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League of Legends: Rek’Sai Skins’ Review – StrategyZero
Dec 122014
Rek'Sai, the Void Burrower
Rek’Sai, the Void Burrower

The Void is never far. Many consider it a mere legend but its nightmares slowly yet consistently tread the barrier that separates our realms and become realities. Do you feel the ground trembling? It could be a burrower. It wouldn’t take long for the horrors of the Void to reach underground too. If you are interested in this creature then we can tell you a few things about it.

Eternum Rek’Sai
Eternum Rek'Sai Splash Art Eternum Rek'Sai Model
Category: Regular
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Rek’Sai as an armoured extra-planar being.
Model: New model, reflections and glows for Rek’Sai. New model for her tunnel entrances.
Particles: New particles for her abilities, auto-attack, taunt, recall and gaining 100 fury.
Animations: New recall animation.
Sounds: New sounds for her abilities, auto-attack and gaining 100 fury plus processed voice-over.
Splash Art: Red energy permeates everything while the unstable ground crumbles at the passage of the Eternum. If that description sounds limited it’s because not much else can be distinguished. The background serves as little more than a frame for Rek’Sai. At least, she is well depicted but there are some caveats. Only her head, right arm and body are brightly shaded, the rest looks diffuse. Besides, her lower body, coming from behind the ground, isn’t completely visible; though it’s understandable. In the end, the piece has a composition that catches the eye. Unfortunately, it doesn’t add anything else so that it can be more than a basic portrayal.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Thanks to an effective array of particles and sounds, on top of a fine model, Eternum Rek’Sai is a convincing alien creature. The design is interesting though it adheres too closely to the classic blueprint. Regardless, it conveys the theme due to the effective use of reflection and glow.
The ability and auto-attack sounds aren’t striking but give a new feel to Rek’Sai’s usual activities. However, the particles manage to stand out mostly because of the new colours but also due to their electric texture. Animations remain largely the same: the recall is only modified in its final part and it can be considered merely shortened. The processed voice-over leaves a similar feeling. As Rek’Sai only grunts and growls but never speaks there’s only a different echo to her guttural noises.
All things considered, Eternum Rek’Sai is a satisfying skin that paints the Void Burrower with a layer of sci-fi. It can feel superficial as the base is clearly and firmly exploited. Nevertheless, the result is good and, despite the high price, manages to be attractive.

