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League of Legends: Riven Skins’ Review – StrategyZero
Apr 262012
Riven, the Exile
Riven, the Exile

Riven, the Exile has a wardrobe selection that covers her past, her future and some unconventional possibilities. From her Crimson Elite days to her future redemption there’s room for quite a few change of clothes; including bunny suit, Season 2 homage, dragon blade and 8-bit incarnation. Hop right into Riven skins’ review for more insight into her outfits.

Redeemed Riven
Redeemed Riven Splash Art Redeemed Riven Model
Category: Regular
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Riven dresses in bright armour and hood having atoned for her past.
Model: New model for Riven and her sword: broken and re-forged.
Particles: No new particles.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: This piece uses the background, albeit simple, to great effect as a frame to Riven; were Riven before a simple background it would be just a pose. In this case, it serves to suggest a story: Riven has arrived to a place and is inspecting her surroundings or staring at someone she meets ready for battle. This composition makes the piece much more than a simple clothes display. Moreover, Riven is beautifully drawn with great use of colours, reflections and lighting. All in all, a great piece and one of League of Legends’ best.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Redeemed Riven is an interesting and practical look for Riven, after all no warrior should face a battle without some sort of protection. The armour is designed more about looks than effectiveness; regardless, it does reach a reasonable compromise between both. The hood adds an air of mystery to Riven that goes in tune with armour and sword; neither being bright nor aggressive. Overall, a very appropriate look for Riven and a very nice skin that’s a bit expensive for being only a re-model.

Crimson Elite Riven
Crimson Elite Riven Splash Art Crimson Elite Riven Model
Category: Regular
Price: 520 RP
Concept: Riven wearing the Noxian Crimson Elite uniform.
Model: New model for Riven and her sword: broken and re-forged.
Particles: No new particles.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: This splash art goes straight to the point: Riven stands defiant over vanquished enemies challenging a new opponent. The dark slightly battered background opposes Riven clean look; even her opponents don’t seem as well prepared for battle as her. Riven is very nicely drawn with nice reflections on her helmet, right arm and suit. Overall, the splash art not only nicely depicts Riven’s look but it also tells a story of her time in the Crimson Elite. In conclusion, a wonderful splash art and another of League of Legends’ best.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Crimson Elite Riven is a skin based on the eponymous Noxian corps. The uniform seems tailored for freedom of movement which also helps to portray Riven’s lean silhouette. In spite of that, the uniform isn’t revealing and provides an aggressive look heavily reflected in the design of both helmet and sword; though the rest of the suit successfully follows the trend. Ultimately, Crimson Elite Riven displays a dark assertive look for Riven that suits her very well. Considering that the skin references her past, has a good deal of appeal and a rather low price it’s a fantastic choice for Riven fans; certainly recommended.

Battle Bunny Riven
Battle Bunny Riven Splash Art Battle Bunny Riven Model
Category: Regular
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Riven costumed similar to a Playboy Bunny.
Model: New model for Riven and her sword: broken and re-forged.
Particles: New orange particles for Broken Wings, Ki Burst, Valor, Blade of the Exile and Wind Slash.
Animations: New bunny tail wiggle animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: There is no doubt that Riven is a versatile woman. Wreaking havok in a bar full of bunnies is further proof of that; though the Noxians present at the party may not be very happy. The background is full of details and complexities, not only adding additional situations but also cameos. Riven is wonderfully drawn with nice colouring, reflections and lighting due to the multiple lights in the bar. The piece also hints at Riven going undercover to a Noxian bunny bar and facing how things get out of hand for her. In summary, while it may seem repetitive it’s another excellent splash art and yet another of League of Legends’ best.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Battle Bunny Riven is a skin that will surely have strong adopters and detractors. The skin has a very specific goal: turn Riven into a hopping, carrot-sword wielding, Playboy Bunny. It definitely succeeds at that endeavour; with the help of suitable orange particles for her abilities; except Runic Blade. However, not everybody will find the concept suitable for a fantasy game or even the execution to their liking. The skin is well modelled but for some reason it fails to rise above the sum of its parts. Besides, while it’s undoubtedly true that there are many skins that are more revealing than a Playboy Bunny suit, even Classic skins, the Playboy connotation won’t appeal to all players alike. Therefore, it’s a good skin if you like Riven to hop around the battlefield dressed as a bunny girl. Nevertheless, it won’t win you over if you aren’t captivated by a Playboy Bunny because there’s nothing else on offer.

Championship Riven
Championship Riven Splash Art Championship Riven Model
Category: Legacy
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Riven wearing dark blue armour and wielding a massive blunt-pointed sword.
Model: New model for Riven and her sword: broken and re-forged.
Particles: New blue particles for her auto-attack, critical strike, abilities and recall.
Animations: New recall animation.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: Behind Riven a volcano seems to have erupted in blue flames and lava, though it could also be an unusually rocky iceberg melting. The thing is, while the blue theme is firmly laid the setting is surprisingly ethereal. Riven stands over a nearby rock resting her sword on its blade. This helps mask its whimsical design just as her posture hides the numbers on the armour. Regardless, she looks quite good: the plates shine bathed by the blue energy, her hair flows reasonably well, and the blade drips blue energy around. On the whole, it’s a very nice splash art, even if it seems ashamed of the seasonal nature of the skin.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Championship Riven is a seasonal skin despite the splash art trying to ignore it. Let’s start with the look and then delve into the details. The armour isn’t a full suit but Riven isn’t exactly known for wearing good protection. Still, for an armoured Riven the skin works despite its peculiar aspect; practically the same can be said about her hairstyle. The subdued and limited palette makes the skin a bit too homogeneous which is a pattern that the sword, strangely, doesn’t follow. The broken blade has a very interesting, ornamented design but when complete it surely stands out from the norm with its blunt end.
Still, the general reference to Season 2 can be overwhelming as the complete sword tries to imitate a two. Coupled with the numbers on Riven’s back and chest they become a strong reminder of how the skin doesn’t actually belong to the fictional Valoran. Therefore, all this many references break the illusion and immersion into the game world. Fortunately, the new blue particles add a lot of visual flare to compensate for the rather unassuming, seasonal look; though Valor does stress the latter. Truth be told, the particles are rather dull with an homogeneous, pale blue largely lacking in contrast of tones. Regardless, the shapes and animations are appealing and fluid.
With regards to the vintage and 2016 versions of the skin there are only a couple of in-game differences and none significant; there’s also a loading screen border for vintage. Vintage Championship Riven has a crown on her head and a new glow on the sword when Blade of the Exile is active. The glow is a good addition that would fit any of Riven’s skins but the crown tends to pass unnoticed. It’s a small gesture that doesn’t add up to much though it certainly isn’t unfitting or unwelcome.
All things considered, it’s a nice skin that feels too attached to its seasonal nature. Nonetheless, considering its limited availability, appealing aesthetic and reasonable price it’s a good product for Riven and nostalgic fans.

