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Janna, the Storm's Fury
Janna, the Storm’s Fury

Janna, the Storm’s Fury doesn’t need a spacious wardrobe; even ignoring her limited attire selection. Fortunately, her clothes are more suggestive than simply revealing and while much skin is exposed it doesn’t end as just fan service. To learn more about Janna’s style and her staff choices, read further on this skin review.

Tempest Janna
Tempest Janna Splash Art Tempest Janna Model
Category: Legacy
Price: 520 RP
Concept: Janna dressed in black clothes with white hair and eyes.
Model: Minor model changes for Janna, new model for her staff.
Particles: No new particles.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: This splash art’s background is the complete opposite of the foreground. While the former is simple and blurry the latter is clearly defined and well painted. Janna looks great bathed in the light emitted by her staff: her skin and clothes reflect the light and are nicely lit. The use of colours is particularly well done and the selection generates a general allusion to lightning. Overall, while Janna is very well depicted in this piece the background should’ve been a better frame for her; not a bad piece but a bit disappointing as a whole.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Tempest Janna minor changes are a huge contrast to their effectiveness: with a few new textures and minor model changes Janna looks quite different yet maintaining her classic style. The new staff also helps distinguish Tempest from Classic Janna and is a good fit for the skin. Tempest Janna shows that much can be done with little resources and some ingenuity. For a cheap and nice alternate look for Janna there’s no better option than Tempest Janna.

Hextech Janna
Hextech Janna Splash Art Hextech Janna Model
Category: Regular
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Janna as a steampunk machinist.
Model: Major model changes for Janna, new model and sparks for her staff.
Particles: No new particles.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: This piece is quite nice as a portrayal of Janna: she’s well drawn and coloured and the background is quite interesting with a city in the distance; at least most of it. Almost one third of the piece is a patch of black and that’s a huge disappointment considering the good quality of what is actually shown. Perspective is well used to display Janna floating but the stance seems capricious. Moreover, part of the staff is out of the picture which is a strange oversight considering it’s relevance. Overall, a nice splash art that ends up being smaller that it should be.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Hextech Janna has the unusual quality of providing a different style for Janna by covering her up. Fortunately, the result is quite good and, in spite of the higher quantity of clothes, no less attractive. The skin’s style is consistent all over: from the goggles to the boots and including the staff. The re-use of the same model for her hair isn’t a big problem as it receives a new colour; though it could’ve been a good opportunity to try a new hairstyle. Overall, Hextech Janna is a nice skin able to stand out with a distinct and appealing look.

Frost Queen Janna
Frost Queen Janna Splash Art Frost Queen Janna Model
Category: Regular
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Janna dressed in blue clothes with ice covering some parts as armour.
Model: New model for Janna, her staff and her air elemental, Zephyr. New glow for her staff.
Particles: New blue particles for her abilities and auto-attack. New falling snowflakes around Janna and for her abilites.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: This piece shines with the presence of Janna and is able to evoke the grandiosity of her new look in just a glimpse. The general quality is quite high and jumps to the viewer with great use of colours, lighting and reflections. In particular, the ice as a reflective light source is a great choice to make Janna literally shine. The background, while not overly detailed and a bit blurry, is appropriately used as Janna stands in the middle of a snow storm. The fact that her clothes are mirrored, that is the skin has on the left what is on the right and vice versa, is an insignificant gripe and perfectly ignorable. From the first look at Frost Queen Janna’s splash art it’s obvious that it stands apart and above other pieces being a rotund accomplishment in quality and one of the best splash arts in League of Legends.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Frost Queen Janna is a skin that deviates from Janna’s classic style but still harkens back to it. The ice theme is aptly displayed: the ice shards decorate the dress without appearing impractical or out of place. The clothes’ asymmetry is a very nice touch that gives the skin a unique even whimsical appearance. However, it seems like a wasted opportunity that her new hairstyle looks so similar to her classic one; nonetheless it doesn’t look bad at all. Additionally, the new particles further the ice theme and the new Zephyr air elemental is a pleasant extra. In conclusion, while it’s possible that Frost Queen Janna could’ve been better the truth is that it’s an awesome skin that realizes its great potential; but not in full.

