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League of Legends: Twitch Skins’ Review – StrategyZero
Feb 262013
Twitch, the Plague Rat
Twitch, the Plague Rat

Twitch, the Plague Rat has few skins available, as most of them have been buried in the history of League of Legends. From the two at hand we find wildly different concepts: a steam-punk and a Chicago gangster. Are there any good choices to spread venom in style? There’s no need to spray and pray, just check his skins’ review and go Rat-Ta-Tat-Tat.

Kingpin Twitch
Kingpin Twitch Splash Art Kingpin Twitch Model
Category: Legacy
Price: 520 RP
Concept: A well dressed and groomed Twitch wearing an eye-patch and wielding a costly crossbow.
Model: Major model changes for Twitch, new model for his crossbow and arrows.
Particles: New projectile for Venom Cask.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: This piece is a mess: the background is missing and the portrayal hardly useful. Twitch is crudely depicted, to the point that he looks made out of polygons, and the colours lack contrast to easily appreciate details. Moreover, significant features like his dark coat and eye-patch are either difficult to distinguish or just absent. Still, it’s all understandable when we realize that it’s simply a re-colour of Twitch’s former classic splash art. In conclusion, a terrible spotlight that isn’t even useful.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Kingpin Twitch proposes the idea of a criminal chief but that’s not something that can be clearly seen. Twitch is well dressed with rich clothing over clean combed fur. The crossbow’s design also speaks of a good weapon made by a professional. The eye-patch seems to hint at the price of all this: unsavoury activities. Regardless, the criminal aspect is, at best, thinly suggested. That’s not to say that the skin doesn’t look good as it provides a cleaner aspect based on his classic style. At this price, the skin is well worth considering for fans of Twitch but it still feels simplistic.

Whistler Village Twitch
Whistler Village Twitch Splash Art Whistler Village Twitch Model
Category: Legacy
Price: 520 RP
Concept: Twitch as a white rat with colourful clothing.
Model: Major model changes for Twitch, new model for his crossbow and arrows.
Particles: New projectile for Venom Cask.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: The background is a messy suggestion for a snow storm that has been used in other splash arts; including the banners. Twitch looks like a screenshot of his polygonal model with some shading applied over. His look is clearly visible but nonetheless disappointing. In the end, it’s a passable splash art but in dire need of a replacement.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Whistler Village Twitch feels like a cross between Classic and Kingpin. The base is clearly that of his classic self with additional new clothes, like shoes, as well as a design for his crossbow that is clearly borrowed from Kingpin. The result isn’t as distinct and clear as that of Kingpin, as it treads closer to Classic, despite the light-coloured fur. To be fair, it seems like a pastiche of two skins with only the fur colour as its unique trait. For the price is not a bad choice but you have to accept its nature as a mishmash.

Medieval Twitch
Medieval Twitch Splash Art Medieval Twitch Model
Category: Exclusive (Refer a Friend reward)
Price: Not Applicable
Concept: Twitch as an armoured arbalest.
Model: Major model changes for Twitch, new model for his crossbow and arrows.
Particles: New projectile for Venom Cask.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: On the left we find only a black patch of nothingness; not even filler. On the right we find Twitch and some filler behind him and a place to stand. The platform could be interpreted as a balcony or tower top but nothing is clear. Twitch’s depiction is the very definition of uneven: parts of the metal are very nicely shaded to demonstrate its unpolished surface yet the rest is particularly sketchy and drab. All in all, this is a splash art that has only a few instances of good quality but isn’t very good overall.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: For an armoured arbalest, Medieval Twitch fits the bill yet feels incomplete. It’s not that the skin isn’t clear as there’s an oppressive helmet that certainly stands out. Besides, there’s additional though sparse armour like the right gauntlet. Nonetheless, as far as armour is concerned it seems inexplicably unevenly worn. The small quiver on his back with additional bolts is a good touch but again leaves a mixed feeling as the tips impractically point outwards. What is a definite highlight is the repeating recurve crossbow wielded by Twitch. The clear yet small magazine coupled with the carved limb provide a unique design; though the magazine is quite stylized, only revealing three extra bolts that are smaller than the one loaded. All in all, Medieval Twitch is an uneven skin with an interesting idea that is salvaged by the attractive crossbow. If you can get the skin, it’s worth using it but doesn’t feel like it’s worth going to great lengths to get.

