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League of Legends: Lissandra Skins’ Review – StrategyZero
May 022013
Lissandra, the Ice Witch
Lissandra, the Ice Witch

Lissandra, the Ice Witch moves with alien grace and unearthly precision. Her body evokes an unnatural communion of flesh and ice framed by a monolithic multi-layered dress. If you want to know what lies beyond the frosty, northern borders of the Frostguard you’ll have to pass through her intense watch. So take a look at her skins’ review and see if you can appeal to her sense of style.

Bloodstone Lissandra
Bloodstone Lissandra Splash Art Bloodstone Lissandra Model
Category: Regular
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Lissandra having command over earth, rock and magma.
Model: Major model changes for Lissandra, new glow for her headdress and new textures plus vapours for her surrounding ice shards.
Particles: New brown particles for her abilities, auto-attack, death and recall.
Animations: New recall animation.
Sounds: New stone sounds for her abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Splash Art: This piece is rather dynamic yet devoid of life. The problem lies in the background: it does provide a setting but it’s largely a barren space. While this sets the mood of the piece it also seems lacking in elements. Fortunately, Lissandra adds a good dose of spectacle with her dramatic pose. Lissandra seems to grow from the ground in a twisted yet powerful way; though her back may be a stretch. The shading is clear with ample amount of highlights but the effect on the shards she throws is a bit diffuse and dull. Besides, her expression suggests a more aggressive tone but seeing as half her face is covered it isn’t as eloquent as it could be. All in all, it’s a good portrayal of Lissandra, despite some exaggerations, that isn’t framed in the best of ways.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Bloodstone Lissandra has a warmer, more approachable style in comparison with her classic detached insensitivity. Both display elegance but in different forms. Bloodstone Lissandra feels more casual and familiar while still retaining a clear supernatural vein. The particles also reflect that as they are more terrene while still feeling powerful and magical. The thing with the skin it’s that while it effectively gives a different style to Lissandra it practically keeps her feel intact. That isn’t necessarily bad but the skin could’ve elaborated more on the new theme and stand further apart from Lissandra’s cold personality with a fiery, raging contrast. On the whole, Bloodstone Lissandra offers a nice terrestrial style that doesn’t embody the fury of the land as it could but still has a distinct and appealing aesthetic.

Blade Queen Lissandra
Blade Queen Lissandra Splash Art Blade Queen Lissandra Model
Category: Regular
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Lissandra as a blade sorceress.
Model: New model for Lissandra, new glow for her headdress and new blades plus vapours for her surrounding ice shards.
Particles: New bronze particles for her abilities, auto-attack and death.
Animations: New recall animation.
Sounds: New metallic sounds for her abilities, auto-attack, recall and dance.
Splash Art: The setting is nothing, that is only darkness can be seen beyond the bronze shards that surround Lissandra. As the sides of the Iron Maiden move, either towards or away from her, she poses presumably in pain or maybe dramatically unleashing her power. In spite of the ambiguity Lissandra’s portrayal is clearer than her diffuse surroundings. Her colours are bright and easily bring to life the metal; at least from the waist up as her skirt is a bit dull in comparison. On the whole, it’s a rather unclear piece with an uneven depiction of Lissandra. It works as it manages a good first impression but there isn’t much behind the portrayal.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: There’s an important problem with Blade Queen Lissandra and that’s the relationship between the concept and the execution. Firstly, the idea is to make Lissandra a sorceress that bends blades to her will and unleashes them as weapons. However, she doesn’t communicate that effectively. Firstly, her outfit seems an overly glamorous dress that is more concerned with flamboyancy than with lethality. Her aspect goes to the point of making the base of blades at her feet seem like an ineffective reminder of the concept. Add to that the new particles that should implement the rest of the fantasy: not only do they seem like re-coloured blocks of bronze but they also feel blunt instead of sharp despite the metallic sounds; at best they are shards of metal. Moreover, Frozen Tomb and the new recall hint at an iron maiden but don’t expose actual blades.
The result is a skin that indicates a theme it never truly delivers. Even if we ignore the fact of the supposed blades concept then, what is the skin about? There’s an eye-catching dress, references to an iron maiden and bronze shards. Ultimately, more than a Blade Queen she seems a Bronze Maiden which exemplifies the lack of focus of the implementation. Not all is bad as the look is certainly unique but at times it tends to feel like a whimsical bronze-based change of clothes, with re-coloured particles that tries to make her bronze ice shards pass for blades. In the end, the iron maiden on Frozen Tomb and her recall are definite highlights and the only substantial redeeming qualities. Fans of Lissandra may appreciate the unfocused uniqueness of the skin but the Ice Witch can do better.

