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League of Legends: Lulu Skins’ Review – StrategyZero
Mar 292012
Lulu, the Fae Sorceress
Lulu, the Fae Sorceress

Lulu, the Fae Sorceress has very good skins available; as well as Pix. In fact, if you like the idea of not only changing the look of your champion but also that of your enemies, then you’ll find much to like in Lulu’s whimsical ways. If you want to glitter with the best looks that fae magic has to offer then her skins’ review has much to tell you.

Bittersweet Lulu
Bittersweet Lulu Splash Art Bittersweet Lulu Model
Category: Legacy
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Lulu dressed in a confectionery theme with a candy cane replacing her staff, sweets decorating her hat and Pix displaying lollipop wings. She also carries a bag of sweets, has heterochromatic eyes and heavily curled hair.
Model: New model for Lulu, her staff, Pix’s wings and polymorphed enemies.
Particles: No new particles.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: New sound for Whimsy.
Splash Art: The splash art makes a good job at showing the confectionery theme in all aspects of the skin. Lulu’s new look takes centre stage with Pix flying nearby an enemy turned cupcake. The background is minimal, though a huge lollipop is visible to the left. The lighting is well used as well as the colours, yet for some reason the whole piece seems more bitter than sweet. Not a bad splash art, but overall it all looks a bit strange.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Bittersweet Lulu is a skin that goes beyond changing the look of the champion and presents a whole concept. Lulu’s model is well done and Pix is modified to match the confectionery theme. The addition of cupcakes as polymorphed enemies is a nice extra touch that makes the skin stand out. Some people may not like the look as the concept may not be palatable for all. However, if you do like it Bittersweet Lulu is a great skin to get.

Wicked Lulu
Wicked Lulu Splash Art Wicked Lulu Model
Category: Regular
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Lulu dresses as a dark sorceress, Pix portrays her bat familiar and polymorphed enemies become cats.
Model: New model for Lulu, her staff, Pix’s wings and head; in addition to polymorphed enemies.
Particles: No new particles.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: New sound for Whimsy.
Splash Art: This piece shows Lulu in action as she blasts polymorphed enemies away. The way the cats fly due to Lulu’s spell is a great way of displaying her power. Pix stance also matches Lulu’s just as their looks do. The background is simple but adequate. The reflections produced by the magical energy are present all over nearby surfaces. All in all, the whole piece comes together quite well. A great splash art that shows that what is displayed is just as important as how it’s portrayed.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Wicked Lulu is a skin that will probably appeal to just about anybody. The dark sorceress theme is present all over the skin without being exaggerated. Pix has a nice new look just as polymorphed enemies do and both match the concept. In Lulu’s case, she looks more traditional without becoming a copy of her classic incarnation. In summary, a very good skin that shows that a good execution can make an old concept stay fresh.

Dragon Trainer Lulu
Dragon Trainer Lulu Splash Art Dragon Trainer Lulu Model
Category: Regular
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Lulu as a young human sorceress, dressed in elaborate clothes and partnered with a comical baby dragon.
Model: New model for Lulu, her staff, Pix and polymorphed enemies.
Particles: New particles for her abilities and auto-attacks.
Animations: New animations for Pix when using emotes, Glitterlance, auto-attacks and death.
Sounds: New sound for Whimsy and new Pix sounds for taunt and death.
Splash Art: The background just shows some trees, rocks and grass. With some imagination one could picture an opening in the forest near hills or mountains but the unexplainable brightness behind Lulu keeps the setting as a suggestion. There are also a few dragon babies that have recently hatched and their expression of panic and desperate escape give some context to the action. Both Lulu and Pix are rather well depicted with attractive poses and good shading. However, Pix and Lulu’s clothes look a little too dark while the light over Lulu seems too bright. Regardless, the shading is very good: cloth folds, hair strands and reflections look great. All things considered, it’s good splash art that suffers from a peculiar choice of colours and contrast.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Dragon Trainer Lulu isn’t that different, in essence, from Lulu’s classic self. In spite of her human look and golden attire, she still behaves as a playful yordle sorceress. This skin actually centres the changes on Pix which in turn makes them less evident and not as relevant. That is, both Lulu and Pix receive good looking models and the new particles are quite eye-catching; just like Whimsy’s hatching dragons. Nevertheless, most of the work was placed on animating Pix and even so, aside from emotes, there isn’t much for Pix to do as Lulu is the central character. Therefore, unless you have an especial interest in Lulu’s companion, many features will be too subtle to notice. In conclusion, Dragon Trainer Lulu is a skin dedicated to Pix fans that feels overpriced despite all the fine additions; especially if you just want a novel look for Lulu.

