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League of Legends: Gnar Skins’ Review – StrategyZero
Aug 142014
Gnar, the Missing Link
Gnar, the Missing Link

A prehistoric yordle boy will surely need some time to adapt to the habits and customs of the current age. Fashion is a concern as animal bones may be frowned upon by most. Nevertheless, it would be wise not to pressure the little thing. We wouldn’t want to see his ugly side; not that he has one, right? Well, let’s what the tailor can do for him.

Dino Gnar
Dino Gnar Splash Art Dino Gnar Model
Category: Regular
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Gnar dressed in a dinosaur costume while Mega Gnar becomes an actual specimen.
Model: New model for Mini and Mega Gnar plus his boomerang. New costume colours and maw closing as rage is gained.
Particles: New particles for Mini Gnar auto-attack, Boomerang Throw and Boulder Toss.
Animations: New recall animation for Mini and Mega Gnar.
Sounds: New recall sounds.
Splash Art: In a bedroom a little yordle plays with his toys. A helicopter in his hand flies over dolls representing Katarina and Garen; something is bound to happen. The background that defines the setting is clear and suitable but a bit empty for a child’s room. It’s also a little diffuse but the elements present in the room can be easily identified: from the starry night to the cracks in the wall; a direct reference to his bad temper. Gnar is almost fully visible but the perspective doesn’t give as clear an idea of his look as it should; considering the in-game view. Still, it’s reasonable and useful to an extent. Shadows are well used but the look seems somewhat sketchy, especially the fur. In fact, the shading of the full piece seems plain even if effective. In conclusion, it’s a splash art with a good composition and portrayal but lacking in impact.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: The idea behind Dino Gnar seems to be having a cute, little yordle dressed in a costume. As he goes around his business his costume reflects how his rage is accumulated until he becomes an actual dinosaur. That aspect of the skin is accomplished and in that regard it works. The recall animations further that idea and the boomerang even passes as a toy. What does seem strange is throwing part of a house out of nowhere. It appears as if the skin ignores the context where it’s actually used. In addition to his, while Mini Gnar is cute, as he should, Mega Gnar is a bit of a mixed bag. The dinosaur looks like a cartoony monster which could be fitting but fails to impress. Maybe part of the problem is that the concept seems forcefully adapted. It’s made to work but doesn’t do anything new: instead of having a furry boy become a furry monster we have a reptilian appearance in use. In the end, the skin delivers what it intends to but fails at providing something novel and attractive. Fans of Gnar will find cuteness and monstrosity where they should but nothing really interesting.

Gentleman Gnar
Gentleman Gnar Splash Art Gentleman Gnar Model
Category: Regular
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Gnar as a dignified, high-class, white cat.
Model: New model for Mini and Mega Gnar plus his boomerang.
Particles: New particles for Boomerang Throw, Boulder Toss, GNAR! and auto-attack.
Animations: New recall animation for Mini and Mega Gnar.
Sounds: New sounds for his Boomerang Throw, Boulder Toss and recall.
Splash Art: A tiny, furry and polite gentleman enjoys a cup of tea in a room that is unbecoming of his refinement. Perhaps the portrait of a feral feline can shed some light into this strange case. The background, despite being too dim and a tad diffuse reveals a setting clearly affected by Gnar’s mood swings. The elements displayed are sensible and frame the portrayal well. However, despite their relevance they appear too restrained.
Gnar’s depiction offers bright colours for the most part. The suit and shoes are a bit dull in colour, the tails seems fuzzy due to lack of detail and the ears appear a bit blurry. The face though is very well crafted with a bright monocle, a subtle fang to suggest his primal nature and evocative, bright eyes. The top hat is also attractive in its simplicity and all that elegance is reflected in his gentle manner.
On the whole, it’s a piece that captures the essence of the gentleman theme. The background seems too subdued and unable to effectively contrast the elegance. Regardless, the general message is communicated and that allows the splash art to work.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Embracing cuteness in both its elegant and brutal ways Gentleman Gnar is a skin that draws inspiration from modern imaginings of The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Such an angle suits the little Missing Link well; though the elegance doesn’t leave way for much brutality. The most remarkable feature of the skin is the white cat in formal clothing aesthetic. While it may not be considered original the classic combination of colours as well as the appealing result defines a clear identity for the skin. It should be noted that the cuteness extends from the Mini to the Mega Gnar, as the recall manages to demonstrate, but the dual nature isn’t compromised.
Further additions are only a few new particles and sounds that poke fun at the theme without detracting from the base concept. That is, even if throwing a pocket watch or a clock tower isn’t exactly believable it matches the playful style of the skin.
The outcome is a skin that does not go to any lengths to recreate its concept but does enough to make it attractive. As a Gentleman, Gnar is cute or bestial when he has to and the extras complement the theme; especially the recalls. Thus, this is a fine alternative for fans of the Missing Link that would like some humorous class when hopping around the battlefield.

