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League of Legends: Fiora Skins’ Review – StrategyZero
Mar 222012
Fiora, the Grand Duelist
Fiora, the Grand Duelist

Fiora, the Grand Duelist has few but very nice skins available. Whether you prefer to be a Musketeer or a capped vigilante you won’t be disappointed; not even at the classroom. While her wardrobe selection may be small, it stands up to the best skins available. If you want to know more about Fiora’s fashion choices lunge at her skins’ review.

Royal Guard Fiora
Royal Guard Fiora Splash Art Royal Guard Fiora Model
Category: Regular
Price: 520 RP
Concept: Fiora dresses as a French Musketeer of the Guard.
Model: New model for Fiora and her rapier.
Particles: No new particles.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: This piece is a perfect example of how to use a rich background to enhance the importance of the champion depicted. Fiora stands surrounded by the darkness of assailants while the Sun shines over her as she leads the way for reinforcements. Not only does the piece place Fiora at the centre of attention but it makes all the surrounding action to be based on her presence. A wonderful splash art without doubt.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Royal Guard Fiora is a good skin in every aspect. The Musketeer concept is adequate and well executed. The skin changes all aspects of Fiora, without forgetting her oversized rapier, while portraying an unmistakable Musketeer look. The model is well made and uses quality textures to good effect resulting in a very detailed and colourful looking skin. The appearance is, admittedly, cartoony and even though it has a pleasing style it’s not faithful to history. It does, however, fulfil the intended fantasy in a clearly fictionalized way. Ultimately, it’s an effective re-model at a low price and so a good concept meets a good execution and a great product is born: Royal Guard Fiora is such a product.

Nightraven Fiora
Nightraven Fiora Splash Art Nightraven Fiora Model
Category: Regular
Price: 750 RP
Concept: Fiora wears a dark suit of light armour.
Model: New model for Fiora, her rapier and parrying dagger.
Particles: No new particles.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: The piece is dynamic spotlighting Fiora in action as she slices through her enemies with her rapier and parrying dagger. The moonlight shining on her armoured body highlights the charge against her enemies while the simple background frames the action. A solid piece that showcases Fiora without distracting.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Nightraven Fiora used to draw from the traditional capped vigilante to provide a more battle oriented look for her. The Zorro inspiration is no longer as evident as it was. The new armour and rapier show a distinct style that certainly seems ready for battle. However, the simple red cape hanging from an oversized spaulder plate in comparison to the iconic large ‘N’ or ‘Z’ on her former tiered cape. It’s true that Fiora’s model benefits from good polygon quality and equally good textures that provide complex and multiple details. Regardless, such richness seems to have been wasted in an uninspired style that abandons the evocative elements it used to have and replaces them with inferior substitutes. All things considered, Nightraven Fiora is a good skin choice if you don’t ask for more than an armoured duellist. Unfortunately if you expect more from the skin then you’ll be disappointed; even more so if you liked the previous version.

Headmistress Fiora
Headmistress Fiora Splash Art Headmistress Fiora Model
Category: Legacy
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Fiora as a traditional ruler-wielding headmistress.
Model: New model for Fiora and her rapier.
Particles: No new particles.
Animations: New animation for her taunt.
Sounds: New ruler-smacking sounds for her auto-attack and taunt.
Splash Art: The sunrays coming through the stained-glass window bathe the room with a warm radiance. As admiring followers, the lamps join in to highlight the pristine surface of the bookcase. On a side of the room a smirking Fiora signals with her ruler as the light shines on her porcelain skin and immaculate dress. The quality of this piece is absorbing and stunning: an incredible achievement. It isn’t a perfect piece but is so close that its minor flaws become irrelevant. The detail of the background, you can even notice the texture of the wood, added to the superlative portrayal of Fiora make this splash art one of League of Legends best without any shadow of a doubt.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Headmistress Fiora aims to inspire the classic pupil fear of a strict and severe authority figure. However, she simply looks too attractive and elegant to elicit any terror. Nevertheless, the refined and enticing look is well done while the concept is a perfect fit for Fiora’s aloof personality. Actually, the ruler makes for a comical yet effective method of punishment and the smacking sounds of her auto-attacks are great proof of the allure of such a weapon. Sadly, contrary to the release statement, her abilities keep their classic sound which makes for quite an inconsistent combination; especially when using Lunge or Riposte. Furthermore, the ability sounds are so loud that they completely eclipse the smacking auto-attacks and so they often become inaudible. All things considered, Headmistress Fiora is a great looking skin but the inconsistent smacking sounds feel like a mere afterthought that wasn’t integrated into the skin nor even completely added. Maybe it would’ve been better to wield a ruler with a keen edge.