Winter Wonder Lulu
Winter Wonder Lulu Splash Art Winter Wonder Lulu Model
Category: Legacy
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Lulu as an ice sorceress and Pix as a poro.
Model: New model for Lulu, her staff, Pix and polymorphed enemies.
Particles: New particles for Pix, her staff, abilities and auto-attacks.
Animations: New flying animation for Pix and new recall.
Sounds: New sounds for Glitterlance, Whimsy, Help, Pix! and recall.
Splash Art: The monochromatic tones of this piece manage to present a fitting even if unsurprising setting. The background consists of a reunion of poros in a forest gathered around Lulu. The premise lacks depth just like the background but stands as an effective frame. Actually, the general tone of the piece is a bit cartoony but attractive nonetheless. Lulu’s magical display breathes some life into the piece along her bright eyes and clear smile. Her clothes are nice when they can be seen like the fur or the metallic decorations on her hat. However, the magic spectacle covers most of her coat. On top of that, her staff seems completely absent. Conversely, Pix can be wholly appreciated with sensible fur but a puzzling expression. In the end, it’s a splash art that successfully centres the attention on Lulu and Pix. Every element works towards that aim, even the colours, but it leaves a flat aftertaste of monotony.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Winter Wonder Lulu is a very focused skin with a theme specifically spread over every aspect. From the clothes to the snow particles almost everything is linked to snow and ice. Some elements are more direct than others: for instance, the snowflake shield in contrast to a poro Pix. Nonetheless, it’s a very consistent skin even if unoriginal and a bit homogeneous in terms of colours. Still, when taken as the sum of its parts it’s a very satisfying and effective skin that not only communicates its idea well but is also attractive. In the end, this is a great skin for the Fae Sorceress but sadly too expensive for the features it provides. However, as it packs all of Lulu’s mischief with a different flavour it’s certainly recommended while on sale.

Pool Party Lulu
Pool Party Lulu Splash Art Pool Party Lulu Model
Category: Regular
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Lulu disguised as a squid and Pix transformed into a pufferfish.
Model: New model for Lulu, her staff, Pix and polymorphed enemies plus new bubbles for her staff.
Particles: New particles for her abilities and auto-attack.
Animations: New recall animation, opening staff for her auto-attack, bobbing eyes for her squid hat and swimming animation for Pix.
Sounds: New sounds for her abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Splash Art: A clear sky, fresh water and some palm trees make up the setting for this piece. There seems to be a strange fog as the trees don’t seem to be so far away. Regardless, there’s some context to the action. The champions all share the spotlight and, fortunately, they all have a place; even Pix. It could be said that some seem more important than others but the feeling of fun is easy to perceive. What isn’t so clear is how the personality of each champion is reflected in their actions. In fact, the actions performed seem to be rather pedestrian and lack the unique colour that is natural to each of them. Specifically, Zac is just standing, Lulu and Mundo merely float away and Rek’Sai and Draven perform a stunt. Therefore, none of them do something that is unequivocally identified as part of their personality.
This all doesn’t mean that the piece is bad: the idea is clearly exposed and as far as a pool or beach party is concerned the message is conveyed. It’s just a pity that Zac can’t be more elastic, Draven more egocentric, Rek’Sai more alien, Lulu more mischievous and Mundo more nutty. In the end, it’s a splash art that manages a balance between the champions and places them in context but without showing enough of what makes each of them unique.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: If Pool Party Lulu had to be described with a single word it would surely be: charming. The water theme is adapted to Lulu’s fancy with a playful but believable style that seems custom made for her. As far as gear goes there’s nothing out of the ordinary: a swimsuit, inflatable armbands and a swim ring; at any rate it’s all expected and ordinary. Even Lulu doesn’t change much from her usual appearance except for a new bob haircut.
The skin gets interesting once we centre our attention on her large squid hat, her clam staff and inflated puffer fish Pix. These elements match her childish nature but also stand on their own with cute and colourful designs. In fact, Lulu doesn’t look far from a mischievous little girl wearing a costume and that familiarity, added to the appealing aspect, define a unique and attractive personality for the skin.
The water particles and sounds also help said identity even if the bubbles and clam patterns can feel a bit repetitive. Perhaps they aren’t impressive, strictly speaking, but the liquid feel of her magic is evident and the seal polymorph is a fittingly funny choice. The water on the abilities is complemented with references to the sea and the beach which are good touches that keep adding to the theme. The animations are few but they all contribute their bit to make the skin even more special. Specifically, the recall is a wonderful representation of Lulu that exposes her behaviour with warm eloquence.
All things considered, Pool Party Lulu is a wonderful skin with a pleasing personality that is defined through multiple additions that all work together to create a consistent whole. It’s not a perfect product and the price isn’t low but the result oozes appeal and captures part of that childish delight in enjoying a passion for the sea.

