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Akali, the Rogue Assassin
Akali, the Rogue Assassin

Akali, the Rogue Assassin has a wardrobe that enables her to show the many facets of a kunoichi. From the traditional Japanese Noh theatre to present-day stealthy assassins and even future ones, Akali shows quite some versatility in both looks and even profession; though she always seems ready to make a cut. To know more about Akali and her wardrobe, read further on this keen skins’ review.

Stinger Akali
Stinger Akali Splash Art Stinger Akali Model
Category: Legacy
Price: 520 RP
Concept: Akali dressed in a yellow suit.
Model: Major model changes for Akali and new model for her kunais and kama.
Particles: No new particles.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: Silhouettes in the dusty, diffuse background hint at a great battle. The yellowish fog doesn’t let anything be clearly seen. Amidst this smoke we find Akali dashing forward. At least, she seems to be doing so.
Akali is partially seen with only her face and right arm visible. The rest of her body is occluded in parts so that a general idea of her appearance requires much guessing. Colours seem washed out and lines imprecise giving a sketchy tone to the portrayal. Actually, the feel the portrayal leaves is that of the introductory section of a larger scene which evidently isn’t coming. There’s too much that is concealed and what little is seen isn’t very clear.
The result is a splash art that gives only a minimal idea of Akali’s look. The setting barely supports the portrayal with too much space being just a fog. It’s not clear who’s friend or foe or what Akali is up to. Add to that how little of Akali is visible and we have a clear problem for a piece that should be an exciting presentation card.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Stinger Akali is a straightforward skin: Akali dressed in a yellow-blue suit with grey hair. The contrast of colours makes the suit stand out and it’s easy to notice her thanks to the bright tones. There’s also a bit of armour to protect her extremities though not the body. Her kunais and kama seem more viciously designed with curved blades with a jagged decoration on the other side. This style contrasts the much simpler and conventional look of the classic shuriken. On her waist she carries a few well wrapped scrolls; which must be important as they seem rather cumbersome. There’s a barely visible, timid tattoo on her left shoulder which doesn’t seem to have a specific meaning; it strikes as merely decorative.
For particles Assassin’s Mark has the kama’s blade glow in yellow but the rest of the ability, and others as well as auto-attacks, remain green. The dissonance of colour isn’t big but noticeable. Besides, changing the colour of the particles to yellow wouldn’t have been very difficult and would’ve helped add some extra personality to the skin.
Overall, this is a simple skin without any lofty aims. It’s a change of clothes with an eye-catching colour scheme and aggressively designed weapons. You get what you see so if you like her looks then it’s a good choice but only as much. There’s room to develop the skin more but that’s neglected to the point of leaving some visual inconsistencies. No major flaws get in the way of the skin’s appeal except for its lack of ambition.

Infernal Akali
Infernal Akali Splash Art Infernal Akali Model
Category: Legacy
Price: 520 RP (Legacy Skin Sale)
Concept: Akali as a fire elemental.
Model: Major model changes for Akali and new model for her weapons plus new flames for her hair.
Particles: New particles for her auto-attack and abilities.
Animations: New recall animation.
Sounds: New sounds for her abilities.
Splash Art: A starry sky, a summoner and two witnesses impressed by the result of an incantation. It’s mostly a wild guess but one that would fit the sparse information that a background filled mostly by night sky provides.
Akali appears like a demon of flame bursting and burning elegantly into that air. The lines and colours are sharp making for a pleasing contrast against the dark sky. The stance is defiant and interesting but also allows for a rather good view of Akali’s new, hellish appearance. Some surfaces can appear a bit diffuse, like her bodice, but it’s something minor. Her hair can seem too intensely lit without affecting enough nearby surfaces but the truth is that we are nitpicking here.
Overall, this is a fantastic even if straightforward splash art. The context is thin but present so as to make her portrayal more than a mere pose. Akali’s depiction is attractive and useful making for a splash art that needs only some extra polish to be one of League of Legend’s best.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Infernal Akali is a skin that offers more than what its price tier suggests. However, that’s because the changes allowed by the visual update go beyond the tier’s expectations. It’s not an original or radically well implemented skin; in fact sometimes the fire is hardly used. What it is, though, is an appealing fire adaptation of Akali. The model is a good example: Akali wearing some light-coloured clothes with golden decorations but a body of obsidian and a mane of flames. It’s were the fire appears that the skin is most interesting. As far as the horns are concerned, they add a breath of infernal air because this is Fire Akali in practice.
Particles employ fire in different doses. That’s not always linked to what the ability would allow. For example, Twilight Shroud only displays a few sparks on the classic smoke. The idea of, at least, adding a circle of fire as source of the smoke is completely missed. It’s instead her ranged weapons, kunais and shurikens, which display the most attractive fire effects. Dashes and attacks do show a bit of fire, too. Regardless, trails of flames could’ve enhanced the fire theme.
Sounds are as uneven and arbitrary as particles; without even having a sensible relationship to the visuals. For example, Assassin’s Mark enhanced kama attack has clear fire sounds even though the visuals don’t explode in flames. The same applies to Shuriken Flip’s dash, lots of fire sounds, but little seen in the flaming shuriken she throws. This repeats with the rest of abilities making the visuals and aural feedback feel disconnected.
The new recall doesn’t really show anything infernal. The fire particles, fire-breathing and small turn say a bit of fire but show nothing about the personality of this fire elemental. Truth be told, while particles and sounds match up and look good they feel like a missed opportunity to supplement the theme.
All in all, Infernal Akali is a grand improvement over Crimson. On top of that, the fire effects, uneven as they are, are quite a nice addition in a skin at this price tier. It’s when we see the skin as a whole that the rough edges appear and problems start to add up. This is a great skin for its price: provided all you want is Akali with some fire powers. If you actually look for any personality or even a cohesive infernal theme, as proposed, then you won’t find it here.

