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League of Legends: Vel’Koz Skins’ Review – StrategyZero
Feb 272014
Vel'Koz, the Eye of the Void
Vel’Koz, the Eye of the Void

Knowledge, the most precious of resources, but something so valuable asks for sacrifices. To learn, it’s necessary to break, disassemble and take apart that which is under study. No piece should be ignored and all shall be considered as part of the whole. Come and take a look at a thorough analysis of our present sample: Vel’Koz.

Battlecast Vel’Koz
Battlecast Vel'Koz Splash Art Battlecast Vel'Koz Model
Category: Regular
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Vel’Koz as an extermination drone.
Model: New model for Vel’Koz.
Particles: New particles for his abilities, auto-attack, taunt and joke.
Animations: New animation for his exhaust tubes plus adapted animations for Plasma Fission and Lifeform Disintegration Ray. New Tectonic Disruption, recall, death and respawn animations.
Sounds: New sounds for his abilities, auto-attack, recall, death, respawn and emotes as well as new processed voice-over.
Splash Art: The background shows a devastated city mostly covered by a thick fog. Before it, Creator Viktor directs his Battlecast army, comprised of a hinted robot on one side, Cho’Gath on the other and Vel’Koz on the front. As a setting it’s interesting though a bit empty. Vel’Koz is portrayed quite well with clear shading that accentuates his metallic plates. The particularly fitting and attractive scanning is a great touch that cements the robotic nature. On the whole, the background would’ve welcomed a more detailed view of the dilapidated city. However, the depiction of Vel’Koz is really good and so the piece stands proudly as a great work.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: As a drone designed for the sole purpose of destruction Battlecast Vel’Koz fills the part perfectly well. The model keeps the classic physiognomy intact but adapts the aesthetic with an eloquent dose of technology. To be fair, he looks practically like a Sentinel from the Matrix trilogy; which, while not very original, is a welcome homage. A good touch is the mix of combustion, explosives and arc welding to represent the technology. These options allow for striking displays, in both visuals and sounds, which cement the distinct and appealing identity of the skin. Add the mechanical voice-over and the result, despite its evident cephalopodan origin, is certainly attractive. Unfortunately, animations don’t play a big part in the skin as they stay close to the classic ones. Only the new recall truly feels special yet the animations manage to add a bit of robotic personality to the skin. In conclusion, Battlecast Vel’Koz is a fantastic skin that keeps the base untouched but that adds a nice futuristic twist on the surface. No fan of the Eye of the Void or sci-fi will be disappointed.

Arclight Vel’Koz
Arclight Vel'Koz Splash Art Arclight Vel'Koz Model
Category: Regular
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Vel’Koz as a creature of light.
Model: New model for Vel’Koz and new glow for his tentacles.
Particles: New particles for his abilities, auto-attack, taunt, joke, death and respawn.
Animations: New adapted animations for Plasma Fission and Lifeform Disintegration Ray plus new recall animation.
Sounds: New sounds for his abilities, auto-attack, recall, death, respawn and emotes as well as new processed voice-over.
Splash Art: In a city that reaches for the heavens a creature of light passes judgement on another pilgrim. The buildings touch the sky but are also submerged in an oppressive, misty darkness that oppose dimly lit clouds at the other side. This gives the impression that the background isn’t as well depicted as it could. It lacks detail all around and also only gives a bare idea of where the action takes place. In fact, the soldiers climbing the stairs are more clearly displayed.
Vel’Koz’s portrayal isn’t very convincing. On the one hand, the metal is full of reflections and his body of light timidly glows. On the other hand, the metal surface seems chaotic and doesn’t reflect the sources of light; not even in a general sense. On top of this, the limbs of light appear sketchy made with imprecise strikes. His right tentacle also doesn’t saturate with light where it overlaps with itself as one would expect. The one in the back seems to be fading into the night.
In conclusion, it’s a splash art that appears to have a good composition that isn’t well exploited. The portrayal gives a great first impression with its glowing colours and then lets down with imprecision and chaos.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: With his impressing glowing body Arclight Vel’Koz is a skin that gives a great first impression that is mostly preserved by the execution. The new model low on armour plates and mostly based on light gives Vel’Koz a mystic, heavenly air. That clashes with his quotes but at least the processed voice-over helps in that regard. Another thing that doesn’t work well is the tentacles. Sometimes the flat polygons that comprise them are too noticeable.
The new particles are eye-catching as one would expect but without surprises. In fact, they look great but restrain from going beyond a new colour and pattern. They also feel suitably fickle and lithe but that also means that they don’t look particularly dangerous. In particular, Lifeform Disintegration Ray doesn’t feel as powerful as in other cases.
The new sounds add an ethereal feel that complements the theme well; like the processed voice-over. Nothing stands out but they are effective. The modified animations are little additions that are welcome but don’t really add much.
On the whole, Arclight Vel’Koz is a fantastic skin that is very close to excellence. There are some flaws that don’t take long to become noticeable. Fortunately, the bulk of the skin is attractive and oozes with appeal. For fans of Vel’Koz and mystic beings this is a superb choice.