Gangster Twitch
Gangster Twitch Splash Art Gangster Twitch Model
Category: Regular
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Twitch as a member of the Chicago Outfit.
Model: Major model changes for Twitch and new model for his crossbow.
Particles: New bullets for his auto-attack and new projectile for Venom Cask.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: New machine gun sound for his auto-attack.
Splash Art: Patch of black on the left, action on the right: an easy composition for a piece. The background lets a car appear among its own light while Twitch climbs onto another. As a setting it shows something but tells nothing. At least Twitch’s demented stare displays how much he enjoys his job. Besides that not much is actually good: his body is stubby, even for his proportions, and the shading too murky. Even the perspective shows issues, for instance the machine gun’s muzzle appears too short as if the weapon was compressed. Additionally, the coins flying behind Twitch seem like a random addition that doesn’t make much sense. In general, it’s a piece that tries to show some mafia activity but ends up as a barely acceptable portrayal.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: When the time comes to display a refined Twitch there’s no better option than his Gangster outfit. Undoubtedly, Gangster Twitch provides elegance and style to the Plague Rat. The stripped suit is both sober and classy and the accompanying formal clothing is a good match. The shoes and fedora hat match the black and white scheme and the smooth leather gloves put the final sleek touch. The belt presumably carrying alcoholic drinks is a bit strange but not an issue as it’s a reasonable disguise for his venom. What is perplexing is the Thompson submachine gun with its overly streamlined design. Not only does it look small but also the drum magazine is ridiculously tiny. On top of that, the gun is held by the stock instead of the pistol grip; which makes reaching the trigger very impractical. To be fair, it seems more of a toy than a real firearm. On the whole, Gangster Twitch provides the look of a collected professional with a decidedly caricturesque feel. If you can excuse the skin’s flaws you’ll find it a satisfying even if a bit overpriced option.

Vandal Twitch
Vandal Twitch Splash Art Vandal Twitch Model
Category: Legacy
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Twitch as a punk gang member.
Model: Moderate model changes for Twitch and new model for his crossbow.
Particles: New slugs for his auto-attack and new projectile for Venom Cask.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: New shotgun sound for his auto-attack.
Splash Art: The walls that frame this piece may have interesting anarchic messages, as well as Twitch’s self-portrait, but the quality is so low that it feels like a draft. Twitch looks better but only his upper body as the bottom is sketchy and drab. The depiction shows fuzzy fur and detailed elements, with dents and reflections, but also muddy pelage and flat gear. The shotgun looks alright, as its surface is well shaded, but appears a bit murky. In general, the whole of the piece has a certain messy style that suits the Vandals style but that doesn’t work to represent the gang mood or look.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Vandal Twitch embraces the punk aesthetic and incorporates a mohawk plus some beard as well as multiple earrings along spikes. The chosen clothes are unsurprising but with some good touches like the open belt and Deadly Venom logo on the jacket’s right arm. The chain holding molotov cocktails is also a fine addition. Therefore, all the visual aggressiveness makes Twitch look feral and dangerous. This contrasts with the lean design of his steam-punk shotgun though its effectiveness could be reason enough. All things considered, Vandal Twitch succeeds at showing a dangerously mad punk with a serious tendency to inflict harm. Fans of Twitch will find it a good option for releasing the Plague Rat’s pent-up violence. Yet, keep in mind that it’s a bit expensive considering the modesty of its changes.

Pickpocket Twitch
Pickpocket Twitch Splash Art Pickpocket Twitch Model
Category: Regular
Price: 750 RP
Concept: Twitch as a racoon thief.
Model: New model for Twitch and his crossbow.
Particles: New projectile for Venom Cask.
Animations: Adapted taunt animation.
Sounds: New sounds for his auto-attack and joke.
Splash Art: With an explosion, two figures leave behind a tall building that rivals the might of the zeppelin nearby; over an old house. Sadly, the intense fog in the background doesn’t let many details to surface. Evelynn and Twitch fall in their escape and one can only hope that they have a firm grasp on the single rope that seems to be their only salvation from gravity’s power. For a safecracker it appears like a dramatic but reasonable situation to be in. However, for a pickpocket it seems way out of his league.
Drama aside both their appearances are clear and well shaded; they even manage to escape from the fog, for the most part. The composition places Evelynn as the central figure and Twitch as the sidekick yet both appear relevant and interesting.
In the end, it’s not a bad example of how to share a piece between two characters. It prevents the focus to be placed on a single figure yet their teamwork manages to provide the piece with a unique identity.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: On paper, the idea of thief Twitch, imprecise name aside, is rather good as it suits his persona quite well. Unfortunately, Pickpocket Twitch is simply unable to hide the forced implementation of the concept. There are good things like the appealing raccoon model which allows Twitch to mix both his cute and threatening sides. He appears as an able cartoon delinquent that is as prone to be playful as he is to be stealing.
However, the blank eyes disrupt that idea. They make him look feral and completely out of his mind. They add a sense of danger that tip the balance and so they clash with the remaining cuteness. On top of that, the oversized revolver has trouble fitting. It just seems preposterous in size but more than anything in the usage it receives: Twitch gives the impression of having trouble managing such a weapon and clumsily uses and carries it. The final nail in the coffin is the presence of reasonable bullet sounds that aren’t mirrored by the visuals. The suggested bullets are clearly visible as arrows and the inconsistency is evident.
Therefore, Pickpocket Twitch is a skin with an attractive concept that isn’t exploited appropriately by the execution. It still has a distinct style and a reasonable price but you’ll have to accept the many rough edges.