All-Star Akali
All-Star Akali Splash Art All-Star Akali Model
Category: Legacy
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Akali dressed as an association football player.
Model: Major model changes for Akali and new model for her weapons.
Particles: No new particles.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: A diffuse but noticeable football pitch with no audience but that’s no problem for a good training match in campus. The setting is fitting and could be considered rather lively but the blur doesn’t let it feel as vivid as it could.
Akali kicks the ball into the goal with a super kick that looks rather magical. Her stance means that the back is more visible but the general look of her clothing can be gathered from what’s visible. It’s true that it’s not the same as a more frontal view and that shows. Besides, colours can be waxy, as the hair, or rough as in her legs. This makes quite a contrast with the sometimes photorealistic look of her pack.
All added together, the piece is dynamic and shows what it should: football. However, in the pursuit of style it sacrifices clarity. Add to this the uneven quality of the depiction and blurred background and saying that things could’ve been better is stating the obvious.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: As a legacy skin All-Star Akali shows two interesting facets: first, it’s a modern, casual look for Akali; second, it’s a simple change that relies on its rarity more than on its design to stand out. To put it another way, Akali does look nice in her casual clothes. They don’t really strike as what even an amateur football player apparel would wear, hoodie and jacket especially, but the skin does set itself apart from others thanks to the more mundane take. The style is stylised, like the weapons, but clothes seem modern and believable though with looks as a priority; the shuriken in particular.
If you get All-Star Akali then a good part of the skin is about the rarity. The other part is the casual, modern looks. It’s a skin with something to offer but there’s no shaking the feeling that it’s a bit simplistic.

Nurse Akali
Nurse Akali Splash Art Nurse Akali Model
Category: Regular
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Akali dressed as a nurse.
Model: Major model changes for Akali and new model for her weapons.
Particles: New syringes for Five Point Strike.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: An operating theatre, diffuse by the intense light or by the monochromatic treatment it receives. A familiar surgeon, with oversized scalpel included, waits for the nurse to handle an instrument. However, she’s a bit busy keeping things quiet. Is she there for the actual operation? Akali’s presence raises some questions but the approach to the background doesn’t: it looks sketchy.
Akali’s doesn’t look bad. The colours are duller that one would expect under the intense lights visible, though. Not only are reds and blues dark but also the white of her uniform. Speaking of which, some areas look less clear than others making the clothes look rough. Given the quality of her skin’s shading it’s a bit surprising. Her stance is a classic nurse reference and while we see Akali from the side enough is visible.
On the whole, this is a splash art that is uneven. At its best it can feel great but the rough areas degrade the experience. The base is set for a great piece, it’s only a matter of polish to make it shine as it can.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Nurse Akali seems like a skin that stopped short of being great because this was enough. The concept is simple: kunoichi-nurse. The problem is that each theme is only partially developed. She’s a kunoichi by her weapons and a nurse by her clothes but the mix doesn’t manage to connect both themes well. Let’s go in order. As a kunoichi her weapons are adapted with a more surgical feel but they are still kunai, kama and shuriken. The design can be almost cartoony which isn’t unfitting for the skin but that makes them serviceable rather than supportive of the theme. In terms of clothes she wears a clearly stylised nurse uniform. Nurse theme aside they are quite simple and unremarkable despite the stylisation present. The first aid kit as her waist bag is a nice touch; even if a concession to the classic design. The shoes look rather plain and impractical: they have style but it’s simple and the heels aren’t useful for acrobatics yet rather small for being stylish; a bit of everything but nothing in particular then.
Particles see the use of syringes for Five Point Strike which is a clear Valentine reference; from Skullgirls. Unfortunately, the skin doesn’t further the references so as to further develop the kunoichi-nurse concept or homage.
In the end, Nurse Akali is a partial reference to Valentine that doesn’t fully develop the kunoichi-nurse identity. She looks like a nurse but stylised and as a kunoichi there are few but prominent elements like the weapons. The result is simply not convincing as the concept’s elements don’t integrate well with each other. Besides a cartoony nurse with kunoichi tendencies there isn’t anything solid about the skin. That may be enough but it’s certainly shallow waters.

