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League of Legends: Veigar Skins’ Review – StrategyZero
Jan 042013
Veigar, the Tiny Master of Evil
Veigar, the Tiny Master of Evil

Veigar, the Tiny Master of Evil stands as close to a classic wizard as the League of Legends would probably ever allow. Some of his skins revel on this fact while others strike at it from every angle; almost balefully. Sometimes choosing the right outfit is a pressing matter; particularly to finely burst opponents with a few swift passes of a magical staff. In such a case, burst into Veigar’s skins review.

White Mage Veigar
White Mage Veigar Splash Art White Mage Veigar Model
Category: Regular
Price: 390 RP
Concept: Veigar wearing his classic outfit in white and red.
Model: New textures for Veigar and his staff.
Particles: No new particles.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: This piece gives a good first impression yet isn’t as faithful to Veigar’s look as it should. The background shows a collapsing stone floor and an empty sky; which isn’t as stormy as the lightning would imply. Veigar’s depiction is quite good in terms of shading and lines but in the name of visual flare ends with a few issues. The magical display is nice but the stance hides his front, only showing his plain back. Furthermore, the hat, boots and gloves look quite nice but have elements that simply aren’t present in the in-game model. All things considered, it’s a piece that draws interest but fails at providing a good portrayal of Veigar.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: White Mage Veigar is a simple re-colour that hardly offers anything to set itself appart from Classic Veigar. In fact, unless the new colour palette suits your taste there’s nothing here to be interested about. At the very least, the red and white design is well executed and offers a subtle reference to Final Fantasy’s White Mages. Still, there’s little to make this uninspired skin stand out.

Curling Veigar
Curling Veigar Splash Art Curling Veigar Model
Category: Legacy
Price: 520 RP
Concept: Veigar dressed as a curling player.
Model: Moderate model changes for Veigar and new model for his staff.
Particles: No new particles.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: A blurry tundra under the effects of a blizzard is the setting. Simple, direct, exaggerated and unimpressive are all adjectives that describe the background. In spite of how much playing in a storm would speak about dedication it’s, at the very least, impractical. Veigar’s depiction isn’t convincing either. Even though the shading isn’t bad the proportions suffer from a severe problem. The main issue is that the angle seems forced and the differences in perceived size too abrupt and inconsistent. Therefore, we find a gigantic right foot and a minuscule left one. Let’s not even mention the hat as it’s, supposedly, behind Veigar. On top of this all, Veigar’s body isn’t well defined, proportions aside, and the pose doesn’t even allow a clear view of his clothes. In conclusion, it’s a splash art that catches the eye with its shading and then frightens with its evident flaws.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: It could be said that Curling Veigar’s most distinct feature is that it changes the shape of Veigar’s eyes. The clothes are a pastiche made from a tracksuit, metal gloves and shoes plus a patterned wizard hat. The new staff turned broom is the best curling element present yet the skin still feels inconsistent. In spite of trying to show a tiny wizard ready for a curling game the skin simply doesn’t have any prominent features to make it interesting.

Veigar Greybeard
Veigar Greybeard Splash Art Veigar Greybeard Model
Category: Regular
Price: 750 RP
Concept: Veigar dressed as a traditional fantasy wizard.
Model: Major model changes for Veigar and new model for his staff.
Particles: No new particles.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: When a background wants to be dark it surely can be, as is the case here. An elevated castle, with bridges leading to it, is visible among the heavy and dreary sky. Veigar rides a great eagle which looks nicely depicted in the zones near Veigar but rough elsewhere. The Master of Evil is suitably depicted holding the One Ring, wearing wrinkled robes and a wizard hat; it’s a nice depiction. However, truth be told, the piece suffers from an obvious uneven quality: a simple comparison of the eagle’s head or the whole of Veigar with the bird’s wings or the background are eloquent enough. Therefore, it’s a good and even too generous portrayal but a disappointing splash art.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Veigar Greybeard doesn’t stray far from Classic Veigar’s style and maybe it even shouldn’t. As a wizard himself, the grey robe, pointy hat and magical staff are hardly anything new. Actually, only the protruding and unnatural looking beard stands out. Regardless, the skin draws from a particularly rich source: The Lord of the Rings. This alone probably makes the skin much more interesting than it would otherwise be. Overall, not a bad skin yet nothing remarkable either.

Leprechaun Veigar
Leprechaun Veigar Splash Art Leprechaun Veigar Model
Category: Regular
Price: 520 RP
Concept: Veigar as a leprechaun.
Model: Major model changes for Veigar and new model for his staff.
Particles: Rainbow and coins added to Dark Matter plus clovers added to Baleful Strike’s passive and Event Horizon.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: The background is a fuzzy mess of hues that tries to display grasslands and hills yet looks like simple filler. Veigar is displayed in a strange stance, as if he were falling; besides the colours are rather dim. On top of that, his feet have different sizes, though on the same plane, as well as his arms; yet depth may excuse the latter. Regardless, it’s an unconvincing piece that serves it purpose but barely.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Leprechaun Veigar is a skin that manages to push its theme with effort and mixed results. As all joke skins it’s a concept that can get boring with time. Nevertheless, that’s not its only issue: the model changes keep a layer of Classic Veigar that doesn’t suit the theme well. Moreover, the new particles are added onto the classic particles. Therefore, they feel forced on the champion rather than incorporated. On the whole, it’s not an unsuitable concept or a terrible execution, particularly due to the price, but it’s not a skin that is able to amaze.

