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Lee Sin, the Blind Monk
Lee Sin, the Blind Monk

Lee Sin, the Blind Monk is the prime martial artist of the League of Legends. Even though he’s based mostly on a Shaolin Monk he also forays into other martial disciplines. Read further on this skins’ review and discover the many faces of this unique hand to hand warrior.

Traditional Lee Sin
Traditional Lee Sin Splash Art Traditional Lee Sin Model
Category: Regular
Price: 520 RP
Concept: Lee Sin as a tattooed martial artist.
Model: New model for Lee Sin.
Particles: No new particles.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: Traditional Lee Sin’s splash art is nothing more than a spotlight for Lee Sin’s look. The blurry background barely manages to provide a crowd surrounding, presumably, a battle arena. Lee Sin is well depicted but the perspective is somewhat uneven: his right hand, left arm, his shorts and even his body don’t appear right. Conversely, the tiger tattoos look very good and the shoulders are well shaded. This piece’s flaws aren’t always subtle and sum up so as to disappoint; it does its job but just that.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Traditional Lee Sin is a re-model of Lee Sin but it’s a bit unspectacular. That doesn’t mean that it’s bad because his appearance is appropriate for a martial artist. The tattoos and hairstyle do add a bit of flash to the style but overall it’s just Lee Sin wearing shorts. At its price it’s not a bad product, worth purchasing for those that like the look; still, it offers little to be excited about.

Acolyte Lee Sin
Acolyte Lee Sin Splash Art Acolyte Lee Sin Model
Category: Regular
Price: 750 RP
Concept: Lee Sin dressed as a monastery monk.
Model: New model for Lee Sin.
Particles: No new particles.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: Acolyte Lee Sin’s splash art is quite good: it has an apt setting and a good depiction of Lee Sin. The background is a bit fuzzy yet the mountain-top monastery is clearly discernible and even detailed. Lee Sin looks great: his clothes are complex and well delineated. The upper body looks better as it receives light and offers more elaborate shading. Contrarily, the lower body looks dark and plain. Overall, this is a very good piece but with a few problems.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Acolyte Lee Sin seems to be trying to deliver the idea of a robed monk living in isolation that has reached an unmatched martial prowess. However, Lee Sin’s actual look is quite peculiar and different from the norm. He doesn’t look bad at all: the clothes are complex and well designed.
Still, he looks too flashy and the aesthetic conveys an aggressive attitude that doesn’t relate to a martial artist monk. Maybe the robed monk isn’t the concept behind the skin, in which case the question remains of what Acolyte Lee Sin is supposed to show. In conclusion, this is a skin with an unclear concept that manages a good execution yet feels odd.

Dragon Fist Lee Sin
Dragon Fist Lee Sin Splash Art Dragon Fist Lee Sin Model
Category: Regular
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Lee Sin dressed as a classic martial artist from a Hong Kong film.
Model: New model for Lee Sin.
Particles: No new particles.
Animations: New animations for standing idle, taunt and Resonating Strike.
Sounds: New auto-attack sounds.
Splash Art: Dragon Fist Lee Sin has a splash art that gives a spectacular first impression which hides its defects. The background makes for an interesting setting: a temple full of ninjas. Unfortunately, while it makes sense to show less detail on the assailants so as to focus on Lee Sin they look overly simple. Besides, while the right side of the background is light and detailed the left side is dark and plain. At least, Lee Sin is very well depicted with excellent use of shading for cloth folds. Yet, his hair, skin and glasses don’t match the quality of his clothes. All things considered, Dragon Fist Lee Sin has a very good splash art that approaches excellence but isn’t able to reach it.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Dragon Fist Lee Sin is a skin dedicated to Bruce Lee fans: it effectively delivers his look and fighting stance in a cohesive way. It is, to an extent, a natural evolution of the prodigious martial artist concept. This means that the skin bases itself on Classic Lee Sin and improves on it; though it also means that it doesn’t deviate much from the original concept either. Much of the success of this skin relies on the good animations that Classic Lee Sin has. Therefore, Dragon Fist Lee Sin is quite a good skin and recommended for Wu Shu fans: it improves the classic concept but doesn’t bring anything actually novel.