Blood Moon Akali
Blood Moon Akali Splash Art Blood Moon Akali Model
Category: Regular
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Akali playing the role of an ancient warrior in the Ionian Festival of Fire play; which resembles a Japanese Noh threatre play.
Model: New model for Akali and her weapons plus new meal for her joke.
Particles: New particles for her auto-attack and abilities.
Animations: New recall animation.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: For background we find paper with dragons painted on them. However, the ink seems to flow over it and from it roughly solidify into Akali’s clothes. It’s an interesting touch that connects character and background. The details could’ve been softer but the idea is fantastic.
Akali’s seen with soft shading on her skin, hair and clothes. At times it’s so soft that it can feel photorealistic. In some places, like her legs and kunai it’s less precise and seems sketchy. The mask manages to look rough and sharp which makes for an interesting contrast. Her hair oddly looks flat and too solid and her kama rough. The pose doesn’t say much. It seems to go with the flow of ink; whatever that’s supposed to be.
All in all, this is a piece with a very interesting setup. The background doesn’t show much but is significant by its connection with Akali. The use of flowing ink is good but colours and shading end up being uneven in sharpness which makes for a rather underwhelming result. Given the premise it’s a bit of a letdown yet an enchanting splash art in the end.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Blood Moon Akali is a great skin and a perfect fit for Akali as the Noh theatre reference goes hand in hand with Ionian culture. Moreover, her clothes and mask are well designed without unnecessarily brightening the colour palette. Granted, the approach is rather cartoony but the Eastern aesthetic fits in well with the agile, kunoichi persona. Furthermore, her new kama and kunai have stylised but deadly looking blades which sets them apart from mere ceremonial weapons.
New particles are most notorious for their glowing blue. The designs differ from classic in respect to indicators’ patterns with a more florid yet familiar feel. Regardless, the glowing blue is rather eye-catching without feeling out of place, thanks to the blue-tinted blades of her weapons and blue highlights of her clothes. This colour gives a subtle supernatural tone to the abilities that suits the theme effectively.
New sounds aren’t to be found so the classic metallic chimes remain. The good news is that the aural landscape gives an elegant magical touch to the abilities which further reinforces the theme. The bad news is that this is a missed opportunity to give a more supernatural feel to the skin; akin to other Blood Moon skins with haunting sounds.
The new recall is surprisingly simple: Akali lowers her mask onto her face. Considering the Noh theatre theme behind the skin it could’ve perfectly had a more interesting animation; Blood Moon Thresh is a good example. At least, she does something with her mask, besides having it hang on her head.
All added together, Blood Moon Akali is a rather consistent and satisfying skin. It certainly isn’t eye-catching and the stylisation tends to be rather measured which only adds to a classy style. Model and particles reinforce the supernatural and Japanese angles making for a skin with a well defined identity; though other areas don’t collaborate. It’s a matter of a well chosen concept for the classic assets used. For fans of Akali, Blood Moon is definitely a great choice. Therefore, just as the old Blood Moon, a good concept that is a perfect match for Akali and is sufficiently well executed. No one interested in playing Akali should miss Blood Moon Akali.

Silverfang Akali
Silverfang Akali Splash Art Silverfang Akali Model
Category: Regular
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Akali dressed as a modern day kunoichi.
Model: Major model changes for Akali and new model for her kunais and kama.
Particles: New particles for auto-attacks, Five Point Strike’s hit, Assassin’s Mark, Shuriken Flip and Perfect Execution.
Animations: New recall animation.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: Glowing neon light comes through the windows and whatever is on the outside is, practically, invisible. There’re some shurikens on the left, a dragon sketch, an amulet and some kunais yet not much can be gathered. It seems like a makeshift, urban refuge given by the sketchy plank on which Akali sits. Still, too much is suggested and little actually shown.
Akali, sadly, doesn’t escape the uneven quality of the background. Her boots, especially the right sole, and trousers are examples of it. It’s odd to see the knees so sharp and the thigh so sketchy and close to each other. Going up elements are more even. The pose doesn’t allow a good view of Akali but a casual, street-kunoichi feel is palpable. Cleaning her blade, which looks like a cleaver as per the perspective, seems like a good use of her time; after all she seems to just have used it. It’s also an area where the light makes everything diffuse instead of better lit. Her double-bladed kama is barely visible to her right; a relegated icon of the skin. Colours are dull and blue is too dominant making for a portrayal that doesn’t give the best impression of Akali.
Overall, the feel of a street kunoichi is clear. It’s just a pity that the splash art doesn’t bring it forth and instead suggests so much. Even what’s shown doesn’t receive the best treatment it could. The idea is good but the approach certainly isn’t ideal to make this skin’s personality impress as it can.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Silverfang Akali provides a modern look that may be a bit unassuming at times but always stylised. Akali looks rather nice in her suit while contemporary in design as body armour it’s also rather lacking in details for how sensible it seems for a modern kunoichi. It’s not that there aren’t elements to see it’s that they are rather unremarkable. What surely catches the eye is her light-coloured hair and the rather cumbersome box she carries around; not really sensible for a kunoichi. In one hand we find a kunai and in the other the iconic double-bladed kama so characteristic of Silverfang. Thus we have stylisation but one that tends to offer some meaningful elements.
Particles are simply re-coloured but we are talking about a nice re-colour. The glowing silver of the particles not only catches the eye but delivers a clean, lethal, metallic feel of the attacks. Assassin’s Mark’s glowing kama seems particularly special, more so thanks to the kama’s double blade design. It’s a pity that her shuriken didn’t receive a new design to go with her new kunais and kamas but, at least, the new particles help a bit.
The new recall only changes in the beginning yet given that Akali remains a kunoichi it makes sense. Still, throwing her kama on the ground doesn’t say much so that the classic use of the o-fuda is what really matters.
The result is a skin with a good concept but a certainly unambitious implementation. It’s clear that the skin has potential to be much more. The appealing concept could add some sci-fi, cyberpunk or any other technological influences. Instead it stays in generic ground without taking a step in any direction. The particles add personality to the model but the theme certainly feels like it could offer much more.

