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League of Legends: Harrowing 2016 Skins’ Review – StrategyZero
Oct 212016
Bewitching Morgana, Bewitching Tristana and Little Devil Teemo
Harrowing 2016

There is a tale that sends shivers up and down the spines of even the most daring. It speaks about witchcraft and ultimate evil with only doom as reward. A great sacrifice is necessary. The ritual requires hundreds to sate the hunger of the Lord. Once he is summoned, nothing can save those involved. Even mentioning this is a bad omen. It’s too late now. We have to accept what we have done and go down through the trapdoor we have opened. Let’s embrace the end.

Bewitching Morgana
Bewitching Morgana Splash Art Bewitching Morgana Model
Category: Legacy
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Morgana as an elegant witch altered by magic.
Model: New model for Morgana and new particles for her aura.
Particles: New particles for her abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Animations: New recall animation.
Sounds: New sounds for her abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Splash Art: A dark wooden floor suggests a cottage or, perhaps, even a house of where a witch is in full activity. The cauldron boils with vapours of a terrible nature. It contents a viscous liquid that sticks to the paws of a playful and curious cat. Bats unsurprisingly inhabit this dark place where the witch has another, batrachian ingredient ready for the pot. As far as setting is concerned the background is subtle but eloquent. The mood of the piece is well established and it’s a good frame for Morgana. In spite of this, while the pervading darkness is meaningful it also lends the piece an unwelcome homogeneity that does it no favours.
Morgana also suffers from dim colours even though there’s a variety of tones used. The lines are precise and the shading is soft and pleasing. However, there’s little contrast between elements and so details require effort to be noticed. Fortunately, that doesn’t apply to her face which has a distant yet calm expression and least of all to her cleavage. Her bat wings are well presented: visible enough yet without stealing the show; though, between them nothing’s clear. The textures are interesting but the dim and lit parts strike as too different in colour. Her left, claw-like hand dripping magic power is a great touch because it feels different from the usual glow with its liquid nature. There are some strangle sparks of varied size which are an interesting complement; still, a couple are unfittingly large. The light emitted from her hand reflects on her body but it seems unevenly distributed. That is, it reaches some areas and others not, either near or far, without proper respect for physics. It’s nothing major but it’s a subtle element that is noticeable. Other minor problems arise like the fuzzy, almost diffuse, look of the cat; even though the nearby cauldron looks quite good. Also, the sketchy, waxy hair stands out among the otherwise sharp depiction. The darker areas also hide too many details so that her hat barely displays its partially visible eye and her skirt is relegated to a minor, sometimes diffuse apparition; even if the potion right over it is crystal clear. Some of these problems are a consequence of a pose that intends to show her working on her witchcraft while at the same time striking a dramatic pose.
All things considered, this is a great splash art with ample quality. It’s an attractive portrayal of Morgana amidst a suitable setting with some nice details to show. There are problems in both background and foreground with the worst being the intense darkness that homogenizes colours so much. The lack of contrast conceals elements and details obscuring their relevance. The splash art manages to overcome such problems with its sheer charm but they can’t be ignored.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Captivating and elegant Bewitching Morgana has the air of an aristocratic witch. The classy and elaborate dress shows golden highlights and a multilayered design. The stylish dress is crowned by a hat with an all-seeing eye and accompanied by bat wings which match the dress colours and are also decorated in gold. There’s a an appealing cartoony vein running through the skin as the large cuffs, vivid hair and comical hat indicate; it’s also perceivable in the overall design. Still, that doesn’t prevent the display of ample cleavage. Although it’s fitting for the 17th century style of the dress it’s also conventional. The potion and bag hanging from the waist are a practical touch but the vibrant red hair seems too exaggerated. The aura around Morgana is also nicely redesigned to resemble a bubbling fluid as if she melted the ground with her steps; an echo of her cauldron concoctions.
The particles aren’t particularly innovative but they are attractive. In all cases, they are an adaptation of the classic style but with a dark blue finished with golden highlights; just like her dress. There’s also the addition of bats for all of her abilities. The flowing darkness in addition to the flying bats makes the abilities dynamic and appealing though they remain quite familiar. The new sounds have a haunting feel that strikes as similar to the classic sounds. The feel is a bit less magical and more eerie but the overall resemblance is unavoidable. The new recall is an iconic activity for a witch and certainly rounds the skin flawlessly.
All things considered, Bewitching Morgana is an attractive skin with quite an appealing and suitable new model but particles and sounds that remind too much of the classic incarnation. Even though the style is different and the bats are nice the base is too evident. Just as the recall rounds the skin, the overall aesthetic is accomplished and fully captures the witchcraft approach of Bewitching Morgana. Fans of the Fallen Angel will find it an enchanting proposition.