Victorious Janna
Victorious Janna Splash Art Victorious Janna Model
Category: Promotional (awarded to Gold, Platinum and Diamond ranked players after Season 2)
Price: Not Applicable
Concept: Janna as an armoured warrior mage.
Model: New model for Janna, her staff and her air elemental, Zephyr.
Particles: New particles for Zephyr.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: A battle seems to have finished as warriors lift standards and help each other among powerful gusts of wind. The soldiers are a little too undefined as they seem empty armours. The walls, statues and rocks help build a setting but still not much can be identified. Janna braves, or maybe channels, the winds around as she shines bathed by a mysterious light. Her portrayal is impeccable: there’s enough detail to appreciate the subtle armour engravings and clothes’ seams. Her hair is very nicely drawn and her meditative expression separates the stance from a simple pose. However, crouching isn’t the best way to display a look, just as showing only a portion of her staff isn’t enough. On the whole, it’s a piece that succeeds at being more than a mere spotlight but at the same time forfeits providing a clear look of Janna. It’s a nice splash art but its composition isn’t the best.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Victorious Janna gives the Storm’s Fury a reasonable amount of armour and clothes so as to make for a more classic warrior mage look. The result is quite nice and, as far as fantasy is considered, believable: the decorations are sensible plus the armour plates seem sturdy and practical. Her hairstyle is notable as it’s shorter and tied in a ponytail; though it’s fine looking. Overall, Victorious Janna is a good present to receive but hardly a product worth a struggle to achieve.

Forecast Janna
Forecast Janna Splash Art Model
Category: Legendary
Price: 1820 RP
Concept: Janna as a weathercaster.
Model: New model for Janna, her staff and her air elemental, Zephyr.
Particles: New particles for her abilities, auto-attack, joke, taunt, death and recall.
Animations: New animations for her abilities, auto-attack, emotes, standing idle, walk, occassional hover, capture, recall, death and respawn.
Sounds: New voice-over and new quotes for Zephyr, Monsoon, recall, death, respawn, with certain champions, fighting Baron Nashor and map-dependent beginning of match. New sounds for her abilities and auto-attack.
Splash Art: This splash art is quite straightforward: Janna amidst a storm with a Teemo being carried away by the whirlwind behind her. The background is certainly clear but unexciting. In fact, despite filling all available space the storm feels a tad empty. Janna struggles against such inclemencies to continue her report but her expression is more playful than worried. Her depiction is good with nice cloth folds and multiple reflections; perhaps too many considereding the absence of direct light sources. At any rate, the piece gets its message across quite well. Besides, it makes for a good portrayal of Janna; even if as a whole she seems to be floating in limbo.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Forecast Janna doesn’t make any pretenses about what its objective is: it’s a funny skin and it does everything it can to accomplish it. The problem with humour is that repetition removes the novelty of a new joke. Fortunately, Janna isn’t simply comical because she’s also appealing and friendly. The jokes may dry after a while but the general style of the skin manages to keep Janna attractive: not just in visuals but also her journalistic personality.
That’s because the new model, particles and sounds, backed by a distinct voice-over, succesfully wrap Janna in the image of a news presenter. Individually, the modifications are good but together they accomplish more than the sum of their parts.
Sadly, the skin isn’t without issues as most of her abilities look quite similar to their classic counterparts. More precisely, Zephyrs rain could stay for the duration of the slow but instead it feels too brief a effect. Eye of the Storm doesn’t stand out as it’s rather similar to the classic aspect. Besides, the auto-attack lacks impact and most of Monsoon’s animation will usually be unseen as it’s habitually interrupted early.
While Forecast Janna isn’t perfect it’s certainly good and despite being unable to stay funny for long it does have lasting appeal. On the whole, Forecast Janna is an improvement over traditional funny skins: she’s humorous but she’s also more than just that.