Snow Day Gnar
Snow Day Gnar Splash Art Snow Day Gnar Model
Category: Legacy
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Gnar dressed in winter clothes with a polar temper.
Model: New model for Mini and Mega Gnar plus his boomerang.
Particles: New particles for his abilities and auto-attack.
Animations: New recall animation for Mini and Mega Gnar.
Sounds: New sounds for his abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Splash Art: Blue sky, blue clouds, even the ice fortress looks blue. Without a doubt, blue is the main colour and few things contend with it. Some trees defy its domain with dark leaves and clear snow as well as some more of said element nearby. However, sans some penguins in and out of ice, there’re only champions to see. As a setting, the background is largely filler to give the snow day a place.
The depictions vary greatly in quality. Not only that but the champions stay independent of each other and there’s no integration or interaction between them or with the setting. They could each be on their own anywhere else and their generic pose wouldn’t pose any problem. There’re some exceptions but, at large, that’s the feeling the piece gives.
Going into specifics, Gnar is depicted with bright colours that get diffuse as easily as looking away from his hand and left glove. The dull colours make little sense but the chased penguin adds a nice setup for his appearance.
Bard sits with a hot cocoa cup in one hand and a penguin in another. The idea is simple but works though not much of his look can be seen. On top of that, the colours are a bit dull and so his portrayal isn’t as striking as it could be.
Syndra is in a league of her own: her portrayal looks like a sketch. It’s not just that the colours lack any vibrancy but it’s also that the proportions seem slightly amiss and the look strikes as flat and devoid of life. The idea that she may be readying to respond to a snowball attack does little for the lifeless depiction.
All in all, this is merely a functional splash art. It shows the three champions against a sensible backdrop and that’s it. There’s little that makes the spotlight exciting or that shows something different about the champions or shared theme. By and large, it’s a disappointment.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Dressed in winter clothes Snow Day Gnar makes the Missing Link lose part of his primal adorability but retains his cuteness. The blue fur can strike as strange initially but most of the elements that make Gnar appealing remain. The difference is that it changes from a wild style to something more civilized. The fact that he wields a small ice axe only serves to reinforce the civility. Mega Gnar seems simpler in comparison keeping the same bestial aspect but with a bluish, polar coat of paint. The cap and scarf aim at adding some more of the theme and the appeal of Mini Gnar but it seems like too little.
The particles are, for the most part, essentially a re-colour of the classic ones. There aren’t any new designs for Mini Gnar and the same can be said about Mega Gnar. The only exceptions are Boulder Toss with its ice-encased penguin and GNAR!’s thin ice spikes.
Ultimately, it all comes down to an appealing yordle that behaves more childish than primitive and that exhibits a bad temper that only captures a fraction of his appeal. The winter theme doesn’t come through in all changes and there are few instances where it’s really fine. That doesn’t make Snow Day Gnar bad at any rate but it can only be a good skin with potential to be more.