Definitely Not Vel’Koz
Definitely Not Vel'Koz Splash Art Definitely Not Vel'Koz Model
Category: Regular
Price: 750 RP
Concept: Vel’Koz disguises in a pinstripe suit, hat and Groucho glasses.
Model: Moderate model changes for Vel’Koz.
Particles: No new particles.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: The fuzzy, pencil style of the splash art gives it an instantaneous identity but the composition doesn’t leave any doubts about what it is: a simple display of a few costumed champions. That’s confirmed by the absent background. There’s not setting to speak of, only a flash of light for the champions to emerge from and jump towards the viewer. As homage to cartoon openings it’s clear but brief and, ultimately, simplistic.
The champions manage to share the scene though, even if they can’t manage more than a pose for a photograph. Going by altitude: Tahm Kench looks diffuse and concealed by too bright light. There’s some faint shade to make the surfaces more interesting. Regardless, only the mouth with its detailed saliva and blunt, separated teeth stands out. The grabbing of a cat-sapling does little to make the portrayal interesting; it’s something at least.
Vel’Koz almost gets out of the picture and his tentacles are largely omitted by either a blur or going out of borders. The colours are bright for the most part and the use of light is attractive. However, the pattern of the pinstripe suit is too difficult to notice, the watch is on the right instead of the left tentacle and the trouser seems to be on the front-left tentacle while the back tentacle seems to wear a sleeve. It’s a complete mess that makes getting an idea of his look more difficult than it already is given the convoluted posture.
Maokai appears with a warm, fuzzy look for his costume while his bark looks dry and his features supernaturally powered by magical energy: an eloquent presentation. Cat-saplings fly all over leaving multicoloured trails and sparks but their flat faces lack vivacity for living beings. The effect of motion on Maokai’s foot is subtle but noticeable yet also pointless because there’s no perceivable reason for him to be smashing anything. The body, large and simple, appears a bit diffuse and lacking relevance while the pose appears to twist him in an uncomfortable position that can make his creepy face reveal a delight in pain.
Finally, there’s Draven with a pose that it’s as fanciful as it can be foolish. The huge mask shows reflections that hint at its artificial nature. Still, it could very well pass for a consequence of his inflated ego. The body is actually quite well shaded yet the proportions of the limbs aren’t believable: thick, stubby legs and short arms with big hands. The body also loses details towards the centre becoming flat, muscle-less and deformed by a forced posture.
When all is added together, we find a splash art with a simple background that is content with just introducing a set of champions. Available space is shared unevenly and there are portrayals that are clearly superior to others. The general idea of the champions’ look is given but seldom do the depictions add elements that make them memorable. In the end, it works but it doesn’t capitalise on its best characteristics.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Seeing how formal Vel’Koz is in everything he says it’s not that much of a stretch to dress him in a pinstripe suit. While elegant and possibly classy one could find fault in the choice of colours, rather dull, and the elbow patches which don’t suit a true gentle-creature. The Groucho glasses are an automatic retread of an expected costume. A monocle would seem like a better option, the physiognomy makes it clear, yet that could prevent the apparition of a true Gentle-Void-creature Vel’Koz skin. Nevertheless, aside from the whimsical and preposterous mug attached to his left tentacle, for no good reason, the skin achieves what it sets out to do.
All in all, it’s a simple joke but one with some appeal. As a distinct creature the costume does all it can to disguise Vel’Koz but more than hiding him gives an air of elegance that suits him very well. Some things could’ve been done better and there’s a lot of Classic Vel’Koz visible but the skin is effective in its simple aim. For fans of the Eye of the Void it’s a modest option that has a classy style to offer.