Headhunter Akali
 Splash Art Headhunter Akali Model
Category: Regular
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Akali as a futuristic hunter.
Model: Major model changes for Akali and new model for her kunais and kama.
Particles: New particles for her auto-attacks and abilities.
Animations: New recall animation.
Sounds: New sounds for her abilities and recall.
Splash Art: Heavy rain falls over a thick forest as the mesh of tendrils, roots and branches is unable to slow the swift progress of the Headhunter. The scene that the splash art presents is quite attractive. However, the setting is rather obscure: besides the roots and raindrops the rest is an oneiric array of colours. The contrast between hues is a good touch but the strange energy from which Akali escapes is too thick and obstructs a good part of her aspect.
Perhaps it’s not energy, it simply is a diffuse fog that engulfs her legs and spreads over her back; not really the effect rain should have. Her pose doesn’t help either. The side view, added to the fog, allows for only a partial idea of her appearance. Still, around her head and body the colours rise over the background and present a vibrant and attractive portrayal that conveys her lethality as well as her skill. This high point in the piece makes one wonder of what could’ve been had the whole portrayal centred on Akali the way that area does. The fact that a waist canister has been added to the piece is difficult to ignore. Given the appearance of a draft it has it’s impossible not to notice the addition to the piece.
Therefore, what we have is an uneven piece with an interesting composition, a wasted left region and a portrayal that struggles with the background. It works, but with a lot of effort.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: The intentions behind Headhunter Akali are clear: to make her into a predatory assassin, futuristic and tribal at the same time. The execution of such an attractive idea isn’t as good as one would like. The new model tries to convey the Predator style but the scant armour isn’t as eloquent as the new weapons are in conveying the idea. In fact, her outfit appears to be all about style. It shows a degree of the Predator style but only through brief suggestions of the meshes and bones that would decorate it over multi-layered plates. The armour present has its plates designed for good looks but they don’t seem very practical. This makes a contrast with the weapons which, albeit stylish too, do seem predatory with their curved blades. The pack she carries at her waist seems too large and too dominating an element in her outline. It adds a heavy and cumbersome item to what should otherwise be a lean and fast shadow.
Particles are more than a re-colour but all too often they seem to be just that. The designs are different for the patterns but the feel is similar. The trails and glows seem to look the same. It’s only the few instances where red streaks of energy appear, like Five Point Strike’s kunais, which add a distinct identity to the abilities.
Sounds are mostly booming, echoing, metallic clanks for the strong attacks and metal frictions for the more agile ones. The echoing clanks add a distinct style but they are used without significant variations and so they can feel repetitive. This makes for abilities that have their own sound but one they share.
The new recall starts as a meaningless demonstration of flamboyance which then turns into a more fitting even if still showy display of agility: standing on her kama. This last part may be fitting for an agile hunter and the first part shouldn’t surprise seeing the approach of the skin.
All in all, Headhunter Akali is an uneven skin with a model that doesn’t communicate its message clearly. The particles and sounds have some style but usually not emphasised to support the skin’s identity. The final nail in the coffin is the price: the additions don’t justify it. Considering what other skins are able to offer Headhunter Akali barely offers more. Therefore, for fans of Akali and Predators it’s a skin to catch while on sale.

Sashimi Akali
Sashimi Akali Splash Art Sashimi Akali Model
Category: Regular
Price: 750 RP
Concept: Akali as a japanese cook wielding a large pincer and a big knife.
Model: Major model changes for Akali and new model for her kunais and kama.
Particles: No new particles.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: With regards to a setting there isn’t much to speak of as there’s only a very blurry image of Master Chef Tahm Kench overlooking the meeting. There’s a paper lamp at the top and a table layered with all kind of delicacies. Still, the actual place is unidentifiable. Because of the multitude of utensils at the forefront a kitchen seems reasonable enough but the context eludes definition. There’s the possibility of a reunion of friends or a culinary competition but nothing concrete. The table also seems rather rustic, even like a slab of stone if the area near Olaf’s left hand is of any consequence. The food on display is also of uneven quality. The sausages and bread can look photorealistic and almost smell delicious while the crab pincer and the steak appear sketchy and unconvincing; other examples abound. The sashimi and its ingredients stand in the middle: cartoony but believable.
For the most part the cooks share the available space equitably. They are only visible from the waist up but they usually manage to transmit their speciality. Lines are clean and colours have different tones though they turn waxy when moving from left to right. Whereas Akali’s shading is sharp, Pantheon shows sketchy signs which Leona emphasises and Olaf only confirms. Additionally, there isn’t as good a connection between the cooks as there could be despite their proximity. Akali seems to enjoy chopping things up; professional bias maybe. Her florid hair doesn’t interfere but the subtlety of a certain meat tenderiser could. What she’s actually chopping isn’t clear but the result seems grated. Pantheon, with unexpectedly large rolling pin behind, is solely focused on admiring his masterpiece while Leona, escaping the encroaching fog, inspects the quality of the sausage’s grilling with satisfaction; as would be expected. Olaf pours all of his skill in making sure that the steak is tender and nice; a lesson the poor meat will have to learn. In other words, everybody is dedicated to their own activities so they could perfectly be on their own and each portrayal would be unmodified in the least.
All in all, this is a piece that crams as many champions as possible, a full team actually, into as little room as it can. While that means that some sacrifices need to be made it isn’t the main responsible for the uninvolved portrayal of cooks. Each one is solely interested in their own work and there’s no interaction between them. Given that the setting is as basic as it could be the splash art feels too straightforward and, ultimately, disappointingly simple. When all is said and done, it works as a shared spotlight for the cooks but it does nothing to make the presentation captivating.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Direct is what comes to mind when looking at Sashimi Akali’s adaptation. That doesn’t mean that it’s bad. On the contrary, while the model displays some expected stylisation, like the unavoidable cleavage, the clothes are clear enough. There’s a blue jacket, an apron and a fancy but sensible rope headband. The leggings don’t say much though and the large box strapped to her waist seems very impractical. The shoes are sensibly comfortable and simple which suits both of Akali’s roles.
The knife, which is also used as kunais, looks believable with a tiny shellfish engraving as a nice little touch. The ridiculously large and deadly pincer on the other hand further states the funny angle the skin aims for. With more sensible weapons the skin could pass for a stylish cook but the final result is that of an imposed joke. After all, martial prowess aside, the pincer-kama is the only exaggerated part of the skin so a kunoichi-cook isn’t a considered angle.
In the end, it’s a fine cook outfit for Akali with some acceptable stylisation and less welcome exaggeration for her weapons. The joke, clearly stated in case anyone didn’t catch it, doesn’t do the skin’s identity any favours; the kunoichi cook could’ve been a more interesting approach. Fortunately, it doesn’t ruin the suitable role. After all, she’s used to cutting things into fine slices; or smaller.