El León Gnar
El León Gnar Splash Art El León Gnar Model
Category: Regular
Price: 750 RP
Concept: Gnar as a Leónine luchador.
Model: New model for Mini and Mega Gnar plus his boomerang.
Particles: New particles for Boomerang Throw, Boulder Toss and auto-attack.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: If we are to take something out of the bleak background it might be El Tigre Braum’s cameo. The rest is a blurry audience with little in regards for detail; even more so about the arena itself. The ring is, at least, clearly delineated by the diffuse ropes and mat. The only thing that’s actually clear is the three wrestlers fighting it out.
More than an actual fight it seems like a chaotic situation, perhaps set up for sheer dramatic effect. There isn’t a clear connection between them, it can’t be established who’s fighting who and who’s intervening on whose behalf. They are simply three fighters attacking someone or something. Also, the brown-based colour palette makes them look homogenous and prevents what should be colourful outfits and a varied display from standing out. Said colours are bright and lines are sharp though. The use of light and shade is superb and either of the combatants catches the eye with the quality of their portrayals. The flying tickets seem pointless and the blur on Volibear’s hands doesn’t help convey motion; the streaks of lightning do a better job at that as well as being rather eye-catching. There’s also not enough of Volibear shown and his appearance is the most partial of them all. Gnar gets centre stage but his fury would’ve welcomed an insinuation of his Mega-Gnar aspect. Finally, Mundo’s diving elbow drop is a fine reference to his recall’s homage. However, he’s the one most evidently lacking in colour variety.
Overall, this is a splash art with a good idea behind: joining three wrestlers on the right. Sadly, they aren’t distributed, presented and linked effectively. The background is also lacking and ends up giving only a basic context for the action. Not more is actually needed but the cameo shows that there’s potential for more. The raw quality of the depictions manages to make the splash art attractive but the real problem is on the conception of the piece.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: In general terms, El León Gnar is a new costume taking the basis of a lion in a pronounced cartoony angle. The necessary elements to present the Missing Link as a wrestler are clear: a colourful mask, trousers and protection for the joints. The pipe on hand is a strange choice. It may hint at the fact that a wrestler may grab whatever is handy in a moment of desperation to get the upper hand. The fact that it also behaves as a boomerang further pushes the already improbable supposition.
The tiny champion belt becomes a much larger one when Mega Gnar appears. At large, the outfit remains unchanged except for the fact that it conforms to a much bulkier and fitting wrestler physique. The mask turns into makeup over the plainly Leónine features. The burly lion is the most significant facet of the transformation and makes the suggestion a reality; which is a good choice, though Mini Gnar is already furry enough. The new boulder to toss makes a bit more sense than the pipe. However, it clearly chooses a modern, perhaps too contemporary, piece of rubble.
When all is joined together, the luchador theme isn’t as effectively delivered as could be expected. In spite of the outfit it’s hardly noticeable in either form. The mask is noticeable for Mini Gnar but it fits a carnival as much as lucha libre. The lion head displayed by Mega Gnar is appealing but it seldom looks really fierce. Regardless, the cartoon aesthetic works its magic and despite the ineffective approach El León Gnar ends up as an appealing lion-styled skin for the Missing Link