So far Vel’Koz has the advantage of having rather impressive skins at his dispossal. Sadly, they also have the unwelcome characteristic of a high price. Nevertheless, if you are to choose a skin for Vel’Koz you can safely choose based on your theme of preference: both skins are very well done.

Firstly, few champions are released with such a strong skin as the Eye of the Void. So, Battlecast Vel’Koz is an excellent option for those that want a new flavour of cephalopod. The core of Vel’Koz remains intact but the adaptation is superb and makes a great work at translating him into a hi-tech future. If you like Vel’Koz and sci-fi then this is a wonderful option.

The alternative, Arclight Vel’Koz, is just as attractive. In this case the core of Vel’Koz clashes a bit with the new heavenly theme. However, the implemenentation is visually superb and consitently done. It lacks a bit of impact due to the ethereal concept but the result is certainly fantastic.

The cheap option comes in the form of Definitely Not Vel’Koz: a costumed approach to a unique creature. The clothing follows the usual formal approach but the class it gives the Eye of the Void suits his personality without problems. More than a concealing option it’s an elegant style for Vel’Koz so fans will find it offers something appealing.

  58 Responses to “League of Legends: Vel’Koz Skins’ Review”

  1. I Just waited for your rating-commentary to buy it and totally worth. The champion has a nice touch with the skin, the particles are eye catching and looks cool overall. I bought it with the skin-champ pack and I have no regrets 🙂

  2. I’ve been to this website a couple times in the past and I have to say you guys really take your jobs seriously! This champion was released last week and you guys have already got a review for it. In addition, I think you guys have really strict standards for skins and splash arts(that’s good) and also uses very professional vocabularies. Keep on the good work!!!!

    • Thanks for the kind words we try hard to make the reviews as useful as possible. We’ll certainly try to keep improving and appreciate all feedback.

  3. The link to this on the main page is broken. You need to delete the dash between “vel-koz” in the URL.

  4. Hey zero nice work on the new reviews!I just wanted to point out something that has been bothering me recently and that is the really dull colors used in the new skins!For instance heartseeker Ashe or battlecast Vel-koz.The splash arts show bright shades of red (which I have pointed out before is the main reason the sskins look attractive and catch the eye)but fail to satisfy with their in game looks its so dull that its even getting close to brown and the difference between the metal body and veins of red light which could be lasers channeling or the very life force of the being is not that much.It doesnt make u feel awesome when u play it…I myself buy many skins and have over 100 skins,and the thing that really makes me go after the skins i buy is the model,not the particles!Particles or animations are just iceing on the cake but what if the cake itself tastes like crap????!!!!Youre playing a game not watching a movie so the real thing u will enjoy will be the model becuz naturaly u will be mostly be looking at ur character not the spells or animations!!Mostly when im recalling Im pressing tab and checking out enemy builds or Im in the shop searching the items so it wont matter what the recall looks like so Id prefer a better model over animations!For the new Varus skin (which I havent seen Its model yet) I hope they get the saturation and contrast of the colors right cuz if they dont it can be REALLY awful but if they get it right it can be the best skin they have ever made.And another thing is that they keep on giving out skins for champs that already have too many!For instance for the new Valentines skins instead of making something like cupid Varus they made another Ashe skin!Jesus she already had alot of great skins but they wasted time and recources on making a skin for a champ that already had too many and Isnt that popular!Sorry for tireing u with my many words but Id like to get ur opinion on this Zero. Keep up the good work and have a nice day 🙂 <3

