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League of Legends: Yorick Skins’ Review – StrategyZero
Apr 302013
Yorick, the Shepherd of Lost Souls
Yorick, the Shepherd of Lost Souls

Yorick, the Shepherd of Lost Souls constantly travels the Shadow Isles, gathering tortured souls. His duty demands as much: cleanse the Blessed Isles of its corruption. To fight monsters, sometimes you have to become one. The source of his power is his burden and both are terrifying to face. His order has prepared him well for this task and no matter on which side of the veil his enemies are the mists will claim them, or his maiden. Raise yourself and take a look at his skins’ review to discover what’s behind the man with the spade.

Undertaker Yorick
Undertaker Yorick Splash Art Undertaker Yorick Model
Category: Regular
Price: 520 RP
Concept: Yorick as a peculiarly styled mortician.
Model: New model for Yorick and his spade.
Particles: No new particles.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: New song for his dance.
Splash Art: Following on the footsteps of the shared splash art of Iron Inquisitor Kayle, Cursed Nocturne and Black Plague Singed this splash art borrows the same conception. Considering how attractive and suitable it is there’s nothing to complain about. The sketch with magically burning borders giving way to a painting doesn’t get boring, yet, and presents a sensible graveyard for Yorick to roam at night. With a full moon and all kinds of gravestones and vaults there’s a varied territory to cover as well as the odd corpse that refuses to stay dead.
Shrouded in a mantle of mist we find Yorick carrying his heavy burden. The great shading which, reveals many details like folds and twirls on cloth and cape alike, catches the eye. The great use of moonlight is also appreciated though the lamp’s light seems to have too localised an effect. The metal doesn’t always glint under the light as expected, like his partially visible spade, so it can look sketchy. The gravestone on his back is also too polished and can be mistaken for metal which is a peculiar mix-up. The mask doesn’t completely resemble metal but looks thick as to offer good protection. Still, the ambiguity adds a bit of mystery in this specific case. That indecisiveness at displaying materials doesn’t work with the cloth and leather as they aren’t clearly identifiable despite all the detail. Nevertheless, it’s quite a good portrayal even if it isn’t that clear about his look; because of pose and mist.
All in all, this is a piece that presents a vivid portrayal against an attractive setup of a classic background. Even if there are borrowed successes the result is attractive. There are problems as the twisted pose doesn’t allow a good view of Yorick yet doesn’t say anything in particular either; the shroud of mist also does what it can to conceal further elements like the all-important spade. That said, the splash art surely manages to be a strong presentation card.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Less dark fantasy and more elegant with a dash of steampunk. The suit incorporated by Undertaker Yorick offers a rather elegant and clean style that is as classy as it is extravagant. It has to be admitted that the suit is nice and despite some exaggerated terminations and overabundance of folds it seems quite stylish and fitting. The spade seems to have been etched to resemble an axe which is a bit unexpected but more realistic as a weapon. Besides, undertakers don’t dig graves. The mask is a bit eccentric but suits the overall aesthetic of muted horror. The lamp hanging from his neck looks capricious even if its presence is understandable. The tombstone he carries on his back is a necessary exaggeration that is adapted into a demonic skull. It doesn’t match anything on the rest of the design, though, but is attractive and continues the general feel.
Ultimately, Undertaker Yorick is stylish to the point of being fanciful. However, given the classic legacy it needs to adapt it manages to be extravagant without being ridiculous. The sense of dread implicit in the design is a good touch that manages to tie up all ends and make for a rather attractive and elegant mortician. With such classy eccentricity, Undertaker Yorick is a skin well worth paying attention to.

