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League of Legends: Yasuo Skins’ Review – StrategyZero
Dec 132013
Yasuo, the Unforgiven
Yasuo, the Unforgiven

The wind marks a destination but also an origin. As Yasuo wanders the world following breezes and the gusts, his travels take him to all kinds of unusual places unlike his native Ionia. Knowing well that meshing with the locals is quite helpful Yasuo has started to add variety to his wardrobe. Let’s see what identities this ronin can adopt.

High Noon Yasuo
High Noon Yasuo Splash Art High Noon Yasuo Model
Category: Regular
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Yasuo as a cowboy.
Model: Major model changes for Yasuo and his sword.
Particles: New particles for his abilities and auto-attack.
Animations: New recall and dance animation.
Sounds: New sound for Steel Tempest’s first and second activation as well as his dance.
Splash Art: The background is a blur of wind and devastation as a tornado advances through the landscape. On the one hand, it’s a clear demonstration of the power of the wind. On the other hand, it isn’t the best choice for a setting. Amidst the gusts, Yasuo appears in his cowboy attire. The portrayal is adequate with rather good shading and nice reflections. However, it’s also unexciting: it’s merely him walking unpretentiously. So, the effectively empty background and timid depiction of Yasuo make for a particularly subdued spotlight despite the intensity of the tornado; which isn’t more than a suggestion actually. Overall, it does its job but doesn’t seem like an incredible display of Yasuo.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: With a clear Wild West theme, High Noon Yasuo interprets the ronin as an lone outlaw. The idea asks for a certain amount of flexibility that isn’t solved with just clothing. As far as the outfit goes, it’s effective and good looking though certainly coated by fantasy. That’s not necessarily bad as the gun-sword does away with any semblance of realism. In fact, the result is appealing despite the concept feeling a little forced. The new particles are just a new colour that says nothing though looks nice. However, the new animations are a good touch to cement the theme. On the whole, High Noon Yasuo is an acceptable skin. The concept is a bit forced and the execution appropriate though the additions don’t amount to much. Essentially, an uninspired choice that goes as far as the implementation lets it.

PROJECT: Yasuo Splash Art PROJECT: Yasuo Model
Category: Regular
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Yasuo as a hi-tech ronin.
Model: New model for Yasuo and his sword. New textures for his suit, sword and sheath plus sword haze after Last Breath.
Particles: New particles for his abilities, auto-attack, dance and sword sheathe.
Animations: New auto-attack and recall animations plus visor opening for his emotes.
Sounds: New sounds for his abilities, auto-attack, dance and sword sheathe plus processed voice-over; except for his emotes. New visor sounds for his emotes.
Splash Art: In an advanced facility a figure makes his own path through the massive doors in his way. In spite of the blurriness of the setting, even for elements that are close to Yasuo, the idea is well conveyed. The figure in question also suffers from blurriness: everything that surrounds his face and left shoulder. In that specific area the colours are believable but elsewhere there’s an unexplainable dullness. Only the sword’s grip, with its bright effects, stands out. Still, on the whole, the piece offers an interesting glimpse on Yasuo’s activities. Regardless, the quality of the depiction is certainly uneven.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Thanks to an elaborate and detailed model PROJECT: Yasuo brings him straight into sci-fi. The balance between useful protection and fantastic swordsman is maintained. There is a certain degree of stylization but it’s expected and reasonably measured. The particles and sounds are the other parts of the skin that establish the cybernetic fantasy. The former are eye-catching and effective while the latter finely round the skin. Additionally, there are some extras that add depth to the skin like the effects when sheathing the sword and after Last Breath or the fact that he auto-attacks using both arms. On the whole, it’s a good skin that delivers its theme quite well; even if the partial processing of the voice-over seems strange. It’s a skin with a high price but one that delivers a bit extra to stand out. Thus, PROJECT: Yasuo becomes an expensive skin better caught on sale but still recommended for fans of sci-fi and the Unforgiven.