Baron Von Veigar
Baron Von Veigar Splash Art Baron Von Veigar Model
Category: Legacy
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Veigar in the image of a militaristic villain.
Model: New model for Veigar and his staff.
Particles: No new particles.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: A machine of destruction is the setting and a devastated land the place; still both are mostly suggested rather than effectively depicted. Veigar is well depicted but with some problems. The stance is correct yet the difference in boot size seems too much; even considering the perspective. The shading is great on the helmet, it even shows dents, but on the glove and clothes it makes them look plain and dull. This fact stands in dire contrast to the clear quality of the right side of his body and cane. All things considered, it’s a good portrayal that suffers from an evident uneven quality.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Baron Von Veigar is a skin that provides a great concept and an alright execution. Having Veigar as a classic militaristic villain is quite fitting and the model works really well at executing the idea. However, cosmic powers don’t suit the character as there’s no hint of such power in his persona. It’s not a deal breaker but aside from the nice model the skin provides nothing more. Therefore, the skin looks good but feels a tad flat. It’s hardly a bad purchase but it doesn’t do as much as it could’ve probably done.

Superb Villain Veigar
Superb Villain Veigar Splash Art Superb Villain Veigar Model
Category: Regular
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Veigar in the image of an aristocratic villain.
Model: New model for Veigar and his staff.
Particles: New particles for Event Horizon.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: A sprawling albeit diffuse city is visible from the possible bridge or terrace where the Tiny Master of Evil stands. The background lacks clarity and even seems empty in places yet Veigar’s quality is a diametrical opponent; mostly. His depiction shows an ample amount of elements and details including folds on the clothes and a few dents on the glove. Nonetheless, the shading is rather flat, especially on his body, which contrasts the bright colours of his glowing metal glove. On the whole, it’s a good portrayal with a nice setting yet it suffers from the uneven saturation of hues and the sketchy background.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Superb Villain Veigar is a skin that delivers a great execution on a classic and attractive concept: the evil aristocrat. Top hat, monocle, cape, suit and even curled moustache are all present; rather elegant in fact. Moreover, the expected unusual features characteristic of such a villain are present in the oversized right hand, peculiar cane and obscured face. In general, it’s a good and appealing look that still faces unexpected cosmic powers that the new particles hardly help to mix into the theme. In conclusion, concept and execution are quite good but still lacks some cohesion to reach excellence.

Bad Santa Veigar
Bad Santa Veigar Splash Art Bad Santa Veigar Model
Category: Legacy
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Veigar as a little, evil Santa Claus.
Model: New model for Veigar and his staff.
Particles: New Christmas based particles for his abilities.
Animations: New recall animation and cane-jump when walking.
Sounds: New Christmas sounds for his abilities and recall.
Splash Art: The background is just a depiction of snow and rocks being subject to the attention of Veigar’s delicate sledge. It could be said that a little fortress or towers were built there but not much is really shown. Besides, the rest of the scenery is so diffuse that one can only imagine more empty snow. Veigar sits on a cruelly and fittingly designed sledge that is an absorbing sight. The Master of Evil shares the same quality yet most of his portrayal is occluded by the sledge, the perspective or the extremely long beard. Regardless, it’s possible to get a general idea of his look. Moreover, the shading and outline of both Veigar and the sledge is superb. Still, as a portrayal is could be better and if we add the unsatisfactory background we end with a piece that attracts attention but isn’t as useful as it could.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Bad Santa Veigar is quite literal about its restricted concept: it’s Veigar adapted into Santa Claus. Therefore, the skin dresses the yordle with the requisite costume and adds some expected Christmas elements to his cosmic powers. The model is correct and the biscuit, ornament, Christmas trees and present particles added to his abilities look quite nice; but the underlying classic concept is still noticeable. In addition to this, the recall is a fantastic touch that greatly helps deliver the theme along the new sounds. In the end, the skin works better than it seems but the fact remains: there’s still a cosmic mage under all the Santa paraphernalia.