PROJECT: Fiora Splash Art PROJECT: Fiora Model
Category: Regular
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Fiora as a hi-tech swordswoman.
Model: New model for Fiora and her rapier plus new glow for her rapier.
Particles: New particles for her abilities, auto-attack, recall, taunt and joke.
Animations: New recall animation.
Sounds: New sounds for her abilities, auto-attack, recall and joke. Processed voice-over and one new quote when attacking.
Splash Art: In the background, neon lights the androids that fail in their approach to the dashing figure. It seems like the action takes place at a rooftop in a futuristic city but most of it is a guess because it’s all so blurry. Thus, the setting is too weakly suggested which wastes all its futuristic potential.
Conversely, Fiora is sharply depicted, for the most part, with detail that doesn’t omit the splash of raindrops and the texture of the metal. The lines, colours, reflections, shadows and lights make for a wonderful spectacle of technology. Her legs are a bit diffuse, except for her left tight, and her midriff looks plain but the overall effect is very attractive. The measured yet eye-catching glow of her blade and suit make a strong statement with regards to using the right amount of lights.
Unfortunately, when the whole piece is considered as a whole the result is clearly uneven: Fiora looks spectacular but the setting isn’t even clear. In spite of it blurriness, the background doesn’t communicate speed of movement it simply appears sketchy. Therefore, this is a fantastic depiction of Fiora before an undeserving context.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: For a cybernetic take on the duelist PROJECT: Fiora is a correct skin. The model conveys the technological concept well with a body’s motion that is fully improved by mechanical additions. It could be a fully artificial body or a suit but the messge is clear. Her rapier changes a bit into a saber with a dimly glowing blade. The red hue isn’t a bad choice but the colour isn’t bright enough to stand out. The new model still tries to conform to her classic design and that is noticeable in its lack of freedom. In other words, this PROJECT skin exhibits a restraint that doesn’t suit it. Instead it should try to show something novel that stands apart from the usual.
The particles try to do that but they end up following the same digitial pattern that other PROJECT skins do. That isn’t a bad thing as they are pleasing to behold but the constraints of the theme make them look too similar. More or less the same can be said about the sounds: they are nice but they end up feeling analogous to the others. Grand Challenge deserves special mention for its lack of inventive. It only offers a new design for the particles but the rest is identical. Something extra could’ve been added to make it more special.
The recall does something different though: besides the fitting dramatics it shows Fiora’s face which is able to display some of her remaining humanity. Still, a protected head seems reasonable for a swordswoman so the fancy hairstyle could’ve been better exploited. The processed voice-over adds that final touch of robotics but her classic quotes don’t help further the theme.
All in all, there’s nothing particularly wrong with PROJECT: Fiora but there’s a distinct lack of innovation. If we ignore the processed voice-over it could very well be a 975 RP skin. PROJECT only offers a new model, particles, sounds and recall which is nothing out of the ordinary. Due to this, PROJECT: Fiora doesn’t disappoint but also doesn’t really fulfil the expectations set by its attractive theme. If you like it, get it on sale.