Samsung White Twitch
Samsung White Twitch Splash Art Samsung White Twitch Model
Category: Legacy
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Twtich wearing modern, casual clothing and gear.
Model: New model for Twitch and his crossbow.
Particles: New projectile for Venom Cask.
Animations: New recall animation.
Sounds: New sounds for his recall.
Splash Art: This is a straightforward splash art that sets out to portray the champions in a simple but dynamic way. It’s effective but that’s all that can be said about it. The background is, apparently, a patch of sky mixed with Samsung White’s logo. The logo is understandable but it receives too much emphasis, mainly because there’s no setting.
The champions all appear in daring action but they are only posing. Their stances hardly tell anything related to their personalities and merely appear for show. They seem to share the piece with unequal levels of importance though they all have their place. That means that for some it’s easier to get an idea of their new look than it is for others.
All things considered, this is the corollary of what previous shared splash arts have announced. This minimalist or even simplistic approach manages to present the champions in their new look with uneven success. It may be a serviceable splash art but it’s also plain.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Samsung White Twitch is definitely a niche skin. Not only is it targeted at tournament followers but it also specifically pays tribute to a player from SSW: Imp. As such, the appeal of the skin is quite restricted and many won’t understand or care for the reference.
If, instead, we take the skin as a modern rat the result is acceptable even if unimpressive. The clothes follow Twitch’s style, the crossbow looks modern and there’s some contemporary gear but we have to stop here. That’s what the skin does which is adequate but nothing beyond that. In fact, that’s as far as the skin wants to go. There’s also the new recall but if you aren’t a fan of Imp then it won’t mean much nor make any sense.
Therefore, for all intents and purposes Samsung White Twitch is a re-model with a price that is a bit too high for what it offers. It’s not just the absence of further additions but also that the theme’s implementation is limited. It’s a tournament skin and doesn’t go beyond it but what’s worse it’s that it feel like a re-model with just a recall to justify its 975 RP price. This makes it a skin that lacks appeal yet asks for too much.

Omega Squad Twitch
Omega Squad Twitch Splash Art Omega Squad Twitch Model
Category: Regular
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Twitch as a covert ops commando.
Model: New model Twitch and his crossbow.
Particles: New particles for his abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Animations: New recall animation.
Sounds: New sounds for his abilities, auto-attack and recall plus processed voice-over.
Splash Art: A dark forest with little detail is only a setting, one of many, where missions have been carried with great expertise. The soldier in the back has a face that says that he’s new to this kind of activities and that his landing won’t be as subtle as it’s probably required. To take a picture at such a time seems unusual, unless it’s training, as things seem like they could get ugly at any moment. That could explain the tension in Twitch’s face.
Although his fur looks cartoony, his equipment can look photorealistic; except on the back. Lighting, in the central area around his head, is, simply put, wonderful. The quality of details in the shading is enchanting. Sadly, that isn’t homogeneous across the entire portrayal. The legs start to show diminished quality as does the tail. Even though his machine gun isn’t entirely visible it’s clear that it’s not his only recourse. Ready to lob a grenade with safety pin on the air Twitch’s focus is enviable. Perhaps it’s a great example to one that has yet to learn the ropes; almost literally in this case.
All added together, this is a splash art that disappoints with a jungle of little relevance and visual splendour. It only matters that there’s a newbie and a veteran each with diametrically opposite attitudes frozen in an old photo. It’s not a bad moment to capture if it’s training but it seems a bit of a forced spotlight more than a naturally taken photograph of an ally and friend that is no longer around.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: It could be said that Omega Squad Twitch pays homage, as faithfully as a mutated rat can, to Sam Fisher. The night goggles, gas mask, silenced toxic rifle and impractical knife on tail are all, well mostly, trademarks of a covert operative. Of course, the look is stylised with long coat and casual clothing underneath; which would make sense in an urban environment. The long boots seem a little uncomfortable for a rat, though. The new silenced rifle is quite a piece of work with toxic ammo but the capability of shooting bullets as the recall shows. Grenades are also redesigned into something more modern but equally toxic.
Particles are quite interesting in terms of iconography but straightforward when it comes to effects. For example, Deadly Venom stacks display a rat head with accompanying gas mask. The simple yellow bursts that are the bullets in each auto-attack, however, are mostly unsurprising; though the sparks at the rifle’s muzzle are nice. Ambush has a new design on the camouflage outline and an attractive new glow for Twitch’s silhouette. On top of this the rifle’s toxic canisters glow and the weapon exhibits a laser sight as indication of the increased attack speed. Venom Cask throws a large grenade at the enemy with the consequent spill of toxic liquid. The biological hazard symbol and fumes on the ground make up the appealing personality of the ability. Contaminate is simple as Twitch merely throws knives at enemies with one hand; not the one on his tail. The knife glows and there’s a small puff of toxic smoke, that is all. Spray and Pray, fittingly, is appealing. Most of said appeal relies on the classic design which is dutifully respected. The smoking barrel of the gun is an excellent touch. The shot is just a large bullet that pierces enemies with expected sparks. It’s not bad but it’s not the additions that make the ultimate special.
Sounds range from the unrecognisable to the subtle. Ambush’s audio is identical except for the heartbeat while Twitch is in stealth. Auto-attacks sound like silenced shots and though Spray and Pray raises the volume and echo for them they still sound suitably subdued and a bit liquid in both cases; mostly the latter. Venom Casks sounds like an effervescent liquid, which is a great touch but Contaminate is merely a brief slash.
The recall animation does away with any subtlety. Perhaps Twitch has been holding it in till extraction to finally make a spectacle as he lights a flare, which only emits some smoke like the rifle in Spray and Pray, and proceeds to shoot into the air recklessly and without filter. An escape, fortunately, promptly arrives which he decides to celebrate with further rounds of shots. Truth be told, while it can be comical it also feels out of character for a covert operative.
All things considered, Omega Squad Twitch is an appealing but uneven skin. The model has attractive gear as well as conventional clothing. The particles are interesting in design but also straightforward in effects. Sounds follow suit with some distinct additions and other unimpressive ones. The recall, though eye-catching, can feel forced. This all leaves the Plague Rat with a skin that is good but should be better tailored to theme and champion alike.

