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League of Legends: Nunu Skins’ Review – StrategyZero
Apr 182013
Nunu & Willump, the Boy and His Yeti
Nunu & Willump, the Boy and His Yeti

Nunu & Willump, the Boy and His Yeti are a good example of cooperation: if the yeti doesn’t kill you, the kid will. From old tales to new adventures they are always together and this inseparable duo may hold a power that can affect even their appearance. Thus, this union is also present when the time to choose a look comes, because they always match each other. If you need a guide to throw ice-balls or freeze your surroundings with style, this skins’ review can lend you a cold hand.

Sasquatch Nunu & Willump
Sasquatch Nunu & Willump Splash Art Sasquatch Nunu & Willump Model
Category: Legacy
Price: 520 RP
Concept: Nunu wearing brown clothes and a poncho, Willump as a simina, forest yeti.
Model: Major model changes for Nunu and Willump.
Particles: New Biggest Snowball Ever! particles.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: A bit of forest, a bit of Nunu and a bit of Willump. This piece offers a partial look at everything. The idea is that of a close perspective, as if we are hiding with the duo. Besides, despite the closeup we can notice some of the flora and fauna around them. There’s a slight blur to indicate the parts away from the centre but it’s moderate.
Strangely, the central area were we find Nunu and Willump shows them in a cartoony way that in areas, like Nunu’s hair, can look sketchy. The roughness makes sense to display the bark that makes up Willump’s helmet or fur. Regardless, it’s clear that Willump’s the one who benefits the most from the style. Nunu, tends to move towards a draft. The portrayal also only partially gives an idea of their look so there’s much to suppose.
The idea of the splash art is interesting and refreshing. It’s different and effective in its message: we become partners in the duo’s forest adventure. The problem is that style gets in the way of clarity. Add to this some uneven spots and perhaps a layer of polish is in order.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: This is a simple skin without much ambition but a different look. Nunu received a change of clothes and a hair dye. The clothes bring to mind a boy from a village in a mountainous region but it’s a subtle effect. It’s the same clothing but without the thermal protection.
Willump is the one that received the most radical transformation. The brown fur and simian features are what stand out the most. The braided beard and ornamented helmet hint at some degree of civilization or a very close relationship with someone able to provide such luxuries. Either way, the model effectively stands apart from Classic.
The result is uneven as Nunu is barely changed and Willump is who carries all the appeal. It’s a superficial skin with just a new look to offer. However, it’s a look that stands out.

Workshop Nunu & Willump
Workshop Nunu & Willump Splash Art Workshop Nunu & Willump Model
Category: Legacy
Price: 520 RP
Concept: Nunu as an elf and Willump as chimeric reindeer.
Model: Major model changes for Nunu and Willump.
Particles: New Biggest Snowball Ever! particles.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: A night sky with an aurora borealis in it, no: its Nunu’s magic that’s painting the skies. In terms of background we only get the basics to indicate that they are flying. Aside from a few poros, there’s nothing relevant. It’s the delight in Nunu and the peaceful security in Willump that say something.
The soft colours and shading make Willump’s fur quite pleasing to the eye; though his nose looks like a jelly sweet. Conversely, Nunu’s cartoony look clashes with such delicacy. Sled and gift bag stand in the middle. It’s quite clear how this two look and the scene is rather interesting so, it’s a good match for the spirit of the holiday they represent.
With clear uneven areas and styles that don’t match this is a splash art with some issues. Regardless, it’s not enough, even if the issues annoy, to take away from the appeal and the personality of the scene.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Workshop Nunu & Willump is clear about its message. Nunu becomes an elf missing front teeth and wearing warm clothes with golden decoration. Perhaps the gold is a bit too regal an addition but the elf idea is a good fit. Willump is transformed into a chimera of yeti and reindeer which is weird but also a bit cute with its thick, furry body. Some Christmas decorations are added as well as a gift bag which are small additions but they further the theme in the cartoony direction the skin takes.
On the whole, the Christmas references are clear. Although Willump looks more interesting Nunu also contributes even if in a less florid way. Collector’s and avid Nunu fans will probably find more value in this skin but if you are looking for something simple there’s enough Christmas spirit available in Workshop Nunu & Willump.