Blood Moon Yasuo
Blood Moon Yasuo Splash Art Blood Moon Yasuo Model
Category: Regular
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Yasuo playing the role of a dark spirit in the Ionian Festival of Fire play; which resembles a Japanese Noh theatre play.
Model: New model for Yasuo and his sword.
Particles: New particles for his abilities, auto-attack, recall and dance.
Animations: New recall animation.
Sounds: New sounds for his recall.
Splash Art: For a spotlight of the Blood Moon this is a piece that presents a bleak landscape with little explanation. There’s the eclipse that generates the eponymous blood moon and a few rock formations for a setting. Besides the sinister cultists, masked and with bloodied hands, there isn’t much else. Whether they oppose or join Yasuo in the speculated battle he’s in, as he’s attacking, is anyone’s guess.
For a spotlight the piece also seems too obsessed with appearing mysterious and dark to the detriment of even making a good show of Yasuo’s richly designed armour. The area around his mask has nice colours and use of light but his body drowns in red light. Add to this a pose that makes difficult to get a complete view and a close perspective that further reduces what’s visible of him and we end up with little to see. The icing on the cake is the blurriness that surrounds his body which affect his legs and noticeably his right arm and hair. About his sword, little can be said as it’s only a hint. The touch of magic given by a glowing eye seems to do little to catch the eye.
All in all, this is far from the best presentation for a champion or skin. The general feel is that of an overambitious splash art that tried so hard to be brimming with darkness that feels buried by it. It’s not a bad idea but it’s too emphasized to the detriment of more basic needs. The setting is interesting but also unclear and even though the central area of the portrayal is quite detailed it isn’t very useful at giving a good look at Yasuo’s aspect.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Approaching the feel of a bloodthirsty, and perhaps more realistic, samurai Blood Moon Yasuo offers straightforward but attractive additions. The foremost of which is the golden-finished armour. The sensible plates, practical design yet regal visuals make it stand out and provide an interesting, even if unexpected, companion to the mask. It isn’t perfect though. The back of the arms and legs do look unprotected and the right arm is completely exposed on front of his body. It’s as if the exaggerated, multi-layered spaulder and arm protection were placed on the wrong side. Regardless, the armour looks reasonable and nicely matches the simple but effective feel of the sword; they seem finely tied together by the rope at his waist. It makes for a consistent continuum that seems familiar and ceremonial. The sinister white mask and white-streaked hair add a layer of demonic style that isn’t present elsewhere; except for the particles.
One of the most effective changes is the red slashes used for his auto-attack: they become a natural companion to the ensuing blood spurts. Way of the Wanderer offers another highlight: Resolve’s shield has a pleasing, suitable feel. This also applies to the slashes of Steel Tempest. The Gathering storm indicator when the whirlwind is ready appears weak and difficult to see but the actual wind that follows has a satisfying, simple feel. Wind Wall is different though it does feel flimsy and lacking in strength. Sweeping Blade appears functional and the same can be said about Last Breath: the changes suffice, keep things consistent but there’s nothing particularly special. To be blunt, sometimes they look as mere re-colours.
All things considered, Blood Moon Yasuo presents and imperfect but appealing fantasy that reinforces the classic fantasy but with a darker feel. The changes aren’t always significant but it all adds up to make a rather interesting, familiar and suitable appearance for the Unforgiven. For fans of Yasuo, this is a skin well worth considering.

