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League of Legends: Kindred Skins’ Review – StrategyZero
Oct 142015
Kindred, the Eternal Hunters
Kindred, the Eternal Hunters

They have many names, in the West it’s Ina and Ani whereas in the East it’s Farya and Wolyo but everywhere they are Kindred and they are always Lamb and Wolf. We all have an end and whether you accept it in peace or run away from an inevitable demise they will be there to help us part. Their description varies and the fables are numerous. Let us tell you of the many masks that Kindred wear.

Shadowfire Kindred
Shadowfire Kindred Splash Art Shadowfire Kindred Model
Category: Regular
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Lamb and Wolf made out of flames and darkness.
Model: New model for Lamb and Wolf.
Particles: New particles for their abilities, auto-attack and death.
Animations: New recall animation.
Sounds: New sounds for their abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Splash Art: Calmly, in the shroud of night, Lamb and Wolf walk through a lake. That could be the background behind these champions but if it weren’t from the few ripples around Lamb’s feet we would have no context. The real setting of the piece is speculation as we can’t even be sure that a lake is under the spirits.
The portrayal of Kindred is uneven. On the one hand, we have Lamb’s depiction which is clear and manages to reveal her supernatural nature. Her body appears solid, her face hidden by an evocative mask but her bow dull and lacking lustre. The disappointing look of the bow contrasts the fine glow of its string. That aspect, along her transparent, flaming mane, adds the necessary mysticism to her appearance. The mane looks a bit too solid but that could be an aspect of the manifestation.
On the other hand, we have Wolf’s dark depiction. His face, mostly the forehead, is well defined and the darker mane echoes reasonably well that of Lamb’s; with the same concerns in fact. However, his right side dissolves into nothingness and on the left the horn doesn’t symmetrically oppose what little is visible on the right side. On top of that, the perspective makes it look strangely attached to his face which doesn’t represent the actual in-game look where the horns flank his face. The shadow and flaming effect of Lamb’s hand on Wolf’s horn isn’t very convincing as both elements look too solid. Nonetheless, the intention is commendable for its implied meaning.
In consequence, this splash art only gives a good view of Lamb, a sketchy look at Wolf and some water, in theory, for them to avoid standing in a void. The general idea of their look is delivered but the lack of a well defined setting and a meaningful interaction between them, which is only hinted, makes the piece feel only serviceable. Add to that their supernatural essence is downplayed and there’s little reason to get excited with this splash art.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: For feeling almost as re-colour Shadowfire Kindred is a great skin. The new model adopts a more demonic style for Wolf and a florid, golden aesthetic for Lamb. The idea is good in theory as their duality is emphasised: the regal elegance complementing the burning rage. In spite of that, Lamb’s bow is a bit too dull looking. The elaborate, curved design implies a class of weapon that is expected to glint like gold instead of bronze. Her mask also doesn’t seem to represent Wolf anymore which is an aspect lost from the classic representation; the same applies to Wolf. Even if the skin is more direct, that is a feature that shouldn’t have been omitted because it removes an aspect of their duality.
The particles follow Lamb’s elegance with shining sparks and golden, curved shapes. There is nothing particularly remarkable but the general appearance is pleasing and matches her theme. Unfortunately, the bluntness of Wolf isn’t present in any way. Although the classic particles largely ignore Wolf the skin does nothing to remedy it; especially as the skin seems more straightforward about each one’s personality. The sounds have a higher sparkling tone that makes the feel more delicate and classy. Again, that follows Lamb but leaves Wolf aside; except for his satisfyingly crunching bites.
In the end, as a more graceful and ornate view of Kindred, Shadowfire works. The actual shadows and fire aren’t really part of the skin and it all does seem rather superficial. The omission of exchanged masks lends a more direct feel to the skin but it also loses an aspect of its dichotomy. The result is visually attractive and, for what it offers, interesting. Regardless, their dual and complementary nature lends itself for much more than is offered; especially at this price.