Dragonblade Riven
Dragonblade Riven Splash Art Dragonblade Riven Model
Category: Legacy
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Riven as an armoured, eastern warrior.
Model: New model for Riven and her sword: broken and re-forged.
Particles: New fire particles for her abilities.
Animations: New animations for her hair and sword tassel plus new recall animation.
Sounds: New sounds for her abilities and recall.
Splash Art: The setting is a battlefield flooded with flames and soldiers. At a glance, it’s an eye-catching panorama but a closer look is marred by diffuse scenes that don’t clearly show what’s going on. The result is that much is suggested but little can be perceived. That’s not the case with Riven, quite the opposite actually, as she’s clearly depicted leaping in a furious attack. The clothes are well done yet the fabric looks simple. However, the fantastic lighting adds a lot of depth to her portrayal. Her sword also grabs attention despite being behind her. The expression on her face is also very explicit but a tad unfitting for her usually calm demeanour. Maybe if it harkened to her violent Noxian past it would make more sense, there’s still some of that in her, yet it seems like an exaggeration. On the whole, it’s a vivid piece that gives a great first impression. It works quite well as a portrayal but suffers from some minor but significant ailments on the whole.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: The idea behind Dragonblade Riven is clearly that of a warrior with an eastern style. The armour is believable enough as it seems well adapted to an agile fighter without sacrificing protection. Also, the blade has an attractive design that balances ornamentation with practicality. Add to that her animated hair and sword tassel and Riven’s appearance has a lot to offer. However, most of these additions are difficult to notice at a distance: most are rather subtle and the homogeneous colour palette makes her aspect seem simpler than it really is. Fortunately, the red particles provide an eye-catching display; especially for Wind Slash. This makes the skin quite good all around but not enough for its actual price. In particular due to the extremely subtle new sounds and brief new recall animation. It’s, technically, an attractive skin but it also feels overpriced as the changes don’t add up and many elements are almost imperceptible. Therefore, Dragonblade Riven is an appealing skin better caught while on sale as it provides a lot but not at the level expected for its regular price.

Arcade Riven
 Splash Art Arcade Riven Model
Category: Regular
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Riven as an 8-bit swordswoman.
Model: New model for Riven and her sword: broken and re-forged.
Particles: New particles for her abilities, auto-attack, recall and death.
Animations: New recall animation.
Sounds: New sounds for her abilities, auto-attack, recall and death.
Splash Art: The setting is a digital dome surrounded by emptiness. The plates reflect light in different hues of blue but that’s all there is. It’s a serviceable background but also weak in context. In the foreground, Riven and Blitzcrank stand between fighting and posing as they don’t really face or even look at each other.
Riven’s portrayal is, in general terms, rather good. It’s moderately easy to get a good idea of her look; even if her left arm doesn’t help and her right one is hidden behind her. The rest is well depicted: colourful and with nice lighting yet the saturated colours give the depiction a solid, heavy feel that doesn’t match the digital angle. Regardless, it’s possible to appreciate many details of her new look and the stance is eye-catching.
Conversely, Blitzcrank isn’t very clearly portrayed. Perhaps due to his bulky frame and the close perspective it’s difficult to appreciate the differences with his classic style besides the new face, pincer and pixellated chest screen. The colours are also quite muddy and only the electricity adds some life to the portrayal. His lower body is also missing which, in this particular case, is rather relevant. There are details to notice, marks, dents and such, the design of the pincer is finely shown yet detail appears only in specific areas.
All in all, this is a piece where there isn’t enough room for both champions. Skins at this high price imply that the champion’s depiction has to be the centre of attention as well as being representative of their personality. In this case, it seems like both champions are posing one in front of the other. The problem may be in the very conception of the piece as not only there’s practically no interaction between them but their portrayals are simplistic. This result in a splash art that works at showing Riven and Blitzcrank’s new looks but that, overall, disappoints.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: The first impression that Arcade Riven gives is that of a modern, toy squire. The clothes seem contemporary as well as her equipment but the latter also appears to be made of plastic. It can even be said that the actual theme is cosplaying with a few references to classic arcade games. From the helmet and sword there is a weak allusion to a knight; perhaps with Ghosts ‘n Goblins in mind. In general, the look feels plain: it lacks harmony and a unified design as it consists mostly of casual clothes; toy gear apart. Nevertheless, there’s a fitting sense of child play in it that isn’t as vibrant as it should be but that is welcome.
The skin gets interesting once the pixellated effects and chiptunes appear and firmly state the 8-bit nostalgia. While there’s nothing revolutionary the particles are well done and the ‘HIT!’ messages added to Broken Wings help define the personality of the skin; just as the ‘K.O.’ message does for her death. The sounds all share a retro style which effectively support the particles but that never stand out.
All things considered, for fans of 8-bit skins Arcade Riven has a lot to offer. It doesn’t do much beyond the expected but remains appealing and has some moments of brilliance; like the recall. Fans of the Exile will find it an interesting, even if expensive, detour from her usual swordswoman trend.