Nightbringer Yasuo
Nightbringer Yasuo Splash Art Nightbringer Yasuo Model
Category: Legendary
Price: 1820 RP
Concept: Yasuo as a demonic warrior of chaos.
Model: New model for Yasuo and his sword plus flames for his head and lamp as well as glowing eyes. New model textures with Gathering Storm ready and minor model changes plus sword flames for Last Breath’s buff.
Particles: New particles for his abilities, auto-attack, emotes, death, respawn and recall.
Animations: New animations for his hair, his abilities, auto-attack, standing idle, walking, high speed run, emotes, death, respawn, tower channel and recall.
Sounds: New sounds for his abilities, auto-attack, emotes, high speed run, death, respawn and recall. New voice-over as well as new quotes for his abilities, buying items, specific interactions with certain champions, starting the game and killing enemies.
Splash Art: Besides some rock formations behind there is nothing to see beyond Yasuo. Well, actually, there’re also a few flames but as they come from him they aren’t really part of the setting; even if they are the most interesting elements in the outer area of the piece. Fortunately, there’s Yasuo but that isn’t as good as it should be.
Yasuo’s portrayal suffers from an intensely dark and monotonous colour palette. Although understandable, given his aspect, the greys mesh too well with each other making for a homogeneous body. Add to this the blur encroaching on him from below which further hinders the appreciation of details. The upper body makes for a clear statement of his sinister appearance. Metal can seem fused to flesh, which adds to the depiction’s feel, but furthers the homogeneity. Dim flames disrupt the darkness but don’t affect surfaces with their light. Even if there’re details of note, as the carved blade demonstrates, colours tend to look opaque and lack life. As a contrast to Dawnbringer Riven it’s an interesting stylistic choice. Sadly, on its own, the portrayal lacks energy and gives the faint feel of a sketch that awaits the final layer of polish to finally reveal all of its charm.
All added together, this is a splash art that doesn’t always make the most of what it can offer. There’s no setting or context on its own. The portrayal is significant and detailed but also lifeless, which makes some sense, but can even feel like a draft. There’s an interesting base and stylistic choice in the opaque colour palette but it comes with its disadvantages. Sadly, in the end, the splash art as a single unit doesn’t present Yasuo in an impressive way as it surely could.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: In general lines, Nightbringer Yasuo doesn’t deviate much from Classic’s clothing preferences. There’re boots for a change with lean trousers to join and a bit of cloth for the torso. It’s not exact but not far from the regular look either. The flowing and flaming hair, framed by a tiara of dull metal, stands apart well enough on its own; which serves as great support for the demonic eyes. The hands and arms are simpler examples of dark power unlike the sword. The eye-catching and quietly vicious design of blade and sheath are a great demonstration of what the wielder is capable of.
There’s more to say about the model. When Gathering Storm is ready to be used new textures show a body of coal and cinder, very similar to the base, but the result is appealing. When the whirlwind is released spikes come out of the extended arm which is a small but fittingly sinister touch; also employed by Steel Tempest, Steel Wind Rising and Sweeping Blade. Last Breath’s buff also makes changes. Textures again reflect fire but the hair also becomes longer and the sword’s golden blade burns with attractive flames. The changes may not be as drastic and memorable as they could’ve been. In fact, the recall’s altered form stays in mind more than these two modified versions. Still, they are good additions to demonstrate the unstable quality of chaos; even if it all seems rather regular.
Particles are mostly an adaptation of gusts of wind to flames. In that regard, everything feels familiar though that doesn’t mean that they aren’t attractive. Auto-attacks are all flames which is rather good. Way of the Wanderer isn’t the best example as the whirlwind shield seems re-coloured. The same applies to Gathering Storm’s indicative whirlwind and even to the actual whirlwind from Steel Tempest; though its closer to actual flames, fortunately. Conversely, Steel Tempest first and second cast, Steel Wind Rising, employ a clear burst of flames that stands apart from the painted wind. Wind Wall is effective with enough fire and smoke to demonstrate its style well; though there may be too much of the latter and too little of the former. Sweeping Blade is too brief to be of note with only a black trail with some fire. The modified Steel Tempest after Sweeping Blade isn’t groundbreaking either. What is noticeable is the indicator of flame and black ash. Last Breath has an interesting design because the initial strikes are done by shadows while Yasuo prepares a massive vertical swipe with his burning sword. This ends in a large pillar of flames that leaves the earth scorched under the enemy; a fantastic scene though sometimes it’s difficult to know where to look at: shadows or Yasuo. A small but appealing detail is also the sparks when Yasuo sheaths his sword.
In terms of sounds we have subtly slashing metal for auto-attacks and various burst of flames for the abilities which often resemble gusts of wind. Steel Tempest in its slashes employs clanking metal and the whirlwind indicator of Gathering Storm, just like Way of the Wanderer’s shield, has a high pitched sound to make its presence noted. The eventual whirlwind is a gust of flames that sounds a bit weak but with a touch of searing heat. Sweeping Blade returns to soft metal sounds which suit its swift movement. Last Breath starts with weak shadowy slashes that are mostly hidden behind Yasuo’s vociferous speech until a final slash that essentially is an explosion of flame; a satisfying end.
Animations for abilities and auto-attacks struggle to stand out. The slashes of auto-attacks seem identical and the same can be said about the normal abilities; only Last Breath has a notoriously different animation. The standing idle animation is also familiar until Yasuo extends his claws; just to show off. When the sword is unsheathed it’s carried a little higher than usual instead of over the shoulder but it’s details like that which need to be noticed to find the differences. By and large Yasuo acts much like his classic self. Emotes make several demonstrations of dark power. The ones that stand out are the death, with Yasuo’s energy being snuffed out with him, the flaming fall of the respawn and the demonic transformation of the recall; as mentioned before a better example of his power than the others.
When all is added together, Nightbringer Yasuo is a skin that has a theme that isn’t novel so that it shouldn’t be difficult to present well. It retreads known ground but doesn’t do anything groundbreaking with it. Worst still, sometimes the skin simply feels like another fire version that doesn’t capture neither chaos nor dark power effectively. Regardless, it’s a skin with some very nice additions that fans of the Unforgiven will appreciate.