Super Galaxy Kindred
Super Galaxy Kindred Splash Art Super Galaxy Kindred Model
Category: Regular
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Lamb as a Super Sentai hero and Wolf as her robotic companion.
Model: New model for Lamb and Wolf plus new trail for Wolf.
Particles: New particles for their abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Animations: New recall animation.
Sounds: New sounds for their abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Splash Art: There isn’t much to say as far as the background is concerned. There seems to be some brushstrokes that, with quite some goodwill, could be interpreted as flames and cinders. Regardless, it’s evident that there isn’t a proper setting or even context to the portrayal of Kindred. Speaking of whom, Wolf takes second place to Lamb and only manages to spring forth behind her with a rather barebones depiction. The magical trail behind is too diffuse to make out and though lines are clear colours are opaque which make him look dull. In front of the confusing array of effects, that is to be Wolf’s trail, we find a contrasting portrayal of Lamb. Clear and vibrant it jumps out of the subdued surroundings with bright colours and light effects. Not only is the pose dynamic and eye-catching but it also allows a clear view of the whole of Lamb. In fact, it’s a great depiction that makes the quality of the rest of the piece all the more disappointing.
Therefore, we have here a highly polarized splash art that brings to life Lamb as a colourful and vivid heroine while Wolf is neglected to a lacklustre second place. In the end, the idea of how Lamb looks is more than clear but the lack of context and the partial presentation of Wolf makes the splash art incomplete.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Super Galaxy Kindred makes a strange Super Sentai duo. In theory, Lamb is the costumed heroine and Wolf the robotic companion. Wolf is believable as the supporting character of the pair with a colourful and attractive mask and fantastic, flowing trail of energy behind. His attacks also look good and while that’s as far as Wolf’s role goes it’s always appealing to see him in action. That’s not to say that Lamb looks bad but the idea of an animalistic heroine shows that the transformation isn’t so natural.
The new bow and arrow are appropriate weapons but the costume is forced to make some concessions. In the process of adapting Lamb there’s a degree of respect for her classic physiognomy that feels alien. The idea of a mutant or sentient animal always lingers as an alternative but seldom seems integrated and strikes as obstacles to overcome. Instead it could’ve been a defining characteristic of the costume and heroine. However, at best, it’s some strange creature that joins the team. The costume follows the usual design with the star logo used on chest and shoulders, the visor opposing a large, flowing mane while gloves and boots contrast the main colour. It works in the visual area but without going beyond that to adapt the nature of Kindred to the Super Sentai feel.
Particles follow the style used for Wolf; which is essentially treated as an extra weapon. The auto-attack is the most distinct addition as the other abilities are barely adapted. Some show more change than others but none exhibit any remarkable changes. Lamb’s Respite is an explosion of colour with a distinct new pattern that allows the ultimate to acquire a different style; the sole exception. It isn’t revolutionary but it manages to present visuals that catch the eye and feel unique. The sounds are quiet supporters. They are soft and perhaps more technological but there’s absolutely nothing noteworthy. They never get in the way yet fail at defining a unique feel. The recall is a fine addition that suits the theme even if, like the skin, never finds the path to realise the theme in full.
This all results in a personality that is shallow and superficial. The Super Sentai angle is present but never reaches far. There’re changes yet many are small and seem inconsequential. The whole fails at capturing the complete identity it intends to and so Super Galaxy Kindred ends up with a weak presentation of their theme. The fact that the skin is so expensive is hardly understandable due to the extent and success of the changes. All in all, it’s a fine skin but ineffective at capturing its concept in an appealing way.


As a release skin, Shadowfire is functional but attractive. It provides a new aesthetic but doesn’t touch the core of what makes Kindred work. However, there is a detail that does affect their essence and that is the absence of mirroring masks. That reduces their dual nature and as part of the skins personality it isn’t one of the highlights. Fortunately, the sumptuous golden style of Lamb and the fiery representation of Wolf suit the theme and they end up looking rather good. Therefore, as a change of looks, there’re things to like but if we delve deeper Shadowfire isn’t able to offer deeper meanings despite asking for a high price.

The alternative is Super Galaxy Kindred. The transformation into a Super Sentai duo has mixed results. Wolf effectively becomes a sidekick but Lamb never fully becomes even a strange heroine. The animal characteristics aren’t integrated and both particles and sounds fail to define a whole new identity with the recall lacking a clear direction like the skin. The concept is present but not realised in a way that makes it cohesive and whole. It’s an alright skin but, especially at this price, one that feels ineffective.

  48 Responses to “League of Legends: Kindred Skins’ Review”

  1. It cost 1350 tho πŸ™‚

  2. Great review, but Shadowfire Kindred is actually 1350. Quite unfortunate, I know.

    • We simply didn’t realise, sorry and thanks for the heads-up. It surely is unfortunate as the skin isn’t complex enough to justify such a price; it simply doesn’t offer that many features. Sadly, such a price makes the skin receive three stars only.

