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League of Legends: Kassadin Skins’ Review – StrategyZero
Apr 032013
Kassadin, the Void Walker
Kassadin, the Void Walker

Kassadin, the Void Walker has seen what’s beyond the veil of the unknown and its coming must be prevented at all costs. In his pursuit to preserve the world from the Void Kassadin has suffered many changes; some of which his skins explore. When walking through the hollow rifts this skins’ review will guide you in the choice of the right outfit.

Festival Kassadin
Festival Kassadin Splash Art Festival Kassadin Model
Category: Legacy
Price: 520 RP
Concept: Kassadin dressed in red, white and green clothes with ice decorations.
Model: Moderate model changes for Kassadin.
Particles: No new particles.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: The background shows an ice covered cave with a stone throne where Kassadin meditates. The setting doesn’t tell much of the concept, or Kassadin, and only what’s on the foreground is clearly displayed. At least, the throne with its rigid, imposing lines makes for a good frame. Kassadin’s portrayal is quite interesting, showing him reflecting on unknown matters. Such a glimpse into Kassadin’s life seems like an inspection of his mind that his stance reveals: what has become of him and how that has affected him. His profound stare into his hand, with materializing Nether Blade, paint a clear picture. The same can be said about his depiction: clear lines and shading make a sharp but a bit simple and sometimes flat look; despite the layer of frost over him. A problem is that his in-game model doesn’t sport the same style. For instance, both clothes and armour are more elaborate in-game but the result is a tad more convoluted. In the end, it’s a nice portrayal of Kassadin with an attractive composition but not as faithful as it should be.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Festival Kassadin was and still is a rather disappointing skin that stamps some flashy decorations and new colours over his classic style. His clothes receive a different colour scheme and his spikes are made of ice; which looks rather good. However, the skin doesn’t communicate anything: there’s no single message or theme tying it all together. It’s essentially a change of clothes with an inexplicable ice topping.
Admittedly, the skin doesn’t look bad but it after the novelty wears off the aspect is just preposterous and doesn’t mesh well with Kassadin’s brooding nature. Maybe it should’ve developed the ice theme more or try to reflect a particular style with the clothing. As it is, Festival Kassadin is a skin for dedicated fans of the Void Walker or collectors.

Deep One Kassadin
Deep One Kassadin Splash Art Deep One Kassadin Model
Category: Legacy
Price: 520 RP
Concept: Kassadin styled with a Lovecraftian, underwater theme.
Model: Moderate model changes for Kassadin.
Particles: No new particles.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: The background is rather messy in its display of the depths of the sea; though it certainly looks like an oppressive vacuum. Kassadin dashes among bubbles as fragments float before him: the representation is breath-taking due to its fabulous composition and shading. The lines are complex and detailed while the multiple reflections and hues make for a fascinating portrayal. Actually, the scratches on his armour contrast with the diffuse arms. The Nether Blade and orb of energy mask or cause these issues with their light effects and are easily noticeable. Besides, his multi-layered armour doesn’t match the actual design well. In spite of this issues, it’s an excellent portrayal that is close to being an impressive splash art.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Deep One Kassadin combines his classic look and concept with a fitting underwater theme. Thus, Cthulhu meets the Void and a scuba diver receives some sea-based decorations. While the combination is interesting the underwater theme isn’t particularly developed and draws most of its elements from what is already present. The aesthetic is different but is based on new colours, ridged spikes and a pattern of tentacles for his skirt. The appearance is certainly different but the theme’s potential remains largely unexploited. It’s even difficult to understand why the former attractive textures used for his lower body were simplified into such a pedestrian and uninteresting design. On top of that the colour of the particles doesn’t fit the greenish palette.
Overall, it’s a passable choice for fans of supernatural beings that lurk beyond the veil of reality. If you ever thought that the Void owes a good deal to Cthulhu then this is an acceptable option to bridge the gap.

