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League of Legends: Thresh Skins’ Review – StrategyZero
Jan 252013
Thresh, the Chain Warden
Thresh, the Chain Warden

Thresh, the Chain Warden’s arrival at the League of Legends comes with the chime of metal and the screams of victims. Bubbles on the sea surface tell of horrors that re-emerge as if summoned by the pain. Terror in the night paints the Moon with blood. Whether you like your victims dry or wet is only a matter of preference. So, to better decide the elements for their torture, take a look at his handy skin review.

Deep Terror Thresh
Deep Terror Thresh Splash Art Deep Terror Thresh Model
Category: Regular
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Thresh as an underwater horror.
Model: New model and water particles for Thresh. New model for his scythe and lantern.
Particles: New particles for his auto-attack, death, Dark Passage, Flay, and The Box.
Animations: Two new recall animations.
Sounds: New sounds for Dark Passage and recall.
Splash Art: Whereas there are elements in the background it still feels empty as they are depicted in the same tones as the sea. For instance, the wrecked ship and, presumably, schools of fish over it are barely noticeable. Conversely, Thresh’s green hues are easily distinguishable. Besides, the shading is quite complex showing very complex surfaces. The pose is good as it allows an interesting perspective while allowing a clear view of his whole body. Unfortunately, the lantern isn’t fully displayed and the chains on the right don’t look green as they should. On the whole, an interesting portrayal over a disappointing, empty background.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Deep Terror Thresh has an interesting concept and an uneven implementation. The model has a distinct design with multiple sea references. Still, the limited colour palette and subdued tones make it look monochromatic and a bit dull. Besides, the earrings on the right head tentacle seem whimsical. Still, the scythe and lantern have good designs and the chains look fantastic and unique; though it’s a pity that the lantern isn’t lighted. The water particles are a great addition that furthers the theme while the recall animations are truly icing on the cake; like Dark Passage’s sonar sound. All things considered, Deep Terror Thresh isn’t a perfect skin but it offers a lot and manages to be more than the sum of its parts. If you’d like to harvest with an underwater touch then this is a great choice.

Championship Thresh
Championship Thresh Splash Art Championship Thresh Model
Category: Legacy
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Thresh as a blue, armoured spectre.
Model: New model and blue particles for Thresh. New model for his scythe and lantern.
Particles: New particles for his abilities, auto-attack and death plus blue souls.
Animations: New recall animation.
Sounds: New recall sounds.
Splash Art: The background is as fuzzy as the ghostly vapours that cover most of it. There are some indistinguishable formations but aside from a trophy pillar there’s nothing else to see. Thresh strikes a dynamic pose but that also prevents a good look at his appearance. It’s possible to get a general idea of it but the perspective isn’t the most useful. Besides abundant vapours, the shading seems a tad too saturated and homogeneous despite being effective. There are some dents here and there, to add some depth, but the portrayal is straightforward and too centred on his lantern. On the whole, Thresh’s look is depicted but it requires some extra work to have a useful notion of his aspect.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Championship Thresh doesn’t innovate in terms of concept. Actually, it’s mostly the same Warden but in blue. The armour and weapons do receive new designs and the overall aesthetic is different; maybe more modern. Yet, at large, there aren’t any significant differences sans the new colour scheme. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing as it provides a distinct and appealing identity to the skin. Additionally, besides the recall there isn’t much of a hint at the skin’s seasonal nature except for the season logo on the front and back of the cuirass; and that may be for the best. This way, it smoothly meshes into the fantasy realm. All in all, Championship Thresh is nothing novel but is a rather nice option for Thresh fans.

Blood Moon Thresh
Blood Moon Thresh Splash Art Blood Moon Thresh Model
Category: Regular
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Thresh dressed as an Ionian dark spirit.
Model: New model and glow for Thresh. New model for his scythe and lantern.
Particles: New particles for his abilities, auto-attack and death plus red souls.
Animations: New recall animation.
Sounds: New recall sounds.
Splash Art: With a background so diffuse and empty one can only notice some structures that suggest a town and a few bats, maybe, in the sky. The rest is only a whirlwind that might be caused by a very blurry scythe. Fortunately, not all of Thresh suffers from such an ailment. The colours used for his oni mask and armour are bright and attractive, as long as one doesn’t look away from the central area of the piece. The exquisite detail of his left hand makes quite a contrast with the diffuse aspect of the paper-styled lantern; not to mention his body and right arm. This makes the piece uneven as the depth of field effect is abrupt: the focus is just too forcefully located. At least, the portrayal at the centre is quite good and effective. Yet, elsewhere it disappoints with its lack of detail.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Drawing heavily from Kabuki theatre Blood Moon Thresh is a fantastic skin. The colourful and elaborate outfit with clear contrasting colours is attractive, distinctive and eloquent. The identity is further defined by his left hand: glowing with red mystic power. Neither his scythe nor his lantern is as appealing but they follow the general style and complement Thresh well.
The particles present in his auto-attack and abilities give another spectacle. While some stand out more than others, like Dark Passage’s shield, the auto-attacks splash or the smoking souls, they all have a unique style.
The final point that delivers the theme is the recall. In this case it’s far from an extra as it exemplifies the spirit of the skin in a clear and entrancing way.
In conclusion, thanks to an interesting concept and an inspired execution Blood Moon Thresh is a skin of great quality. If you have a liking for Eastern culture then there’s much to like. Additionally, fans of the Chain Warden will find a unique skin with very attractive visuals.