Fnatic Janna
Fnatic Janna Splash Art Fnatic Janna Model
Category: Legacy
Price: 750 RP
Concept: Janna dressed in casual clothes.
Model: New model for Janna, her staff and her air elemental, Zephyr.
Particles: New particles for Zephyr.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: With some effort, the background could represent the illuminated entrance from which the glorious team emerges. Unfortunately, it’s all so blurry and lacking in detail that it’s only a guess. The champions escape from the diffuse surroundings with effort. Their stances make it all feel quite dramatic but also somewhat exaggerated. In fact, it seems to unexpectedly evoke a poster from the eighties with all the nostalgia and excesses that implies. Moving onto the champions themselves, none make a convincing display of their classic personality. There are hints here and there but, for the most part, they seem to be out of character. Ultimately, this splash art accomplishes its basic premise of providing a dazzling display of the champions but in a confusing and chaotic way.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: While nicely dressed and charming Janna’s clothing is rather unassuming; which is surprising considering the alternatives. That’s not necessarily a bad thing but the rest of the skin doesn’t add anything to make the look stand out. The only thing that attracts attention is Fnatic’s logo, firmly placed in front of one’s face. Therefore, Fnatic Janna is a good skin with a different casual style but nothing groundbreaking.


Janna has an awesome selection of skins all with very high quality and unique styles. Frost Queen Janna is the unavoidable recommendation because of its incomparable aspect and numerous additions. Hextech Janna is quite good as well: despite not providing as much as Frost Queen Janna, it makes up for it with an exceptional look.

Additionally, Tempest Janna may be the skin with the lowest price and amount of changes but it surely stands out thanks to its clever re-imagining of Janna. Finally, Forecast Janna is a skin for her fans or those that prefer a good dose of humour. The jokes won’t stay funny for long but Forecast Janna has enough personality to stay appealing despite failing to impress.

  60 Responses to “League of Legends: Janna Skins’ Review”

  1. Thanks for the Janna skin review, I like janna quite a lot as support and i wanted a second opinion on her skins.

  2. You’re welcome.

  3. Just wanted to let you know that I enjoy reading your skin reviews! I was wondering which skin to get between Woad and Freljord Ashe, and after reading your review, I think I will get the Woad Ashe. Hope to read more of your reviews.

  4. Thanks for the kind words. Also, Woad Ashe is definitely a good investment if you like the tribal style.

  5. No update for victorius skin yet ?

  6. HI Zero I just wanted to ask what is better? Frost Queen Janna or Blackthorn Morgana. They’re both on sale on our server and I cant buy both. So I just want your opinion Thanks!

    • In that case you should definitely consider how much you like Janna and Morgana and how often you play them or intend to do so. While both have a support component Morgana also allows playing her as a mage so there’s versatility to take into account as well.

      As far as quality goes both skins are superb. If you’d like to see the devil in the details you could complain about the Frost Queen’s lack of clothes or the Blackthorn’s dark colours. Still, you can also say that Janna isn’t exactly a fan of clothes or that bark can only be so colourful.

      In the end, either choice would be good and will probably leave you wanting to also have the other skin. Instead of thinking which one to get try to place an order to the skins: which one would you like first? That way you can eventually save for the other and if you are patient you may also catch it on sale again.

      Sometimes looking at a problem from a different angle can yield an answer you couldn’t get by keeping a strict view of it.

      • Thank you very much for such a detailed answer. I know that both skins are superb I am thinking on buying Frost Queen Janna and just buying a much more cheaper skin for Morgana. Since I saw a Blackthorn Morgana today I didnt like it that much. Thanks again!!

        • Not at all, it’s no problem; hope you enjoy your next purchase.