Pool Party Rek’Sai
Pool Party Rek'Sai Splash Art Pool Party Rek'Sai Model
Category: Regular
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Rek’Sai as a shark-like creature ironically wearing a life jacket, diving mask and snorkels.
Model: New model for Rek’Sai and her tunnel entrances. New water scooter for Void Rush plus frog and leaf for her recall.
Particles: New particles for her abilities, auto-attack, joke, recall and gaining 100 fury.
Animations: New high speed run and recall animations.
Sounds: New sounds for her abilities, auto-attack, gaining 100 fury and recall plus new tune for Tremor Sense.
Splash Art: A clear sky, fresh water and some palm trees make up the setting for this piece. There seems to be a strange fog as the trees don’t seem to be so far away. Regardless, there’s some context to the action. The champions all share the spotlight and, fortunately, they all have a place; even Pix. It could be said that some seem more important than others but the feeling of fun is easy to perceive. What isn’t so clear is how the personality of each champion is reflected in their actions. In fact, the actions performed seem to be rather pedestrian and lack the unique colour that is natural to each of them. Specifically, Zac is just standing, Lulu and Mundo merely float away and Rek’Sai and Draven perform a stunt. Therefore, none of them do something that is unequivocally identified as part of their personality.
This all doesn’t mean that the piece is bad: the idea is clearly exposed and as far as a pool or beach party is concerned the message is conveyed. It’s just a pity that Zac can’t be more elastic, Draven more egocentric, Rek’Sai more alien, Lulu more mischievous and Mundo more nutty. In the end, it’s a splash art that manages a balance between the champions and places them in context but without showing enough of what makes each of them unique.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Mixing a preposterous implementation with a promising water theme Pool Party Rek’Sai can disappoint with a combination that is neither funny nor horrific. On the one hand, the water theme is a great choice for Rek’Sai due to her tendency to stalk enemies leaving only a visible fin. Transforming her into a monstrous shark is a great choice that transports the horror of the Void to deep waters. The problem comes when we find a lifejacket, swim rings on the arms, a diving mask and two snorkels on the face; as if one element wasn’t preposterous enough. Such attempt at humour degrades the impact of the shark-monster and so Rek’Sai ends up looking ridiculous but not in a really comical way; the floating lower body certainly doesn’t help either.
The particles and sounds also suffer from a similar dichotomy: the splash, wave and bubble particles are cartoony yet appealing and deliver the water theme rather well. The water sounds make them believable and so, as far as splashes are concerned, the abilities and auto-attacks have a distinct and satisfying style. The problem comes when the water rings for her tunnels join the water scooter used during her high speed run; formerly part of Void Rush. They are very visually eloquent but also help nullify any horror that Rek’Sai could instil. That wouldn’t be a problem if Pool Party Rek’Sai were actually funny but aside from the absurd run and Tremor Sense the skin isn’t really comical. Speaking of which, the new Jaws-like tune used for Tremor Sense, when burrowed, is simply delightful; even if the visuals are nothing extraordinary it’s a great experience. The multiple splashes are also attractive though a bit repetitive but the recall doesn’t feel as pleasing despite being a suitable addition.
In the end, Pool Party Rek’Sai is a skin trapped between a serious horror shark-monster and a ludicrous attempt at humour that seldom succeeds. The skin does have the technical merits to be rather impressive but the conflict between its horror and comic natures never lets any shine and ends up compromising both. As such, Pool Party Rek’Sai is a skin where the implementation fails at making the most of its theme even if it manages to deliver some of its humour in select parts. Still, the worst may be that it could preclude a serious underwater skin for Rek’Sai which, as Pool Party veiledly shows, could be quite an interesting horror to immerse in.


As far as release skins go 1350 RP is a high price. Fortunately, Eternum Rek’Sai is well done and so the appeal of its concept comes through. In essence, it’s the same Void Burrower with new paintwork. There’s a futuristic feel and an appealing metallic aesthetic with red energy incorporated but the base is still recognizable. Yet, it’s a nice style that manages to justify the expense for the most part.

The alternative is the comically inclined Pool Party Rek’Sai. The funny side isn’t really effective so aside from a few exceptions the skin mostly seems preposterous. However, it has some moments that save it from disgrace and the shark-monster buried underneath the failed humour is interesting. If you are looking for a funny skin for Rek’Sai this could give some laughs but as a water theme something more serious would be preferred.

  30 Responses to “League of Legends: Rek’Sai Skins’ Review”

  1. Considering Eternum is priced at 975 rp for the next few days, would you consider it a 5 star skin, if it was regularly priced at 975

    • If Eternum Rek’Sai were regularly priced at 975 RP then it would mean it could go on sale for 487 RP and that would affect the value of the skin. As always the higher the discount the better so while 28% off isn’t as good as 50% off it’s something.

      If you are going to use the skin a lot then you could get it at 975 RP. However, if the skin will only be used for a bit and then you’ll return to usual champions then it’s better to wait for a regular sale. Depends on how much use the skin will receive to clearly determine how much value it can hold for you.

      Eternum Rek’Sai is a rather good skin despite the high price so 975 RP isn’t bad. Still, it can be less with patience; a lot but nonetheless. If you don’t usually wait for sales then you could add a star as the lower price increases its value.

  2. The model paragraph says that the tunnel entrances got changed, but the link between the two ends of the tunnels (the line) is changed too.

    • It certainly is but, from what we’ve seen, it corresponds to new particles. As no model modifications are present that would be included in the convenient phrase ‘new particles for her abilities’.