Pool Party Fiora
Pool Party Fiora Splash Art Pool Party Fiora Model
Category: Regular
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Fiora as a pool noodle fencer.
Model: New model for Fiora and her sword. New transparent scarf and Kelly the Krab for her recall.
Particles: New water particles for her abilities and auto-attack.
Animations: New wobbling animation for her pool noodle sword and new recall animation.
Sounds: New splash sounds for her abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Splash Art: A straightforward yet suitable and appealing setting is offered. There’s a lot, perhaps too much sky, filled with cotton clouds, but enough of the pool and its surroundings is appreciable. The cameos are a great addition and the water has a crystalline quality that is as puzzling as it is attractive and puzzling. Regardless, the sharp depiction of guests and background alike make the setting a good support for Fiora’s portrayal.
Speaking of whom, with a clear outline and vibrant colours Fiora easily grabs attention. The dose of sex appeal is evident but, fortunately, there’s a bit more than that. Her confident manner is communicated by her pose and demeanour while the broken pool noodle sword floating nearby is testament to her skill. Surface textures on glass, metal, foam and skin are captivating with many highlights and details. However, the cloth, whatever specific fabrics are used, aren’t as clearly conveyed. There’re visible differences between each piece of clothing and a feel for each texture is noticeable yet nothing concrete. The hair looks a bit waxy instead of wet but it’s a subtle effect. These issues are just small hindrances to what is an otherwise excellent depiction of Fiora.
The result is an attractive and effective splash art. Perhaps its lack of ambition and direct approach are the main factors in letting the piece achieve its grandiose portrayal of the Grand Duelist. Something more elaborate would’ve allowed for a richer message to communicate. There’s a lot of room for that in the space filled by sky. Yet, that message could easily get lost in a convoluted transmission. For that reason, while it may not be up to par with the exuberance of other splash arts it’s proof that simplicity has many benefits. Maybe having it alongside the greatest of League of Legends’ splash arts can seem like too much. Regardless, for all its effectiveness and honesty it can be a humble but valued companion.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Embracing a decidedly tongue in cheek appearance Pool Party Fiora is a charming skin that manages to be humorous without reaching into the ridiculous. The new model is actually more concerned with her fashion sense. The fanciful hairstyle might be the most daring of choices as the glasses make her face look cute and the clothes and sandals appear practical and elegant. Overall, her clothing has a stylish decorum that is attractive without being sexualized. Sure, there’s a lot of skin on display and cleavage as well. However, it’s understandable within the theme and it doesn’t feel exploitative. Fiora’s sense of humour is visible in her choice of weapon: a pool noodle sword. Her fine fencing art is adapted to this preposterous weapon and joins a perfectly straight face to largely end up as a success. That’s in no small part due to the wobbling animation for the sword and the effective new particles.
Said particles remain among the expected water splashes with accompanying sounds. While they aren’t surprising they present the theme quite well. Besides, the new sound for her auto-attack reflects the expected feel of her new sword. The vitals indicators for Duelist’s Dance are classy yet they don’t fit the theme as well as they should. However, the ones used for Grand Challenge are a perfect fit with looks and sounds that make them stand out from the numerous splashes of water. The recall follows the straight-faced humour of the skin with a duel between Kelly the Krab and Fiora, the Grand Duelist. While the outcome never changes the idea is spot on as a way to unify Fiora’s classic and pool party identities.
All things considered, Pool Party Fiora isn’t a revolutionary skin but it offers several nice touches and surprisingly satisfying additions. The water theme is the most prevalent in the particles and sound. Still, the skin manages to be more than that with an elegant model and a pleasing self-parody. Individually, these characteristics aren’t enough to impress but together they manage to give the skin an appeal that is certainly more than the sum of its parts. Fans of the Grand Duelist that would like to enjoy a look at her funny, playful side will find in Pool Party Fiora a skin well worth their while.