Super Galaxy Gnar
Super Galaxy Gnar Splash Art Super Galaxy Gnar Model
Category: Regular
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Gnar as a mecha pilot.
Model: New model for Mini and Mega Gnar plus his boomerang.
Particles: New particles for his abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Animations: New recall animations for each form.
Sounds: New sounds for his abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Splash Art: As a pilot inside a mecha the piece is quite clear: Gnar at the cockpit. The closeup doesn’t allow much to be seen about the surroundings, though. There may be a messy reference to Mega Gnar on the right but it’s more of a guess. In the chaos, sparks fly as well as a glass of water and the glasses that, in-game, are closely attached; which seems a strange choice. It’s also disappointing to see that at the extreme top and bottom things look sketchy and dull, respectively, while left and right there’re only patches of black.
Gnar’s depiction does look a bit sketchy too. Lines are imprecise and colours mesh with each other. As if trying to support, join and explain the chaos the portrayal takes on that characteristic for itself. Gnar’s expression and stance of total fun and recklessness seem to clarify intentions but that doesn’t make the portrayal any better, only justified. It’s not easy to see Gnar’s actual look as much is occluded or hidden, even his prominent tail, yet his fangs appear smaller perhaps to make him look more civilized; though it’s clear this is not the case. It begs the question of whether a feral creature should be put in charge of a mecha; though it’s happened in some media.
In the end, it seems like this piece focuses on only one thing: to show the fun and chaos that only Gnar is capable of in charge of a mecha. However, the approach is to give a small, concise scene that ends up showing too little. In this way, the actual mecha is never to be seen and we only get a messy portrayal of a messy cockpit and an unclear depiction of its pilot. There’s personality to the portrayal, it has to be admitted, but that’s the only thing the piece accomplishes. This results in a splash art that has a lot to show yet chooses to only centre on a fraction of what it can. In spite of the original approach, the splash art ends up failing at being a great presentation card as it should be.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: No more than a single glance is necessary to notice how straightforward a homage to Gurren Lagann Super Galaxy Gnar is. From the triangluar glasses to the pointy lapels the intention is clear. The design doesn’t directly echo any character from Gurren Lagann but stays within the expected confines of anime. There’s a quasi-metallic suit underneath a jacket and a laser gun being dragged. This is where Gnar’s feral personality starts to clash with the expected ingenuity of a mecha pilot. While his size makes Mini Gnar a potentially believable pilot of Mega Gnar his behaviour is simply too erratic. It could be said that it matches the rage-fuelled attacks of the mecha but those are supposed to be part of the mecha’s design not of the pilot’s irrational mind.
That said, Mega Gnar is a very convincing and drill-decorated mecha; more from Gurren Lagann. The hulking physique is imposing and being heavily armoured on the front makes the mecha design interesting as it has a focus. The jet on the back seems to serve no purpose as it isn’t used in-game; Crunch could’ve been a good opportunity for that. Regardless, the multiple layers of plates that make up the body of the mecha create an appealing even if stylised robot.
Particles tend to be rather shy with small, brief effects that even if fittingly holographic also seem weak. Probably out of need, Rage Gene has a distinct glow thanks to the sparkles and circles; though the red ones clash with the blue ones. Still, the blue glow is an effect that stands out. When transforming between Mini and Mega Gnar the horizontal distortion has a nice hologram feel; that reminds a bit of PROJECT but stands apart enough. Throwing a gun for attacks stands halfway between concession to the classic design and display of wilderness. This actually stresses the dichotomy instead of collaborating in bridging the gap. The circles that indicate Hyper’s bonus damage are a nice even if unexpectedly measured touch. Boulder Toss is interesting due to throwing a drill; the new projectile in this skin and more Gurren Lagann. GNAR!, as an ultimate, benefits from some interesting visuals as the clawing of land and subtly grid-covered circle show. Still, it’s brief and unimpressive due to the restrained design.
Sounds tend to be rather loud and impactful which is rather unexpected given the weak visuals. It’s not always the case with all abilities as auto-attacks, Boomerang Throw and Hop are distinctly subdued. However, other abilities that employ more brute force have strong sounds that are rather appealing. There’s also a bit of digitally inclined sounds that appear weaker yet are strong enough to fit somewhat in the middle. This is the case with Mega Gnar’s abilties which sound technological but may lack power.
Recalls are a mixed bag. Mini Gnar makes an attempt at comedy with another reference to Gurren Lagann. It may also imply that Super Galaxy Elise’s spiders are evil or unwilling victims of Gnar’s unrestrained ferocity; which they are regardless of goodness. One idea should be better exposed across skins and the other only adds to the inconsistency between personality and concept. Mega Gnar, on the other hand, has a distinct and flashy display with an additional Gurren Lagann reference; in case there weren’t enough. For a flamboyant, anime-inspired display of mecha prowess it’s quite appealing. However, it’s difficult to believe that a pilot that seems to be driven by sheer instinct alone could be so apt at controlling a mecha.
When all is added up we find that the feral personality of Classic doesn’t really work with the demands of piloting a mecha; even if this is hardly the first case. For what it is, Super Galaxy Gnar is a nice skin that doesn’t present the pilot in the best of lights. Fortunately, Mega Gnar, in the guise of the mecha, does a rather convincing job at adapting to the theme. There’s no stellar feature to highlight. However, there are a couple of significant flaws: the constant clash of identities and the overload of Gurren Lagann references; which don’t always fit in the skin as well as would be expected. With that in mind, this is a skin to get for fans of mecha that don’t mind an ineffective attempt at humour with a crazy, animal-like pilot.