Muay Thai Lee Sin
Muay Thai Lee Sin Splash Art Muay Thai Lee Sin Model
Category: Regular
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Lee Sin as a Muay Thai fighter.
Model: New model for Lee Sin.
Particles: No new particles.
Animations: New animations for standing idle, walk, dance, auto-attacks, critical hits, Resonating Strike, Dragon’s Rage and recall.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: Muay Thai Lee Sin is direct about its intent yet isn’t simplistic with its methods. The background is filled with elements that surround the, apparently, ring where Lee Sin stands. There are houses on the right, palm trees with a curious monolith and torches on the left plus a great sky all over; still, the sky seems a bit too heavy on the right. Lee Sin is very well depicted with great shading to show his impressive physical fitness. The colour palette is maybe a little too saturated but it does its job well. Overall, Muay Thai Lee Sin is an excellent piece that demonstrates that a portrayal doesn’t have to look simple at all; one of League of Legends’ best splash arts without doubt.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Muay Thai Lee Sin is a skin that stands out not by its fabulous graphic display but instead due to its magnificent animations. The classic Muay Thai fighter look is well realized and the animations greatly complement the full concept. Actually, without the new animations the Muay Thai fighter look would make no sense. Fortunately, the execution doesn’t seem forced by this obligation: Lee Sin’s attacks look fluid as well as powerful. It could be said that his abilities don’t look much like Muay Thai yet they still fit rather well. All things considered, Muay Thai Lee Sin is an excellent skin that gives Lee Sin a new style while retaining his personality.

Pool Party Lee Sin
Pool Party Lee Sin Splash Art Pool Party Lee Sin Model
Category: Regular
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Lee Sin dressed for the beach.
Model: New model for Lee Sin.
Particles: New particles for Sonic Wave and Resonating Strike.
Animations: New recall animation and modified, sip-taking, idle animation.
Sounds: New sound for Sonic Wave.
Splash Art: The beach is the setting but the running clockwork girl is the most interesting part of the scenery; speacially as there isn’t anything else to look at. The background looks acceptable and Lee Sin’s portrayal just as much. In spite of the saturated colours, the depiction is good: not only does it clearly display Lee Sin’s aspect but it adds a conversation to make the situation more believable. Therefore, the piece is a bit more than a mere spotlight and, even though not impactful, becomes a nice glimpse into Lee Sin’s social activities; despite feeling out of character.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Pool Party Lee Sin could very well be a street martial artist with a firm casual style. Besides being perfect attire for the beach it’s also quite comfortable; albeit impractical. At a glance, Lee Sin could pass as a normal guy with a hidden passion for Wu Shu. What remains peculiar is the reticence to get rid of the coconut drink. In fact, all the convenience of the attire seems confronted by holding a drink. It could also hardly pass as virtuosity as he doesn’t even try to keep the contents inside nor does it convince as a hint at drunken Kung Fu either. To be fair, aside from the recall, the drink doesn’t add to the style of the skin. Overall, it’s a nice looking but modest skin with a clear aspect and an annoying drink obsession.

SKT T1 Lee Sin
SKT T1 Lee Sin Splash Art SKT T1 Lee Sin Model
Category: Legacy
Price: 750 RP
Concept: Lee Sin dressed as a breaker.
Model: New model for Lee Sin.
Particles: No new particles.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: Following on the footsteps laid before, the splash art is content with depicting the team of champions at an arena among bright lights and confetti. As dynamic as the portrayal is it also feels like it’s treading the same ground. It also doesn’t help matters that the background is so diffuse and that the setting seems empty.
That considered the champions do look good. Each depiction speaks about them though not always in the right way. Specifically, Jax appears agile and ready for a fight, Lee Sin concentrated and physically apt while Zed seems sneaky and lethal. The ladies though don’t shine as much: Zyra simply lashes forward with her classic tendrils and Vayne looks unexpectedly light-hearted and enticing.
In a way, it seems that the splash art followed the traditional path: powerful guys flanked by sexy girls. To be fair, the portrayals are nice with vibrant shading and great variety of colour. Besides, for better or for worse, all the champions look attractive in some way. Therefore, we can say that it’s a piece with a disappointing background and a good portrayal that doesn’t always display the best that each champion can offer.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: It doesn’t require a second look to notice that Lee Sin has embraced the urban style in full. The comfortable clothing seems like a reasonable choice for someone so agile which, added to the goatee, cement the skin’s aesthetic. It all becomes even more sensible taking into consideration Lee Sin’s constant katas and interpreting them as dances. It doesn’t seem too farfetched then to picture him as a flashy b-boy displaying all his dexterity. In the end, SKT T1 Lee Sin is only a change of clothes for the Blind Monk. Fortunately, the skin leaves room for an open interpretation that works to its favour and adds some necessary personality. Thus, it’s not a bad choice for Lee Sin’s fans.