Pentakill Yorick
Pentakill Yorick Splash Art Pentakill Yorick Model
Category: Regular
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Yorick as a seasoned hard rock guitarist.
Model: New model for Yorick and his spade. New spiked bracers for the Mist Walkers.
Particles: New fire particles for his abilities and for the Maiden of the Mist.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: New sounds for his auto-attacks, normal and empowered, and Eulogy of the Isles plus new song for his dance.
Splash Art: As with other groups of skins, Pentakill has a splash art shared among its members. Realizing the consequences of such decision we find that the piece doesn’t really make up for it with astounding quality. The background is suggestive, at best, of twisted constructs between peaks. Add to that a rock platform with some engraved runes in some places and we have the whole of the setting. At the centre we find the famous metal band with all its members. As a poster their depiction is acceptable but nothing out of the ordinary. There’s the usual tough attitude and display of might but it all feels superficial. What might be serious is the arbitrary fog that diffuses parts of the bodies of the champions.
Concerning each champion we find that: Yorick seems strangely eager for an undead, Mordekaiser struggles to be noticed behind the other members and the flames, Karthus looks rather vivid and imposing, Sona aloof and distant while Olaf struggles like Mordekaiser at the back. For the most part, the portrayals don’t capture much of what makes each member unique in the band. Besides, in some cases, Sona in particular, they appear to be at odds with their natural personality. Ultimately, it serves as a band poster for Pentakill but as a splash art it doesn’t do much.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Pentakill Yorick adapts the Gravedigger into a guitarist rather well. The clothes are nothing groundbreaking but work well. There’re necessary accessories like a fanciful decorated top hat, adorning spiked wristbands, open jacket with ripped sleeves and the unavoidable arm-long tattoo. The spade looks quite good turned into an electric guitar. Its sharp and long design makes it look more like a bass but it’s an attractive shape. The face is mostly hidden by the top hat with a bit of beard on the chin and long hair on the sides. Overall, there’s nothing unexpected. The cloak of mist makes for an evocative cape which added to the Pentakill logo on the back brings a good dose of glam rock into the design. Even though preposterous, it’s suitable and rounds the adaptation effectively.
The fire particles also fit the theme but their brief use in the abilities feels like a missed opportunity. They don’t mesh well with the monstrous wall of Dark Procession, the ethereal Mist Walkers or the ominous Maiden of the Mist. These models are unmodified, sans some fire added to the Maiden, so their dark aesthetic clashes with the brighter fire. The new particles add a different style but the particle department feels unfinished. Given as the abilities rely much more on the Walkers and the Maiden rather than the particles, the changes feel partial: too much of the classic version is used. Flowing flames, instead of yellowish glows, would’ve better rounded the particle changes. Additionaly, the spiked bracers that Mist Walkers sport are too subtle a link to the theme.
The new music added to the dance is a small gesture that is welcomed yet seems insufficient in adding to the musical concept. The auto-attacks receive a strident sound of electric strings and a wild cry welcomes the Maiden. Those are the timid contributions to the explicit musical base of the skin so there’s ample room, mostly empty, to develop the concept.
In the end, Pentakill Yorick is effective in general but leaves a bad impression under closer inspection. Fans of Slash, hard rock or Pentakill may want to consider it but be advised to give it a good look to avoid any disappointments. The general concept is effectively presented but not in the best of ways.