Program Lissandra
 Splash Art Program Lissandra Model
Category: Regular
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Lissandra turned into an automaton.
Model: New model for Lissandra, new glow for her headdress and new traingles plus vapours for her surrounding ice shards.
Particles: New particles for her abilities, auto-attack, recall and death.
Animations: New animations for her ice shards and new recall animation.
Sounds: New sounds for her abilities, auto-attack, dance, recall and death plus processed voice-over.
Splash Art: In the background, a blurry laboratory shows screens with unfathomable schematics. The, assumedly, intense overhead lights barely shine on the array of recognizable robots surrounding the specimen on the centre. As a setting, it’s sensible context but subdued and with little meaning aside from the cameo. Fortunately, Lissandra stands very well on her own.
Her original physiognomy receives centre stage and displays all its artificial nature. The surfaces tend to look washed out so that the metal doesn’t shine with the expected pristine perfection of a new product. Besides, her arms appear too far from her body, as if disconnected, despite there being no reason for it. Nonetheless, the lines are precise and show many details. The use of light is rather good too but the shading is soft and, for metallic surfaces, the contrast between reflections and ambient light isn’t noticeable enough. Her hair connects to the platform below which hints at her triangle-based base; though that shape isn’t evident. On the left, an arm links her to another Program while on the right the large hand used for making paths looms half shiny, half dimmed by the fog. Between this relevant company her straight pose supplements her inhumanity.
All things considered, this is an effective if flawed splash art. The background is relevant but largely unassuming whereas the portrayal shines with its own light thanks to Lissandra’s appearance. However, the depiction appears timid despite being effective. The result is a good piece that does its job with a few appealing extras but that doesn’t manage to astound with neither composition nor visual accomplishments.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: It’s not necessary to look for long to notice that Program Lissandra has a unique identity. It’s a borrowed identity and admittedly more GLaDOS than SHODAN but unequivocally fascinating. The triangular shards at her base and a single, articulated pedestal to hold her body are only the beginning. The body is covered in layers of different materials, each with their own texture that leads us to the head. Some vestigial humanity lingers in a face with eyes covered by a monocular helmet that is flanked by two satellite extensions. On the back of the head, a mane of wires passes for hair. If her front looks artificial, her back doesn’t delete any doubts. The body is also flanked by floating, detached arms. They are made out of simple flat parts that dominate lean shaped forearms and hands. In each section, a single cable extends from side to side to close an unseen circuit. The elegance and originality of the design isn’t just refreshing, it’s also awe-inspiring.
The particles don’t stand behind and supplement the theme with inhuman precision. From the simple triangular formations of Ice Shard to the circuit lines of Ring of Frost and Glacial Path Lissandra’s abilities look distinct and digitally based. The giant synthetic hand in the former is a both an echo of her body as well as an example of what technology can achieve. Of particular note is Frozen Tomb with its fractal diagram and metallic, colourful tomb. When Lissandra is encased in her tomb, the moving eye on top scans the surroundings as triangles shake and rise around her, seemingly at random. When the tomb is applied to an enemy it relies on a less impressive but still appealing polygonal shard with a translucent surface: perfect to appreciate the chosen victim.
Iceborn, her passive, has a new glow that may be the simplest of the additions but its flame-like fluctuations when moving make it interesting to behold. Meanwhile, the triangular base shivers with inhuman logic as Lissandra awaits or moves around. The recall is also a great addition: it starts with what seems a pointless display of satellite agility. However, it may be the calibration step before they virtualise Lissandra in a mesh of polygons and transport her elsewhere. The inverse happens when her death arrives with triangles flying around as her body crumbles in an unstable polygon mesh.
In spite of all this engrossing visual display it’s surprising to find that the slow effect applied by Ice Shard reuses the classic frost particles. Admittedly, it’s a small problem but one that stands in stark contrast to the meticulous attention given to the new particles. It may be more of an oversight or visual convention to show the slow effect rather than a flat-out intentional choice. However, as it’s notorious and doesn’t mesh with the hi-tech style it’s something that shouldn’t be ignored.
The sounds also take centre stage. With a combination of shattering crystal for the triangular polygons and reverberating effects for the circuitry, the electronic aspect is clear and attractive. Even Iceborn’s sound, when it becomes available, feels digital. The artificial tone mixed with a synthetic echo given to her voice-over is spot on. Her voice remains familiar but tinted with an inhuman colour that is a natural reflection of her exterior; even if the actual quotes aren’t. Each aspect of the sounds matches a specific visual, polygons, circuits or the tomb, with its vibrating diagram. The symmetry in both visuals and audio allows the skin to integrate all aspects into a cohesive whole.
In every change there’s precision and consistency. The different areas are finely adapted into synthetic counterparts. On top of this, the virtual polygons, circuits and metal have different looks and sounds showing different but complementary aspects of a whole. The lack of new animations, recall excepted, isn’t felt when the different parts add up to such a comprehensive whole.
It comes as a surprise then that the skin didn’t go all the way to legendary territory having such an effective implementation. If the skin incorporated robotic animations and a suitable voice-over it would finely reach the legendary tier. That’s a mystery more than a complaint. For fans of Lissandra this is a wonderful skin and if you also like the technological aspect of it then there’s no reason to ignore such excellence.