Grungy Nunu & Willump
Grungy Nunu & Willump Splash Art Grungy Nunu & Willump Model
Category: Regular
Price: 750 RP
Concept: Nunu dressed in a costume and Willump as rag doll.
Model: Major model changes for Nunu and Willump.
Particles: New Biggest Snowball Ever! particles.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: For being a kid’s bedroom the background seems rather empty. Not necessarily because the bedroom should be chockfull of things but there’s a lot of space where nothing is shown, just a wall. Still, the bed has enough references to make up for it.
Willump takes a lot of the room available. The problems is that the mischievous apparition means that too little of him is visible. Nonetheless, his ragdoll body is well conveyed by detailed surfaces. The reflection on his eyes gives them a feel of plastic which is a good touch for a toy. Nunu, conversely, is fully displayed. While the toys in his draft-like hands do get in the way the costume is clear enough. There’s a look of awe and understanding between Nunu and Willump and that part of their relationship is a good addition to the piece.
Overall, this is a piece which sacrifices some clarity in the name of style but such a choice also makes it stand out. It’s that unique relationship between Nunu and Willump which make them special and that is shown, in an adapted way, in the piece. Still, a perspective more to the side could’ve helped alleviate some of the problems.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: It could very well be said that there’s nothing grungy about Nunu and Willump as there are no stains and they look rather energetic. Skin name aside, Grungy Nunu & Willump is rather straightforward. Nunu wears the costume of some reptilian creature and Willump is his giant rag doll teddy. The costume may indicate four limbs which could be a reference to a potential reptilian look for Willump. The physiognomy doesn’t show anything concrete with only a faint dinosaur style given by the line of osteoderms. Willump displays large patches which indicate years of adventures and a close relationship with Nunu. There’s nothing specific about his look except for the feel of a gentle giant.
All things considered, this is an effective skin with regards to the concept. Both Nunu and Willump have a distinct look but there’s nothing groundbreaking. It’s a good option if you like what they offer.

Nunu & Willump Bot
Nunu & Willump Bot Splash Art Nunu & Willump Bot Model
Category: Legendary
Price: 1820 RP
Concept: Nunu and Willump as automata.
Model: New model for Nunu and Willump plus new animated face for Willump.
Particles: New particles for his abilities, auto-attacks, emotes, death and recall.
Animations: New emotes, high-speed run, abilities, death and recall animations.
Sounds: New sounds for abilities, auto-attack, emotes, recall and death plus new voiceover for Nunu and Willump.
Splash Art: Celebrating their latest victory, Nunu and Willump smile at the incredibly blurry crowd. The arena is a draft with some blue lights, screens and an energy cage as the few clear elements. The remains of the defeated rival make up the rest. It’s enough to make a context but there’s much wasted potential.
Willump takes the lion’s share of the available space with Nunu being a diminutive addition. The soft colours and shading make the scrapped metal plates which cover Willump appear like plastic and rubber depending on colour. The face looks good, making a convincing display. The sitting stance makes it a bit difficult to get an accurate idea of his proportions so that some guessing is necessary to realise his look. Nunu practically is relegated to a tiny spot. He’s visible in full but he looks cartoony and his depiction is much simpler. At least, he’s relevant to the scene.
All in all, this is a piece centred on Willump and it shows; perhaps too much. Nunu is a simple spot to the point that his depiction seems added on top of the rest. Additionally, the softness of Willump’s portrayal doesn’t fit his rugged exterior. The result is effective and even interesting but it’s clear that the splash art focuses in some areas at the expense of other relevant ones.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Nunu & Willump Bot fits as a legendary skin. It’s not the most elaborate as much is drawn from the reworked base but the changes made add significant elements to realise the concept. The distinct model is the clearest. Willump is a cute robot with a metallic body, a screen face, rubber-covered arms, wheels on his legs and a cable tail. Given the design he looks like a construction robot or one designed for repairs instead of a model designed for battle or companionship. Nunu looks like a whizz-kid that has extensively customised his robot or perhaps even built it from assembled parts. The idea is cartoony without a doubt but the theme is clearly delivered.
Particles are good. They show squares and grids which provide the hi-tech and the electric streaks give strength to attacks. There’s a good balance between hi-tech and power but neither side is prominently emphasised. Regardless, abilities and auto-attacks seem robotic enough in their effects. It’s simply that there’s no originality in them. Absolute Zero, as an ultimate, does feel a bit weak in its explosion but the warning effects are a great touch.
Sounds don’t feel impactful yet offer good support for the visuals; except the auto-attack. The blunt sound they have is disappointing. Abilities sound comical with electric hums and buzzes which work with the visuals to give the technological feel.
Animations are largely reused from Classic sans some exceptions like the humorous emotes. The recall is cleverly done showing Willump in need of recharging batteries. All this animations tend not to be seen as often as others like the rather impressive high-speed run. Abilities also benefit from interesting changes which help further the theme and, in the case of Consume, add much needed personality to the re-coloured particles. Changes aren’t always distinct or sensible but everything adds up nicely. The new death animation is quite anticlimactic: Nunu seems to rest as if nothing happened which speaks of great confidence and boredom. Not exactly the delight and care for his wonderful invention the skin displays elsewhere.
All added together, Nunu & Willump Bot is certainly a skin that takes advantage of the modernised Classic base and only makes some select changes. They are effective and meaningful changes and while there are issues the concept is well realised so that the skin is able to be appealing and evocative. For fans of robots and the Boy and his Yeti, Nunu & Willump Bot is a great choice.