Soaring Sword Fiora
Soaring Sword Fiora Splash Art Soaring Sword Fiora Model
Category: Regular
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Fiora as a Xianxia sword master.
Model: New model for Fiora and her sword plus new wind trail.
Particles: New particles for her abilities and recall.
Animations: New animated sleeves and new animations for high speed run and recall.
Sounds: New sounds for her abilities and recall.
Splash Art: Cranes in flight, diffuse against the clouds, while silhouettes of buildings, like blots of ink, appear far away. There’s a frame for Fiora but not much of a setting. She’s somewhere, perhaps flying in the sky or atop a mountain, but not even that is clear. Except for the cranes, which bear no relevance to Fiora in-game, there’s nothing really significant so it feels like the background is just filler.
Fiora appears with sharp lines and soft shading and colours. There’s nothing abrupt about her and, except for her feet, it’s possible to get a good idea of how she looks. The flowing strips of cloth can look sketchy in places but there’s no great flaw in that regard. What starts to become an issue is the meaning behind her portrayal. She appears in a pose that hints at movement but doesn’t explain if dashing on land or air; such ambivalence doesn’t contribute to the piece. Besides, her serene face seems cold and the inverted grip on her sword dramatic as she doesn’t hold her sword that way in-game. The fact that such a choice prevents the guard and blade from being fully visible seems like a pointless sacrifice. It seems like Fiora’s depiction aims at displaying her skill but there’s no actual demonstration of that.
The result is a splash art that merely shows Fiora’s new look. It’s a nice depiction in that regard but also nothing more than a spotlight. The background doesn’t help with context and the portrayal lacks meaning. As a presentation card it suffices but there’s room to do much more.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Wearing elegant and comfortable clothes Soaring Sword Fiora exemplifies the Eastern swordswoman easily. The blue colour palette and practical style makes her believable even if the golden decoration of the cape seems cumbersome. The sword looks very efficient yet also ornamented so as to hint to something mystical. Her hair conforms to function but also to form as the hairpins nicely decorate it. There’s a mist or gust of wind following Fiora wherever she goes and while it’s a nice touch, visually, it doesn’t amount to more than that. As a representation of the wind power behind this swordswoman it doesn’t really work well.
Particles are nice yet also brief and to the point; too much in fact. Duelist’s Dance vitals indicator has a florid design fitting of her style though they could also fit Classic with a different colour. Triggering the passive spreads a few yellow petals in the air, very similar to Classic, that remind of feathers; like those seen in Championship Ashe. That same effect is seen behind Fiora when she employs Lunge. There’s also a blue glow around her that makes the ability a bit more interesting but there’s nothing remarkable. The petals appear again for Riposte, drawn to her as the recall swords appear over her to end in a single thrust. Bladework’s first hit employs a subtle blue glow for the blade and a downward swirl for the impact which is rather appealing. The second hit reuses the glow but in yellow with a simple spark for the hit which lets down. Grand Challenge shows a bit of style taken from every other ability. Familiar Duelist’s Dance indicators surround the target and flow outwards with fluid, blue energy while a few petals swirl around. When hitting all four vitals they explode in more petals, subtle but elegant, and leave a large diagram on the ground that initially shows a bit of the blue energy and then glows with vertical, golden energy. The effect is quite nice in both cases but quite shy too. The diagram is eye-catching but doesn’t feel connected to Fiora. Her clothes don’t display any similar pattern so that it’s a missed opportunity that her cape, at least, doesn’t echo such a design.
Sounds are simple but appealing relying on bell chimes of different pitches. Duelist’s Dance is a string of high pitched chimes and Lunge even higher pitched. Riposte offers sliding metal and hits with high-pitched chimes. As a representation of blade mastery it communicates the idea well and it’s a sound that stands out. Bladework’s initial low-pitched bell chime is rather nice and familiar in its Eastern feel. The hits that ensue are a similar, weaker chime for the first hit and a disappointing chime for the next. Grand Challenge, again, joins abilities’ characteristics. There’s an initial bell chime like in Bladework half-way mixed with Riposte’s sliding metal but shorter and a tad higher pitched; still low. There’re weak chimes that die out as time goes by until the vitals are hit and there’s a flute tone to indicate that the true magic starts. The sounds are appealing but also there’s repetition and only Riposte and the beginning of Bladework and Grand Challenge manage to stand out.
The recall is a bit of a meaningless display of magical sword mastery. That is, Fiora leaving glowing swords in the air that split to surround her fits the theme. However, they don’t say much about it as those swords are only briefly used in Riposte. Then Fiora jumps into the air, strikes a couple of poses and disappears. Yes, the skilled mastery is shown but showy and without depth. The high-speed run manages to better show her skill with blades but it’s simple; Fiora just stands on top of her sword.
All things considered, there no denying that Soaring Sword Fiora is a good skin. The concept of a master swordswoman suits Fiora without issue and the magic inclinations can be consequences of her extreme skill. Regardless, the model ends up somewhat derivative while particles and sounds as well as the few animation added aren’t really remarkable; even if there are some that are nice. This results in a skin that is good without doubt but that fails at being great.