Coven Lissandra
Coven Lissandra Splash Art Coven Lissandra Model
Category: Regular
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Lissandra as an aristocratic witch.
Model: New model for Lissandra and new dark mist for her surrounding ice shards.
Particles: New particles for her abilities, auto-attack, death and recall.
Animations: New recall animation.
Sounds: New sounds for her abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Splash Art: A forest with thick branches of dark bark which shape themselves as a throne fit for a fine lady. Crows with glowing eyes look around while the weak sunlight insinuates itself in the distance; will-o’-the-wisps may also want to join the gathering. A mirror appears on the left or is it a fountain embraced by the branches? Not much is clear in this surreal forest. The setting is atmospheric but timid with content. It has the right feel but doesn’t say much.
Lissandra reclines herself on the throne of branches. Bathed by an unnatural light she appears in shades of blue and rather comfortably reclining. The colour palette makes her look somewhat homogeneous even if there’s an ethereal support for her esoteric leanings. The headpiece, mainly, welcomes the addition. Her dress and its rich embroidery are also appealing but at times it’s not clear where dress and skin start and end. For such an elegant lady to feel so comfortable in such a place means that she may be more than what’s noticeable at a glance which is quite interesting. It’s a pity, though, that the headpiece and skirt are sketchy in the borders.
All added together, this is a splash art that suggests more than show. The problem is that suggestions are rather subtle so that the piece can feel rather straightforward. The atmosphere is right but, again, timid in its feel. This all makes the splash art interesting yet often brimming with potential instead of tapping it in full.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: At a glance there’s no doubt that Coven Lissandra has an aristocratic feel that steps deep into the fantastic. From the large, ornamented headpiece to the decorative design of her dress and the many tendril-like shards at her feet: everything is full of twists and curves giving her a classy yet alien feel. Her skin and blonde hair make a good human contrast against a dress which could hint of a dark origin.
Particles are mostly made out of dark shards of a polished rock similar to those that dance around her mixed with dark spectral energy. Those abilities that make use of the shards actually stand out the most which is those that impair the movement of enemies the most: Ring of Frost and Frozen Tomb. Self-casting Frozen Tomb produces an evocative idol constructed in the same rock. As well pagan as demonic with many upward spikes instead of arms it’s a great symbol for the skin. Ice Shard’s rock swords are good but too brief to be usually noticed. The spectral energy and mists are much less interesting as they follow the classic design for the most part without a style of their own. The dark mist covering the ice effect from Ice Shard’s slow is a good touch.
Sounds seem to be higher-pitched, rougher versions of the classic, frosty sounds. They keep the same icy feel. Fortunately Frozen Tomb and Ring of Frost also add haunting echoes which make the ultimate feel fittingly sinister; Glacial Path also has a bit of it but it’s too subtle. The sinister echo of the processed voice-over is an extra addition of darkness.
The new recall is a rather subtle, perhaps even elegant way of showing power: making flowers bloom out of nowhere and die with the wave of her hand. Disappearing in magical ravens is less fairy tale and more conventional but still dark.
On the whole, Coven Lissandra seems like a more aristocratic interpretation of the Ice Witch. The dark ice is there, more stone-like but present, her style is fantastic in its class and the classic ice magic remains only a bit more twisted. In essence, the skin changes the surface but keeps the core intact. For fans of Lissandra it’s a nice skin for changing her style but that’s all.


Few are the Ice Witch’s options and from that we have to find a recommendation. In spite of the price, Program Lissandra is a technological wonder. Each area is carefully adapted with different arrangements that integrate into a complete synthetic entity. The price is surely high, so a sale may come in handy, yet the skin does so many things and so well that, sooner or later, should find its way into the collection of any fans of the Ice Witch and robots alike.

Move conventional and cheaper yet still among her best options is Bloodstone Lissandra: a nice alternative to her classic alien coldness as it offers a more earthly style. It doesn’t redefine her as a furious force of nature as it could’ve; instead it only changes her aesthetic and makes her more familiar. While Lissandra’s detached personality remains she looks more approachable and less distant. In the end, it’s a good skin with an interesting theme and nice visuals.

An alternative is Blade Queen Lissandra. The skin lacks the cohesion to communicate its theme effectively. In fact, Lissandra barely passes for a queen of blades as there’re lots of bronze and flamboyancy but few actual blades and real elegance. The result has a unique feel but seems like a disappointment with regards to its concept.

Coven Lissandra is an aristocratic, more fantastic take on the Ice Witch. The classic design is there, intact, with only her style reinterpreted. Fans of Lissandra looking for a different look will find something interesting but that’s all the skin offers. The Ice Witch everybody knows and loves remains.

  63 Responses to “League of Legends: Lissandra Skins’ Review”

  1. Thank you for these reviews! I am waiting for the Frejlord skin reviews now 😀

    Thank you for the hard work!

