Nov 192012

Today, 19th of November, Elise is ready to season another set of champions and feast on their poor souls. Therefore, this midnight the discounts on Warlord Shen, Tango Evelynn and Lumberjack Sion come to an end; much like they soon will. If you are interested in any of her spiced playthings don’t miss this chance to get them at 50% less and maybe spare them some suffering; only if you are feeling benevolent. Heed Maokai’s warning and escape with as many as you can from the Twisted Treeline; lest the Spider Queen lose her lean figure with such banquets.

Warlord Shen
Warlord Shen Splash Art Warlord Shen Model
975 -> 487 RP

A samurai never quits, hesitates or wonders why; but we do. So, is Warlord Shen a good samurai skin? Well, aside from the name, yes it mostly is. Bright lemon armour is a questionable choice but a couple of deadly katanas and precise martial arts dispel some doubts. However, if you have a problem with a mushroom sashimono then no amount of bushido will be enough to make this garish warrior appealing.

Tango Evelynn
Tango Evelynn Splash Art Tango Evelynn Model
975 -> 487 RP

Tango could be considered hypnotic but what really catches the eye is Evelynn’s elegant dress and comfortable shoes. Dance, run, murder and all wearing high heels; who could equal her? Forget about any Night Hunter, Evelynn looks gracious and her anthophobia disregard makes for nice decoration. If you need a partner for a danse macabre then few will be as good company as Eve.

Lumberjack Sion
Lumberjack Sion Splash Art Lumberjack Sion Model
520 -> 260 RP

What would you expect from Sion? Of course he thinks the axe is for slaughter instead of wood cutting. Just look at that face, smart guy right? He can’t even keep his drab clothes from tattering and his reckless chops are turning him into the Tin Woodman. Let’s be fair, not all is bad, the axe appears clean and the cap, let’s say that it’s intact. There are better garments for a battlefield but his simple axe should suffice if you need a woodcutter.

Additionally, there’s also a 50% champion sale on Kassadin, Vayne and Ezreal. Don’t miss this chance to complete your champion roster before Elise completes her next meal with them.

Vayne Splash Art
975 -> 487 RP
Kassadin Ezreal
Kassadin Splash Art Ezreal Splash Art
690 -> 345 RP 975 -> 487 RP

Source: League of Legends News: Champion & Skin Sale: A Haunting Guise

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