  3. Great to hear your opinions as always! I think the theme of shadowfire Kindred was the concept of light and dark though – Lamb is an angel whereas Wolf is a demon. Just my 2 cents and how they described it on VPBE.

    • Glad that you find the reviews interesting.

      We could say that Classic Kindred already realises the light and darkness concept much more clearly. It simply flows naturally from its duality. The idea of shadows and fire is good but we don’t see much of any element in Shadowfire. At any rate it’s more gold and darkness than actual flames and shadows; we should admit that darkness and shadows are close enough though.

  4. The release skin Shadowfire Kindred is discounted at 975 and has an actual price of 1350, hence the 28% off part. This skin reminds me of Tyrael and Diablo from the diablo series, not sure if that was intentional. Plus by keeping the bow a lack lustre object it doesn’t take away from the the theme, Kindred’s bow is not the focus unlike other champions such as Varus.

    • You’re right we made a mistake about the price. Thanks for the notice.

      We don’t find that much of a similarity between Kindred and the Diablo characters but there could be a reference we are simply missing. We understand that the bow isn’t as relevant to Lamb as it is to Varus but it’s still her way of parting souls as opposed to Wolf’s jaws. The point is not that it should be highlighted more but that for a skin that is all gold and bright the dull bow clashes with the general visuals.

  5. I thought the Kindred skin was 1350

  6. So which skin do you recommend I get?

    • For Kindred you only have one choice and it’s a bit expensive for what it offers. It’s good but Shadowfire isn’t up to par with what a skin at 1350 RP can provide. In fact, even at 975 RP it’s quite good yet not excellent still. If you are a great Kindred fan it could be an alternative from the classic look but if you aren’t that dedicated it’s better to wait until a sale or a better alternative.

      • Just a heads up, there is a new skin called “Super Galaxy Kindred” that would be nice if you could eventually do a review on, it should come out soon. At least to me it looks pretty cool but in some ways I like Shadowfire more. Just a heads up!

        • We’re aware and ready for the release of the skin but thanks for the headsup. It does look nice but we’ll have to see if it actually manages to incorporate the Super Sentai feel into Kindred effectively.

  7. I agree that Shadowfire Kindred isn’t worth 1350 (and that it deserves 3 stars), probably the biggest reason I got it on sale. Nonetheless I like the skin, probably my favorite release skin out of the past few champs. Had the skin been 975, what would you have rated it? On a side note, what do you think of Kindred’s base splash? Personally one of my favorites.

    • Initially thinking that Shadowfire Kindred was a 975 RP skin we rated it four stars as we think that it’s quite attractive but needs more to really excel. We agree that it’s a rather good skin, despite some questionable things like the lack of dual masks, but the price bears no resemblance to what it offers. There are multiple skins that offer more than Shadowfire and cost less.

      We like the classic splash art for Kindred. We would like more setting as the background seems rather empty but the context is significant. It’s well used to reinforce their duality but there’s space for more.

  8. I bought the skin on release and was highly disappointed to be honest. My main problem with the skin is there’s nowhere near enough detail to justify charging 1350rp. Apart from her mask Lamb seems to be made up of block colours and shapes and it just makes her seem lackluster, this caused me to just play them with the default skin because its way nicer πŸ™

    • We agree that there’s a certain tendency to release skins at 1350 RP when they could perfectly fit at 975 RP. A bit of malicious thinking could see it as a stealthy price increase on skins as many at 1350 RP don’t have enough features to explain the high price. It could be that there’s a lot of work, that isn’t noticeable to the player, on the skin but in that case we think that a skin should be priced according to what it offers as well as how much work went into it.

  9. Looks like we are gonna wait a while until they get a nice skin :c

    I wanted to make you a question, ΒΏWhat do you think that would be a nice skin for them(a skin idea)?

    Something that instantly came to my mind was something like “Reverse” Kindred, sheep as a demonic black sheep and wolf as a peaceful white wolf (:3)

    It should change the voice as well, and have new effects. What do you think? πŸ˜€

    • In some cases, that’s how thing are; unfortunately.

      Reverse is a feasible idea that would emphasize the exchanged masks that Classic uses. Something related to the Grim Reaper would suit them as well, owing to their role in Runeterra; according to their lore. A hunter, perhaps even Headhunter, theme could fit as Lamb wields a shortbow and Wolf would be the tracker. When you start looking for ideas they often appear.