Samsung White Thresh
Samsung White Thresh Splash Art Samsung White Thresh Model
Category: Legacy
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Thresh wearing modern, casual clothing and gear.
Model: New model and glow for Thresh. New model for his scythe and lantern.
Particles: New particles for his abilities, auto-attack and death.
Animations: New recall animation.
Sounds: New recall sounds.
Splash Art: This is a straightforward splash art that sets out to portray the champions in a simple but dynamic way. It’s effective but that’s all that can be said about it. The background is, apparently, a patch of sky mixed with Samsung White’s logo. The logo is understandable but it receives too much emphasis, mainly because there’s no setting.
The champions all appear in daring action but they are only posing. Their stances hardly tell anything related to their personalities and merely appear for show. They seem to share the piece with unequal levels of importance though they all have their place. That means that for some it’s easier to get an idea of their new look than it is for others.
All things considered, this is the corollary of what previous shared splash arts have announced. This minimalist or even simplistic approach manages to present the champions in their new look with uneven success. It may be a serviceable splash art but it’s also plain.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Samsung White Thresh is a skin with a concept that certainly feels forced on the Chain Warden. The casual outfit has neither rhyme nor reason: it’s just splattered on Thresh and doesn’t even try to mesh with his identity. There is an adaptation so as to make all the elements work together but they end up being preposterous. It’s difficult to see Thresh as a modern spirit searching for souls. Instead, he looks like a caricature: a terrifying being in disguise; it’s not particularly funny either.
Nevertheless, the execution goes beyond the model to make the skin attractive. The new, mostly, golden particles have a distinct style that merely follows the model’s aesthetic. Thresh’s actions have a consistent look but there doesn’t seem to be an effort in making them be more than adequate. They seem uninspired and even plain. The recall is an evident reference to SSW snatching the cup and, even though it isn’t supernatural at all, at least makes sense.
Samsung White Thresh is a skin that offers a lot but that never seems to make its features work together to produce an attractive concept. It’s a skin that doesn’t go beyond white, casual Thresh despite the significant additions. There really isn’t a perceivable effort to either make it mesh with a fantasy realm or break the illusion and produce something modern.
In conclusion, as far as technical offerings go, Samsung White Thresh is a good skin. However, if we also consider the concept and its realization we find that Samsung White Thresh never reaches its destination; one it may not even know where it is.

Dark Star Thresh
Dark Star Thresh Splash Art Dark Star Thresh Model
Category: Legendary
Price: 1820 RP
Concept: Thresh as an all consuming black hole entity.
Model: New model and animated glow for Thresh and his lantern. New textures when hooking a target.
Particles: New particles for his abilities, auto-attack, emotes, death and recall plus dark souls. New lantern when gathering 40 souls and glow for his scythe and chain with Flay’s passive.
Animations: New animations for standing idle, walking, emotes, death, respawn and recall. Modified animations for his abilites.
Sounds: New sounds for his abilities, auto-attack and recall. New voice-over and quotes for his abilities, death, respawn, recall, when idle, claiming a souls, reaching 40 souls, placing wards, buying certain items, beginning a match, on a killing spree, destroying a tower, attacking Baron Nashor or Dragon and joking or taunting near certain champions.
Splash Art: Space, filled with stars but collapsing due to an entity that breaks its dimensions. With worlds crumbling and absorbed by the black hole at the hands of its master the natural beauty of space is shattered by the pure hunger of the black hole. The simple but eloquent circle of black breaks the elaborate, vivid surroundings with its honest emptiness: it exists to consume. There are other visible spots of black underneath the main attraction and their inclusion is puzzling; the theme has been conveyed. On the left a diffuse world is shadowed by the blurry mantle of Thresh as some tainted streaks of dark energy blacken space. In spite of the suggestion of impending doom this is the weakest area of the background.
Something similar happens with Thresh. The lower part of his body is interesting but unnecessarily blurred which makes it simpler than it needs to appear. Fortunately, the sharp depiction of his upper body saves the portrayal. The influence of Geiger on the depiction is more than evident. Although there is no explicit bio-mechanical monstrosity the combination of simple, inhuman designs with more complex textures and familiar humanoid physical qualities paint a clear picture. The shadows are a bit too intense, especially on the right side of the body yet always well realised. The head and left arm are subtly linked yet separated from the tainted, armour-grafted body. It’s a great link to the black hole. Their chaotic but focused energy whirls around as if devouring Thresh’s own body as well.
All in all, this is an evocative splash art with a focused context and attractive portrayal of Thresh. Both background and champion benefit from great use of colours and florid lines but also suffer from the dreaded depth of field effect. The piece manages to overcome its weaknesses but mostly thanks to the influence of Giger’s work in its conception. Regardless, its sheer appeal allows it to approach the group of League of Legend’s best splash arts; as a legendary spotlight should.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: As a legendary skin, Dark Star Thresh makes an effort to present his black hole concept and it’s noticeable. There’s always the perception that some areas are more developed than others, though. The model is a good example. From the feet up to the body, it’s a somewhat creepy, armoured monster that, frankly, has been seen before. It’s an appealing aspect though and there are good touches like the coat lined with blue highlights. It may not push the boundaries of what is expected but it certainly looks great. Scythe and chain, despite the interesting design, fall in the same trap. The upper body and lantern, however, shine with a light of their own; literally even. Between the animated glowing textures and flowing designs they appear alive, constantly fluctuating with a supernatural rhythm. The few yellow decorations break the blue monotony but also feel out of place. They don’t add to the theme and instead of appearing like defying suns they look like added gems. Also, the Giger influences of the splash art are largely downplayed and even the demonic shape of the head is difficult to notice.
The vibrancy of the model isn’t effectively applied to the particles. The black hole is often missing and the cosmic aesthetic feels uneven and even weak at times. At the top is Dark Passage which almost places a black hole in the field; though the tether looks like marmalade. The souls and its collection hint at little stars which manage to adapt Damnation. Both Death Sentence and Flay receive attractive visual effects that don’t really communicate the cosmic idea. Even when Thresh is painted with new textures when hooking an enemy or when the ground is marked at his feet when Flay is activated the abilities catch the eye but don’t further the concept. The same happens with the auto-attacks, they look good but their cosmic sparks aren’t very cosmic, actually. The worst offender is certainly The Box. The glowing hands linked by flowing energy may reference his left arm, though they’re right hands, but not the black hole; which is the thematic focus. The lack of a more cosmic adaptation makes the ultimate more about Thresh’s magical arm than the concept itself.
The fact that each ability has creaky, rustic sounds to back them up doesn’t help the theme either. The sole exception is the swirling sound when the lantern is laid on the ground by Dark Passage. As far as animations go, there’s only a few added which manage to convey the theme but rely on out of battle activities. The main activities of the Chain Warden seem untouched; abilities and auto-attacks specifically. Emotes are interesting and either death or recall offer a good reflection of the theme. Still, the abilities should’ve managed to stand out better in all areas given how uneven their delivery is and the fact that it’s a legendary skin. The change in the lantern when Thresh harvests forty souls is a fine touch that defines the skin’s identity by adding to the game-play. It gives the feeling that more could’ve been done with different visuals depending on the amount of souls instead of just one breaking point for change. It would’ve made sense had that also modified, even if slightly, the abilities but that’s not the case. It’s a good addition but brimming with potential for much more; which would fit a legendary skin.
When all is added together, Dark Star Thresh is a visually attractive skin that doesn’t always present its theme as effectively as possible. That applies to all aspects of the skin, each having some fantastic additions but also relying on his classic persona entirely where the black hole isn’t the centre. The result leaves a mixed feeling that competes with the sincere appeal of its best features. Even though both black holes and Thresh are known for attracting whatever gets in their sphere of influence the idea is poorly conveyed. Perhaps Thresh should’ve embodied the black hole more than he does every time he catches something with his hook. The concept aims at presenting a black hole as the pillar of the skin and yet Thresh appears more like a faintly cosmic tinted Warden rather than an extension of a black hole. It’s an appealing skin nonetheless but lacks focus on its theme and suffers from an uneven ambition to impress.