    • We agree with you: the model is the basis of a skin and in case it disappoints, like in Heartseeker Ashe’s case, then there’s only so much that new particles or animations can do. It’s also worth considering the use of drab colours in certain skins that heavily contrast the bright portrayals offered by the splash arts. Add to that the fact that many champions receive very few skins will others almost swim in them and there are some problems that need to be addressed.

      The best we can do is to be discerning purchasers and try to get only the best that League of Legends has to offer. As there’s so much to choose from we are bound, sooner or later, to be disappointed so we need to be careful when buying. The rest, is in the hands of the developers.

      Thanks for sharing your opinion.

  5. Sorry for bugging u man but u are very informative and I enjoy conversing with you 🙂 I have 2 questions for you: 1-Tell us a little about yourself please!If you dont mind I think all the users of this awesome site would like to know you a bit better 🙂 2-I know u try not to say specifics when questions are asked and u rather give a variety or a range of skins in response to comments,but I would like to know your one and only answer to this question:What is YOUR favourite skin in the whole game?Please answer based on 2 sets of filters.The first being the one thats best quality and story wise including splash-art,and the second with the price filter included. Thank u very much for ur speedy responses keep it up <3

    • No problem, truth is there isn’t much to say about those behind the site: we just like the game like you do. To pick one specific champion or skin would be very difficult as one of the best features of League of Legends is its variety. Besides there are many skins that are good looking and also further develop the lore of a champion: Queen Ashe, Crimson Elite Riven, Tyrant Swain and Harbinger Kassadin; to name just a few that come to mind.

      We think that Legendary and Ultimate skins, so far, have been mostly diversions instead of deep explorations of the fantasy of a champion. In that regard, we think there’s much that could be done besides elaborate looks. Blackfrost Anivia and Spirit Guide Udyr seem to be a step in that direction but it could be said that it’s simply the same from a different angle.

  6. Truly spoken like a diplomat 🙂 goodjob you managed to dodge both of my questions 😀 Thx anyways!

    • Well, we could’ve told you we come from the Void and are many more than you can imagine… However, we prefered to be frank: there isn’t much of interest to say about us and it’s really difficult to pick a favourite; there are too many good options available.

  7. Do u guys play League yourselves or do you just watch us feeble mortals make stupid buys on a digital market? 😀 BTW they should hire u guys for making presidential speeches!!!Anyways I love u guys!U give us really useful information with no benefit!Its hard to find such selfless people nowadays!Keep up ur amazing work!

    • Yes, we also play League ourselves and sometimes also make stupid purchases; much to our dismay. That’s why we think that it’s importat to, at the very least, have an opinion on a skin that you can either agree or disagree with but that, hopefully, will help make a more informed and, ultimately, better purchase. We are glad that you find the reviews useful and we are grateful for your kind words; we’ll keep trying to improve.

  8. Have u seen the new Rengar,Rumble,Fizz and Syndra skins???Any thoughts???

    • We gave them a look and so far they seem good though unsurprising. That is, they’ll probably be interesting options but they incorporate the usual changes. There doesn’t seem to be anything innovative about them they simply adapt the look to a specific theme. The concepts aren’t bad but unless the skins add something different we’ll end up with a barrage of skins that are only superficially different.

