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League of Legends: Quinn and Valor Skins’ Review – StrategyZero
Mar 042013
Quinn and Valor, Demacia’s Wings
Quinn and Valor, Demacia’s Wings

Quinn and Valor, Demacia’s Wings bring a method of cooperation unseen in the Fields of Justice. Their tactics are a welcome addition to the League of Legends and so is their avian style. Then, is a phoenix good enough for an arbalest as her bird of prey? Is an owl a better companion in the tundra? Can the tide pose a threat to a parrot? Pounce on the skins’ review and turn tail to all doubts.

Phoenix Quinn and Valor
Phoenix Quinn and Valor Splash Art Phoenix Quinn and Valor Model
Category: Regular
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Valor as a phoenix and Quinn as an arbalest austringer.
Model: Major model changes for Quinn and Valor plus new flames for Valor.
Particles: New particles for Blinding Assault, Heightened Senses, Vault, Behind Enemy Lines, Skystrike and death.
Animations: New death and respawn animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: A swirl of flames and some reddish tones are all that can be considered background; which reveals it as obvious filler. Quinn and Valor are well depicted but the depth of field is simply too shallow. Therefore, only Valor’s head and Quinn’s upper body look sharp while the rest of their bodies is rather diffuse. This is particularly problematic on Valor as it practically comprises the whole of his unrealistically large body and makes the depiction dull. On her part, Quinn looks uneven: the upper body amazingly shaded and her lower body a bit drab. Her visage also look artificial: as if she were simply posing instead of actually exerting herself. On the whole, it’s a splash art with an impactful first impression. However, a closer look makes its problems evident and ends disappointing.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Phoenix Quinn and Valor is quite a good skin with an interesting concept but a peculiar implementation. Quinn’s new outfit looks good but seem like just golden armour with a bird motif; there’s hardly a hint to fire, rebirth or any associated phoenix theme. Valor is much more eloquent because, even though he looks like a stylized armoured eagle, he is covered in flames: that makes the look simply unambiguous. Sadly, said flames are only present on the oversized Valor during Behind Enemy Lines. The fire particles are a good addition to further the theme and they are eye-catching even if conservative in both Quinn and Valor. The new animations are a little extra that doesn’t add much but are there. All in all, Phoenix Quinn and Valor is a nice skin that doesn’t scream phoenix as one would expect but that delivers the theme in its own quiet but appealing way.

Woad Scout Quinn and Valor
Woad Scout Quinn and Valor Splash Art Woad Scout Quinn and Valor Model
Category: Regular
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Quinn as a snow scout and Valor as a battle owl.
Model: New model for Quinn and Valor.
Particles: New snowy particles for Quinn and Valor’s abilities and auto-attack.
Animations: New recall animation.
Sounds: New sounds for Quinn’s abilities and new owl sounds for Valor, specifically: joke, Harrier, Blinding Assault, Heightened Senses and Behind Enemy Lines.
Splash Art: The wind blows intensely and before the vaguely distinguishable rocks snowflakes cover the sight. To the right, a mighty scout and her bird defy the weather with their determination and fancy clothing. The image leads the viewer to think two things: first, there’s barely any setting to speak of, just a suggestion. Second, Quinn offers an impactful pose that clearly states her presence despite the monotony of the whole piece. Valor’s presence is more subtle as he blends into the background like Quinn’s furs and becomes less significant than he should. In the end, only Quinn stands out with her sharp crossbow and daring stance. Therefore, it’s a splash art that provides a good even if insipid portrayal over a bland background.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: In spite of the name, Woad Scout Quinn and Valor is essentially Arctic Ops. That’s not to say that it’s a bad idea, as the concept is implemented in a more rustic but also more practical way and with more colour that in the splash art. The result is interesting: Quinn wears a good amount of fur, though she still seems underdressed, and Valor not only looks but also sounds like an owl; despite his equipment being whimsical. The bright particles full with snow detract from the roughness of the skin. They surely add visual splendour but kick the skin squarely into the fantastic.
Overall, it’s a skin with a distinct identity. For that reason, it’s a pity to find a glaring inconsistency with Valor’s size. The fact that Valor looks much bigger in Behind Enemy Lines than in the other abilities may be a necessary evil but one that asks for a price to be paid. Such a inconsistency is quite notorious and detracts from the experience; something that didn’t happen before the marksmen update.
Ultimately, Woad Scout is a good skin with a credible aesthetic, within fiction, that offers a show with its eye-catching particle effects. Fans of Quinn and Valor will find it an interesting option with a distinct style and some noticeable flaws.