  10. Hey there, thanks for taking the time to update every champ with skins. I often browse this page before purchasing a new skin. Any thoughts on the Super Galaxy Kindred skin, or is it customary to wait for an implementation on the live server before reviewing it? Thanks again for all the work put into this website.

    • Not at all, glad that you find the reviews useful.

      We wait until the live release of a skin to publish the review but we have no problem giving our thoughts about what we’ve seen of the skin if asked. Before a review we usually have only a partial idea of what the skin will be yet there’s some information that hints at how good the skin could be.

      Specifically, Super Galaxy Kindred looks like a nice adaptation. It pushes the technology aspect a bit in some areas but it’s colourful and attractive. We’d have to properly see it in action but it looks like it does a good job at presenting a visual spectacle; expected of the Super Sentai genre. Overall, seems like it could be a good skin at the very least.

  11. Zero what are your opinions on the Super Galaxy Kindred skin?

    • It’s attractive, eye-catching, the adaptation is reasonable albeit the magical nature and technological adaptation can feel at odds at times. Regardless, it seems like Super Galaxy Kindred would be a good skin. It manages to be interesting visually and the theme seems clear enough.

  12. Hi, i only read your reviews, and everytime i like your conclusion and is not all, mostly, rating.
    It happens that not only kindred will have a new skin soon, but since the new system of hextech was release i feel that maybe the best was to update the rating. You see… I am one of those guys that in a free game don’t waste any money at all. It’s a choice i made. So, i would like to know if to what extend did the price actually change the rating. Since now we have a system that give us free skins I wanted to know if this skin is worth to get!

    Thank you for your time,

    • Firstly, we do take into account the price in RP of skins but it’s only one of several variables we evaluate. Sometimes, it’s just too obvious that a skin is underdelivering for the price it asks for. In that case we just can’t ignore it and have to put it a the forefront if it’s relevant enough. That’s not always the case and there are many cases of skins that transcend their limitations or accomplish a level of quality that very well justifies the expense; even if its a lot of RP. We are evidently more demanding the more expensive the skin is but as one is paying more it’s only natural. Regardless, we make an effort not to focus so much in the price that we don’t see the work that a skin presents.

      With that said, we aren’t sure about the prices of skins in hextech currency but we suppose that they are similar in value to the prices in RP. In other words, legendary skins cost more shards or are rarer drops that a skin at 975 RP; for example. That would, in general, keep the ratings valid. Besides, the rating takes into account not only how good the skin is at its price but how valuable it is for each champion in comparison with the Classic skin as well as the other available skins. If you don’t want to spend money in the game then hextech crafting can still be guided by the reviews. There may be some cases where the reviews aren’t as accurate as they should be; as it’s a new system that we haven’t fully explored. However, the reviews aren’t completely price centred and the text can provide valuable insight into what the skin offers and its issues so that it’s not just rating all the time.

  13. Will you be reviewing the new super galaxy kindred skin?

  14. Hey, Zero! The new Super Galaxy Skins just got released! Could you do a review for Kindred, Shyvana, and Fizz? πŸ™‚

  15. What do you think about Super Galaxy Kindred and Super Galaxy Shyvana?

    • Super Galaxy Shyvana is, along Fizz, the best of the trio. Kindred disapoints a bit as the changes have little depth. They are good skins anyway but Kindred trails behind a little.

  16. Hey dude, love your work.

    Any inside on the new Super Galaxy Kindred?

    • Glad that you like the reviews.

      Super Galaxy Kindred is a good skin but the changes tend to be superficial. The theme is reflected in the new aspect but without giving enough weight to the new identity. It’s a fine skin though it needs changes that more significantly display the concept behind the skin.

  17. You know, I really didn’t expect you to make such a terrible review of Super Galaxy Kindred. I’m not saying it’s terrible as in how it is structured or that any of your points are invalid, I’m saying it’s terrible because YOU CONSTANTLY CALLED LAMB A “HE”. You even called her an “it” sometimes, which is unacceptable. There is also a grammatical mistake or two there, including when you didn’t even address Lamb with a capital L in the start of the Splash art section.

    • Some mistakes were bound to slip as we had a lot in our hands. We are sorry to disappoint but we will fix all mistakes. We probably didn’t correct as thoroughly as we should’ve. We’ll correct the review and make it more accurate. Truth be told, we are surprised we didn’t notice any of this yet it happens. Our apologies, we’ll try to be more careful in the future.