High Noon Thresh
High Noon Thresh Splash Art High Noon Thresh Model
Category: Regular
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Thresh as a demon in the Wild West.
Model: New model for Thresh and his lantern plus new flames for his body, head, lantern and scythe.
Particles: New particles for his abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Animations: New recall animation.
Sounds: New sounds for his abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Splash Art: This is a simple and straightforward piece but certainly effective: a demon staring right at the viewer. In terms of background there isn’t much of notice, just a wasteland of death; thanks to the demon. It’s an evocative and suitable setting yet also mostly empty except for the few corpses that appear here and there.
Thresh’s depiction is rough and even the flames can appear solid. The pose gives a general idea of his look but between the sketchy quality, dim colours, dull surfaces and posture much of his aspect ends up concealed. What is visible is mostly Old West clothes even though the armour is much more prominent in-game; as well as the red skull which looks rather pale. The scythe turned into a flaming rope is barely noticeable and looks like worn-out rocks instead of burning embers or a rope on flames. The lantern looks more like a pot to cook a meal. While it’s true that the simplicity of the portrayal is eloquent the lack of faithfulness to the in-game look and the sketchy quality do it no favours.
All in all, this is a splash art that has an effective yet simple presentation and the appearance of a rough draft. The roughness is understandable for the infernal theme but it’s so notorious that, added to the imprecision with regard to the three-dimensional counterpart, get in the way of the basic objective of a splash art: give an idea of the champion’s look. There’s a degree of that but the problems are too noticeable.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: High Noon Thresh adapts the Chain Warden into an Old West demon and while the aesthetic is rather cartoony, as his head demonstrates, the result is nothing short of attractive. It’s also true that the Far West isn’t a strong element in Thresh as his clothes are mostly armour with a relegated coat. What is more eloquent and interesting is the scythe turned into a flaming rope. It looks more like a chain given its design, though. The flaming head and body are good ways of communicating his infernal nature which his weapons also imitate but to a lesser degree. The lantern looks rather simple with a design that seems antique and nothing else.
Particles are all based around fire as a flaming demon would demand. There’s no doubt that Death Sentence with its new lasso is the highlight of the skin. Auto-attacks are good too but much simpler in comparison. Flames are used everywhere but Flay’s sparks make the ability eye-catching. The Box, for an ultimate, is somewhat disappointing with a fence that doesn’t burn with infernal fire as one would expect. The souls to be collected by Damnation look simplistic but the face that appears on them is a nice touch.
Sounds are based on rope whipping and flames. Death Sentence and auto-attacks are the more interesting ones as the feel of the actions is changed by the use of a lasso. The flames tend to be just more of what is expected. There are echoes to reinforce the infernal feel but they seem reminiscent of classic sounds.
The new recall is all show and a good one: Thresh makes quite an eye-catching display of fire with his lasso. It manages to mix the Wild West and hellish themes into one whole; albeit we aren’t taking about anything complex yet it’s pleasing to the eye and suitable.
All added together, High Noon Thresh is a skin with an adaptation that is mostly acceptable. The lasso is what sets it apart and helps the skin stand out despite the rather conventional flaming demon adaptation; which is the most prominent feature. If you like the idea of catching enemies with a lasso the skin doesn’t disappoint but if you expect a fiery demon that stands apart then it will.


For the most part Thresh’s skins are quite good. Both Deep Terror and Blood Moon have divergent yet attractive concepts and great, satisfying executions. Any of these skins is recommended for fans of the Chain Warden.

Deep Terror Thresh is one of options always available and it certainly is a good one. The underwater theme is well realized and despite some flaws the skin ends up offering a good spectacle. If you like Thresh, chances are you won’t go wrong with Deep Terror Thresh.

Championship Thresh suffers from restricted availability but it provides a distinct enough appearance to make it stand out. In general, the skin is appealing even if a bit uninspired. Fans of Thresh will find it a nice complement to his limited wardrobe.

Blood Moon Thresh is a skin with a unique Eastern style that evokes Kabuki theatre in an attractive way. The visuals are effectively implemented and the theme clearly comes to life. Eastern culture and Thresh fans will find it a great choice.

Samsung White Thresh is a, technically, good skin. Its main problem is that despite all the work it doesn’t manage to have a defined identity. As far as a white Thresh is considered it delivers with effective changes. Regardless, if you want the skin to say something more concrete you’ll find it lacking.

The legendary Dark Star Thresh presents him as an entity wielding the power of a black hole. However, the skin doesn’t always focus on the black hole and too often returns to Thresh’s classic personality to display his activities. At its best the skin can be attractive yet the theme doesn’t always stand in the centre. The result is appealing and as a cosmic dyed skin for the Chain Warden is a nice choice; as long as you don’t expect him to put the black hole before him.

For the most part, High Noon Thresh doesn’t do anything new with its fire demon adaptation. The skin is effective enough but there’s nothing novel in that regard. The Old West theme is weak but the one highlight it has, the lasso, is a great addition. It’s, practically, the feature that sets the skin apart and it doesn’t disappoint. The infernal being part, on the other hand, very well does.

  115 Responses to “League of Legends: Thresh Skins’ Review”

  1. Hey there!

    First of all,i want to thank you for your good skin reviews,i truly appreciate your work.Keep up the good job! 🙂

    Second,i’d love to see an Anivia skin review.Could you review Anivia’s skins next pretty please? :3

    Thanks in advance!

    • You’re welcome, we’ll keep striving for better reviews.