Star Guardian Lulu
Star Guardian Lulu Splash Art Star Guardian Lulu Model
Category: Regular
Price: 1350 RP (742 RP, 45% off if you own Pajama Guardian)
Concept: Lulu as a magical girl wielding the magic of the stars.
Model: New model for Lulu, her staff, Pix and polymorphed enemies plus new glow for her staff and Pix.
Particles: New particles for her abilities, auto-attack, high-speed run and recall.
Animations: New high-speed run, recall and flying animation for Pix.
Sounds: New sounds for her abilities, auto-attack, high-speed run and recall.
Splash Art: With a subtle pencilled look the piece is a direct presentation of Lulu accompanied by Pix . Both surrounded by stars, sparkles and polymorphed enemies the background is more an explosion of colour than anything concrete. It’s an acceptable frame but lacking relevance.
Without much else to pay attention to Lulu reaches for a falling star and Pix stares merrily at the bright lights. Lulu’s eyes reflect the star with an inspiring face of childish delight at something amazing. Pix’s depiction is less bright than the surroundings but still fuzzy and cute enough. Lulu’s staff is also dim and dull despite the star in its head and the abundance of lights. The hair on her back appears a bit too diffuse and the forelock shows obvious pencil strokes. The face has a plastic quality and great shading which make for a captivating visage. The clothes, despite the effort of the pose, are well displayed but the colours are too saturated and so don’t shine as the surroundings do.
Even though many areas appear unnecessarily mute the overall feel is satisfying with a toy-like aesthetic of strong colours with delicate shading and a touch of the pencil for style. It’s not what the background suggests of the portrayal and the profusion of sparkles certainly doesn’t mesh that well with the more solid depiction of the Star Guardians. Nevertheless, the result is interesting and attractive.
In the end, it’s a charming piece with a nice depiction of Lulu, Pix and polymorphed enemies. The background is little more than a frame to set the action against. Fortunately, the portrayal manages to make up for it with its unique toy-like personality.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Embracing the innocence at the heart of each magical girl team Star Guardian Lulu is an adaptation that turns her mischief into a weapon. Her clothes follow the conventions of a sailor uniform almost to the letter. There’s a star-finished ribbon on the neck and a feathered, star-topped tiara to present the star concept. Lulu’s physiognomy is that of a blonde girl with pointy ears and a big, curious face; nothing groundbreaking. Pix is transformed into a sort of mix between Mew and Vanillite with large wings. The cute familiar idea is clear but what is difficult to determine is whether Pix carries a golden orb or he simply has a bulbous belly. Together, they make a good couple for administering star-based justice; albeit a somewhat conventional one.
The particles rely on colourful swirls and a multitude of stars to convey their nature. Even though they are appealing they appear frugal and even sparse within the confines of each ability’s reach. They are effective yet they leave the feeling that they could aim much higher. The new polymorphed enemies share the same problem: they look different but it’s not clear what sort of winged creature they turn to; so, the transformation lacks meaning. The sounds use chirping and bell chiming to support the visuals. The bells make the recognisable base but the chirping stands out and sets the skin apart from the other Star Guardians with a unique aural landscape.
The recall almost treads on Tinkerbell’s classic animation but with a trail of stars instead of pixie dust. It’s an evocative recall that matches the theme and also takes advantage of a well known and loved display of magic.
When all is added together, Star Guardian Lulu is more functional than impressive. There’s an evident charm in the adaptation as the little magical girl stands firm against evil. However, the transformation never takes advantage of Lulu’s mischievous whims, it conceals them, and doesn’t permeate her actions with a new identity to fill the void. The result, while full of appeal, ends up being superficial. Thus, while the skin can enchant, it can also leave a feeling of missed fulfilment.

Cosmic Enchantress Lulu
Cosmic Enchantress Lulu Splash Art Cosmic Enchantress Lulu Model
Category: Regular
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Lulu as a cosmic sorceress.
Model: New model for Lulu, her staff, Pix and polymorphed enemies plus new glow for her hair, staff and Pix.
Particles: New particles for her abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Animations: New recall animation.
Sounds: New sounds for her abilities, auto-attack and recall plus processed voice-over.
Splash Art: With the feel of a quality comic book cover the first impression given by this piece is quite good. The background doesn’t have much to show except for empty space but the composition is appealing. Lulu seems to be cooking her latest concoction in the whirlwind of a galaxy, which is an effective and attractive combination of her sorcery and cosmic personas.
In terms of the specific depiction of Lulu, colours are quite dark and subdued unlike her in-game counterpart. An idea of her general look can be got but most of her body is buried in the pervasive darkness of space; it makes sense but is, nonetheless, a problem. Golden decorations are dim as dull bronze and it’s difficult to appreciate specifics about the clothes. Her hair, like Pix’s body is translucent and seems to be made of space which is another aspect that isn’t present in-game. Speaking of Pix his appearance seems cartoony and cutesy but much more than it is in three dimensions; which can seem deceiving. Even though Lulu’s staff is present in its effect on the galaxy the perspective conceals its design and only a vague idea remains.
Overall, this is a splash art that has style and an appealing approach, also. The problem is that too much clarity and faithfulness to the three-dimensional counterparts are sacrificed in the pursuit of visual appeal. There’s a lot to like despite the dim colours but the piece could’ve leaned more towards clarity.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Cosmic Enchantress Lulu seems like a convoluted skin in design. The concept is attractive and, with a proper adaptation, suitable for the Fae Sorceress. However, a simple look at her model is eloquent enough: her quirky helmet monopolises her appearance. There’re braids hidden behind it with golden decorations but they seem diffuse and simple. There’s a dress she’s wearing but it’s practically impossible to see. There’s a staff with floating extensions but it doesn’t seem to follow the colourful and elaborate design of the helmet. Pix looks like a little, creepy creature with a crest that doesn’t match the stated design.
Particles for auto-attacks are nice with their long trails but those shot by Pix look like mini projectiles which can be difficult to notice and also lack personality and power. Glitterlance’s constellation trail is a great touch and the best representation of the theme. Polymorphing an enemy into some sort of space octopus suits Lulu’s playfulness but the darker style given by the mask makes it less fitting. Help, Pix! and Wild Growth’s circular designs follow the decoration visible in the helmet. They aren’t as attractive as the constellations of Glitterlance but it continues the patterns of the skin. Whimsy’s glow seems quite simplistic in comparison.
Sounds are mostly high-pitched twinklings and metallic chimes which give a different feel which could be considered space-like but that actually is somewhat generic. There’s a different, light aural landscape but there’s no proper astral feel to it.
The recall is a good show of Lulu’s magic: she makes two constellations that make up Pix. It not only gives more relevance to her companion but it also shows her use of star magic. It’s a good summary of what the skin is about.
All in all, Cosmic Enchantress Lulu doesn’t quite combine her playfulness and the colourful grimness that the skin aims for. There’s a bit of everything but it doesn’t seem like elements are integrated with each other to make a cohesive whole. The result has some appealing features yet it doesn’t fully capture the star sorceress concept which seems much more straightforward than this complicated adaptation manages.