Heartpiercer Fiora
Heartpiercer Fiora Splash Art Heartpiercer Fiora Model
Category: Legacy
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Fiora as a queen dressed in an regal, heart motif.
Model: New model for Fiora and her sword.
Particles: New particles for her abilities, auto-attack, joke and recall.
Animations: New recall animation.
Sounds: New sounds for her abilities and recall.
Splash Art: Delving in the diffuse background it’s possible to see the heart-shaped throne on the right, the decorative banners around and an audience with a couple of familiar statues behind them. The blur seems unjustified in its successful effort to simplify decorations and conceal the few details visible. After all, most of the background is a sky with some swirling clouds which could hint at a storm brewing but which lacks proper significance.
The perspective allows Queen Fiora to appear more dignified and important as monarchs are bound to prefer. Knighting Vi this side of the scene seems the weaker with regards to context but also better served with regards to light. A simple glance at Fiora shows the soft, elaborate shading across her rich clothing and the more vibrant gold, even if it still is a bit dull in areas. This is most notable, even in clothes, as we move from head to legs: the lower body can feel sketchy. The upper body is a great example of what the portrayal can offer allowing even her sabre to catch the eye with its ornamented design; despite the less vivid colours. Fiora’s complacent yet approving expression is spot on for a Queen but her face appears different from her usual self, more rounded and soft as well as less angular. Regardless, it’s a small quibble as she’s recognisable.
Overall, this is the lesser part of the whole scene. There’s too much meaningless sky which the perspective could’ve made without by moving to a side and showing the richness of castle and throne, barely silhouetted, behind. Fiora’s portrayal, from the waist up is quite good though an extra touch of vibrancy would’ve helped. The result is uneven but effective as a presentation card albeit one with evident issues.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: At a glance Heartpiercer Fiora looks like a monarch but one in a stylised dress that allows for better movement while keeping a baroque style to the design. The decoration is direct in its use of hearts to the point that the classic elements of a Queen’s dress are modified by the stylization. Even accounting for the full dress, as worn in the recall, there’s an evident even if measured degree of artistic freedom. In spite of this, the dress is sensible enough in practical terms but the full dress is certainly more charming; it’s an understandable concession but one nonetheless which diminishes the uniqueness of the skin. The sabre’s guard, on the other hand, seems too bulky in ornamentation to be feasible. It surely catches the eye, too much perhaps, and the size is a major contributor; it looks like the largest from all skins.
Particles are rather measured in their use of hearts despite how eloquent the theme is about them. They are most noticeable in ability strikes and trails which display flurries of small heart-shaped petals. The general design of abilities is barely different from classic. In fact, hearts aside, most abilities seem only re-coloured with a few hearts added on top. Designs for the indicators used in Duelist’s Dance, Riposte and Grand Challenge are familiar in their look but they always display at least one prominent heart which communicates the theme in a classy and clear way. Grand Challenge’s heal manages to stand out with its appealing, golden design on the ground even if it struggles to stand above the green grass so present everywhere. The heart-shaped impact used for auto-attacks is somewhat subtle but a nice touch which adds to the theme.
Sounds are chime-like, metallic tune for each slash and strike. They provide a more delicate feel, compared to Classic, which ensues from the softer metallic clanks but it’s a subtle touch. The chime-clanks manage a consistent, fitting and appealing aural landscape, nonetheless, but it’s also one that feels homogeneous and lacking in personality for individual abilities. The new tune for Grand Challenge’s heal is the only other meaningful addition. With its delicate vibrations and accompanying harp it feels like the most distinct sound addition.
The new recall seems to actually complete her look by allowing her to wear a skirt as well as give her a sceptre. That way, she looks like a full-fledged Queen instead of one stylistically adapted for battle. Regardless, that’s all the recall does and while attractive for what it offers it’s also rather simple in scope.
All added together, Heartpiercer Fiora is a skin which stands like the seed of great potential thanks to its Queen of Hearts motif. The problem is that such idea is never developed and we end up with a straightforward adaptation that does all it can to keep Fiora as a fencer with some flurries of hearts and some chimes to add personality. As expected the result it lacking in originality and subdued in personality. What little there is of the Queen of Hearts is good but, in the end, there’s too much Grand Duelist.