      Anivia bumped in the list, we’ll review her as soon as possible. The time of the Cryophoenix will come.

      • Thank you.

        • I strongly disagree that Dark Star Thresh is only 2 stars… It is way better than the other skins.

          • Dark Star Thresh may be better than his other skins but not by that much and certainly not enough as a legendary skin. Consider that if we ignore the new voice-over the skin wouldn’t be out of place at 1350 RP.

            If the skin is going to be legendary then it needs to embrace the theme and execute it in a way that the champion fully develops a new identity based on the skin’s concept. There’s too much classic Thresh in Dark Star and too little cosmic references, let alone black holes, to really set the skin apart with a new identity.

  2. I would certainly appreciate a Renekton review since he’s my favourite and I want a skin for him now, but don’t know what to get (all of them look good). If not, can you explain which ones are the best and why?

    • Renekton bumped in the list, we’ll review him as soon as possible.

      It’s true that Renekton has quite a good selection of skins. In fact, it would be better to simply buy what you like as they all appear as good options.

      Still, a quick look at them reveals that Rune Wars Renekton is the one with the most elaborate work while Bloodfury Renekton may have the best model. Outback Renekton is an interesting, less serious alternative while Galactic Renekton is a cheap but nice sci-fi inspired skin.

      Overall, no skin looks bad. Certainly some may be better choices than others but it seems like they all are good options.

  3. Could u do review of gragas?

  4. Could Deep Terror Thresh possibly a reference to Cthullhu or the Cthullhu mythos? Either would greatly increase the value of the skin to me.

    • According to the LoL Wiki it’s a reference to Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean; who looks quite similar to Cthulhu. Regardless, the underwater theme and cephalopod aspect hardly strays far from Cthulhu.

      Athough the look isn’t that faithful to Cthulhu’s cyclopean image it does have a similar feel: they both are horrors that lurk in the depths. Maybe it’s not a direct reference but they share enough features to seem familiar.

  5. Zero, i’ve noticed that the appearance when deep terror thresh collects souls looks different. Can you confirm this?

  6. Will purchasing Championship Thresh also give you a summoner icon like championship rien?

  7. i just bought Championship Thresh and have nothing but regret. it’s just him but blue. that’s it.
    i wish i could gift it away to someone who will actually use it, but i’m definitely going back to green. not worth the price. don’t do it.

  8. So when do you think Championship Thresh will ever be available again? Even though it’s not really a good skin compared to Deep Terror I still want it for he is my main.

    • It’s certainly not a bad skin but we have no idea when any Championship skin could be made available. There’s a possibility that it could return during the season end as another Championship skin is released; along other skins from the same group. However, in this case it’s not really clear just how limited their availability is.

  9. Hey zero
    As usual a great review!
    Anyway, I was wondering when thresh’s deep sea skin would come out again.

    • Glad that you like it.

      Deep Terror Thresh was last on sale on the beginning of February. There’s the possibility that we’ll see the skin discounted again this year but it could take more. With sales nowadays it can take even more than a year so, while chances are getting better, there’ll be a wait in store.

      • Okay thank you then
        And this is another question: why don’t you also review classic skins?

        • Simply because they are the frame of reference we compare paid skins to. In classic skins the most recent champions and those that received a visual upgrade have a clear advantage. Besides, they can be acquired by just playing the game so while a review would be useful it doesn’t seem as important as with a paid product, in comparison.

  10. Initial thoughts on the new Thresh skin? (That red one I forget the name) I know that you cant really review it with not being able to see it fully but just wanted to know about 1st sights and such,thanks 🙂

    • Looks good so far. We already have green and blue Thresh so it’s only fitting to have red so as to cover all the basic colours. In other words, it seems to follow the style of previous skin which means that it will probably be a good skin. The question is whether it will have some distinct features that make it stand on its own.

      • Thank you 🙂

      • Well… Green is not a basic color… the other basic color is yellow…

        • It depends what kind of colour model you are using. If you choose a subtractive colour model then yellow, cyan and magenta would be the primary colours from which all others are derived. In the case of an additive colour model you’d probably choose red, green and blue.

          In the RGB colour model used for electronic displays the primary colours are red, green and blue so that’s what we meant by indicating green as a primary colour. As the game will be seen through electronic displays that rely on the RGB colour model we though that it was sensible to base observations with those colours as the main elements.

  11. Shouldn’t it be mentioned that Championship Thresh has a new sound for his recall? It is just some chain sounds but since they are not present in the classic skin I think they can be considered relevant enough. I think Deep Terror actually has something there as well but I am uncertain.

  12. when are you reviewing the blood moon skin?

  13. Can you guys make a review on “Blood Moon Thresh” ?

  14. Can you please do Blood moo… WE WILL GIVE A REVIEW ONCE HE IT IS RELEASED! XD

    • We always wait until a skin is released so that we can assess the final product. We just checked the League of Legends website and the store and neither Blood Moon Elise nor Blood Moon Thresh are yet available. Therefore: we will review the skins once they released.

      • Thank you.

        When I’m buying a skin I usually go to this site for reference. This is the first time i’m planning on buying a skin before it gets out.

        • No problem, we understand the anxiety but it’s usually better to wait until the novelty wears off to make a more rational decision. It’s also true that the hype of a new skin can make it more enjoyable but that’s usually temporary. In the long term, it’s probably better to let the mind cool down, analyse all the facts and make a well though out decision. At least, that’s what the reviews intend to help with.

  15. Hi zero I have a question bout blood moon thresh do u think its worth buying or nah ?
    And whats ur opinion bout him ?

    • Seem like a very good skin. It has an intersting concept, a fine model and also nice particles. Of course it’s always better to wait for a sale; with a tonne of patience. For its price, Blood Moon Thresh is well done and offers enough.

  16. thanks a lot ☺

  17. I purchased Championship Thresh when it was on sale during 2014 Worlds. And then I got Blood Moon Thresh from Riot’s Mystery gift. I’m so happy! Thresh has some of the best skins in-game. Although, I am not a huge fan of Deep Terror Thresh.

    • Indeed, Thresh has quite nice skins. Deep Terror isn’t as vibrant as the other skins but still has appealing visuals. It’s a more subdued style in comparison with the others. Hope you enjoy the skins.