Dawnbringer Riven
Dawnbringer Riven Splash Art Dawnbringer Riven Model
Category: Legendary
Price: 1820 RP
Concept: Riven as an angelic warrior of order.
Model: New model for Riven and her sword plus moderate model changes when Blade of the Exile is active. New glowing, translucent epaulette wings.
Particles: New particles for her abilities with and without Blade of the Exile active, auto-attack, emotes, death, respawn and recall.
Animations: New animations for her epaulette wings, hair, abilities, auto-attack, standing idle, walking, high speed run, emotes, death, respawn, tower channel and recall.
Sounds: New sounds for her abilities with and without Blade of the Exile active, auto-attack, emotes, high speed run, death, respawn and recall. New voice-over as well as new quotes for her abilities, buying items, specific interactions with certain champions, starting the game and killing enemies. Processed voice-over for Blade of the Exile.
Splash Art: Clouds, sky or a blur of shapeless swirls. There isn’t much background to speak of, only a bare frame to fill the space where Riven isn’t present. Her shoulder wings take as much space as possible, spreading well beyond what the three-dimensional model shows, to aptly give Riven an angelic feel; also supported by the feather-like sparks. This is further sustained by their supernatural glow which is echoed by her glowing eyes. Still, in terms of context, there’s nothing to say.
If we focus on Riven then there’re things of note. Starting from the less spectacular: the crystal blade of the sword looks like cheap plastic given the dull colours. The particularly diffuse wings also appear less supernatural than they should, they lack any translucence, but their cotton-like feel is a good touch. The light they emit affects Riven and that’s where the sharp lines and vibrant colours finally bring the piece to life. The reflections over the soft tones and detailed shading make for a great depiction that seems photorealistic at times. The skin has an unusual texture that adds to the supernatural angle effectively. Truth be told, for the most part, this is a fantastic portrayal of Riven.
All said, as a full splash art this is a piece that is lacking. The portrayal is great and, some specific areas aside, the quality is inspiring. Sadly, Riven’s depiction is the only focus and relevant contribution that the piece has. The lack of context means that there isn’t anything beyond a presentation card. The eventual connection to Nightbringer Yasuo is interesting but a splash art should work well on its own. The basic message, though, is very well communicated.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Colourful and vibrant, Dawnbringer Riven is an attractive skin thanks to the depth of the execution. The concept isn’t particularly striking as she’s placed on the side of the light against the eternally opposing darkness. The new model is somewhat uneven due to the simplicity of her shoes and tights under the ornamented golden armour. There’re angelic features like the feathered arm and glowing wing-like epaulettes which, added to the exposed back give a sense of protective instead of threatening power. This is reinforced by the crystal sword with a large ring-guard. Ornamented to the point of almost looking ceremonial it’s a classy weapon. Of course, cleavage isn’t avoided and the tights give tribute to their denomination; which can feel out of place given the theme at hand.
There’s another model to speak about with an understandable strong resemblance to the base model. When Blade of the Exile is active Riven goes Super Saiyan with spiky gold hair. There’s a golden suit to dress her with, decorated in some simple yet elegant ornamentation resembling feathers. Her sword mostly gets an enlarged blade with central decoration but the guard also shines with celestial energy which helps combat the restricted colour palette; stressed by the golden glow.
Particles are vivid in colour with little sparks flying around. Runic Blade has an appealing glow for her whole body and interesting swirls for the ring-guard of her sword. The blue swirl of Broken Wings is soft and eye-catching: slashes flow with ease and end in a powerful yet ethereal explosion of magic. Ki Burst explodes like a flower with flowing sparks after a quick hemisphere. Valor makes her leave a soft trail of blue shadows that ends in a glowing globe of protection with ornamental shields around, similar to her sword’s ring-guard; all rather tame even if classy. Blade of Exile explodes in a burst of gold which also accompanies any ability used while it is active. They all receive an additional layer of gold, most noticeable in Broken Wings’ slashes and final blow as well as Ki Burst explosion of energy. Unfortunately, Valor only adapts the trail of shadows. The modifications present their empowered aspect quite well; sadly auto-attacks aren’t touched either. Wind Slash is an elegant projection of a golden ring flanked by blue wings and leaving a translucent trail of blue and gold behind which is very charming but hardly lethal. It communicates effectively the delicate supernatural personality of Dawnbringer Riven just as the motifs of the skin.
Sounds for abilities and auto-attacks revolve around crashing crystal. There aren’t vast differences except for how they adapt to the specific ability in loudness and length. Blade of the Exile, just like the particles, adds a bell chime that gives the abilities a more angelic feel; again auto-attacks miss the fun. Still, such support from model, particles and sounds makes Blade of the Exile feel like a very satisfying and special moment. To add to it, the voice-over is processed, with a supernatural tint to her voice, when Blade of the Exile is active which delineates a clear direction for the design that works wonders.
Animations are different but appreciable similarities to Classic can be seen when we speak of abilities. Auto-attacks are quite different with wide, dashing slashes that suit the eye-catching presentation of the skin. Conversely, abilities only change a bit. They flow better as they feel softer, less rigid and more dynamic but the actions are mostly identical. Wind Slash stands apart with a wide vertical slash which, even if it doesn’t suit the horizontal arc perfectly, stands out. Other animations of note are the daring standing pose and walking gait, as well as the floating high speed run. Emotes are rather nicely done but it’s the recall that makes the better presentation of her power. The death and respawn animations also support the theme well though the former seems a bit brief and derivative. It should be noted that epaulette wings and hair are also animated and respond accordingly to her every action which adds a subtle but appreciable and appealing brushstroke of magical elegance to her feel.
All things considered, Dawnbringer Riven is a fantastic skin. It has a lot of good features to offer and most of it is very well done. There are some rough areas that could be improved which leave the feeling that a final layer of polish may be necessary to fully finish the skin and make it shine like it can. Regardless, it’s a wonderful option for any fan of the Exile.

Pulsefire Riven
 Splash Art Pulsefire Riven Model
Category: Regular
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Riven as a hi-tech swordmaster.
Model: New model for Riven and her sword.
Particles: New particles for her abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Animations: New death and recall animations.
Sounds: New sounds for her abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Splash Art: What we have here is a piece with few but relevant elements. The problem is that few elements take up a lot of space yet do nothing with that space; except for the sword which reveals all of its intricate hi-tech glory. Most of the background is a portal that is comprised of circular swirls of energy without any further detail. It’s a relevant element but doesn’t offer anything interesting about its design. Only the sparse a look at a city is interesting. It seems like the Big Ben appears at the top but its fuzzy depiction disappoints. Besides, a classic clock tower we get no further information about the rest of the city: did Riven travel in time or in space? The contrast between classic clock tower and futuristic city, for example, would’ve added a lot of personality to the setting.
Fortunately, Riven’s portrayal is quite attractive for how brief it is. A great deal of Riven lies beyond the portal so it’s simply invisible. The transition is smooth and the design of her armour and sword easily catch the eye thanks to the detailed portrayal. Colours are rather soft as if everything had been filtered; which makes surfaces lack vibrancy. The blade of her sword looks like cheap plastic instead of anything deadly. There’s also a clear homogeneity given by the blue palette of colour. While the skin is centred on blue each hue is similar to the other without a good contrast in tones. Riven’s face also appears artificial and her hair plastic-like which may not be the intention as she’s suppossed to be a human in a hi-tech suit. The spaulder also doesn’t fit in with the Mass Effect style of the rest of the armour which is also a far cry from the much simpler in-game look.
Overall, this splash art makes an interesting introduction of Riven without having good support from the background. The portrayal is absorbing in details but also misleading considering the paltry complexity of the three-dimensional counterpart. While there are things to like this is a splash art that lacks a good balance in use of detail.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: One of the things that stand out in Pulsefire Riven is that the Exile gets a full sword to wield. That has its downside, though, as the ultimate feels less special. It’s also part of the balancing act that the skin does. The model is leagues away from the detailed, gritty portrayal found in the splash art. In comparison Riven looks like a plastic toy with a cartoony style. On her own and at a distance, the model feels like a fantasy warrior from a sci-fi JRPG. Between the spiky hair and oversized plates there is a subtle anime touch that works. What doesn’t work so well is the minimal change for the sword when Blade of the Exile is active. Perhaps the main problem is that the sword mainly becomes wider and looks quite similar to the non-expanded version.
Particles actually have some really nice designs even if they are rather sparse. The main problem is that they are too brief and so it’s difficult to notice them. Consider the trail of silhouettes left by Riven for Broken Wings and Valor: they look quite nice but are almost imperceptible. The other problem of the particles is that designs employ a lot of empty space. Broken Wings’ slashes and Ki Burst’s hemisphere have nothing to show except on the outer limits of the effects. Holographic glows on Riven and the sparks that appear on the sword’s hilt thanks to Runic Blades are quite appealing. The drones sent forward by Wind Slash look too similar to the classic design; something that the sparks added to their trail doesn’t combat. This leaves the ultimate being unnecessarily similar to classic.
Sounds come in two shapes: metallic clanks and energy discharges. Most abilities as well as auto-attacks employ a high pitched metal sound that ends up becoming a part of the skin’s identity but is also repetitive; they are too similar to each other. Valor and Blade of the Exile employ an energy sound that is suitable and nice but also quite brief and familiar.
The new recall sees Riven jumping into a portal which is interesting because of the questions it raises and is part of the Pulsefire theme. The rest of the skin says nothing about portals and the animation is simple, as well as the portal, yet it’s a good addition. The disappearance added as the new death animation also helps add to the identity of the skin. It underlines the weak sci-fi styling of the skin.
All added together, Pulsefire Riven is a skin with problems but that manages to be appealing. If we are to take the promise of the splash art seriously then this would warrant two stars and some harsher criticism. Taking the skin on its own it’s almost a JRPG homage with style but one that struggles to come through. There are good designs in the skin but they seem repressed instead of expanded and given enough breadth to impress. In spite of this the skin is attractive if one’s expectations are set accordingly. In fact, it could be said that this skin belongs at 975 RP more than at 1350 RP. Therefore, if you want a nice sci-fi deviation for the Exile then Pulsefire Riven is a good choice. On the other hand, if you are looking to be impressed, then this is a wasted opportunity for a sci-fi choice.