Final Boss Veigar
Final Boss Veigar Splash Art Final Boss Veigar Model
Category: Legendary
Price: 1820 RP
Concept: Veigar as a 16-bit dark wizard.
Model: New model for Veigar and his staff plus new animated cape, blinking eyes and glowing staff.
Particles: New particles for his abilities, auto-attack, joke, recall, death, re-spawn and killing enemies with Baleful Strike.
Animations: New animations for his abilities, auto-attack, emotes, recall, standing idle, walk, death, re-spawn and capture.
Sounds: New sounds for his abilities, auto-attack, emotes, recall, death, re-spawn plus killing minions and monsters with Baleful Strike. New voice-over and new quotes for his abilities, recall, buying certain items and begining a match.
Splash Art: The background is a bit of an abstract construct of blocks that seems to show a cloudy sky giving way to the source code underneath. The idea of deconstructing the setting is good but is also too briefly exposed. Veigar stands over green, transparent blocks that match the ones on the tip of his staff. As a display of his power it seems underwhelming. His depiction also seems to lack intensity. The pose is reasonable and gives a complete look of his aspect. The burning eyes are the most explicit demonstration of his power and they don’t burn that much either. The colours are a bit dull and notoriously lacking in brightness; even for metal. Also, the almost human left hand appears out of place, unable to match the rest of the style. At least, the labelled buttons on his right hand are a good touch. Although, the all-important ‘R’ button is completely absent. All in all, for a legendary skin, it’s a rather disappointing presentation card.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: With a clear cartoon style and a deep retro theme Final Boss Veigar is a charming skin that seems to be able to give more than it actually does. The model is quite well done as a cross between Rayman and a black wizard from Final Fantasy. It has a unique and comical appearance even if the colours seem washed out and the controller-glove tacked on. The pixelated effect at the end of the cape and glowing staff are a great touch and add depth to the charming model visuals. The animations follow the expected yet appealing cartoon feel but fail to stand out. In fact, only the auto-attack animation feels novel.
The particles on the other hand are eye-catching but still fail to impress. They have distinct and dissimilar looks with references that cover pixels, blocks and even Matrix source code so they feel disconnected. Another important problem is that they, maybe due to the retro style, lack impact. This is easily appreciated in Baleful Strike and Dark Matter. Besides, even though killing with Baleful Strike has a new effect it seems like a wasted opportunity that it doesn’t modify the visuals as the bonus AP increases; even a bit. The ultimate, Primordial Burst, should and tries to be but doesn’t feel really striking. The emotes are a nice touch but the death, re-spawn and recall are the ones that will see the most use. The death and recall are interesting but the re-spawn just functional.
Special mention deserves the new voice-over packed chock-full of game references from all over the spectrum. Unfortunately, the timbre of Final Boss Veigar’s voice grates on the ears because of the high pitch coupled with the distortion; though that might not be a problem for everyone.
When we add it all up, we find that Final Boss Veigar is a skin with an attractive identity that may want to cover too much gaming ground. However, despite all the effort it still feels a bit underwhelming. It’s full of visual and aural effects as well as charming animations yet it feels like its lacking something. Everything is quite good but together the different elements seem forced to work together. In the end, it’s a nice skin with a lot to offer yet, with Final Boss Veigar, it’s all good but nothing truly great.

Omega Squad Veigar
Omega Squad Veigar Splash Art Omega Squad Veigar Model
Category: Regular
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Veigar as a hi-tech demolitions soldier.
Model: New model for Veigar and his staff plus new electricity for his staff. New eyes for status ailments, taunt, laugh death and abilities.
Particles: New particles for his abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Animations: New adapted animations for his run, standing idle, auto-attacks, abilities, taunt and laugh. New animations for his ears and new recall animation.
Sounds: New sounds for his abilities, auto-attack and recall plus processed voice-over.
Splash Art: Planes on dirty skies over a wooden watch tower. A tattered and rugged campaign tent and a table over which plans for domination, of the enemy, are laid is the centre of attention. Of course, the tent has a little surprise for anyone getting smart in the way of a machinegun near the roof; right over the rookie inspecting the front lines. The background is interesting but little is clearly shown. Perhaps it is to do with a poor lens on this tattered photograph which already shows signs of a long time of service: saving a moment that no longer exists.
That moment is Veigar holding the remote control in his well kept mechanical hand. Lighting is very well used to make focus on his mechanical hand and shroud his face as his dark features aren’t to be seen by most. Between both extremes volume is well conveyed with effective shading and precise lines. Even the perspective, which helps display Veigar’s personality, adds to the depiction by allowing a view that centres on his most prominent features. It’s unfortunate then that his left hand looks sketchy and the same applies to parts of his rifle. The light emitted from it is quite nice though. The table before Veigar prevents a full view of him and while removing it wouldn’t help too much it could’ve helped to give him more room to get a better, fuller portrayal that captured the whole of his style; it wouldn’t have hurt. Regardless, there’s a lot to like in the depiction as it is.
All in all, this is a rather nice photograph of a time when one yordle was to be feared and another was offering his best support. Veigar’s portrayal is great but the background, though suitable, could’ve been more clearly delineated to better support the otherwise frugal setting. The conception is quite good: a day at base doing the usual work. This makes for a believable glimpse into a past long gone.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Chockfull of little extras and with lots of personality Omega Squad Veigar is a wonderful skin. The clothes are nothing groundbreaking but appealing for an elite commando. The gear is more interesting as the goggles fit the small shape of his eyes, the gas mask stresses his reliance on proper equipment as well as the remote control which joins his rifle as his weapons. That should probably come as no surprise as his powerful and eye-catching mechanical hand clearly stands out. The ear tag is an unusual choice and so is the choice of finally revealing Veigar’s face; most of it. With large ears, dark fur and sinister yet expressive eyes this is a skin that stands apart with a unique identity. Speaking of which, his eyes show that he’s a yordle that has a lot to say as many of his actions reflect on them. This is a fantastic addition that further cements the distinct appeal of the skin; even if that would make any and all of his skins stand out.
Particles and sounds are good. The rifle shots for the auto-attacks are effective and electric-based with unsurprising but fitting accompanying sounds. Abilities become divided between more electric attacks and a good explosion. Baleful Strike and Primordial Burst are a ball of electricity and a large discharge of energy that turns into lightning, respectively. Strangely, the former has a more elaborate design and more powerful sound. For an ultimate, Primordial Burst feels weak and simple in comparison. The sounds have more of an echo in the ultimate but visually it’s not as nice. Baleful Strike is quite satisfying to use but the indicator if AP is gained, as an electric ring around Veigar, is a rather subtle cue. Event Horizon is a hi-tech electrified fence with brief sounding alarm and electric hum. Visually, the electricity is straightforward but appealing so that the most interesting part is the fence’s design. Dark Matter changes into a missile that comes from the skies. It’s a small area but the initial target is followed by a succinct yet satisfying explosion. The processed voice-over is another good addition that shouldn’t be ignored. Even if his quotes tend to divert form the skin’s personality to the point that he sounds like a lunatic it adds cohesion to the theme by reflecting the gas mask’s effect.
Animations start with the moving of ears when Veigar takes action; any action. Auto-attacks are changed to rifle shots and abilities rely on his right hand. Baleful Strike quickly hides, in hammer space, the remote control so that his palm releases the electric ball. Both Dark Matter and Event Horizon have him suitably relying on his remote. The first clearly shows the relevance of the big, red button while the latter shows that depending on where it’s aimed the remote has more than one use despite having only one attractive button on it. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Primordial Bursts also doesn’t convince in this department. Rifle and remote vanish into hammer space and Veigar jumps and propels forward an electric blast. This is a case where the rather consistent reliance on gear isn’t clearly portrayed. The recall doesn’t have that problem. Making for a good explanation of where Dark Matter’s missiles come from we see that Veigar is well aware of the capabilities of his tools. After a slight technical hiccup he quickly flees; just in case as no explosion is heard on arrival; which would’ve made for a fantastic touch, especially if it didn’t always happen.
All added together, Omega Squad Veigar isn’t a perfect skin but it’s so packed with features which make for a distinct and attractive identity that it can very well compete at the legendary level; with some extra work. Except for the unfocused ultimate, every addition collaborates to create a consistent identity that is as attractive as it is unique. For any fan of the Master of Evil and accomplished skins this is an option that shouldn’t be ignored because it has so much to offer.


