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Kai'Sa, Daughter of the Void
Kai’Sa, Daughter of the Void

Lost to the Void, that’s what everyone thought but it was far from it. What these lands created the Void gave shape. Crafted like a piece of art she had to adapt to the harsh life of the Void. If you can’t beat them, join them was the strategy. Enveloped in a second skin, she imitated the creatures around and become stronger with a new symbiotic relationship. What was once a hopeless reality has become a hunting ground for a predator without equal. Now, she’s back to her lands and the question is: on which side is Kai’Sa, Daughter of the Void? Perhaps the answer lies in the many guises she will adopt.

Bullet Angel Kai’Sa
Bullet Angel Kai'Sa Splash Art Bullet Angel Kai'Sa Model
Category: Release
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Kai’Sa as a space gunner.
Model: New model for Kai’Sa.
Particles: New particles for her helmet toggle, evolving, abilities, auto-attack, respawn, death, joke, taunt and recall.
Animations: New recall animation.
Sounds: New sounds for her helmet toggle, evolving, abilities, auto-attack, respawn, death, joke, taunt and recall.
Splash Art: For background we have a dazzling spectacle of stars and beams of light with the timid outline of a ship on the left. It’s an eye-catching frame, that can’t be denied, but that’s all it is. There isn’t much meaning to be found: at best, she’s been deployed from her ship; if we dare to imagine. While the deployment is heavy on visuals it’s also light in context.
Kai’Sa, fortunately, does enjoy a very nice portrayal. With great use of light, clear colours and sharp lines she looks fantastic. Well, at least from a distance. If we look close enough we can notice that colours are a bit drab and lines inexact giving away the feel of a draft. Even so, the portrayal is quite appealing. Armour is detailed, surfaces complex and effects abound as the visor and thrusters show. Even the blur added to limbs is reasonable enough to give an idea of speed instead of making everything diffuse. The pose allows a rather good view of her look but it could be better. There’s quite a similarity with PROJECT: Vayne’s splash art and so problems are shared between the pieces. The design similarities with PROJECT: Vayne also don’t help make the splash art feel special and unique. In fact, both skins being presented in a very similar way and with a similar look makes this presentation card feel derivative.
For all its faults, this is an effective splash art yet, it does feel like a lesser copy of PROJECT: Vayne’s. Even though there are differences in both presentation and design the familiarity can’t be shaken away which works to the detriment of both splash art and skin’s design unique qualities.
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Conclusion: From a first glance the sci-fi anime look of Bullet Angel Kai’Sa is clear and a good fit for the name. There’s no doubt that the large thrusters or jets stand out the most but the whole body has a stylised but sensible design that catches the eye. Armour is centred on the limbs and seems to be more for show than protection; or it could be plates used to stabilise Kai’Sa in flight. The suit underneath doesn’t seem to offer much protection in the sense of armour but strikes as advanced with its colourful design. The helmet is a good fit that does look sturdy and reliable so that Kai’Sa seems rather convincing as a flying hero. The problem is that she doesn’t usually fly so such lengths to show something that only appears in the recall is a bit underwhelming.
Particles are a bit similar to each other separated into projectiles and glows. Projectiles are made of yellow tips with blue trails behind, whether it’s the auto-attack or the abilities; even Void Seeker with its missiles. The look is consistent and the use of two colours makes the abilities pleasing to the eye and not simplistic. However, when abilities which are supposed to be different look like buffed up versions of the auto-attacks, but aren’t, so they disappoint. It also doesn’t help that Kai’Sa shoots rockets and missiles from her jets without any indication of a launcher on them. Glows take on a grid pattern for the helmet toggle, evolve and the ultimate, Killer Instinct’s shield. This is a simple but attractive design that suits the hi-tech approach of the skin. Shades of blue with an inverted colour feel or translucence are used for Supercharge and Killer Instinct’s dash, respectively. They are similar but the contrasts of colours and the transparencies help the, stand apart from each other. The lack of any grid pattern as in the other cases breaks the design for no good reason. They look distinct in themselves but it feels like a lack of consistency in terms of power ups. The stacks of Second Skin also don’t seem to follow the style. They appear holographic but the design seems more Void-like than digital.
Sounds are of the energy and digital types. The blasts that make up most if not all attacks seem advanced, energy discharges from automatic weapons. They do sound similar for consistency but with different emphasis on tone and length to give each kind of attack its own feel; which works quite well. Highlights include the helmet toggle, evolve and Supercharge which employ energy vibrations to support the visuals with a digital feel. Killer Instinct’s use of a digital blast gives the ability its own personality with a distinct sound. While it doesn’t stand out from the general style it’s appealing and fits in.
The new animation is the recall where Kai’Sa gets all suited up and flies off. It’s straightforward and could even be accused of simplicity but it surely is evocative and effective. It makes good on the promise of flight so prevalent in the model and also makes for a nice display of hi-tech.
Overall, Bullet Angel Kai’Sa is a skin that delivers an attractive suit-powered gunner. The model is futuristic and practical in its fictional style. There’s too much emphasis on the jets for the little demonstrations of flight there are. Also, there’s little indication of additional weaponry even though rockets and missiles are also employed; which makes projectiles’ apparitions a matter of hammer space. Particles and sounds aren’t perfect but work quite well to communicate the hi-tech theme and the animation is a welcome touch. This all leaves Bullet Angel Kai’Sa as a great skin with some minor problems.


As a release skin, Bullet Angel Kai’Sa is a great offering. It stands apart from the bio-evolved Classic with its technological wonders and does so with consistency. While some areas could’ve better developed the identity the skin is cohesive and attractive. The theme is realised and the result is nothing short of appealing even if it doesn’t manage to be striking. Therefore, Bullet Angel Kai’Sa is a charming skin for fans of sci-fi gunners looking to show their skills on the battlefield.

  4 Responses to “League of Legends: Kai’Sa Skins’ Review”

  1. Gonna buy Bullet Angel Kai’sa skin :3 Thank you for solidifying my decision

  2. Just a quick question. I was planning to buy Kai’Sa’s bundle pack with the chromas since it gives 27% off value however I’m not sure if the chromas are worth it. What are your opinions on the Bullet Angel chromas? Thanks.

    • We recommend getting chromas during IP sales because they tend not to offer much. There are exceptions but given their price in RP you could just buy a skin with the expense. Specifically speaking about Bullet Angel Kai’Sa’s chromas, we think they are alright. They don’t push the envelope but the different colour schemes are different enough to each other. It’s all the same design but with some little changes here and there which makes the chromas interesting as a change of look.

      There’s nothing deep in the chromas but if you plan to play a lot of Bullet Angel Kai’Sa they do offer some variety. It’s probably something for the dedicated fan which would see the same skin time and again. If you are expecting to get or trying not to miss something special then you shouldn’t worry because the chromas aren’t that elaborate.

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