Pre-Void Kassadin
Pre-Void Kassadin Splash Art Pre-Void Kassadin Model
Category: Regular
Price: 520 RP
Concept: Kassadin as he was before being transformed by the Void.
Model: Moderate model changes for Kassadin.
Particles: No new particles.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: Whether metaphorical or explicit the display of tendrils from the Void capturing Kassadin make for an interesting setup. Unfortunately the piece doesn’t live up to its potential: the background is quite simple at showing a cave marked by runes. Additionally, Kassadin’s depiction is good but unimpressive: The outline is correct and the shading good but it looks too shiny as if covered in oil; unlike the dry clothes used in-game. On top of this, Kassadin’s expression isn’t very convincing considering that a supernatural entity is claiming his body. Some surprise is shown but he still seems too calm; especially knowing the Void’s fame. All in all, it’s a good splash art but it doesn’t elicit any astonishment.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Pre-Void Kassadin feels like a letdown as it doesn’t actually change much of Kassadin’s classic style. The new clothes and armour have an interesting bramble pattern over bark that set the skin apart; much like the absence of his breathing apparatus. However, these same clothes seem peculiar for a normal human; he seems like a zealous cultist with very strange eyes. The last straw is that Kassadin keeps his Void powers intact as well as his deformed voice. While it makes sense that they would remain in some form the fact that they are completely unaltered makes for a glaring inconsistency that affects the concept itself. What it all comes down to is a skin that suggests a human Kassadin without touching much of his actual self; superficially at best. If you can make such a compromise you may enjoy the skin but it fails at such a basic level that it makes it difficult to really consider it pre-void.

Harbinger Kassadin
Harbinger Kassadin Splash Art Harbinger Kassadin Model
Category: Regular
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Kassadin as a herald of the Void.
Model: New model for Kassadin and new design for his Nether Blade.
Particles: No new particles.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: While not in the level of H.R. Giger’s work this piece manages a fascinating mix of metal and flesh in both subject and setting. The latter is, sadly, too blurry but the ornamented structures with an organic design are well suggested at least. Kassadin suffers from much of the same ailment: on the one hand, his armour is meticulously carved as his plain Nether Blade bathes it with light. On the other hand, the colours are rather murky which added to the colour banding make for a disappointing sketchy look. At a glance, this is an astounding piece that oozes style. However, under closer examination it would benefit from a sharper quality to make its fantastic representation shine as it truly deserves.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Harbinger Kassadin is an incredible skin that would make any H.R. Giger fan happy. The ornamented armour grafted to bare flesh mixes organic and mechanical styles that result in a surreal wonder of inhuman conception. The way that the clean metal and sick flesh mix speaks of a forced but powerful communion, just as the subtle backward curl of the spikes adds a deliberate but composed aggressiveness to the aspect.
It’s surprising then to find the lower body so simple in comparison. It could be said that too much detail could overload the skin but the complexity wouldn’t necessarily need to cover the whole of Kassadin; as the upper body demonstrates. Still, the tidily arranged metal lines frame the folds of the cloths in an unassuming but fitting arrangement.
The addition of a new Nether Blade is a necessary and pleasing asset that perfectly matches and connects the surrealism to his classic abilities. Unfortunately, no further changes are added. Perhaps a darker shade for his abilities as well as his blade would’ve helped cement the identity of the skin but, like this, it can feel like a change of clothes as the changes stay at the surface.
In conclusion, Harbinger Kassadin is a wonderful skin that provides an attractive yet horrific look that is as macabre as it is enticing. Sadly, while the model is fantastic there’s nothing else on offer so it can’t justify its price in this day and age. If you are a fan of Kassadin then this is a natural choice and if you are a fan of biomechanical nightmares then you simply won’t find a better option but be aware that it’s an overpriced choice.