Demolisher Nunu & Willump
Demolisher Nunu & Willump Splash Art Demolisher Nunu & Willump Model
Category: Regular
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Nunu and Willump wearing heavy armour.
Model: Major model changes for Nunu and Willump.
Particles: New Biggest Snowball Ever! particles.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: Turbid, the background is covered by a thick fog that makes everything diffuse. Perhaps it’s the snow falling which also covers the side of a mountain or hill, it’s not clear. What is clear is the panic at the ease with which this armoured duo charges through human and goblin alike.
From the expression in Nunu and Willump it seems to be a desperate charge, maybe a last ditch effort. The dented armour plates barely glint under the soft light, as if trying to display some of the gallant dignity that has worn off after so many battles. But, who are they? Is it a little boy or a small man? What sort of creature is he riding? Are all those limbs arms? The partial depiction of Nunu gets in the way of displaying an evocative charge and an interesting set of armour. Nunu, instead, shows enough of his clothes to have an idea of his looks. Still, it seems like heresy to have such eloquence in the partial portrayals which isn’t exploited in full for no discernible reason.
This splash art is one with a lot of potential. What little is seen of the scene indicates that there’s much more at stake that what we are privy to. The problem is that the potential remains untapped even if there’s, at least a bit of, room to expand on a very appealing proposition.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Demolisher Nunu & Willump takes a significant departure from the duo’s usual comical style and adapts them into armoured warriors. Nunu still smiles and does look like a child sent to war: completely oblivious to what he’s actually getting into. Comfortable, somewhat stylish clothes with minimal protection and a classically designed helmet paint the picture well. Conversely, Willump looks like a monster. The armour may protect him as much as it conceals his true nature. The spiked design of the helmet wings, the multiple eye openings, the shark-like lines of fangs, the thick chainmail and spiked mittens: it’s all designed to let the creature kill and not in an elegant way. There’s even a ring at the back of the cuirass which probably is the means to chain the creature for essential restraint.
In the end, it’s a rather nice skin that shows a unique battle-centred look that is quite attractive because of the interesting disparity between Nunu and Willump. It’s a pity that the skin doesn’t further the theme with additional changes, sans a single particle change, but, for what it offers, it’s quite good.