Knockout Lee Sin
Knockout Lee Sin Splash Art Knockout Lee Sin Model
Category: Regular
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Lee Sin as a classic street boxer.
Model: New model for Lee Sin.
Particles: New particles for Sonic Wave’s mark and Iron Will’s shield.
Animations: Four new standing idle animations and a new running animation. Two new punching animations for his auto-attack and new uppercut for critical hits. New animations for Resonating Strike, Safeguard, Dragon’s Rage, recall and respawn.
Sounds: New sounds for Iron Will and recall.
Splash Art: Some gentlemen are quick to throw punches and others prefer to do it for profit. Lee Sin seems to rather the latter in, perhaps, a semi-professional way. The arena is full of spectators, or it could be just a pub, enjoying the spectacle and one can even notice a certain large individual; not dressed exactly as a esquire but quite possibly Gragas. The fight seems to have continued beyond the ring, if there’s one in the distance, and Lee Sin’s skill doesn’t appear to be disputed. Even though the perspective doesn’t allow for an easy look at the surroundings the general idea is conveyed.
Lee Sin appears probably too close to one’s vision. Still, it’s possible to get a good idea of his look despite the emphasis on his gloves. The colours are, understandably, brighter than the background and the saturated hues match the vintage aesthetic. His pose and expression aren’t exactly the most attractive or interesting, perhaps the opposite, even if he appears to be throwing an uppercut; which should be exciting. Still, the portrayal is effective and delivers the message.
All things considered, this is a fine piece with an interesting background that struggles to be visible so as to present a good setting. Lee Sin’s portrayal isn’t the most convincing and he may be unnecessarily competing against the background instead of behind a part of the same piece. It manages to work but there isn’t harmony between background and foreground.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Following the path laid out by Muay Thai Lee Sin we have another skin that focuses on the animations instead of the visual or aural effects to deliver its message. In that respect, Knockout Lee Sin is quite effective and even goes a bit further that its cheaper sibling; though that’s also reflected in the price. The new appearance of the Blind Monk reflects the style of amateur boxing in the beginning of the 20th century. The clothes of a worker and the gloves of a fighter with the willpower of both is what moves this champion of the ring. The open shirt may be for show as in those times boxers would even wear an undershirt but as a fictionalized take on the subject it’s understandable even if exaggerated.
The main attraction of the skin is the new boxing animations. They finely communicate the feel of a boxer from his animations when idle to his attacks. It’s true that not everything is changed and so the old animations for his abilities or emotes sometimes make him appear like a kickboxer. Besides, there’s only so much variety in punching so his auto-attacks can feel quite similar to his abilities; the big difference being which arm he punches with. Nevertheless, in general the boxer style is noticeable even if a bit inconsistent.
The new recall is a nice addition that reinforces the boxer theme. The fact that the animation starts when leaving and contienues at arrival makes it seem complete. However, neither particles nor new sounds are anything remarkable. They are fitting but also limited in scope. Add to this the fact that the punches seem all rather similar and one can wonder what this skin adds that justifies such a high price.
In the end, Knockout Lee Sin is an appealing, fictionalized boxer skin that isn’t as imppresive as one would expect; especially if led by the price of 1350 RP. It’s well developed but also the actions seem lacking in variety and when we add that only the animations stand out the skin is left with little else to impress. For fans of Lee Sin and boxing, this is a nice skin but one better caught on sale.


As far as warrior’s facets go Lee Sin skins’ mostly stick to his characteristic Wu Shu. However, Muay Thai Lee Sin is the best skin that Lee Sin has available: it provides a distinct and novel implementation of a superior martial artist. The new animations easily stand out and give the Blind Monk an iconic identity.

Notwithstanding, Dragon Fist Lee Sin is also recommended if you prefer Hong Kong action films and Bruce Lee. It keeps Lee Sin’s classic feel while providing another take on a superb martial artist. The additions aren’t as elaborate as they could be but the message is well conveyed.

Knockout Lee Sin is a rather nice boxing skin with multiple new animations. Unfortunately, the punches tends to feel similar and there aren’t any remarkable extras to explain the high price. In fact, it doesn’t go far from what Muay Thai offers yet it asks for more. Therefore, it’s a skin with appeal but expensive so better to get on sale.