  2. There is subtle sound change in her bloodstone skin. If you compare especially the Q and R with her classic, you could hear much rock-like sounds than ice. Check it out. I know coz I own the skin and I noticed the difference right away when I played 3 games with her classic

  3. Please review the new Blade Queen Lissandra?

  4. Bloodstone is a gemstone, not melted stone/magma. It would make more sense since there isn’t any heat, spark or any other hint to magma in her animations.

    • You are right but her Ring of Frost looks like it’s generating a minor volcanic eruption around her. Besides, it isn’t much of a stretch to include volcanoes whithin the powers of an earth sorceress.

      As a matter of fact, we don’t really see much of any gemstone in Bloodstone Lissandra except for her name. There’s a good array of dark rocks and stones but they don’t really look like gems.

  5. Blade Queen Lissandra first impressions? 😀

    • The concept has potential but the execution seems content with re-colouring things. It could be said that the skin lacks focus but we’ll have to see the final product to be sure.

  6. has blood stone lissandra been on sale yet? im like lissandra and thinking about getting a skin, but im not sure about which one to get, if you exclude the iron maiden theme from her blade queen skin what do you think about the particles and sounds compared to her blood stone skin, i think that the bloodstone skin has the same features(as in new particles,sounds,etc) for 975 only…

    • Bloodstone Lissandra hasn’t been on sale yet and it should be discounted soon. Of course, take the ‘soon’ within the rules of sales: which means it could still take a few weeks or even months.

      We completely agree with regards to the similarities between Blade Queen and Bloodstone once the iron maidens are taken out of consideration. They both offer, mostly, re-coloured particles, new sounds and a new recall.

      The Bronze Maiden idea is nice but isn’t implemented particularly well. It’s just two apparitions and the rest is the same elements as in Bloodstone but with less cohesion. Bloodstone can seem a bit homogeneous but Blade Queen strikes as too flamboyant and not really lethal.

      In the end, you could consider getting Blade Queen when it finally reaches a regular sale but Bloodstone remains a good competitor at a lower price. If you like Lissandra chances are that Bloodstone would be an interesting alternative to her icy classic self.

  7. The new skins especially the pantheon skin and the lissandra skin seem to be really similar to WOW bosses and armour sets.the similarity of Dragonslayer pantheon to the 4th season (Cataclysm) armor sets is just so obvious…bladequeen lissandra also looks like the bosses and mobs from the BH raid..

    • It could be though we’ve read that Blade Queen Lissandra is a reference to the Lady of Pain from Planescape. Guess it’s reasonable to think that skin concepts are drawn from many sources of inspiration. So, chances are that skins tend to fit as references to more than a single element.

  8. I feel like the Blade Queen Lissandra review is a little harsh. I definitely agree with the fact that it lacks cohesion, and that it feels more like Bronze Spike Lissandra than Blade Queen Lissandra, however, what Riot did do is quite good (at least to me). First, the splash art, while a little dark in the back, has always seemed very nicely done and clear to me: Liss breaking out of an I
    iron maiden, very ticked off, ready to kill whoever put her in there. Next, the in game particles look very good, all having a nice metal feel and looking very deadly, especially her ultimate. Finally, Lissandra herself looks stunning. She is slightly over stylized with respect to her headress, but the elegant dress seems to be in line with her personality (cold, alien, yet, well, elegant, especially in terms of her movement), and the finger blades plus the base of blades are very well done.

    Having said all of that, that simply what I feel and was just hoping for some more elaboration. Besides, I am a Lissandra main, and am a little biased. 😀

    • Lissandra is a very nice champion with a lot of potential. Besides the skin could’ve been something incredible if well developed. It’s not so much that the result is bad but that it isn’t great and it could’ve. You mention the same flaws that we noticed so we agree that the skin has obvious problems but that it still delivers something appealing. Therefore, that’s why we consider Blade Queen Lissandra a good skin with a lot of unexploited potential.

      Another thing to consider is the price. If the skin were cheaper we would be more forgiving about its shortcomings. However, at 1350 RP we expect a skin to justify its price well. Skins aren’t cheap and at this point we aren’t far from a legendary skin.

      In conclusion, we agree that the skin has some things of interest but it also could’ve been much more. We also agree that it has flaws but at 1350 RP we think that they are quite relevant.

      • That does make sense…I have gotten the skin while on sale, so would you say that would be a good deal at the lower price?

        • At a discount it’s certainly a better option than at 1350 RP. You could always wait for a regular sale to get 50% off but nowadays that can mean over a year of patience. If you like Lissandra a lot and the skin is appealing to you then 975 RP is a reasonable expense; though not the best possible price.

          As with most things, it depends how much you like it and how much use it’ll receive. In other words, your personal preference should reign supreme. What really matters is whether you feel the skin was worth the price and if you are satisfied with your purchase. We just intend to guide you in making the best use of your money.

          Hope you enjoy it.