      • Sorry for the long reply but thanks for taking the time to reply back Zero. Love your reviews, keep doing them. What do you think of Firecracker Jinx so far, as a person who really loves playing Jinx I really like the effects thus far. Plus, her hair reminds me of American Dragon Jake Long which was a show I used to watch as a kid. Also, what do you think of Firefighter Tristana? Trist is also another champion I like to play and I even own her Rocketgirl. Do you think Firefighter might just be able to be Legendary tier worthy?

        • Not at all, we are glad you find them useful.

          Firecracker Jinx looks rather nice and appears to be similar to Dragonwing Corki in theme; that is, based on fireworks. The question is whether Firecracker adds significant extras to justify its price of 1350 RP in comparison with Dragonwing’s 975 RP price. We’ll have to wait and see.

          Apparently, the new Firefighter Tristana will have new water particles and, with some luck, also new sounds to keep everything consistent; as it should be. It still wouldn’t be at the level of a legendary skin, though. However, as a legacy legendary it can go on sale in the Legacy Skin Vault Sale that appears yearly. At half price it could be a fine option for fans of Tristana.

          • Thanks for your thoughts. I really liked the lategame based carries in League which is one of the biggest reasons why I enjoy playing Jinx and Tristana. Now I might consider trying to get Firefighter Trist just because it looks great. If it doesn’t go on sale, probably no with the reason as you just explained.

            Once again, thank you for the reviews, cheers!

          • Not at all. We’ll have to wait and see how things turn out then.

  18. Similar to Elise, Thresh’s opening paragraph could use a slight change now with the release of Blood Moon Thresh.

  19. I thought that I will be satisfied with Deep Terror. Well, I was and then Blood Moon appears. My good friend bought it for me… and now I’m sitting here, waiting for Championship to fullfill my collection.

    Like, really, Thresh is probably the champion with the best, however limited, skins, at least for me. Also, I’m crying now because of all the money I throw to Rito pocket.

    But, thank to your site, I probably don’t throw it into nothing. I must said I don’t agree with your opinions about skins… but usually only to the moment, when I have opportunity to see them in game. You make amazing work here and have awesome taste, so thank you for all your helpful reviews! ^_^

    • Thanks for the kind words. We are glad you find the reviews useful. It’s alright to disagree as long as the reviews provide you with useful information to make good purchases. Our intention is to provide advise not to be right; in fact we make our fair share of mistakes. If the reviews help people buy skins that they do enjoy then that’s enough.

      By the end of the season, when a new Championship skin is released chances are we’ll see Championship Thresh again. We agree that Thresh is a champion with quite good skins; which makes us wonder why other champions can’t receive skins with equivalent work.

      It seems like it’s a free game, or so we are told. The truth of the matter is that it’s alright to buy some skins you like. The problem is when one buys skins that aren’t used or that you then find that you don’t like as much as you thought.

      That’s what the reviews aim to solve: they provide advise about what a skin offers and how good we think the skin does its job. The most important argument is always the buyer’s preference but it’s always handy to have another point of view to agree or disagree with but, ultimately, to make a better purchase.

  20. The concept section of Blood Moon Thresh seems to have an extra “as”.

    • Yeah, we don’t want too many of those around here: it’s not that kind of place. Besides, it’s sort of weird for a Chain Warden though perhaps reasonable for a prision but it’s actually a lantern.

      Nevermind, if Thresh wants to terrorize people he should consider hooking up to something else. Thanks for the notice.

      • You’re welcome.
        On another topic, the upcoming SSW Thresh skin seems extremely dissapointing and unexciting to me. To be frank, it seems like a terrible version of Championship. Both are skins that stray far from fantasy and are at 975 RP, but Championship is actually visually appealing while SSW offers nothing worth mentioning even. All that is added besides a new model is a new hook for Q and new pillars for his ultimate, plus an unexciting new recall. When compared to his other skins, it is something only fans of the team/player the skin was made because should consider getting, and even then seems like a pointless waste of money when there are such stunningly better options available (and unavailable). Deep Terror Thresh even rises far above it in my book, even if Deep Terror has a different number of fingers in splash art (5) and ingame (3). My personal rating for SSW would be 1-2 stars, certainly not 3 or over.

        • We’ll have to give the skin a proper look but SSW Thresh certainly has a lot of competition. Thresh’s skins are all quite good so SSW will have to do things very well to stay at the high level that the other skins have set.

  21. Hey zero i was thinking which skin better cuz my friend will send a gift soon but im still wondering.

    And zero may i ask somethin, howcome my friend cant gift me his 30lvls, and yet it says that you two havent been friends long enough we’ve been playing for 2 years together tho

    • We aren’t sure about gifting restrictions but, from what we recall, you should be able to gift each other if you’ve been playing together for a long time. If in doubt, contact support because there may be something we aren’t considering or just not working.

      As an exception, all of Thresh skins are actually quite good. We suggest you choose based on which theme you prefer. Also, Deep Terror and Blood Moon have the advantage of being able to go on sale which can help reduce costs if you have the patience.

      Thresh skins have very distinct themes and aesthetics yet they offer similar amounts of features and are quite good technically. The question thus becomes: green and underwater, blue but legacy or red Kabuki style?

  22. Hey zero when are addinh the samsung white skins?

  23. Nice riview!
    But were is SSW Thresh?
    Can he be added soon?
    Thnx! Bye

  24. Hello, Zero! I love seeing your reviews for the skins released. I’m glad you enjoyed Blood Moon Zilean! SSW Thresh was intended to represent Samsung’s “technology” side, though meshing it with Thresh was quite awkward on my part. If you look closely, his hair is actually comprised of USB Cables and his Hook contains the plug of an earphone. I’ll definitely look to improve next year’s skins, and really hope you enjoy the upcoming content.

    • Glad that you like the reviews.

      We didn’t find the mixture of technology and supernatural entity in SSW Thresh to work that well. Perhpas that concept would’ve been better applied to another champion. It’s still not a bad skin but the theme seems a bit forced on Thresh. Hopefully future skins will mesh the modern world with the fantasy one in a more natural way.

      • Speaking of SSW Thresh, something has been bothering me for a while ever since the skin came out. You say here that he has new golden souls and apparently new particles for his abilities but I notice nothing of the sort. Everything looks the same classic green to me.

        • The difference is small but we see the souls on SSW Thresh as more nuclear. That is, with a small sort of solid core an an aura of light around that is golden; similar to Blood Moon but with more glow. Classic Threash seems to have the souls as emeralds that are larger than the core of SSW but the glow is smaller; similar to Deep Terror.