TPA Nunu & Willump
TPA Nunu & Willump Splash Art TPA Nunu & Willump Model
Category: Legacy
Price: 750 RP
Concept: Nunu as a gamer and Willump as the TPA mascot.
Model: Major model changes for Nunu and Willump.
Particles: New Biggest Snowball Ever! particles.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: The background suggests a big arena where the audience clamours for the champions. At least the lights of such incredible place are visible because the rest is just the imagination working. The champions are clearly portrayed though, but their simultaneous exposition makes them compete for attention.
Regardless, they manage to convey a bit of their personality in the depiction: Mundo is brutal and towering, Orianna vaguely humane, Ezreal overconfident, Shen sneaky while Nunu and Willump display their close teamwork. In parts they seem to be escaping from the diffuse maws of the background but the portrayals are correct anyway.
All in all, it’s a nice splash art that displays a team of champions celebrating the fruit of their labour. While it’s unclear in certain parts each champion has its place. Nevertheless, it’s a piece that seems better suited for a presentation of the full set of TPA champions than to be used in individual spotlights.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Nunu might be considered the central figure but the one that steals the show is Willump. In fact, Nunu simply dons some casual clothing and a headset so he barely looks anything out of the ordinary. He does appear like a gamer child with some extra style, as given by the gloves. Who stands out is Willump in the image of the TPA mascot and the source of all the appeal the skin has to offer. The mascot’s design is easily transferred onto Willump but the underlying yeti features become noticeable remnants: his physiognomy at large but also his four arms. The adaptation makes Willump soft and puffy to the point that he almost appears inoffensive if not for the maniacal grimace. Clothes are as casual as they can be, matching Nunu’s style. The four different joysticks with a single button are a clear exaggeration to follow the design of Classic’s horns. Without doubt, they are impractical and unnecessary.
The result is that of a funny and comical monster that looks like a furry and cute creature with a forced bestial facet. Looking at TPA’s logo there’s a degree of humour but it’s not really perceivable on the skin. Nevertheless, the skin certainly has a unique style and that is its saving grace. TPA Nunu looks good enough and if you don’t mind a yeti wearing a mascot’s fur then this is a choice to keep in mind.

Zombie Nunu & Willump
Zombie Nunu & Willump Splash Art Zombie Nunu & Willump Model
Category: Legacy
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Nunu as a mad scientist and Willump as his monstrous creation.
Model: New model for Nunu and Willump. New drool for Willump.
Particles: New particles for their abilities, auto-attack, joke and recall.
Animations: New animations when running during Call of the Freljord, Absolute Zero, running and recall.
Sounds: New sounds for Consume, Blood Boil, Ice Blast, Absolute Zero, auto-attack and recall plus new voice-over.
Splash Art: In the distance, explosions destroy what the zombies haven’t. The red fumes cover most of what remains but one can guess that there isn’t much to see. At least that’s the idea, because the background is notable for its poor quality with regards to the simple and dull depiction of the setting. The foreground is, fortunately, the complete opposite. Here we find the zombie slayers enjoying their job against the hordes of the undead. The stains on their clothes and bodies show that they like to get quite involved in the activity. However, they are being flanked by an unusual enemy. In this area, the context is not only clearer but also more meaningful. While the zombie horde is suggested more than shown their presence is clear. The only exception to the emptiness of the background is the presence of a certain legendary undead that has his flames ready to join the battle; if he can stagger there on time. The vertical stripe on the left of Jinx and Pantheon’s splash art also catches the eye but isn’t as evocative.
Without a doubt the portrayal of the champions at combat is the central part of the piece. Their portrayal exhibits a magnificent use of colour and light that manages an attractive display. Their combat poses don’t compete with the need to allow a clear view and their expressions are reminiscent of their joy. Even the regular zombie on the corner of the foreground displays quite a bit of detail. Each surface and texture is meticulously drawn and shaded with the correct use of depth of field effects; which adds to the portrayal. It’s only when certain elements move towards the background, like Pantheon’s jetpack, that they become sketchy. For the most part, each champion has their place and their personality is eloquently presented. So, between Jinx’s insanity, Pantheon’s blood lust, Nunu’s derangement and Willump’s ferocity there’s much to appreciate.
Ultimately, it is an uneven splash art. The background, though clearly secondary in importance, is plain and uninteresting. In stark contrast, the foreground takes the reins of the whole piece and presents a battle for survival that shows the best that each champion has to offer. In consequence, this is a great portrayal backed by a disappointingly presented setting.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: The first thing that comes to mind when looking at Zombie Nunu is that it’s an eye-catching, even interesting, skin but, despite that, it’s not exactly what would be called appealing. The repulsive aesthetic is well presented, very effectively indeed, but it’s something that can feel undesirable were if not for the cartoony approach taken. It’s also as much a reference to Frankenstein’s monster as to a zombie because the monster would technically qualify as such. That being said, the monstrous, goblinesque style is finely realised and consistently implemented across all areas of the skin. Thanks to a varied selection of changes Zombie Nunu is quite close to a legendary skin and it shows. The skin modifies almost every aspect of the duo and splatters the theme effectively on them. On top of that, it doesn’t forget to add some fitting touches like Willump’s drooling or a new running animation evoking the classic zombie walk. Emotes are left intact, though, which means that an ice soldier, instead of a goo soldier, is wacked down to size.
The goo particles follow the style displayed by the model: they catch the eye with their disgusting, cartoony appearance yet at the same time can induce one to avert the eyes when considering the full proposition. The trail left by Call of the Freljord looks too simplistic and the wrist burst of goo too small when compared to the excesses seen elsewhere as well as other parts of the passive. The rest of abilities are a consistent outburst of goo which should be enough to satisfy even the strongest of stomachs. If we were to nitpick then we should say that Biggest Snowball Ever! looks too solid and a bit plastic but perhaps it’s better not to delve into such details.
Sounds complement the visuals well with liquid tones that paint the whole picture very eloquently. They aren’t particularly prominent or special but they surely are effective. If one were looking for splashes of goo left and right here they are. The new grunt and gibberish voice-over furthers the zombie theme and allows it to be more convincing yet it can often be relegated by the splashes.
The few new animations can be evocative as Call of the Freljord’s zombie walk; which is also used when running. One thing that seems uneven is Absolute Zero; what ought to be their finest moment. The bloating animation is a great addition but the actual explosion of goo and other unmentionable elements looks weak and lacking any impact. The splash is just too small and brief to properly communicate power.
All things considered, Zombie Nunu is a skin that shows a lot of effort and a willingness to go beyond usual expectations to make a satisfying product. Such dedication shows in the implementation which is full of additions to better present the theme. The concept may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Being so well realised the repugnant nature of the zombified duo is evident but the cartoony angle helps give them some appeal. Additionally, not all changes are as effective as they could be and Absolute Zero should certainly explode with an impressive display of goo. The good, ultimately, defeats the flaws and for fans of monsters Zombie Nunu is a recommended skin; provided they can stomach it.