  9. Hey Zero, are you certain Bloodstone Lissandra doesn’t have a completely new model? When I compare it to skins like Royal Guard Fiora or Wicket Lulu, which are classified as new models, this one seems like it should be considered the same. The only similarities it has with the classic is the ice shards at her feet, which aren’t really part of the main model even.

    • Many times the difference between a new model and major model changes isn’t very clear so it’s not something easy to determine. We do, however, consider her shards as part of the model as they aren’t really a particle effect or at least it’s arguable whether they are particles or part of the model. We had to note them somewhere and they look quite polygonal to be part of the model; as oppossed to effects that rely on textures and shaders.

      We also consider how much of the base model is identifiable in the skin. In Lissandra’s case it’s only a little but one can notice the general lines more easily than in Blade Queen. For example, after a visual upgrade a champion’s skins tend to be all cut from the same cloth: the base model. In some cases it’s blatantly obvious and sometimes it even compromises the identity of the skin.

      Last but far from least we don’t think that it makes much of a difference whether the skin is a full re-model or has major model changes. If a skin has major changes but it feels like a new model then we consider it as such. Besides, even if we considered Bloodstone as a new model it wouldn’t make much of a difference. The skin has more serious problems and more relevant characteristics that were more relevant at the time of the analysis.

      In the end, we agree that it’s important to be as precise as possible. We are open to suggestions as it’s not always evident wether a skin has major changes or a new model. In this particular case we think it’s a reasonable approximation to the truth; given the information available. Regardless, if we are proven wrong in this case or any other we will make the necessary changes to correct the review.

  10. I think Bloodstone Lissandra’s autoattacks sound different from the classic and possibly her death too. Would you mind giving them a second look?

    • It seems like there is a minuscule difference in the auto-attack sounds. They sound extremely similar and in-game we think it’s doubtful that one could tell the difference. Regardless, it’s there if one makes a dedicated effort so it’s worth noting. However, we simply can’t notice any difference with regards to her death. Thanks for the information.

  11. On the Conclusion of the Blade Queen skin, you say that no actual blades are exposed with her recall and Frozen Tomb, but you can clearly see green blades on the inside of the Iron Maiden that closes in on her during her recall, and her ultimate obviously cannot show such because it instantly engulfs her or her enemy. I agree on the flaws you point out on that skin, though I think a much more important flaw to note is the ice sound upon her passive activation and the apparent removal of the cloud that appears on an enemy slowed by Q, which you have not noted. Despite that, I find it a charming skin which a friend was kind enough to gift me this Christmas. I would just like to request from you one thing: Is it possible to see somewhere the announcement you made when Blade Queen Lissandra came out? I find those an interesting extra read for skins.

    • From what we know an iron maiden has the insides covered in spikes but blades would work. It can be subjective if what it displayed is spikes or blades but the clear, explicit blades that would make her an actual blade queen are absent without notice. Unfortunately, we have to agree in that regard.

      You’re right about the sound, that’s quite an oversight if they hadn’t fixed it yet. There are even more significant problems: mainly that it doesn’t really execute its concept well; though it’s always good to note everything, so thanks for the information.

      We agree that the skin, with flaws and all, can be charming. In a way, that adds insult to injury: if the skin can be attractive like this imagine what it could’ve become had it finely implemented its concept. Sadly, this isn’t the only skin to suffer from this fate.

      We haven’t seriously considered having a sort of archive for news announcements but we could do it. We’ll see if there’s a nice way of doing it. Perhaps by month or year, it could be interesting to have around.

      • Very nicely put. I would like to ask one other thing about the Blade Queen. You say she has new textures for her ice formations, but they are clearly thin blades of bronze, not shards of ice like in her classic skin. That is not only for the formations around her feet, but also for her abilities’ shards. (except maybe the shards that hold down targets caught by Ring of Frost)

        • You’re right, we just checked with a model viewer and that’s the case. From what we recall the sentence isn’t very clear, the intention was that the formations are part of Lissandra and so part of her new model. The new textures are to indicate the new colour scheme. We need to clarify that.

          Still, the close look reminds that despite all the work the blade aspect of the skin isn’t really clear. It’s a real pity because technically the skin has the necessary work to make it shine. The problem is that the changes made don’t capture the sleek, sharp, cold essence of a blade.

          Thanks for the correction, we’ll amend the review.

          • Oh, one last thing, you forgot to mention the new sounds for her recall in the Blade Queen skin. I am positive they are there and can be clearly heard. I am sorry if I am being too picky overall on your site, I am just a perfectionist and want everything to be perfect, especially for my favourite champions’ skin reviews.

          • You can never be too picky if you strive for perfection. You’re right, when the iron maiden closes the metallic sounds of the clanking metal can be heard. Thanks for the correction and don’t forget to lend a hand to your not so favourite champions; there are some that shouldn’t be messed with.

  12. I must not forget to show some love for Bloodstone Lissandra. Her recall has obvious unmentioned stone sounds when she rises the stones from the ground before her and then sinks them down. An interesting fact is that if you stop the recall right after starting it, the stone sounds will still play even though there is no animation or recall. It is the same with the Baron recall.