Corsair Quinn and Valor
Corsair Quinn and Valor Splash Art Corsair Quinn and Valor Model
Category: Regular
Price: 750 RP
Concept: Quinn emulating a pirate and Valor a parrot.
Model: New model for Quinn and Valor.
Particles: No new particles.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: Was it a storage room or the hull of a ship? Neither now as the plain, dark room has been replaced by a shipyard. Such a dramatic change of scene leaves its mark on the piece. The contrast of light is too drastic and the outdoor brightness gnaws at the champions on the foreground, unwanted like pollution. Goods are still visible but the context isn’t clear. Instead of decorated doors we have a draft of Malphite but most is empty yellowish sky. The truth is that the setting remains too ambiguous to draw anything certain. Not much can be discerned and for the most part it’s just too much light and filler. The only other thing that matters is two pirates that calmly pose and one that isn’t enjoying the downtime before a diffuse ship-golem.
Valor is almost hidden by Quinn who seems to prefer to stay away from any attention. This means that they don’t give a good view of their uninspired aspect; especially as the colours are a bit diffuse. Besides, their pose says nothing about them. With confidence Garen stands in the middle of the scene with all his flamboyance. For the heavy stylization of his appearance the bright colours and elaborate lighting place him as the pivotal figure of the piece. Aatrox, in his fantastic guise, stands in opposition with his disgusted expression and tense demeanour. The lighting is also darker though the colours are sharp and details are abundant. From the cracks on his armour to the marks on his skin the depiction is very detailed but also confusing. Instead of mixing with the present crowd he appears to defy them but only subtly: context is noticeably missing.
On the whole, this is a splash art with an insipid background and straightforward portrayals. Said portrayals are from elaborate to eye-catching and timid yet they don’t really capture the personality of each champion. As a display of their look it works for the gentlemen but the lady seems unfairly relegated.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: A new set of clothes, a parrot-eagle and an eye-patch are the elements responsible for making Corsair Quinn and Valor’s theme come to life. The problem is that they are unable to do so as the clothes would fit any kind of rogue and the remaining two don’t have enough relevance. The fact that the adaptation is splashed instead of incorporated into the classic base doesn’t help either.
In fact, the pirate theme is never stated by any element. There is a suggestion brought by the eye-patch and parrot but there’s not a general aesthetic. The bronze gear appears to be rather refined for a pirate; which usually rely on more direct and rough methods. Besides, the parrot style of Valor is clearly forced upon as the different physiques so eloquently contrast; clearly visible on the huge Behind Enemy Lines’ Valor.
In the end, Corsair Quinn and Valor is a modest skin that tries to make do with little. It’s more effective as a generic rogue style than a pirate appearance. The model changes are straightforward and unsubtle which prevents the pirate theme from mixing with the noticeable classic style. For a diversion it could be a passable option but not if you are looking for a theme that fuses with her classic self.