Papercraft Nunu & Willump
Papercraft Nunu & Willump Splash Art Papercraft Nunu & Willump Model
Category: Regular
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Nunu crafting Willump as an elemental made out of paper.
Model: New model for Nunu & Willump. Modified snowman for their joke, new paper tube for their dance and paper bird for recall.
Particles: New particles for their abilities, auto-attack, laugh and recall.
Animations: New recall animation.
Sounds: New sounds for their abilities, auto-attack, dance and recall.
Splash Art: The foreground is a diffuse hint at a few paper trees and other flora and fauna which doesn’t manage to provide a setting. There’s too much empty sky and the Sun’s plain look is barely shown. The foreground is more effective but it doesn’t show much. It’s rather clear but the problem is that there aren’t many elements. The result is a brief context that says little about the surroundings.
Nunu holds magical scissors which aren’t very clear due to his boot before them and the rough look which makes the glow too fuzzy. Nunu’s portrayal shows his clothing rather well, though. There’s a bit of a diffuse glow which is barely visible due to the lack of contrast with the bright sky. The idea of magic giving life to a paper bird is very nice but Willump is too relegated. Being the most prominent figure in the skin the paper-based look isn’t clear enough. The face and upper body are visible, which is enough to give a good idea of his look, yet there’s a lot that is not visible. The roughness of the paper isn’t always suitable to the material so that the depiction feels a bit sketchy. Willump’s posture doesn’t help either so that the star of the skin ends up struggling to shine.
The result is a splash art with a weak context and a half of the duo which stands out and another which struggles. Adding all up the piece is uneven and isn’t as good a presentation card as it could be. The paper theme lends itself to wonderful vistas which are only hinted and complex designs which don’t shine.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: For all intents and purposes Papercraft Nunu & Willump is a skin where Willump is the clear star. Nunu does look different and may even be responsible for quite a few life forms in a world of paper; thanks to his magical scissors. Regardless, the mess of paper that results in a living construct that is Willump steals the show. His design is chaotic and unclear, even convoluted, but the message comes through and the design does captivate the eye.
Particles are also uneven. Call of the Freljord and Consume seem only re-coloured. That said, throwing paper planes is nothing original yet it’s a good choice for Snowball Barrage. Of course, Biggest Snowball Ever! is more interesting for its potential for a large paper ball but also less realistic. Absolute Zero is quite interesting as Nunu & Willump rip the page in pieces to cause a magical explosion. Had Willump also grabbed and then ripped the paper with his arms we would be truly talking about an impressive ultimate. Without a new animation the adaptation is nice but with unrealised potential.
Sounds aren’t memorable. There’s some paper ruffling for projectile impacts and Absolute Zero ripped paper is nice but there aren’t sounds which stick to mind or impress. Everything seems too timid.
The new recall practically gives a basis for Willump’s existence as well as much of the life in the paper world. It’s a great way of supporting the theme with some storytelling to better realise and round the concept’s implementation.
All added together, Papercraft Nunu & Willump is a good skin that has a rather good model and an ultimate which could potentially be impressive. Paper balls are good too but there’s nothing that truly sets the skin apart. It’s a good adaptation yet without reaching enough depth to make it stand out. Still, it’s good so if you like the concept the skin won’t disappoint.