Pajama Guardian Lulu
Pajama Guardian Lulu Splash Art Pajama Guardian Lulu Model
Category: Regular
Price: 1350 RP (742 RP, 45% off if you own Star Guardian)
Concept: Lulu as a magical girl wielding the magic of the stars, in a pajama party.
Model: New model for Lulu, her staff, Pix and polymorphed enemies plus new glow for her staff and Pix.
Particles: Star Guardian particles for her abilities, auto-attack, high-speed run and recall.
Animations: Star Guardian animations for high-speed run, recall and flying animation for Pix.
Sounds: Star Guardian sounds for her abilities, auto-attack, high-speed run and recall.
Splash Art: Diffuse but cosy, we can reasonably expect the pyjama party to take place in a bedroom but the armchair in the middle hints at a living room or perhaps some other room that is being trashed in a pillow fight; there’s also a bookcase on the right. Fitting, no doubt, but with everything so diffuse details about the environment are lost. Worse yet is that those which are visible like the board game on the floor, biscuits on a bowl and toys lying around are disappointingly sketchy.
Amidst this feathery chaos we find a selection of Star Guardians donning their familiar-inspired pyjamas. The portrayals are uneven, the farther away the champions are the blurrier they get. On top of that, colours are saturated and they lack vibrancy which give the portrayals a lacklustre feel. Take for instance the highlights on hair strands: they look rather dull while the hair looks flat-out waxy. The good news is that each champion has some room to show a bit of their personality. Truth be told, each Star Guardian manages to stand apart from the others in more than looks. Regardless, their actions could’ve been more tied to their personality and their portrayals less partial. We are dealing in subtle tells from the poses instead of clear messages coming from what and how they do things.
In general, this is a splash art that joins five champions in a sensible setting and manages to show them in a good light. Portrayals could show each identity better and if we talk about the quality of the depictions and the background then it’s simply a letdown. This results in a functional piece which could’ve been much more interesting.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Being the most adept at whimsical mischief Pajama Guardian Lulu may be the most fitting Star Guardian for wearing a pyjama in the battlefield. It’s also a pyjama which clearly displays Pix, her familiar, as the hood is large and easy to notice. The downside is that the rest of the pyjama isn’t so easy to see except for the eye-catching, wing coattails; which stand in for her mane of golden hair. Pix and staff are identical to Star Guardian so the pyjama is what sets the skin apart. As such, it’s nice and cute but a mere extra to Star Guardian.
Thus, fans of Star Guardian Lulu will like this whimsical departure if taken for what it is: a change of clothing. It’s appealing but modest in scope. As an alternative to Star Guardian, Pajama Guardian Lulu can be considered interesting as it does go in line with Lulu’s personality.


Champions’ release skins seldom come with this level of quality and few stay at the top with additional releases. As Lulu’s skins change her look as well as Pix and polymorphed enemies there’s a lot of space to explore. In general, Lulu’s skins have very interesting concepts with equally good execution.

In particular, Wicked Lulu is the recommended skin simply because its traditional concept might appeal to the most people. However, Bittersweet Lulu is just as good; so if you like to see Lulu surrounded by sweets you can’t go wrong with it.

Dragon Trainer Lulu is without a doubt one of the skins that adds the most but it also carries a price unlike most skins. Only dedicated Pix fans may appreciate the changes enough to consider it a good purchase.

The Snowdown addition of Winter Wonder Lulu comes with particularly nice looks that don’t completely make up for its high price. It’s far from a bad skin but more is to be expected from the skin as it doesn’t add much over cheaper options.

The charm of Pool Party Lulu is undeniable. The water theme is consistently implemented with a pleasing and charismatic feel. While the skin isn’t without fault it comes together to create a delightful style that expresses Lulu’s sea passion with playful innocence.

Star Guardian Lulu is a skin that is brimming with the appeal of an innocent magical girl. Sadly, the adaptation feels superficial as the changes don’t take advantage of Lulu’s personality and fail to define a new identity. The charm of the skin is undeniable but also its inability to transcend its limitations.

Cosmic Enchantress Lulu is a skin that ends up rather convoluted as it doesn’t manage to integrate the playfulness of Lulu with the colourful grimness it intends to capture. There are nice features, like the particles, which make the skin interesting. However, the skin doesn’t accomplish the star sorceress feel that can be seen behind all the complex designs.

Pajama Guardian Lulu isn’t that out of place in a battlefield considering the Fae Sorceress liking for whimsical mischief. The pyjama clearly represents Pix but familiar and staff are identical to Star Guardian so the base is clear. The result is cute and appealing and as an alternative to Star Guardian so it’s an interesting option.

  76 Responses to “League of Legends: Lulu Skins’ Review”

  1. what about her new skin?

  2. Do you guys think buying Dragon Trainer Lulu on sale is a good deal?….because I like Lulu a lot and this skin is so freakin’ adorable but a little bit pricey ;x. Also is there any information if these 1350RP skins are immune to sales or they will go on sale?