Riven skins are all quite good but they are designed with very different concepts in mind. Crimson Elite and also Redeemed Riven are the recommended skins as they execute the most universal concepts of dark athletic elite soldier and high-fantasy armoured warrior. Crimson Elite has a more attractive price but both skins are worth recommending as they reflect Riven’s past and desired future; respectively. Redeemed is expensive for being a re-model, that can’t be denied, but has the benefit of a great concept.

Beyond the release skins we find two before the prices started to rise. A less serious yet relevant choice is Battle Bunny Riven. It’s a nice skin but it’s not for everybody due to its particular theme.

Championship Riven is a skin too centred on paying homage to Season 2. The overall quality makes it a good choice but you’ll have to excuse the obvious seasonal design.

The most expensive options are interesting and manage to offer quite a bit. Dragonblade Riven is an appealing but overpriced eastern style for Riven. If you can catch it on sale it can be a satisfying option as it has some nice additions; like fiery particles and minor animations.

Whereas, Arcade Riven is an 8-bit styled skin that feels lacklustre in certain areas but manages to present its theme well enough to be appealing. As a different approach to the usual sword fighting it’s an interesting though expensive alternative.

The legendary option makes its label proud. With an attractive set of model, particles, sounds and animations the skin is quite appealing. Add to this the effect of the ultimate on the skin’s feel and we are left with a very satisfying and unique experience. For fans of the Exile, Dawnbringer Riven is a great option.

Even if Pulsefire Riven is a good skin it is one that pales in comparison to the splash art. With reasonable expectations, it’s a nice, sci-fi style with more than a touch of anime. If you can excuse the 975 RP feeling of the skin then it’s a good option. If not, then take away a star and ignore the skin because it simply fails to impress.

  133 Responses to “League of Legends: Riven Skins’ Review”

  1. Really nice review! I like the Battle Bunny skin. Can you make a review of Tristana skins? Thank you.

  2. Sure, consider her added to the list.

    • Hey. Not sure where to post this, but your evaluation of Arcade Riven’s background somewhat annoyed me. The reason for the bland background, how Blitzcrank and Riven aren’t facing each other, and the stagnant poses are because the art is supposed to represent a character select screen, contributing to the game/arcade game feel.

      • We are aware of it but we still feel like the background could’ve had more personaity. In other words, as a selection screen it would be on the simple side. It’s not a backdrop that adds much.

  3. Tranks, for make the skins preview of riven!.

  4. You’re welcome.

  5. How about Championship Riven skin review? worth or not to buy it? 🙂

    • We’ll review Championship Riven soon, preferably once we have more official information about it.

      The skin doesn’t look bad in terms of model and particles but it all comes down to the price as to whether it’s a good purchase or not. Although, that probably won’t stop collectors or Riven fanatics.

      We’ll keep you posted.

  6. I didn’t even notice riven has new splash art… i think it’s better than the last one

  7. Are you serious? Championship riven for me is 5 star skin and i believe championship riven review wasn’t so good… -fotis-

    • Why do you think that the review wasn’t good? Is there something we didn’t consider? Should we have analysed the skin from a different angle?

      We agree that Championship Riven is a very nice skin yet wielding a gigantic Roman numeral two may not be for everybody. On top of that, the multiple numerals on Riven’s armour insist a bit too much on reminding that the skin belongs to Season 2.

      It’s a great skin without doubt but, ultimately, too tightly tied to its seasonal nature. That doesn’t mean that it should’ve ignored it but it could’ve been more measured about it.

  8. if u believe something else pls answer

  9. Redeemed Riven is currently on sale (487). Is it better to grab Redeemed Riven, or Crimson Elite.

    • First and foremost you should get the skin that you like the most. That taken into account both are nice skins: Redeemed is a glimpse into her bright future and Crimson Elite a look at her dark past. In terms of looks both are nice but without doubt the sale is a good opportunity to get Redeemed at half its price.

      Additionally, Crimson Elite was on sale on January of 2013 so the chances of it going on sale are increasing; though there are no certainties.

  10. can i still buy championship riven skin????

  11. What are your first impressions on dragonblade riven?

    • Looks like a nice skin with an acceptable though unassuming model and fine particles. Hopefully the skins can still be improved as there’s some time until the Lunar Revel.

  12. Im hesitating between redeemed riven and battle bunny sooo hard. could you elp me.

    • Sure, first of all Battle Bunny Riven is a funny skin content with adding an humurous touch to her good looks. Redeemed Riven also sports good looks but it’s also sensible armour fitting of a warrior and tied to her lore: it displays the ideal she wants to reach, to atone for her war crimes.