Veigar’s cosmic powers have been largely unexploited in his skins so they stand as mostly clothes changes for Veigar. After a good look at his wardrobe Superb Villain and Bad Santa Veigar stand out as the most fitting concepts and appealing executions; respectively.

The most dedicated fans of the Master of evil will find in Final Boss Veigar a nice option. The skin is all around well done but struggles to make it all work together into greatness. Still, it’s the most elaborate and, maybe, charming skin that Veigar has available.

With only some extra work Omega Squad Veigar can compete at the legendary level. The skin has an interesting model with good support of particles and sounds, appealing animations and expressive eyes for many actions. Except for an ultimate with personality issues this is a skin that builds up a distinct identity that doesn’t let down. Anyone that likes good skins and the Master of Evil should very well consider Omega Squad Veigar.

The remaining options aren’t spectacular but have something to offer. Leprechaun Veigar may be a seasonal option and Veigar Greybeard a welcome reference, yet they aren’t remarkable otherwise. Baron Von Veigar is conceptually appealing but as a mere re-model it’s just not enough for its price. Finally, White Mage Veigar is a re-colour that is as unimaginative as it looks.

  68 Responses to “League of Legends: Veigar Skins’ Review”

  1. hello its me Joe again and I have a question. why is bad Santa veigar not a 5? he has changes in almost everything from his recall to his q, the simplicity of this skin is what makes it so great. his laugh/taunt may not have been changed but I feel as if veigar just fits into the role as Santa, to say “there’s still a cosmic mage under all the Santa paraphernalia.” is like saying a cookie tastes the same as a cracker. they may look the same but they have a different taste.

    • Technically, Bad Santa Veigar has additions in all departments so it should be a good skin. The problem is that the additions are placed on top of cosmic magic. It makes sense that Veigar would be somewhat noticeable under the Santa outfit but sometimes it’s too obvious and even detracts from the fantasy.

      We understand your point of view and to an extent you are right: you can’t simply erase Veigar and replace him with Santa. However, the we feel that the changes aren’t as finely done as in other cases where they seem more fluid and natural. It may be a matter of perception but we think it’s relevant enough.

      • why is final boss veigar ot a 5? its one of the best skins for veigar

        • Firstly, the price is quite an obstacle. Secondly, what the skin offers is good but the features are uneven and don’t add up well. As a legendary skin there should be more consistency and the theme should be more satisfyingly implemented. For instance, Primordial Burst should be a striking explosion of pixels but instead lacks impact.

          The skin is good but it doesn’t justify the high price as well as it could. Perhaps what’s worse is how close it actually is to being great but the issues add up and detract from the proposed fantasy.

  2. There is a spelling mistake at Suberb Villian Viegar.
    Splash Art, 3 row it says “Veigarfs”

  3. Zero, what are you thoughts on the upcoming Legendary skin Final Boss Veigar? I used to play Veigar a lot in season 3 and now i want to play him again and buy the skin because it looks very fun and satisfying. The thing i love most is the rayman reference when he moves his hands 360 and also the floating hands/legs.

    • We think it’s a good skin and we agree that it appears to be a nice option for Veigar as he’s rather fun to play with. The Rayman style is quite nice, in fact, the model seems to be the strongest point of the skin. The particles are a bit uneven, the sounds are good but the animations don’t stand out; except for the emotes.