Heartseeker Quinn and Valor
Heartseeker Quinn and Valor Splash Art Heartseeker Quinn and Valor Model
Category: Legacy
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Quinn dressed as a cherub and Valor as a heart-tailed dove.
Model: New model for Quinn and Valor. New swing and card for her recall.
Particles: New particles for her abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Animations: New recall animation.
Sounds: New sounds for Harrier, Heightened Senses, Behind Enemy Lines and recall.
Splash Art: Diffuse and bare the background reveals little about the setting. At best, an elaborately shaped garden could be guessed but with so little detail many other options can be equally probable. A start contrast with the duo in the foreground is evident.
Quinn and Valor enjoy a rather captivating portrayal; though not without issues. For the exquisite porcelain texture of Quinn’s skin the rest of the body follows with a similar feel. The hair looks rigid as if etched and the clothes also appear unreal. Strangely, the gold that lines the decorations on her body looks a bit dull and elsewhere sketchy. This is most notorious on her crossbow with looks like a draft. The swing is reasonable enough but the abrupt perspective of the ropes isn’t enough to explain how they curl inwards. The sketchy leggings and blurred boots make a significant contrast with the petal feel of her skirt and the precision of her body.
Valor is more consistent with a quasi-photorealistic look in certain areas; like the body. In others parts, like the tail feathers or wings they look like cotton and the legs are unnecessarily diffuse given the small distance between each body part. The few flying feathers also look like rough brushstrokes instead of actually being left behind Valor’s flight. The rose petals are more convincing but they still lack the right feel: they seem made of plastic.
All in all, this is a noticeably uneven splash art. The background is a thorough disappointment and the portrayal of both Quinn and Valor has clears ups and downs. Whereas in areas the quality can be captivating in others it’s a letdown; especially seen how variable the quality is between adjacent areas. This ends up making the piece a suboptimal presentation of their recall.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Perhaps modest in approach, Heartseeker Quinn and Valor is a duo that embody the sweetness they intend to. Considering her stance and acrobatic displays Quinn’s choice of a miniskirt could be troublesome but the leggings strike as a rather practical even if plain solution. Added to the heels they seem like sub-optimal choices for a romance-inducing dress. Nonetheless, the combination manages to present a charming Quinn that does her best too look nice within her possibilities. The infusion of hearts on dress and crossbow only serve to reinforce that unskilful yet appreciated effort. Valor joins her with a questionably shaped tail but an appealing white coat of feathers for her new avian nature. The simple but distinct dove design allows Valor to be interesting; though there’s a slight resemblance to Woad Scout.
Particles embrace hearts: auto-attacks become heart-tipped bolts, which also rain down around golden glints in Skystrike, and Harrier is a winged, heart-shaped mark but that’s not all there is. Blinding Assault and Vault take on colourful trails to differentiate themselves. It’s subtle and even shy effect but noticeable. Behind Enemy Lines shows golden glints as Valor descends on Quinn, much like the realisation of love would fall on a lover. Sounds are few but good support for the visuals. Harrier, Heightened Senses and Behind Enemy Lines add the recognisable cooing of a dove. Additionally, Behind Enemy Lines dazzles with its bell twinkling which is a great choice for the golden glints. The rest of the abilities reuse classic sounds but the actions make the choice hardly a hindrance. The recall is a charming swing that ends in a heart-shaped card being taken to its destination by a rather romantic form of transport.
Truth be told, the heart-infusion can be annoying at times but it’s always tinted by Quinn and Valor’s personalities which prevent it from being a simplistic Cupid transformation. There’s appeal in the way that they do their best to adapt to the new, lovely style while maintaining their identity. It’s this, perhaps unintended, conflict that makes the duo appealing. Without it the skin would merely be a heart-based tribute without much personality. Regardless, as it stands, Heartseeker Quinn and Valor is an attractive even if humble option.


Quinn and Valor tend to rely on very specific and simple themes for their skins. This generates a certain lack of originality that sometimes is rescued by the implementation. That is the case of the recommended skin: Woad Scout Quinn and Valor.

While the concept of Woad Scout Quinn and Valor is hardly anything innovative the down-to-earth appearance is appealing despite the dash of fantasy. The particles visually overflow the skin but, overall, it manages to conserve a notable aspect. This makes the skin something different and attractive for this unique duo but be wary of the inconsistencies added by the marksmen update.

An alternative is Phoenix Quinn and Valor. As far as release skins are concerned it’s a good option but it’s not as explicit about its theme as skins usually are. In fact, the skin may seem just a more fantastic take on the duo with a flare of fire rather than an outright phoenix theme. Still, the concept is good and, in its own terms, well done. If you like Quinn and Valor then their phoenix style is worth considering.

The seafaring Corsair Quinn and Valor is a modest skin with a direct implementation that doesn’t allow the concept to mix with the evident classic base. The result is an aspect that looks like a common rogue but little like a pirate. It’s an acceptable alternative if you are looking for something different but better can and could’ve been done.

Infused with hearts but also painted with all the charm of their personalities, Heartseeker Quinn and Valor is a skin of modest efforts. The duo tries their best to adapt to the heart-based concept without ignoring their idiosyncrasies which ends colouring it all in a charming, unskilful effort. This, presumably, unintended approach makes the skin more than a simple splatter of hearts. Thus, it’s an attractive option if you can accept its humble effort.