Certainly, Akali is quite eclectic as far as clothes are concerned. Blood Moon Akali is without a shadow of a doubt the best option for anyone interested in getting a skin for her. Model and particles work together to define a satisfying even if measured identity for Akali. Fans of Akali and the Blood Moon shouldn’t ignore it.

Silverfang Akali has a good concept behind it but an execution that stays generic. The model doesn’t go beyond modern without anything specific to take it into any direction. The particles add personality but the skin can clearly offer much more. Regardless, it’s still a nice skin as long as you don’t expect more than it can actually deliver.

Headhunter Akali has a good concept behind it but the execution isn’t as elaborate and satisfying as it could be. The skin struggles to present the Predator style it draws influence from and hardly presents additions that define a new identity. It’s not a bad skin but it doesn’t offer much more than other skins. Fans of Predators and Akali may find it an option to get on sale.

Nurse Akali partially references Valentine from Skullgirls but never fully develops the kunoichi-nurse theme. The nurse part is stylised and the kunoichi part receives little space yet is prominent; this results in elements that don’t integrate with each other to make a rounded whole. There’s something to like but the skin ends up feeling superficial.

Sashimi Akali is a good skin but more for the role given than the actual joke. In fact, the exaggerated pincer-kama imposes the funny side instead of it naturally arising from the concept. That doesn’t remove the appeal of the skin but neither does it work in its favour. The result is fine yet also too direct.

In legacy territory there’s Stinger Akali. The contrast of yellow and blue makes her eye-catching and the aggressively designed weapons are nice. However, the skin only makes a single particle change leaving a lot of green untouched. This leaves the skin with untapped potential. There’s room for improvement but in terms of looks Stinger is eye-catching.

Infernal Akali is a huge improvement over Crimson but hardly hellish in any way. What we have here is Fire Akali with an uneven execution with regards to the use of fire effects. The result is appealing nonetheless and certainly good for the price. However, there’s no real personality to the skin. It’s all Akali with fire powers and nothing else.

All-Star Akali is a casual, modern change of clothes and weapons that are believable enough but certainly interested in offering good looks. There’re things to like in the skin but it surely is a skin that can feel simplistic. If the rarity and casual style is enough then it’s an option.

  54 Responses to “League of Legends: Akali Skins’ Review”

  1. How so is Mark of the Assassin changed in Silverfang Akali?

    • As with Blood Moon Akali, Silverfang Akali has a new model for her kamas which means that when she throws one in Mark of the Assassin it looks different than her classic kamas. It’s something to be expected but still worth mentioning as such a natural change isn’t always implemented.

  2. About the Stinger Akali skin, isn’t its reference to Kill Bill add a bit of value?

    • It depends how much of a fan of the film you are. Truth be told, the reference goes as far as wearing yellow clothes and blonde hair. Considering how simple the skin is, and so also the reference, it’s hard to really see much extra value.

  3. Which skin should you prefer Blood Moon Akali Or Silverfang Akali?

    • Blood Moon is based on Ionia while Silverfang relies on sci-fi. As such the former fits better but the latter seems more distinct. In the end, it depends on what you’re looking for as they are quite different. To be fair, they are her best skins and there’s no need to choose one with some patience.

  4. hi Zero HH akali is up I cant w8 for review :)))

  5. I don’t know about other regions, but in NA, Stinger Akali is not Legacy. You can buy it in the store.

  6. As for the hh akali it fits the reference to predator perfectly. Different predators are dropped on different planets, akali and Caitlyn are both from the High Tech society’s. The advanced weaponry is mandatory but as for the outfits akali is dressed more “primal” due toot granting her the ability to be more agile. How it fits in with Caitlyn is that can’t is dressed I heavy armor with a heavy weapon acting as bait, akali using her as bait then dispatches their foes.