Moving on to his release skins, Traditional Lee Sin is a nice cheap alternative for Lee Sin but it isn’t particularly exciting. Whereas, Acolyte Lee Sin is a skin that doesn’t seem to know what it is: if you like his look it’s not a bad purchase but don’t try to find much sense behind the concept.

Finally, Pool Party Lee Sin is an appealing casual style for Lee Sin that is far from striking but looks good. It has a rather limited execution and the theme is nothing out of this world. Still it’s a skin with a relaxed style that is something different; you’ll just have to excuse a permanent drink in his hand.

  62 Responses to “League of Legends: Lee Sin Skins’ Review”

  1. caitlyn and katarina please

  2. do u happen to know if muay thai lee sin will ever go on sale or if it’s gonna stay at 975rp since it’s like party fiddlesticks?

    • Sorry we missed this comment, though it seems as if we answered a very similar one.

      Regardless, Muay Thai Lee Sin is a regular skin and will be discounted eventually; unlike Surprise Party Fiddlesticks which is legendary but on permanent sale. New skins are very slowly being put on sale after the Super Skin Sale so patience seems to be the only option.

  3. There’s a new autoattack sound in DragonFist Lee Sin. There are some Bruce Lee yelps (haha… yelp) instead of the traditional HEEKUUUUUU!!
    Thanks for the review. I will probably also end up getting Muay Thai in the future.

    • We’ll definitely give it a look, thanks for the information and glad you found the review useful.

    • Whoops there aren’t any Bruce Lee yelps. haha I was wrong. But there are different sounds for his autoattack.

      • Don’t worry, though he definitely could’ve embodied more of Bruce Lee; well, that’s how life is. We’ll give it a look as soon as we can and thanks again for the information.

  4. 2 things.
    1. I do think Dragonfist has new Autoattack sounds. I know several people have said this, but even if they aren’t there, I still hear them for some reason 0_o
    2. Could Acolyte be a reference to his time in training as a summoner?
    Thank you for answering.

    • First, we definitely need to give Dragonfist Lee Sin a new look as the recent sneaky additions seem to have made new sounds appear.

      Second, according to the League of Legends Wiki that seems to be the case.

      • Yeah I’ve seen the others say the new sounds and I was watching a spotlight on it and heard it. It’s sort of like one of those fighting sound effects in an old Bruce Lee movie.

  5. Hey Zero,

    I’d like to point out that Pool Party Lee Sin has new particles on his q. The coconuts.

  6. Question about Pool Party Lee Sin.
    Why is his Resonating Strike considered as changed ?
    I checked right now to be sure, but the partickes look the same as in original skin – blue with old “symbol”

    • It’s a bit difficult to see but when he hits the enemy after dashing pieces of a broken coconut drink appear; as if he had broken the seal over them.

      • Yeah, that’s true. But it’s a shame that Riot didn’t change whole Resonating Strike to green color to match Sonic Wave…
        Thx for quick response.

        • No problem. Indeed, the particle changes are rather modest to say the least. Had the skin went all out to be funny about Lee Sin’s drink obsession it could’ve been more interesting.

  7. Hello Zero,
    I really enjoy your reviews and I never buy a skin without knowing your opinion on it.
    My question is: Could you please check whether Pool Party Lee Sin’s Sonic Wave (Q) has a new coconut sound when hitting an enemy? I always seem to hear them.

    • Glad that you find the reviews useful. You are completely right, there’s a new sound for Sonic Wave. Thanks for the notice and good catch.

      • Hello Zero, It’s me again.

        After buying Pool Party Lee Sin (I don’t regret it :D) I also noticed another new sound. If you stand idle for a few seconds, you can hear the monk drinking from his coconut.

        And I also wonder what is still needed for this skin to give it 4 stars? Maybe water particles on Tempest? But would that change fit him, since he’s just relaxing under the sun and not going to dive into the water, as you can see in the splash art for example?

        • Thanks for the notice, we’ll check it.

          Truth be told new particles alone would have to be quite amazing to make the skin more attractive. The problem is that the concept is quite unassuming and the execution doesn’t try anything interesting to spice it up. Maybe a more elaborate model would help but the concept also restricts how much can be done with the appearance. Sometimes a concept makes it difficult for a skin to shine and this could very well be the case.