  3. i thought that if i bought rek’sai for 7.8k ip i’d be able to buy her skin for 1462/2, turns out its 975 :(, what a waste

    • As we’ve been told recently, release bundles only discount the champion and not the skin. It’s not really a waste because even though you paid more for the skin than in a regular sale it was still discounted. Besides, it’s a fine skin and you have more time to enjoy it without having to wait for a sale. In other words, there are advantages and disadvantages so while it might’ve been an unintended situation it doesn’t seem to be an actual waste.

  4. This is pretty off point but would you mind answering a question? In your opinion, is Steel Legion Garen worth buying? Thanks in advance for your help, and I really enjoy your reviews.

    • We think it’s worth buying but especially on sale. It has an animated new model as well as new particles, animations and sounds. Not everything works as well as it could yet in general it’s quite good. The main problem the skin has is it’s high price but if you can wait for a regular sale then that it won’t be as big an issue.

  5. Hi! First of all, this is the site I always refer to whenever I’m deciding on a skin, so thx so much for putting all this together! Secondly, would you be able to tell me if another Rek’Sai skin will be released anytime soon? I like Eternum, but I don’t mind the classic either. If another skin will be coming out, I’ll likely wait.
    Ty! <3

    Btw, my other comment was in the wrong place, and I was unable to delete it, sorry about that.

    • Thanks for the kind words. We are glad you find the site useful.

      We made a quick search and there aren’t even rumours about any new skins for the Void Burrower. There was an idea for the Jaw’s anniversary in 2015 for a land shark skin but that’s about it. Rek’Sai is a new champion still and there are several others waiting for a second skin so, in theory, it’d take a while for Rek’Sai to receive another skin.

      However, the unexpected does happen so no one can tell for sure. If Eternum doesn’t convince you then it would be better to wait. Perhaps you’ll prefer the skin on sale or by that time there could be an announcement about her second skin.

      The point is not to buy something you don’t like because it’s the closest available to your ideal. In the future new skins will be released, it’s the way the game works, so there’s no need to risk getting a skin you won’t use.

  6. Just another question for you guys, what, in your opinion is your favourite skin that is AVAILABLE on the league of legends store? Other than that i honestly refer to this site for information on skins just like ScarletKitty. Thanks so much guys 😀

    • Not at all, we are glad to be of help.

      Well speaking of favourites, not necessary best in technical terms, we have a few. Specifically we have a fondness for Sewn Chaos Orianna as it’s a great example of how to effectively implement a concept with just a few well chosen model changes. For its price Sewn Chaos is a great example of how good a skin can be without asking for a fortune.

      Of course, more elaborate and expensive skins always have an advantage in technical features. However, sometimes a good idea and a clever execution can make for a great product.

  7. Eternum nocturne and eternum reksai seem extremely similiar in their implementation (i.e. particles, sounds, animations, tone of voiceover, etc.), the main difference being that eternum nocturne has new quotes/dialogue. Considering the price of 1820 vs 1350, which do you think is more worth the value?


    • As a legendary skin Eternum Nocturne also has some extra particle work on the model as well as new animations which Eternum Rek’Sai doesn’t have. We think that both skins are good at their respective prices. As far as value goes they both offer a reasonable amount of features for the price they ask for.

      There’s a little advantage that Eternum Rek’Sai has over Eternum Nocturne and that’s that it can go on sale and be bought for 675 RP. Eternum Nocturne will always have its price yet it manages to justify the expense if you are a fan of the Eternal Nightmare.

      In the end, it’s all a matter of preference over which champion you like the most. As far as the implementation goes we think both are different yet equally appealing. Rek’Sai has the advantage of price but Nocturne of a more elaborate execution. It depends on what you are looking for, how much you like it and how much you are prepared to pay for it.

  8. How soon will you have the review for Rek’Sais Pool Party skin? I need to decide if I want that skin or the Scorched Earth Renekton since it is on sale right now. Also, in your opinion which one do you think is overall higher quality?