Bewitching Tristana
Bewitching Tristana Splash Art Bewitching Tristana Model
Category: Legacy
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Tristana as a cauldron-wielding witch.
Model: New model for Tristana and her cannon Boomer.
Particles: New particles for her abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Animations: New recall animation.
Sounds: New sounds for her abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Splash Art: A grey, cloudy sky restrains the Moon, or a timid Sun, from reaching the diffuse gothic architecture of the town below. Curved lines meeting in acute angles line wood walls in a contrast of colour that presents a, sadly, diluted vintage style. From one of these houses, a witch is ejected by the power of her magic. The setup is certainly attractive but it’s always permeated by the dullness of the watered-down background. Only a startled bat manages clear depiction out of the visible bunch.
Tristana’s portrayal is in clear opposition to the background. There’s an abundance of details, colourful surfaces and a fine use of light. While the pose occludes her dress and the cauldron her legs a general, though brief, idea of her look is possible. The pointy hat might be too darkly shaded and the effect of the magical concoction not strong enough. Regardless, these are only minor points in a portrayal that shows effusive delight in its realisation.
Seeing how nicely Tristana’s classic and Bewitching personas are combined in one simple but appealing Rocket Jump the result is certainly attractive. The background sets a moody tone to contrast her depiction and, while effective, the setting is too relegated to the point of disappointing with its lack of detail. Regardless, as a presentation card this is a great splash art.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: The cartoony look of Bewitching Tristana incorporates traditional elements with a different take on her identity. Instead of a yordle the skin mixes inhuman feline features with classic witch elements to realise the magical humanoid aspect. This clever way of adapting the champion manages an interesting combination of horror and humour. The clothes’ appealing 17th century style stays fictional but it’s a stylisation that suits the Gunner’s personality: practical but good looking. Her cannon, Boomer, is the one that receives the most drastic transformation. Turned into a cauldron it becomes the explosive source of all her magical prowess.
With that in mind, her auto-attack has an interesting style of volatile fluid that is stressed by Rapid Fire. The other abilities have a distinct appearance of mystical smoke dotted with brilliant sparkles. While both fit the theme the magical fumes seem a bit disconnected from the cauldron concoction that is at the base of the skin. The sounds acquire a similar dichotomy of fluid and smoke. They support the visuals well but aren’t noteworthy. Furthermore, the abilities are consistent individually but together they lack the cohesion that could be expected. The new recall seemingly connects concoction, smoke and feline aspects into a whole. It’s clear but not as effective as it should be.
Overall, Bewitching Tristana is a skin that cunningly adapts the Gunner into a cat-witch. However, there isn’t enough cohesion and the resulting style, while appealing, doesn’t connect all elements into a whole identity. The idea is certainly good and the result nothing short of charming but it fails at coming together as more than the sum of nice individual features. Bewitching Tristana is a good skin with much to like but not rounded to be great.