      If you just want something light for Riven then Battle Bunny can be fun. However, if you prefer something closer to the champion and that also displays her in practical gear then Redeemed is the one. As always, try to choose based on which idea you like the most. In this particular case, both are quite good and equally priced.

  13. And I was wondering, since you come out with so much good quality stuff and answer so quickly, is this website your main source of income?

    • Smartly thought but we’d rather be discrete about certain information. Nonetheless, you can be sure that the site is a main interest as we try to help people make better, informed purchases.

  14. is championship riven coming again??

    • Truth be told we don’t know. If we recall correctly it wasn’t made available when Championship Thresh was released. From the looks of things, Championship skins are limited and, so far, haven’t returned once retired from the store.

      • You probably already figured out by now, but Champion Thresh and Riven are classed differently in terms of rarity (not sure what exactly to call it lol). Redeemed Riven is considered “limited edition” meaning it was a one time deal not takesysbacksys much like super early skins as king rammus, and zombie ryze. But Thresh on the other hand was labeled as one of the “legacy skins” meaning he has a chance to come back under a set of certain conditions I.E. possibly when the next one is released. I personally believe is because after the selling if Champ Riven was done people were outraged when Riot made it clear that she was limited edition not legacy, while the community on the other hand felt they were not clear enough and missed an opportunity when they thought they would probably have another next season. So to avoid another muckup they probably did not want any complication and decided to start labeling them “Legacy”. IMO I feel they should all be limited edition but am not spiteful, I just like the fact of these once a year skins giving a final sendoff to that season and as that season goes your opportunity to get it. If they had portrayed Championship skins as a sort of team I would feel more obliged to make it Legacy so you can assemble them all. P.S. sorry for wall of text lol

        • You’re right, Championship Riven is a limited skin and Championship Thresh is a legacy skin; we got confused.

          It’s quite probable that something like that happened though we wouldn’t discard an eventual return of Championship Riven like other limited skins did: giving a new frame for the loading skin. The truth is that all these categories of skins sometimes make things more complicated than they need to be.

          Both sides of the limited argument are understandable: one rewards exclusivity and the other increases availability. If done well both can be good options but when you have a mix of the two that’s when neither really work well.

  15. Also just wanted to say not sure if your a group of people or a singular blogger but keep up the great work you will forever hold a place in my bookmarks if you keep updating and adding new content. I have redeemed and championship as I find them suiting her theme of rising above her past and transforming herself who she thought broken into this badass warrior who is stronger then she ever was before being broken and reassembled into something beautiful. Especially redeemer she just has that look of “Swain I;m on your ass”

    • Glad that you find the site useful and we definitely intend to keep updating and adding content. This site is made to help people enjoy skins by making purchases they are satisfied with. So, as long as we can help we will.

      We completely agree that Riven’s theme is quite attractive. Hopefully more will be done with it as it’s stagnating right now. Still, Noxians would do well not to underestimate their exiled comrade…

  16. Hey, will Dragonblade Riven be ever available again?

  17. In the Particles sections of Battle Bunny Riven, I think it should be mentioned “New orange particles” like in most other skins. Also, in the same section for Dragonblade Riven, it would be more appropriate to say “fire particles” instead of just red, which could imply that they are recolors like in the previous two skins, which they clearly aren’t (most likely one of the reasons for the higher price).

  18. Emm..sorry for adding another comment. Something went wrong from my side. Delete both comments please, and sorry. Thanks for ur responses, Zero!

  19. Uhh Dragonblade Riven’s recall has new sounds just so you know. You really should spend more time reviewing skins rather than skimming over them and making mistakes on your reviews. I think Dragonblade Riven is a great skin and your review is just there so you can look down on quality skins and promote skins like Crimson Elite Riven

    • Thanks for the notice, we’ve missed some recall sounds and are still to update the reviews.

      We do spend time to get the feel of the skins but sometimes we miss a thing or two; we are fallible. We completely agree that Dragonblade Riven is a great skin but there’s a single aspect where it’s not great: it’s an expensive legacy skin. This means that it can’t go on sale and at 1350 RP, a price close to a legendary we expect something close to that level.

      Crimson Elite Riven is much cheaper, can go on sale, provides a glimpse into her past and also looks quite good. It’s certainly not as elaborate as Dragonblade but the lower price compensates for the simplicity. Had Dragonblade also included a few animations, aside from the recall, or some other significant extras then the high price would fit the skin much better.

      Take into consideration that there are many skins at 975 RP with new particles, sounds and a new recall so the question is: what does Dragonblade offer over those skins that explains its higher price? Even if we only consider Riven skins, both Championship and Battle Bunny do have new particles. Dragonblade has new sounds but, being between legendary and 975 RP, it should be somewhat closer to legendary to get a great rating at such a price.

  20. One of the birthday gifts today was Battle Bunny Riven, and I noticed an annoying flaw with it – her passive particle is still green despite the other abilities being orange. Also, been thinking of mentioning for a while that that skin’s tail wiggles every ~3 seconds. That should be mentioned in animations I think.

    • Happy birthday and enjoy your party and gifts with family and friends. Best wishes.

      We didn’t realize about Runic Blade’s colour but it does seem not to have changes; we’ll clarify that. As far as tail wiggling is concerned we certainly didn’t notice that: it’s rather subtle. It does seem to wiggle in most of not all of her animations; probably an animation dependant on movement.

      We, well, researched that. You have a good eye for, well, let’s say detail. Yes, detail, good, thanks for the notice.

      • Thank you so much, I am really happy to see your humorous side once in a while :3
        Had a great birthday, this was my 18th so it was pretty big, though I didn’t party much, I am just not into parties so much. Also yes, it was simply a small detail I noticed, I swear.
        Looking through Championship to check if there is blue particles for her passive, I saw that there thankfully is, and I also noticed there is a blue spark during her recall animation, which you should mention in the particles section.

        • We dust it off and let it see the light of day sometimes but for the most part it’s incarcerated behind all the professional mumbo jumbo.

          We are glad you had a great time in you birthday. There’s quite a bit ahead in life so best of whishes in your future. Whatever you choose try to be happy.

          Back to Riven, let’s leave small details as such; for the good of all involved. Her newer skins, Championship and Dragonblade, do seem to have new particles for Runic Blade; fortunately. It looks unfinished when a skin is left with some remnants of the classic base; especially when most areas are changed.

          Subtleties, there is, indeed, a new spark for her recall. Thanks for the notice; back to fixing then.

  21. Hey Zero,
    Just saw that there will be an Arcade Riven skin soon.
    What are your first impressions?

    • Seems like a good skin but perhaps the clothing should be more warrior and less casual. We’ll have to check the skin in full but Arcade Riven seems like it could be a nice skin.

  22. It seems kinda fun that you’d want worse particles with the Arcade Riven one xD. Why not have one that has better looking particles?