Ice King Twitch
Ice King Twitch Splash Art Ice King Twitch Model
Category: Legacy
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Twitch as a traitorous monarch of ice.
Model: New model for Twitch and his crossbow.
Particles: New particles for his abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Animations: New recall animation.
Sounds: New sounds for his abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Splash Art: A city glowing under the intense lights visible through each window and covered by an thick mist, so much so that everything looks blurred out. Actually, it’s all too diffuse even to convey distance so that the potential richness of the city isn’t displayed. In fact, as the left area confirms, it seems like the background is a draft.
Twitch holds onto a sketchy dome and he doesn’t escape the feel of draft either. His arms and tail are a good example. It’s surprising, then, to find the fur of his body and ice legs looking almost photorealistic. His head stands in the middle with nice, soft shading that is rather dim but effective nonetheless. The uneven quality of the portrayal is evident. In spite of this, the menacing stance, evil features and detailed surfaces, where they are clear, make for an interesting portrayal.
All added together, this is a splash art with a weak context as the draft of a city seems to fill space more than support Twitch. His portrayal is clearly uneven and yet it manages to communicate a bit of his new personality as well as show his new look. The result is a piece that has potential but feels unfinished.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: In spite of the splash art’s problems the portrayal can be misleading about the actual look of Ice King Twitch. Whereas in two dimensions he can partially display a vibrant look in three dimensions he’s much more subdued and monochromatic. Light blue is the dominant colour and only the darker blue of his clothes and their gold lining disrupt the monotony. The idea of a King is given by the coat but the ice jaw is too subtle and there are no other clear indicators. The crossbow looks quite ceremonial and while it fits as a fantasy weapon it doesn’t indicate ice or royalty either.
Particles’ main feature is the large snowflakes left on the ground. There are also the small snowflakes surrounding blue trails characteristic of skins of this Snowdown. Trails are much less interesting than snowflakes and the icy feel isn’t felt in the rather generic trails. Deadly Venom stacks stand out by the colour mostly but the rat design is different, especially at max stacks, and the little snowflakes help. Ambush seems rather strangely adapted. Instead of Twitch adopting an icy transparency he simply leaves a snowflake on the ground and then employs the classic transparency but bluish, with snowflakes around. Unfortunately, the ice bubbles in venom cask leave a mixed feeling. There’s an effort made to make them fit the theme but they are evidently a classic remnant. Spray and Pray is a letdown. It relies too much on simple blue trails. The large impacts of snow help the ultimate feel interesting but such an ability deserves much more.
Sounds are too similar to each other. Most, if not all of them are high-pitched metallic clanks with small differences in tone between them. There’s consistency in the aural department but not an effective communication of the ice theme and, certainly, no individuality.
The new recall is a cartoony and not very convincing display of how evil Twitch is: an ice bust of the Poro King appears and he shoots it with a snowball, which isn’t part of his repertoire, leaving the poros frozen. It’s straightforward but assumes that you already know about the war between the Ice King and the Poro King. This makes the recall feel the lack of a supporting narrative. The evil laughter at the end is rather good, though.
On the whole, Ice King Twitch simply never focuses enough on its concept. The adaptation seems to follow the general guidelines of ice and royalty but with superficial brushstrokes. The result is clear: a skin that simply doesn’t embody its theme. There are a few exceptions of clarity but also repetition as the snowflakes is the only clear element. Truth be told, the idea is good and there’s an ice theme, even if weak, on Twitch but Ice King disappoints.


Twitch only has two available skins and the recommendation goes to Pickpocket Twitch. It’s an interesting option thanks to an attractive concept. The execution doesn’t make the most of it and exhibits some issues that aren’t always easy to ignore. Regardless, the charming racoon figure and reasonable price are eloquent enough.