  3. Should I get Dragon Trainer lulu or Wicked?
    im still stuck between these two
    I know that Dragon Trainer lulu is a bit pricey but the effects are nice
    help would be nice :D?

    • Dragon Trainer Lulu is surely nice but most of the work has been put in animating Pix as a little dragon. Lulu mostly received new particles so if you don’t care much about Pix’s new look then the skin doesn’t offer much to warrant its high price. Besides, Pix is secondary to Lulu so most of the skin’s work feels subtle.

      Wicked Lulu is more direct but certainly appealing as well as cheaper. Still, you should consider that Wicked Lulu was last discounted last year so it could go on sale again in the foreseeable future. Additionally, Dragon Trainer Lulu could be the next 1350 RP skin to be discounted; as per the new schedule. So, in a couple of weeks you could get Dragon Trainer Lulu for half its price and not worry so much about the expense.

      Ultimately, both are nice skins but Wicked Lulu seems more fairly priced; especially if Pix is of little concern. Regardless, if you wait for the sales you could be able to get them at a better price and diminish the impact on the wallet.

      Hope we could be of help.

  4. Will you review her new Winter skin soon? I’m thinking of getting Lulu as my next champ and I liked the Bittersweet skin best until I saw this new winter one making Pix a Poro! ^_^

  5. Please review the winter skins! I’d really love to hear what you’ve got to say about them.

  6. Out of all your reviews, the Concept section of Bittersweet Lulu stands out as unusually long. Why is that?

    • It appeared and still seems a rather strange skin that wouldn’t be accurately described by simply ‘Lulu dressed in confectionery’; for instance. We understands that it could well be said that we’ve been more ambiguous with regards to other skins but unintentionally.

      In this case, we though the extra detail was useful to better describe the skin as we didn’t come up with a clear description like ‘dark soceress’. Because the skin has a heavy emphasis in confectionery but it’s not all that is depicted. It’s a bit of a mix between confectionery and an elaborate style; like her hair and eyes.

      In the end, we accept suggestions: the more we look at Bittersweet Lulu the less sure we are about it.

  7. Winter Wounder Lulu actually has a new sound for using Help, Pix! on an allied champion. The sound is made by Pix I believe, it is quite noticeable.

  8. hi,
    i enjoyed reading your reviews. wicked lulu is on sale this week. i was wondering if i should buy it. Is bittersweet lulu better?

    • Actually both Bittersweet and Wicked are good skins for Lulu. The former is more extravagant while the latter is more traditional but both are attractive. It depends mostly on which theme you like more: confectionery or sorcery.

      The sales are the best opportunity to get the skins and neither should disappoint. You should choose based on which one you prefer as far as quality goes both are well done.

  9. So Zero, this summer’s Pool Party skins are on the PBE now, and I want to request your current thoughts on them. The theme seems to have been developed heavily since last summer, now featuring a lot of new water effects as well as some other treats, though also coming with higher prices. The least impressive of the 5, the Mundo one, can apparently be obtained for free by gathering enough points with the upcoming Pool Party event next week. Even though I don’t even play Mundo, a free skin is always welcome, especially one with a bit of extra effects/sounds.
    My personal favourite of the 5 is the Pool Party Lulu, which seems to be the summer counterpart of Winter Wonder, but I am happy with my Winter Wonder. The Rek’Sai one was somewhat unexpected for me, but seems like a decent funny skin with nice water effects. The long-awaited Zac skin also seems great but the high price can only be explained by the work it took to make the model I suppose. The high prices on the Lulu and Rek’Sai ones is hard to justify, as Atlantean Syndra offers pretty much the same features. The Draven one has an appropriate price thankfully, and looks like a good option for a funny Draven skin. Finally, the Mundo one I am not sure what I think about. For a potentially free skin it is great, but for 975 it seems somewhat unexciting.

    • The new Pool Party skins certainly seem to have embraced the water theme more than previous skins. However, the higher prices may not always be justified as there are examples of other skins with similar changes in both particles and sounds at lower prices.

      We do agree that Pool Party Lulu is one that seems really well done. Even the crazy style suits Lulu’s zany personality so that’s a great choice. Draven seems merely adapted like Graves and Rek’Sai puzzling; wouldn’t it be better if she flat out went the underwater monster way. After all, it’s questionable to have a Deep Terror Rek’Sai along Pool Party.

      Mundo seems like an afterthough and Zac interesting but most of the skin’s job seems hidden on the technical side. In spite of all the work the skin could take, the body seems re-coloured and, ultimately, it’s all about how it looks in the end not how much modelling and coding went on the skin.

  10. Hi, I noticed you missed some details on the Dragon Trainer Lulu skin. Such as Pix’s custom death animation, and the new sounds for his taunt, dance, and if you listen very closely you can hear a very faint cackling noise during the laugh.

    • You’re right about Pix’s dramatic death animation; that’s going with style. However, we didn’t notice any different sounds for the emotes. Could you be more specific? Thanks.

      • Near the end of her taunt Pix jumps forward and lets out a screech, during her dance when Pix starts swirling in the air he makes some weird (almost bird-like) noises, and like I already said, some faint cackling noise during her laugh. I didn’t notice any of these sound effects with her default skin.

        Maybe try adjusting (or muting) the Music, Voice, and Ambience volumes.

        • We took another look but are unable to pinpoint all the sounds. Some were probably added to the classic skin as well as they weren’t present at release; Pix was usually a pretty silent fellow and so were emotes in general. We’ll keep checking and updating the review as necessary; thanks for the information.

