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Dominion Items’ Cost Effectiveness – StrategyZero
Nov 172011

Dominion introduced a new map, rules and items to League of Legends. Some of the new items substitute items from Classic, others are original. While most items seem tailored for physical damage dealers, others champions can still find some useful bonuses among the new items.

Among the many statistics that make up a champion, Dominion items provide health more than anything else. Six items provide a health bonus which shows how necessary durability is on Dominion. Second comes attack damage (AD) with five items and then attack speed with three items. Finally, ability power (AP) and life steal (LS) have two new items each.

The table below shows each of the new items with their cost and cost effectiveness with respect to the mentioned statistics. Cooldown reduction (CDR), mana, magic resistance (MR), health and mana regeneration (Hp5 and Mp5) are not included as only one item grants a bonus to each stat.

Dominion Items Table
Name Bonuses Cost Cost/Health Cost/AD Cost/AS Cost/LS Cost/AP
Entropy +275 Health, +70 AD, Passive: 25% chance on hit to reduce your target’s MS by 30% for 2.5 sec., UNIQUE Active: your attacks reduce your target’s MS by 30% and deal 80 True Damage over 2.5 sec. Lasts 5 seconds (60 sec. CD) 3565 13 51
Hextech Sweeper +40 AP, +300 Health, UNIQUE Passive: 10% CDR, UNIQUE Passive: your magic damage grants vision of your target for 4 sec., UNIQUE Active: covers an area with stealth detecting mist, granting vision of units which pass through it for 6 sec. (1 min. CD) 1870 6 47
Ionic Spark +45% AS, +250 Health, UNIQUE Passive: every fourth attack unleashes a chain lightning, dealing 100 MD to up to 4 targets 2300 9 51
Kitae’s Bloodrazor +30 AD, +40% AS, UNIQUE Passive: your attacks deal MD equal to 2.5% of the target’s maximum Health 2725 91 68
Odyn’s Veil +350 Health, +350 Mana, +50 MR, UNIQUE Passive: reduces and stores 10% of the magic damage dealt to your champion, UNIQUE Active: deals 200 + (stored magic) [max: 400] magic damage to nearby enemy units (90 sec. CD) 2715 8
Oracle’s Extract Click to Consume: gives your champion stealth detection for 5 min. or until they die 250
Priscilla’s Blessing +25 Hp5, UNIQUE Passive: +15% Capture Rate (Does not stack with other Capture Rate modifiers), UNIQUE Active: +30% MS for 2 sec. (60 sec. CD) 1600
Prospector’s Blade +20 AD, +5% LS, UNIQUE Passive: increases Health by 200 (Doesn’t stack with other Prospector items) 950 5 48 190
Prospector’s Ring +30 AP, +7 Mp5, UNIQUE Passive: increases Health by 200 (Doesn’t stack with other Prospector items) 950 5 32
Sanguine Blade +60 AD, +15% LS, UNIQUE Passive: your attacks grant 5 AD and 1% LS for 4 sec., stacking 7 times 2900 48 193
The Lightbringer +50% AS, +20 AD, Passive: your attacks grant vision of your target for 5 sec. 1750 88 35

Looking at the cost effectiveness, cost divided by the bonus provided, of items with respect to each stat we can compare the items. In terms of health provided, Prospector’s items are comparable to Doran’s items. Something similar happens with Odyn’s Veil, itself being a little less effective that Banshee’s Veil in terms of health. Additionally, Odyn’s Veil costs 8 gold per bonus mana which is just above Banshee’s Veil cost per mana.

The last two items with health bonuses, Entropy and Ionic Spark, don’t grant much health in spite of their cost. Ionic Spark’s bonus health costs as much as Randuin’s Omen’s bonus, therefore being three times more expensive than a Giant’s Belt. Furthermore, Entropy’s bonus health is almost as expensive as Trinity Force’s at 16 gold per health.

As far as attack damage bonuses go, the new items have a reasonable cost. Prospector’s Blade and Sanguine Blade, without stacks, are comparable to Doran’s Blade and Infinity Edge; respectively. Entropy has the same cost per AD as Hexdrinker, just above Infinity Edge, while The Lightbringer and Kitae’s Bloodrazor have a similar cost to Youmuu’s Ghostblade; which isn’t very effective.

Moving on to attack speed bonuses, The Light bringer is the most cost effective of the new items. Its cost per unit stands between Sword of the Divine’s and Berserker’s Greaves’ costs; a couple of the most cost effective items for AS. Ionic Spark has a fair cost comparable to Wit’s End’s or Phantom Dancer’s cost per unit. Between Stark’s Fervor and Guinsoo’s Rageblade, at full stacks, we find Kitae’s Bloodrazor’s cost; almost twice as much as The Lightbringer.

Life steal is the last stat for auto-attacking champions that the new items provide. Both Prospector’s Blade and Sanguine Blade have a cost of almost 200 gold per unit of LS. The only item with a higher cost per unit is Hextech Gunblade. This cost is also comparable to The Bloodthirster’s cost per LS without stacks at 200 gold.

Mages receive a couple of items to improve their ability power in Prospector’s Ring and Hextech Sweeper. Prospector’s Ring cost per AP equals Doran’s Ring cost per AP. In case of Hextech Sweeper, its cost can be found between Deathfire Grasp and Sheen. In other words, it isn’t cost effective in terms of AP.

Finally, there are a few other bonuses that are granted by only one item. We already covered Odyn’s Veil mana bonus so now we’ll compare its magic resistance bonus. The cost of its MR bonus is almost equal to Banshee’s Veil cost per unit of MR; just like the other bonuses.

Even though Priscilla’s Blessing was removed from Dominion we can compare its Hp5 bonus to see where it stood. This item’s cost per unit was similar to Force of Nature’s and even lower than Warmog’s Armor at full stacks. However, as healing is reduced by 20% in the Crystal Scar Hp5 may not be a good investment.

Regarding Hextech Sweeper’s CDR bonus, its cost is over Youmuu’s Ghostblade’s cost per unit; though not as high as Soul Shroud’s cost. If bought as a CDR item, Hextech Sweeper proves expensive and not cost effective.

Finally, Prospector’s Ring provides a bonus to Mp5. At 136 gold for 7 Mp5 it is almost as expensive as Tear of the Goddess’ bonus Mp5. Despite not being the least cost effective item for Mp5 it is less cost effective than a Doran’s Ring.

Considering the costs analysed we can arrive to a few conclusions. Prospector’s items effectively replace Doran’s items in function and cost. The same is true for Odyn’s Veil with respect to Banshee’s Veil. The other items are weaker versions of Classic’s equivalents that don’t always share the similar cost effectiveness.

Some of the new items are more cost effective while others are less effective than their equivalents. This analysis hopefully shed some light on which items are better suited for boosting a stat so that a build can be easily optimized and better results obtained.

– Acronyms: AD: attack damage, AP: ability power, AS: attack speed, CD: cooldown, CDR: cooldown reduction, CS: critical strike chance, Gp10: gold per 10 sec., Hp5: health regen per 5 sec., LS: life steal, MD: magic damage, Mp5: mana regen per 5 sec., MR: magic resist, MS: movement speed, PD: physical damage, SV: spell vamp
– Sanguine Blade’s bonus AD and LS corresponds to zero stacks

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