An alternative worth considering is Gangster Twitch. This skin not only refines the Plague Rat’s look with a fine dose of elegance but it also integrates a fitting and appealing concept. However, its modifications aren’t as elaborate as newer offerings so it can’t completely justify its price.

The legacy Vandal Twitch is also a good option that isn’t as instantly appealing. The fearsome feral aspect of Twitch leaves no doubt about whether he’ll use his shotgun and is certainly distinct. Unfortunately, it’s a bit expensive for what it provides.

You may find Kingpin Twitch at a legacy sale but it’s not a skin to dwell over its unavailability. It does provide a cleaner look along an eye-patch but, for all intents and purposes, it’s the same old rat with just new clothing.

Samsung White Twitch is a skin for tournament fans or, more specifically, SSW fans. The Imp tribute makes the skin quite specific and unable to offer a broader alternative theme. It’s not a bad skin if you are a SSW fans but if you aren’t then it’s just expensive.

Omega Squad Twitch is a skin of highs and lows. In all areas there are features that stand out and others that just work. It’s a constant in the skin that prevents the theme from being fully realised and the champion from taking full advantage. While this doesn’t make the skin bad there’s much that isn’t as effective as it could be. Regardless, it’s an appealing even if expensive option.

Ice King Twitch is a skin that lack focus on its adaptation and so it ends up being quite superficial. Besides the snowflakes there isn’t a clear communication of the ice theme and the royalty aspect is barely expressed. The feel of the skin is that of a good idea that wasn’t well executed. There’s a weak ice theme to like in Ice King Twitch but the lack of focus is too evident.

  79 Responses to “League of Legends: Twitch Skins’ Review”

  1. I wish Medieval Twitch was more like the splash art :<

  2. Doesn’t gangster twitch have new particles for his AA?

  3. Hello, StrategyZero, I came here now to ask you your opinion about the reworked Twitch(even though he wasn’t released live). Also don’t you think that Kingpin Twitch will be the best Twitch skin for the reworked Twitch? Now I am sad i didn’t buy him back then.

    • The new Twitch looks nice but we’ll have to see how the rework turns out in the end. Kingpin Twitch was definitely a disappointing skin so you shouldn’t feel bad about it. The rework seems good but we’ve yet to see if there is a clear improvement. It seems to be the case, with respect to the old Twitch, but taking the new Classic Twitch as reference it looks like a moderate variation on his appearance.

      Additionally, it feels like an unconvincing argument to buy bad skins in the hopes that a visual upgrade will make them better. As evidenced by Blast Zone Heimerdinger, that’s not always the case so it’s better to play it safe. Besides, Kingpin Twitch is a legacy skin so chances are that it’ll return at the end-of-year Legacy Vault sale; like it did in 2012 and 2013. Also, a bundle including all skins when the rework is released is quite probable.

      On top of that, when it was retired it received a 75% discount reducing its price to 130 RP. However, as the normal price is low, 520 RP, the usual 50% discount will take it to 260 RP. It seems like a lot, as it is double the old sale price, but remember that it’s all rather cheap.

      It seems better to pay a bit more for something you are sure to enjoy than to bet on a possible improvement. After all, following that criterium you should’ve bought many if not all of the other retired skins and, actually, few have really become good enough to warrant regrets after their respective visual upgrades.

      • Hey strategyzero , what’s your opinion on the reworked Vandal Twitch?

        • It’s a bit more exaggerated than the former one, almost comically, but seems to fit the Vandal role. Seems good as long as you like the punk style though it doesn’t seem to try to make Twitch looks appealing but just tough.

  4. How do you think Mafia Twitch looks with the updated visuals, given that he’s on sale right now?

    • It’s a nice look that keeps all the style from the old Gangster Twitch. If you like it as it is now it shouldn’t disappoint after the visual upgrade. Still, the visual upgrade doesn’t seem to make any signifact improvements either. It’s good and will remain good but unless something else is added it doesn’t seem like it’ll be great.

  5. Can you update these for the VU? Most of the skins look drastically different now, in good and bad ways.

  6. Are u going to do a new skin review with his new VU going on

  7. With the new VU, the different twitch skins have different particles for his Venom cask (W) I believe.

    • We checked and didn’t notice anything different. Could you be more specific as to what changes? We’ll give it another look anyway.

      • I can get pictures later if you don’t see it, I am fairly certain after looking again though. I think you may have looked at the ground after the cask landed however (my bad for not being clear). The change I see is while the cask is traveling through the air to the target location, the different skins look to have different casks. Kingpins looks to be a bag of money, and mafia looks like a grenade.

        If you could give it another look that’d be great!

        • Interesting, they may be using some of the bottles and similar things that he carries in his belt; always present across skins. We’ll give it another look, even if it’s not very noticeable it’s worth pointing out; thanks.

  8. I got Whistler Village Twitch and High command katarina in 2 mystery gifts… Is this like… Horrible (Well in your opinion, my opinion I think I got really really really really bad skins xD)

    • We have to disagree as we don’t think those skins are bad. The visual upgrade improved Whistler Village Twitch to the point of being an acceptable product. It may not be impressive but it looks fine, which added to the fact that you paid a bit less for a legacy skin, doesn’t seem like something horrible.