  11. Hi zero, I’ve been looking to get a lulu skin which changes her particles for a while now and I’ve finally chosen winter wonder. However as it is a legacy it wont be out for 4 more months. Is it worth the wait or should i go for dragon trainer or pool party instead?
    Keep up the good work.

    • Winter Wonder is quite good and has a unique theme so if you really like it getting either of the others won’t really give you that snowy feeling that it has. Regardless, Pool Party is quite well done and includes a few features that Winter Wonder lacks; like the animated squid hat. Dragon Trainer is also good but the changes are too centred on Pix. Unless you’re looking for an hyper-active dragon pet it may not have as much to offer as the others.

      There’s another reason to be patient and that is that Pool Party and Dragon Trainer can go on sale and with a price so high you can save a lot of RP. We would recomment waiting and getting the one you like the most, if possible on sale. They are all expensive so there’s much to be gained from waiting. Winter Wonder is a legacy skin and so it probably won’t go on sale but you may be able to catch it on a bundle.

      • Sorry for the late reply, but wasnt Winter Wonder available in stores last showdown as well as in a bundle?

        • Yes it was, legacy skins are available during their respective even, Snowdown Showdown in Winter Wonder’s case, and sometimes in bundles. There’s the possibility of other exceptions, besides the bundles, but they’d be very specific.

  12. Hey there,
    I just noticed that Pool Party Lulu’s hat eyes jiggle

    • That’s listed as ‘bobbing eyes for her squid hat’ under ‘Animations’. Becoming a squid-yordle isn’t without repercusions as we can appreciate.

  13. What i find disappointing in pool party lulu is it doesnt really stick to lulu’s main concept of being a glittery, shiny sorcerer. Lulu’s other skins stick to this concept with very attractive particles and costumes and while pool party does show her mischievous childish side, it doesn’t come across as a sorcerer’s outfit.

    • That’s true yet that is often the case with funny or joke skins. They throw the classic concept out of the window and stamp a new style regardless of how suitable it is. Sometimes it works better than others because of certain characteristics of the champion and skin concept. For instance Pool Party Lulu can rely on her playful and mischeavous personality. Sadly, that’s not always the case and in some instances it’s more notorious than others.

  14. Hi, how do you feel about the WIP texture/color update on DT Lulu?

    • It adds a bit of life to the general style that better reveals the fantasy theme. It’s nothing groundbreaking but a good change.

  15. Pool party or winter wonder.. I like the two!

    A question for the admin, ¿Is poolparty Lulu gonna be on sale sometime? :3

    Thanks for the reviews

    • Not at all.

      Both are good skins so it can depend on whether you are under a chilly winter or a scorching summer.

      They are nice skins but the legacy label on Winter Wonder means that the price stays high. That doesn’t help a skin that has a lot of features but that doesn’t have anything groundbreaking about it.

      Pool Party is a bit more playful with the animations and so it better explains the high price. Also, it can go on sale in which case there’s little point in skipping the skin if you like Lulu and her watery adventures.

      Pool Party Lulu is a rather recent skin so it hasn’t reached a sale yet. It definitely will but we can say for sure when. It reasonable to expect it to be discounted as late as next summer’s Pool Party event. It could happen before, which is feasible or even late; which would be a bit strange but probably due to the amount of skins.

      Take this into account as skins as expensive as 1350 RP greatly benefit from a sale. Additionally, Winter Wonder will be unavailable when Snowdown Showdown ends so that’s something else to keep in mind. That aside, it’s mostly a matter of taste; Pool Party is a bit better but nothing that makes Winter Wonder a skin to avoid.

  16. So, I have both the “Pool Party” and “Winter Wonder” skins as shards, which one should I disenchant/upgrade?

    • Okay, didn’t see you already replied to a comment with a similar question.

    • As we mentioned, it can be a matter of taste. It may be worth considering that Winter Wonder Lulu is a legacy skin so there’s also availability to take into account. Between the two, Pool Party Lulu does a better effort in realising its theme. On top of the new model, particles and sounds there are numerous small animations that add up to give the skin a special identity. Winter Wonder is still quite nice but is also more conventional in its approach.

      If you have both shards and can get the extra materials to craft both skins it may be the better option; instead of buying them. In the case of Pool Party it would be a good way of getting a great skin without spending or waiting for a sale. In the case of Winter Wonder it would be a good way of getting a legacy skin without spending full price.

  17. Hi Strategy Zero team! I have a bit of a weird question, and a silly dilemma. I know you haven’t reviewed Star Guardian Lulu, but I’m really torn to decide whether to wait for Star Guardian Lulu or get Dragon Trainer Lulu on sale. As you said in your review, DT is not necessarily the best skin, but on sale it’s so much worth it, given the gorgeous model, the animated Pix and the nice particles. But then, I find SG to be incredibly cute, although in some way it feels somewhat lacking – maybe the fact Pix is not animated, or that the skin seems a bit bland in terms of particles. I can’t quite point it out. I’m definitely getting SG Janna, so of course I was thinking of getting a SG collection, but DT Lulu kind of seems like a slightly better skin, especially on sale. I know you have just seen SG recently, but I wanted to hear your opinion <3

    • From what we’ve seen of Star Guardian Lulu, the particles are, indeed, not that great but the sounds are quite nice. There are few new animations but nothing extraoridinary. The magical girl idea is well conveyed but the skin isn’t impressive.