      In particular there’s a certain clash of styles between the 8-bit or 16-bit aesthetic and the matrix reference. This is especially notable between the visuals of Baleful Strike and the other abilities. Also the tone of the voice-over is annoying and the usual quotes don’t impress much; just the usual evil stuff.

      Some good additions would be to make Baleful Strike gain in power, visually and aurally, as Veigar gets AP through kills. Also, the visuals should follow the matrix style used for the other abilities as it seems disconnected. Still, the matrix style seems forced onto the pixellated visuals.

      In addition to this, the skin seems to lack something that really impresses. Something that becomes the iconic characteristic of the skin. It could be an impressive ultimate, like Infernal Nasus or Eternum Nocturne, or eye-catching animations, like Zombie Brand or Super Galaxy Rumble. The model is very good but not something really striking.

      In general, it’s a nice skin but after the great first impression it lacks something special besides the model.

      • I think they wanted Baleful Strike to be a reference to a game( don’t know which one). I don’t really like Baleful Strike but i just love the skin even if it has flaws and that is the important thing. I also like his voice he’s annoying like me.

        • I never got to say thank you for all the reviews, the work you do, and the feedback you give. So thank you very much!

        • A reference to a specific game would explain the look of Baleful Strike but it still would feel disconnected from the aesthetic of the other abilities; even the auto-attack, which looks more impactful.

          We agree that the skin is charming despite its problems. However, there are problems that can be fixed before release. The skin has the potential to be better the thing is whether it’ll stay as it is or if it’ll be further modified.

          With regards to the voice, some audio engineering magic could give it a more appealing tone without grating one’s patience. Besides, it’s not as if the quotes go in tandem with the annoyance. Not that he says anything that special either; from what’ve we’ve heard.

          • I have to strongly disagree here. The voice over is the main charm of the skin in my opinion and I really do not see how you find it annoying. It truly feels like playing the final boss in an old classical video game. Almost every voice line the skin has is taken from memorable games, and it just cannot get stale for me even if I haven’t played every single one of the games he is referencing.

            Additionally, your idea for an evolving Q particle sounds really satisfying but likely only of an ultimate skin, seeing as how previously released legendary skins do not offer this with the exception of some things like Super Galaxy Rumble’s E in danger zone, for which there is a perfectly logical reason to have a changed particle.

            These are just my thoughts on the skin. I personally love it and would easily put in at my top 3 skins along with Blackfrost Anivia and Haunted Zyra.

          • References and their value can be a rather personal subject as games can feel special for different reasons. Each person’s memory about a certain ‘Would you kindly?’ can vary greatly. It may also be that we lack gaming knowledge or we don’t find the references that significant.
            Nevertheless, the main problem with the voice-over is the tone. The quotes may not be fantastic but they certainly aren’t bad at all.

            We don’t think that the skin is worse because Baleful Strike doesn’t evolve, it’s simply a missed opportunity. The real issue is that it’s an ability that looks and feels weak even though it’s the one he usually uses the most due to the low cooldown.

            As always it all comes down to personal preference. It’s a skin with a distinct identity and some people will appreciate it more than others. We take that into consideration but also the technical merits of a skin. If it were a cheaper skin we wouldn’t mind as much about its missteps. However, it’s a legendary skin so if it wants to be special then it has to be in every way.

  4. What do you think about Final Boss Veigar. Is it worth the 1820 price point?

    • Looks good and could be a fine legendary skin. From what we’ve seen the model is interesting the particles are good, though Baleful Strike looks weak and unfitting, the sounds are alright, the voice-over a bit grating but acceptable and the animations ordinary; emotes aside.

      A good touch would be to make Baleful Strike gain power in visuals and sound as Veigar gets more AP with kills. The matrix visuals also seem somwhat forced onto the low-bit style as they seem to be in opposite ends of the visual quality spectrum.

      Overall, it seems like a nice skin but nothing revolutionary.

      • After playing Final Boss Veigar today I can say that its totally worth it if your into the retro arcade games. His q has new effects and every time you get the ap bonus a little d&d +1 pixel sword appears over your head. His w is albeit lackluster but it fits well with the theme. His e throws time delayed random tetris pieces down, which I had to watch for a few times to realise that everytime the piece is different. And his ult throws a giant pixalated cube at the enemy champ.

        His emotes are priceless and his recall animation is epic but only if your a retro gamer.

        • You could say that it embodies the spirit of retro gaming but as it’s now a rather ample theme it covers a lot and so it spreads its resources a bit thin. In other words, Final Boss Veigar is full of gaming referenes but it can feel like a pastiche where a lot was thrown in and then made to fit somehow.

          Also, his emotes are nice but it seems like some more work could’ve been given to his ability animations; among other things.

          • Not sure if you noticed, but I believe the R on Final Boss gains in size with the amount of AP you have

          • If there is a difference it’s particularly subtle. We checked when just getting Primordial Burst versus using it with over 1000 AP and they look rather similar; not to say identical. If you have a video to show us the difference we’ll be grateful.

          • https://youtu.be/oyjBAvBR97w I think it’s noticeable here.