Cosmic Reaver Kassadin
Cosmic Reaver Kassadin Splash Art Cosmic Reaver Kassadin Model
Category: Regular
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Kassadin as a warrior from the stars.
Model: New model for Kassadin and new design for his Nether Blade. New surrounding aura for Kassadin and glow for Nether Blade. New animated texture for Kassadin’s astral body and Nether Blade’s edge.
Particles: New particles for his abilities, auto-attack and death.
Animations: New recall and death animations.
Sounds: New sounds for his abilities, auto-attack, recall and death plus processed voice-over.
Splash Art: The universe in all its splendour, materializing from its very substance a warrior emerges. The setting is simple but evocative of the theme and that means that the splash art can get away with an easy background. After all, it’s all mostly black with some spots for stars. The magic swirls that surround Kassadin’s manifestation help add something interesting to fill the space but the result is that, cosmic being aside, there is nothing to see.
Fortunately, Kassadin’s portrayal is quite good. His ethereal body takes advantage of the cosmic background to represent his communion with the universe and his bright eyes condense all that power into two single spots of life. The solid parts, armour and cloak, are well depicted with nice use of shading to contrast both his sides. The translucent quality added to the gear doesn’t do it any favours though. It would’ve made more sense to keep his cosmic body filled with stars contained by solid gear. The blurry right arm also doesn’t make much sense as it doesn’t really look like he’s mid-slash. Actually, it simply blurs a clear view of his Nether Blade. Regardless, with the nice use of light and shadow the piece is attractive.
The result is a bit more uneven that one would think at once yet, in general, there aren’t any significant problems with the portrayal. It could’ve been better but Kassadin still looks great. The background does feel weak as a setting despite its relevance. In the end, it’s quite a good splash art but seems more of a portrait than a full piece.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: The astral concept behind Cosmic Reaver Kassadin is quite attractive and the splash art makes a good first impression. The actual three-dimensional recreation isn’t as close to the given idea as it should. For starters, the clothing has some different designs, mask included, and while it’s more elaborate it doesn’t incorporate the duality of star-based body framed by solid gear that the splash art implies. In spite of that, the appearance is unique and the starry feel is noticeable. The new particles for Kassadin’s aura and Nether Blade help in that regard yet its leads one to wonder why his astral body didn’t receive the same treatment; like in the splash art. Actually, it did receive an animated texture for his body that changes the stars position as Kassadin moves. However, the effect is so subtle that at the normal distance is almost unnoticeable. Up-close, it surely looks great, but when the time for action comes, it might as well be absent.
The particles, for the most part, are good and have a swirly design that sets them apart but not enough. The problem is that by colour and structure they seem too similar to the classic ones and the cosmic style seems thinly presented. The new sounds support them and the overall feel is rather good. The astral theme is appreciable and they make for a good contrast to the classic sounds. The new echo added to the voice-over tries to be less sinister and more astral. The effect is less twisted but the booming echo still has a dark feel. It’s different in style but the feel is similar. The recall follows the astral theme with an eloquent Southern Cross pattern which is much more pleasing than Kassadin’s posing and dancing over it.
The result is that Cosmic Reaver Kassadin is a skin burning with potential but not all of it is realised by the implementation. The astral theme is presented but more convincingly by the new model and sounds than the particles. The addition of an animated texture for his astral body and Nether Blade help explain the high price but, sadly, it ends up being an insignificant feature due to how weak the effect is. Thus, it’s a fine option for fans of the Void Walker but better caught on sale.