Arclight Yorick
Arclight Yorick Splash Art Arclight Yorick Model
Category: Regular
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Yorick as a warrior of light.
Model: New model for Yorick, his spade, the Maiden of the Mist and Mist Walkers. New golden glows for his cape, medallion and spade plus the Maiden of the Mist’s hands and Mist Walkers’ heads.
Particles: New particles for his abilities, auto-attack, death and recall.
Animations: New recall animation.
Sounds: New sounds for his abilities, auto-attack, death and recall.
Splash Art: There’s a gloom about the place that the light is simply unable to challenge. Not much is obvious but between the wall of stone and door of wood it looks like a place that has long been forgotten. The spider webs on what seems to be a coffin indicate as much. Much is suggested but nothing is fully revealed. Still, there’re enough elements to start forming an idea of what’s going on. The tome on the floor may not seem immediately relevant but the crown abandoned nearby and the delicate hand reaching towards the figure in the middle do have something to say. There’s a story that is starting to be told.
Yorick knees before whom can only be the Maiden of the Mist, a Queen left behind by time. Yorick’s regal armour and crown communicate the royal role but also with a good touch of the supernatural; as his glowing hand demonstrates. Much like his spade turned axe has a dim magical glow and the decoration on the armour plates, complex and indecipherable, hints at deeper meanings there’s a mystic angle imbued in his depiction; clearly supported by the strong light coming from above. Sadly, subtle details are completely lost in-game. There’s also the fact that a dim mist surrounds Yorick making his weapon less clear even if it’s just right by his side. The darkness on his body is too notorious and there’s too much contrast with the light over him. Details like the ragged clothes aren’t as clear as they should be which add more to the story. There’s also a sketchy feel to the surroundings and portrayal which leaves mixed feelings. On the one hand it gives an antique, grim feel to the piece which is quite suitable. On the other hand, it prevents relevant details from contributing with more information towards telling the tale of this Queen and King.
All in all, this is a fabulous splash art with much meaning. The problem is that it’s an ideal which the piece struggles to reach. There’re flaws that prevent the best intentions from fully being realised. With a good pass of polish this could very well be one of League of Legends’ best splash arts. As it is, it’s not too far but that only makes the distance only feel longer.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: While perhaps not obvious at first glance Arclight Yorick is a straightforward transformation of the Shepherd. What is grey and ragged becomes golden and shiny, what is dark mist becomes bright light, the sombre and depressing gives way to a higher, celestial call. The drastic change from sinister gravedigger to shining paladin make the skin almost shocking but a closer look reveals that everything is there: simply in light instead of darkness. There’s also a regal angle expressed by the crown and medallion and supported by the golden plates. The fur around his neck also hints at a fur robe which supplements such angle. The new spade is quite ornamented almost like a sceptre or axe but the head is so bright that, if it’s to be made of gold, looks like plastic; a magically enhanced gold with some interpretation help. On his back, the face of the new Maiden of the Mist, Maiden of the Light perhaps, gives a strong link to her companion. Speaking of whom, she’s reinterpreted as a ghost queen which also is a drastic change from her classic dark nature. The golden arms around are a clear concession to the classic design because they don’t actually claw or directly attack; she could perfectly use her normal, delicate ghostly hands. Mist Walkers look like minion ghosts with golden armour added. They fit the theme but don’t seem to have a clear identity. Still, as vassals, they work.
Particles are mostly a light reinterpretation of the classic design; like the model. Everything is given a light-based look, from the graves of Shepherd of Souls to every single magical effect used by him or any companion of his. Granted, this means that visually the skin is clearly consistent but it also lacks variety. Everything being displayed in a similar way means that effects get monotonous. Dark Procession has the advantage of also summoning walls that echo the design of the face of the Maiden of the Mist. It’s a recurring theme in the skin that adds significance to the character. The mark left by Mourning Mist is shaped like his and the Maiden’s crown which nicely adds to their royal relationship.
Sounds aren’t varied though they are fitting. In most cases a bell chime of different tones is heard. Regardless of ability, the chimes are present which is rather consistent but also clearly too homogeneous. The tones suit each ability but there isn’t much variation in them and they certainly don’t strike as lethal; they do feel magical though and a bit heavenly. What is a good though probably subtle and easily ignored is the piano music when Eulogy of the Isles is active. Besides the distinct look of the companions the music further emphasises the mystical feel. There are some leftover sounds that don’t work that well like the earth-like sound in Dark Procession or the bestial grunts of the Mist Walkers. As classic remnants they clash with the otherwise celestial feel given by the skin.
The recall is a nice supplement to the relationship between Yorick and the Maiden of the Mist: he summons her from the ground with his spade and they share the crown. It’s a brief effect that says nothing about transportation, at best she teleports him, but much about an aspect relevant to the theme.
All in all, Arclight Yorick is a great skin. The transformation of the Shepherd of Lost Souls and his companions is striking and appealing. The problem is that everything is adapted in the same tone so that the skin ends up rather homogeneous. There’s a great touch in how several elements reinforce the King and Queen relationship between Yorick and Maiden of the Mist. Sadly, it’s the only salient feature of the execution. This means that Arclight Yorick is quite a nice skin that relegates its best element in favour of straightforward adaptations. Fortunately, it’s an element that is present and elevates the skin beyond its limitations.