      Dragon Trainer Lulu has eye-catching particles but only a few new sounds and the new animations are centred on Pix alone. This makes the skin too focused on one single element that isn’t well displayed in the normal actions.

      In conclusion, both are skins with some appealing characteristics but also with problems. Eventually, Star Guardian will go on sale so if you are patient price isn’t the real issue. The question is which concept you like the most. In terms of execution, both have advantages and disadvantages. Perhaps Star Guardian is less uneven than Dragon Trainer as it doesn’t centre all of its appeal on Pix. Nevertheless, it’s a matter of checking which features you like more in a skin and seeing which skin comes closer.

      • Yes, I wholeheartedly agree with you. While neither skin is stellar, I think I’m really leaning towards SG. While I confess the model and color scheme for DT are gorgeous, after watching a few streams I noticed that SG’s Pix is actually well animated and has his own animations alongside Lulu’s, even in the recall. Also, he’s incredibly adorable. I couldn’t pick out any new sounds from him, but there might be some. All in all SG is definitely the flashier skin, and I noticed I didn’t like just the shield VFX, which are still pretty. I think SG actually has a more consistent implementation than DT in terms of cohesive visuals, sounds and animations. Thanks for your opinion and good luck reviewing these gorgeous skins!

        • Not at all. Indeed, in genereal Star Guardian Lulu is more consistent than Dragon Trainer. The latter is too centred on Pix so that only the new particles and model stand out. Sure, Pix has lots of animations but in the heat of battle it’s the particles and sounds that take centre stage; sometimes animations too, when applicable.

          Because of that, Star Guardian manages to feel more rounded. Neither skin is without problems and both have nice features to offer. Regardless, each also has their specific focus so there’re relevant differences to prefer one over the other.

  18. I apologise if this has been asked before but what is your opinion on SG skins compared to one another. Personally, as a support main, I was excited the most about Janna and Lulu, but I feel like SG Lulu is somehow inferior to the other SG skins. To me, she just looks like a giant green blob with equally green abilities (it feels like everything is the exact same shade of green and that makes it feel too flat and clunky). I was thinking of getting her because I have all other SG skins (some bought some from Hextech) but I just can’t imagine myself using her over Winter Wonder. What are your thoughts on it compared to the rest of the SG line?

    • To a point, we agree on Star Guardian Lulu: it’s not the best adaptation that could’ve been done. It feels rather conventional, transforming Lulu and Pix to fit into the Star Guardian look without taking advantage of her classic features. It works and is appealing yet it gives the feel that it’s straightforward when it could’ve been more florid.

      Winter Wonder could also be considered straightfoward but in a different way. The skin keeps all that makes Lulu and Pix attractive and covers it with a snow flavour. While some extra work to give the skin a unique identity would’ve been welcome the result is appealing. In this case, the skin doesn’t feel hollowed to conform to a new style.

      The same happened with other Star Guardian skins; and many 1350 RP skins to be fair. The general, expected changed are made of model, particles, sounds and recall but in a simple, direct way. Everything is transformed to conform but without realising a new identity for the champion. Given the high price of this kind of skins, we recommend to get them on sale or craft them without spending a coin if you can. They have their appeal yet they also have notable issues.

      • I would have to agree. Personally, I am a huge fan of the Star Guardian theme, and when played together with others it really gives you a unique sense. Apart from Jinx and Lux, unfortunately, the SG skins are not good at actually establishing a new identity for Janna, Lulu and Poppy. While Janna benefits from delicate particle effects and Poppy looks cute, Lulu suffers from being too cute and her natural mischief being coated in sugar. When you read all the additional promo info on SG Lulu you see what they were going for, but it’s not as effective in-game. It’s cute, colorful, charming, but nothing extraordinary or special. Still, it is by far my most used Lulu skin and I definitely recommend it on scale (I’m a Lulu main).

        Winter Wonder is wonderful, and the model actually more appealing given the whimsical hair and the hat. And yet, for me it’s too monotonous and I’m not a fan of Pix being a flying poro. Not bad, but not too good either. Both would be four stars without doubt when at a discount. Problem is WW Lulu is legacy and comes up only during the Snowdown event, so SG is more accessible. Because WW is legacy, it also means it doesn’t really get regular discounts.

        Of course DT and Pool Party are also good, but for me their themes are not as appealing, even if models or particles are really good. As a collector of SG skins and fan of the theme, I would say at a reduced cost SG Lulu gives just enough to put some star dust on Lulu’s whimsy.

        • We agree, in many cases the concepts are charming and the executions reveal some of the appeal. However, implementations tend to be complacent and do just enough to state the concept without elaborating on them.

          As you mention, a good case is Star Guardian Janna, Lulu and Poppy. The skins are good and have their appeal. Sadly, the execution doesn’t make the most of the concept and does just the necessary to present the theme.

          It’s a pity that such approach seems to have become the norm nowadays rather than the exception. Regardless, with some luck, there might be times when skins transcend such limitations; hopefully.

  19. My own tastes seem to be total opposite of Zero ones. Winter Wonder, Dragon Trainer and Star Guardian are the three best in my opinion with others not even coming close.

    Winter wonder gives the native tribes of the north feeling with a nice face and beautiful icy animations. Definietly a distinct one.