  8. Thanks for the review! I just had a question, how was the particles for Resonating Strike on DF Lee Sin changed? I never noticed that it was, and even after carefully looking at skin previews, I still can’t spot the difference between a classic RS and a DFLS RS.

    Thanks in advanced and keep up the great work! =D

    • Glad that you find the reviews useful.

      The particles for Resonating Strike on both Dragon Fist and Classic Lee Sin are identical. The difference is that Dragon Fist has a new animation where Lee performs a flying kick in classic Kung Fu style.

  9. Is there a change of muay thai lee sin coming on sales anytime near?

    • It’s been almost a year since Muay Thai Lee Sin was on sale so it should be discounted soon; it was discounted from the 23rd to 26th of April, 2013. The problem is that there are too many skins and too few slots for skin sales so, as more skins are added, this will only get worse. Patience seems to be the only reliable solution.

  10. Hey, Shadow, first let me say thanks for your wonderful reviews, I’ve visiting this page for a long time but never made a comment. These days there was a thread in reddit about the Muay Thai skin that I believe should be relevant here:

    TL;DR: Muay Thai Lee Sin has a delayed animation on his combo that makes playing with the skin more clunky that without it.

    I bought it when it was on sale and it was a big dissapointement. It’s still cool, though.

    • Interesting, Riot should be made aware of it; if they aren’t. Bugs like these tend to be fixed as there’s a policy of skins only being cosmetic. Still, one could find it easier to play with certain skins due to their colour palettes and effects.

  11. Don’t know why I put Shadow instead of Zero, XD.

  12. Hi Zero, Muay Thai Lee don’t have a new standing idle animation (atleast i didn’t notice after playing countless times!!!!) but a new WALKING animation 😀

    • We just checked and found out that not only does he have a new idle animation, though as he’s constantly moving it can be difficult to notice, but he also has a new walking animation; though somewhat similar to the classic one. The strength of Muay Thai Lee Sin is in his animations so it’s important that we note them all, thanks for the notice.

  13. I think that acolyte Lee Sin isn’t supposed to convey a monk, but when he was an acolyte studying how to be a summoner. Although none of that is canon anymore…

    • Our problem with Acolyte is that it’s not very clear what he is. It sort of an apprentice but trying to look exotic more than stating any specific allegiance or theme. It has a distinct style but it’s still unclear what it’s supposed to be.

  14. dis is so biased lol

  15. Is knockout lee sin worth 405 RP?

    • Provided you like his fancy boxer style, sure. That’s a good price for a skin with quite a few new animations. It does a good job at recreating the fighting style but the price is high so, if you like Knockout, then it’s a great opportunity to get it.

  16. Hi zero, first of all I would like to thank for all the reviews, I love them so much. It serves as such an important reference every time I buy a skin.
    I would like to buy a skin of lee, either dragon first or muay thai, would you please give me some advise?
    I just find them both fascinating and I can’t make my choice.
    thanks a lot

    • Not at all, we are glad you find the reviews useful.

      It can be said that Dragon Fist has a more imposing concept as it’s a tribute to Bruce Lee. With regards to the implementation, there’s only a few new animations and sounds so it mostly relies on the homage.

      On the other hand, Muay Thai is quite straightforward in its concept. It’s the implementation that truly makes the skin stand out with an almost complete array of new animations for Lee Sin.

      It depends on what you want from the skin. Both are good skins but also very different. They have attractive features but also unique identities. Neither should disappoint if you are interested in what they offer but don’t try to find in them what they don’t have. Each has their strengths and weakness but have to considered on their own merits.

  17. hey, zero it would be smart if you can put champion prices, because i always try to google them at school and they dont show up, only this website isnt blocked and im always curious to find champion prices, anyways good job on this website it is extremely useful, i even use this at home! ty

    • Glad that you find the site useful. We’ll see how we can add champion prices. As they are constantly changing: with new champion releases older champions have their prices decreased it could be inconvenient to have them in each review page. Perhaps a specific page with the prices could be an option.

      Nevertheless, in the meantime you can check the sale overviews which also list the champion sales. You can find the price in RP and IP for each champion discounted. You can either check the ‘sale overview’ tag or search for Lee Sin. At the very least you can get rather up-to-date information on the price.

  18. I play a lot of lee, The only skin I own is Traditional (Got it from a friend). In my lunar revel shop I got Muay Thai Lee Sin for 40% (Overall price: 585 RP). Is it worth the five bucks? I was contemplating getting it for 975 but now that its on sale I think I might go for it. Thoughts?