    The reference is perfectly done actually. It’s by far her best skin reference wise and they put a lot of effort into it.

    • We agree that in concept Headhunter Akali works well but the actual implementation isn’t that clear. For instance, even if a predator could wear light armour it would have a distinct alien style. Aside from some mesh the armour looks perfectly familiar in its human crafting: the plates seem simple and the boots dull. The gauntlets have a futuristic design that, even if not truly alien, match that kamas and are more eloquent about the high-tech equipment.

      While we find it unnecessary to have each female champion half-dressed we understand that as a predator reference it could make sense. However, the equipment and overall look of the skin should be evocative of the alien style it intends. As it is, it has a genereal similarity to the source material but feels thinly developed.

  7. The HH Akali will be on sale soon (975RP), Do you think it would be worth the buy?

    • It’ll certainly be more palatable than at full price. Regardless, we still think that Headhunter Akali, while nice, doesn’t do enough to explain 1350 RP and probably should’ve been priced at 975 RP to start with. For that reason, your best bet is to either get it at the early sale or wait for a regular sale for the price to go down to 675 RP. Either way, 1350 RP is too much for Headhunter Akali.

  8. Hiya, may just be my bad memory, but didn’t you originally give blood moon akali more stars than just 3? Did it change recently? Could just be my bad memory though XD

    • We did, good memory actually. We are updating reviews to better reflect the current expectations of skins at each price range. For example, a nice, full re-model at 975 RP used to be good enough for four stars. Nowadays, we think that a skin at 975 RP needs more than just that; like new particles, animations or sounds. If it’s going to be a re-model then there’s the 750 RP price point for that; it’s what it was created for.

      We are having some trouble defining how much a skin needs to offer at 1350 RP to be worthy of four stars. That means that there could be some inconsistencies there while we work on it. An example is Master Arcanist Ziggs versus PROJECT: Zed. Both skins have great particle work but no new animations; recalls excepted. Master Arcanist seems to be more elaborate and scratches four stars but PROJECT is firmly placed at three as the particles seem a bit repetitive.

      Rating skins is far from an exact science so, while we work out how to better and more fairly rate the skins, there can be some bumps in the review road.

      • Ah ok that makes sense, thanks for the quick reply!! That’s true though, I love the model for blood moon, but some extra at least red colored particles would be nice for the 975 >.< I got it half off though, so I'm pretty okay with it XD

        • Not at all, glad to help. On sale skins, especially acceptable ones are a better option. Blood Moon is quite nice but, nowadays, at 975 RP you expect to see more. That doesn’t mean that one can’t enjoy what a re-model has to offer but as skins evolve so should prices.

  9. I disagree with you on Blood Moon being the skin that fits her best. Her Kamas get replaced with a different weapon. Akali is based mainly around the mythology of the dual Kama ninjas. Replacing her weapon is like neglecting her lore altogether.
    Think of it like replacing Udyr’s spirit animals to the 4 elements of nature. It defeats the purpose of the character, thus, not fitting in.
    I believe Silverfang fits her better than Blood Moon because the splash art shows us Akali stealthily making her way through some sort of dim-lit facility. She is a ninja, so that really resonates with her purpose. Plus the colour pallet Riot chose is a perfect fit.

    • We see your point of view but Silverfang goes for the sci-fi angle that isn’t as close to the classic fantasy. We see the Blood Moon kamas as double bladed kamas with a wider angle between grip and blade but still kamas. It something that may ver well depend on interpretation so we aren’t saying that we can’t be wrong. Our view of Blood Moon is of ceremonial kunoichi that keeps the core of Akali but with a different style. We agree that Silverfang also maintains her core but the sci-fi departure might put it farther form the classic feel.

  10. In case you didn’t know: Crimson Akali’s splash art used to had blood dripping from what she’s holding. So, yeah…it’s a decapitated head. But, you know: censorship.

    • That explains a lot and makes the ambiguity evident. Without the blood it’s not clear what she’s holding and the Mortal Kombat angle is even less clear. It’s not as if blood would be much of a stretch but that’s how things are.

  11. So throught hextech boxing I got all star akali. The skin looks ok but the only reason id chose it over something like woad scout quinn os becuase of its legacy status. Yet, is this skin a legacy for a long time and if so is it one of those skins that goes in sale according to events? Also, do you recommend it over woad scout quinn?

    • All-Star Akali is a rather interesting drop. On the one hand, it’s only a re-model at 975 RP so Woad Scout Quinn has much more to offer in comparison. All-Star is an appealing, sporty skin but certainly nothing grounbreaking. On the other hand, it’s a legacy skin tied to Football World Cups so it’s somewhat difficult to catch.

      It hasn’t been offered many times and we don’t think it had a discount; perhaps on release but we aren’t sure. It wasn’t around during the previous Legacy Vault sales, at least. The skin could appear in a skin bundle or in some special event. Riot could change the availability as they see fit but as it now stands it’s a rather rare skin.