Count Kassadin
Count Kassadin Splash Art  Model
Category: Legacy
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Kassadin as a vampiric aristocrat.
Model: New model for Kassadin, new mist and bats for his aura.
Particles: New particles for his abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Animations: New recall animation.
Sounds: New sounds for his abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Splash Art: In spite of the diffuse background it’s clear that we have a meeting of aristocrats at hand. One count visits another and while not everything about the setting is clear there are a few good things to see. Kassadin is well displayed with use of shadows that tend to overwhelm the light to the point that even the golden decorations look dull. While the dark approach is fitting it’s also devoid of contrast and lacks vibrancy. So, darkness instead of instilling dread merely seems a lack of colour.
All added together, the moonlight could provide better contrast for Kassadin’s portrayal and the setting could be clearer. Regardless, this is a splash art that communicates its message.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: If a cartoony vampire is needed then Count Kassadin is a good call. Colourful, flamboyant and hardly menacing the model is actually quite appealing and stands apart from what could otherwise be human Kassadin. The new aura is too subtle though but it doesn’t diminish the cartoony appeal.
Particles can be divided into the comical, menacing eye of Null Sphere and the simple yet eye-catching glow of Nether Blade on one part; which have a similar design. The other is the straightforward and disappointing mist and bats of both Force Pulse and Riftwalk. Besides, they are use profusely despite feeling more generic so this reliance on mist and bats leaves the visuals repetitive.
Sounds aren’t really noteworthy. They manage a supernatural feel with perhaps a faint touch of humour; most noticeable on Null Sphere. Regardless, they mostly serve as support to the visuals.
The recall is a classic reference to a vampire Count. Good and unsurprising, it’s an effective return back to base.
Overeall, Count Kassadin manages to offer a cartoon vampire with appeal. The problem is that there’s nothing beyond that. Even at that, the skin also relies on few tricks to present its theme which aren’t always effective. Regardless, it all works good enough but just enough.


Kassadin’s skins tend to have good concepts but the executions struggle to stand out. Fortunately, they usually do and there are a few good choices to make. The recommended skin is, without doubt, Harbinger Kassadin. Anybody with an interest in biomechanical art will enjoy this imperfect but monumental accomplishment. However, know that the price is a bit high for what is mostly just a new model.

Deep One Kassadin is a nice and cheaper alternative that combines Cthulhu with the Void in a simple but attractive way. The skin is certainly underdeveloped but manages to offer something different.

At long last, the Void Walker receives a skin that leaves the re-model territory behind. Cosmic Reaver Kassadin is good and the cosmic theme can be appreciated. However, it doesn’t depart from the Void feel and struggles to differentiate itself from the classic style; the particles mostly. It ends far from a bad skin but the theme isn’t substantial enough to feel as satisfying as the expense leads to believe; catch on sale.

Count Kassadin is also more than a re-model yet it doesn’t take advantage of that characteristic enough. Instead the skin relies on designs which aren’t always effective. The cartoon vampire concept is delivered, though, but without any impressive features. It’s good but just that.

Pre-Void Kassadin is a skin better left for the most devoted of Void Walker followers. In essence, the skin suggests but doesn’t actually accomplish its objective. It doesn’t look bad but it hardly is what it aims to.

Finally, Festive Kassadin is a whimsical skin that essentially only adds new colours and some ice on top. It’s not possible to identify a theme or idea that is being communicated so it’s mostly an arbitrary set of elements. It’s different but just that.

  47 Responses to “League of Legends: Kassadin Skins’ Review”

  1. good work, so close to having all the champ review

  2. UGH So it’s H.P. Lovecraft or H.R. Giger.
    Honestly can’t decide. May go with Deep One to save some RP, but I really don’t know which to go with haha.

    • Tough decision indeed.

      Harbinger is more elaborate while Deep One is more polarized but both are quite nice. Maybe you should consider waiting for a skin sale to save some RP and, possibly, acquire both. You’ll need patience though.

  3. Isn’t it more correct to say “a herald” than “an herald” in the concept text for Harbinger Kassadin?

  4. Zero, Have you seen Kassadin’s new VU? What’s your take on it? Is Harbinger Kassadin still the recommended skin?

    • At a glance, all of Kassadin’s skins look almost the same after the VU. We’ll have to give the skins a good look to see if there’s any extras that set them apart. Harbinger still looks good but as cheaper skins improve their looks who knows if it’ll still be the best.

  5. So overall, did the texture rebalance help or worsen kassiden’s skins? You should leave like the old rating to the new rating for those of us with short memories, just my 2 cents worth. ty keep up the work!