    • If the particles are well done they can have a retro look and still be eye-catching and complex. It all depends on how they are done. When something is done well it can make its style shine but when it’s not no amount of technology may save it.

  23. After seeing the pre release for Arcade Riven, I thought it would be a skin worth getting. Judging from the pre release teaser video, roughly how many stars would you give it?

    • We aren’t sure yet, it’ll be somewhere between three and four stars but we aren’t as impressed as we’d like to be. At 1350 RP a skin has to add some significant extras on top of the usual assets used at 975 RP to justify its price. Arcade Riven has a few but they aren’t very impactful overall.

      Truth be told, it seems like 1350 RP skins seldom do more than a 975 RP skin. In other words, we don’t know what one is paying extra for.

  24. Hey, i really like your skin reviews. Thanks for the work. But I have also a question: How long do you usually need to update the skin reviews, because i would really like to know your opinion of Arcade Riven and Battle Boss Blitzcrank for that matter

    • Not at all, glad that you like them.

      We try to have the reviews ready shortly after the skins are released. In some cases it can be on the same day or if they are complex skins or we have too much work it can be the following day. We make an effort not to delay them more than that but circumstances aren’t always under our control.

      Both Arcade Riven and Battle Boss Blitzcrank are reviewed now so, in this case, we managed to make a timely update.

  25. Hi ! How to get dragon blade riven skin? Is that skin still in thr game?

    • It’s only available during specific time periods as it’s a legacy skin. There was a recent bundle that included the skin but most of the time it’s unavailable at the store. It will surely be available again during the next Lunar Revel event by the beginning of next year; when the Lunar New Year comes. That aside, there could be some other times when it reappears but, like the bundle, they will be exceptions to the Lunar Revel event.

  26. I love this website zero and i wa just wondering what would be better for a serious riven player Reedemed or Arcade riven? Also does redeemed riven look dramatically different then the original riven or just a little different?

    • Redeemed Riven is a full re-model so, visually, the Exile does look different. There are no other changes so that’s something that Arcade offers over Redeemed. Arcade’s price is also higher but it offers enough to be a good choice.

      As to which skin is the best choice for a Riven fan it really depends on which theme you like the most and how much you are willing to spend. Redeemed is tied to her lore but Arcade is a charming interpretation. You can always wait for a sale on the skin to save RP.

      In the end, it’s a matter of which skin you like the most. There really isn’t a skin that a serious player should get as you can be quite good with Riven with just the classic skin. What really matters is whether you’ll enjoy Redeemed or Arcade enough to play them often.

  27. Hello,
    One thing that I would like to see out of these reviews are the handling of skins. For example, a lot of people thing dragon blade riven or project yasuo have some clunkiness issues. I just feel that while reviewing the skins, pay attention to that and report if anything feels awkward as a lot of us players take that into account very seriously. Btw love the reviews not trying to take away from them in any way.


    • We appreciate the feedback. To be fair it’s something we haven’t considered largely because we haven’t experienced it. Do take into account that complex skins probably ask for more resources and so it can generate some clunkiness that classic skins lack; as they don’t press the computer as much.

      We’ll keep our eyes open for it but, so far, we haven’t noticed it.

  28. Hi, I have redeemed riven in my lunar revel shop for 390 rp. Do you think its worth it? I already have dragon blade, so I cant decide.

    • It depends how much you like and play Riven. Dragonblade is certainly a more elaborate skin while Redeemed is only a re-model. It’s a good re-model that references her lore and suits her well but simply doesn’t have the visual splendour of Dragonblade. It does, however, have a relevance that Dragonblade lacks.

      It can be a matter of personal preference but, if you like Riven and play her often, then 390 RP is a really good price for Redeemed. The 975 RP asked for it is simply too much so while the skin is good, by now, it needs to offer more than a new model to be worth so much.

  29. Hey zero 🙂

    I tried out Arcade Riven on my friends account (I was thinking of getting it) and I just love love LOVE the new particles and sounds. It almost makes her addicting to play. On the other hand, Battle bunny riven has some nice particles and I like the sword. I think I lean a bit more to arcade riven. What are your thoughts?

    • Arcade Riven is more elborate though not as much as the price would suggest. The main attraction the skin has is the pixellated particles and the old school sounds. The model is a mishmash of references that isn’t very clear about what it wants to be. The result is attractive but we think there should be more for 1350 RP.

      Battle Bunny Riven only has re-coloured particles but it can be interesting as a joke; for as long as it stays funny. It doesn’t go the sex appeal way, considering its concept, but the idea behind the skin is clear and ends up being its biggest feature.

      It depends on what you want from the skin, how much you are willing to pay and which features you prefer over others. We’d recommend getting the skins on sale, especially Arcade. Both have things to offer but their approach is different.

  30. Hey zero, Arcade riven has new auto attack sounds, am I right?

    • We checked several times and just couldn’t notice a different auto-attack sound. It seems to be the same old classic sound which works with the new style but isn’t up to par with the whole style. The auto-attack particles are different though which makes it all a bit baffling.

      • Really? It is very clear to me. Like, Its so obvious.. Its like a normal blitzcrank auto attack compared to a battle boss blitzcrank auto attack..

        • Yes, we do hear the difference.

          Both video links worked fine. Thanks for taking the time to make the comparison, we appreciate it. It’s true the difference is noticeable and you make it very plain to hear. Sorry, we simply didn’t catch it before. We’ll update the review and make it more useful with your contribution; thanks again.

          • No problem, glad I could help. I appreciate the reviews very much!

          • It’s only with help from readers that we can keep track of the exorbitant amount of skins and different features. We are glad that you find the reviews useful and that you took the time to make them better for everybody.

      • Here, I made a short video comparing the 2 sounds. Once you listen to them side by side you should see what I mean. I even did it without the video part so you can Hear without being fooled by the particles. Here is the video: (Turn up your volume)


  31. So I bought riven and the only motovation I need to play a champion is to buy one of their skins. I seem to love dragonblade riven still taking into consideration your review but I dont think I can wait 6 months and spend that much raw rp, so now I gotta decide between arcade and championship. I think championship is going on sale soon(:D) yet arcade is newer and in the end costs more with arcade supposedly going half price. Which do you recommend? A rarer skin or a skin with possibly more effects? (Love the reviews btw)

    • Firstly, we recommend the skin with the concept and implementation you like the most. As far as amount of effects there isn’t such a huge difference so it’s a matter of which style you like the most. Championship is, to a point, a blue armoured version of Riven while Arcade is a pixellated tribute that works better with particles and sounds than with model changes.

      Do take into account that Championship is one of the few, if not only, remaining limited skins. In theory, they don’t become available. However, as Riot has moved to legacy skins it was mentioned that after four years Championship would be made available again. The point we try to make is that all this is based on hearsay so there’s nothing concrete.