      With regards to High Command Katarina, a sale would’ve allowed for a lower price but 490 RP seems reasonable. Still, it’s a good skin despite some flaws. On the whole, maybe you didn’t get any wonderful skins but we don’t think they are bad skins either.

  9. It looks like Kingpin Twitch and Medieval Twitch have same arrows as basic attacks but different than the Classic Twitch skin. Whistler Village Twitch also has new arrows.

    • You are right, good eye. Due to the particles they are barely perceptible but are there so we’ll add it to the review. Thanks for the information.

  10. Pickpocket twich also has new sound effects for his taunt. [Whichever one plays the violin] instead it makes a gun noise.

  11. I am so disappointed because they didn’t change the arrows to bullets on Pickpocket Twitch. Was it so hard to change it? Kingpin Twitch and Whistler Village Twitch are 520 and still have different arrows. I really really really don’t understand why they didn’t change the arrows to bullets.I am a bit angry.

    • Completely agreed, there’s no reason not to make the change. After all they could’ve reused assets from other skins to modify the auto-attack. Hopefully they’ll fix it but for now this is what we’ve got.

  12. Tnx for your reviews zero. i always look up this page whenever i have sudden urge to buy new and upcoming skins. Saved me a lot of money in the process. Keep em coming.

  13. I totally disagree that Pickpocket should get 3 stars in its rating.
    According to its price(750), its model is generally well made, it has new sound for Twitch’s joke which no other skin offered. Also the new auto-attack sound and the projectile for Venom Cask makes the skin a better cheap option with lots of changed stuff.

    I mean, if I’m welling to buy a Gangstar or Vandal Twitch, I would totally change my mind after releasing the Pickpocket one. Because simply it’s cheaper and offers almost the same changes as in Gangster or Vandal.

    What do you think?

    • You’re right, the model is quite well done and more elaborate than what Twitch’s 975 RP skins offer. We still find it disappointing that the projectiles shot from the revolver are bolts. Maybe we were too severe due to that inconsistency. Although, to be fair, they could’ve perfectly reused assets from another skin.

      In comparison with Gangster and Vandal we have to agree that Pickpocket offers almost as much and for less. It does have some flaws but the lower price should be taken into account too. At the very least, we should re-evaluate his skins after the inclusion of Pickpocket. As such a skin with only moderate model changes like Vandal should go down a star.

      Gangster is quite good too but in comparison it also should go down a star because it’s not even a full re-model and only has new auto-attack particles over Pickpocket. This makes Pickpocket the best skin and so it goes up a star.

      Thanks for putting things into context it’s helped re-analyse things and have more accurate reviews.

  14. While definitely not confirmed, it could be worth noting that Pickpocket Twitch could be directly influenced by Sly Cooper. The clothing colors are different, but they totally follow suit as both are gray pickpocketing racoons. They even wear the same kind of hat!

    Twitch is free right now and I’m gonna try him out and see if I like him. If I do, I’ll be using my excess IP to buy him and then nab this skin. For what I assume is a nod to one of my favorite video game characters, how can I say no??

    • Indeed, there’s a degree of similarity between the two; at least the racoon part is clear. It’s a big party of why Pickpocket Twitch is a rather nice skin for the rat also. You could wait to get it on sale but if you really like it the price isn’t as high as other skins.

  15. So many people seem to find the new SSW Twitch skin to be “cute”, but I personally find his face to be simply hideous. The recall seems to be inspired by the player the skin is made because, which I find stupid and preposterous. I am sorry for my harsh words, but I simply hate skins that are inspired so much by players. The previous years they made the skins to be inspired mainly by the team itself, but this year they specifically said themselves they made the skins based on the actual players. I highly disapprove of this, and in my opinion the SSW skin doesn’t deserve its 975 skin price, as Twitch has much better options available, including the Pickpocket Twitch which is even cheaper. His 520 skins also appeal more to me than the new one.

    • Twitch isn’t the only champion that has cheap skins that are more appealing that the more expensive ones. It’s disappointing to see that despite all the resources used they end up failing at delivering a theme better that a skin half their price. We haven’t seen too much of the SSW skins but we agree that team based skins haven’t been that exciting.

      Perhaps tournament fans will find something to like but as alternative looks they don’t usually realize their concept that well. Even if it just were a modern or futuristic version of the champion they tend to be rather shallow. We can only hope for the best but the PBE seldom surprises: what is there is probably what we’ll get.

  16. can u review the ssw skins?

  17. Pickpocket Twitch actually has a new taunt animation. He twirls his, umm, oversized revolver.

    • It’s not completely new but it adapts the taunt with some new animations to make it more sensible than it otherwise would be. Thanks for the notice, we’ll update the review.

      • Just found out that Twitch uses that adapted taunt animation if his skin wields firearms.