SSG Gnar
SSG Gnar Splash Art SSG Gnar Model
Category: Legacy
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Gnar with a degree of civilization on him.
Model: New model for Mini and Mega Gnar plus his boomerang. New blue glow for Mini Gnar’s and Mega Gnar’s armour.
Particles: New particles for his abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Animations: New recall animation.
Sounds: New sounds for his abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Splash Art: The setup is pretty simple: a lake surrounded by carved rocks in the form of waves. There’s a statue of Mega Gnar which, despite how diffuse it is, looks photorealistic. Besides some rocks for the champions to stand on, except Taliyah whose feet aren’t visible, we can only comment on how clear and fresh the water looks. It’s a setting for the champions to be present but there’s no content or meaning in it.
The champions appear in a way that part of their personality is visible in their stance. Xayah and Rakan hold hands to represent their link, Gnar is mildly curiuos, Taliyah is confident, Jarvan IV serious and Ezreal cocky. Each portrayal is eloquent enough about the look of each champion. Taliyah, being at the forefront shows the sharpest colours with an appealing soft glow on her strips; Jarvan IV and Gnar’s transparencies are more solid. Ezreal manages to show a nice glow to represent his powerful magic but Xayah and Rakan look a bit dull with washed out colours.
All added together, this is a shared splash art that takes the shared part to heart. Each champion gets a good share of the space available but the composition is content with simply showing each one. The setting has little significance and each champion is only able to display a bit of personality in their stance. The result is a splash art that works at the basics but doesn’t aim at anything else.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: With new, traditional-looking clothes and a bit of functional yet ornamented armour SSG Gnar seems like a more civilised take on Gnar; at least in dressing terms. Mini Gnar’s white fur is what stands out the most as well as the ornamented boomerang. The clothes are small and barely show a specific design; they do show the SSG logo though. Mega Gnar not only displays white fur but also ornamented plates that glow in blue to present a rather fantastic beast.
Particles mostly rely on a change to blue tones. Patterns on indicators benefit from decorative waves that are appealing and sparsely used. The new Boulder Toss throws an ornamented rock that could very well be a part of a building which ties in with the civilised approach. For the most part, it’s the blue colour that stands out. It may be worth taking into account that Mega Gnar’s critical hits show a large yellow particle which easily clashes with the blue scheme used in the skin.
Sounds are very similar to classic. They feel higher-pitched, with, perhaps, a more magical tone to them which also makes them feel less impactful; a problem for Mega Gnar’s brutality. For the most part, there aren’t noticeable differences that would make any ability feel special.
Two new recalls are available, one for Mini and another for Mega Gnar. In both instances Gnar eats. Mini has him trying bananas which suits his feral nature. Mega receives a more civilised meal but his manners don’t change. The lack of subtlety in having the trophy as dish hardly is a positive.
Overall, SSG Gnar is a skin that gives him a surface of civility but only that. It’s a shallow approach that has some potential even if the idea has been seen in Gentleman. Still, if the development of the skin tried it could’ve given an identity to the skin. The approach taken is too superficial to make a special skin feel as such.


Limited in options the Missing Link does have some alternatives for his primal adventures. The recommended skin is Gentleman Gnar. It’s a refined approach to his dual nature that emphasizes his cuteness and ferocity without ever ignoring his classic personality. The angle taken is certainly comic but that suits Gnar’s peculiar behaviour so, it’s a rather nice option for those that like some civility in battle.

As a release skin Dino Gnar feels like just another flavour of the same thing. The characteristics of both Mini and Mega Gnar are kept intact and only the visuals are changed. The skin seems to try but fails at providing a different feel. Thus, the theme is a good choice for fans of Gnar but nothing particularly impressive.