    • We hinted at the results of the visual upgrade in the review but it’s not a bad idea to make it clearer. The visual upgrade didn’t improve things for the skins as much as the classic one. Much like it happened with other champions, the skins became more homogeneous and they aren’t as different as they used to; especially in comparison to Classic. Besides, the new technology ended in just a layer of polish and missed the chance to add some extra elements to round the themes in a better way.

      In comparison with the previous ratings, the visual upgrade made Harbinger go from four to three stars just like Deep One. Classic Kassadin improved significantly so the new textures and model changes offered by the skins aren’t as remarkable as they used to. They are still good options but at the current technological level more is expected.

  6. Hi, I think that there is a orange particle effect for Harbringer Kass’a blade when he uses his w.

    • It’s the same used for his Classic skin, as well as the other ones. The visual upgrade brought some changes but didn’t take an extra step to improve the identity of the skins. A wasted opportunity it seems.

  7. Hello Zero, it has been a long time. I did take a break from League this summer but got back to it about a month ago, and now I cannot help but ask for your opinion on the Cosmic Reaver Kassadin skin which went on the PBE last night. I became enticed by it as soon as I saw the splash art only, and when I saw the effects in-game I was simply amazed. The quality of the in-game model sadly doesn’t live up to the splash art, but then again, many skins are like that. It does have its charm points though, like the lower body appearing like a starry sky, mixing brilliantly with the new aura under him. In the end though, it is yet another 1350 skin which tries to justify the price with only the particles and sounds, and even if they are lovely, plenty of 975 RP skins have effects and sounds that are just as good.

    • Welcome back.

      We agree, there’s a trend of pricing skins that would fit at 975 RP because they change only model, particles sounds and recall at 1350 RP. The excuse seems to be because they are more elaborate than usual but that’s not always the case. Cosmic Reaver Kassadin could be said to have also new particles for his aura and Nether Blade but that also happens at 975 RP when the changes are necessary.

      That stated, Cosmic Reaver Kassadin is a good skin and certainly what every Void Walker fan has been waiting for so long; too long. Regardless, it needs a bit more to justify 1350 RP. Even the particles could do with a bit of work as they are somewhat similar to the classic ones. The sounds help present the astral theme better but it seems constrained by the classic structure. Besides, the whole body should be a starry sky like in the splash art with only the clothes and armour being solid. That would make the skin more unique and the concept be better presented.

      The skin is good, in the end, but it doesn’t seem to do more than others at 975 RP. It also doesn’t go out of its way to stand out at 1350 RP as others do so it’s not as great as it could or should be.

      • Thank you, it thankfully discourages from buying it, which is good since I want to save my RP. I am trying to be very conservative of it and only purchase once every two months or so minimum, and when I do it is an unimpressive amount, enough for one 975 and one 975 on sale. I’ll try from time to time to do my usual old corrections and suggestions of reviews in order to improve the site.

        • Feedback is always welcome and corrections help a lot. Hope you enjoyed the summer holidays.

          Truth be told, fans of Kassadin will find in Cosmic Reaver much to like but mostly because there’s nothing like it in the Void Walker’s wardrobe. As a 1350 RP skin, it’s not very convincing so, if you like it, better to wait for a sale and minimize expenses. It just needs something more that clearly explains its price and it doesn’t currently have it.

  8. Will you be reviewing the new Cosmic Reaver Kassadin skin? It’s really cool 😀

    • We definitely will. It seems like a nice skin but we hope that a bit more is added to make it really special; here’s hoping.

  9. Hello! what are your thoughts about the new upcoming cosmic reaver kassadin?

    • It’s good, and definitely what Void Walker fans have been waiting for. However, it still feels to similar to classic, the particles specially. The whole body should be a starry sky like the lower part, except for clothes and armour, so that it’s clear that he’s an astral being. The sounds are quite nice and help a lot present the theme; unlike the particles.

      We think it’s a good skin but not great at 1350 RP. As it is it feels like a 975 RP with nothing really special to make it stand out. Let’s hope that they can add something else to make it shine as it should.