    Dragon trainer doesn’t stray too far from base Lulu, but it does improve on already good start – the face is great, hair looks better, animations look more appealing and clear (no flowers). Generally i feel the colors on this one both in skills and clothing are very cohesive with eachother and remain properly complex while not becoming a visual mess (unlike ally-casted whimsy on ally), hate the flower trail that fits just about nothing.

    Only minus to this one, save maybe it being an improvement on base rather then far departure is pix. Not that i mind the little gluttonous dragon (especially since this lulu’s is a bit of smartypants herself), but i can imagine how easy it is for enemies to spot pix attached to them, unlike in classic skin when the little guy can be quite the ninja in heat of battle.

    Star Guardian is in a league of it’s own, finally ditching the huge hat and giving us a Lulu with lush, beautiful long hair, very pleasent face and cute back animation. The polymorphed creature is obviously a slime, a staple of any eastern jrpg. Breath of Fire, Ragnarok online, some others. How can you not know that. It’s an anime based skin so makes perfect sense.

    The reason i wouldn’t give star guardian 5/5 is becuase it’s shield and wild growth animations are too simplistic and feel like design from toys for 4 year olds. Had they kept the green theme but made them less child looking and more complex pattern wise, like dragon trainer ones, that would be a big winner for me.

    • We aren’t so sure that Star Guardian Lulu’s polymorphed enemies are slimes; at least, not the classic ones. With such a florid expression, some protusion on the top of the head, to call it something and wings they seem a bit of a mix of many things with little focus. The slime role fits to a point but it’s not the only one. Some other kind of cute monster could fit as well.

      The childlike approach of her abilities is a good touch in our opinion. Star Guardian Lulu is to represent the innocent youth so such features speak about her role in the group as well as her personality. It a pity that they couldn’t take advantage of the playful classic persona to further develop that aspect of Lulu.

      With Dragon Trainer Lulu we expected more work on Lulu and not just on Pix. Pix seems to be the star at the expense of Lulu. Besides, most of the skin’s personality ends up relegated to the emotes instead of the main actions. Winter Wonder is quite good as well but plays it too safe at times.

      In the end, none are bad skins. We just see the themes better developed on some skins rather that in others. For fans of Lulu, Dragon Trainer, Winter Wonder and Star Guardian are good options. We just would’ve liked the themes to be better realised on all aspects of the skins.

  20. Hello and thanks for all the effort you put in these reviews. It really helps a lot of people I think especially with the new hextech system where people get random shards and want to evaluate what they got.
    Anyway here is the question, since lulu is the premier support at the moment i have decided to get a skin on her and on this “my store” thingy i got dragon trainer lulu for 70% off so thats 405 rp. I see you have rated the skin with 3 stars and i was wondering if at 405 rp it would be a solid choice?
    also on a sidenote, would you be for or against skins that completely reinvent a champ? ( for example gender, height and so on changed) I understand there are limitations with the champion hitboxes and so but i think there is enough juggling space at least for a gender change, thoughts?:)

    • Not at all, we are glad they are helpful.

      If you play Lulu often then Dragon Trainer at 405 RP is a good option. The thing is that for the price tier it could be better developed and not so centred on Pix. Still, it’s a skin with features to like, like the particles, and at 405 RP it would be cheaper than any 975 RP skin on sale; 487 RP in that case. If you plan to play Lulu and like Dragon Trainer then this is a great option.

      We wouldn’t be opposed to any radical changes to any champion as a general principle. The key is that it should be a worthwhile and interesting concept and execution. In fact, when legendary, ultimate or any other skin makes reinterpretations or clever adaptations of champions we tend to like the distinct result. The point is not to apply concepts and then follow through the motions in the execution as that ends up producing skins without personality and a washed out or borrowed identity.

  21. Hey, Bittersweet Lulu and Wicked Lulu are going on sale soon, both for different reasons, but do you think that these skins are worth it in this current state with 975rp skins having all particles changed now? I have been picking up Lulu and am awaiting on a skin to buy.

    • On the other hand, I have also been thinking about picking up Pool Party Lulu because it is such a gorgeous skin and although it won’t be on sale, I would have to agree that it is well worth it’s price. What would you recommend? Pick either Bittersweet or Wicked and hold on the rp for later or get a good quality skin such as Pool Party Lulu. I am not vastly worried on holding onto rp, especially since Christmas is creeping in :D.

    • We think that Bittersweet and Wicked Lulu are still worthwhile skins. Nowadays skins ask for 1350 RP but then to offer just as much as 975 RP skins used to. While neither of these skins are at the top of the 975 RP tier they have clear and appealing identities that are well conveyed.

      In the case of Pool Party Lulu, it’s a skin that takes advantage of the 1350 RP tier. It has extra additions that wouldn’t fit a skin at a lower price and also has a nice and suitable identity for Lulu. We’d recommend to wait for a sale on the skin, though, because it’s expensive.

      Both Bittersweet and Wicked are good but more modest in comparison with Pool Party. If you want a skin that offers a lot then Pool Party is the one. If you don’t mind the limitations of the cheaper skins then they can be good options. At any rate we recommend a sale because as we start adding up skins costs soar into the skies.

      • Ty for the quick reply! I have decided to wait for a sale on Pool Party Lulu since it does not seem long before it will go on sale again (considering the fact that it has been almost a year since it was last on sale). Appreciate it a lot.

  22. I’m still stuck on whether I should get pool party lulu or winter wonder lulu.

  23. This is something really minor, but Bittersweet Lulu is a legacy skin now, I think. (It’s not in the shop anymore)

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