Nunu and Willump display several styles that range from traditional clothes to future technology. Regardless, the skins seldom impress with their choice of concept and way of execution. The safest recommendation is Demolisher Nunu & Willump: a good choice if you want a more serious take on the duo. It’s essentially and armoured version of Nunu and Willump but fitting and appealing.

Another recommendation, mainly for monster fans, is Zombie Nunu & Willump. The concept is very well executed and so all the unpleasantness of a zombified duo is plainly displayed. The vile aesthetic will probably not appeal to everyone, despite the cartoony approach, but there’s no doubt that a lot of work went into making the skin special and it surely is. Not everything is as well done as it could be but the sum of its parts presents an interesting skin that fans of horror will appreciate and enjoy.

Dedicated Nunu & Willump fans would do well in considering Nunu & Willump Bot as a recommended option. In terms of effectiveness the skins delivers an appealing robot concept. However, while the style stands out the implementation does rely on the refined Classic base so changes can feel sparse. Regardless, they don’t fail in developing the theme; though not as much as the skin could and should. Still, for fans of robots, Nunu & Willump Bot is a great choice.

Alternatively, Grungy Nunu & Willump will probably please toy fans. The childish theme offers a pleasing aesthetic but it can seem somewhat simple and shallow.

Sasquatch Nunu & Willump bases its appeal on Willump’s new look. It’s a superficial skin but different enough from Classic. For what it offers, it’s acceptable.

Workshop Nunu & Willump deliver enough of the Christmas spirit they ought to. Willump steals the show but Nunu contributes what he can. Still, collectors and dedicated fans may find more value.

Papercraft Nunu & Willump is a good skin. It’s not great as the adaptation lack enough depth to make the changes stand out. Still, between the use of paper planes, balls and ripping the very page they stand on there’re a few things to like in the skin. If you like the theme then the skin won’t let down.

  49 Responses to “League of Legends: Nunu Skins’ Review”

  1. Dat Nunu Bot laugh

  2. Nunu Bot is so amazing… Though the abilities aren’t much to cheer for, the voice-over is great. Having fitting lines like “My element will devestate them, or not.” Also, the laugh is great if you wanna piss off the enemy and allied team, especially in Aram when everyone gets annoyed. Thanks for the review.

    • Not at all, we agree that Nunu Bot has a rather nice voice tone and some interesting quotes; as long as it’s not reminding us that we are playing a game. The laugh is a definite stand out but as a legendary skin more is to be expected nowadays. Regardless, it’s a skin that at least merits being considered.

      • From what I’ve read, the Nunu Bot skin itself is something of a tribute to a fan-made League of Legends web series with the same name. As a result, a lot of the voice was taken from that, including most of the fourth wall breaking stuff. Not that it would make much of a difference to 99% of the player base, of course.

        • Interesting, thanks for the information. Fans of the web series will surely find more to like but we agree that on most people the reference will be lost; unfortunately. Maybe unusual references should be made more explicit in the post when the skin is released; though part of the charm of references is catching them.

    • nunu bot sucks

  3. Nunu bot has a new dance
    It’s the robot XD

  4. Hey zero i need ur help once more!!ive really gotten into playng nunu especially top and i need a skin for him!the legacy skins are a no for sure i just think they look terrible.that leaves Demolisher tpa and nunu bot.I dont mind the price so plz answer without considering the price.which do u think i should get??btw im really into nunu bot I just really like its model and its sort of “Im a real boy” theme.Do u think nunu bot is worth it?I know everybody is always bitching about how it has no particles but if u think a bit u will see that the champion itself has no room for particles or atleast not as much as other champs.heeeeeeeeeeeelp meeeeeee

    • Technically, any champion has room for particles because they can be added on top of any active or passive ability. Thus, we don’t think that’s much of a reason for a sub-optimal skin.