The winter option is Snow Day Gnar with a warm set of clothes. Mini Gnar strikes as a child yordle enjoying the snow but Mega Gnar seems only bluer and with few intentions to adapt to the new theme. There are few instances where the skin manages to stand out and while that doesn’t ruin it the concept feels thinly spread. The result is a fine winter skin but one can sense the missed potential.

Being more of a lion-style than a luchador El León Gnar is an appealing skin thanks to its cartoony aesthetic. The costume seldom comes to the forefront but the mask and ensuing Mega lion-Gnar look is the highlight of the skin. Even though it doesn’t realise its theme as well as it should it’s a charming skin thanks to the cartoon lion appearance.

As a pilot that seems raving mad and a mecha that appears really powerful Super Galaxy Gnar is an uneven skin. It can’t hide its inconsistencies in both identity and variation of power; some abilities strike as too weak. As an imposing mecha the skin is more successful than as a cute, funny pilot but if you don’t mind the latter it’s an option for fans of theme and champion.

SSG Gnar is a skin that adds a layer of civility to Gnar. The approach is superficial so that a new identity isn’t developed and the result is quite shallow. The most salient feature ends up being the blue colours. Given how special the skin is to be the result hardly is a good example.

  49 Responses to “League of Legends: Gnar Skins’ Review”

  1. I agree, im glad i didnt buy the gnar bundle, however i bought gnar with rp, now i wish that i would have been better off waiting to buy him with ip, but thres just something whenever i see a new champ or skin, i find it hard to resist buying it if i have rp

    • A way of resisting the hype and novelty of a new product could be to consider something else you own and you enjoy a lot. In this case, another champion or skin and compare them. That way you can get an idea of how much you’d like it as you have a frame of reference.

      In the case of Gnar, he does have his charm and, mechanically, could be interesting. Something similar can be said about Dino Gnar but, in the end, they don’t justify going out of the way for them. They are good but not really striking; to an extent, what they offer isn’t really original.

  2. totaly agree with the dino gnar i have purchased for the bundle but i am using his classic skin 😀

    • The changes for the dinosaur costume, as Gnar accrues rage, are a good touch but the general feel of the skin isn’t really well defined. It could be well said that Classic Gnar is a more consistent skin in comparison with the Dino version.

  3. Thank you for the reviews, they really help me a lot when it comes to buying skins. For someone who has a limited budget for league, I rely on your website a lot. I honestly only buy skins that you recommend for the champ hahaha. Thank you again 🙂
    Also, will you be grouping skin line ups like Mecha, Riot, Arcade..ect in their own sub-categories? Like you did with event skin series. It would make going through your site a lot easier 🙂

    • Not at all, we’re glad you find the reviews useful.

      We usually group legacy skins according to the shared theme or those that have been released together in a specific event; like the Freljord skins. However, we don’t group regular skins as there are a lot of skin lines and there would be too many pages repeating the same reviews.

      In the case of legacy skins we think that it makes sense to have a quick reference page. The skins are always made available for a short time so it comes in handy to have a review that conveniently groups all skins available during a specific event.

      The Skin List could help though. At the Skin List you can order the skins by name and, by leaving the ‘Shift’ key pressed, other criteria. For instance you can press on the ‘Name’ label and all Arcade skins will be grouped together.

  4. The dinosaur skin of Mega Gnar seems to be a reference to the old video game Rampage.

    That’s why there’s house throwing, and a recall animation of him swatting down the helicopter.

    • Good point we didn’t consider that. Regardless, in the Fields of Justice, it comes out of nowhere to throw part of a modern house. Still, that isn’t the sole unconvincing part of the skin. There are other issues and the Rampage reference doesn’t really mesh that well with the fantasy setting.

  5. I bought this skin because my friend has a Bittersweet Lulu and they just look so cute together. @__@ Damn those 2 Yordles are so cute. They’re the cutest. I agree with your review. This skin is good but not necessary. It’s cute and adds a modern touch to Gnar but not a must-have like Armor of the 5th Age Taric. Lol jk :))))

    • That’s an interesting way of getting the most from a skin. We agree that the cute part is accomplished but the rest needs some more elaboration. However, don’t underestimate fuzzy leg warmers.