      • Thank you, all seems to be in order now, with one exception. It still mentions “HIS robotic companion” in the Concept section.
        With regards to my thoughts on the skin, it is really unfitting for Kindred. Not only is their duality completely destroyed by making Wolf a mere sidekick and the loading screen piece from their splash art only showing Lamb, the theme is overall very unfitting for, well, Death itself. For Rumble and Fizz it is most fitting, for Shyvana it works, but for Kindred I just cannot accept it. Shadowfire is ten times more fitting of a concept, and even if Super Galaxy kept its (deserved) price of 975, it shouldn’t have gotten more than a three star rating simply because of the unfitting theme and even more unfitting execution. At 1350, I would have personally rated it 2 stars, partially to show that Shadowfire is superior in concept and execution.

        • Not at all, we are glad the review has improved. Thanks for the corrections. We fixed the missing reference you mention also.

          We mostly agree with regards to Super Galaxy Kindred. We kept the skin at three stars as it does have some nice particles and the idea exists in the skin. In other words, it’s a passable skin. If the theme were weaker then it would be flawed with only a few redeeming features and so deserving of two stars. Although, we are well aware that it’s a close call and the skin wouldn’t be out of place at two stars.

          At any rate, it’s something to ponder on. When a new skin for Kindred is released we can modify the rating accordingly. For the time being, three stars seems to be alright. It’s an acceptable skin but far from great. It has some nice features, Wolf’s trail is rather nice, the auto-attacks are good and the ultimate has its own style; even if the theme is, ultimately, superficial. The rating is something to keep in mind though.

  18. which one should I buy ZERO?

    • Depends on which concept you like the most as they are rather similar in implementation. Super Galaxy Kindred has the advantage that it’s more original but Shadowfire fits better within the fantasy realm of the game. Also the Super Galaxy aesthetic stands out more than Shadowfire’s; which is a bit to homogeneous. Regardless, neither is a bad skin though they aren’t great either..

  19. Hey Zero! I love your reviews and they always help me buying new skins, thanks a lot! πŸ™‚ I got a question, which Kindred skin should I buy? I am a Kindred main and I have been thinking either Shadowfire or Super Galaxy, but I can’t decide. Both of them are very well made in my opinion. (Sorry for any mistakes, I am trying to learn english!) Thanks πŸ˜€

    • Not at all, glad that you like the reviews.

      Shadowfire has a concept that suits the fantasy style of the game better. However, it’s more homogeneous and, largely, a different take on the same concept. That is, same spirits but with fire and shadows instead of light and darnkess to make them different.

      Super Galaxy is more original as a concept and visually varied with a great display of colour. On the other hand, it doesn’t fit in the magical fantasy prevalent in the game as well as other skins do. That aside, it manages to stand out with its visuals; though the sounds aren’t remarkable.

      Overall, both are good skins but aren’t great. Neither should disapoint provided you like the concept offered.

  20. hey guys just want to share my opinion. For me personally, i prefer the shadowfire skin because i find that the ult animation is more appealing than the super galaxy skin. Also, for the super galaxy skin, when kindred uses her e ability, it seems to have the same particle change as that of the shadowfire skin. However, this particle change seems more suitable on the shadowfire skin simply because of the orage-red colour scheme. Also, when shadowfire kondred applies the mark, it looks nicer & makes it more clear that kindred is on the hunt. ^~^

    • The truth is that we don’t see neither Shadowfire nor Super Galaxy as superior to the other. They are both good skins with nice changes. The themes are interesting in both cases but the implementation could’ve delved deeper to bring the best the concepts have to offer.

      We agree that Shadowfire does many things right and is a skin with appeal. We’ve only would’ve liked the fire and shadow aspect to be more developed.

  21. Zero, which skin would you recommend me to get, kindred is my favorite champion and I can’t choose.

    • Depends on what concept you like the most because, technically, both stand on equal terms. It’s matter of a more conventional yet more fitting style of Shadowfire versus the distinct diversion that is Super Galaxy. Also, we have to admit that while the former feels too conservative in its changes the latter isn’t particularly effective at realising a new identity either.

      Truth be told, neither skin stands as superior to the other with regards to the implementation. The concept can largely be a matter of taste. At least we hope that future skins do a better job at giving depth the ideas at the core of the skins.

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