          • Well, it’s not the difference we were expecting; it’s indeed somewhat subtle unless you have a ridiculous amount of AP. Still, it’s something worth noting, thanks for the video.

            Is it possible that Primordial Burst’s size change related to AP also applies to Classic Veigar, and so, the rest of the skins? The ability was changed to take into account missing health instead of enemy AP so that could’ve also been the time when the size modification was added. Just wondering if it’s exclusive to Final Boss Veigar.

          • I am not sure about that since I haven’t played vinegar for quite some time.

          • It’s understandable, he’s a rather bitter champion. We”ll see if we can find some information about it. Thanks for the notice.

  5. Final boss Veigar is live, can’t wait for a review!

  6. Hi,

    I am interested in how you think Final Boss compares to Bad Santa.

    I have been toying with the idea of buying final boss, but every time I look at it, I can’t help but feel that
    1) Bad Santa does similar things with ability reworks and
    2) Final Boss’s W is a lot easier to see incoming during the delay than any other skin’s Dark Matter.

    Do you think that works against him as a skin to take into ranked (where I play most of my games)?

    Also, just want to say, I treat your website like my Skin Review Bible, and everything I buy/am gifted is compared straight away to your opinion <3 (Since this is my 1st post in 9 months of using the website)

    (And I think the only thing I disagree on is Imperial Lux. The skin has charm because it gives a different feel to normal lux 😀 )

    Thanks, and keep up the great work.
    dM Arachne

    • We are glad you find the site useful.

      We agree that Bad Santa Veigar is a skin that, in practice, provides as much as Final Boss but with another theme. Both have new particles and sounds with their ups and downs. Besides, the animations of Final Boss’ abilities don’t really stand out so that’s not really an advantage. Truth be told, if you like the Christmas concept Bad Santa is a rather satisfying skin and for half as much.

      We can’t really say if Dark Matter is easier to see or not as it may depend on each person. Usually, there’s a lot of grass so a green-like particle should be more difficult to see. However, the way the effect is displayed also matters. It’s possible that it could make a difference but chances are that at a competitive level people would be prepared. Regardless, every little bit counts so we understand the issue.

      There’s no problem in disagreeing, we merely give our opinion and advice. With regards to Imperial Lux it’s not the idea or feel that we have a problem with but the execution. As an army skin it’s not bad but it has some quirks that don’t convince. Still, we think it’s a good skin but it needs some extra polish to be great.

      We’ll certainly keep working hard.

  7. Veigar is based on the Black Mage from the Final Fantasy series, and the White Mage Veigar skin is based on Final Fantasy’s White Mage as well. Knowing this, the white mage skin should be rated higher, as it is not a simple recolor of Veigar.

    • From the point of view of the concept that is correct. However, from the point of view of the implementation White Mage Veigar is, strictly speaking, just a re-colour of Classic Veigar. The intentions behind the skin might be good but the real product isn’t particularly intersting. Especially considering, that in Final Fantasy white mages look like humans wearing a white robe decorated with red. Whereas, White Mage Veigar would be a black mage dressed in white and red.

      • have you played the final fantasy games? white mage looks the same in game as the white mage in final fantasy. it at LEAST deserves mention, since you mentioned the greybeard reference.

        • We did check online for information of the classic white mage look. We agree that black mages look a lot like Veigar but, from what we found, white mages aren’t so similar. If you have more information we’d appreciate it. If we are omiting a reference we would like to correct it.

  8. Why does the Splash Art section of the Final Boss skin mention that the blocks are yellow? They are clearly green.

  9. Hi,

    Why is White Mage Veigar so poorly rated when Assassin Master Yi is the same price, also a recolour, except it is rated 5 stars?


    • Assassin Master Yi used to be a mere re-colour but after the visual upgrade it became more than that. That’s the main reason why it receives a good rating. Hopefully, a visual upgrade would make White Mage Veigar, and the other skins, much better than they currently are.

  10. Leprechaun Veigar also has clover particles rotating around him for a short time every time he gains AP through Baleful Strike.

  11. pointing out the lord of the rings reference as a plus for graybeard viegar but not pointing the final fantasy reference for white mage. tsk tsk. it’s the only reason i bought the skin over the final boss skin, which is pretty great (i like the color/particle changes). white mage just comes with too much reminiscence not to pick up

    • That’s a valid point to make a purchase. However, we fail to see the similarity beyond the colours. Veigar might be a black mage escaped from Final Fantasy but as a white mage we don’t see that much in common. If you have more information we’d appreciate it. We wouldn’t like to omit a clear reference; it’s just that we don’t clearly see it.

  12. Okay so I bought Veigar because I needed Goth Annie and he was in the bundle. I have skins for all my champions and feel incredibly uncomfortable and flat out refuse to use the ones I don’t have a skin for.