Little Devil Teemo
Little Devil Teemo Splash Art Little Devil Teemo Model
Category: Legacy
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Teemo as a furry devil.
Model: New model for Teemo, his blowgun and Noxious Traps plus new glowing crown.
Particles: New particles for his abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Animations: New animation for his crown, tail and ears. New animations for his auto-attack, Blinding Dart, death and recall.
Sounds: New sounds for his abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Splash Art: At best, it can be gathered that the elaborate throne carved on stone is situated in hell. It could also be somewhere else with fire nearby and dusk on the sky. Truth be told, there’s little indication of the infernal context that is naturally expected. What is emphasised is the rich ornamentation on the lavish throne dedicated to the devil. The dents on the rock, rips and scorched marks on the diffuse cloth show that nothing is immune to the effects of the environment. Still, it could very well be the devil’s own influence.
Speaking of whom, Teemo looks pretty pleased in furry, horned form. The fur is fuzzy but a bit diffuse which indicates fine hairs that are well cared for. The horns are well polished and reflect the light from the burning crown above his head. The astonished trap on his hand is a bit duller looking though it implies that even the tools of his trade shudder in his presence. The tail on one side also appears less sharply depicted than the main body; like the golden decorations.
All things considered, this splash art should be commended for finally showing Teemo in his true glory. The effective presentation of a hellish landscape over which Teemo contentedly reigns supreme is eloquent. However, the portrayal, despite its meaningful magnitude, is brief and only takes a small portion of the whole space. The piece wastes too much room in inconsequential surroundings. While that may give proportion to the throne and Teemo’s size it also relegates the devil’s presence. In spite of that, the message is clear and well conveyed.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: If the Swift Scout’s regular cute persona is enough to induce ire in the burning heart of his enemies then Little Devil Teemo is to gleefully rub salt on the wound. At a glance it seems that the hellish interpretation is the most attractive aspect of the skin, and it certainly is appealing. The cute demon idea is quite nice with faun physiognomy as the base but using a yordle’s physique instead of human. To be fair, only the large horns and tail stand out as the hooves are difficult to notice. A new trident replaces the blowgun and animations are adapted to reflect that. At long last, Teemo isn’t forced to retain the classic weapon’s behaviour; even Omega Squad does.
The particles aren’t as innovative but that doesn’t mean they aren’t appealing. The burning auto-attack projectile is the floating, middle blade of the trident. Added to the clawed strike of Blinding Dart, the melting, bubbling ground left behind during Move Quick and the demonic face when a Noxious Trap detonates it all strikes as quite infernal. However, the fact that the insidious Noxious Traps not only smile when floating but also when detonating as well as laughing loudly at the fact makes the exasperation come forth in any of the Little Devil’s victims. The monstrous, deformed features of yellow eyes with tiny pupils and sharp, pointy teeth added to the recall and death justify any resentment towards the Captain. Sounds are much less evocative with only a flaming swoosh for the abilities; as long as we ignore the laughter of the Noxious Traps.
It all comes together to, more than a demonic version of Teemo, a disheartening exercise in causing frustration to one’s enemies and rolling in laughter all over it. For that reason, the skin captures the essence of the concept. It surely isn’t as visually or aurally stunning as it could be. Nevertheless, the skin builds its personality with the discouraging behaviour that has earned Teemo his well deserved reputation. It could be said that the skin isn’t for everyone. It doesn’t relish on Teemo’s cuteness, though it isn’t absent, and it delights on causing suffering and enjoying it; albeit in a lighthearted way. On top of it all, it’s not as visually stunning as it could be. Nonetheless, it’s a great example of how well used resources can accomplish more than the sum of its parts. For members of the cult of Teemo-hating, Little Devil Teemo is a skin that will finally verify how right they were all along and justify all their hard work. May we stand united now, brothers and sisters.


Bewitching Morgana offers a haunting style that is certainly attractive. The model is elegant and charming and while the same can be said about particles and sounds they have more than a passing resemble to their classic counterparts. Regardless, the result is particularly captivating so fans are sure to find it a great option.

Bewitching Tristana is a skin with an appealing interpretation of the Gunner. The feline witch idea along the cauldron as a weapon is a clever choice. Unfortunately, the concoction and the smoke feel disconnected and there isn’t a link that unites the attractive individual aspects of the skin. Therefore, while Bewitching Tristana is a charming skin it’s also one that doesn’t finish its ideas in full.

If one enjoys causing frustration and anger in enemies then Little Devil Teemo is a particularly accomplished skin in that regard. It takes all that is hated about the Swift Scout and packages it into an appealing, faintly demonic personality that captures the heart behind its concept. While there’re more impressive skins the well rounded adaptation makes Little Devil Teemo the best choice for unleashing true horror on the battlefield with a cheeky yet terrifying smile.