  9. I think the making of these skins was mostly because of need of new skins for these champs and wanting to get more money off of them rather than a striking idea!Although the Fizz skin is from fanart and public posts about it.Riot didnt even think up the concept!The other champs are pretty popular and really needed the new skins!Although I hope they give out a new Zed skin instead of this **** 🙁

  10. I would like to point out that the splash art of the Battlecast Vel’Koz is actually a large ship-like mechanical behemoth since if you look closely to its right tentacle – it has imbedded it inside a building which is then seeing squirming and destroying the other side of the same building. This then indicates that Vel’Koz is gigantic in size to have done to such a structure. That he may be symbolized as Viktor’s battle ship or whatnot. In other words exaggerated to impose threat since his in-game scale is…well…not gigantic

    • The same happens with the Mecha skins, specifically in Mecha Aatrox and Malphite splash arts. We take it as a reasonable amount of artistic freedom; as long as it helps the depiction.

  11. A new Vel’Koz skin called Arbiter Vel’Koz just came out on the PBE and I am simply stunned by how amazing it is! It is priced at 1350 RP with a new processed voice-over and beautiful light effects. It is seriously the most amazing non-legendary skin for me and I will instantly buy it. I would really like to hear your thoughts on it so far.

  12. Battlecast Vel’Koz has new sounds for his joke, taunt, dance and laugh too. Don’t forget to mention those in the review for the upcoming Arclight (previously Arbiter) Vel’Koz too, as they are all changed there as well.
    By the way, in my previous comment I forgot to mention that Arclight Vel’Koz will, like all other 1350 skins, be discounted at 975 for several days after release, at which point it will surely be worth 5 stars, while at 1350 I suppose 4 stars will be appropriate.

    • Yes, there are some new sounds. Nothing out of the ordinary but it keeps things consistent. Thanks for the notice.

      We’ll have to see how Arclight Vel’Koz ends up; both quality and name. It could be a rather impressive skin if they go out of their way to exploit the theme.

  13. Arclight Vel’Koz was finally released last night and I instantly bought it, and it is simply beautiful, with the only flaw being the somewhat yellow-white in-game tentacles not matching the heavenly golden ones from the splash art, but his effects are as shining as ever. I eagerly await the review for it, hope it is here by the end of the day.
    Also, now that I will start to play a lot more of Vel’Koz, I am wondering if I want to buy Battlecast too if it goes on sale. I like the fantasy theme (Arclight) better than the sci-fi theme (Battlecast) but I still love the Battlecast line.

    • Knowledge through disintegration? Sounds fun, especially with a well focused laser. Vel’Koz as a being of light is a rather interesting idea and we like the skin quite a lot. The only problem we find is that the light particles tends to lack impact and don’t feel as deadly as in the other skins. That is particularly noticeable in the ultimate. It’s still a great skin but we miss the lethal laser feel that pure concentrated light should have.

  14. Are we about to witness the first 5-star 1350RP skin? 😛

    • Almost, we initially thought that was a possibility. However, as we looked closer into Arclight Vel’Koz we found out that while a lot is good there are a few things that don’t work that well. If the price were lower we could be more forgiving but at this level we have to be strict. It’s still a wonderful skin, just not as perfect as it could be.

    • Sadly not, but I do agree with Zero that the flaws are evident and if it was 975 instead of 1350, they would be forgivable. Still, with the completely remade particle effects and voice over plus the heavenly sounds, there is no doubt this skin deserves its price.

      • Indeed, Arclight Vel’Koz justifies going beyond 975 RP. It’s a great skin and its a high price so it has to be really good to be considered excellent. It’s not far from being a fine example of what a 1350 RP skin should be but still isn’t there yet.

  15. I really enjoyed your review on Arclight Vel’Koz, I think the skin could have received a VO change to make it into a Legendary Category. I think that is where the 4 stars came in place, I love the animation and model more importantly, but it truly bothers me when I see a concept of a skin not doing a full execution.
    For example, in Arclight Vel’koz, he states things about him missing the void or that the light hurts him…yet, he is completely made out of light. Practically what happened with SoulStealer Vlad.