          It could be that there’s isn’t any difference and we are simply looking at the normal differences between the souls as they are animated. We though there was a difference but we’ll change the review if we made a mistake.

          • Well thank you Zero! I was just going to ask the question about the golden souls, when I read this comment. Just wondering though, it seems your guide compares rp price to its value a bit, and ssw thresh got 3 stars as the mix of tech and supernatural is strange and its 975 rp too. How much would you rate it if it were 490 rp? I’m just asking because I got one from the esports mystery chest. Keep up the great work on this guide Zero!

          • The difference with the souls is subtle, minimal if you want, but exists. We wouldn’t consider it a relevant feature but it’s present so worth noting.

            If the price is reduced to half, more or less, then it’s a much better proposition. We still think that SSW has some flaws that go beyond features versus price but being cheaper they are more easily forgiven. At least, you could add a star in that case; so to speak.

            We’ll certainly keep working hard.

  25. I think for animations part on SSW Thresh your missing something. I am not completely sure about this, but for normal Thresh when the souls stay too long and go away, those souls go back to Thresh with 0 amount added to his soul pool. But for SSW Thresh, when the golden souls stay too long they don’t return to SSW Thresh but instead just fade off.

    • That’s possible but bound to be fixed as it sounds like inconsistent behaviour on the part of the souls. We’ll keep an eye on this just in case but it doesn’t sound like the kind of feature that skin would add.

  26. For ssw thresh I don’t see the golden soul, but it said plus golden soul zero can you explain to me?

    • In SSW Thresh the souls that are left after enemies die, that Thresh gathers, have a different golden glow from the classic ones. The difference isn’t as clear as in Championship of Blood Moon but are noticeable.

  27. Once Dark Star Thresh comes out will you do a review on it?

  28. What do you think of dark moon thresh skin? Was planning on picking it up on release, but want to hear your thoughts first

    • As far as model and particles go Dark Star Thresh looks quite good. We don’t notice the animations for the abilities being anything remarkable but we haven’t seen everything yet. So far it looks like an interesting skin but we don’t know if good enough for a legendary. The black hole theme is mostly carried by the lantern while the other abilities barely reference it; especially the ultimate. Perhaps it needs to focus more on the main concept and it could be quite interesting.

  29. Hi Zero,

    From your review of Death Star Thresh, it seems that it is a bit of a let down. However, I was wondering if it was bought on early sale (i.e. 1350 RP), how many stars would you give it? Would it be a significantly better purchase then?


    • It’d be a better purchase even though the problems remain. Regardless, Dark Star Thresh seems more of a 1350 RP skin than a proper legendary; voice-over aside. Perhaps it’s intended being as new legendaries are to go on early sales. Perhaps it’s an echo of PROJECT: Yi, a disappointment after the fine Omega Squad Teemo.

      At any rate, there isn’t much of an advantage in getting the skin now versus waiting for the sale. If you can wait then it’s advised, especially seeing the state of the skin.

  30. Hi Zero,

    From your Dark Star Thresh review, it seems that it is not the best of skins. Just wondering how many stars would you give it if it was bought at the early sale (i.e. for 1350 RP)? Is it significantly more worth it at this price?


    • You could add a star maybe though the skin wouldn’t truly be a 1350 RP skin as it wouldn’t be able to go down to 675 RP. It does compensate by having a new voice-over though because the rest isn’t really legendary; except for a few touches here and there. If you are interested in the skin, we recommend getting it in the early sale. Dark Star Thresh is a skin with appeal but not really legendary.

  31. Hi Zero.
    After I’ve read your review of Dark Star Thresh, it left me with a bad taste in my mouth.
    Why? Simply because I agree with you on a lot of these points you make, about why this skin isn’t really that great. I must say the skin looks great and Thresh’s voice is pretty neat.
    Even though the Flay and Death Sentence didn’t match the skins theme, it still gives this kind of satisfaction, hitting an enemy with them.
    And the Lantern changes only once when you get 40 Souls? More Souls required, but also more “phases” for the Lantern to change in visuals this seems like a bit of a lazy work, it started with the requirement of 100 souls, but they changed it to 40 souls, a bit of a shame really.

    As you said in the review, the basic attacks aren’t really cosmic, I am a tad bit dissapointed the way it felt when you hit opponents, there was no “oomph” in it, like with the classic skin.
    His ult is nice, but needed more to it when an enemy breaks a wall, it’s just not enough and too… quiet.
    His personality is still Thresh, which I like, but it should be more like the way Darius’ personality changed, yet was still recognisable with his legendary skin “Dunkmaster Darius”.

    I want to thank you for taking your time reviewing this skin, even though I see the flaws (and some of them are dissapointing), I will probably still always use this skin.

    Best regards
    Finestr4, a Thresh main

    • We recognize the appeal in Dark Star Thresh and it makes it all the more disappointing as with a bit more work the skin would’ve been truly legendary. The changes end up being superficial and not really delivering the cosmic feel or the black hole theme. However, there’s something to like in the skin; which is why it has a couple of stars. It’s a flawed skin but not one to avoid. We reserve that for one star skins. It’s still a letdown that it has the potential to be much better and yet it’s wasted.

  32. My my, this won’t do, Zero. Two stars? Really? And I can’t believe you neglected his new ability, basic attack and walking animations, especially after you stated that SSW skin having new particles which I cannot see to this very day. Dark Star Thresh may have subtle animations on his abilities and basic attacks, but they are most certainly there, and his new walking animation is as clear as day, being a lot less stiff (classic Thresh mostly moves his legs while keeping his body in one same position, Dark Star Thresh constantly moves his entire body while walking). The ability and basic attack animations are extremely close to classic so that’s likely why you did not note them, but I swear they are there.
    I really, really don’t think two stars justify the skin at all. Is it because it is too much “dark cosmic Thresh” and not enough “black hole Thresh”? Well, come on, what do you expect? His abilities to all feature black holes somehow? That’s ridiculous, I think the ultimate is absolutely perfectly made, his Q and E are very well adapted to the theme and his W’s tether looks perfectly normal. You can only stretch a single theme on a skin so much before it starts to look desperate, as, say, some form of black holes would not look better than hands for his ultimate as they are supposed to support walls. Three stars is the very least you can give the skin. Quite frankly I was outraged when I saw the rating, all this time I expected three or even four as I find it to be a very well made skin. I’m not even biased, I don’t even play Thresh, but I do like the theme a lot and the execution I find to be most reasonable. Two stars definitely does not do the skin justice.