        • Makes sense, it keeps everything consistent without extra work. It was probably added to other skins once Pickpocket was released. We’ll check and update the review, thanks for the information.

  18. I really like the SSW twitch skin, I personally think it is one of his better skins but what is the price(the skin list says 750 yet here it is 975) and will it only be availiable at worlds series?

    • From what we recall it’s only available during the final days of each season when the final tournament takes place. As it’s not currently available we can’t check the price but if it ends up being lower we’ll update the review as necessary.

      We didn’t find SSW a skin that offered that much but that doesn’t mean that it has nothing to offer or that you shouldn’t like it. It’s a skin that has some specific features that you can perfectly enjoy. We think the skin should’ve tried harder; especially at 975 RP. If the price ends up being lower we may be less strict but the essential problems would remain.

      In the end, it’s all a matter of taste. This is only our opinion based on what we think a skin should do depending on the price. We can agree to disagree and you don’t have to think that our opinion is better than anyone else’s. The intention behind the reviews is to give a view of the skins and advice that can help make a better purchase not to give the final word on something that, ultimately, can be quite subjective.

  19. I think Pickpocket Twitch has a new run animation (for example when he got Homeguards).

    • We checked and couldn’t notice any new animations. The running animation when on Homeguard, on all fours, and when sneaking, tip-toeing, are also present on Classic Twitch. If you have a video of the new animation so that we can check on the Pickpocket’s activities it would be most helpful.

  20. Hello everyone, I just got whistler village twitch from hextech crafting and I was wonderins how rare it is and what is its price right now?

    • As a skin from the Winter Olympic Games of 2010 it’s rather rare. It hasn’t been included in previous Legacy Vault Sales and, so far, has remained unavailable for the most part. That can change at any time.

      It isn’t particularly impressive as the exeuction is uneven but has some distinct features. Regardless, as far as rarity is concerned, it is, for the time being, rare.

  21. Hey, have you seen that lolskinshop site that copies your description of every skin you have on this site? I mean I only looked for kingpin twitch and whistler village twitch on there but I’m 90% sure they copied ALL of your descriptions. I really hope it’s a thing you know about and that they paid you or something. If not that sucks… Or maybe you copied from them? Don’t think so.

    P.S. I love this site and all the effort you/you guys put in. Keep up the good work!

    • Glad that you like the site. We’ll keep working hard to improve it.

      We have noticed about the descriptions and we haven’t been asked nor given permission to anybody to use any resources from our site. As a rule we don’t use any resource we haven’t created or that isn’t licensed for use; in those cases sources are always credited. It’s a sad but unavoidable consequence that anything in the Internet will be copied and used by others with or without permission.

  22. Pickpocket twitch is a bad skin zero. Since when you fire a revolver like you are firing a automatic weapon? It’s simply not good. they should change that.

    • We wouldn’t go so far as to say that the skin is bad. The auto-attack sounds resemble a firearm well enough but we don’t notice that automatic system that you mention. We only hear a single shot and an impact with each auto-attack. For the price tier the skin belongs to we think that it does a good job. It’s certainly not an impressive skin but not bad either.

  23. Hey! Nice website, I’m checking the opinions about most of the hextech crafting’s skins I got.

    Just curious, have you seen the new Splash Arts that were added ingame? Nidalee, Tristana, Sion, Twitch, Fiora… It would be rather nice if you could update their rating or their splashart description with the new images, since I believe the appeal for these skins have rather raised thanks to the good-looking art.

    Just my though! Nice job keeping the blog!

    • Glad that you like it. We’ll keep working hard.

      We usually rate skins only by what’s actually offered in-game. The spalsh art is reviewed as a presentation card but has no incidence on the rating and final assessment of a skin. Regardless, we are delayed in the update of splash arts as we have to rewrite each splash art review and more than a hundred splash arts were updated. We’ll try to get them done as soon as possible but it’ll take time.

  24. You guys going to review the updated splashes?

  25. Hey zero gangstar twitch is 270 rp on garena server which is a tier below 355 rp (975rp on riot). Its further discounted at 135 rp currently. Do you think is worth at this price?

    • Chances are that other skins also have lower prices in the Garena server and that Gangster Twitch isn’t the exception. So, the same rating would apply. It’s a good skins but there’s better. Still, it’s a skin with class so if you want an elegant rat then the skin delivers.

  26. When will the new splash arts be reviewed? Any set schedule yet?

    • No schedule yet but they will be reviewed. We will update every splash art eventually, it’s just that more than a hundred were updated and we are prioritising new content.

  27. Is Omega squad twitch worth it? I may buy it but i want your review first, i like the skin in general but its weird, i mean he literally eats cheese through the mask

    • That’s just a little inconsistency that is a consequence of the rather straightforward implementation. We like it but it’s good and not great. We’ll try to have a review ready for the whole Omega Squad set of skins as soon as possible.

      • Thanks for the review, after reading this and taking a second look at the skin i will buy it, i admire the dedication you put in the reviews, keep it up!

