Apr 172012
Ahri, the Nine Tails Fox
Ahri, the Nine Tails Fox

Ahri, the Nine Tails Fox is an assassin mage that has gathered an ample player base within a short time of her release. The whole of her abilities are skill-shots and to play her effectively she requires some finesse. If you want to learn more about Ahri, check these following guides.

Ability Analysis

Ciderhelm provides a deep look at Ahri’s abilities and their many aspects. This guide is the perfect introduction to Ahri and a great comprehensive resource about her kit.

If you liked this guide you can find more videos, including the ‘Don’t Feed…’ series, by Ciderhelm at his Youtube Channel and webpage.

General Impressions

ColbyCheeZe’s guide gives a more general view on Ahri in respect to her viability and contributions to a team. Moreover, there are plenty of game-play examples and multiple pieces of advice to master Ahri.

If you liked this video you can find many more, like ColbyCheeZe’s podcast, at his Youtube Channel and blog.

Jungle Guide

Ahri’s innate spell vamp helps her sustain; a welcome feature for any jungler. stonewall008 displays a jungle path in Summoner’s Rift for Ahri in his series of Season 2 jungle guides.

If you want more jungle guides, check stonewall008’s Youtube Channel.


Ahri may be labeled as an assassin but she may be better played as a more traditional mage. Her burst isn’t that high and she can be stopped if caught unable to rely on Spirit Rush. However she can disable an enemy with her Charm, which allows her to effectively kite melee and even ranged champions. Overall, she isn’t an easy mage to play but she has useful and fun abilities to add to a team.

  2 Responses to “League of Legends: Ahri Guides”

  1. Hi Zero do you think ahri will be on sale any time soon?

    • Ahri was on sale last August, between the 9th and 12th. Since then 72 of the 116 champions have been on sale. Therefore, it would take 44 champions, around 14 sale or weeks, which is a bit over 3 months and a half to have all champions discounted before Ahri could be repeated.

      Of course, this is pure maths as sales could repeat champions due to events or other reasons. As a very rough estimate it may take a while for Ahri to go on sale. Depending on how much IP you gather you could get her much faster with IP instead of waiting for a sale. You can always pay full price but as she’s an expensive champion an alternative is always worth considering.

      For example, you could gather IP until a skin you are interested in goes on sale. That way you can get both and maybe you will only have to pay for the skin at a discount as you might have enough IP.

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