    • We may have to agree to disagree; at least in some things. We see Dark Star Thresh closer to PROJECT: Yi than to Omega Squad Teemo. We checked closer, much closer, and there are some differences in the walking and idle animations as well as the abilities. They are softer and flow better but we are now also more sure that the auto-attacks were left untouched. Besides, the differences are so minimal that they are irrelevant in defining the identity of the skin. In fact, if it weren’t for his comparison video by AllSkins we wouldn’t have noticed anything different; and only after several repetitions.

      We understand your point of view and we agree that it’s not always possible to have a black hole. Regardless, we are talking about a legendary skin so the cosmic feel should, at least, be evident. It’s not always present. For example, when using Death Sentence the skin could’ve emphasised the hook as part of the black hole attraction but instead there’s only a change of colours that doesn’t even say anything about the theme. There’s room for improvement but also it can be subjective just how much a change is liked.

      In our view, at two stars Dark Star Thresh is a flawed skin with a specific appeal like PROJECT: Yi. It doesn’t cover the basics in either technical merit but also, and perhaps more importantly, in the communication of its theme. Because of that, we simply can’t put it at the level of Final Boss Veigar which has problems but comes out rather nicely due to the addition of changes. We respect your opinion but we aren’t convinced. This skin should’ve been much better than it is. It has something to offer but a legendary has to go the extra step. The price is steep and it’s the very definition of the legendary label. If not, it should be a 1350 RP skin.

      We also gave a thorough new look to SSW Thresh’s souls and we were wrong. We should’ve been more careful. We can agree that the particles are more golden though. At least, we think so. After a while things can be deceiving.

      Thanks for sharing your view, it helps to improve the review and re-evaluate things.

  33. Noticed that Dark Star Thresh does have a different Dance

  34. Zero how many stars would you give Death Star Thresh if it were on sale for 1350 RP.

    • You could add a star even though it wouldn’t really be a 1350 RP skin; as it wouldn’t be discounted down to 675 RP. The skin is flawed but has some appeal. If you are interested we advise to wait until the early sale. Dark Star Thresh simply doesn’t live up to the legendary label but it’s not a skin to avoid either.

  35. Dear Zero, I’m sorry if I’m being insensitive, but why is there a mourning symbol on your page? It got me so worried…

    • An honest question can’t be insensitive. We are sorry if it worried you, that wasn’t the intention.

      The black ribbon is in honour of the lives lost in Orlando. May they rest in peace.

  36. strategy zero is dark star thresh worth it?

    • Yes but with some caveats. It’s a flawed skin that doesn’t live up to its potential. We’d advise to wait for the early sale to get it as it does feel closer to a 1350 RP skin that a proper legendary; voice-over aside. The truth is that Dark Star Thresh is an appealing skin but the theme doesn’t come through as effectively and clearly as it should. There’s some merit in the skin and isn’t one to avoid but there are evident problems. As a legendary skin, there’s ample room for improvement.

  37. Could you possibly explain the difference between ratings of DS Thresh and DS Varus? It seemed that both had caveats of not sticking to the black hole theme and it seems that’s the reason why stars were docked from the Thresh skin. All in all, both skins were really attractive options but both also lacked the adherence to the black hole/dark star theme and instead went for a more cosmic feel.

    So I’m not disagreeing with your ratings or anything, just wondering why you felt Varus is worth 4 but Thresh is only worth 2 when both seemed to share the same strengths and weaknesses.

    • No problem if you disagree, everyone’s opinion is valid. We understand that what you ask for is an explanation. For starters, Dark Star Thresh is a legendary skin which not only means that the price is higher but also that it’s the kind of skin that innovates with new features and goes the extra step to be special. We see Dark Star Thresh close to a 1350 RP with a new voice-over than truly legendary skin. It reminds of the letdown that is PROJECT: Yi with both skins not living up to expectations. Omega Squad Teemo is a good example of a skin that deliantes a new personality for the champion which pemeates almost every aspect of the skin.

      With Dark Star Varus we saw that while the black hole idea isn’t clear the result is quite attractive even if not always as cosmic as it should be. The new model, particles and sounds manage to define a different identity for the skin. The abilities have a florid style that sets the skin apart as well as the new glowing effects for the model. It all comes out as a rather appealing skin with some star-based touched. The abilities for Dark Star Thresh tend to look like re-coloured versions; except for The Box which simply doesn’t convince.

      In the end, it’s just our opinion on the matter. You can disagree and it’s an entirely valid position. We only hope that the reviews help you in knowing better the skins and make an informed decision.

  38. Just another review where you rate the cheapest piece of shit 5/5 and the legendary 2/5 bc you cant handle the price. All you did in the dark star thresh review is bitch about the bugs that were fixed after they disabled him for a few days. Then you proceed to force feed us the same old bullshit about not “conveying the theme”. You also attempt, yet again, to use use your improper knowledge of vocabulary to make your half-assed review believable. On another note, do you even have scoring guidelines and values to come up with your x/5 result? Or do you just rate it off of which skin is cheapest, because this is redundant. Apparently, all I will have to do to figure out how good a skin is, according to you, is look at the RP price.

    • Do you mean that Dark Star Thresh offers major features over the cheaper skins? Because we see the extent of changes not that far from each other. The animation department is lacklustre in the abilities. Besides, the particles for the abilites don’t seem to go beyond what the cheaper skins can do. We are talking about a legendary skin so where’s the legendary stuff?

      Simply compare Dark Star Thresh to Omega Squad Teemo and PROJECT: Yi; for example. The differences in the implementation of the theme are significant and we are talking of legendary skins. That was a major contributor to the low rating: how much is possible at the legendary level. There’s a lot more a legendary skin can offer but Dark Star Thresh and PROJECT: Yi don’t realise their themes as Omega Squad Teemo does.

      You can perfectly like the skin and disagree with us. We also appreciate constructive feedback but you don’t help us improve the review much. If you see grammatic or orthographical errors please do correct us to make the information more readable. If aspects from the skin were fixed please do tell us so that we can reassess the skin. If you have a different view on the features of the skin please explain it so that we can see the skin from another perspective.