  6. The skin isn’t too bad. Reading the lore behind it might make the skin more understandable.

  7. i like gnar but i do feel like skins missing something vital for me. i decided to pass. Maybe next skin will be more my liking. hoping for a void yordle skin

    • A Void yordle could be interesting if they develop it well and not just try to get the looks; like Void Fizz. Maybe part of the problem is that some skins are superficial. As far as looks go they work but when you look further, beyond the surface, they start to show their inconsistencies. Sometimes it’s better to do less but to do it well. For instance, a simple but appealing change of clothes; as long as the price is appropriate.

  8. I bought the bundle and the reason i use the skin is for the great new recalls and the bouse boulder toss.
    I personally like the skin and im a sucker for nice recalls (mecha skins, neon strike vi)

    • The recalls are nice but we think that there are more important characteristics that should be better developed in Dino Gnar.

      Regardless, we agree that a good recall is a great finishing touch. It doesn’t make a skin but it surely adds that touch that rounds it all quite well.

  9. I really think the reason for doing this skin is for the cute factor

  10. You forgot to mention that Dino Gnar is a parody of a scene in Lilo & Stitch.

  11. Thank you for another informative and well-rounded skin review!
    I’ve found your website very useful of recent, as my friends and I often trade mystery gifts during events, and I have received Muay Thai Lee Sin, Atlantean Syndra, and Dino Gnar. Thanks for the useful resource, it was good to be able to quickly look up the new skins i received with some analysis of their pros/cons!
    Sincerely, Guts

    • Not at all, we are glad to know you find the site useful.

      It’s a nice set of mysterious skins you received hope you enjoy them.

  12. To be honest I don’t like the splash one bit I do not know something just feels very off from the colors they decide to make gnar to the shading they used for the whole portrait. I feel they needed to brighten this up a bit as the colors just feel really dampened down tbh I would have them just go all out with mini lore of this skin and portray him in the scene where perhaps you can see playground equipment and other kids in the background (perhaps other yordles/champs in kid form?) then see and outstretched arm holding his prized boomerang and him somewhere behind the arm on the brink of transforming like his zipper flap it halfway done so you can still see half of his face idk doesn’t have to be that but i think a better scene though that’s my opinion. On the other-hand for some reason love the in game model both forms at that Idk I just find them a lot more pleasurable then the original models. Also for some reason ever since I started using him I have played him immensely better though this is more a mind thing then anything as I just feel more fearless brawling with a Dino and I feel I can use q better for some reason. Lastly although I know its not a reference to it but every time I’m going in on someone and transform in to Mega when Gnar is screaming well GNAR! I’m screaming REPTARRR! which oddly sounds alike lol even look a bit alike Nostalgia sure can make something 10x better then it is lol.

    P.S. Still love the site and I dont know if you remember me from previously on here but you still hold a place in my first 10 bookmarks <3. Also do you fine people have anyplans to expand this site with constant updates outside of skin reviews or is this mainly what it is gonna be? Sorry for the wall of text xD

    • We are glad you find the site useful and we do recall your name.

      Indeed, the splash art for Dino Gnar seems empty and says little. It would definitely have been a more interesting idea to show a scene from the lore in the release announcement.

      Good to know you are enjoying the skin. Without a doubt one’s personal preference should be the final argument on whether to get a skin or not.

      For the time being we’ll continue with skin reviews. We don’t currently have any specific plan to expand the site. It’s not that we don’t want but we haven’t really found anything worthwhile to add. There are already many good gaming news sites. Besides, other games don’t have that many skins or the differences are easier to notice. Expanding is certainly not something we’ve discarded but also not something we have clear either.

  13. I don’t know why, but I think that dino gnar is a lot cuter than classic. Just my opinion.

    • The childish angle used for Dino Gnar certainly adds to the cuteness. However, that may apply better to Mini rather than Mega Gnar.