          Still, all of Morgana’s skins cost 975 RP so there doesn’t seem to be any cheaper alternatives. Regardless, you should trust in what you like. Even if a skin may not seem like much, if you like it, you can enjoy it and have fun with it.

  7. hi zero,
    thanks for the skin reviews 🙂 just wondering, but are you going to review the new forcast janna skin anytime soon?

  8. hi zero,
    i was thinking of getting frost queen janna, but its just that the tornado particles for that skin look like the old tornado particles that she had before her rework, just recoloured blue (or so i’ve heard). In your opinion, do you think that should make much of a different? Because I was also thinking of tempest janna since its particles look more natural, and they were updated along with the classic and hextech skin.

    • As far as we know, Frost Queen Janna has different particles to the classic ones. They do look quite similar, like a re-colour, but they still look good. If you are unsure check some videos of the skin to have a good idea of how it looks in motion.

      If you like the whole of a skin you should consider how relevant a single detail is for you and if you would be able to ignore or accept it if you don’t like it. In this particular case, Howling Gale seems to look good and not outdated across all skins.

      Tempest Janna also is a nice skin but more modest than Frost Queen. Another option is to wait for a skin sale if you are still unsure so as to reduce the weight of the price. It may require patience but it’s a possibility.

      • Thanks!
        I think I’ve decided to get frost queen janna, since i love the look of it and the snowflakes around her are really cool 🙂 thanks for clearing up the bit about the tornado too, it helped a lot with my decision.

  9. forecast janna review?

  10. Thanks for the forecast janna review 🙂
    Is it just me, or does janna’s shirt appear white in the splash art, but light blue for the ingame the model? Seems rather strange…

    • Not at all.

      It could be that the image slightly alters the colour as different media code colours differently. That’s why photographs and videos don’t look exactly like real life: the colours seem marginally different. That’s easily noticeable while comparing the colours of an image on a monitor and on a printed sheet.

      Regardless, it’s also possible that the model simply uses a light blue shirt for Forecast Janna. There are many splash arts that aren’t completely faithful to the in-game look and this wouldn’t actually be out of the ordinary.

  11. Will Forecast Janna ever be on sale?

  12. Excuse me, but I bought Frost Queen Janna, and I have played several games with her and do not see any change to her autoattacks. They are not even blue, they look the same as in her classic skin. I believe you should give it a second look.

    • The projectile is different: it’s a bird like Zephyr instead of a ball of wind in two colours. The wind effect on impact does seem to be the same though; which is inconsistent. We’ll give it another look anyway.

  13. In the FC Janna splash review it says “At any rate, the piece gets its message accross quite well.”
    Typo on across.

  14. Hi Zero,

    Can you give us a quick opinion on the Fnatic skins, especially the Janna one? Interested to hear your take on them.

    This website has a quick view of her:

    Kind Regards,

    • As with previous champion skins there are some interesting designs but little beyond model changes. From what little we’ve seen, Janna looks alright but nothing impressive. It’s nice set of casual clothes and they suit her but that’s all.

      In general, the Fnatic skins seem to be good but not great. We’ll have a full review when they are released.

  15. In the Conclusion section of Tempest Janna the final sentence says “that” where is should say “then”.

  16. In the Forecast Janna particles section, shouldn’t something be mentioned about her joke and taunt? She summons a lightning cloud that humorously strikes her and a camera to show a screen with her (and Fiddlesticks’ ultimate) ability icons, respectively.

    • Yes we should’ve mentioned something of the sort. Legendary and ultimate skins have so many changes that something is bound to slip by sooner or later. Thanks for the notice.

  17. In the forecast janna skin , there is urf floating arround !

    • In her tornados *

    • Indeed, among several other things. Still, it’s essentially the same tornado with just a few extras added. That’s not to say that we think it’s a bad way of changing the abilitiy but it might not be enough for a legendary skin. At this price, it’s good but one expects something impressive.