    I’m wondering between 3 of the skins: Final Boss, Bad Santa and Greybeard

    Final Boss: Pros – stunning visuals; fantastic execution; I’m a huge fan of retro games; I own all the Arcade skins and only this remains for my collection. Cons – expensive; I don’t play Veigar all that much to spend so much rp on it

    Bad Santa: Pros – particles are quaint but appealing; I like the whole ice/Christmas aesthetic; splendid execution. Cons – I have to wait until the next Snowdown to get it; It’s a seasonal skin which would feel weird to use in summer; The particles are mixed with the classic ones and kind of clash

    Greybeard: Pros – The model I find really pretty which looks really nice in-game; I’m a huge LotR fan; It can go on sale; Cons – too expensive for just a remodel; the purple of the classic particles doesn’t suit the cool calm colours of Gandalf

    So yeah, please help me. Your opinion really helps me to spend my money wisely (or relatively wisely as one would question whether having at least 1 skin for each champion is “spending your money wisely”)

    • Hope you enjoy Goth Annie. Keep in mind that there are some nice classic skins so it’s not as if you won’t look good while using a champion if you don’t have a skin for them. Everything within measure. With Veigar we’d recommend you consider Superb Villian; specifically on sale. It’s not the best skin, technically speaking, but it has a charming style that perfectly suits the Master of Evil.

      Final Boss is certainly for fans. If you won’t play a lot of Veigar then a legandary skin is excessive. Bad Santa is a possibility and, while a bit weird, isn’t that bad outside of Snowdown; as it’s a joke skin. Still, if it’ll be your only skin for Veigar you’ll have to consider whether a joke is enough or if you prefer something that better represents his persona.

      Greybeard is a simple skin so if you get it there’ll only be model changes. The idea behind the skin is good but the execution is simplistic. Thus, all skins have their advantages and disadvantages but if you won’t be playing a lot of Veigar then you should try to spend as little as possible.

      With that in mind we can discard Final Boss. Then we have to consider if 975 RP is too much, so Bad Santa would be out of the question, and if 487 or 375 is reasonable; for a sale on Superb Villian or Greybeard.

      Don’t forget to consider which theme you like the most as that can be a good argument to spend more or less. A final option is to wait for a new Veigar skin. There’s a lot of uncertainty in that option and probably a long wait. A new skin could be great or it could be just alright but it’s always an option.

      Finally, don’t rush your decision. There’s time until a sale and Snowdown so better to think it over a few times and try to make the best decision. If you are going to get a skin then it should be one that you’ll enjoy.

  13. I noticed that Pulsefire Ezreal’s Particles section mentions new particles for enemy deaths, but you missed mentioning this on the same section for Final Boss Veigar. It is only for his Beleful Strike on minions and creeps (excluding Baron Nashor and the Dragon) but I think it still deserves a mention as it is such a great touch to the skin and brings quite a lot of nostalgia.

  14. Leprechaun is in a “weird stance like he’s falling over”?
    He’s jumping and clicking his heels. It’s a very leprechaun thing to do.

    • We agree that jumping and heel clicking is a very leprechaun thing to do. However, the depiction isn’t as clear as it could be. He’s rather close to the ground and can even seem to be laying on the grass. The idea isn’t bad but we find issue with how it’s presented.

  15. In Final Boss Veigar, he sais “My power level is over NINE THOUSAND!” When he gets 1000+ AP. Idk if you would want to include that as a new sound when reaching ceratin amounts of AP or if it falls under emotes.

    Also I am very surprised you rated it a 3 star. I purchased this skin a few days ago and am very impressed with it. The theme matches so well in my opinion and the outstanding sounds along with fantastic particle display are the cherry on top. I even like it more than dunkmaster darius, which I have owned for sometime now. Thoughts?

    • According to the LoL Wiki, that line corresponds to buying Rabadon’s Deathcap; presumedly, regardless of how much AP he has. We checked some videos and couldn’t notice any quote when he goes over 1000 AP. Thanks for the information though.

      We find the particles a bit uneven and, at worst, underwhelming. Also, the abilities animations are too similar to classic. In particular, Baleful Strike disappoints and could’ve benefitted from some extra effects as AP goes up; it’s a legendary skin after all. We like the model a lot and there are many good touches but we don’t find it adding up as well as it should. With regards to Dunkmaster Darius we think it’s more cohesive even if it’s also more even.

      In other words, Final Boss Veigar has some nice high points but also some low points. Whereas, Dunkmaster Darius may not impress as much but doesn’t let down in areas as Final Boss does. It’s just one way of looking at skins. You are welcome to disagree and we are glad that you enjoy the skin. We may change our mind eventually, especially if an update adds some work to the skin. It’s only our view on the skin and we only hope the reviews help on making an educated decision when purchasing. We can disagree but what really matters is that you enjoy what you buy.

  16. I think your review of the Final Boss Veigar skin was excellent on the whole, but there were a few points you made which I would respectfully disagree with.

    1. You make the valid point that having changing particle effects on baleful strike to match Veigar’s increasing AP would be a very nice touch, but I don’t understand why you would downgrade the skin based on that. Just because a concept is cool does not mean that it is somehow an obligatory part of the skin. After all, the base Veigar skin does not have this effect. In fact, no champions that I can think of have a comparable effect, so I would by no means consider it an obvious omission by the skin designers.

    2. You criticize the skin for having a grating voice-over, but I consider the voice-over considerably less grating than the original Veigar. It is largely a matter of opinion, of course, and so I don’t think it should fairly be considered a flaw of the skin. I would only consider it a flaw if the voice-over was drastically different than the original voice-over for no clear reason, thus losing the identity of the original character. This is clearly not the case here, however.