Meowrick Splash Art Meowrick Model
Category: Regular
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Yorick as a brightly-coloured cat summoner.
Model: New model for Yorick, his spade, the Maiden of the Mist and Mist Walkers. New stars and soft mist for his cape.
Particles: New particles for his abilities, auto-attack, joke and recall.
Animations: New recall animation.
Sounds: New sounds for his abilities, auto-attack, joke and recall.
Splash Art: Even though cats and dogs are separated in individual splash arts they are merely two sides of one single piece. In fact, each half of the piece makes little sense until the whole scene is assembled. In that case it becomes a straightforward competition that pits cats against dogs in a simple scenario. The best part is the many cameos visible around the four main champions. Left, right and centre it’s rather pleasing to scour the background for familiar faces.
Speaking of which, each of the four champions that star are well depicted. Colours are bright and surfaces detailed. While some furs can seem too fuzzy and some textures are unconvincing the result is sufficiently appealing. All this visual splendour is unable to give much meaning to generic portrayals which almost always fail to reveal anything relevant about each champion. At best, they have a fitting pose but the champions simply don’t show much, if any, of their personality.
All in all, this is a shared splash art that suffers from being simple. The best parts are the numerous cameos in the background and the visual quality of the portrayals. The champions, even if they have room to do so, don’t show much of their personality. Besides, dividing the piece in two splash arts makes each individual half lack context.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: The model of Meowrick clearly paints the picture: Yorick dressed in a cat costume with cat-styled spade and cape. The attempt at cuteness is evident but the result actually feels ridiculous. On top of that, besides a few cat faces here and there the model seems empty due to large areas with just a plain colour. The rest of the skin follows the same trend.
Particles made out of rainbows and stars hardly add anything to the cat theme. It’s Dark Procession’s wall and Mourning Mist’s mark with their eloquent cat designs which actually do. Of course, the new Mist Walkers and Maiden of the Mist do help but they seem rather convoluted in their adapted design. Walker’s claw-attacks are a nice touch.
Sounds work when they are meows and there aren’t that many of them. Twinkling and chimes feel as disconnected from the cat theme as the rainbows and stars.
A cat on top of a robot vacuum cleaner may seem funny in a video but the costumed Shepherd of Lost Souls hardly delivers. It could be said that it’s fitting to the theme but it also looks preposterous.
All in all, Meowrick is a forced joke that has a noticeable cat theme but it’s one that is understated instead of brought to the forefront with a florid implementation. The concept allows the skin to have some appeal but it’s clear that with a more focused adaptation the result would’ve been more satisfying.


As the ferryman of the Shadow Isles, Yorick surely comes across all sorts of types. Strangely, this hasn’t compelled or allowed him to diversify his wardrobe. From the options available Undertaker Yorick is the recommended skin. It adequately complements his classic style with a more elegant but a tad bizarre look. Regardless, the exotic appearance gives the skin a distinct look that is classy and attractive.

Pentakill Yorick does enough to be a recognizable guitarist but when subjected to a good look some things strike as odd. The adaptation brings the excesses of glam rock to round the design and it works for the most part. However, everything is predictable. On top of that, the partial use of fire particles gives the abilities an unfinished feel. The dance music is a good touch but not much is done in that realm; strangely. It’s a skin with issues but may appeal to some, just know well what you are getting.

Arclight Yorick is a striking skin thanks to the diametrically different concept from Classic. The adaptation is, actually, quite straightforward with only the King and Queen relationship between Yorick and the Maiden of the Mist as a distinct feature. The rest is adapted in light with little else to make it special. While that isn’t enough to make the skin great the relationship is an attractive highlight; though it does feels like its best characteristic isn’t exploited enough.

Moewrick has a cat theme that can be appealing. The problem is the that skin leaves the theme underdeveloped instead of focusing the adaptation on its concept. The result isn’t bad but with a more florid implementation the skin would’ve been much more satisfying.

  35 Responses to “League of Legends: Yorick Skins’ Review”

  1. Hi zero,

    Just a thought, do you think Pentakill Yorick is a reference to Slash (the guitarist from Guns N Roses)

  2. It’s also worth mentioning that Yorick is the bass guitarist of Pentakill. (Mordekaiser is the guitarist). There’s nothing in the review that mentions it in the review. And it’s kind of strange that they give Yorick’s bass only 3 strings as opposed to the normal 4 on a bass (or 6 or 9 strings).