      • Suppose youd like for cosmin reaver kass to shi e the whole map with his q? No riot couldnt do that. The particles are far better than the usual recolor of particles for a 975. Each ability isnt just recolored blue. Riot went wat beyond that. For example, the q has a star like constalation trail behind it after it as been cast. The q sphere itself is nog just a blue sphere. It has depth and texture to it. Imo this skin should be at least 4 star

        • It’s true that there’s good particle work on Cosmic Reaver Kassadin. However, not all 975 RP skins have particles that are merely recoloured. Some examples: Atlantean Syndra, Panda Annie, Dragonwing Corki, Headhunter Nidalee and Caitlyn; there are many more. Even skins rated four stars like Rocket Girl Tristana have wholly new particles.

          Besides, while the particles are different and may have taken a great deal of work what matters is the end result. They look good but they aren’t something impressive and the classic feel, though diminished, is present.

          Ultimately, this can be rather subjective as we may expect more from particles at 1350 RP while you may think that they are good enough as they are. At any rate we can agree that they are good particles. The rating comes from the fact that there are already skins with rather good particles, new sounds and a new recall at 975 RP.

          If a skin is going to charge 1350 RP then it should offer something extra like Steel Legion Garen, Star Guardian Lux and Glacial Malphite do. If those skins can go an extra step to offer something special that goes beyond the usual changes at 975 RP then, why can’t others?

          It’s a matter of value. If the skin is going to ask for 1350 RP then it has to offer more than a skin at 975 RP. If not, what are we paying for?

  10. Would you give cosmic reaver a better rating for 975? It’s on sale for that right now so I’m just wondering.

    • Yes we would, if the price of the skin were 975 RP then Cosmic Reaver would go higher. How high we aren’t sure but at least a star. Take into consideration that, with enough patience, that also means that it would go on sale for less than if it were a 1350 RP skin; which is something we take into account.

      If you really like the skin, play Kassadin often and feel like the price is reasonable then you might as well buy the skin. However, if there are many other skins you are interested in or you like Cosmic Reaver but it won’t see much use in the foreseeable future then it might be better to wait. A sale helps reduce the expense and with so many skins around it adds up pretty quickly.

  11. How are the particles “very” similar to the classic ones. What else could riot change to the particles to make it look better than it already is? First off, the particles aren’t just a recolor of the classic ones, they have changed drastically in the skin. It gives a sort of “star-y” and “galaxy-y” feel to it. For example, after the Q is cast, there is a constellation-like trail behind the sphere/Q. The W has beautiful particles, the dark luminous blue, which changes into a bright light-blue after Kassadin has auto-attacked. I don’t even understand how the E could be even compared to the classic skin, as the classic E is very dull and boring, while the Cosmic Reaver version has blue, stary, galaxyy particles added to it. I believe the complete change of particles – not just a recolor of the particles – definitely justify Cosmic Reaver Kassadin’s price of 1350.

    • I just don’t understand how riot could add more to it and make the particles go above and beyond more than it already has.

      • Let’s suppose that Null Sphere’s projectile was surrounded by orbiting stars. Nether Blade had an animated starry sky on the blade. Force Pulse produced a shower of stars on the enemy besides the wave. Riftwalk spreads stars in all directions instead of some waves. In some cases the same star particles or textures can be reused. That adds a clearer astral feel and, theoretically, wouldn’t ask for too much extra work as assets are reused.

        The thing is that it’s not always a matter of adding more effects, more layers, more animations. Sometimes it’s a matter of using well what resources you have. Imagine if the trail used for Null Sphere were also used in the other abilities to make other constellations. Theoretically, it’s possible to reuse assets and still make the theme more attractive.

        We see room for improvement and we think that it’s justified if we are talking about 1350 RP. At lower prices, it may be enough but with a high price comes a lot of expectattion.

    • We agree that Null Sphere is rather well done, projectile aside, and let’s say the same about Riftwalk. However, Nether Blade is just a recoloured blade: there are no stars or anything of the sort. The starry style is also somewhat lost on Force Pulse. There are a few stars but it seems like a simpler re-colour.