  13. Really disappointed with both skins. I agree with what you say, the potential was far greater. They could have dove deeper into each of the themes and represented them both a lot better. They also decided to stick with her icy nature keeping her skin blueish which doesn’t neccessarily correspond well with the new themes, and especially the Blade Queen skin uses too many different colors, like a bit of red here, purple there, green there, the body is blue, the mask brown/bronze, I’m really a bit confused about what to think of it as a whole.

    So for me the best look is still the default one.

    • We certainly agree. For the most part both Bloodstone and Blade Queen stick to some features of her classic personality that should’ve been left behind. Bloodstone manages a bit better as ice and rock have some characteristics in common but Blade Queen, especially due to the price, definitely should’ve developed the theme much further than it did.

  14. Finally! Lissandra is getting a skin that is NOT a joke.

    • Dammit! Again wrong email :^(

    • We have to admit that it’s looking quite good and it could really be something great. We’ll have to give it a closer look but these new skins seem to be doing a good effort to impress. Let’s hope for the best.

  15. Alright, Zero, so you must already know about the new skin on the PBE. The Program skins are both almost perfect in my opinion, though I am fairly certain you will give them each 4 stars at best, even if they improve them even further by the end of the PBE cycle. I personally tried the skins, and I can say without the slightest doubt that their voice filters are definitely a step up from the usual, Soraka’s especially. The filtered voices sound almost “glitching”, which is very fitting for the theme, and they mix so well with the ability sounds the skins have. Now, I know exactly what flaws you will list with them: too restricted ability particles/colors, classic voice lines meshing with the new theme in Lissandra’s case. But really, aren’t these both reasonable features? The particles do seem to use triangular shapes often, but they all have unique designs in my opinion that each manage to stand out, and I honestly don’t see how they could make them more unique than this while strictly sticking to the given theme. On the topic of the voice lines, this Lissandra skin is 1350, so of course it will keep the classic lines. I mean, any non-legendary skin they want to make for Lissandra with a fascinating new theme will always end up with her classic lines clashing with the given theme, it is just how it is. I think the voice filter, plus the new line “Ages pass… yet I remain.”, are perfectly fitting voice changes at 1350 RP.
    Well, looking forward to what you have to say.

    • From what little we’ve seen the new skins are looking quite nice. We agree in some aspects of your prediction. However, the skins can compensate with other additions. In this case the new models are really well done so that could help the skins get a really good rating. We haven’t given them the close look they deserve so we may end up just giving four stars because of how everything adds up.

      We do think that with so much work given to the Program skins they should’ve gone all the way to legendary and received new and more fitting voice-overs. New animations also could’ve helped make them feel more synthetic. If there’s one thing were we disagree with your prediction is on the particles. We think they are varied and colourful without going out of the general design. We’ll have to check the sounds and check if there are any new animations; recall aside. So far, it’s all quite attractive but we have to analyse the skins before we can have a proper review of them all.

      • I don’t know about the Soraka skin but the Lissandra skin maybe it could have been legendary if not for the Sion skin that they are releasing at the same time.

        • With new animations and a new voice-over it seems like Program Lissandra could perfectly fit as a legendary skin. It seems to do a great job at presenting its theme. Perhaps there’s still time for a few new animations in the PBE; doubtful but possible.

  16. If I were to buy a Lissandra skin, would you recommend me to wait for the new one to come out, or to stick with the release one?

    • We would certainly recommend to wait for Program Lissandra unless you just don’t like sci-fi or have a particular preference for her earthly or bladed interpretations. However, if you do like sci-fi, from what we’ve seen, Program Lissandra is a skin that simply doesn’t disappoint. It leaves the feeling that they could’ve gone all legendary and finalise the skin with more animations and a proper voice-over. As it is, there’s a feel of inconsistency due to the classic remnants. Still, what is there is quite good.

  17. Is it worth it to buy the new skin i already have the Blade queen one is it worth the money??

    • We think that Program Lissandra is certainly better than Blade Queen but each skin is unique. For that reason, if you like the concept of Blade Queen better or aren’t sold on sci-fi then Program won’t be able to convince. Conversely, if you like the technological angle of Program Lissandra it’s an excellent skin.

      We would suggest to wait for a sale as you already have an expensive skin for her and expenses pile up quickly. At the very least there would be an early sale which will provide some savings but the best option is the regular sale. If you are a dedicated Lissandra fan you can get Program now it won’t disappoint. However, be sure that you are ready to share your time between skins or focus on the skin you like the most.

      The point is to get the most out of your purchases so if you only recently got Blade Queen or haven’t played it much you could wait for a sale. In the meantime you can enjoy what Blade Queen has to offer and when the sale comes you can dedicate your attention to Program knowing that you got your money’s worth out of Blade Queen.

