus looks good yet not groundbreaking. Let’s see if something more can be added to make the Dark Star side more prevalent in the skin.

  23. Hi Zero, so the Dark Star series are now the hype among my friends. I’m planning to get Dark Star Varus, for me the skin does fit the Varus’ lore and his dark character. His Q particles are nice, same goes with his W. But somehow his E and R is kinda a let down, since the particles are not so obvious. Besides, I think the whole character design is quite interesting, since this is the skin that features Varus as a non-human creature, so does this count as a +1 for this skin? Also, what is your opinion about Dark Star Thresh? I love how the team execute his Q and his little black hole lantern, since it sparkles after gathering 40 souls. But then I see nothing interesting about this skin other than those two :/

    ps: love your review, keep fighting!!

    • Glad that you like the reviews.

      We like what we saw of Dark Star Varus. The black hole concept is almost absent and the cosmic angle is frail yet the skin is quite appealing anyway. From what we see, it’s a skin with problems but still worth considering if you can accept that the cosmic theme isn’t actually its forte. For all its problems the result is appealing.

      With regards to Dark Star Thresh we see it as too similar to Final Boss Veigar. The model work is quite good but when we consider the abilities the concept isn’t as attractive and clearly conveyed as it should be. As a legendary skin the change in the lantern’s look after 100 souls are gathered is a good touch but too little; that’s the amount we know that triggers a change. It could, perhaps even should, have more stages of change and maybe also modify, even if only a bit, his abilities as he gets more souls. That’s what is special about the skin as the rest is business as usual and the ability animations are rather lacking. Seems like a good legendary but with potential to be much more.

  24. Hi Zero , so you recommend Swiftbolt Varus for 2nd option after Arclight skin which is the 1st option?

    • If you want to spend a little amount then yes. It’s a modest but well realised skin. Currently, Dark Star Varus is a good contended for the second recommendation though the high price means that there are some caveats. Depends how much you are willing to spend, which theme you like the most and if you are willing to forgive the idiosyncracies of each skin; Dark Star mainly. Regardless, at any rate we recommend to wait for a sale to help reduce the impact of the price.

  25. current bundle has a lot of legacy skins
    – slayer jinx
    -firefighter trist
    -explorer ez
    -heartseaker varus
    -vindicator vayne
    all at 50% off…. worth ?

    • There’s an overview for the August bundles that may help with it. The short answer is that it isn’t such a good bundle as it seems. The skins aren’t that good and except for Slayer Jinx the other ones can be bought at a discount.

  26. Hello. I’m new to Varus and I can’t decide whether to get Arctic Ops, Heartseeker, or Dark Star. I was wondering if you could help me choose one.

    • In our opinion Dark Star Varus is the better skin as its four stars reflect. Regardless, it’s not so superior to the others that it makes the decision easy. Heartseeker could be an option if you like the ridiculous parody of cupid. We think it’s overdone even if for the most part it’s acceptable. Arctic Ops has an interesing black ops style. It can sometimes seem like it struggles to integrate all of its elements; like the grenade indicators. However, it has some nice features.

      Overall, Dark Star is the skin that better fits the fantasy of League. Its grim concept also fits with Varus’ corruption adding an interstellar twist. The other skins do have their appeal but Dark Star is the most convincing in our view. In any case, as these are expensive skins, we recommend to get them on sale.

  27. so in your opinion, which one should I buy? Dark Star ỏ Swiftbolt?

    • There’s a clear difference in price. If a re-model that adapts Varus as a dark elf archer sound interesting then Swiftbolt seems to be the best choice. If instead a star-influenced archer with a florid display of his powers, though little actual cosmic connections, sound good then Dark Star is the one.

      Both are good skins with differnt themes, executions and ambitions. One is a simple change of style while the others aims higher even if it doesn’t reach all that it intends to. For a Varus fan, neither skin should disappoint provided you set your expectation according to what they can offer.

      If you can, get the skins on sale, especially Dark Star. The main characteristics to consider are the theme: fantasy or sci-fi and if you are willing to pay more for more features.

  28. Hey there Zero, I need your opinion on getting the Heartbreaker Bundle. It offers Heartseeker Varus & Lucian for a considerably lower price (2024Rp) than if I bought them separately (2700Rp).

    I really like Varus & Lucian and play them a lot and have most of their skins (in case of Lucian I’m only missing Heartseeker & Varus only missing Heartseeker and Swiftbolt).

    Is this a good opportunity to get them? The fact that they’re Legacy also pressures me as I’ve been longing to own them since their release.

    • As you noticed we aren’t the biggest fans of those skins and the fact that they are legacy only makes matters worse because they should feel really special. That said, as the Heartseeker skins are legacy they won’t go on a regular sale so whatever discount you can get is probably as good as it gets; at least for now.

      If you are a real fan of the skins and need something new for Lucian and Varus because you already have memorised their other skins then the skins can offer something different. Just be aware of what you are getting into as the skins aren’t the best these champion have available. If the are others you don’t own you may want to consider which ones you like the most.

      If you plan to get Heartseeker Lucian and Varus, then the bundle is the best way. The discount may not be as radical as we would like but, for now, it’s the best you can get.

      • Yeah I agree Legacy skins should be really special but I guess this is the best offer I can get for both of the skins.

        Regarding Heartseeker Varus, in your review you mentioned new ‘Death Animation’ but I can’t tell the difference. Can you elaborate more on that part? Thanks

        • Unfortunately, that seems to be the case with legacy skins. Bundles are the best option for a discount so make sure you like all that’s included.

          On Heartseeker Varus’ death animation. We checked and Varus instead of being stabbed by his broken bow puts his hand over his chest and falls. It seems to try to be more dramatic and a bit of a play on the Heartseeker name. It’s not something major but it’s more fitting to the skin’s concept.

  29. Hey zero,
    I just wanted to remember the classic varus splash art has been updated. Could you update it in the review too?

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