Besides her legacy headmistress attire, Fiora’s has her release skins available and few champions were released with such quality skins. Both Royal Guard and Nightraven Fiora are good products that deliver a good concept backed by effective production. The lower price and cleaner implementation of Royal Guard places it as the recommended skin. Sadly, Nightraven has become an insipid armoured duellist that, frankly, feels boring in comparison with its previous, fascinating incarnation.

The legacy alternative is Headmistress Fiora which has a fitting concept but a lazy execution. To a point, it can feel like a change of clothes with an incomplete change of sounds. The result certainly has its charm but the inconsistent implementation can get on the way. For its price and category much more is to be expected.

The most expensive of the Duelist’s skins is PROJECT: Fiora. The cybernetic theme is clear in all its areas but the skin does just the necessary to realize its premise. At its high price the skin could and should add something extra to stand out and feel special. There’s nothing really wrong with it but also nothing actually extraordinary.

Another expensive option is Pool Party Fiora. At a glance it seems like just another joke skin. It does have a sense of humour but a very charming one that instead of ridiculing, parodies. On top of that, Fiora never loses her class and remains elegant as well as skilful beyond the multiple water splashes. This all comes together to defines a skin with a personality full of appeal that fans of the Grand Duelist will surely enjoy.

Keeping the high expense we find Soaring Sword Fiora. As a skin dedicated to displaying a swordswoman so dexterous that she’s magical it suits the Duelist. The execution represents the theme well but is unable to impress. There are changes to like but there’s really nothing that stands out as impressive. It’s a good skin, without doubt, but not great.

Heartpiercer Fiora offers a Queen of Hearts theme which is quite appealing due to the distinct and attractive identity it presents. The problem is that the skin doesn’t develop the concept and so we are often left with the classic Grand Duelist surrounded by a flurry of heart-shaped petals. What potential there is in the skin makes for all of its appeal and it’s one squandered by a straightforward adaptation.

At any rate, the choice should be based on personal taste according to the referenced material. As far as quality goes, Fiora’s skins were excellent and certainly an example for other release skins. They still are good even though they visual upgrade was unable to keep their glory intact.

  34 Responses to “League of Legends: Fiora Skins’ Review”

  1. How you make those screencaptures?

    • There are screens available at the League of Legends’ site when skins are released and at sales. Also you can take a screenshot in-game by pressing F12.

      • Yes, but, I mean… How you get that 3d, effect? If i do a screenshot I just see my champion in the same perpective than allways.

        • Riot undoubtedly has tools or options to see the champions from whatever perspective they desire. Those aren’t available in the client but you can always rely on LoLReplay. With it you can watch a replay from different perspectives by simply dragging the mouse; if memory serves. So, you can take a screenshot seeing the battlefield from the side, for instance. Hope it helps.

  2. Zero, I love your site. I use it everytime I buy a new skin. Your descriptions, your advices… you are wonderful in what you do, my friend.

    I have a suggestion. What about a new section – thematic teams?

    All yordle team, all pirate team, all soldier team… I would love to see that!


    • Thanks for the kind words, we are glad you find the reviews useful.

      Some themes are based on the champions but the skins add a lot of variety so that you can have champions as soldiers even if they are mages; Lux frowns at this. The possibilities are many, perhaps too many, but we wonder how to organize it and of what use it would be.

      It could be said that part of the fun is finding out the combinations but the real point is that they are rather evident. We understand that it’s helpful to have information organized though but it would be a huge list.

      It’s not an idea we are opposed to. It could be a way of finding skins by theme instead of by champion. However, we think that the champion is more important than the theme. First you should enjoy playing a champion and then you may want a specific theme that you can find, if possible, at the champion’s skins’ review.

      The idea isn’t bad and it’s an alternative that could be considered. Regardless, we think that it’s more important to have the champion first and from there to find the theme or skin. We are still open to ideas and if you have a way of organizing it all in a simple but useful way we’d appreciate the feedback.

  3. Headmistress Fiora additionally has a new sound to go with her new taunt animation – the sound of the ruler breaking. It is such a shame that the skin’s unavoidable main flaw is the classic metallic blade sounds present on all of her abilities. The dress and scarf she is wearing are exquisite, I overall love the model even if the other two skins’ models are also great.