      • I crafted woad scout Quinn long ago now xD, I never really found myself wanting to craft all-star akali. Simply because the skin has literally nothing to offer and I hesitate to call it a remodel. At that price I could’ve crafted ravenborn leblanc. However, because this problem of not knowing which to craft has been bugging me for months i went all in and rerolled all star, ravenborn and skt t1 vayne, the end result was crimson akali…
        I mean, it’s kinda okay considering i didn’t really pay much for it. But i really only wanted an akali skin for her upcoming rework
        Would you ever recommend buying skins before a champion get’s reworked?
        (Zyra got new particles for her skins and i was going to buy mercenary katarina a while ago just for her upcoming rework but re-rolled and got slay belle :D).

        • Visual upgrades are unpredictable but they seldom turn a bad skin into something great. At best they improve to a degree with a better implemenation and some brief extras. If you are only interested in getting one skin for a champion then you should see what the visual upgrade does to be sure. However, chances are that things will stay close to how the were. The piont is that some changes can tip the scales in favour of one skin or another but nothing revolutionary.

          From the skins you mention only Ravenborn LeBlanc is really worthwhile. All-Star Akali and SKT T1 Vayne aren’t bad but nothing groundbreaking. The same applies to Crimson Akali which is a basic re-colour. Of course, if you didn’t spend money on them there’s no real worry. Besides, no piont in having a skin that may be well executed but that you don’t like or play the respective champion. In the end, it’s better to consider what you really like and, if possible, check well what you’re getting.

          Sometimes skins improve but sometimes they lose features after a visual upgrade. Therefore, caution is necessary as nothing’s set on stone.

  12. This is the only site i visit before purchasing any skins, your detailed opinion is very valuable. I just wish you’d take it a little easier with the splash art backgrounds, like crimson akali. I don’t know how much knowledge you have about art, but the blurry backgrounds are a good way to highlight something more important, good lighting and angle are often enough to make that work. Same with headhunter akali, on an artistic perspective the splash art is simply flawless.
    I understand it’s your opinion though, keep up the good work!

    • We perfectly understand your point of view and we even agree that the champion should be the centre of attention. However, there are many splash arts where the background provides ample context and doesn’t compete with the champion. It’s a careful balance and also one that has been achieved many times in League.

      For that reason we think that if a splash art presents a relevant setting and a good portrayal then it can be one of the best. If the background doesn’t add to the champion’s depiction then there’s a good part of the piece that is being wasted and that’s suboptimal by all means.

      We are talking about professionals with all the tools to make incredible splash arts after all. They should be able to show each champion in their best light. On top of that, as splash arts are still the main way of getting a first impression of a champion or skin then their relevance can’t be undervalued.

      The piece you linked has a good balance between background and foreground. While we could say that the backgroun is a bit empty it does provide a recognisable setting. Some splash arts, even recent ones, don’t even offer that. Considering the resources available at Riot there aren’t really viable excuses for splash arts to be limited to a mere portrayal.

  13. I was considering buying an akali skin but I don’t really like blood moon or silverfang. I was considering nurse akali. Would it be worth it if I caught it on sale? Are any of the others worth it on sale?

    • We’d recommend Headhunter Akali. It has some nice features and even if it’s expensive it’s a skin with some appealing characteristics. Sure, Nurse Akali is attractive but there’s nothing beyond the uniform. If that’s enough then a sale would make the skin a better purchase. That also applies to Headhunter as well as any skin that can be discounted so we’ll extend the sale recommendation as expressed.

      In summary, Nurse Akali on sale is alright if you are fine with the uniform. Headhunter Akali is more interesting even if the skin could be better done. On sale, Headhunter is more palatable and we find more things to like than just a change of clothes.

  14. Conclusion on All-Star Akali?

    • It’s got more value due to the rarity than the work it has. It’s only a new set of clothes for Akali which isn’t bad but it’s not as if the football feel is embodied by the skin. All-Star is nice looking but nothing to worry about missing.

  15. Hi Zero, would you recommend getting Nurse Akali on a sale?

    • Only if you get it for what it really is: a re-model based around sex appeal. Nurse Akali is a rather clear skin in that you get what you see. It’s not a terrible skin but hardly elaborate and certainly not ambitious. It’s a product of another time, it could be said, that should have its price adjusted.

      If you like what the skin offers then the sale is the best opportunity to get the skin. Just be mindful that you know well what you are getting. It’s nothing deep but it has its specific appeal.

  16. Please update akali zero

  17. Can you review the new skin looks on akali? Thanks

  18. Hi Zero! Can you update this now that Akali rework is live?

  19. Akali rework came out, glad if you could update this ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Hi Zero, can you update this and Aatrox one now that the reworks hit live?

    • We’ll try to update a soon as possible. With regards to Aatrox we read that he was getting his wings back. That aside, the reviews still apply as they are; for better or worse. We may have to do some minor adjustments but the skins ended up just as good as they were before the update.

      • Justicar Aatrox has effects for VO now, its not listed there yet. And also, All Star uses different weapon for 5 point strike like Nurse does.

  21. Silver fang has a different recall animation itโ€™s simple but different.

  22. I may be one of the few, but I’m incredibly disappointed by how Akali’s reworked skins turned out to be. This is definitely the peak of Riot’s laziness. When reworks such as these happen, there is usually at least one skin that I fancy.. this time around, I don’t like any of it. And I’d appreciate if you hear me out.