Odyssey Yasuo
Odyssey Yasuo Splash Art Odyssey Yasuo Model
Category: Regular
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Yasuo as a space-faring, captain adventurer.
Model: New model for Yasuo and his sword.
Particles: New particles for his abilities, auto-attack, dance, sheathing his sword and recall.
Animations: New swaying for Space Lizard and new recall animation.
Sounds: New sounds for his abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Splash Art: A big explosion with Jinx in one side and Malphite on the other while Yasuo seems to have also done his part in the cataclysm: that’s teamwork. It’s also blurry teamwork with little context; except for a rocky terrain and a dark sky; they have to stand somewhere.
Yasuo looks confident giving a knowing look to Space Lizard; that’s the official name. While the look of the pet isn’t fully clear there’s enough to get a good idea. The same applies to Yasuo’s upper body. There’s enough to get an idea but there’s a lot that looks sketchy, the torso is somewhat messy, and the skin looks rather unnaturally coloured. In fact, only his hair seems to approximate the actual colours used in-game. His sword, named Song, is relegated behind him and only partially visible; despite seemingly being very important. His legs are a blur that looks sketchier than a medium to convey speed.
Overall, this splash art is simple in context and inaccurate in its depiction. Some general ideas are useful but details tend to deviate from the three-dimensional counterparts. Add to this that the result isn’t particularly striking and the sacrifice of form over function doesn’t seem a sensible trade-off.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Odyssey Yasuo plays it quite safe, practically keeping the Unforgiven’s identity intact but with a hi-tech layer on top. The clothes and hairstyle do look different but there’s a palpable respect for the classic design; to the point that a pet stands in for the lack of a spaulder. The pet doesn’t do much despite all the expected action so it’s a bit disappointing that it doesn’t react to attacks or even mimic Yasuo in some actions. For how colourful his jacket is his trousers are the exception. Fortunately, the hi-tech sword with its asymmetric design is quite distinct and appealing.
Particles for auto-attacks and Wind Wall, especially the mirror images on it, are highlights. They manage to display the advanced technology aiding Yasuo. The displaced glow of his sword after Last Breath is another distinct addition. The rest of abilities seem to re-colour the classic design without successfully delivering the hi-tech feel they are expected to.
Sounds employ a multitude of slashes and gusts of wind that resemble too much the classic audio. There are hi-tech sounds used but abilities rely on familiar tunes with a technological touch. Actually, they understandably follow the visuals which reinforces the letdown.
The swaying animations used for Space Lizard aren’t special. Instead they merely prevent the pet from being a static decoration on Yasuo’s shoulder. The animations are so minimal that the creature has no personality. The one exception is the recall where bubbles are produced for Yasuo to attack; which he supposedly loves. It’s not much but it’s something.
The result is that Odyssey Yasuo is a skin that bases itself too much on the classic counterpart. Given the potential to develop a space-ronin there’s too little technology and personality to the point that it can be said that it’s Yasuo with a change of clothes. There’s a little more than that, granted, but only a little.


The Unforgiven manages to have rather good skins. If one isn’t to worry about price much then PROJECT: Yasuo raises as the recommended option due to its many featues. However, Blood Moon Yasuo stands as cheaper alternative that presents a suitable and attractive dark style. Let’s go into the specifics of each skin.

PROJECT: Yasuo is an attractive cybernetic styling for the Unforgiven that is suitable and striking. With a fine model and nice particles the skin delivers its theme in an appealing way. Besides, it comes with a few extra additions to make its high price more palatable. Nevertheless, a it’s certainly better to wait for a sale.

High Noon Yasuo is a good skin that delivers its concept well. The problem is that the concept asks for a degree of fantasy over the already established quota. In spite of that, the look is appealing and, even if the particles seem like a whim, they are eye-catching. While a fine choice for Yasuo fans it’s a skin that doesn’t go beyond a mere costume.

Blood Moon Yasuo is a skin with a more realistic samurai feel thanks to an imperfect but attractive style. The armour doesn’t match the mask and hair but they manage as sensible protection. The blade follows the armour’s style but the red particles offer some very interesting visuals; in cases they seem only re-coloured. On the whole, this is a worthwhile option that suits the Unforgiven quite well.

The legendary Nightbringer Yasuo is a skin with many facets. The fire theme is clearly stated but the chaotic nature and dark identity aren’t very visible. There’s still much to like though not every feature is presented as well as it could. The transformations, for example, don’t always look as impressive as the action deserves. Still, Nightbringer Yasuo is a skin with personality and has many tempting offers for those that are willing to excuse certain inconsistencies.

Odyssey Yasuo can be taken as a change of clothes due to how much of the classic persona remains. There are a few other features to like but they aren’t many and not particularly elaborate either. This prevents the skin from developing a personality of its own and so it can be a letdown.

  83 Responses to “League of Legends: Yasuo Skins’ Review”

  1. Would you recommend High Noon Yasuo? I love him but I don’t know if it is worth the money to invest in seeing as it is him in a ridiculous cowboy costume. also could you describe the new recall animation if possible? thanks

    • In High Noon Yasuo’s recall he drinks from a little bottle then throws it in the air and shoots it with his gun-sword. All in all, High Noon manages to adapt Yasuo into a cowboy. The problem is that the aesthetic is radically different. That’s why the sword is an element that clearly clashes with the Wild West style.

      To be fair, High Noon Yasuo is a nice skin on its own merits but struggles to fit. As something different it works well but doesn’t feel like the best option for a release skin. It seems like a skin that provides an alternate version of Yasuo would’ve been a better choice. Then, a diversion like High Noon would be welcome.

      High Noon is something different, a little trip to explore something unusual. To find a place it needs to be a contrast to another skin that cements Yasuo’s master swordsman style; even if it’s a futuristic take. The idea is that High Noon simply moves his core to another shell; whereas, the other skin should reinterpret him conceptually or aesthetically.

      If you like High Noon it’s hardly a bad skin but you won’t find more of what you like in Classic Yasuo. Instead, it’s a departure from a established path that hasn’t yet been trodden.

  2. I wouldn’t say the concept is uninspired, as it’s a reference to the Spaghetti Western films (at least that’s what I think) which were influenced heavily by Japanese samurai movies.
    Although you’d be absolutely right if this turns out to be incorrect.

