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In past articles we have discussed what is effective health and how items compare to each other. The final question to ask is: what items provide the most effective health for the least gold?

Leona, the Radiant Dawn

The past article relied on Leona to calculate the effective health (EH) that each item provides. Based on those values we can calculate the cost effectiveness by dividing the price of each item by the amount of EH provided and get the cost of each unit of EH that an item provides.

Leona’s Physical Effective Health

We found out that the items that provide the most PEH were Warmog’s Armor, Randuin’s Omen and Sunfire Cape. Thornmail and Frozen Heart were viable alternatives; still raw quantities of health were the most effective way of increasing EH.

Leona’s Magical Effective Health

Moving to MEH we found that Warmog’s Armor, Banshee’s Veil and Odyn’s Veil were the best items. These three items provide health and Warmog’s again stands above the other items. Even Leviathan appears as an effective option. However, Force of Nature stays competitive and Aegis of the Legion showed a surprisingly good performance.

Physical Effective Health Cost Effectiveness

League of Legends Physical Effective Health Cost Effectiveness Graph

At level 1 items have very varied costs per unit; regardless, by level 10 only ten items have a cost above one. By level 18 Warden’s Mail is the only item with a cost per unit of EH above one gold.

Leona’s PEH Cost Effectiveness

League of Legends Physical Effective Health Graph

The graph clearly shows that items’ cost per unit converges below zero as Leona gains base statistics. Gaining bonus health and armour per level means that the difference in price is lessened as effective health provided by an item is overshadowed by base statistics.

Magical Effective Health Cost Effectiveness

League of Legends Magical Effective Health Graph

In the case of MEH something similar happens in spite of the absence of a per level bonus to MR. At level 1 items show several different prices per unit, at level 10 only thirteen items have a cost above one and by level 18 only three do.

Leona’s MEH Cost Effectiveness

League of Legends Magical Effective Health Graph

Despite Leona staying with 30 MR along her 18 levels the bonus health is important enough to lessen the impact of each item bonus EH. The reduction isn’t as pronounced as with PEH, as armour works in tandem with health. Nonetheless, health alone is capable enough of making all items’ costs converge below one.

In Conclusion

Due to base stats and bonuses per level, which are essential for this kind of analysis, the cost per unit of EH at the later levels dramatically decreases. The meaning of this is that by late game all items are good investments to increase EH.

There’s no doubt that some items are better at increasing EH; as the previous article showed. Indeed, as the cost per unit of EH decreases with champion’s levels there isn’t much reason not to buy the best items. Each level gained makes items more effective at providing EH and a better, more cost effective investment.

– Acronyms: AD: attack damage, AP: ability power, AS: attack speed, CD: cooldown, CDR: cooldown reduction, CS: critical strike chance, Gp10: gold per 10 sec., Hp5: health regen per 5 sec., LS: life steal, MD: magic damage, Mp5: mana regen per 5 sec., MR: magic resist, MS: movement speed, PD: physical damage, SV: spell vamp
– All items with stacks are considered at maximum stacks

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