    • That’s true, it’s a little thing but worth noting; thanks. The worst part about Headmistress Fiora is that the release announcement stated very clearly that there were supposed to be new smacking sounds for her auto-attacks but also her abilities; the latter are still nowhere to be found. Not only is the release page rather difficult to find nowadays, after the site revamp, but Riot never acknowledged the issue. Bussiness as usual; we just need to see Sandstorm Katarina’s classic Bouncing Dagger.

  4. Hola
    So the Updated Fiora Just came out, and I just want to see what your thoughts are on the new look (mainly the new Classic Fiora, as i feel that one has changed the most)
    Thanks 😀

    • Indeed, Classic Fiora has a more elegant and less fancy style that seems more practical and less fictional. The skins seem to be only polished so there are not big differences there. Hopefully, the Headmistress will receive her missing ruler-smacking sounds.

      Back to Classic, the refined identity suits her well as she’s all about being practical but without forgetting to be classy. Therefore the clean lines allow her to feel agile yet also elegant. In terms of looks it does seem like an improvement that reduces the fantasy and centres on the characteristics that better define her.

  5. Will you be doing Project Fiora when it comes out?

    • Definitely, we are preparing everything for her release.

      • In your opinion what is your favorite project skin? (Not including Yasuo)

        • That’s a difficult question as we find fault in all of them. Conceptually they are all quite good but the implementation seldom seems to fully capture the value that their price indicates. Perhaps PROJECT: Zed stands out due to his new shadows but that’s a necessary change more than an extra; like Leona’s new death particles. They are nice changes but unavoidable.

          Fiora and Lucian have nothing special about the changes: they simply follow the theme and to a point the same can be said about most of the new PROJECT skins. Considering their prices we were expecting a few extras to better realize the theme but we haven’t noticed any; except for Leona’s death.

          That’s not the case with PROJECT: Yasuo which leads us to believe that Riot might’ve bitten more than it can chew. So many expensive skins developed at once meant that resources had to be spread thinner that usual and it shows; especially at the legendary Yi level.

  6. Will you be reviewing pool party fiora when it comes out, as I need a skin for her and this one is looking pretty good, but I would like an extra opinion ^.^

    • Pool Party Fiora seems like a rather nice skin, indeed. We’ll certainly review it shortly after it’s released and are already preparing everything to be ready for when the time comes.

  7. Hi Zero,

    First off, I find that your reviews are really detailed, and you notice the great aspects and the not so great aspects of each, even going into detail over the splash arts, and when I (hopefully) eventually get money to buy skins, I can trust your reviews to recommend skins that will be worth the price.

    This leads me to my question. It might have been asked already, but how are you able to describe the skins in such detail? I was never the person who can look at a piece of art and judge how it looks based off of the details, but in every review, there is descriptions for every detail.

    • We are glad you find the reviews useful. With some luck you may be able to get a few skins with hextech crafting without having to spend money. Hopefully the reviews will be able to guide you in which skins are more interesting to you.

      With regards to the reviews we try to be as comprehensive about the splash arts and skins as possible. To make the reviews we take splash arts as a presentation card for the skin. It needs to communicate what the skin is about and also make an attractive display of the champion. That involves analysing the piece as a whole and the individual elements: setting, portrayal and collaboration between background and foreground.

      For the skins we consider what changes the skin offers with respect to what is expected at each price tier as described in Riot’s support page. Then the process is similar to the splash art but applied to a three-dimensional model. We see how the concept of the skin is delivered and what the execution does with it. We see what problems the skin has and which extras compensate or add to the skin. Finally, we see how the skin compares to other skins at the same price tier and belonging to that champion.

      In either case is a matter of repeated assessments focusing on different aspects of each item. Practice helps to notice different elements and also the readers which have collaborated in helping make the reviews better with their feedback. As with all things in life it’s a matter of dissassembling the item into its pieces and seeing how it works. Then we can have an idea of how things are.