  18. Wow… Am I really seeing THE FIRST skin above 975 to be rated five stars!? I didn’t think I’d see the day. The review is nice, though I am surprised you neglected the glaring flaw of ice particles under those who get slowed by Q. It is extremely close to but not a fully perfect skin, the flaws are miniscule but they are there if you look close.

    • We are critical of skins, especially as they are so expensive, but we do try to be fair. If Riot, despite of all its flaws, does an excellent skin then we have to write a review that is faithful to reality. Riot’s decision making is questionable but that shouldn’t affect our view of skins. A review has to aim to be as objective as possible and be useful for making better purchases. The rest is the rest.

      We didn’t note any legacy, classic particles but we checked again and they were there staring right back at us; oversight there. From what we saw it’s a minor issue that doesn’t obsolete the great work elsewhere but it’s certainly something that we should note; thanks for the notice. We agree, Program Lissandra is not perfect as a skin but it does excel in all areas. We still think that it would’ve made a great legendary skin and that it could’ve benefitted from a few new or modified animations but the concept is attractive and the implemenation does it justice.

      As it is, it’s a skin that does an impressive work in terms of the model, particles and sounds with a few extra touches to make it stand out. We are well aware that it doesn’t reach as far as it should but the result is more than the sum of its parts. Five stars doesn’t mean that a skin is perfect but that it’s close enough. We think that Program Lissandra, at long last, manages that for a skin at 1350 RP.

      That’s only our view, though. So, could you give us a rundown on the issues you have noticed and what you think about Program Lissandra? Problems may be minor but it’s always useful to have a complete picture of what we get with the skin. In our view we didn’t notice anything major that would really bring the skin down a star yet that’s important to consider if we didn’t notice. Do you think that five stars is too much for the skin? Perhaps we are neglecting flaws that can add up to make the skin not as satisfying at it should be.

      • Oh, well, if I had to review the skin, it would not be really different from your review, and I am not disagreeing that it deserves five stars. I simply think that some other 1350 skins are also possibly deserving of five stars too. For example, Vel’Koz’s two older skins both feel so well made to me, even with their few flaws, and I’d personally rate them both five stars. Also, what about the other Program skin for Soraka? To me it seems equal amounts of work were put into both Program skins, and both have equally fantastic results. I tend to pay more attention to Lissandra’s because of how much she reminds me of GLaDOS, but Soraka’s deserves praise too. What would you say sets the two skins one star apart? I really can’t think of anything. Both have pleasing new models, particles, new sounds, unique processed voice overs and equal amount of new animations.

        • You make a valid point about Vel’Koz though we would consider Battlecast Vel’Koz the better one. In our view Arclight Vel’Koz plays it too safe, overusing light particles and expecing that the glowy feel is enough to impress. It’s a nice skin but relies too much on one feature while being rather uninnovative in its design.

          Battlecast Vel’Koz is more interesting but the explosions aren’t exactly original. Regardless, it manages a pleasing, industrial style that mixes very nicely the vibrancy of sparks with the more rustic feel of metal and projectiles. We’d also note that the adaptation stays close to the classic style and doesn’t depart from its design as much as it could.

          That’s part of our problem with Program Soraka. The new model is nice but a bit conventional. It also struggles to incorporate classic elements, like the horn, and while the design is good it’s recognizable with regards to gynoids. We like the style but we think that it could’ve been better streamlined and used more technological elements instead of adding animal traits to explain certain design choices. Also, there aren’t elements that feel new to the concept. Particles and sounds are good but some tend to stay close to the classic feel.

          With Program Lissandra we find that every area, model, particles, sounds manages to stand out on its own by incorporating distinct elements to the technological concept. The classic design is taken advantage of to make an interesting model that feels clearly inhuman with a design that isn’t restricted by biology so that it feels truly artificial. The particles as well as the sound have a distinct synthetic feel, one with geometric shapes and the other with distortions that are also used on the voice-over. It a skin with a complete identity in every aspect; animations aside that doesn’t remind of the classic template. Program Lissandra feels like a whole new character because it defines a new identity with its own design and structure separate from Classic.

          It’s simply our view but we saw a craftmanship in each of Program Lissandra’s areas that we haven’t seen elsewhere. You usually know what to expect when you see a fire, ice, robot skin. With Lissandra the model makes an effort to feel synthetic, the abilities look aptly technological and sounds artificially based. Even the recall takes advantage of the overall feel; mostly at the end though. With regards to the amount of changes, Program Lissandra isn’t different to other 1350 RP skins. In fact, there are other skins that offer more. However, each change it has is developed with an attention to detail that is unusual. That’s what sets it apart, it may not do as much as it could but what it does it does excellently.

          • I see, thanks for the lengthy explanation. I’ve also been meaning to ask one more thing. You are obviously aware of the global splash art unification, right? That would be a lot of artworks to review, are you going to do it? They might just be placeholders, but who knows how long we will be with them until we get proper new artworks. (which we have also seen some of on the PBE, and they are fabulous)

          • Not at all, it makes perfect sense to want to understand the justification behind our rating. We don’t even say that we are right either. It’s our view on Program Lissandra and we encourage discussion on the reviews. By exchanging ideas and challenging assumptions is how we can grow.