    • You are completely right and we don’t really think that the skin or the idea is bad. It’s that the implementation is straightforward and leaves the skin feeling somewhat flat: like a costume. There’s nothing bad with that but we think that a release skin should aim higher.

      Besides, the concept also has potential to be more than a mere costume because, as it stands, it only has the cowboy look as a defining characteristic. There could be something else to define the skin instead of clothes and yellow particles; the rest of the additions struggle to feel significant.

  3. Are you going the new Yasuo Skin soon my main is Yasuo and personally I think its one of the best skin in the game.

  4. i like the high noon yasuo skin but i dont really like the whole ‘cowboy’ theme and all…
    a new Yasuo skin is coming out which seems alot better than the high noon skin!

    • Indeed, PROJECT: Yasuo goes for a hi-tech angle that keeps the ronin feel with a new aesthetic. It could certainly be the skin that the Unforgiven has been waiting for.

  5. Project yasuo is relased

  6. I feel, that the new Yasuo skin, is loosely based off of Raiden from MGS. Who is one of my favourite characters from any game. Which is why i impulse bought it. Cant wait to see the review on it!

    • It’s not a bad skin but skins at 1350 RP are always better caught on sale. The release sale isn’t bad so hope you enjoy it. We agree that it seems to be loosely based off Raider; emphasis on loosely.

      • I would say it is strongly based on both Raiden and Jetstream Sam from Metal Gear Rising. The recall where Yasuo wields the blade with his foot is more than an obvious easter egg to Raiden.

        • It could be that it shares more elements that just looks, which is what we referred to, as attitude or style. At any rate, the similarities are clear.

  7. Dear StrategyZero,

    Your skin reviews suck. I’ve always come here for reviews, but lately I realize that you’re REALLY critical about unimportant aspects and crap on every new awesome skin that comes out. The Mecha skins are really, really cool. Crapped on. This new badass Yasuo skin. Crapped upon. And then you give perfect scores to some skins that are just… random. I think your criteria is whack. Good day

    • We are sorry you have become disappointed with the reviews we do try to make them useful. We tend to be more critical with skins that are expensive like PROJECT: Yasuo and the Mecha line. We think that skins should feel really satisfying and worth the expense and the more a skins asks for the more it should deliver.

      With cheaper skins we tend to be a bit more lenient but only a bit. After all, skins are paid products and the price is an intrinsic characteristic of them.

      We appreciate your view as it’s difficult to keep a good balance between being critical and lenient. If you have more suggestions we’ll welcome them.

      • I read all your reviews before I buy and want you to know I usually think you are spot on about 95% of the time (which is pretty high for a somewhat subjective ranking system). The only one I have ever strongly disagreed with was Aether Wing Kayle which I thought was one of the better skins in the game. At the very least, this is the one web site where you can easily digest skin information through an easy to navigate site with images and relevant information on new particles so I think that alone is a huge boon for people figuring out if they should buy a skin.

        Also I am not sure how given a skin 4 out of 5 stars is “Crapping” upon something so I don’t understand the fellow’s complaint. I would have given it 5 but only because I am a huge metal gear fan and am biased.

        • Thanks for the kind words we’ll try to keep improving.

          We do like Aether Wing Kayle but as a legendary skin we think the skin is a bit underwhelming. The new auto-attack animation seems to be its only significant characteristic because neither particles nor sounds really impress. They aren’t bad at all but we are talking about a legendary skin so they should. Besides, the auto-attack the flying animations and recall are nice but the skin needs more to justify the high price.

          That doesn’t mean that it’s a bad skin and three stars is far from it. A skin with three stars means that it’s a good option but with some problems. It won’t necessarily be a disappointment and the skin will have nice features. However, there will be some characteristics that could or should be better realized.

          Originally PROJECT: Yasuo had three stars but a second look prompted by feedback made us notice some extra elements that made the skin more satisfactory. In the case of the Mecha skins, Aatrox is at three stars while Malphite at four with no changes.

          We understand that some skins are liked more than others by different people and we also have our preferences. Regardless, we try to be objective and analyse whether a skin provides sufficient features and that they are done well enough to justify the price. If a skin is to realize a concept the result should be satisfactory for the price asked. If it isn’t it could still be appealing but one should know it.

          There’s no problem in liking a skin that has problems but one should be aware of them. It’s better to be concious of what one is purchasing, the good and the bad. The idea is to make an informed decision. What the decision could be should be guided by each person’s personal preference; that’s the best argument.

  8. Just wondering, what do you look for in a 1350 skin?

    • A skin at 1350 RP is rather close to a legendary skin. There are differences, as 1350 RP skins can go on sale and legandary skins are know for modifying the whole of the champion. Regardless, we think that at that price the skin should feel almost legendary though a close look should reveal the differences.

      Being more specific, particles, animations and sounds, besides a new model should be modified. Maybe not completely but there should be noticeable touches at least in all areas; recall and emotes aside. That would probably make a good skin but if it also has some extras, for instance a new glow for the weapon, that helps the skin excel.