In general, this is a good set of skins. Bewitching Morgana is a classic interpretation of a witch while Bewitching Tristana is less traditional but more original. Neither has an implementation that feels remarkable but Morgana seems more convincing as the concept naturally suits her. Little Devil Teemo is an exercise in pure evil. It reveals the yordle’s true form and revels in it. So, it becomes an iconic skin in League.

  14 Responses to “League of Legends: Harrowing 2016 Skins’ Review”

  1. Umm, Zero, where did you get these skin images? They look awfully similar to the ones from the Surrender@20 site. If they are, shouldn’t you give credit to the site?

    • They look identical to images you may see in other sites because they are from the PBE boards. Thankfully, Riot has started to release some images with the PBE preview of skins which come really in handy. Unfortunately, the images for Bewitching Morgana, Bewitching Tristana and Little Devil Teemo on the PBE boards don’t show the abilities, unlike the Star Guardian skins for instance, but it’s better than nothing.

      You can find in the links the posts on the PBE boards which show the images in question. We don’t use any resources without attribution and we try to confirm if the license allows for their use; if we can’t we don’t. All content you will find in StrategyZero is either released by Riot, made by us or credited to the respective website or kind contributors; like you. On this specific matter we have a firm stance. While we aren’t flawless and we could make a mistake it would be exactly that. If you do find that there’s any resource that doesn’t have a license that allows for its use please do tell us because we want to keep the site in order.

      • I see.
        I randomly stumbled on the Community section through the links and notice how, well… outdated it seems to be. The second site cannot be reached, the third one says it is for sale, and the last one my browser identifies as unsafe. I highly recommend adding the site Surrender at 20 close to the top of the list, it is a site that is always fully up to date with all League of Legends content including PBE updates, sales, free champion rotations, teasers and esports. Surely you already know of it though, it is very popular, and I’m an active community member there.
        I also highly recommend Skin Spotlights’ YouTube channel, which there is no way for you not to know of.

        • Indeed, we should update the Community section as things have changed quite a lot. The sites you mention are already well known but it wouldn’t hurt to have them in a convenient single place. Thank’s for the notice, we’ll add it to the famous to-do list.

  2. Hey there, just letting you know that in the Particles section for Bewitching Morgana you put “his” instead of “her”. Just something small.

  3. I request that every skin that was updated by Riot, in game and/or splash art, to get new skin reviews.

    • All skins have their reviews up to date. What is out of date is the splash art reviews. More than one hundred splash arts were updated and we simply lack the resources to tackle as fast as we should. We need to prioritise new content and to keep everything updated and accurate.

      We understand that it’s an inconvenient to have so many old splash arts in the site and we apologise. Sadly, we can’t do more than progressively update them when we have time out of the usual work in the site. It’s far from ideal but we are trying our best to keep the site as useful as it can be.

  4. Harrowing skins never go back on store, do they?

    • Actually, they do return during the Halloween even which used to be called Harrowing. For 2017 they named it ‘Tales from the Rift: Death Sworn’ in an effort not to tie it to Halloween; which it was anyway. That said, next Halloween the skins should return just as Snowdown skins return for every Christmas event.

  5. Hey Zero, sorry I’m a bit lost, haven’t played in a while now (almost a year lol) are these skins legit? When I say legit it is available in the item shop in-game? I also found free skins from Leagueskin,Promodskin, and even LoL forums.

    Are these Harrowing skins available there too? Thanks

    • We only review skins available in the LoL official, in-game store. There may be skins available elsewhere via mods but we don’t review them; there are enough skins released by Riot, thousands. Custom skins are usually free and there may be versions of these skins, we don’t really know.

      Harrowing skins, as other event legacy skins, are only available during the event they belong to. These skins aren’t currently in the store but will return during the Hallowing event. They are made by Riot and are official content that can be purchased from the client store.

      One final warning. Beware of Teemo, don’t fall into his claws.

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