      We have no problem in changing ratings and admiting our mistakes. However, we need arguments and information to do so. There are many skins at low prices that have low ratings and many at high prices that have high ratings. We do take into account price because the amount of features offered needs to be appropriate for the price asked. What’s the point in paying a legendary price for a skin if it offers almost as much as a skin half its price? However, if a skin is expensive but does a great job then the rating will reflect it.

      That’s what we aim to do, simply to provide our view of the skins as a guide for purchase. A skin with more stars isn’t objectively better to another with less. We also don’t tell people what they should like and buy but we think that there should be as much information as possible; even if tinted by our opinion. That’s all it is: it’s just an opinion and our advise based on our analysis of the skin. Mistakes will happen and we appreciate all help to improve reviews.

  39. Hey Zero! I am sort of new to this website. But I am thinking of getting a new Thresh skin. Since there are 2 skins with a prefect 5-star rating, which do you think I should prefer? I don’t have much opinions, and I like both themes really.

    • Both Blood Moon and Deep Sea Thresh are quite good options. As far as implementation goes they do a great job, they main difference is the concept. Preference for an aquatic or supernatural theme is subjective but there are some things to consider in the adaptation.

      Deep Sea has more extras and little touches, like two recalls and a few new sounds. Blood Moon is more direct but also more visceral with its distinct red particles. In a way, Deep Sea is more quiet and subtle about what it offers but there’s a lot being offered. Blood Moon is more explicit and quickly grabs attention with focused changes.

      They are different but valid approaches to executing each skin’s concept. Considering the concept themselves and the way they are adapted you may be able to better reach a decision. We’d suggest to get the skins on sale as it means that for the price of one you can get both. Even if you only get one you can save quite some RP to spend on something else.

  40. So I don’t play thresh too often but I do like his wide range of skins and have been meaning to buy one. I like that championship thresh skin, its…alright… I suppose, I personally like blood moon over it but I could compromise I suppose. Yet, what causes my problem is the early sale of dark star thresh. I really like that skin yet I wouldn’t pay full price, like, ever. Sooo, do you recommend the legacy championship thresh or the early sales dark star?

    • To be fair, Thresh has quite good skins so it’s difficult to choose a bad skin; except for Dark Star. We don’t see the skin as a proper legendary skin. Actually, voice-over apart it’s a skin that fits the 1350 RP requirements more than the legendary ones. In that case, the early sale could be a good option to get the skin.

      Championship Thresh is nice but also can feel like it relies too much on the new colour. At the same price we think that Blood Moon or Deep Terror better define new identities for Thresh. Still, Championship has its unique ornamented style that doesn’t overlap with any of the other skins.

      We don’t think it’s worth spending much in a champion you don’t really use. At any rate, we’d recommend getting Blood Moon or Deep Terror on sale and minimise the expense as much as possible. If we were talking about a champion you like and play often then a legacy or legendary skin would make more sense. We understand that Thresh skins are appealing but if they won’t see much use then there’s really no point in spending in them. Better to spend on a skin that will be used.

  41. Dark star Thresh at 1350 rp. Your thoughts?

    • We can’t shake the feeling that Dark Star Thresh is a lacking skin. For all its best intentions the skin doesn’t cover much more ground than the many great alternatives Thresh has at 975 RP. So, even at 1350 RP, we would advise to wait for a sale.

      Of course, if you plan to get it then the sale is the ideal time. The question is whether 1350 RP is a good price for the skin and we’d say that it’s alright. A bit expensive but better than 1820 RP, no doubt. Surely, the skin will end up feeling rather similar to cheaper ones. There are some changes but nothing that states legendary firmly.

      In conclusion, now is the time to get the skin if you want it. It will still feel expensive and its issues won’t have any less impact. That doesn’t change the fact that this is the best chance to get it; that we know of.

      We’d still advise caution, it’s a skin with appeal but also with noticeable problems. In other words, be aware of what you are getting: a flawed and expensive skin with some nice touches that could end up being worthwhile if you really like it.

  42. Hi Zero. I just bought Championship Thresh few days ago, and there’s something problem with Thresh’s Q. I’ve been playing for a dozen of game with the new skin, and its hard to land its Q rather than the regular skin Thresh. Is it me or the skin had a slight difference about the Q?

    • We never noticed any problem with Championship Thresh’s Death Sentence. From what you describe it sounds like a bug. Perhaps it should be reported to Riot’s support.

  43. Hello, Zero! I’m in a dilemma as to which Thresh skin I should buy. Blood Moon or Deep Sea? They both went on sale a month ago but I just got back into the game 🙁 Any advice? Also, your details are very great. I like what you guys do. You guys don’t know how much help this site has been to me.

    P.S: I have firecracker Jinx, is it worth to get Star Guardian Jinx too?

    • Glad that the reviews have been helpful.

      It largely depends on which theme you like the most. Both have good concepts and executions. The visuals of Blood Moon Thresh may be more eye-catching, because of blood swirls, while those of Deep Terror can might be more elaborate; because of bubbles. Neither is a bad skin and if you play Thresh a lot you could even consider getting both; you should play him a lot though.

      We’d say to wait for a regular sale on the skins so that, in the meantime, you can better decide which skin you like the most. In technical terms both are quite good; Deep Terror has some extra touches but nothing major. Conceptually, they are both interesting and work well with Thresh. Perhaps Blood Moon is the easier fit of the two but there isn’t a significant difference.

      Do you prefer horrors from the depths of the sea? Do you prefer ghosts that offer eerie spectacles? It can really be a matter of taste.

      With regards to Star Guardian Jinx there was an ealy sale at the end of April; usually the only sale that legendary and ultimate skins get. Therefore, there’s no rush to get the skin. We’d recommend to play Firecracker Jinx to get as much value from the skin as you can. Then consider if you would still play Jinx and how much. If you see that spreading chaos with her is a proposition that doesn’t get old then perhaps a legendary skin is worth considering.

      In our view, legendary skins are for the dedicated fans. If you see that you would play Jinx a lot then you may want some variety between Classic, Firecracker and Star Guardian. If any of the skins won’t receive much play or the champion herself then it’s not worth spending more.

  44. Thoughts on high noon thresh?

    • The lasso is rather nice but the demonic adaptation is nothing special and the Wild West Angle is weak. It seems like a skin with a standout feature but an adaptation that, in general terms, doesn’t make an effort beyond that.

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