      After all, there are many skins at 975 RP that feel as satisfying as skins with a higher price. In the end, it’s not just about the technical marvels of the skin but how it feels. There could be a modification to a skin that takes a lot of work but that is unnoticeable so it wouldn’t matter. Whereas, a simple texture re-colour during an ability could add depth to a skin; like Bioforge Darius.

  9. I’ve been debating whether or not to buy PROJECT: Yasuo. The current sale is at 975; will it go lower in the future? I bought Yasuo a few days ago and I’m having a great time with him; is it worth it? Or would High Noon Yasuo be more of a better skin?

    Great reviews, keep up the good work! πŸ˜€

    • Glad that you like the reviews.

      Both skins will eventually receive a 50% discount, which means that High Noon will be sold for 487 RP and PROJECT for 675 RP. However, sales tend to take a long time nowadays so it could very well take a year before PROJECT receives a discount.

      The better skin of the two is certainly PROJECT: Yasuo. The biggest problem is the price but the release sale helps. If you don’t usually wait for 50% discounts then 975 RP for PROJECT is not a bad deal; especially if you play a lot of Yasuo.

      High Noon it’s like an extra fun alternative that isn’t bad but doesn’t make the most of the core theme of Yasuo. It’s better taken as an interesting diversion that brings something different to the table.

      • My god stratzero, you’ve predicted a sale on PROJECT Yasuo, he’s half off right now.
        If I already have PROJECT, would it be worth it to buy high noon too?

        • We always pay attention to sales so we should be able to make some passable predictions from time to time. It’s nothing like prophesying the advent of the Void but we do what we can.

          High Noon Yasuo is worthwhile only if you really like the ronin-cowboy theme of the skin. Technically it’s a good skin but the concept is a bit of a stretch and the execution doesn’t go out of the way to make it exciting.

          Between the two we think that PROJECT is the superior choice. It’s more expensive but it does have a good amount of features that make Yasuo feel different. Besides the cyborg-ronin concept works well and the implementation tries to make the skin feel special with additions beyond the traditional of new model with ability particles and sounds.

          If you really like the Far West samurai or ronin style then High Noon is a skin to consider. If you just want a good skin for Yasuo then PROJECT, until another is released, suffices. It keeps the core of the champion but styles it with a hi-tech layer.

  10. After buying and playing with project yasuo, i find it one of my favorite skins in the game.
    I think its the theme, or the great new spell effects

  11. Not sure if it’s just me, but the PROJECT: Yasuo hyperlink on the frontpage gives me a 404 error, while the Technological Winds hyperlink works fine. You might want to check that out πŸ˜‰ Also, nice and informative review as always.

    • You are right we had an error in the link and only the image and ‘Technological Winds’ links worked fine. It’s fixed now thanks for the notice and glad that you like the review.

  12. Hey Zero

    As i was playing Cyber ops (Project) Yasuo i noticed that he has different auto attack animations than the other skins.

    He mainly uses both hands for his sword strikes and in the classic and high noon he mainly uses one hand for his auto attacks.

    Hope you look into this and Cheers

  13. Thanks for the review on Project: Yasuo! I am thinking of getting him while the skin is still reduced to 975 rp. Would you say the skin is well worth it at this price before it gets increased to 1350 rp?

    • Not at all.

      At 975 RP it’s not a bad skin. It will eventually go down to 675 RP during a sale but that’ll take a very long time; maybe a full year or even more. If you play Yasuo often and like the sci-fi theme then PROJECT is a good skin to get at 975 RP.

      Just be sure that it’ll see use because if not you’re better off waiting for a normal sale.

  14. Is it strange that I find Classic Yasuo more appealing than PROJECT: Yasuo? I own both and I feel like I like the Classic one better due to the fact that it’s more “samurai-like.”

    Probably because I became an otaku after I bought PROJECT: Yasuo.

    • Not really, Classic Yasuo is certainly more samurai-like than PROJECT. The latter is a sci-fi take on Yasuo that takes a traditional concept and adapts it with advanced technology. If you prefer samurais to sci-fi then Classic would be more appealing.

  15. Hey Zero, I got a 75% off on PROJECT:Yasuo! Should I buy it then? Your reviews are useful and great by the way.

    • You probably should if you like Yasuo and the sci-fi ronin theme of PROJECT. It’s quite a good skin and 75% off is a great discount. If you like the skin then don’t miss it because it seems like a very good opportunity.

  16. hi zero

    i have a lot of fun playing yasuo and was wondering if you could give me a quick review of his classic skin? if you can’t thats fine i love the review btw

    • Glad that you like the review. Let’s see what we can do about The Unforgiven.

      Well, as a base skin we have nothing to compare against. We can say that Yasuo aims to deliver the wandering, disgraced ronin fantasy. In that regard, the classic skin adopts a decidedly fantastic approach with all the fancy clothing and equipment. Most of which is for looks and serves little purpose. In fact, aside from his sword, little else matters except for some modest clothing. At any rate, the huge pony tail takes care of adding the extra flair that a sword master may need visually.