    Overall, I agree that a legendary skin needs more creativity and wow-factor to be considered 5 star, but I would say this easily reaches the four star mark. The skin has no breaking flaws that I can see, and the effort the designers put into it is very evident. It is extremely satisfying to play with as well, and it provides a very different experience than the original skin–the new particle effects, the new lines, the new sound effects, and even the new movement animation makes the player feel like the all-powerful mage that the vanilla Veigar imagines himself as.

    • We understand your point of view but, actually, neither of those arguments really affected the rating. We are very much aware that we have to review a skin for what it is and not for what it could be. At any rate, our statement is simply a way of making explicit how the skin could be better. We think that Final Boss Veigar, as a legendary skin, could’ve very well started with a disapointing Baleful Strike but that it would’ve been great if it evolved into something more impactful. It’s his more used tool after all.

      However, the real problem is that Baleful Strike is simplistic even considering the pixellated look. We just find it underwhelming and the evolution of the ability is an example of how it could’ve been improved. We don’t consider the lack of evolution in the skill an omission that degrades the skin but an option that would’ve helped the skin in its present form. That is, building on what is already there.

      With regards to the voice-over, we like the several references and the quotes and that’s a high point of the skin. We did find the tone a bit annoying but, as we mention, that may not be a problem for everyone. Given that, we took it as a neutral addition: not substracting yet not adding to the skin either. The new quotes did add to the skin so that was taken into account.

      Another aspect that we take into account is the new animations. Legendary skins, a few 1350 RP skins and a select 975 RP skins add new animations which means that it’s something valuable that isn’t always done. On top of that, they can add a lot to the identitiy of a skin like Muay Thai Lee Sin demonstrates. With regards to Final Boss abilities’ we find that they only look and sound retro but the animations add nothing to them. Surely, the retro style is conveyed but a legendary skin has to go beyond getting the message across: it has to impress.

      We undestand that you may like the skin and we do consider Final boss a good legendary. We just don’t think it’s great. More cohesion is necessary to make the whole retro experience more consistent to truly reach greatness. We may disagree in this regard and that’s just our point of view. Our main aim is to guide in the purchase and provide advice. At the very least, we hope that the reviews are helpful in making informed decisions.

  17. I get that final boss veigar’s baleful strike does not look impressive on it’s own, however when killing a unit with it you get the little power up animation and sound effect. To me this is what makes the the ability fun to use with the final boss skin (since you use q a majority of the time to farm and get those stacks). Also I find the flow of final boss’s auto attack animation very smooth and much easier to animation cancel than his standard auto attack. This is a big reason I enjoy this skin (in addition to the homage to classic video games), and it is also something that I dislike about other skins, in particular white mage which has the classic auto attack. A good/bad auto attack animation is often underestimated when determining to play a champion (Annie for instance has a terrible auto attack animation), and I wish more skins took auto attack animation into consideration.

    • We agree that animations should effortlessly flow into each other. In fact, we found that the auto-attack animation was a feature to be highlighted in the review of Final Boss Veigar. We did take into consideration Baleful Strike’s power-up effects and still find the ability underwhelming being one, if not the one, core weapon at Veigar’s disposal. We understand that it’s not terrible by any means but as a legendary skin much more is expected. It’s good but there’s ample room to make the ability more interesting and attractive.

      We wouldn’t be so ready to speak ill of little Annie. Remember Tibbers…

  18. Zero,pleas review the omega squad skins.I really need your opinions.

  19. Damn, that Omega Squad Veigar Ult is so bad… I just don’t get it

    • Neither do we, it’s not even clear what he’s doing. For a skin that bases abilities on technology shooting a burst of energy from the hands seems weird. At least, Baleful Strike can excuse the discharge as part of the energy that powers the mechanical hand. With Primordial Burst it’s something puzzling.

  20. Leprechaun Veigar is not falling over. He is doing a stereotypical heel click. It is a play the leprechaun theme. Good job not catching that one.

    • In our opinion he barely gives the impression of being clicking his heels. That’s why we mention that it seems a strange stance. Not at all, thanks for the sarcasm.

  21. I just got Bad Santa Veigar in Your Shop for 585 RP.
    Yay or nay?

    • Legacy skins seldom go on sale so 585 RP for Bad Santa Veigar is a rather nice price; better than you could get in a bundle of legacy Snowdown skins, at least so far. The skin is rather nice for what it intends to do. Given that a discount on it won’t be easy to find, if you like the skin and play Veigar, then it’s a good option.

  22. Final Boss Veigar or Omega Squad Veigar on a discount?

    • Ideally, Omega Squad Veigar on a regular sale but if you don’t want to wait the early sale is a good option to save some RP. Final Boss Veigar is a charming skin but doesn’t do enough that truly feels special. That’s not the case with OSV. Disappointing ultimate aside, OSV is a skin with many interesting additions that add up to make the skin stand out.

  23. Choice of chroma on Omega Squad Veigar, please?

    • They are all rather similar to be fair but we like the one with blue eyes, Catseye, as the eyes are relevant feature of the skin. That aside, chromas with colours that stand apart from the base are more interesting. The lighter colours of Sapphire for instance but the eyes are just as yellow as the base. The red eyes of Tanzanite are good but subtler than Catseye’s. Besides, the dark clothing is close to the base but it’s not a bad idea.

      To sum up, Catseye, Tanzanite and Sapphire are probably the order in which we would put them.

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