  18. Hi Zero,
    Do you think Frost Queen Janna is still worth 5 stars ? I’d like to buy a skin for my janna.
    Thanks for your answer 🙂

    • We certainly do. It might seem like it’s trailing behind newer skins but the model is quite good. Besides, her particles are done in two layers: the re-coloured blue gusts plus the falling snowflakes. It’s still not at the elaborate level of some newer skins but there’s a lot to like about Frost Queen Janna.

      Perhaps in the future when Janna receives a new skin that is evidently superior to Frost Queen we’ll change the rating. For now, it’s her best skin.

  19. Hey,

    LoLWiki says that Forecast Janna’s voiceover is a refference to a famous Romanian news reporter.
    Do you know what’s her name? Or what is the quote that is a refference to her?
    I’m Romanian and I got no idea which one of her quotes is the refference. 😛

    • No idea, there’s no source for the affirmation in the Wiki and a quick search online doesn’t reveal anything obvious at least. Sorry we can’t be of help. If we find out something we’ll report back.

  20. Hey
    I’ve got Forecast Janna from a mystery gift last night,but your reviews dissapoint me.
    She got a new sound and new animation for absolutely everything she’s able to do.
    I do think she deserves four stars,since it is worth its “Legendary” label.

    • She certainly deserves to be legendary that’s why she got three stars. The problem is that the changes aren’t that striking nor are the visuals that different from the classic ones. The sum of its parts is good but individually the changes aren’t astounding. Besides, the jokes can only stay funny for so long. At the level of a legendary skin we simply have to be strict because it’s a lot of money involved.

      Three stars isn’t a bad rating it means it’s a good skin but not great. In the case of Forecast Janna it’s a fine option but more is to be expected at this level. A legendary skin should be a walking or floating marvel. Forecast Janna is appealing and competent at developing its theme but doesn’t impress with the depth of the modifications.

  21. Fnatic Janna has yellow particles in her auto-attack.

  22. I think it is appropriate to mention that Frost Queen Janna also has new particles for her staff. Also, considering how much the Texture Update darkened the blue tones of the skin (which I think look better darker), I think the screenshots deserve to be updated, since many others have after TU’s.

    • She does have a clear new glow on her staff, thanks for the information.

      We don’t find the texture update to have changed things in a very noticeable way. At least the images we have don’t show something too obvious though a comparison side by side reveals a difference. We’ll keep it in mind for when we have chance to update some images but it won’t be high in the priority list.

  23. i would like to purchase forecast janna but i have an anxiousness about purchasing it because i like also other skins.I like forecast janna very much but it so too less armor than the other champions Zero what do you think would be the wise idea in purchasing skins just like forecast janna,please help me to a better decision,thanks reply pls.

    • Forecast Janna, as other legendary skins, are for the real fans of a champion. If you don’t plan to extensively play Janna along her Forecast style then there’s little point in getting into such an expense. It’s a fine skin, no doubt, but isn’t truly impressive and cheaper ones may end up being more satisfying.

      It’s a matter of how much you like Janna and the Forecast skin. There’re very good alternatives for Janna, like Frost Queen, so Forecast is far from the one choice to make. Think about how much you play Janna and whether you would prefer any of her other skins. If playing lots of Forecast Janna ends up being what you prefer then it can be worth getting. If not, it’s a lot of money for something that won’t be used.

  24. There are a few updated splash of skins now! It includes Janna, amumu, annie, MF, Yi and many more xD
    Would appreciate it if the reviews are all pdated cause the splash art are dope a’f and I’m really curious if theres any ingame changes

    • The splash art update encompasses only the art and there would be no in-game changes as part of that update. There could be changes in the meantime but they’d be unrelated. We are updating the splash arts’ assessments progressively but as they are so many it will take a while.

  25. I was just wondering, are you going to update all the splash arts after they finish changing them all?

    • We won’t wait until the finish the update we are already updating the reviews. There are a lot of updated splash arts so it will take some time for us to catch up with all that has changed. We will cover them all though it’ll just be a progressive effort.