      Demolisher Nunu has a nice armoured style and TPA has its cartoony charm. Nunu Bot isn’t bad but a legendary simply should deliver something special. It’s good but without a doubt you’ll feel the difference with more modern legendaries.

      Demolisher Nunu does have an advantage over the others and that’s that it can go on sale; if you are patient. If not, then TPA is the cheaper option despite being somewhat uneven.

      Specifically, unless you are a great Nunu & Willump fan then Nunu Bot may not be for you. After all, while it has a distinct personality its underdeveloped. In that case, Demolisher and TPA are the remaining options; both with pros and cons.

  5. Omg You put so much work onto this.
    It seems Nunu doesnt have very decent skins,huh?
    Riot pls lolol
    Nice work and thanks for the overview.
    Peace out.

    • We are glad you find the reviews of interest.

      Indeed, Nunu and Willump seem to be somewhat forgotten with regards to skins. Hopefully they’ll receive some attractive skins in the future.

  6. Question: Why do you guys write your reviews as if you are writing a fourth year thesis for a degree in English? Just curious.

    • We think that we should write the reviews in a professional way or as much as possible. Just because the topic isn’t as serious or relevant to life as others doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t do our best. We think that a neutral tone allows for the ideas to be more clearly exposed. However, we agree that sometimes the tone is too distant so we are trying to make it more approachable while still being professional.

  7. Hi Zero,
    Just wanted to ask your opinion about Zombie Nunu and if it will be reduced at 975 rp in the first week.
    PS. Will his passive color change?
    Thx, a player.

    • As a rule, 1350 RP skins are discounted to 975 RP on the first four days after release. There could be an exception but, so far, that’s been held.

      We didn’t notice any difference in Zombie Nunu’s passive even though all his other abilities and auto-attack have a new look. It could be kept unchanged for visual consistency or perhaps the change wasn’t done yet. The latter is unusual as skins reach the PBE ready to be released. There’s the possibility of a change but it’s not there and there’s no telling if it was considered by Riot.

  8. Hi Zero,
    Planning to get a Nunu skin, should I wait for Zombie Nunu? But I don’t really feel the zombie theme suits Nunu, goo spitting Ice Blast and the goo sucking ult, it just seem weird.
    PS: love your work, appreciate it

    • Glad that you find the reviews useful.

      It depends on how much goo you want in your life. We agree that Zombie Nunu isn’t exactly what could be called appealing. It’s certainly a monstrous aspect that stands out but if you feel it weird then there’s little point in getting something that you, ultimately, won’t enjoy.

      There aren’t any skins for Nunu that really impress. Demolisher Nunu could be something sensible and interesting. Granted, it’s only a re-model that essentially translates as armoured Nunu but, at least at that, it’s effective. Something more playful could be TPA Nunu when it’s available. The TPA mascot fits Willump well and the skin manages a good look; even if it’s nothing groundbreaking.

      In any case, we would recommend waiting for a sale. None of Nunu’s skins are really impressive and so barely justify their price at best. With that in mind you may want to wait for the release of Zombie Nunu to see the final product. In the meantime, a Demolisher sale could appear or you may find another skin that offers something that you like.

  9. Hi, Zero!

    I’m from the PH Server and right now is the last day sale for Haunted Maokai ( ’til 11 59 PST).
    Right now, I’m in a pinch choosing between Zombie Nunu which is currently on sale for 200 RP (Equivalent to 975 RP in NA) until the 10th of November.

    Can you suggest which to choose between the two? I like them both but which is wiser to choose.

    Your fan from PH,

    • Sorry for the late answer.

      It depends a lot on the aesthetic you prefer. Both are quite good skins but also quite different. Haunted Maokai has a more traditional approach of producing horror through association with its graveyard theme. Zombie Nunu is more direct by putting the horror at first sight with a decomposing corpse. It could be said that Haunted delivers horror through a creepy feeling and Zombie through raw disgust. They are valid ways but accommodate to different tastes.