    • Completely agreed, there are some skins where the limitations of the execution clearly affect the skin. In this case they could’ve gone all the way through and further develop the theme. However, it’s not always the price category which restricts a skin. Sometimes a concept could’ve been better developed yet isn’t; even though there’s ample room for extra additions.

      We’ll have to pay attention and see what a skin offers then. Because this isn’t a tendency that seems to be disappearing, unfortunately.

      • Agreed, Thank you for reading my little rant :3
        I own SoulStealer and Arclight, in which I happen to main both of these champions so it always bothered me when the skin execution could have been better.

        • Indeed, it’s a disappointment when things could’ve been better with just some extra work. Unfortunately, we can only accept the way things are and hope they improve.

  16. Battlecast Vel’Koz actually has a new animation while flying. It is not entirely changed, of course, it goes more on the lines of Pulsefire Ezreal and Monarch Kog’Maw. He does it roughly every 6 seconds while moving, and that animation cannot be found in classic or Arclight. The animation consists of him slightly lowering his head(?) down and rising it back up.

    • We gave it a look and couldn’t notice it. We’ll keep our eyes open in case it’s dependant on the movement speed; so that it happen only at certain speeds. Thanks for the information.

  17. Definitely not Vel ‘koz. Might be disappointing or might be amazing. 🙂

    • Or it could be average, as a strict re-model the skin doesn’t try to hard to be something special. The Eye does look elegant, though. Smartly dressed Void creature that one.

  18. May I ask why you seem to have referred to Vel’Koz as an “it” on most occasion in the skins’ reviews? I find it quite rude. He may be a giant tentacle eye Void monster but he has a clearly masculine voice. You even referred to him properly in the conclusion section of the entire review.

    • The intention was to reflect his alien nature not to show disrespect; quite the opposite actually. We’ll go with a more traditional pronoun from now on.

      • I can understand, but it just feels off reading it like that since literally everybody else refers to Vel’Koz with male pronouns. Also, it makes no sense to refer to only Vel’Koz that way while referring to all other Voidborn champions by their appropriate genders. No discrimination~!

  19. After all this time, I finally realized Battlecast Vel’Koz has a new animation for his Tectonic Disruption ability. Quite silly, since it’s a notably different one and not just something minor.

    • We didn’t notice any difference in Tectonic Disruption or Void Rift either. In all skins he either claps fowards with his front tentacles or turns around; respectively. What we did notice after a closer look was that the head opens differently for Plasma Fission and Life Form Disintegration Ray.

      So, thanks for the headsup as the giving the skins another look helped add a few extra touches for Battlecast and Arclight.

      • Hmm, I did check the skin spotlight again and he certainly does not have a new animation for Tectonic Disruption, but while using the skin on the PBE I was absolutely positive that it included a new animation for that ability, involving him more directly firing a blast from the tips of each of his front tentacles which converge into an explosion. I’m really not sure what to believe.

        • Don’t worry, it’s completely normal to be doubtful about changes after checking many skins. We made a comparison side by side and couldn’t find a difference in Tectonic Disruption but we could be wrong as well. It’s possible that the mage update did change something though we couldn’t notice anything in that regard either.

          If we find evidence to the contrary we’ll correct the review, thanks for the information.

          • I did it… I bought the skin. I was thinking SO MUCH on doing it over the days, wondering if I should do it, and this was appropriately the final reason to. I quickly went into a custom game and tried the E, and the same animation as the one I saw on the PBE was present. I even took a screenshot. Animations may not always be the easiest to catch screenshots of, but it’s not hard to see, his tentacles would be crossed if it was the classic animation.

          • Indeed, that would be a difference. It could also be that the animation ended up being truncated after a change; perhaps the mage update. However, a close, slow motion, analysis reveals that right before shooting he signals forward with both front tentacles in Battlecast whereas in Classic he would clap. Thanks for insisting, we’ll update the review.