      Even if we agree that the particles are as good as they could be or that they are fine as they are. There are still skins with lots of new particles at 975 RP. If the price is going to be 1350 RP then it needs to go beyond the new model, particles, sounds and recall. There has to be some addition that sets its apart like new animations; aside from the recall. Or perhaps a few extra particles on the model. The new aura is good but more a requirement than an extra. A body with an animated texture that showed Kassadin made of stars would’ve been fantastic.

      We understand that you like the particles and find that the skin is worth 1350 RP. We respect that opinion but we disagree. We think that the skin needs to offer a bit more as many others do at that price. Besides, we don’t feel the skin to be impressive. The changes are good but we see more room for improvement than opportunities taken. It’s a fair point that it’s something subjective but the fact remains that cheaper skins have offered as much and that other skins at that price offer more.

      We probably have to agree to disagree. You like the skin but we aren’t impressed by it; despite having some remarkable touches. In our view there’s more that can be done with the skin and we think that for such a high price it should be done. If the skin were cheaper we would agree with you. However, 1350 RP is a lot of money so it has to feel like the skin does as much as possible to be a satisfactory purchase. Skins aren’t cheap, quite the contrary in fact, therefore they have to offer substantial features and in sufficient quantity.

  12. HI! I absolutely love and enjoy your skin reviews so much. They are really quite helpful and no other website or forum has this in depth look at champions and reviews. I do want to add though that I think you might have given Cosmic Reaver a lower rating than it deserves. From what I see, IT’s very different compared to his classic skin because it gives this space angel look to it and it’s probably the best skin Riot have put out in a while. IT’s colors are on point and it’s just so different compared to the other skins but I do say that a couple things are wrong for me. I find that the classic e noise was much better and they probably should have added maybe something likes aurelion sol’s passive? but jsut for decoration purposes and strictly ornamental. I do think though that this is the best of kassadin’s skin so maybe you rethink your review? Anyways it’s your choice and thanks for the on point reviews. (other than this one :P)

    • One more thing to add about how amazing and beautiful this skin is how the front and back part of his cape i guess Blends into the ground and looks like a starry night. The vortex of space and stars are a really good transition from the ground into his cape.

    • Thanks for the kind words, we do try to make an effort to make the reviews useful.

      We gave the skin another look as we agree that it has a lot of potential. We noticed how there’s an animated texture for Kassadin’s astral body and Nether Blade but you can only really see it from up-close. At the normal distance is indistinguishable so it loses relevance when battling and moving around.

      We have to admit that’s it’s disappointing to keep Cosmic Reaver at three stars. It has good features but they don’t add up as well as they should to communicate the theme. The changes are there but they have to matter too, especially at 1350 RP, and in this case the execution isn’t as eloquent as it needs to be; sorry.

  13. I haven’t played vanilla model Kassadin in quite a while and I’m too lazy to fact check. But – Harbinger Kassadin when he uses W, his Netherblade is bright orange now. So, I am pretty sure that’s a particle change, and besides Cosmic, it’s my favourite Kass skin.

    • We checked again, just in case, but it’s the same effect used for his classic skin. Cosmic is the first skin with changes beyond the model.

  14. Please take a look to the changes for Cosmic Reaver skin:
    “Cosmic Reaver Kassadin’s Q – Null Sphere projectile is larger. Added a ring element forE- Force Pulse’s ready state.”, maybe this will improve his stars :3.

  15. cosmic reaver kassadin or frostfire annie? i play both champions a lot so i cant decide

    -really do enjoy your reviews man! keep it up ! 😀

    • Glad that you find the reviews useful. We’ll keep working hard.

      Cosmic Reaver Kassadin is a more ambitious skin than Frostfire Annie but also less effective. While the former has many changes in particles, sounds and model their contribution to develop the theme isn’t as significant as it should. The much simpler Frostfire is only a re-model with a change of colour for the flames and yet it works so well. It’s a skin that doesn’t aim high but achieves its objective satisfactorily.