  14. It has been quite a while and you still haven’t mentioned the new sounds for Dino Gnar’s recalls.

  15. Waiting for Gentleman Gnar review so you give me a general idea about whether buying it or not.

  16. Please do a review for the new Gentleman Gnar skin.

  17. Yo Zero! When I first stumbled on these skin reviews, I thought they would be useless, since skins are mostly opinion based, but you really hit the major points of each skin. Thanks man, helped me make several purchases. Keep it up!

    • We are glad that you find them useful.

      The bottom line is that personal preference is the most relevant argument to like a skin. However, there are significant differences between skins at the technical level even if they share the same price. Besides, the implementations don’t always communicate the skins’ messages as well as they should. Some concepts are more original that others and they can be a matter of taste. As concepts are just ideas and skins are a manifestation of them we take care of evaluating just how well the ideas went from paper to the screen.

  18. can i get a short comparison between the current two gnar skins and the upcoming snowday gnar skin?

    • We prefer Gentleman Gnar due to how it fits his dual personality. Still, Dino Gnar has its unique charm and isn’t a bad skin. Snowday Gnar seems like a good skin, nothing extraordinary but nice. We think that it had potential to be more elaborate and make a better display of the concept; yet not bad.

  19. I wanted to point out how the monocle in Gentleman Gnar’s splash is on the other side of his face when compared to his in-game model. Not sure if that would affect ratings in anyway, but I thought it was worth mentioning.

    • Probably wouldn’t be a significant element but it’s always good to know all the details. The same happens with his walking cane so it’s probably that the splash art got reversed at some point. It happens so it’s not surprising but worth pointing out.

  20. theres new snow particles around snow day gnar, and at maximum rage he become somehow icy and then transform, and guess theres a new animation for his hat while he’s running around!!!

    • We listed the new particles in the ‘new particles for his abilities’. It’s a bit generic but includes all that was changed. Besides, we can’t be too specific as it’s supposed to be a quick list of what’s new.

      With regards to the cap animation it’s reused from Classic Gnar. The bones on his head are changed to a cap and the animation remains. It’s a good touch but only a model changes. Thanks for information though.

  21. What is the best skin of g nar

    • As we mention in the conclusion we recommend Gentlemen Gnar. It’s elegant and also defines a clear and appealing identity for him; class aside. Dino Gnar has its own identity and unique features to offer but we think that Gentleman is a more accomplished skin. If you don’t mind waiting for a Snowdown you could consider Snow Day Gnar. It’s a nice skin but doesn’t realise its theme as well as it should; especially as a legacy skin.

  22. Snow day Gnar look like husky dog in both mini and big form .

    • To a point it does resemble one but the tell-tale signs are the fur colours. In design, it largely the same Gnar but with different fur. It’s something to keep in mind nonetheless.

  23. What do u think about the new gnar skin? Super galaxy gnar?

    • From what little we’ve seen the idea isn’t bad but it could be forced onto Gnar; as with other champions that transform. The problem is that Mini Gnar is to be the pilot and Mega Gnar the mecha. If the transition is well handled and not left like a transformation the skin could communiate the theme. If not it will be an inconsistency at the core of what the concept entails: mechas are to be piloted not transformed into.

  24. El leon Gnar holds a pipe because in WWE there are things like ladders and stuff to use. Not like in situations someone has to use something in order to protect himself.
    I’m Dino Gnar, he tosses parts of a house instead of boulder because it continues the splash art vision.
    I disagree with you… just to let you know.
    Riot is giving many choices to us to play and use our imagination and you guys complain about “Oh… but there is no house in Rift so… dislike the skin”…

    • Well to put it like : ‘Oh… but there is no house in Rift so… dislike the skin.’ sounds like an over-simplification. We take that into account but it’s hardly the basis to make a skin bad or great. The rating is an addition of good features and issues that allow a skin to present a fantasy or hinder it from doing so. We understand your point and we seem to have taken them into account in the reviews.

      Perhaps we simply disagree. We would just like to explain that we take reviews very seriously and try to make useful analysis. In the end, it’s just our opinion but we try to justify each observation.

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