            With regards to the monumental splash art update. We are reviewing the new splash arts but more slowly than intended as we obviously prioritise skin reviews. The intention is to update all splash arts’ assessments eventually but it will take some time. The actually new splash arts seem quite good but the exchange between Eastern and Western splash arts has been a mixed bag. Still, we review on.

  19. You forgot to mention the processed VO in program Lissandra where it says the diferent sounds

  20. Is program lissandra worth the buy at it’s full price? Or should I give a couple months to early sales?
    Also, is that the first ever 5 stars given to a 1350RP skin?!?

    • This is the first skin at 1350 RP that manages to achieve five stars. There are some minor problems with Program Lissandra but nothing that detracts from the overall great work. The changes aren’t as extensive as it would be expected for a skin at such a high price but each area, sans animations, it’s very well done and they add up to a fantastic skin.

      If you can wait for a regular sale, preferably, then it’s always recommended. Skins are expensive and as you buy a few the costs add up quickly. We think that it’s a skin that wouldn’t disappoint at full price but it will be expensive nonetheless. Sales are always recommended in the end because skins are expensive.

      • Surprisingly, Omega Squad Veigar is also your newest 1350 RP 5* since theme and execution are fantastic. I remember last time i went on see if Praetorian Fiddlesticks can get a spot on it since it’s so awesome that he got such an amazing return skin after many year.

        I wouldn’t argue about it that much since it’s so much candidate to that spot like Arcade Corki, Battleboss Malzahar or even her partner release skin, Program Soraka. Not only theme is important, how well made the particle, VO-process or not, sound effect also a thing and of course, how much impact to the champion itself.

        So despite the price, it depending on how player feel the worth of buying it. Plus side, all of those skin i said on there would get a discount at anytime.

        In case of Program Lissandra and Omega Squad Veigar, Both are too amazing that in player mind they aren’t waiting for discount and want to buy instantly.

        Also not all skin of necessary perfect to get 5*,
        – Program Lissandra got a bit of problem after new passive particle isn’t very impactful.
        – Omega Squad Veigar theme work but it would make his W easier too dodge and ultimate isn’t impactful as well.

        Again, i’m not you, Zero. Those are my opinion and sometimes i learn it to know what a good skin thanks to you.
        I played like 2 servers and sometimes pricing point are more variations than other one.

        Hope you have a nice day.

        • We agree, the impact and how satisfactory a concept’s adaptation is can be subjective. We certainly don’t claim to have an opinion any better than anyone else’s. Five stars doesn’t necessarily mean a perfect skin but it does signal a skin that is satisfactory and effective.

          Sometimes the distance between five and four stars isn’t that large and you can very well argue whether a rating could be higher or lower. It’s not an exact science but we do try to be as precise as we can. As always feedback and opinions are welcome to allow us to see things from another perspective.

          Have a nice day, too.

  21. I’m having trouble deciding wether i should buy blade queen lissandra (it’s on sale so it only costs 675 RP) or if i should buyprogram lissandra/wait until its on sale. Could you help me out?

    • We certainly would recommend waiting for a sale on Program Lissandra unless you specifically like Blade Queen’s style. Program is a much more accomplished skin not by the amount of the changes but by the quality. Specially if you like sci-fi Program is a great skin. Blade Queen is alright but doesn’t portray its metallic theme as clearly as Program does its synthetic one.

  22. I actually really like the Blade Queen splash art 🙁

    • It’s not a bad portrayal but the concept has potential for a lot of context which is omitted in the splash art. Besides, Lissandra’s lower body is a bit blurry.

  23. What are your thoughts on the Coven skins. Also I heard they based on Wiccan lore and was wondering if this was accurate. Thanks,

    • They may be based on Wiccan lore but we couldn’t find any reference. Coven skins seem nice. Perhaps the idea of an aristocratic witch fits Lissandra better than Camille due to the adaptation. Lissandra wears a gown while Camille’s legs remain somewhat mechanical. Regardless, they seem a good idea, the question is if it’s applied well.

  24. Hi StrategyZero team!

    A long time ago I asked you if you needed any more writers for reviews. Now I’d like to ask you again if you are interested in having another writer or perhaps an editor – I’m very proficient with English and write fiction in my free time. If you want we can establish contact and I can send you sample short stories so you can take a look at my writing.

    I think you can see the e-mail for this commenting profile so you can contact me there. I’d be interested to help you guys since I’ve followed your reviews for a long time and I’m sure I’ve discussed many skins with different members of your team.

    Let me know what you think!

    • We’ll get in contact as soon as we can. Take into account that we have to cover the whole Snowdown event yet as well as update a couple of visual upgrades; Nunu and Ezreal. Regardless, we’ll try to do so when we are able.

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