    • The review is ready and while we find Pool Party Rek’Sai appealing we find that the skin doesn’t implement its comic style in a very convincing way. It’s a skin that certainly has its moments and the water theme is nice. However, we don’t think that the humorous additions help the skin. In fact, if the skin were less ridiculous it would’ve been more satisfying and perhaps even funnier. Like telling a joke with a straight face instead of laughing while you do so.

      Scorched Earth Renekton is far from a flawless skin. However, it has a reasonable price for a good amount of additions and the theme is attractive despite not being particularly original. We prefer Scorched Earth Renekton and the sale is a great time to get it. It’s the same Butcher we all know but with added flames that fit him well.

      • Thanks for the response. I agree with you 100%. The human additions added make the skin too ridiculous and not intimidating enough unlock her original or eternum skin. I went with Scorched Earth and Pool Party Renekton since they were both on sale combined for the same price as the new Rek skin. Dodged a bullet on that one. Thanks again!

        • Not at all, hope you enjoy the skins.

          Pool Party Rek’Sai isn’t a bad skin but the ridiculous elements constantly compete with the true underwater appeal of the skin. If you are still interested in it we recommend to wait for a regular sale.

          Scorched Earth Renekton is an imperfect skin but also one that gives quite a show for a reasonable amount of RP. Pool Party Renekton is certainly a funny take on the water subject but that does a lot to justify the price. Therefore, both Renekton skins go an extra step to make their theme as attractive as possible without asking for too much RP.

  9. I play Rek’Sai quite a lot and this helped me a lot when choosing the right skin to buy… especially since it’s going on sale. I would really like to thank you for the amount of effort you put into making all of these skin reviews, it’s been my primary source to choosing which skin to buy (next to my final decision)! Thanks, Zero.

  10. Do you guys think Pool party reksai will go on sale anytime soon? I understand your reasons why you do not like it, but i do like the theme and other effects.
    There is also another reason why I want it… I already have Pool party Lulu – Pool party Renekton
    I personally really like the Pool party theme, just like the Reksai one.

    • It’s not that we don’t like the skin. We simply find Pool Party Rek’Sai uneven with a lot of unrealised potential. The skin was released by the end of June of 2015 so it should go on sale soon. It’s probable that it would appear on sale when summer arrives to coincide with a new pool party event. It’s also possible that it’ll simply go on sale before that; it’s not possible to guess accurately. It shouldn’t take too long though, that’s as much as we can speculate.

  11. Hey,before i ask my question i want to say thar your reviews are the main method on how i choose the skins im going to buy,thank you,anyways which one do you think is better?I mean not both look good but i dont know which is worth more seeing they are both the same price.

    • We think that Eternum is a better match for Rek’Sai. It has a more sci-fi but still otherwordly appearance that fits a Void creature. The darker aspect feels different to classic and while it doesn’t go that deep into the transformation it accomplishes an attractive look.

      Pool Party is more whimsical and a bit of a focused joke as the funniest part is the ultimate. The shark aspect and the water splashes are also nice but they seem more serious as if part of another concept. To a point, it can feel like two skin themes mashed together. It’s still a skin with some charm but it’s not as well realised as Eternum.

      We recommend Eternum Rek’Sai. It may not be as ambitious or original but the result is appealing and suitable.

  12. Rek’Sai’s water ski animation is now her homeguard animation after her recent rework.

  13. I feel like your review on pool party rek’sai was completely off… You made it seem like a skin never worth buying because of your overly exaggerated comment towards the eternum rek’sai skin.

    • What we tried to convey is that Eternum Rek’Sai has a cohesive execution that manages to communicate its theme well. That doesn’t happen with Pool Party as it seems stuck between monster and humour. It’s still good, it did get three stars, but it has problems. Those problems mean that Eternum is a superior skin but don’t imply that it has no merits.

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