      All that stated, Classic Yasuo works but with a degree of stylization that makes him less serious and tragic than he actually is. It’s not a bad look but it’s usually difficult to understand the melancholy of a character when so much time is devoted to something as frivolous as looking fancy. Somethimes, the simplest of approaches are the most eloquent.

      Take it as a quick assesment though. We’ll need more infromation about the intentions behind the development, the original concept and a frame of reference to make a proper review. After all, the idea would be to analyse whether Classic Yasuo fulfills the stated objectives which, as with other classic skins, we don’t really know for sure.

  17. As both will be on the 50% off sale, which do you recommend picking up?

    • Both skins are rather good for their price so it’s more a matter of how much you want from a skin, how much you are willing to pay and which theme you prefer.

      Specifically, PROJECT is more elaborate than High Noon but also more expensive. One is sci-fi and the other Wild West. They are good skins with reasonable implementations. Perhaps PROJECT is a less awkward adaptation as High Noon’s gun-sword can be a bit of a stretch. A cyborg samurai is a concept that seems more aceptable as it has been used. At large, it’s a matter of taste.

  18. I have a question: between these 3 skins which should I take: High Noon Yasuo, Shockblade Zed and Sandstorm Ekko.
    PS: in case of RP they are the same, and in champion preferences I like them all the same πŸ˜€

    • Depends a bit on what you expect to get from a skin. High Noon is a fictional interpretation of a samurai-cowboy, Shockblade changes the aesthetic of the ninja but keeps the core intact and, finally, Sandstorm changes the way of manipulating time with a Prince of Persia reference but the essence remains.

      Neither of these skins is bad but you may prefer PROJECT: Yasuo or PROJECT: Zed to High Noon and Shockblade; though they are more expensive. Ekko doesn’t really have competing alternatives to Sandstorm yet but they may come eventually.

      If you like the three champions the same then it’s a matter of personal preference. Which concept do you like the most? What you do expect the implementation to deliver? Answering those questions can help you in choosing which skin specifically offers what you are looking for.

  19. When will be the review of blood moon yasuo coming up?

  20. BM yasuo!

  21. Hey Zero, which ones do you prefer and would recommend to buy (I really like to kill my enemies in a assassin way)? Bloodmoon Yasuo, High Noon or Project?
    I can’t really afford project so I’m stuck with Bloodmoon or High

    • Blood Moon is a more interesting and fitting skin for Yasuo than High Noon. High Noon is a Wild West diversion that is more eye-catching for being exotic than its features. Regardless, if you have the patience we’d recommend getting the skins on sale. In that case you may even be able to catch PROJECT as well; if you desire. If you like the sci-fi approach it’s a fine skin with many additions. However, the one that stands closer to the assassin style is Blood Moon. PROJECT goes for the hi-tech assassin style but without the visceral feel of Blood Moon.

  22. Hey Zero, I’ve been a fan and always loved your skin reviews they really are top notch. I have a lil question here or in fact a request? if you dont mind πŸ™‚

    Just wanted to know if you do reviews on League Summoner Icons/Wards and all the miscellaneous stuff. I wanted to purchase the newest Blood Seal Icon and wanted to get some professional opinion about it. Cheers!

    – Shira

    • Thanks for the kind words.

      While we don’t think we will review summoner icons due to how little relevance they have in-game we have considered reviewing ward skins. We’ll try to see how we can tackle the reviews but it’s a suggestion that’s been made before and we have in mind.

      With regards to summoner icons, what you see is what you get. So, the question is whether they are worth the expense. In case of icons that cost IP, like the Blood Seal icon, there’s little reason to avoid them if you have the IP; especially if the IP price is temporary as is often the case. When the price is RP, it can be subjective but we don’t see much value in spending 250 RP for them. Of course, it’s just an opinion.

  23. I dont understand how project yasuo is better than high noon…. imo project just ruins the fact that he uses wind..

    • You could say that PROJECT: Yasuo employs a virtual wind in his abilties. A flowing energy that is mechanically functional as wind. It’s a skin that has quite a few extra touches that High Noon lacks like a few animations and glowing effects. After all, it’s not as if the yellow wind of High Noon is that convincing either.

      Overall, it’s something to accept in the adaptation of the champion that each skin makes. We think that PROJECT does a good a job in adapting but High Noon, unlike Blood Moon, doesn’t try so hard. It often happens with release skins but it doesn’t mean it’s a bad skin. We think that more could’ve been done but it’s a skin that has some nice features to offer.

  24. What dropped high noon yasuo to 3 stars? From what I remember it used to be 4.

    • It did initially have four stars but it lost one with the apparition of Blood Moon Yasuo. At the same price it does a much better job at adapting the theme to the champion. We still think that High Noon is a good skin but the apparition of more skins, especially at the same price point, gives a better perspective at what is possible and at which price.