  56 Responses to “League of Legends: Quinn and Valor Skins’ Review”

  1. Should change name to just “Quinn”…

  2. Probably should just have the name Quinn, it’s correct to what league have named the champion + nobody likes Valor 😛

    Also this skin definitely uses new sounds! I don’t know your rules about what counts as `new` (maybe they have to be entirely different) but there are certainly a lot of firey noises added on all of the abilities.

    Hope this helped, great skin reviews buddy. 🙂

    • Glad that you like the reviews, we’ll check the sounds to see if there’s a significant difference. Valor we’ll give us a hand, well claw, so better if you don’t mention certain things about him…


      • Well said. Although after the marksman update Quinn and Valor aren’t as much of team as they used to be the initial idea was always to name them together and have them complement each other. Therefore, we stick to the concept even if the execution doesn’t deliver the idea as well as it should.

  3. Hey! What do ya think about the Woad Scout Quinn?

    • It has a distinct, though unoriginal, personality but the execution tends to be a little too fantastic. Still, it would be a good alternative to Classic Quinn and Valor.

  4. Woad Quinn and Valor has a new recall animation.
    By the way, did Phoenix Quinn get 3 stars in comparison to Woad Scout?

    • You’re completely right, we did notice but forgot to add it. Thanks for the correction.

      Yes it did, as more skins are released we’ll adjust ratings to better reflect the current technical standards.

  5. Is there going to be a skin review for the new karthus?

    • Yes, there will be. We apologize for the delay but we were experiencing technical difficulties regarding access to League of Legends that complicated work a lot.

      We’ll try to review the new Karthus as soon as possible but be sure that he won’t be forgotten. We wouldn’t want to hear him singing our requiem.

  6. Doesn’t Woad Scout Quinn have a new recall animation? Also there are snow particles aroubd valor when you get the maximum movement speed. Thanks for the reviews!

    • You’re completely right, sorry for the oversight. We checked Valor at maximum speed and there are indeed snow particles around him when his speed buff is present. However, it does fall under ‘new particles for their abilities’. We could be more precise but it seems like all abilities were modified. Still, any ideas about how to be more specific are welcome. Thanks for the correction.

  7. Hi, I like all your reviews but when will u review the mew football skins and primetime draven (no, its draaaaven) ?
    Ty for answer.

  8. What’s your problem with calling the champion by her name? It’s Quinn, period. It is NOT Quinn and Valor. It is JUST Quinn. I don’t care if you don’t like it.

    • We understand that you don’t agree with the naming convention chosen but as a double champion we thought it was appropriate. Besides, it was commented in the forums by Riot that they wouldn’t be calling them Quinn and Valor in the game because of a space limitation for the name. To keep consistency, even in the League of Legends webpage only Quinn is named. Still, they are both suppossed to be of equal importance.

      However, we managed to make the full name fit and we think it’s appropriate given the characteristics of the champion or champions. Regardless, we don’t discard adopting the official naming if it’s necessary, confusing or requested by many. The idea is to make the review appealing not to bother people with complex terminology.

  9. Would you rather buy riot nasus or riot kayle?
    and btw what do you think about arcade miss fortune?

    • Arcade Miss Fortune is an expensive but nice skin that provides charming 8-bit nostalgia. On sale it’s a better option, especially with a 50% discount, yet it’s a skin that manages to be worthwhile.

      The question between Riot K-9 Nasus and Kayle could very well be a matter of personal preference. Depends on which champion you play or like more and which implementation you prefer. K-9 displays an antropomorphic Doberman dressed as a policeman with a huge baton. Kayle shows a fictional policewoman wearing a flying device and wielding an electric, sword-like baton.

      On technical terms, Kayle has new animations for her wings that are, practically, always present so it has an advantage. She also has some new particles and sounds. Still, K-9 is unique in its adaptation of a police dog.

  10. Hey zero,
    when do you think quinn will get a new skin? It’s been a while since she got woad scout. Also, do you think popularity of a champ is a factor in him/her getting a new skin? Thanx. Im sooo into quinn ryt now and i want a skin for her. Hope they made a theme like project: yasuo. Im a huge fan of those kinds of skins

    • A skin of the ‘PROJECT:’ kind could be rather interesting for Quinn and Valor. In theory, all champions are to receive skins in equal proportion but with so many champions and skins in the game there’s no telling. Not only have the number become difficult to manage but also there’s no guarantee that a new skin will be attractive.