    Realistically, for what they offer, t’s all just a bunch of outfit and hair color changes, with some recolored particles. Nurse and All-Star, both iconic 975RP skins, got a new model.. and, um, change of weapons? So I won’t throw blades, I’ll throw syringes (with base particles/anims) and that’s all I’m getting from Akali’s most memorable skin? They even destroyed what little sex appeal made this skin stand out.

    Infernal is nothing special imho. I don’t understand the hype. Is it better than what was previously just Akali’s red chroma? Definitely. Is it a “MUST BUY! 1350RP skin for 520RP!”? Absolutely not. Great splash, brilliant theme for Akali, but in game, the model straight up disappoints and the particles are nothing exceptional.

    Silverfang is a simple recolor of abilities and a half-assed recall that could’ve been badass but fell flat.

    Sashimi is okay I guess. If it was 975RP, I’d have a problem with lack of new visuals, but for 750RP, it’s a fair purchase.

    Blood Moon does stand out, I agree with that one. With all the recent BM skins being very elaborate with a lot of new visuals and animations, it’s only fair that Akali got treated well with this skin too. But it’s pretty obvious that they used the least resources they possibly could, since they haven’t even finished her recall yet (they claimed wanting to add special VFX to it), yet they pushed it to live servers.

    I don’t know. This may just seem like a massive rant, but as a huge fan of new Akali, I believe that much more could’ve been done with her skins. I want those few who will see and read my comment to consider once/twice/thrice before jumping into buying any of these. Blood Moon is indeed the recommended purchase, but don’t be fooled by nicely done splashes and positive reviews.. most of Akali’s non-legacy skins are rather expensive and for their price, they don’t offer nearly as enough as most of new skins these days do.

    With ALL THE RESPECT, you went a little too easy on this rework, Zero. You let the price tag pass by, and only commented on the content itself. I’ve seen you critique a huge number of skins for being overpriced and to give the likes of Nurse, Sashimi and All-Star 3*, which most would consider “decent” doesn’t quite sound like you. I’d recommend revisiting all of these skins, especially the ones I mentioned. Trust me, people DO take your reviews as a big deal, I know I have for years now and I don’t want those guys to be fooled by such ratings.

    • In actuality, we agree with everything you said. This trend of standardised visual upgrades where every skin is done with the minimal changes possible has been going for a long time now. It was perhaps most notorious with Garen’s visual upgrade and looking at how we reviewed Garen’s skins we think we’ve been consistent with the ratings. However, perhaps we should’ve been more strict from the get go in which case we must say: you have a good point.

      While we appreciate the fact that Akali’s skins got little new touches that weren’t present before we have to accept that the level is hardly impressive. The same could be said about 1350 RP skins nowadays which offer the same as a 975 RP skin did before: new model, particles, sounds and recall. In others words, prices have gone up while implemenations aren’t more elaborate.

      The thing is that we have to consider the whole, thousands in fact, of skins available to have a central frame that defines decent and from that go up to greatness and down to horror; not of the enjoyable kind. Taking that into account we don’t think that we can give a skin like Nurse or All-Star Akali two stars. Two stars mean flawed skin with problems that are noticeable and get in the way of enjoying the skin. That doesn’t really reflect the approach taken with this skins. They are unambitious, no doubt, but if you get them for what they present they work.

      The problem, on which we agree with you, is that in most cases skins merely go for new clothes and weapons. In fact, that perfectly applies to the new set of Pool Party skins released; Caitlyn, Zoe and Gangplank. There’s room to develop these Pool Party skins more and well as Akali’s but that path isn’t taken. That leaves the skins lacking and surely unable to reach greatness: they are too shallow. However, they aren’t inherently flawed in our view. The bare basics to present the theme are there.

      Maybe it’s time for us to start reviewing skins with a more demanding approach but we are sure that Riot won’t be upping the quality of skins; there’s no reason for them to do so. For a good while this standardised approach has been working and if not they would’ve changed it. We have to see the whole picture of skins and so give five starts to skins that really go out of their way, unlike most of what is recently released. For skins that feel lacking, if they cover the basics, they can be decent and two stars are for flawed skins.

      You could say that a lack of ambition is a flaw and that’s something we should think about. You raise valid questions but we have to be sure we are approaching skin reviews from a point of view that allows people to do informed purchases and that is, ultimately, useful to buy a skin. In closing, we wonder if we are a bit too gentle with skins too but we need a balance with how strict we are to make a review informative and useful for a purchase. Perhaps there’s no right answer but we try to review as right as we can. It’s certainly something to think about so thanks for the insight.

  23. Silverfang Akali has also new particles for “Five Point Stike” too, you should change the information to New particles for her auto-attacks and abilities.

    • Do you mean the impact of the kunai? We didn’t really notice it being so small and brief. The trails of the kunais look just like classic so, being the change so small we wonder how to accurately put it.

  24. What do you think of the new KD/A akali skin.. is it worth?

    • From what we’ve seen, we are impressed by how little K/DA Akali offers. The new model may be the most significant feature because the particles only seem to be re-coloured. Sure, Akali doesn’t employ many effects but they could’ve added something extra. Perhaps the audio makes up for it with new sounds; we haven’t checked it yet. In visuals, the particles do little but the model seems fine.

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