      We would advise to wait and get the skin you like the most, preferably in a sale. We understand that sometimes one just doesn’t want to wait. However, it tends to pay off in the end. Also, don’t forget to pay attention to bundles as there could be one with Dragonblade Riven at a reasonable discount. If you are willing to be patient you may be able to get what you like at a sensible expense.

  32. Very nice review but i want to ask: Arcade Riven will be on sale next month and i am wondering if its worth or i should save my rp for another skin oike crimson elite or battle bunny or just keep rolling with the Project Riven custom skin as it has new particles on all abilities though no sound changes and its pretty glitchy.

    • Glad that you like it.

      From what we saw of Project: Riven it seems like a rather nice skin that fits the sci-fi style it tries to capture. Arcade isn’t at that level because the pixellated particles have a retro style as opposed to the futuristic lean look of Project. Still, Arcade Riven is a nice skin provided you like it for what it can offer. If you want something similar to Project then none of Riven other skins will suffice. Either of them are recreating a completely different concept so there’s no replacement.

      That aside, Riven does have many nice skins; even re-models like Crimson Elite or Redeemed. If you want a skin then it depends on which concept you like and how much you expect from the execution and are willing to pay. Overall, Riven doesn’t have bad skins but a few could do a bit more or better for their price.

  33. Is the new Championship Riven worth buying? ^_^

    • If you like the idea of an armoured Riven with a dedicated liking for blue it would be. The skin is actually quite nice though its intent is obvious. Regardless, it manages to be more than a mere celebration of a season. She does look like a warrior and though the colour palette is restricted it’s also attractive. If its old price of 975 RP stays it would be a nice skin to get; provided you like it.

      There will be changes, polish mostly, for the VFX which means that particles will look a bit different. It’s a pity that previous owners can’t keep the original untouched and get the polished one as separate skins; the one new owners get. It would be a nice memento of how things were back in Season 2. In theory, the changes will make it all better but we know well enough by now that visual upgrades can be hit and miss.

  34. I would like to ask you Zero, if skins like the limited ones (like Championship Riven) and legacy ones (like Dragonslayer Riven) can be put at a discount on the days that are available. So for example, when the Championship skin becomes available for a few days, will it for a small period of time be available at a (maybe 50%) discount or it will always hold the price of 975 RP? Same question goes for the Dragonblade skin during the Lunar Event. ^_^

    • The release discounts were removed when the early sales were introduced. This means that skins will be discounted to the next cheaper price tier six months after release and nothing before that; sans a bundle maybe. The consequence is that no skin, legeacy or limited, will ever see a discount on release even if its price is 1350 RP; as it used to happen. With some twists and turns, the price of skins keeps going up.

      To complete the picture: regular sales can happen after a skin has gone on an early sale. There is no specific mention of how long it takes; if we recall correctly. However, it’s reasonable to suppose that it would take a few months more for that. A guess of about a year, months more or less, seems sensible enough.

      • Alright, thanks a lot for the information !! The reason i asked was because I really wanted to purchase that Dragonblade skin on Riven and some other legacy or limited skins like Championship Shyvana, Headless Hecarim and Winter Wonder Lulu whenever they become available. But the problem is that i can’t afford to buy them at their normal price as I do not have that much of RP, so I hoped that maybe they could be on a sale for a day for example (like I remember they did in the past) something like a price tier down from their original price (975 RP from 1350 and 750 RP from 975). Unfortunately, I’ll have to settle for a regular skin on those champions and wait for their sale period! Thank you Zero! ^_^

        • Not at all. The regular sales are the best option when buying skins. There’s usually more than one skin that appeals and the price adds up quickly so the discount always helps.

          • Of course it does, I always buy regular skins when they come on sale (i mean the 50% discount) because I don’t have much RP and I can’t buy any more. That’s why I asked whether the skins that become available only for a very short period of time during the year (like the legacy ones) come on a discount one of those days that they become available, so i could buy them at that time. And if that does not happen, I’ll have to settle for a regular skin that is available all year long and wait till it comes on a 50% discount at some point in the year.

          • There are a few exceptions about legacy skins but not just released skins. Retired skins, which are made legacy and removed from the store, are available in the yearly Legacy Vault Sale; usually by the end of the year. Sometimes legacy skins from events, like Ravenborn LeBlanc, can appear in bundles. If you like the whole set it’s a way of getting them at a discount but if you get skins you don’t like then it loses all appeal. Also, past, legacy event skins are bundled for the event with a small discount by year; it can help a bit with the price.

            Truth be told, skins aren’t cheap and discounts are that deep even when buying several; bundles at best equate a regular sale. There are ways of getting some discounts here and there; we might’ve forgotten to mention some. Regardless, we agree that usually the skins that are more accessible are the regular ones. Fortunately and sadly, it’s not as if event skins are fully superior due to their restricted availabiliy.

  35. You are right, thanks a lot Zero for all the information provided!!! You were much of a help!! You are doing an excellent job, keep going! ^_^

  36. how about new champ riven 2016 edition???. is that skin for 5 star?

    • The changes to Championship Riven are minimal and also retroactively added to the old skin. In practice, if you own the previous skin there’s no reason to get the new one. In fact, we thought that it would be automatically added to owners. After all, they are more or less the same; except that the old skin doesn’t qualify as owned for bundles which include the new one.

  37. Is the review that’s up for championship riven for the “current” skin, or the older/vintage one?

    • It’s for both versions of the refined Championship Riven. Truth be told, the changes are minimal with regards to the old skin as well as between the vintage and 2016 version. The most relevant change is the polished yet less colourful version of the particles with regards to the old one. Between the vintage and 2016 version differences are even smaller as there only seems to be a subtle glow on her complete sword during Blade of Exile. There’s also the crown but it’s barely noticeable.

  38. I am in a bit of a dilema…Should I buy the Battle Bunny skin, the Championship one or the Arcade

    • It depends on what you are looking for in a skin. Battle Bunny is more of a joke or costume with some timidly coloured particles. Championship strives to be a blue, armoured version if Riven with a touch of royalty that perhaps references too much the seasonal aspect. Arcade is a skin with an unassuming model backed by quite attractive particles and nice sounds.

      Each skin is unique and has nice features as well as drawbacks. At any rate, if you plan to buy Battle Bunny or Arcade we’d recommend a sale to offset the cost. With regards to Championship, now is the time to get the skin.

  39. Are you ever going to add the difference between Championship Riven and Championship Riven 2016? The new one doesnt have the obvious season 2 references

    • We do mention in the updated review, after the upgrade, that the differences between the old and new versions aren’t drastic enough to be significant. They are specified all the same in the penultimate paragraph.