  25. What skin do u prefer on yasuo? Im having a hard time choosing one

    • Blood Moon Yasuo is one of his best choices. The dark samurai idea is well implemented and works with his persona. If you like sci-fi and are willing to pay a bit more then PROJECT: Yasuo is also a great option. High Noon is a bit whimsical and doesn’t have changes as significant as the others. It’s a diversion if you are tired from the others. However, at that price, Blood Moon is the superior choice; provided you don’t mind all the red.

  26. Have you considered reviewing Chromas? Not a big deal, all-in-all; just curious.

  27. Did they remove the gunsound from Steel Tempest in High Noon Yasuo? I certainly can’t hear it in the spotlight videos, but I’m not sure. If it’s true, can you update it? It would be my favorite skin, but removing this awesome feature sounds disappointing to me.

    • Usually features are only removed when there’s a visual update. It could be a bug so you may want to tell support about it. We agree that it’s a nice characteristic of the skin that shouldn’t be removed.

  28. What is your opinion on the best High Noon Chroma? I can’t get all of them but I can get 1 or two

    • We’d advise to wait for an IP sale because we don’t see chromas as worthwhile enough to spend RP. Essentially it’s an extra cost on top of a skin. Spending IP is certainly a much better option if you play often and have a lot of it. Besides, if you don’t have much IP by the time of the sale you could accrue a good amount just by playing and not have to spend RP.

      That said, High Noon Yasuo’s chromas tend to stay too near to the base appearance. We’d say that the most appealing are those that set themselves apart with colours different enough from the base scheme. Obsidian with its golden highlights could be one to consider. It’s a matter of taste after all. However, with chromas so similar to the base appearance it’s not worth considering spending on something that barely makes a difference.

  29. Will make new skins for yasuo? If yes when? That’s all…

    • It’s almost unavoidable that Yasuo will receive new skins; given how Riot operates. However, what it could be about or when it could come is a mystery. There have been instances of champions receiving new skins in relative quick succession and others ignored with few skins; there still are. It’s all in Riot’s hand so we can’t really give a more precise answer.

  30. Omg there are actually people that overthink about a skin before buying it. If it looks cool to you buy it. If it doesn’t then don’t do it lol. But still from a neutral perspective you seem to give a lot of consideration to the nature of the skin and whether the skin suits the theme. Kudos to your effort though I’d just buy a skin just because it looks nice. But if I’m looking into more specifics I will definitely come here.

    • Glad that you see some use in the reviews.

      From our point of view: skins aren’t cheap and certainly an expense that not everyone can make without some care about value. We want to help as much as possible. Of course, we agree that personal preference should be the top consideration. The reviews aim at giving an opinion and general assessment of what we think of the skins. The ultimate factor should always be whether one likes the skin or not.

  31. What do you think about the new Nightbringer Yasuo?

  32. Could you add yasuo’s new skin please?

  33. pls add nightbringer yasuo to this list! thanks for everything so far!

  34. You guys getting ready to review nightbringer?

  35. Prediction for Nightbringer: 3 stars, “great concept but could have had a more diverse set of particles and not quite hitting the legendary price point, but good for yasuo fans willing to pay”

    • Not exactly but we did find that the different forms for Nightbringer Yasuo were a bit simplistic: mostly retextures. The particles are good for the most part, they could be better but the ultimate makes good use of them. Sounds are appropriate but animations let down. Overall the skin is good and that’s the problem. It’s a fine legendary skin but just that. Still it’s a satisfying option if you like the Unforgiven.

  36. Why Nightbringer got 3 stars? I thought he’s 4 to 5 star isnt this skin have a problem?

    • The thing is that in all aspects of Nightbringer Yasuo we found the skin to be good. It’s a skin with an all-around fine implementation but nothing really impressive. The spikes and modifications to the models are a novel touch but not used well enough. The concept isn’t revolutionary either.

      You could aim several of those arguments to Dawnbringer Riven but the exeuction ends up being quite satisfying. Perhaps in the pursuit of a moody and dark image Nightbringer forgot to impress. It’s not a bad skin by any means but we didn’t feel the skin was as accomplished as it could be.

  37. Get ready for da new odyssey Yasuo skin! Can’t wait to hear ur opinion on it. Love ur reviews btw <3

    • Glad that you like the reviews. We are working on all the Odyssey content and we’ll try to have it all ready as soon as possible. Odyssey Yasuo strikes as rather superficial. There are a few hi-tech elements but the pet is neglected and many areas are simply re-painted, so to speak. We haven’t finished everything but we aren’t impressed by this skin.

  38. If price was out of the question which one would you consider/would like to get and why?

    • If we ignore price, PROJECT: Yasuo is the skin with the most convincing adaptation. If we consider price, Blood Moon Yasuo has an edge in price but also less features so it’s a compromise. Nightbringer Yasuo, price aside, is a skin if you like the specific concept and chaotic execution.

      Back to the beginning, PROJECT: Yasuo employs a good array of changes to make the skin special while keeping the identity of the concept and also of Yasuo. It’s not a perfect skin but it’s quite satisfying.

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