            Hope you enjoy the skin, it’s probably the best that the Eye of the Void has.

  20. I’ll definitely enjoy the skin, it is really well made, though Arclight remains closest to my heart. It’s just I’ve been using Arclight ever since it came out, and have been longing for some variety. He’s also the champion I got to mastery level 7 first so I find it quite appropriate.
    Speaking of which, what’s your opinion on this mastery system? It might not be skin-related, but I’m curious. Personally I find it horribly flawed and worthless. I mean, what does it offer? Nothing but bragging rights. Making you use Hextech Crafting in addition to displaying your actual skill with the champion by getting S grades doesn’t help either. Only redeeming quality is Riot planning further mastery levels in the future, ones which will hopefully offer actual rewards. I can imagine levels 8, 9 and 10, being bronze, silver and gold, respectively. Rewards could include summoner icons, profile decorations themed after the champion and/or even a unique Hextech Crafting chest + key which would be guaranteed to include a random skin for that champion. It could be so amazing, so much potential! What we have now is merely a blade of grass of what could be a breathtaking forest!

    • Currently it’s rather barebones so there’s little incentive to get invested in it. The worst part is that it isn’t a pure reflection of skill as hextech crafting is involved. They shouldn’t be mixed though mastery could reward with crafting items. The inverse doesn’t make sense. The fact that both mastery and crafting feel grindy doesn’t help matters either. In few words, it seems like a lot of effort for little reward. It’s probably intended to make people play more and the more they play the more they’d want to keep playing to justify the time and effort spent; which sounds manipulative and unfun. When a game has to resort to such underhanded resources one has to wonder if it’s worth getting involved.

      The bottom line is that if a game is fun people will play it and you can reward players through their skill and time. However, when you try to prompt them to play by offering a reward that it’s far away in the distance so that they need to play a lot to reach it then the game stops being about fun. Example: play with all champions and unlock something. Reward: you discover the champions, get acquantied with the characters and also unlock something for your effort. Counter-case: play hundreds of games with a champion to unlock something or the chance of getting a drop which could unlock something.

      Also skill in the game is a rather contetious subject: how do they evaluate it? K/D/A? Because the perceived skill of a team influences the individual skill of each member. A good support can make a carry shine and viceversa but a team is as strong as its weakest member. Therefore, how fair is the evaluation and how much does it make you play to get good at playing a certain champion? Even if the system is fair, it’s rewarding individual performance instead of team performance. It seems at odds that a team game rewards individualism. As with many things in LoL, sometimes it’s difficult to find their rhyme and reason.

  21. Maybe you should notice that with arclight velkoz the q is quite invisible when you cast him in the same moment as your w, it’s a very good trick which makes this skin op for vel mains !

    • That’s interesting, we wonder if that happens with other skins as well. As far as we recall, when Vel’Koz starts casting spells one on top of each other it gets difficult to identify what goes where. Given the rigid visuals of Arclight it would even be more confusing to realise just what Vel’Koz is actually cooking. In all cases nothing good, that’s for sure.

  22. Hey Zero, which one should I get? Battlecast or Arclight? You gave them both 4 stars, and I can only get one…

    • In the case of Battlecast and Arclight Vel’Koz it depends on what you prefer: an extermination drone or a mystical being of pure light. Both skins have their successes: Battlecast is viscerally mechanical while Arclight is ethereally eye-catching. It could be said that Battlecast has more animation work but Arclight’s particles are more visully impressive. The differences are small and subtle, though, both are great skins.

      We’d say you should buy the skin you like the most because both are very well done. We’d recommend a sale to save on quite a bit of money. If you really like Vel’Koz you could end up getting both for the price of one with sales. Neither of these skins has a clear advantage over the other so it’s a matter of which concept you prefer.

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