      We still find the same Season 2 references in the new version because they are centred on the model and that wasn’t changed; sans new textures. The review is up to date, though. If you think we should add something more specific about the skin please do tell us.

  40. My I Ask Again? Whats Better Skin For Riven? BattleBunny or Championship?

    • Depends on what you expect from the skin. Battle Bunny Riven is a less serious but somewhat fitting skin for the Exile’s constant hoping. Fortunately, the skin doesn’t emphasise the more questionable angle of the skin; though the reference is undoubtedly present. Visually, it’s a bit conservative but it’s appealing. Ultimately, there’s no denying that it’s a Playboy Bunny Riven. Regardless, there are things to like in the specific implementation of the theme.

      Championship Riven is a bit more serious as a blue-based, armoured warrior. There’re obvious references to the skin being a commemoration of Season 2 but nothing that detracts from the skin’s appeal. It’s also a legacy skin which means that it won’t go on sale and has restricted accessibility. The advantage is that it has recently been polished and refined; though the result can be subjective: colours are less vibrant than before.

      In either case, the skins shouldn’t disappoint if you like what they offer. They are similar in technical aspects and successful at their aim. Championship Riven may be a more traditional yet also less controversial option. Battle Bunny Riven is really sexualised but the connotations of the skin are evident. That aside, the blue colour palette of Championship can be a bit monotonous but is also a distinct feature of the skin. Battle Bunny seems less striking with its orange particles and familiar costume.

      It largely depends on which concept you like as none have an implementation with serious problems. There’s also the fact that Battle Bunny Riven can go on sale while Championship can’t as well as only being available at some specific points in time. In the end, neither is a bad choice but there are differences that should help in the subjective choice.

  41. Are you going to do a separate review for Championship Riven 2016 as opposed to the old one? they updated the old one and its much different.

    • In spite of the old in-game screenshot the review is already updated for Championship Riven. We didn’t notice any large differences: the textures were tweaked and the particles polished with the diffuse style that is often used nowadays. Overall, the skin is still as good as it was; give or take a few questionable changes.

  42. Im pretty sure Championship Riven is still limited, they just made her available to buy one final time hence the 2016 but she wont be available again.

    • From what we understand from the release announcement Championship Riven retains a limited vintage version with some small extras. However, the new Championship Riven 2016 is supposed to be legacy and joins the rest of the Championship skins for the Worlds events.

  43. What about the new Riven Zero?

    • What do you mean exactly? As far as we know Championship Riven isn’t available during the MSI 2017 invitational. Perhaps for Worlds it will be availalbe. It’s a legacy skin now so it can return without hassle. The question is when.

  44. What do you think about the new Dawnbringer Riven?

  45. pls add dawnbringer riven to this list thanks for everything youve done so far!

  46. Dawnblade riven please <3

    • As soon as it’s released we’ll review it and publish as soon as possible..

      • Sorry for asking the same question (。>д<)

        • It’s a legendary skin so we usually like to take a little more time so that we see all that’s on offer. Still, we are working on the review and we’ll try to have Dawnbringer Riven added to the page as soon as possible.

  47. I don’t really play riven and I’m considering to buy her. What skin should I buy?

    • None unless you really like her. Play her for a good while and if she’s the kind of champion you like then think about buying skins. That said, which ones should you consider?

      If you are content with just re-models both Crimson Elite and Redeemed are nice dark and light takes on her past and potential future. For something more elaborate Championship Riven is unusually nice for an, arguably, promotional skin. Battle Bunny can be nice if you can take it without seriousness. Then, if you become a dedicated fan, Dawnbringer would be the epitome of Riven’s appeal; though it could be better.

      We’d say that both Arcade and Dragonblade are worthwhile skins but the former could be more developed and the latter could be more special. Neither is bad but at their prices, and legacy status in the latter, they could have some additions that make them stand out from the norm.

      In truth, you can’t get a bad Riven skin. Regardless, some are better than others. Personal preference play a good part in it all as there are many different concepts. Executions vary but tend to be good with many being memorable; within the limitations of their price tiers. If in doubt, consider the concept and then check if the implementation has all the features that you look for in a skin. As always, we recommend to get the skins on sale, when possible, to save on RP.

  48. Hi Zero,a question for you.
    If you were a Riven and Zed player and with a limited budget,would you get Project: Zed that’s on a sale or Dawnbringer Riven ?

    • We’d get Dawnbringer Riven when on early sale and as there would be quite some time until that happens we could save up for it. With respect to PROJECT: Zed, provided we didn’t own Shockblade, then PROJECT would be a great option. If we owned Shockblade or another skin or we simply had to choose between PROJECT: Zed and Dawnbringer Riven then we think it would be wise not to pass the early sale on Dawnbringer.

      As of now, it’s the only time a legendary skin is discounted so it’s a good way of saving money. Afterwards we could catch PROJECT: Zed when we have the money; in the meantime we can enjoy Dawnbringer. This would change if we prefered PROJECT to Dawnbringer but, assuming we like them equally, we should try to get the most of each opportunity. Sales and patience are essential to save money so that’s why we would prioritise the early sale and wait on PROJECT if it were necessary.

      Sooner or later PROJECT: Zed will be discounted again, sans anything unexpected, but Dawnbringer Riven only once. In the end, there’s always a slight risk and disadvantages to choosing either skin. The main point is to be sure to get what you like the most.

  49. Zero I can’t decide whether to get Dawnbringer Riven

    • You could always wait untilt the early sale to save on RP. In the meantime you can check some videos of the skin in action to check how it fares in actual gameplay. It’s a good skin and it has a distinct and appealing identity. It could’ve been better but Dawnbringer Riven is certianly a good option; if you do like it. If you don’t really like the skin don’t feel forced to do so.

      You have to enjoy what you buy and play. Look for another skin, perhaps there are elements in Dawnbringer that you like but not the full arrangement. Other skins may share some characteristics in a different way that may feel more appealing.

  50. I got crimson elite riven and im satisfied with it! Keep up the good reviews!

  51. I got from a box dragon blade riven skin and iam not a riven player but from time to time i play her do u think its worth buying her?

    • Dragonblade Riven is a good skin but not as eye-catching or elaborate as it could’ve been. It depends on the cost of buying the skin. Being legacy discounts won’t come easy and sales are mostly out of the question. We aren’t sure what cost a box would entail and it depends on the value you place in the skin. After all, there are many alternatives you could simply buy on sale.

      For a low price, it’s a good skin. Let’s say that at 975 RP it would be a more palatable option and 675 RP would be worth it for a Riven fan. 1350 RP seems steep for what the skin offers but if you are a dedicated Riven fan it could be worth it if you like the skin; with its highs and lows. What’s clear is that for playing Riven from time to time 1350 RP is too much.

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