  8. What do you think is more worth it? Project fiora or the pool party fiora ?

    • It depends on what you expect to get from the skin. If we are to compare them in sheer amount of features then Pool Party Fiora has new animations for her rapier which are more eye-catching than the glow on PROJECT’s. Also the execution delivers the message better in Pool Party. PROJECT: Fiora’s implementation seem rather conservative.

      On the other hand, the sci-fi feel of PROJECT is much more interesting and ambitious than Pool Party. Whereas Pool Party’s concept is rather simple PROJECT is richer though that doesn’t always come through in the execution.

      In general terms, Pool Party Fiora is a more accomplished skin but with a less interesting concept. PROJECT: Fiora is a skin with a very interesting concept but the implemenation doesn’t make the best of it. It still is well done but there’s ample room for PROJECT to shine with her own light.

  9. http://www.surrenderat20.net/p/current-pbe-balance-changes.html#toc

    Newest fiora skin coming out soon can we expect a review on all the skins here?
    Thanks for everything so far zero!

    • Not at all and all new skins will certainly and swiftly be reviewed. We aren’t Grand Duelists but the pen is mightier than the sword, right? Just don’t tell Fiora we said that: she also has a long ruler.

  10. Zero I missed out royal guard fiora which was on sale last month and pool party fiora coming on sale next month what u suggest is it a good skin? and is it worth getting it?

    • Truth be told, we’d suggest you get a skin you like; even if that means waiting for a sale. The thing is that you should enjoy the skin first and foremost. For that, it has to be one you like. That said, Nightraven and PROJECT have their appeal, also Headmistress. However, Royal Guard is quite nice and Pool Party is quite charming plus they do offer better value than the others. Each skin has its strengths and weaknesses but the final word should be your personal preference.

  11. Hey Zero! I just bought the Pool Party Fiora skin after reading your reviews, and it was one of the most worthwhile purchases I made in League. Thanks for the reviews, keep up the good work!

    With that being said, are you ever going to be doing reviews of chromas? I am currently considering buying a chroma for Pool Party Fiora and am stuck between the rainbow chroma and the watermelon chroma (I’m pretty sure its not called watermelon but I don’t know what it’s called :\)

    • Glad that you like the skin, have fun smacking people with your new noodle sword.

      Unfortunately, we have become pretty delayed in the list of things we have to update in the website. We are trying to catch up but we simply have to accept that there’s only so much we can do.

      That said, we are happy to guide you if you have any specific queries. Speaking of which, Rainbow is a rather nice chroma because it’s colourful and different from the base. Sapphire (watermelon blade) is a bit more similar though the sword is rather eye-catching. Both are good chromas and, actually, Pool Party Fiora doesn’t have bad chromas. Some are more distinct that others which makes the mentioned chromas, and also Rose Quartz, rather interesting due to the blades. In terms of swimsuits there isn’t as much variety so it’s mostly about the colours; perhaps Tanzanite and Aquamarine.

      Hope this helps in your potential purchase.

  12. Hello Zero. I am looking for a Fiora skin and I have decided I want to buy Project or Soaring Sword. I am aware they have been on sale not long ago but I think Soaring might be on a 50% soon and I think project will be on my shop for the next year so I’m not sure which one to buy.

    • Both are interesting skins. The concept is the main difference but the implementations also do things different. PROJECT: Fiora has quite good particles while Soaring Sword is more florid in that department but less varied; though a few new animations help. Truth be told, both skins are good and there isn’t a great difference but there are subtleties that may tip the scales; concpet aside.

      Given the prices we certainly recommend a sale. We would recommend to buy the skin you like the most even if the price may make the other appealing. It’s more important to get a skin you do enjoy than one that was, mainly, cheaper. That said, neither skin should disappoint; even if they aren’t wonderful.

  13. I’m looking for a fiora skin that is really smooth and clean.

    • Nothing smoother and cleaner than Royal Guard Fiora, if you don’t mind just model changes. The concept and execution is quite despite being a simple skin. If you want something more elaborate then things don’t get as smooth and clean. Perhaps Pool Party Fiora with some added soap; the water’s there. If you don’t mind a joke, in a skin, then the skin manages to be rather appealing. Other skins tend not to be as well focused.

  14. Are you guys reviewing the new heartpiercer fiora skin?

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