      Popularity isn’t always a factor though it most often is considered as popular champions with inevitably sell more skins. Still, in case of niche champions a complex, maybe even legendary skin, could be considered. Truth be told, we don’t know whether a new skin is in the works and, as things are, there’s nothing certain.

  11. Will you be adding Corsair Quinn soon?

  12. How is the review for corsair Quinn coming? And the other skins? Just wondering, take your time. Also have you thought about review ing the ward skins? Keep sailing like you always do.


    • The reviews for the new Bilgewater skins are on the over right now. We have though about reviewing ward skins but hasn’t been a priority. It’s not something we have ruled out but we are currently centred on skins.

      As someone we all know too well says: “set sail”.

  13. Hey zero,
    What’s your opinion on the new Corsair Quinn skin?

    • Simple and not as much of a corsair as a common rogue. It has a different style but doesn’t implement the concept well. It’s an option for fans of Quinn and pirates but there’re better options for both.

  14. I believe that woad scout Quinn had a new image for when you mark a foe. Could you look into that? I thought i saw it during the vpbe for the current patch. Thanks.


    • Although, you are already properly doing this, you might want to review all the skins and see if the Quinn changes affect your rating. Cant wait to hear your thoughts.


      • We checked the new marksmen and we didn’t find any changes significant enough to alter ratings but we’re still going over all the skins. At least the one’s we checked remain as good as they were for the most part. If there’re changes to be made then we’ll do so, eventually.

    • Sorry we didn’t answer earlier. The mark is the same that Woad Scout had before; which is different to the classic mark. You can notice it in the model screenshot at the top middle. We have it as part of the new particles so we didn’t go into specifics.

  15. new sound for ult on woad scout

  16. I was wondering, sense there will be a RP sale for Woad Scout, if I should get it.
    Your thoughts?

    • Woad Scout Quinn has just got into a sale and we very much recommend it if you like Demacia’s Wings. It’s currently Quinn and Valor’s best skin and also quite good on its own; with perhaps a bit too much stylization but appealing additions that define a distinct style. Without a doubt the sale is the time to get Woad Scout.

  17. I believe the passive indicator on Phoenix Quinn’s a bit more orange than the classic- I don’t know if it’s important enough to add in, but I wanted to point it out.

    • It’s possible that there’s a change in tone, we can’t tell for sure, If there’s a difference it’s too small for us to notice. We prefer to include even small changes but we are unable to notice the difference so, unless we can find more information we won’t include for now. Thanks for the information, anyway.

  18. Will you do a review once sweetheart quinn comes out?

  19. What are your quick thoughts of the heartseeker Quinn skin based on what we’ve seen so far? I’m trying to determine if I want to purchase it when it comes out or if I just want to get heartseeker Varus since I’m a fan of both skins currently.

    • Fortunately, Heartseeker Quinn and Valor isn’t as ridiculous as Varus’; though that could be a pro as it makes Heartseeker Varus stand out. Quinn and Valor are more conservative in that regard. The adaptation is straightfoward though appealing. While we don’t see it as an impressive skin it surely isn’t bad.

      • Thank you for your input! Definitely going to use your statements to put some more thought into this decision.

        • Not at all. We’ll have a review ready once the skin is released.

          • Do you think it would be worth getting corsair quinn on sale? Mostly because corsair quinn will be going on sale sometime around this month.

          • Woad Scout Quinn is a better skin but you have to pay a little more. You also get more as there’re new particles and sounds while Corsair Quinn is just a re-model.

            However, if you are looking for a cheap alternative to it then Corsair is an option. It’s not a bad skin but it doesn’t stand out either. In the end, it depends on whether you prefer or own other skins and how much you like Corsair and play Quinn.

          • Well that’s the problem i would get woad scout when i wouldn’t have enough if i were to get the skin since i’m only able to get a 5$ rp card so yeah.Sucks for me i guess

          • You could wait for a sale to get Woad Scout Quinn for 487 RP. It offers more and, on sale, the difference in price against Corsair isn’t that big. Considering prices on skins and how expenses accumulate, sales are quite useful if you have the patience.

  20. To be honest Phoenix Quinn is really, but it doesn’t have the phoenix feel. Other than that I believe it has one of the best death animations in the game.

    • Indeed, it does have a degree of firebird but not what one usually associates with a phoenix. Still, it does have some appeal.

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