    I only got the skin because I’m a bass player myself! 😛

    • It’s also worth considering that Pentakill Yorick is a clear reference to Slash; who is a guitar player. That’s why we mention that he looks like a guitarist. To be fair, it gives the impression that the Pentakill skins haven’t been that thoroughly designed.

      • It is also interesting that mordekaisers guitar only appears to have 5 strings, which annoys me as im an avid guitar player xD ugh the joys of OCD

  3. Are there changes in looks of a ghouls?

    • His two release skins, Undertaker and Pentakill, don’t change the appearance of the ghouls. They only modify Yorick’s model and his spade.

      Maybe future skins will include changes for the ghouls, hopefully at a reasonable price, but, for now, it’s what we’ve got.

  4. In terms of splash art, undertaker Yorick is possibly one of my favorites.. The overall feel is just unbelievably eerie and melancholy. I agree that the left side is a bit empty, though if you look closely I think you can see Yorick’s ghouls at the very end of the tunnel.

    • We completely agree that it’s one of the most evocative splash arts available. If only the background supplemented Yorick’s portrayal a bit better it would be almost perfect. We can understand the crude or rough style of the piece so as to inspire an eerie feeling. However, the setting could be more significant.

      After all we might as well find Trundle under the bridge as the only connection to Yorick it’s that its dark. The background could be a bridge but there has to be something that links the setting to Yorick. If he appears dressed as an unusual undertaker, dragging his spade, there has to be some context.

      The overall feel of the piece is clear and attractive. Regardless, there’s room for improvement.

  5. Are you going to re-review the skins they have been updated with the rework yesterday?

  6. Pentakill Yorick has a new sound for his Q and when he spawns the Maiden

  7. With Undertaker Yorick going on sale soon (sometime during October), do you think it is a good buy for 260 rp?

    • If you like the steampunk mortician concept then Undertaker Yorick can be a nice option. It’s strictly a re-model but a good one. If you don’t expect the skin to do more than it can then it’s a fine option for fans of Yorick.

  8. Hey zero ,i found that undertaker yorick plays a different music while dancing 😮

  9. After the Yorick rework they made pentakill 1850 RP

    • Nevermind, I thought it was giving me the price of the skin but it was giving me the price of both him and his skin apparently

    • We’d recommend to unlock champions with IP as there’s more than enough stuff that needs to be bought with hard earned money. After all, what’s more sensible than unlocking parts of the game as you play? The problem is that it takes a lot of time to unlock things. That comes down to the business model proposed for League which may benefit from a few adjustments here and there.

  10. Pentakill Yorick’s ghouls have minor model changes; they now have bracers on their arms.

  11. Hey they finally made a yorick skin after 6 years!! what do you think of arclight yorick ?

    • At long last. Looks interesting to have Yorick as a warrior of the light. It seems like there’s potential for a good skin. Let’s hope it ends up well enough.

  12. Hey Zero, I love the skin reviews! Is there any chance you could do a review on the Meowrick Yorick skin? Also, is it possible to add additional images for Undertaker Yorick that are in-game photos like the other skins? Thanks!

    • We are working on the April Fool’s skins. We’d like to add more images of skins but there are some difficulties. We find taking images in-game is extremely time consuming as well as editing them into an udnerstandable composition. Besides, we don’t own every single skin and the higher cost of skins certainly doesn’t help; in comparison to what it once was.

      You could always check a Youtube video which has the advantage of showing skins in motion. Riot has long stopped announcing skins with a good set of images or a good video to showcase the changes. It’s a pity as it was a great way of presenting their latest product but that’s the reality. We do all we can but the game certainly doesn’t make it easy, our apologies.

      • I recommend you guys to get PBE account, you can get all skins there for 1 blue essence basically, it is easy nowdays to create an account. 🙂

        • We just don’t have the time for the requisites of a PBE account. We appreciate the advice but, currently, it’s not something we can consider.

  13. You’re back?! Does that mean you’ll update the site once again? I check your site like every week for new reviews!

    • We’ve started by answering the roof-high pile of comments we had waiting for us. Then, yes, we’ll try to get back to reviews. We can say nothing about when new content will be available but we’ll try to find time to work on reviews. Let’s hope we are not talking about Soon (TM).

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