    • You could wait for a regular sale and get Muay Thai for 487 RP. It’s only a 10% difference but as you start getting skins the expenses pile up quickly so any saving is welcome. Without a doubt Muay Thai Lee Sin is a worthwhile skin. The images don’t do it justice as its forte is the animations. The skin changes his most relevant actions to Muay Thai so there is different feel and the result is a unique identity. If you like Lee Sin we can recommend Muay Thai; unless you prefer particles and sounds to animations. At a 40% discount it’s a good option, not as good as it could be but if you don’t want to wait it’s reasonable enough.

      • Considering I have to pay 5 dollars for it either way, I think I will just take it now. Thanks for the quick reply, love the reviews. Always check it before making any purchase!

        • Glad that you find the reviews useful.

          The difference in RP may seem small but it can add up if you plan to buy more skins in the future. If you are only going to get a few then it won’t amount to much but it’s something to keep in mind, nonetheless.

          Hope you enjoy the skin.

  19. Hello, first off i find your reviews very usefull. Next, do you think muay thai Lee will go on sale any time soon, considering a lee skin was on sale just this month? Thanks for the anwser in advance 🙂

    • Glad that you find the reviews useful.

      We have good news for you: Muay Thai Lee Sin has been confirmed for a June sale. The announcement, as usual, doesn’t indicate exactly when the skin will be discounted but, sans something unexpected, it will go on sale during June. Only a little patience is necessary then.

  20. Pool Party Lee Sin has a new idle animation where he takes a sip of his drink, which is accompanied by a minior new sound.

    • It’s a very subtle change, just a modification of the base idle animation but it’s present if attention is paid; good eye. We haven’t been able to confirm the sound though; if you have a video link it’ll be great. Thanks for the information, we’ll add it to the review.

      If you have some spare time, would you mind taking some screenshots of Ryze’s skins after the update? All skins, legacy and limited, seem to be available right now on the PBE so it looks like the ideal time to take some captions. Most are only re-models so the usual back and forth, at best add left and right if you want, screenshots are enough. For Zombie and Dark Crystal particles are coloured green and red so those will need a more thorough display that adds the abilities.

      Finally, Pirate has a new animation and particle for Overload and new animation for his joke; he takes a sip of rum. There also used to be new animations for Rune Prison and standing idle but we don’t know if they remain. There’s no rush for the images so take your time. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide in this regard.

      • I’m quite positive there is a sound to accompany the adjusted idle animation, sadly I cannot make a video of it.
        Also, I’ll get to the Ryze shots soon. I was just wondering, you know character inking in-game, right? Do you prefer shots with or without it? Until now all my shots have been with inking, but I do feel like it can get in the way sometimes. Your choice.

        • We’ll keep checking to see if we can find the sound. It would be very helpful if skins had a proper spotlight by Riot showing all they offer on release; more wishful thinking.

          Thanks in advance for the Ryze images. We can manage a few of the skins but only the most recent ones. When it comes to the older ones and, especially, the promotional ones we’re completely out of luck.

          We checked some images and there isn’t a huge difference with and without inking. Inking does allow for better contrast of colours between the champion’s model and the background which helps it stand out. That’s helpful as battlefields are always busy with all kinds of things going on.

          On the other hand we agree that it’s not as truthful to the skin because it’s an added effect. It applies to all skins but it’s still something not intrinsic to them. We aren’t sure which is the default option. If inking is supposed to be usually on then keep it around as most people probably leave the default configuration; in particular as it can only be changed in-game and there’s hardly a second to lose then.

          As it also helps see champions better inking is, presumably, a used option as there’s always so much going on. We aren’t really sure but it might be safest to keep it around provided it’s the default option. So far, we hadn’t noticed it in the screenshots so it may not be something too relevant in the end. Of course, it matters if we want images to be as good as possible so thanks for bringing this up. It’s better to be aware.

  21. The skins of Lee, now have a different image…

    • We are delayed with the splash art update but we hope to be able to continue and, hopefully, finish with it soon. Having new splash arts means re-doing the splash reviews so with hundreds of new splashes it takes a good while. We’ll try our best nonetheless.

  22. Riot has updated the Dragon Fist Lee Skin, just to tell you 🙂

    • Could you be more specific about the changes. As far as we know only assassins were updated but there could be some changes for Lee Sin as he has characteristics belonging to that role. We’d appreciate any information you can provide.

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