      In the end, it’s a matter of how much you expect from each skin. There are alternatives for either champion and neither is actually a bad skin. We do find Frostfire Annie a more accomplished skin than Cosmic Reaver Kassadin. Of course, there’s an obvious difference in approach as one tries to do much more than the other; though not as effectively. In either case, we recommend to get the skins on sale as it helps reduce costs a lot.

  16. Cosmic Reaver Kassadin received processed voice-over last patch due to other Cosmic line skins release. I think it may increase his rating, since this upgrade fits him so well and finally makes fully worth to spend 1350 rp.

  17. I think that you gave the pre-void kass the short end of the stick. I understand that a lot of what goes into your reviews is the correlation between splash art and model or concept and execution. While that is often a very effective method, it can sometimes undervalue or overvalue skins. With Pre-Void, it isn’t the concept so much aa the feel of the skin that makes it great. One thing I indisputably agree is not consistent is the voice over still being processed, but I think the designers were stuck between having to raise the price because of a new voice over, and the skin not being worth over 520 RP if they were to have to raise the price. However, even though it doesn’t make the most sense with the skin, I actually prefer the processed vo to a more human vo, as a lot of kassadin’s power is conveyed through his voice. This skin looks simple and lacking effort on paper, but in reality it fulfills all of the roles of a 520 RP skin to an excellent degree. In my opinion, a 520 RP has one job and one job alone, to give the player a significant visual difference from the base that is aesthetically pleasong, as well as hinting at a different lore background from the base. In this case, Kassadin feels like an ex-disciple of dark magic who has grown enormously but subtly powerful. He has not yet gone through the void and fully embraced his dark powers. When you use this skins, you KNOW you are using it and he feels like a totally different champion. Not only that, but the skin doesn’t try to do too much, instead opting for a “less is more” mentality and utilizing bare skin to make for very interesting and attractive light armor. This light armor contrasts with his sinister blade to give the impression of untold and unindicated power, a very delightful feel to our voidwalker. It almost feels as if enemies don’t take you as seriously, until you blink in and show them the error of their ways. I don’t know how you operate your star system or what checkpoints a skin has to hit to get x number of stars, but I think giving the skin 2 stars is not doing it justice and I urge you to try the skin out in practice mode to see what I’m talking about.

    • You make valid points and we do see the skin from a different perspective that you have mentioned. We still have two caveats. First, if the skin is to clearly show Kassadin before being engulfed by the Void then perhaps 520 RP wasn’t the best tier to locate the skin. After all, such a concept needs more development than what the tier can offer. Secondly, while the skin does all it can whithin the confines of the price tier we find that it still doesn’t fulfill all it can. It’s evidently tied to the classic design even though there are other skins at 520 RP that go for a full re-model. As we see it, even at 520 RP more could’ve been done to realise the theme.

      We do see your point in that perhaps two stars is too low. Conversely, a visual upgrade came and went without doing a single bit to improve the skin in any way. At the technical level of skins, nowadays, it’s arguable whether they could’ve done better. We think they could. Besides, there’s a lot in skins that can be subjective and open to personal interpretation. Two stars means that the skin by itself may need more of a positive subjective appraisal to be liked because we find faults in how the message is conveyed.

      In the end, it’s just our opinion on the matter. We hold no ultimate truth about it all and skins should be satisfying to the buyer. We only aim to guide in the purchase. We’ll think about what you have mentioned, we aren’t averse to changing our opinion. However, we aren’t fully convinced that Pre-Void Kassadin doesn’t have evident problems.

  18. Is it worth it to buy Pre-Void Kassadin. Btw I love your reviews keep up the good work

    • Glad that you like the reviews.

      If you are fine with the concept being realised by a re-model then Pre-Void Kassadin could be a good skin. In our view, the skin needs more work to fully present its theme. It’s not terrible but it has obvious problems.

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