  28. The sounds of the cask exploting and the contaminate are diferent on the OS skin?

    • Yes they are. In fact, all abilities and auto-attacks have new sounds.

      • I read that, but for me the sound of the cask is the same =/

        • Well, the changes in the sounds aren’t groundbreaking and don’t always cover all of the ability but we notice them. They would probably go unnoticed in the middle of battle, though. Besides, for Venom Cask is the sound of the liquid on the ground that seems different. The cask breaking seems to sound the same.

          • actually they change the the sound of the cask’s explotion, if you watch a spotlight video it sound the same as the default skin, but now live, is a light sound idk how to explain but it’s sooo much different, I’ve never seen a skin change after a release though
            I bought the skin on launch day and it was the same, but since the arcade event is different 😛

          • It’s probable that they changed the sound after release. Riot sometimes does that and seldom do they note what was changed. We’ll try to confirm before we add it to the review. Thanks for the notice.

  29. I was thoroughly dissapointed in the Omega Squad skin. The first time I saw it in-game I thought it was either Surgeon or Mad Scientist Twitch because of how similar the clothing is to a lab coat, I then realized that they just recolor’d his normal clothing to white so it still looks long. Other than that he’s just wearing a gas mask and boots that, as you mentioned, don’t fit well. The gun looks incredibly stupid in my opinion and way too clunky for him to be carrying around with one hand. The knife in the tail is the best part. The voice-over is the same as all the PROJECT skins but tuned down a bit. And most of the sound/particle changes aren’t very noticeable at all. What takes the cake in the skin is when Twitch uses Ambush, and the heartbeat kicks in along with loud and echoed footsteps (which I don’t think is in the other skins, could be wrong), that’s what makes the skin feel bad-ass, it makes me feel like I’m a covert ops spy.

    Good review, I was hoping this would be over-hyped like how the PROJECT skins were, but you showed no mercy and I like that. I wouldn’t have been surprised if you gave it two stars but I may be too harsh.

    • It’s true, Omega Squad Twitch’s Ambush sounds rather nice. A pity that the rest of the skin isn’t as good. We don’t recall overhyping the PROJECT skins. On the contrary, they tend not to have high ratings. They aren’t bad but we though they could’ve added something extra to better realise the theme.

      It often happens that skins at 1350 RP don’t add anything special. While we aren’t infallible and we may give more value to a feature than it may deserve we strive to be as objective as possible. Sometimes it’s something subjective and sometimes we fall for the marketing machine; we are humans too.

      In all cases, we appreciate a differing opinion and are prepared to change our view on a skin if there’re good arguments to do so. We don’t have any hold on truth, reviews are just our view and opinion on skins that we try to make useful for making purchases. If they help then they have some worth, that’s what matters the most. The rest can be discussed without issue.

      • I meant how the community overhypes skins, not your reviews.

        • Sorry, we misunderstood. The marketing of skins is meant to hype and promote excitement over skins so it’s understandable, to a point. In the end, it’s necessary to see things for what they are. There’s no point in deluding oneself because reality won’t be changed by thoughts, only our perception of it.

  30. Is it worth to purchase Omega Squad Twitch?

    • Yes, it is but only if you like the Plague Rat and can excuse the uneven implementation of the skin. The problem is that while Omega Squad Twitch has some nice features other areas are just simple. Therefore, the new style doesn’t equally permeate the whole of the skin.

      It’s not a bad skin but it isn’t great either. We’d recommend a sale given the high price. Checking a few videos could also help to see the skin in action and see if the good offsets the letdowns.

  31. Hi Zero, Omega Squad Twitch is going to be on Sale this December. Normally I would just settle on getting them whenever the Sale arrives.

    However, since I saw it got 3 stars thats kinda a bummer & when I start the read ur reviews the skin’s flaws starts to show. OS Twitch on sale should be a good deal, right?

    • Yes, Omega Squad Twitch is a skin to get on sale if you like it. It’s not flawed but it has some problems which are noticeable and so the skin ends up being good but not much more than that. It still has a few nice features but they don’t add up to fully cover for its issues.

      In conclusion, if you like Omega Squad Twitch then the sale is the ideal time to get the skin. It’s not a bad skin but not good enough to justify a large expense either. Besides, with a sale incoming there’s no point in paying more for the same product. Sales are always recommended.

  32. Hi i mostly look at ure ideas about skins when i have to chose which one but still it leaves me with choice medival twich or whistler vilage skin can you give some tips what to chose.

    P.S. caqn you update splash arts for Kingpin Twitch/Whistler Village Twitch/Medieval Twitch/Gangster Twitch/Vandal Twitch

    • Both Medieval and Whistler Village Twitch have their ups and downs as listed in the review. We think that it depends on what you are looking for in a skin. Medieval has a distinct feature like the crossbow. Whistler Village could be treated like a variation of Kingpin because of the similarities it has to it. It’s also closer to Classic but Medieval also draws on a lot of Classic Twitch as well.

      We certainly have to update those splash arts. Thanks for the reminder.

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