  26. Would you ever recommend buying a legendary skin at full price? As far as I know they don’t go on early sales so the only way to buy them is as their full price. You would usually say getting skins at half price is worth the wait, which it is. But since they don’t go on sale which legendary skin do you recommend. If I were to buy one it would have to be newer because it may have more particles and stuff.

    • Newer skins tend to have more features but there are some older ones that have stood the test of time quite well. Also, recent legendary skins do go on early sales as it happened with Dragon Trainer Tristana and will happen with legendaries and ultimates released afterwards; including PROJECT: Ashe.

      Considering legendary skins’ prices, and especially ultimates, we think that they should be reserved to the most dedicated fans of a champion whom really like the concept and execution of the legendary or ultimate. The bad news is that, sans recent early sales, there are no discounts to be found; except for some unique exception that could be made. The good news is that there’s no rush to decide so you can check videos to make an informed decision. We hope the reviews also help in that regard.

      Specifically, we would advise to get a legendary skin only for a champion that you like and play a lot. Also you should prefer the skin’s concept and implementation to the alternatives present. On top of that, what the legendary or ultimate offers should feel worth the price and also worth choosing over possible new skins that could appear in the future. It’s a lot to consider but it’s also a lot of money so you should feel sure enough that the skin you get is worth the effort. That aside, it’s a matter of personal preference.

      • Thanks for the help deciding but I think I have encountered a personal problem which wouldn’t allow me to get legendaries. I feel that buying any skin for a champion I ‘have’ played alot is kind of useless because after getting a champion to mastery level 5/6 I tend to never play them again and in terms of legendaries, thats 1350 or 1820RP wasted on a champion I will hesitate to play. Overall, I think that personally buying legendaries now isn’t such a good idea considering how I only go back to the champion every once in a while when I mained them. Taking project ashe as an example, the skin seems very good and ‘if’ I were to buy it now-main ashe for a while-get a decent mastery then I just wasted RP I think, any way this subject has the potential to be wrong because I love legendaries but as said above, they are incredibly expensive

        • It’s understandable, with so many champions vying for attention it’s difficult to justify such an expense on a single one. If you were to buy a skin before mastering a champion then it could give several hours of playtime which could make the expense worthwhile.

          However, there are many skins at 975 RP that have great concepts and fantastic executions which stand as viable, even if technically inferior, options to legendaries. Given that they cost only a fraction of the legendary price, especially on sale, this becomes a much more reasonable option.

          Legendary skins offer a lot but the price is too high; and let’s not even mention ultimates. In a game inundated with champions and saturated with skins it’s too high an expense if you aren’t going to prefer the skin and champion to the multitude of options. Add to that the never-ending cycle of updates and new content and it’s no wonder that neither champions nor skins manage to stay relevant for long.

  27. Hello, what do you think of the Star Guardian Janna skin? I already have FQ Janna but star guardian is sooo cute :3. I think it’s a very well done skin, I might pick it up at early sale for 975 in a couple months.
    I personally find the animations and visual effects good, but I’d like your personal opinion since you’re better at analyzing; I don’t really care about the loading screen so I’d mostly just like to know your take on her in-game model and animations

    Thanks for your feedback in advance~

    • We like Star Guardian Janna and completely agree that it’s an appealing skin. Unfortunately, while the new model, particles, sounds and few new animations are quite good they don’t add up to define a new identity for the skin. Therefore, it’s a skin that ends up being very attractive but fails to deliver the whole fantasty it propones.

      We agree that getting the skin on sale would be the best option. Sadly, the Star Guardian skins, legendary Jinx excepted, fail to round the theme into a cohesive whole. That’s far from saying that the skins are bad; the complete opposite. Nonetheless, we see all too clearly that with some more work the skins would’ve presented a comprehensive transformation that would’ve been more than an adaptation of the theme to the classic schematics.

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