      We don’t think that any skin would be a bad choice provided you like them. The prices are resonable considering the features they offer. Haunted Maokai may be a safer purchase as there’s nothing about the skin that can strike as objectionalble. Zombie Nunu is somewhat riskier in that if you don’t enjoy the gruesome style it can end up unused; though it has to be said that the implementation is very effective at delivering the theme.

      In this case it’s clear that both are good skins but that which one is a better option largely depends on you taste.

      • Thank you very much, Zero!

        Indeed, Maokai is much more of a safer choice. To my surprise, I got Zombie Nunu as a mystery gift including Slayer Pantheon.

        I both like them but Maokai certainly gives much better considering it’s price and quality.

  10. Zombie Nunu is the definition of how 1350rp skins should be.

  11. I checked out the Model Viewer, and noticed that Demolisher Nunu has animation changes. Surprisingly, they trimmed a bit of Nunu’s default animations; Willump doesn’t stretch his arms occasionally while idle, and his taunt no longer shows him beating his chest with his fist.

    Is this going to affect your review score?

    • Not at all, it’s even possible that the animations remain. A few months ago Riot changed the way that models are stored, including their associated assets, which made extracting animations more difficult. For that reason there are some skins that lacked some animations in LolKing’s viewer even though they were present in-game; for example. It’s possible that the viewer hasn’t eveything present in the skin because it’s not so easy to extract.

      As a re-model, it’s improbable that Demolisher Nunu has anything extra beyond minor adjustments to the animations to make them fit the new model. We didn’t notice anything different about the skin though it’s been a while. If we find out that there’re relevant changes we might have to update the review but from what we gather it doesn’t go beyond the new model.

      • Well, yeah. The changes are very minor, but at least it fits the skin as a more serious take on Nunu. If you need proof, you can always check out YouTube or ingame so you can see what I mean by the trimmed animations.

        • We agree that Demolisher aims at a more serious style for Nunu and Willump. We gave it another look and the changes are indeed minor. We’ll check in-game but as there isn’t anything significant, only adaptations, we’d probaly only add it as adapted animations. It’s worthwhile to note but doesn’t amount to much in the great scheme of things. Thanks for the information.

  12. TPA Nunu ,,Nunu simply dons some casual clothing and a headset so he barely looks anything out of the ordinary”. Well, i dont see Shirt-Fur.Hoodies everyday… 😛

    • Fair enough, in the real world a yeti dressed like a gamer would raise some eyebrows. However, it’s hardly something we haven’t seen before in a world were even a tree dresses like a cat; or a mermaid like a manatee.

  13. Just an FYI Oscar the grouch and Cookie Monster are sesame street and not muppets. You are thinking of Kermit and Gonzo from the Muppets.

    • Thanks for the clarification. However, according to a quick search, the Muppets are a set of puppets used in Sesame Street. So, they both belong to the same program.

  14. When you review the new Nunu skins?

  15. Yo, the newly reworked Nunu & Willump is released. Time to re-review their skins.

  16. Do you think you’re going to get to reviewing these anytime soon? I’m having trouble weighing between Nunu Bot, Zombie, and Demolisher, and I usually use this website as a tiebreaker for situations like these, so I was surprised to see all the old Nunu skin reviews still up.

    • We apologise, time and again the update keeps getting delayed because something new comes up. The idea is to review the skins as soon as we are able but that’s the idea. If you have any specific questions we’d gladly help. We haven’t seen much of Nunu and Willump but we can take a look if needed.

  17. Still havent gotten to re-review the rework skins Zero?

  18. Can we get updated Nunu review before the next wave of skins released? I’ve been checking on and off to see if this has been updated for the past two months.

    • We’ll try but things haven’t been easy lately. If you have any specific questions we can take a look. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  19. Thank you for your updated skin review on Nunu and Willump!

    Fun fact: Nunu and Willump Bot’s biggest snowball ever uses a lot of number 3s colored in light blue for the explosion particle.

    • Not at all, sorry it took so long.

      We just checked and we don’t really notice. They must be rather subtle but either way the skin is quite good.

  20. Hello, I do some looking overrall on Nunu & Willump is that every skin in here do have changes on passive, sasquach shown a branch; grungy shown a toy flute; demolisher shown a mace; Workshop shown a candy cane and TPA has additional caps and hand on the joke snowman. Maybe wouldn’t include dance has a different flute but it depend on you.

    Hope these change is ok enough to include. Good day

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